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Whittlesey Cemetery (Lower Sandusky Cemetery)
Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio

Lat: 41° 20' 25"N, Lon: 83° 07' 17"W
Ballville Twp, T4N R? Sec 3

Submitted by Mary Ann Sieberg [sieberg@earthlink.net]. Total records = 449.

In Fremont driving southest on N State St, turn right onto N Stone Street. Turn left or east onto Hayes Ave for about half mile, then right onto S Wayne Street, which maps show runs into cemetery.

Whittlesey Cemetery or Lower Sandusky Cemetery (aka The Old Cemetery) is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. Fremont was originally called 'Lower Sandusky' until about 1844. Some of Fremont's earliest settlers were buried here. Many of the burials were moved to Oakwood Cemetery just outside of Fremont.

I have copied from a work done by Jacob Burgner in 1907. The cemetery was in such a state of disrepair at that time, Jacob Burgner made a listing of all the graves. The listing is at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.

I do not know the condition of the cemetery at this time. I do know it is hard to find from Whittlesey Street and is accessible from an alley. Many of the stones are piled in a corner.

- Mary Ann Sieberg

d/o = dau of
w/o = wife of
s/o = son of
f/o = father of

Adler, Lucy, d. Sep 21, 1862, age: 1yr 7mo 21da, d/o L. & C.
Adler, Mary, d. Apr 2, 1864, age: 1yr 0mo 19da, d/o L. & C.
Allen, Elizabeth, d. Oct 19, 1865, age: 22yr 11mo 7da, w/o Wm. A.
Anderson, ??, d. 1849, teamster for Capt. Thompson
Bacon, Moses T., d. Aug 17, 1843, age: 21yr, s/o R. & L. G.
Bailey, Marsh M., d. Oct 28, 1855, age: 8yr 3mo 22da, d/o S. and E.
Bailey, Seth, d. Jun 16, 1851, age: 43yr 3mo 2da
Baker, Ethelbert, d. Jul 19, 1832
Baker, Ruth, d. Oct 2, 1834, age: 68yr 2mo 15da, w/o Ethelbert
Ballard, Edwin, d. Oct 29, 1857, age: 22yr 7mo 21da, s/o A. & L.
Ballard, Eleanor W., d. Jun 23, 1852, age: 14yr 6mo 25da, d/o A. & L.
Ballard, Lydia, d. Feb 24, 1854, age: 41yr 9mo 9da, w/o A. L.
Barringer, Arthur P., d. Jan 18, 1849, age: 2yr 9mo 11da, s/o M. & L. A.
Barringer, Emily J., d. Jul 6, 1859, age: 2yr 10mo 21da, d/o M. & L. A.
Barringer, George H., d. Jan 12, 1849, age: 4mo 25da, s/o M. & L. A.
Bauman, Verena, d. Oct 1862, age: 59yr 9mo 14da, w/o H.
Beaugrand, James, no dates, s/o J. B., Infant
Beaugrand, John B., d. Mar 1826, age: 58yr
Beck, Lydia, d. Oct 10, 1860, age: 31yr 10mo 2da, w/o J. H.
Beier, Daniel, d. Jul 21 1866, age: 59yr 4mo 3da, Co I, 57th O.V.I.
Bellamy, Howard, d. Oct 9, 1855, age: 6mo 4da, s/o R. W. & M. S.
Bellamy, Mary A. S., d. Oct 7, 1856, age: 26yr 5mo 16da, w/o W.
Bellamy, Warren, no dates, s/o R. W. & M. S.
Bellinger, Chas. B., d. Mar 27, 1870, age: 1yr 6mo 3da, s/o I. & C. M.
Benjamin, Peter J., d. Nov 22, 1837, age: 49yr
Beringer, Lucy M., d. May 20, 1850, age: 5mo 4da, d/o M. & L. A.
Beringer, Mary L., d. Nov 5, 1854, age: 3yr 7mo, d/o M. & L. A.
Bidwell, James, no dates
Bidwelle, Caleb H., d. Aug 17, 1840, age: 25yr
Bingel, Sophia C., d. Jul 11, 1865, age: 7yr 11da, d/o D. & J.
Boettcher, Hermon, d. Aug 2, 1864, age: 6mo 5da, s/o T. & S.
Boettscher, Herman, d. Aug 2, 1864, age: 5mo 5da, s/o T. & S.
Bond, Robert, d. Jun 21, 1843, age: 19yr 6mo 20da, s/o S. & A.
Boyce, Sophia, d. Feb.20, 1869, age: 55yr 2mo 24da, w/o M.
Brainard, Ann R., d. Jul 30, 1840, age: 24yr, w/o G. S.
Brim, Mary, d. Mar 22, 1855, age: 1mo 24da, d/o H. & C.
Briner, Mary, d. Mar 23, 1855, age: 1mo 24da, d/o H. & C.
Bristol, E. A., d. Apr 17, 1830, age: 31yr 3mo
Bristol, Sarah A., d. Nov 18, 1826, age: 19yr, w/o E. A.
Brogman, Wm. M., d. Mar 7, 1852, age: 31yr 9mo 10da
Brown, Chas M., d. Oct 5, 1841, age: 11mo 1da, s/o A. H. & P.
Brown, Dr. A. H., d. Feb 7, 1818, age: 47yr
Brown, Eva, d. 1869, age: 70yr, w/o J.
Brown, Irene, d. Feb 2, 1837, age: 26yr, w/o Dr A. H.
Brown, Jerry, d. 1848, age: 75yr
Brown, Mrs Eva, d. c.1859, aunt Mrs. J. Linebaugh
Brown, Nicholas, d. Apr 1859, age: 11yr
Brush, Crane, d. Oct 2, 1818, age: 11yr 11mo 7da
Brush, Eliza Carey, d. Nov 29, 1833, age: 1yr 6mo 29da, d/o P. & E.
Brush, George, d. Sep 30, 1830, age: 17yr 18(sic)mo 14da, s/o Platt
Brush, Henry, d. Dec 27, 1830, age: 20yr 8da, s/o P. & E.
Brush, John T., d. Nov 10, 1840, age: 32yr
Brush, Lewis, d. Dec 2, 1830, age: 10yr 16da, s/o Platt
Brush, Mary Perles, d. Mar 21, 1857, age: 16yr 4mo 21da, d/o P. & E.
Brush, Platt, d. Aug 17, 1840, age: 67yr 4mo 21da
Burg, Charles, d. Feb 17, 1866, age: 8mo 21da, s/o H. & E. J. K
Burger, David, Sr.", d. Nov 20, 1852, age: 38yr
Burger, David, d. Oct 20, 1843, age: 6mo 18da, s/o D. & C.
Burger, Frank W., d. Apr 1, 1843, age: 1yr 2mo 16da, s/o D. & C.
Burger, Jacob, d. Mar 31, 1843, age: 2yr 2mo 2da, s/o D. & C.
Burger, Whitfield, d. Mar 10, 1845, age: 4mo 16da, s/o D. & C.
Burns, Ann, d. Nov 2, 1838, age: 27yr, w/o Chas. H.
Burns, Helen C., d. Dec 12, 1838, age: 1yr 8mo
Caldwell, Charles, d. Oct 10, 1851, age: 2yr 8mo 5da, s/o W. & J.
Caldwell, Mary, d. Mar 3, 1856, age: 2yr 5mo 20da, d/o J. & E.
Caldwell, Mrs. Polly, d. Jun 18, 1835, age: 55yr, w/o Wm.
Caldwell, Mrs. Robert, d. 1868, age: 60yr, (nee Lary)
Carlin, William, d. Oct 2, 1852, age: 31yr
Chamberlain, Harriet E., d. Jun 7, 1851, age: 18yr 11mo 10da, w/o J. B., d/o Rev. S. M. & E. J. Beatty
Chance, Laura Ann, d. Feb 23, 1854, age: 21yr 3mo 28da, w/o John, d/o A. Ballard
Chard, Mrs. William, no dates
Claghorn, James, d. May 29, 1862, age: 63yr 3mo 29da
Clark, Joseph J., d. May 6, 1850, age: 9yr 4mo 8da, s/o J. R. & E.
Clark, Joseph L., d. Feb 19, 1866, age: 2yr 1mo 28da, s/o W. W. & S. M.
Clark, Maria Everett, d. Sep 12, 1862, age: 25yr
Clarke, Horace E., d. Dec 1, 1865, age: 44yr 0mo 18da
Clarke, Sarah H., d. Dec 31, 1851, age: 26yr 1mo 12da, w/o H. E.
Cleland, Hugh, d. Nov 27, 1844, age: 2(sic)yr 17mo 14da, (Warehouse man)
Close, Elias, d. Oct 6, 1854, age: 23yr 6mo
Cloud, Seth R., d. Sept, 24, 1863, age: 19yr 15da, Co. A, 72d O.V.I.
Cochran, Enos, no dates
Cochran, Mrs. Enos, no dates
Cochrane, Clarence W., d. May 13, 1850, age: 4mo 12da
Cochrane, Mary E., d. Nov 3, 1859, age: 19yr 1mo, w/o Enos
Coffin, Lydia, d. Aug 24, 1848, age: 31yr 10da, w/o Monroe (Mex)
Cogswell, G. E., no dates, s/o G. S. & C.
Cole, Orville B., no dates, Priv. G., 8 O. V. I.
Coles, Lucy, d. Mar 9, 1853, age: 46yr 8mo 27da, w/o Alvin
Cook, Robert D., d. Aug 14, 1843, age: 1yr 6mo, s/o N. S. & E. R.
Cooley, Edmund, d. 1847, Nims & Co.
Corl, George, d. Oct 28, 1850, age: 32yr 1mo 19da
Cowden, Sophronia, d. Jul 19, 1848, age: 42yr 4mo, w/o J. A.
Curtis, Jane, d. Feb 8, 1859, age: 55yr, w/o T. V.
Curtis, Orlando E., d. Oct 26, 1863, age: 6yr 11mo 9da, s/o O. E. & M. C.
Curtis, William E., d. Apr 19, 1854, age: 11yr 2mo 22da, s/o T. N. & J.
Davis, Emma, d. Dec 25, 1845, age: 1yr 1mo, d/o W. & M.
Davis, Theodore, d. Jul 11, 1848, age: 2mo 14da, s/o W. & M.
Davis, William, d. Oct 4, 1847, age: 34yr 3mo 12da
Deal, Caroline J., no dates, d/o P. & L.
Deal, Cornelius, no dates
Deal, David, no dates, (Soldier, War 1812, under Capt. Binkley)
Deal, Frances Eudora, d. Dec 22, 1846, age: 1yr 10mo 26da, d. P. & L.
Decker, George E., d. Sep 16, 1851, age: 2yr 9mo 16da, s/o S. & L.
Decker, Jacob, d. Sep 6, 1852, age: 59yr 5mo 22da
Decker, Margaret, d. Sep 14, 1843, age: 49yr 4mo 2da, w/o Jacob
Doncyson, Charles, no dates, Inft. Son
Doncyson, Emma, no dates, Inft.
Doncyson, Franklin, d. May 20, 1850, age: 8da, s/o C. & M.
Downs, Isaac, no dates, child
Eddy, Frances C., d. Feb 2, 1841, age: 22yr, w/o N. B.
Eddy, John P., d. May 8, 1841, age: 1yr, s/o N. B. & F. C.
Ellis, Catharine, d. Jan 3, 1853, age: 2yr 10mo 23da, d. D. & H.
Ellis, Emaline, d. Nov 6, 1855, age: 1yr 7mo 27da, d/o J. & H.
Ellis, Hanna, d. Apr 10, 1857, age: 33yr 3mo 9da, w/o D.
Emerson, Joseph, no dates
Emerson, Margery, d. Jul 12, 1826, age: 53yr, w/o t. E.
Emerson, Thomas, d. Nov 7, 1825, age: 53yr
Everett, Charles, d. Oct 27, 1848, age: 20yr, s/o Jer., Mex. War musician
Everett, Eunice, no dates
Everett, Hannah, d. Jun 28, 1841, age: 26yr, w/o Homer
Everett, Jeremiah, d. Dec 29, 1842, age: 59yr, f Homer
Everett, Jeremiah, d. Dec 29, 1842, age: 59yr, War of 1812
Everett, Joel, no dates
Everett, Josiah, no dates
Everett, Lorin, no dates
Everett, Mrs. Hannah Bates, no dates, w/o of Homer
Everett, Susan, d. Dec 23, 1855, age: 35yr, w/o Homer
Faller, Mary E., d. Jul 24, 1866, age: 5mo 26da, d/o G. F. & M.
Ferguson, Sidney, no dates
Fletcher, B. T., d. Oct 1, 1849, age: 37yr, (Co. Recorder)
Fletcher, Benjamin F., d. Oct 1, 1849, age: 37yr
Folk, Elizabeth, d. Jan 11, 1868, age: 42yr 2mo 10da, w/o G. W.
Forgerson, Halsey, d. Jun 5, 1840, age: 49yr
Forgerson, Richard, no dates
Forgerson, Thomas, d. Jun 11, 1839, age: 11yr 2mo 11da
Fortwangler, Ferdinand, d. Oct 10, 1860, age: 28yr
Foster, Adolphous G., d. Jan 27, 1848, age: 36yr 2mo 11da
Foster, Elijah, no dates
Foster, Harriet E., d. Jan 19, 1856, age: 40yr 4mo 8da, w/o A. G.
Foster, Mary, d. Jan 31, 1843, age: 25yr 11mo, w/o H. R.
Foster, Mrs. Elijah, no dates
Foster, Samuel B., d. Jul 21, 1854, age: 1yr 13(sic)mo 11da, s/o S. M. G.
Fowler, Harriet, d. Mar 19, 1849, age: 36yr 9mo 19da, w/o S.
Fowler, Samuel, no dates
Fusselman, Agnes A., d. Mar 9, 1846, age: 1yr 3mo, d/o P. P. & S. S.
Fusselman, Frances A., d. Mar 9, 1846, age: 1yr 3mo, d/o P. P. & S. S.
Gallagher, Elisabeth, d. Sep 13, 1833, age: 5yr 7mo, d/o T. & E.
Gasser, Christena, d. 1855
Gavitt, Asa B., d. Sep 27, 1827, age: 37yr 2mo
Gavitt, Gilson, no dates
Gavitt, Sarah, no dates
Gibson, Inft., d. Nov 18, 1859, s/o R. & C. E.
Giesen, Elisabeth, d. Sep 1, 1862, age: 29yr 7mo 22da, w/o Charles
Giesen, Wm. H., d. Sep 18, 1869, age: 2mo 12(?)da, s/o C. F. &E.
Gillis, William, d. Apr 6, 1838, age: 39yr 9mo 22da
Gillis, William, d. Apr 6, 1838, age: 40yr, (Scotch)
Gilson, Zara, d. 1840, age: 16yr
Glenn, James R., d. Oct 6, 1843, age: 1yr 1mo 15da, s/o J. K. & M. B.
Glick, Eugene R., d. Jan 24, 1854, s/o C. S. & S. L.
Grabach, Augustus, d. Mar 16, 1860, age: 11yr 7mo 14da
Graham, Patrick, d. Jun 24, 1863, age: 43yr
Graves, William M., d. Dec 7, 18-4, age: 2yr 4mo 2da, s/o J. & M.
Grund, George F., d. Aug 5, 1865, age: 60yr 2mo 8da
Grundy, Joseph, d. Sep 27, 1845, age: 52yr
Grundy, Wm. G., d. Jul 1, 1861, age: 33yr 8mo 12da
Handy, Nancy A., d. Mar 14, 1854, age: 13yr 7mo 8da, d/o R. & S. A.
Handy, Robert, d. Aug 2, 1851, age: 45yr
Harpster, Jesse, no dates, soldier in Mex. War
Harrington, J. H., d. Apr 9, 1842, age: 58yr
Harvey, Thomas, d. 1877, age: 90yr (Eng)
Hasard, John, d. Feb 13, 1818, age: 32yr 7mo
Hatch, Gideon, d. 1859, Tailor
Hatfield, Anthony, d. Nov 15, 1857, age: 9yr 2mo 5da, s/o A. L. & S.
Hatfield, Robert F., d. Apr 25, 1859, age: 3yr 2da, s/o A. L. & S.
Hatfield, Sallie A., d. Aug 6, 1854, age: 2yr 10mo, d/o A. L. & S.
Hawkins, Eliza, d. Oct 13, 1830
Hawkins, Henry H., d. Mar 4, 1835, age: 19yr, s/o T. L. & A.
Henson, Infant, d. Mar 10, 1861, d/o F. D. & M.
Herbster, Christian, d. Jan 6, 1842, age: 57yr 2mo 26da
Herbster, Ephraim, d. Jul 2, 1862, age: 52yr 5da
Herbster, Hannah, d. Apr 11, 1845, age: 33yr 6mo 11da, w/o Jonathan
Herbster, Jesse, d. Aug 11, 1848, age: 28yr 6mo 22da
Herbster, Polly, no dates
Herbster, Salome, d. Dec 27, 1862, age: 70yr 7mo 23da, w/o Chr.
Herdick, George, no dates, age: 7yr, s/o Wm., (Liveryman)
Herman, infant, d. Dec 18, 1864, age: 2yr 9mo 3da
Hill, Harriet M., d. Apr 19, 1853, age: 17yr 8mo 7da, d/o Rev L. & S.
Hill, Margaret, d. Sep 28, 1846, age: 36yr, w/o Rev L.
Hill, Rev Ebenezer B., d. Nov 11, 1852, age: 35yr 1mo 21da, s/o Rev L. & H.
Hill, Sarah, d. Jun 20, 1853, w/o Rev L.
Hite, Catharine, d. Jun 19, 1820
Hocke, Christian F., d. Jun 10, 1863, age: 43yr 5mo 4da
Hocke, Mary L., d. Dec 23, 1864, age: 3yr 23da, d/o C. & M.
Hoke, Daniel, d. Aug 4, 1862, age: 5mo 20da, s/o D. & E.
Holcomb, Agnes R., d. Jul 27, 1847, age: 30yr 5mo 17da, w/o T.
Holcomb, Allen, no dates, Priv. D, 3 Mich. V. C.
Holcomb, Beulah E., d. Oct 3, 1852, age: 1yr 4mo 17da, d/o T. & L.
Holcomb, Edward F., d. Jul 21, 1864, age: 33yr, Co. F, 169 O. V. I.
Holcomb, Homer G., d. May 31, 1864, age: 26yr 1da, 169 O. V. I.
Holcomb, Louisa, no dates
Holcomb, Thomas, no dates
Holderman, Frederick, d. Sep 16, 1860, age: 46yr 9mo 25da
Holderman, Maria B., d. Oct 27, 1865, age: 56yr 8mo 6da, w/o F.
Holderman, Michael, no dates
Hopkins, Capt Nicholas, d. Oct 22, 1823, age: 41yr
Horseley, Wm., d. Apr 22, 1856, age: 64yr 5mo 10da
Horsley, Mary, d. Feb 10, 1875, age: 75yr, w/o W., and w G. Harvey
Howland, Prince, d. Oct 1, 1817, age: 24yr
Hull, Mr. Louime, no dates
Hunt, Thomas, d. Nov 20, 1842, age: 54yr 1mo 22da
Husted, Clarissa, d. Aug 3, 1846, w/o E.
Hutchins, Calvin C., d. Feb 24, 1858, age: 23yr 11mo 25da
Hutchins, James, no dates
Ickes, Daniel I., d. Dec 1, 1862, age: 22yr, Priv. G., 111 O. V. I.
Ickes, Daniel W., d. Oct 16, 1868, age: 28yr 29da
Ickes, Elizabeth, d. Dec 30, 1868, age: 1yr 11mo 10da, d/o D. W. & E.
Ickes, Elmira, d. Oct 5, 1868, age: 7yr 3mo, d/o D. W. & E.
Ickes, George, d. Oct 4, 1868, age: 8yr 6mo 23da, s/o D. W. & E.
Jackson, Mrs. Leonard, d. 1856, age: 50yr
King, Eugene, no dates, (had posts & chains around grave, all destroyed
Kistler, Jesse, d. Jul 22, 1851, age: 24yr
Kistler, Mary A., d. Jun 20, 1811 or 1844, age: 15yr 9mo 29da, d/o J. & E.
Klopfer, Frederick, Sr.", d. Nov 7, 1862, age: 47yr
Klopfer, Frederick, d. Oct 3, 1870, age: 18yr 9mo 22da
Klopfer, Henry, no dates, f Policeman
Kramer, Elijah, no dates, day laborer at Co. Infirmary
Kridler, George W., d. Dec 12, 1852, age: 19yr 18da, s/o J. & E.
Kridler, John, d. Dec 19, 1848, age: 42yr 4mo
La Coste, Jenny, d. Aug 20, 1849, w/o J. L. A.
La Coste, John L. A., d. Oct 9, 1848, age: 42yr 4mo, (Fr)
La Force, Mrs. Evaline (Tibbles), no dates
La Force, Robinson, d. Mar 26, 1849, age: 36yr
La Force, Wm., no dates, f of Mrs. Lucretia Forgerson, Clyde, O.
Lance, Clara, d. Dec 9, 1864, age: 23yr, d/o P. & L.
Lance, Hermon, d. Dec 18, 1864, age: 22yr 9mo 3da, s/o P & L.
Lane, Homer, d. Jan 18, 1866, age: 19yr
Laninger, Francissus, d. Jul 19, 1850, age: 58yr 9mo 12da
Lantz, Mary R., d. Nov 18, 1851, age: 6yr 3mo 15da, d/o J. & E.
Lary, Thomas J., d. Aug 12, 1847, age: 17yr 3mo, s/o W. & M. A.
Lary, William J., d. Dec 25, 1859, age: 22yr 1mo 15da
Leezen, Calvin, d. Jun 22, 1828, age: 28yr
Lefford, William, d. Sep 13, 1846, age: 36yr 2mo 28da
Leonard, Elisabeth, d. May 14, 1868, age: 73yr, w/o John
Lesher, Infant, d. Aug 14, 1838, age: 4da, child of J. & S.
Lewis, Charles, d. May 11, 1837, age: 8mo 10da, s/o S. & A.
Lewis, Infant, d. Mar 6, 1843, age: 9mo 4da, s/o S. & A.
Lovejoy, James W., d. May 11, 1839, age: 19yr 1mo 13da, s/o T. & E.
Lovejoy, Thatcher, d. Jul 23, 1840, age: 51yr
Loveland, Aaron, d. Sep 26, 1860, age: 56yr
Loveland, Charity M., d. Feb 21, 1839, age: 30yr 2mo 10da, w/o A. L. and d of I. & S. Van Doren
Loveland, Joseph, d. Aug 30, 1834, age: 61yr 1mo 12da
Loveland, Nancy, d. Aug 7, 1827, age: 25yr 9mo 17da, w/o J.
Loveland, Nancy, d. Jan 30, 1840, age: 7yr 6mo 22da
Lytle, Ann, d. Nov 17, 1839, age: 27yr, w/o John
Lytle, William, no dates, no headstone
Magee, Adaline, d. Oct 25, 1843, age: 28yr 1mo 11da, w/o John
Magee, Ann M., d. Sep 15, 1857, age: 23yr 3mo 1da, w/o J. H.
Magee, John, d. Aug 7, 1845, age: 44yr
Marsh, Ellen, d. Jan 7, 1849, age: 23yr, w/o P. W.
Marsh, Josiah, d. Aug 13, 1834, age: 61yr
Marsh, Pierpont W., d. Nov 10, 1849, age: 47yr
Marsh, Susan M., d. Aug 13, 1841, age: 6yr 11mo 3da
Marsh, Susan, d. Aug 23, 1834, age: 55yr, w/o Josiah
Mathias, Nicholas, no dates, f Mrs. Jn. Younkman
Maxwell, Chas F., no dates, s/o T. & S.
Maxwell, Philip O., d. Sep 1, 1851, s/o P. & S.
Maxwell, Susan, d. Oct 31, 1851, w/o Phil
McIntyre, Maria, d. Jan 14, 1849, age: 38yr 3mo 11da, w/o Oliver
Meisner, Jeannette, d. Oct 4, 1829, age: 13yr 7mo 13da, d/o D. & J.
Meisner, Stopple, no dates
Melchior, Christian, no dates, Ex-Soldier
Merrill, Charles W., d. Nov 14, 1859, age: 1yr 3mo, s/o M. & N.
Michael, George, d. Oct 31, 1862, age: 3yr 4da, s/o P. & I.
Michael, Henry, d. Dec 21, 1864, age: 32yr 9mo 20da, Co. F, 49 O. V. I.
Michael, Henry, d. Nov 28, 1864, age: 1mo 3da, s/o P. & J.
Millhaupt, John, d. Dec 19, 1862, age: 36yr 11mo 5da
Millhaupt, M. Amelia, d. Apr 17, 1863, age: 6yr 8mo 5da, d/o J. & F.
Miner, Dedrick H., d. Apr 7, 1856, age: 37yr 4mo
Mizner, David, d. Mar 14, 1830, age: 35yr 11mo 24da
Mizner, Mary, d. Jul 25, 1824, age: 19yr 10mo 6da
Momeny, Gilbert C., d. Dec 7, 1840, age: 23yr, s/o J. & C.
Montgomery, Mr., d. 1845
Morehouse, Elisabeth, d. Jan 6, 1837, age: 24yr 9mo 16da, w/o Andrew
Myers, John W., d. Mar 22, 1851, age: 1yr 4mo 18da, s/o B. & I.
Myers, John, d. Nov 30, 1857, age: 46yr 5mo 24da
Nesbit, Peter, d. Oct 2, 1854, age: 1yr 8mo 3da, s/o S. & A. E.
Newman, Lydia, d. Aug 31, 1838, age: 27yr 16da
Newman, N. B., d. Oct 2, 1839, age: 32yr 1mo 1da
Newman, Samuel, d. Apr 21, 1869, age: 67yr 20da
Nichols, Mrs A. F., d. Dec 1, 1823, age: 41yr
Nigh, Charlotte, d. Jul 3, 1844, age: 65yr 10mo 3da, w/o John
Nigh, John, d. Oct 13, 1849, age: 72yr 1mo 1da
Nigh, Sarah E., d. Apr 11, 1864, age: 17yr, d/o M. & M. A.
Norton, Alphonsine C., d. Jul 3, 1849, age: 8yr 5mo 11da, d/o F. I. & H. M.
Norton, Anzelletta P., d. Aug 6, 1846, age: 3yr 8mo 22da, d/o F. I. & H. M.
Norton, Isaac, d. Mar 10, 1848, age: 74yr 5mo
Norton, Martha, d. Aug 22, 1861, w/o I.
Norton, Mrs. F. I., no dates
Nyce, Jacob, d. Apr 17, 1844, age: 60yr 6mo 11da
Nyce, Thomas, d. Sep 13, 1845, age: 22yr 8mo 26da
Nyce, Wm., d. Aug 17, 1862, Priv. K, 100 O. V. I.
Orr, James, d. 1844, age: 32yr, (rel Mrs. J. Linebaugh)
Orton, Blanche, no dates
Otis, Mary A., d. Jan 23, 1849, age: 46yr 6mo 5da, w/o Wm. C.
Otto, Eliza, d. Jan 6, 1865, age: 32yr 8mo 1da, w/o David
Otto, Inf, d. 1855, child of D & E.
Otto, Inf, d. 1860, child of D & E.
Parish, Francis, d. 1852, age: 3yr
Parish, Francis, no dates, age: 2yr, s/o Joseph
Parish, John S., d. Oct 20, 1851, age: 31yr
Parish, John, d. Oct 20, 1852, age: 40yr
Parish, Mrs Joseph, d. 1859, age: 36yr
Parish, William, d. aft 1851, uncle Mrs J. L.
Parish, William, no dates, ex-soldier Civil War
Parrish, Francis M., d. Aug 11, 1853, age: 1yr 7mo 28da, s/o J. M. & A.
Parrish, Jamima J., d. Jun 7, 1857, age: 25yr 8mo 10da, w/o Joseph
Patterson, Sardis, d. Oct 25, 1864, age: 20yr, Priv. F., 72 O. V. I.
Penhallow, Thomas, d. Oct 15, 1862, age: 73yr 1mo 13da
Philip, Edward I., d. Jun 6, 1865, age: 3mo 23da
Philip, Seth, d. Sep 24, 1841, age: 43yr 6mo 29da
Phillips, Elisabeth M., d. Dec 31, 1848, age: 33yr 7mo, w/o A.
Phillips, Stella, d. Aug 4, 1858, age: 1yr 3mo, d/o A. & M.
Picker, Fred W., d. Jul 29, 1864, age: 18yr 4mo, s/o F. & E.
Prior, Catharine, no dates, age: 19yr, sister of Wm. Prior
Prior, Elisha, d. May 6, 1863, age: 22yr 1mo 28da, Co. A, 111 O.V.I.
Prior, Elisha, d. May 6, 1863, age: 22yr, Priv. A., 111 O. V. I.
Prior, Emma, no dates, d/o John & 2 w.
Prior, Ira, d. Aug 7, 1854, age: 39yr, s/o John
Prior, Isaac, Sr.", d. Oct 15, 1843, age: 80yr
Prior, Isaac, d. Aug 27, 1848, age: 55yr
Prior, Isaac, no dates, brother of John, blind
Prior, Jesse, no dates, s/o John, with 2 w
Prior, John, d. Aug 16, 1856, ($100 marker destroyed)
Prior, Mrs John, no dates, 1 w. nee Bixler
Prior, Mrs John, no dates, 2 w. nee Cully
Prior, Rebecca, d. May 29, 1862, age: 93yr, w/o Isaac
Prior, Wilkinson, no dates, s/o John, (Shot by mistake for a fox)
Prior, Wm., d. 1833, s/o Isaac
Ramsey, Jennie, no dates, d/o J. R. & M. R.
Randolph, William, no dates
Read, Charles, d. Feb 24, 1854, age: 3yr, s/o S. W. & A.
Read, Frances, d. Aug 16, 1847, age: 4mo 3da, d/o S. W. & A.
Redway, Hattie, no dates, d/o Amelia (N. of Norton Lot)
Redway, Inft, no dates, d/o Amelia (N. of Norton Lot)
Reynolds, Betsey, no dates, w/o D.
Rice, Emeline, Jr., d. 1850, d/o R. S. & E.
Richter, John M., d. Jan 12, 1865, age: 1yr 1mo 11da, s/o J. E. & A. B.
Richter, Wilhemina R., d. Jun 20, 1870, age: 1yr 6mo 23da, d/o J. E. & A. B.
Robinson, Hannah, d. Aug 5, 1843, age: 83yr, w/o J.
Robinson, James, no dates, War of 1812, husband of Hannah, (Oakwood)
Robinson, La Force, d. Mar 26, 1849, age: 36yr
Rollens, Arnold, d. May 3, 1854, age: 34yr 11mo 27da
Rollens, Caroline, d. Dec 1, 1851, w/o A.
Romana, ??, d. Dec 25, 1864, age: 4yr 11mo 17da, d/o Philip & L.
Roth, Jacob, d. Sep 6, 1856, age: 28yr 11mo 27da
Rothacker, John, no dates, age: 40yr, Teacher
Royce, Mrs. Simeon, no dates
Rumery, Hannah, d. Sep 29, 1838, age: 15yr, w/o J.
Rumery, Josiah, d. Oct 7, 1848, age: 55yr 4mo 17da
Russel, Shubael, d. Mar 27, 1848, age: 60yr 2mo 11da
Russell, Frank J., no dates, age: 22yr, Soldier, died in Libby prison
Russell, Mrs. Shubal, no dates
Russell, Norton, d. 1867, age: 63yr
Russell, Prudence, d. Jul 7, 1841, age: 55yr, w/o Thomas
Russell, Ralph M., d. Jan 21, 1850, age: 22yr 3mo 5da
Russell, Thomas, d. Aug 7, 1831, age: 15yr
Saylor, Annie M., d. Sep 21, 1865, age: 3mo 4da, d/o S. & S.
Saylor, Daniel, d. Sep 12, 1868, age: 30yr 7mo 18da
Saylor, Henry W., d. Apr 22, 1866, age: 3yr 3da, s/o S. & S.
Schill, Judith W., d. Sep 25, 1865, age: 7yr 1mo 29da, d/o J. & M.
Schleis, Andreas, d. Aug 21, 1862, age: 34yr 9mo 22da
Schrater, Charles, d. Dec 22, 1853, s/o W. & R. S.
Schreiber, William H., d. Aug 3, 1853, age: 23yr 11mo 28da
Scothorn, Elisabeth, d. Jul 2, 1847, age: 33yr 9mo 4da, w/o Wm. C.
Scothorn, Elsie, no dates, d/o Wm., w/o Robert Poland
Scothorn, Wm., no dates
Scwatz, Philip, d. 1850
Seamen, Jackson, no dates, ch. Marker broken
Sears, Marianne, d. Apr 18, 1855, age: 11mo 18da, d/o H. & M.
Setzler, Philip, d. 1868, age: 35yr
Sheets, Winfield C., d. Feb 17, 1849, age: 1yr 4mo 20da, s/o O. H. P. & L. S.
Sherrard, Thomas G., d. Apr 21, 1824, age: 31yr, s/o John, murdered
Sherwood, Lois, d. Jan 28, 1849, age: 51yr, w/o W. D., d Emerson
Shout, Franklin, d. Sep 17, 1843, age: 1yr 4mo 4 or 14da, s/o S. & E. M.
Shout, Henry, no dates, s/o S. & E. M.
Shout, Sammy, no dates, s/o S. & E. M.
Shout, Samuel, d. Jan 27, 1866, age: 56yr 2mo 12da
Shrenk, Cath. W., d. Jan 15, 1846, age: 11yr
Skelley, Esther, d. Jan 13, 1853, age: 35yr 2mo, w/o J.
Skinner, George, d. Sep 25, 1838, age: 57yr 3mo 5da
Skinner, Mary, d. Sep 24, 1831, age: 49yr 11mo 23da, w/o George
Slater, Elisabeth, no dates, w/o N.
Smith, ??, d. Mar 1, 1860, age: 40yr 6mo 7da, w/o Casper
Smith, Andrew J., d. Apr 20, 1864, age: 4yr 1mo 20da, s/o C. & S.
Smith, Juliet, d. Sep 7, 1853, age: 17yr 1mo
Smith, Mary, d. Mar 20, 1841, age: 24yr, w/o C., d J. Clark
Smith, Mathias, d. Dec 21, 1865, age: 2yr 9mo 21da, s/o J. & E. E.
Smith, Matthias, d. 1866, age: 70yr, Sexton Cemetery
Smith, Morissa, d. Jan 12, 1839, age: 13(sic)mo 7da, d/o J. B. & S.
Smith, Orrin R., no dates, s/o J. B. & S.
Smith, Samantha P., d. Jul 27, 1843, age: 6mo
Smith, Stephen C., d. Sep 30, 1845, age: 39yr 1mo
Stacy, Norman, d. Apr 29, 1854, age: 59yr 2mo 10da
Staner, Catharine, d. Aug 23, 1851, age: 22yr 1mo 27da, w/o M. T.
Staner, Jacob, d. Sep 22, 1850, age: 46yr
Stark, Matilda, d. Aug 19, 1853, age: 34yr 10mo 6da, w/o Wilson M.
Stark, Wilson M., d. 1860, (Ex. Co. Treas)
Stewart, Isabella, d. Mar 30, 1852, age: 2yr 11mo 1da, d/o S.M. & P.
Stout, Daniel, d. Jan 27, 1866, age: 56yr 2mo 12da
Strawn, Mrs Sarah, d. Jul 26, 1823
Swank, Isaac, no dates
Thompson, Mary, d. Jul 18, 1828, age: 36yr 7mo 19da, w/o Giles, Esq.
Tillottson, Betsey L., d. Jul 17, 1847, age: 27yr 11mo 8da, w/o C.
Tillottson, Capt C. M., no dates, Co. F., 8th
Tillottson, Thomas M., d. Aug 19, 1840
Trask, Samuel, d. Aug 7, 1818 or 1848, age: 26yr
Treat, Jane, d. Nov 1, 1826, age: 33yr, w/o Samuel
Treat, Richard H., d. Mar 27, 1829, age: 8mo, s/o S. & L.
Treat, Samuel, b. N.J., d. Feb 14, 1853, age: 63yr 3mo 8da
Treat, Wm. S., d. Aug 12, 1824, age: 49yr, s/o S & J.
Tyler, Etta B., d. Jan 16, 1829, age: 29yr, w/o Morris
Tyler, George M., d. Jan 16, 1847, age: 4mo, s/o C. M. & M.
Tyler, Julia, d. Feb 5, 1827, age: 23yr, d/o J. W. & S. A.
Tyler, Morris, d. Oct 23, 1840, age: 49yr
Tyler, Sarah E., d. Sep 14, 1856, age: 2yr 5mo 14da, d/o J. & M.
Vogt, John J., d. Aug 10, 1862, age: 9mo 2da
Vogt, William F., d. Sep 22, 1863, age: 10mo 19da, s/o J. & C.
Walker, John, no dates, f/o John, Soldier, G., 111 O. V. I., Capt. McCord
Washburn, Archibald, d. Dec 15, 1846, age: 98yr
Washburn, Charles, d. Mar 27, 1864, age: 13yr 6mo 9da, s/o A. & C.
Watson, Emma P., d. Jul 5, 1850, age: 17yr 7mo 26da, w/o Jacob
Watson, Isabella, d. Jun 12, 1848, age: 16yr 5mo 18da, d/o C. K. & C. S.
Weeks, Elizabeth, no dates, and infant
Wegstein, Susan, d. Mar 30, 1858, age: 26yr 8mo 8da, w/o Michael
Wencinger, Lizzie M. G., d. May 7, 1868, age: 1yr 8mo 21da, d/o J. & A.
White, Ann M., d. Nov 19, 1846, age: 35yr 6mo 7da, w/o Noble
Wilkes, George A., d. Oct 31, 1832, age: 18yr
Williams, Sarah, d. Mar 4, 1851, age: 57yr 6da, w/o A.
Wilson, Eunice, d. Jun 2, 1867, age: 85yr 9mo 12da, w/o Moses
Wilson, Moses, d. May 14, 1842, age: 74yr
Woodworth, Nellie M., d. Apr 5, 1859, age: 4mo 4da, d/o S. & G.
Woodworth, Sidney, d. Nov 25, 1866, age: 37yr 6mo 27da
Young, Barbara, d. 1870, age: 28yr
Younkman, Daniel, d. Apr 29, 1848, age: 1yr 4mo 8da, s/o J. & W.
Younkman, Mary M., d. May 30, 1851, age: 2yr 1mo, d/o J. & M.
Younkman, Mary, d. Jan 14, 1851, age: 4mo 7da, d/o J. & S.
Younkman, Sarah, d. Jan 30, 1857, age: 21yr 1mo 5da, w/o D.
Zimmerman, Morris, d. Jun 18, 1849, age: 35yr
Zimmerman, Wallace P., d. Nov 12, 1867, age: 1yr 9mo, s/o P. & B.

??, , d. Apr 2, 1849, age: 3yr 6mo 28da
??, , d. Jul 26, 1823
??, , d. no dates, age: 18yr 9mo 3da
??, , no dates, age: 41yr
??, , no dates, age: 86yr 9mo 24da
??, Leonard, d. Jun 6, 1858, age: 56yr 3mo 24da
??, Soldier, no dates, (20 ft. W of Benjamin Lot)
??, Soldier, no dates, (First N of Tobias Hunt) N. E.
??, Soldier, no dates, Lt Civ War, near Marsh Lot
Adler,, Mrs.'s child
Anderson, ??, no dates, no relations except the teamster
Bishop, Mr., no dates, age: 50yr, a bachelor, German
E--, E--, no dates, (Near Herbsters)
Prior, Mrs John, no dates, 3 w. nee Ash (now in Oakwood Cem)
Russell, ??, no dates, no date found
Soldiers, three, no dates

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