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Friends of Fairmount Cemetery
Alliance, Stark County, Ohio

Lat: 40° 52' 14"N, Lon: 81° 06' 19"W
Washington Twp, Sec 13

Submitted by Melinda Tharpe, Sep 22, 2006, last edited Sep 26, 2006 [rhodesian1969@yahoo.com]. Total records = 31.

To get to the cemetery from the corner of Union Ave. (SR 183/S) and State St. (SR 62/173) in Alliance, Ohio you would travel south on Union Ave. (SR 183/S) for 2 and a half miles. The cemetery is on the left and parking is roadside.

Friends of Fairmount Cemetery is a small cemetery near the Fairmount Children's Home. The cemetery is owned by Washington Township and maintained by the Washington Ruritan Club.

Paul Del Puppo of the Washington Ruritan Club told me about a letter that was written in 1915, authored by a Hilles ancestor, giving directions to the community of Fairmount. It mentions a "Friends Meeting House" and cemetery in the exact place where this one is today. This is why the Ruritans and Washington Township erected the sign which reads, "Friends of Fairmount Cemetery". The name conflicts with other transcriptions but is the rightful name of the cemetery given by it's owners.

The cemetery lawn is mowed but some of the stones are in poor shape. Several footstones along with a broken unidentified headstone have been moved and secured in a slab of concrete away from the graves they belong to.

I have transcribed from the survey I obtained when I walked and read all of the existing and legible headstones and markers on Aug 28, 2006.

- Melinda Tharpe

Baldinger, Frederick, d. 12 Jan 1873, age: 6yr 5mo 5da, Son of F & E Baldinger
Barnaby, Ann , d. Dec 1866, Wife of James Barnaby
Barnaby, James, d. 16 Mar 1847, age: 66y
Brosius, Benjamin, d. 14 Nov 1869, age: 54y, 28d, footstone has been moved, B B
Brosius, Elizabeth, d. 06 Jan 1852, age: 3y, 7m, 26d, Dau of C & M J Brosius
Brosius, Jane, d. 21 Nov 1860, age: 38y, 3m, Wife of Charle Brosius
Brosius, Phebe A, d. 07 Aug 1850, age: 1y, 5m, Dau of C & M J Brosius
Brosius, Phebe, d. 05 Jan 1873, age: 53y, 4m, 24d, Wife of Benjamin Brosius
Edwards, Harriet D, d. 10 Mar 1846, age: 8y, 8m, Dau of Zenas P & Mary Edwards
Edwards, Mary, d. 05 Mar 1898, age: 83y, 5m, 12d, Wife of Zenas P Edwards
Edwards, Thermuthis, d. 23 Nov 1843, age: 11m, 11d, Dau of Zenas P & Mary Edwards
Edwards, Zenas P, d. 12 Jan 1888, age: 78y, 9m, 2d,
Haines, Frances Ellen, d. 17 Dec 1860, age: 2y, 7m, 5d, Dau of ?? & S G Haines, Life is but a shadow that passes away, This lillie a frail flower that soon must dacay.
Harris, Jacob, d. 21 Oct 1857, age: 79y, Aged 79 years
Harris, Mary Ellen, d. 8 May 1859, age: 2y, 5m, 7d, Dau of Silas & Ann Harris
Harris, Mary, d. 26 May 1865, age: 79y, 20d,
Harris, Parker P, d. 19 Mar 1858, age: 4y, 8m, 26d, Son of Silas & Ann Harris
Harris, Silas, d. 15 Oct 1853, age: 39y, footstone has been moved, S H
Hilles, Rachel M, d. 01 Apr 1819, age: 25y, 19d, Wife of William Hilles
Johnson, Mary, b. 09 Mar 1895, d. 19 Mar 1913,
McClain, Amzet, d. 13 May 18??, age: ??y, 10m, 3d, Wife of Kirk McClain
Peirce, Maria G, b. 1820, d. 1839, Wife of Newton Peirce
Randolph, Charles T, d. 25 Sep 1850, age: 21d, Son of B K & C Randolph
Thomas, Hannah C, d. 26 Oct 1884, age: 80y
Thomas, Jacob, d. 22 Mar 1852, age: 73yr, Father, Re-united, with Margaret Thomas
Thomas, Margaret, d. 28 Feb 1863, age: 86y, Mother, Re-united, with Jacob Thomas
Thomas, W R S, d. Apr 1837, age: 16y, footstone, R T
Thompson, Farlin, d. 11 Jun 1859, age: 70y, 3m, 4d,
Thompson, Pleasey, d. 22 Mar 1862, age: 73y, 5m, 5d, Wife of Farlin Thompson
Whinery, Mary B, d. 8 May 1858, age: 41y, 10m, 12d, Wife of Zimri Whinery, Mother & Her Babe, Small MEH Stone in front
Wright, Anna, d. 13 Feb 1872, age: 84y, 9m,

3 basestones, top missing
3 broken stones

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