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Eisenhour Cemetery
Pemberville, Wood County, Ohio

Contributed by Judy L. Tille-Kanary [jjjkan823@aol.com]. Total records = 36.

Foster, Adam H., s/o M & C Foster, b. 16-Jun-1869, d. 21-Sept-1872, script at base unreadable
Foster, Ella, d/o M & C Foster, b. 15-Oct-1861, d. 13-Nov-1861, script below dates is unreadable
Foster, Infant, d/o M & C Foster, b. 15-May-1864, d. 15-May-1864, unreadable script at bottom
Foster, Issac, s/o M & C Foster, d. 22-Aug-1896, aged: 16y, 9d, "Twas hard to give you up, but thy will, oh God be done"
Foster, Sarah A., d/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, w/o Christopher Foster, b. 30-Aug-1841 Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 30-Aug-1862
Myers, Albert J., s/o E & J Myers, ..??, d. 16-Nov-1885, aged: 10m. 18d
Myers, Alvin, s/o Henry and Lydia Myers, b. 19-Feb-1880, d. 03-May-1880, "Little Alvin buded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Myers, Bertha M., d/o E & J Myers, d. 13-Apr-1885, aged: 5m. 16d
Myers, Elias C., s/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 1849 Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 16-Apr-1886
Myers, George W., s/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 1843 Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 1863
Myers, Harold W., s/o Ora and Mellacena Myers, b. 28-Sept-1900, m. 28-Sept-1926, d. 25-Mar-1983
Myers, Henry, s/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 22-Feb-1851 Gibsonburg, Oh., m. 11-Apr-1875, Sandusky Co., d. 1926
Myers, Hilda B. (Gleet), w/o Harold W., b. 1907 Madera, Penn., d. 09-Oct-1964
Myers, Infant, d/o Henry and Lydia Myers, b. & d. 05-Aug-1891
Myers, Infant, s/o Henry & Lydia Myers, b. & d. 30-Dec-1888
Myers, Infant, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Harold Myers, d. 24-Apr-1941
Myers, Irvin, s/o Henry & Lydia Myers, b. 19-Jul-1886, d. 30-Sept-1886
Myers, Issac, s/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 1838 Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 1902
Myers, J.L., w/o Elias C. Myers, "Mother", b. 16-Oct-1864, d. 27-Oct-1930
Myers, John, s/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 1840 Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 01-Aug-1867
Myers, Lovina, d/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, b. 1852, d. Oct-1860, aged: 8y, 5m
Myers, Lydia (Keiser), w/o Henry Myers, b. 1858 d. 1941
Myers, Mellacena (Keiser), w/o Ora C. Myers, b. 1871, d. 1949
Myers, Ora C., s/o Aaron and Betsy (Truman) Myers, b. 1870, m. 05-May-1892, d. 1932
Myers, Roseta L., d/o Elias and J.L. Myers, b. 18-Jan-1876, d. 21-Jan-1892
Myers, Rueben, s/o Henry and Lydia Myers, b. 13-Aug-1892, d. 09-Feb-1893
Myers, Samuel E., s/o Jacob Myers, b. 15-Jan-1811 Frederick Co., Vir., d. 20-Apr-1895, aged: 84 y, 3 m. 5 d
Myers, Samuel, s/o Henry and Lydia Myers, b. 15-Apr-1881, d. 18-Jun-1881
Myers, Susannah Winters, w/o Samuel E., b. 1816, d. 03-Sept-1880, aged: 64 y, 5 m. 23 d, s/w Samuel
Rife, Phebe E., d/o Samuel & Susannah Myers, w/o Elia Rife, b. 1854, Gibsonburg, Oh., d. 05-Aug-1877
Rife, William A., s/o Phebe and Elia Rife, b. died 30-Aug-1875, aged: 2m. 6d, script written below is not readable

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