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Magnolia Cemetery
Stark County, Ohio

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 19.

Contributor's Index:

Gotchall, (no name), infant daughter of J. E. Gotshall, 1901, [LS]
Gotchall, (no name), infant son of J. E. Gotshall, 1915 , [LS]
Gotchall, Adam Gotchall, b.1882, d.1883, [LS]
Gotchall, Alice A., b.1882, d.1965, [LS]
Gotchall, Douglas K., b.2-20-1901, d.7-15-1983, [LS]
Gotchall, Douglas, b.1850, d.1937, [LS]
Gotchall, Elva Gotchall, b.1884, d.1886, [LS]
Gotchall, Etta, b.1976, D:1939, [LS]
Gotchall, Fredrick, b.1907, d.1915, [LS]
Gotchall, John A., b.1876, d.1939, [LS]
Gotchall, Kathryn L., b.2-24-1905, d.3-18-1979, [LS]
Gotchall, Martha, b.1854, d.1943 , [LS]
Gotchall, Mary S., b.1849, d.1914, [LS]
Gotchall, Pearl & Beryl, b.1899, age two months, [LS]
Gotchall, Sanford E., b.1878, d.1965, [LS]
Gotchall, William Gotchall, b.1854, d.1943, [LS]
Shine, Mary Lou, b.1926, d.1965, [LS]
Stevens, Dorothy O., b.1905, d.1972, [LS]
Stevens, Foster C., b.1896, D:1959, [LS]


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