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Dix Cemetery
Convoy, Van Wert County, Ohio

Lat: 40° 53' 07"N, Lon: 84° 38' 57"W
Pleasant Twp, Sec 8

Contributed by Lynn Davis, Jun 10, 2006 [dlbd74@watchtv.net]. Total records = 183.

To reach cemetery from Convoy, drive east on Convoy Road, turn right/southeast onto Lincoln Hwy/West Ridge Rd. and continue for three miles. Cemetery is in the southwest corner of intersection with Richey Road.

On 4 Jun 1860, Ebenezer & Ellen Griffith sold 1 acre and 69 rods to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with the purpose of building a church and setting aside a suitable portion for a burying ground, for the surrounding area. The cemetery remained in the care of the church trustees until 19 Jun 1975, when it was deeded for $1, and other considerations, to the Pleasant Township Trustees.

Since that time, the cemetery has fallen into a state of disrepair. Nearly 1/3 of the stones are in a pile, at the west end of the lot, in an unmowed area. A clean-up and restoration project has been planned, by the Pleasant Township Trustees. The original frame church, Dix Church, burned on 27 Sep 1981. A new, larger brick-faced church was built. Evidently the grounds were used as a cemetery before they were sold for that purpose, as the first burial, according to the inscriptions, appears to be that of Jesse C. Curl, who died 22 May 1850. The last burial was that of William H. "Bill" Mullen in 1969.

This cemetery was origianlly read by Helen & Linda Prill, on the weeks of 3 Jul 1980 and 3 Apr 1981 and donated to the local library. I have copied this work with permission on Jun 06, 2006.

- Lynn Davis

Ackerman, Infant, d. 10 Aug 1860, s/o Wm. & R. Ackerman
Ackerman, Rebecca, d. 21 Sep 1889, age: 60y, 7m, 7d, w/o William
Ackerman, Wesley B., d. 29 Jun 1860, age: 1y, 4m, 2d, s/o Wm. & R.
Ackerman, William, d. 3 Dec 1877, age: 49y, 11m, 6d, h/o Rebecca, US Vet., GAR marker w/flag
Agler, Anna, d. 8 Dec 1880, age: 2y, 3m, 19d, d/o J. & M. Agler
Agler, Mary, d. 5 Apr 1884, age: 31y, 3d, w/o James Agler
Agler, Theadore, d. 3 Jul 1880, age: 3y, 3m, 9d, s/o J. & M. Agler
Barnhart, Martin, d. 12 Apr 1873, stone broken
Baxter, Mary C., d. 10 Sep 1871, d/o E. & E. Baxter
Bower, William L., d. 27 Aug 1891, age: 36y, 5m, 10d
Boyer, Mary, d. 3 Aug 1897, age: 37y, "Mother"
Brewer, Mary A., d. 24 Nov 1905, age: 59y, 3m, 15d
Brown, Edward D., d. 16 May 1875, age: ?y, 4m, 13d, s/o H. & R. Brown
Brown, Rozanna K., d. 17 May 1895, age: 18y, 25d, w/o Henry Brown
Burnside, Ida, b. 1873, d. 1890, w/o William
Burnside, William, b. 1865, d. 1952, h/o Ida
Calvert, Nancy J., b. 1852, d. 1882, w/o Samuel
Calvert, Samuel M., b. 1848, d. 1928, h/o Nancy
Coleman, Sarah, d/o W. & D. Miller
Curl, Amanda, d. 23 Aug 1893, age: 43y, 12d
Curl, Jesse C., d. 22 May 1850, age: 27y, 8m, 22d
Curl, Mary, d. 16 Aug 1891, age: 74y, 8m, 22d, w/o J. Curl
DanKirt, Charley, b. 1864, d. 1922
Dankirt, Elizabeth, b. 1823, d. 1902
Dankirt, John, d. 30 Nov 1887, age: 70y, 8m, 24d
Davis, A. J., b. 1858, d. 1932, h/o Belle
Davis, Belle, b. 1861, d. 1938, w/o A. J.
Davis, James O., d. 1 Oct 1875, age: 53y, 8m, 27d
Decker, Cora J., d. 17 Nov 1897, age: 21y, 8m, 13d, "Mother", w/o H.R. Decker
Decker, Silva E., d. 19 Oct 1897, age: 5m, 13d, "Daughter", d/o H.R. & C. Decker
Devoe, Abraham, d. 7 Aug 1881, age: 62y, 3m, 7d
Dix, Forest P., d. 12 Mar 1892, age: 7m, 25d, s/o D.N. & J. Dix
Dix, Jesse, b. 1890, d. 1892, s/o G. W. & M. A. Dix
Dix, Osa May, d. 23 Apr 1890, age: 5y, 5m, 21d, d/o D.N. & J.Dix
Dunifon, Mary T., d. 9 Feb 1895, age: 46y, w/o Philip
Dunifon, Peter, b. 15 Jun 1834, d. 25 Mar 1915, US Vet. GAR, Pvt. Co. "K" 46th Ohio Inf., broken stone
Dunifon, Philip, d. 18 Mar 1915, US Vet. Co. "I" 139th Reg. OVI
Dunkirt, Joseph E., d. 1 Mar 1885, age: 19y, 2m, s/o J. & Eliza
Dunlap, Robert L., d. 2 Oct 1861, age: 12m, 2d,s/o W.S. & S.J.
Dunlap, Sarah J., d. 27 Mar 1865, age: 37y, 8m, 9d, w/o William A. Dunlap
Dunlap, William T., d. 27 Jan 1865, s/o Wm. & S. Dunlap
Eagy, George, US Vet. Co. "F" 196th Ohio Inf.
Eagy, Jonathan, b. 5 Nov 1815, d. 26 Apr 1898, age: 82y, 5m, 21d, US Vet. GAR marker w/flag, h/o Sarah
Eagy, Mirtal C., d. 9 Jul 1880, stone broken
Eagy, Sarah, b. 7 Apr 1819, d. 25 Nov 1879, age: 60y, 8m, 18d, w/o Jonathan
Fish, Charley S., d. 7 Feb 1887, 18y, 7m, 9d, s/o C.M. & S.E. Fish
Fowler, Margaret A., d. 23 Aug 1878, age: 72y, 1m. 9d, w/o Robert
Fowler, Robert M., d. 23 Oct 1877,age: 78y, 1m, 26d, h/o Margaret
Gilpin, Altha Myrtle, d. 28 Oct 1879, age: 2y, 11m, 29d, d/o J.W. & M. Gilpin
Gilpin, Ollie Francella, d. 3 Nov 1879, 8m, 29d, d/o J.W. & M. Gilpin
Good, Edwin M., d. 10 Oct 1861, age: 2y, 11m, 8d, s/o G.W. & M.J.
Good, Edwin Maxil, d. 10, ?, ?10, s/o George & Martha Good, stone broken
Good, George W., d. 7 Jan 1898, age: 71y, 9m, 19d
Good, Martha J., d. 15 Mar 1875, age: 43y, 16, w/o G.W. Good
Good, Martha, d. 28 Jul 1875, age: 4m, 27d, d/o G.W. & M. J. Good
Gordon, Lucretia A., w/o James Gordon, stone broken
Griffith, Infant, b. 11 Aug 1857, d. ?, d/o E. Griffith
Griffith, Leah, d. 23 Apr 1854, age: 27y, 6m, 23d, w/o Ebenezer
Harris, Alonzo P., d. 29 Jun 1871, age: 16y, 7m, 21d, s/o E. & N.A.
Harris, Nancy Ann, d. 21 Sep 1882, age: 57y, 9m, 14d, w/o E. Harris
Hauck, Sarah, d. 14 Feb 1865, age: 15y, 8m, 12d, d/o Benjamin E. & Susan Hauck
Higgins, Saloma E., d. 27 May 1890, age: 27y, 1m, 11d, w/o C.K. Higgins
Hook, George, d. 20 Feb 1872, age: 44y, 2m, 2d
Houck, Arthur G., d. 10 Mar 1886, age: 2y
Houck, Benjamin, d. 23 Jan 1863, age: 43y, 3m, 20d, Co. "K" 46th Reg. OVI, died in Overton Hospitol, Memphis, TN
Houck, Bertha E., d. 23 Dec 1890, age: 3y, 7m, 27d, d/o W.M. & B.E.
Houck, Cyrus, d. 20 Mar 1865, age: 19y, 6m, 12d, s/o B. & S. Houck, killed battle near Bentonville, NC, Co. "K" 46th Reg. OVI
Houck, Malinda, d. 24 Mar 1875, d/o D. & S. Houck, stone broken
Houck, Susan, d. 3 Oct 1894, age: 69y, 5m, 8d
Houck, William D., d. 2 Jul 1874, age: 3y, 8m, 20d
Howell, George W., d. 17 ? 187?, age: 13y
Howell, Nancy, d. 17 Sep 1872, age: 39y, 3m, 3d, w/o George Howell
Hudspeth, Ebzon S., d. 20 Oct 1878, age: 7y, 8m, 2d, s/o U.S. & Mary Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Infant, d. 17 Mar 18?2, age: 21d, d/o U.S. & Mary
Hudspeth, Robert, d. 6 Aug 1878, age: 1y, 1m, 4d, s/o U.S. & Mary
Huston, John, d. 4 Nov 1911, age: 75y, 6m, 7d, "Father", h/o Sarah
Huston, Sarah, d. 10 Dec. ?, 76y, 10m, 12d, "Mother", w/o John
Jacobs, Rachel, d. 2 Feb 1887, age: 31y, 9m, 8d, w/o Lon Jacobs
Kelly, Thomas B., d. 24 Jan 1873, age: 53y, 11m 10d
Latin, Ella, d. 4 May 1877, age: 22y, 7m, 26d
Leslie, Albert Doyle, d. 10 Sep 1877, age: 1y, 6m, 11d, s/o A.J. & B.
Lewis, Beulah, d. 10 Mar 1872, age: 20y, 9m, 18d, w/o George Lewis
Longsworth, Catherine S., b. 1831, d. 1879
Longsworth, Samuel W., b. 1852, d. 1862
Longsworth, Solomon Reese, b. 1830, d. 1873
Mace, Ada A., d. 20 Oct 1902, w/o George Mace
Mace, George W., d. 19 Mar 1884, age: 47y, 1m, 12d, h/o Ada A.
Mace, Ida E., d. 18 Apr 1897, age: 14y, 3m, 24d, d/o G.W. & A.A
Mace, Infant, d. 18 Feb 1901, age: 25d, s/o J.E. & N. Mace
Mace, Infant, d. 2 Oct 1870, age: 3d, d/o Ada & G.W. Mace
Maddax, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jul 1889, age: 55y, 9m, 3d, w/o Rev. George Maddax
Maddax, George, d. 17 Dec 1874, age: 45y, 15d
Maddax, Nancy E., b. 2 Oct 1874, d. 5 Nov 1874, d/o G. & E.C.
Mahaffey, Richard M., d. 18 Dec 1872, age: 21y, 1m, 18d, s/o J. & S.J. Mahaffey
Manter, David S., d. 2 Jan 1890, age: 47y, 8m, 17d, US Vet. GAR marker w/flag
Marker, A. M., d. 23 Aug 1867
Marker, Sarah A., d. 16 Sep 1868, d/o A.M. & E. Marker
Mc Quown, ?, d. 28 Aug 1860, age: 17y, 7m, 21d, s/o J.S. & S.A.
Mc Quown, David, d. 5 May 1869, age: 85y, 24d
Mc Quown, Martha L., d. ? 1863, age: 9y, 8m, 11d, d/o J. & S.J., stone broken
McNeal, Infant, b. & d. 30 Jan. ?, illegible
Miller, Amanda, d. 21 Jun 186?, age: 18y, 10m
Miller, Annie E., d. 3 May 1882, age: 15y, 2m, 16d, d/o J.A. & E.A.
Miller, Celestia, d. 21 Sep 1871, age: 9y, 3m, 29d, d/o J.H. & R.M.
Miller, David, d. 30 Sep 1881, age: 86y
Miller, Delilah, d. 12 Feb 1880, age: 68y, 1m, 7d, w/o William Miller
Miller, Ellen, d. 25 Nov 1915, age: 85y, 9m, 22d, w/o James B. Miller
Miller, Emma, d. 12 Jul 187?, age: 7y, 11m, d/o J. & E. Miller
Miller, Florence B., b. 17 Apr 1880, d. 8 Jun 1881, d/o Uriah & Ida
Miller, Henry, d. 20 Apr 1881, age: 84y
Miller, James B., d. 13 Dec 1908, age: 85y, 5m, 7d, "Father" US Vet. Pvt. Co. "I" 139th OVI, h/o Ellen
Miller, Jas. A., US Vet. Co "B", GAR marker w/flag, stone partially buried
Miller, John H., b. 1 Apr 1840, d. 23 Jun 1911, age: 71y, 2m, 23d, h/o Rachel M., US Vet. GAR marker w/flag
Miller, John, d. 6 Nov 1878, age: 76y
Miller, Rachel M., b. 4 Nov 1840, d. 7 Oct 1889, age: 48y, 11m, 3d, w/o John H., "A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled"
Miller, Robert, d. 5 May 1871, age: 69y, 7m
Miller, Sadie, d. 2 Oct 1881, age: 17y, 10m, 10d, d/o J.H. & R.H.
Miller, Samuel, Co. "K" 46th Ohio Inf. GAR marker w/flag
Miller, Sarah E., d. 6 Oct 1877, age: 8y, 8m, d/o J.A. & E.A. Miller
Miller, Simeon, b. 6 May 1852, d. 16 Apr 1881, age: 28y, 11m, 20d, "Tho sad we mark the closing eye of those we loved in days gone by, yet sweet in death their latest song, we'll meet again, it won't be long"
Miller, William, b. 15 May 1806, d. 8 Feb 1894, h/o Delilah
Milligan, John, d. 20 ? 1860, stone broken
Moneysmith, Roxanna, d. 22 Apr 1880, age: 86y
Moore, Willie, d. 30 Jul 1875, age: 3m, s/o T.D. & Matilda Moore
Morehead, Serena May, d. 14 Aug 1875, age: 2y, 12d, d/o M.J.A.
Morton, Edward L., d. 30 Sep 1871, age: 17y, 7m, 4d, s/o S.R. & E.
Morton, Elenor, b. 1818, d. 1907
Morton, Samuel, b. 1819, d. 1890
Mullan, Flora E., d. 5 Jun 1890, age: 18y, 11m, 18d, d/o M.H. & J.
Mullan, Jane, d. 18 Dec 1875, age: 28y, 4m, 22d, w/o M.H. Mullan
Mullan, Mattie H., d. 29 Mar 1876, age: 6m, 21d, c/o M.H. & J.
Mullan, Minnie M., d. 28 Nov 1878, age: 3y, 2m, 20d, d/o M.H. & J.
Mullan, Morton H., d. 12 Feb 1877, age: 29y, 11m, 2d, h/o Jane
Mullen, Levi, b. 1861, d. 19 ?
Mullen, William H. "Bill", b. 1888, d. 1969
Norris, Susie E., d. 24 Mar 1889, age: 27y, 10m, 27d, w/o Richard
North, Joseph J., d. 5 Sep 1859, age: 21y, 11m, 22d
North, Joseph W., b. 16 Sep 1804, d. 16 Jan 1892, age: 87y, 4m, h/o Rachel North
North, Rachel, b. 11 Jul 1807, d. 1 Feb 1892, age: 84y, 6m, 21d, w/o J.W. North
Penny, Minnie M., d. 27 Feb 1878, age: 1y, 4m. 3d, d/o N.C. & L.
Pritchard, Isaac, d. 9 Mar 1889, age: 14y, 7m, s/o F. & S.E. Pritchard
Richards, Emerson L., d. 8 Feb 1898, age: 9m, 8d, s/o T.B. & H.E.
Richards, John A., d. 18 Nov 1889, age: 9m, 15d
Richards, Martha J., d. 12 Feb 1895, age: 16y, 16d
Riddle, Ebby, d. 5 Apr 1878, age: 78y, 8m, 18d
Robinson, Hamilton, d. 21 Nov 1897, age: 79y, 11m, h/o Maria
Robinson, Maria, d. 27 Dec 1877, age: 55y, w/o H. Robinson
Robinson, William, d. 28 Sep 1852, age: 6y, 7m, 27d, s/o Hamilton & Maria Robinson
Rockhold, Ephriam H., d. 15 Jun 1886, age: 48y, 1m, 15d, US Vet. GAR marker w/flag, h/o Mary
Rockhold, Margaret, d. 11 Sep 1880, age: 2y, 8m, 13d, d/o E.H. & M.
Rockhold, Mary E., d. 21 Dec 1888, age: 22y, 3m, 1d
Rockhold, Mary, d. 23 Aug 1880, age: 42y, 10m, 9d, w/o E.H.
Sanderson, Theophilos, d. 30 Jan 1863, s/o J. & M. Sanderson, stone broken
Schoonover, Francis, Co. "E" 146th Ohio Inf.
Seekings, George W., d. 24 Oct 1875, s/o G.J. & M. Seekings, stone broken
Sheeks, Charles Sr., b. 1844, d. 1911, h/o Mary
Sheeks, Mary, b. 1845, d. not engraved, w/o Charles
Sites, George W., d. 6 Nov 1900, age: 76y, 3m, 12d
Stewart, Alonzo, d. 13 Nov 1859, age: 1y, 7d, s/o E. & E. Stewart
Stewart, Ebzon, b. 6 Mar 1818, d. 28 Jan 1887, age: 68y, 10m, 22d, US Vet. GAR marker w/flag
Stewart, Elizabeth, d. 15 Oct 1868, age: 45y, 6m, 23d, w/o E.Stewart
Stewart, John W., d. 23 Nov 1859, age: 5y, 8m, 16d, s/o E. & E.
Stewart, Millian, d. 18 Aug 1868, age: 14d, d/o E. & E. Stewart
Summersett, Elizabeth, b. 1820, d. 1873
Sutton, Ira M., d. 16 Dec 1876, age: 66y, 9m, 23d
Terry, Addasie, d. 15 Dec 1871, age: 7y, 5m, 20d, d/o J.C. & L. Terry
Terry, Francis M., d. 30 Jun 1882, age: 15y, 7m, s/o J.C. & L. Terry
Terry, Ida C., d. 23 Jan 1871, age: 2y, 11m, 22d, d/o T. C. & L. Terry
Terry, Sarah A., b. 24 Nov 1860, d. 18 Oct 1887, w/o J.J. Johnson
Terry, Tilmon W., d. 2 Sep 1868, age: 2m, 16d, s/o J.C. & L. Terry
Thompson, Aaron A., d. 6 Mar 1891, age: 9y, 7m, 4d, s/o J.W. & S.A.
Thompson, Armstid M., d. 21 Jul 1876, age: 1m, s/o J.W. & S.A.
Wade, George R., d. 20 Sep 1885, age: 7y, 5m, 10d, s/o R. & Z. Wade
Wade, Henry Irvine, d. 8 Nov 1890, age: 11m, 27d,
Wade, John D., d. 15 Feb 1881, age: 6y, 7m, 1d, s/o R. & U. Wade
Whitmarsh, Andrew, d. 3 Nov 1890, age: 75y, 9m, 6d, h/o Mary M.
Whitmarsh, Mary M., d. 8 Apr 1900, age: 81y, 4m, 23d, w/o Andrew
Wilkins, Scotta, d. 20 Jan 1858, age: 50y, 3m, 29d, w/o Jonathan
Williamson, Allen, b. 13 May 1850, d. ?
Williamson, Cathern Alvira, b. 14 Oct 1853, d. 22 Nov 1893, w/o Allen
Wilson, Lydda, d. 24 Feb 1875, age: 34y, 8m, 19d, w/o Charles M.
Woodruff, Lyman L., d. 29 Jun 1872, age: 25y, 8m, 15d
Wyant, Infant, d. 19 Oct 1873, d/o J. & S.E. Wyant

?eisler, ?ora L., b. 15 Feb 1885, d. 11 Sep 1888
Decker, broken stone
Mullen, children/o Levi Mullen, Lot #14, no more on stone

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