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Riehle Cemetery
Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio

2352 Black Run Road, Chillicothe OH 45601-8509

Lat: 39° 15' 00"N, Lon: 83° 06' 48"W

Contributed by Terry Mueller, Jan 28, 2008, last edited Feb 25, 2008 [mueller981@yahoo.com]. Total records = 39.

The cemetery is located east of Black Run Road (State Route 156) and south of its intersection with Minney Hill Road. This is south of the community of Knockernstiff about 1.5 miles.

This family cemetery was originally established on the Bartholomew Riehle farm. It is currently on the property of Mr. & Mrs. Everett Kellough, who have carefully maintained the Riehle log cabin and area around the cemetery. This two story cabin and family cemetery are just over the hill to the east, behind the Kellough farm house.

The cemetery is cared for and maintained by the Ross County, Ohio Historical Society and contains the headstones of 39 people. However, some given headstones were not buried here. All persons buried here are related to the Riehles. The last burial in the cemetery was in 1922.

This census was copied from headstones in the fall of 1992 by Mrs. Shirley Ajax and used with permission.

- Terry Mueller

Freshour, Clara, b. 1873, d. 1876, d/o Taylor & Margaret
Freshour, Elizabeth, b. 1871, d. 1891, d/o Taylor & Margaret
Freshour, Margaret B., b. 1850, d. ?, w/o Taylor (headstone only, not buried here)
Freshour, Taylor, b. 1849, d. ?, h/o Margaret (headstone only, not buried here)
Lowery, Absolom, d. 13 Apr 1886, age: 23y 6m 7d, s/o John & Margaret
Lowery, Ephraim, b. 8 Apr 1875, d. 8 Apr 1875, s/o John & Margaret
Lowery, John, b. 18 Nov 1867, d. ?, h/o Josie (headstone only, not buried here)
Lowery, John, d. 16 Mar 1887, age: 49y 1m 24d
Lowery, Josie Ridgeway, b. 14 Feb 1871, d. 10 Nov 1905, w/o John
Lowery, Lorance, d. 27 Oct 1872, age: 74y 2m 26d
Lowery, Mary L., b. 1870, d. 1898, w/o Elijah
Lowery, Samuel, d. 27 Jul 1895, age: 1m 8d, s/o Elijah & Mary L.
Riehle, Andrew R., d. 30 Sep 1873, age: 4m 26d, s/o Ferdinand & Elizabeth
Riehle, Anselm, b. 4 Apr 1823, d. 28 Oct 1864, died on the Ohio River (headstone only)
Riehle, Elizabeth Freshour, b. 3 Feb 1843, d. 19 Feb 1896, w/o Ferdinand
Riehle, F. Clarence, d. 29 Nov 1902, age: 9y 11m 9d, s/o Henry & Phoebe
Riehle, Ferdinand, b. 25 Sep 1833, d. 4 Jul 1897, h/o Elizabeth
Riehle, George, d. 17 Sep 1861, age: 7y 8m 5d, s/o Anselm & Eliza
Riehle, Gladys C., d. 2 Aug 1900, age: 3y 8m 3d, d/o Henry & Phoebe
Riehle, Henry R., d. 25 Aug 1899, age: 13y, 2m, 29d, s/o Henry & Phoebe
Riehle, John, d. 28 Jun 1864, age: 28y 2m 20d, Co. I 63rd OVI, Killed at Kennesaw Mtn.
Riehle, Joseph B., d. 29 Jul 1875, age: 1y 1m 1d, s/o Ferdinand & Elizabeth
Riehle, Martin, b. 15 Nov 1844, d. 7 Jan 1844, s/o Bartholomew & Ursula
Riehle, Mary E., d. 2 Jan 1865, age: 11y 8m, 22d, d/o Anselm & Eliza
Riehle, Mary, d. 14 Nov 1839, age: 1y 9m 21d, d/o Bartholomew & Ursula
Riehle, Miltone, b. 18 Mar 1895, d. 18 Mar 1895, s/o Henry & Phoebe
Riehle, Ocie, b. 1 Mar 1870, d. 6 Sep 1890, d/o Ferdinand & Elizabeth
Riehle, Sophia, d. 6 Nov 1839, age: 9y 21d, d/o Bartholomew & Ursula
Shoemaker, Infant, b. 12 Nov 1903, d. 14 Nov 1903, s/o Wesley & Sarah E.
Shoemaker, Phoebe, b. 13 Apr 1898, d. 13 Apr 1898, d/o Wesley & Sarah E.
Shoemaker, Virgel, d. 22 Aug 1900, age: 1y 1m 22d, s/o Wesley & Sarah E.
Traub, Dennis, no dates, s/o Jacob Lewis & Sophia
Traub, Lewis, b. 16 Feb 1844, d. 4 Apr 1922, h/o Sophia
Traub, Roy, b. 22 Aug 1885, d. 27 Dec 1904, s/o Jacob Lewis & Sophia
Traub, Sophia Wilt, b. 16 Sep 1856, d. 3 Jun 1911, w/o Lewis
Wilt, Catharine, d. 29 Oct 1860, age: 7y 10m 1d, d/o John W. & Euphrosina
Wilt, Euphrosina A. Riehle, d. 23 Jan 1878, age: 57y 10d, w/o John W.
Wilt, Jane, b. 18 Jul 1855, d. Aug. 23 1878, d/o John W. & Euphrosina
Wilt, John W., d. 3 Jan 1863, age: 45y 2m 5d, h/o Euphrosina A.

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