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Gould Cemetery (Franklin ME Cemetery)
Franklin Furnace, Green Twp, Scioto County, Ohio

Pig Pete Road/Old Gallia Pike
Franklin Furnace OH

Lat: 38° 38' 41"N, Lon: 82° 50' 55"W

Contributed by Teresa Applegate, Feb 17, 2004 [gretchen_07@yahoo.com]. Total records = 28.

Take Rt. 52 E. from Wheelersburg, Ohio, south to the Greenup Dam. Take the 253 Dam exit. Turn left at stop sign, go over highway to Gallia Pike/Big Pete Road stop sign. Turn Right. Go approx. 500 ft. Cemetery is on the right.

This cemetery is very small, but most of the stones were readable. It is an old Methodist Episcopal Church cemetery. It does not appear to have been used since the late 1800's.

This cemetery is basically kept trimmed. It appears to be local families from this area back in the earlier days. There are approximately 7 to 10 stones too old to read or with nothing on them. Therefore not all people in this cemetery are represented in this transcription.

I walked and read it in Oct of 2003.

- Teresa Applegate
Barber, infant, b. 6 Nov 1842, d. 7 Nov 1842, son of Joseph L.& Mahala Barber
Barber, James Edward, b. 10 Jul 1841, d. 3 Aug 1841, s/o Joseph L & Mahala Barber
Belcher, Benjamin, d. 23 Feb 1817, age: 11yr 10mo 23 d., son of J.& N. Belcher
Belcher, Charles G., d. 22 Jul 1862, age: 22yr 8mo 1da, son of J.& N. Belcher
Belcher, J, no dates
Belcher, James, d. 6 Oct 1846, age: 8yr 9mo 5da, son of J.& N. Belcher
Belcher, Joseph, d. 26 Feb 1861 or 4 (hard to read), age: 51yr 9mo 20da
Belcher, N, no dates
Blair, Jesse, d. 21 Nov 1862, age: 47yr 8mo 27da, son of J. & M. Blair
Blair, John, b. 24 Jun 1794, d. 20 Sep 1845, age: 51yr 2mo 20da
Blair, John, b. 29 Jun 1794, d. 1846
Blair, Noble, b. 7 Feb 1819, d. 24 Aug 1843
Forsyth, Catharine I, d. 10 Dec 1832, age: 6mo 3da, d/o James & Elizabeth Forsyth
Gould, Hanna Young, d. 4 Aug 1846, age: 61yr, w/o Samuel Gould
Greagmile, Thomas, d. 2 Nov 1852, age 25yr, son of J. & M. Greagmile
Marnett, Sarah, d. 23 Oct 1811 at 25y 23da, consort of: Wm. Marnett, IMO
McCoy Cynthia, d. 14 Nov 1869, age: 12yr 9mo 1da, d/o P. McCoy
McCoy James, d. 13 Jan 1842, age: 4mo 23da, eldest son of Pearson & Cynthia McCoy
McCoy James, d. 21 Dec 1811, s/o Pearson & Cynthia McCoy
McCoy Wm. Albert, d. 6 Jul 1854, age: 10mo 11da, s/o Pearson & Cynthia McCoy
Payton, Ann Eliza, d. 12 Jul 1864, age: 14yr 3mo, dau. of C. & M.J. Payton
Payton, Nancy, no dates, wife of William Payton
Payton, William, d. 28 Mar 1817, age: 58yr
Pence, Eliza Beth, b. 2 Jun 1833, d. 24 Mar 1851, age: 20yr 9mo 12d.
Pennington, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jun 1868, age: 63 yr, w/o Abel Pennington
Pennington, Sarah M., d. 3 Sep 1865, age: 19yr 3mo, d/o Abel & Elizabeth Pennington
Young, M., no dates, dau. of ?? (couldn't read) sunk down in ground
Young, Nancy, d. 28 Jul 1841

??, J.C., (this was all I could read/stone was in with McCoy's, possibly a McCoy)
C.A.F., footstone

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