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Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Sterling, Madison County, Ohio

Wade, James Murl, d. 7/2/1945 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-15 row-20 sp#13 Snyder FH
Wade, Murl B., d. 4/30/1983 Fayette Co., age: 71, L-19 row-15 sp#10 Murray FH
Waits, Clarabell, d. 3/5/1942, age: 74yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-? sp#?
Waits, Crissie May, d. 1/19/1966 Athens, age: 69, L-14 row-28 sp#7 Snyder FH
Waits, Everett, d. 11/4/1964 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d myocarditis, L-17 row-9 sp#33 Snyder FH
Waits, John, d. 8/9/1920 Madison Co., age: 53yr, c/d apoplexy, L-7 row-20 sp#?
Waits, Ursal, d. 10/30/1907 Columbus, age: ?, L-Parkerson Round,row sp # FH,
Waits, William, d. 1/8/1962 Columbus, age: 57yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-6 row-12 sp#11 Snyder FH
Waldo, C. E., d. Oct 10, 1896 Mt. Sterling, age: 32yr, c/d typhoid, L-1 row-26 sp#?
Waldo, Edward C., d. 10/23/1913 Mt. Sterling, age: 41yr, c/d diabetes, L-2 row-31 sp#3
Waldo, G. Ross, d. Feb 4, 1891 Madison Co., age: 5yr, c/d brain fever, L-5 row-54 sp#4
Waldo, George W., d. 1/30/1940, age: 87yr, c/d nephritis, L-5 row-54 sp#3
Waldo, Harry Stacy, d. 1/25/1950 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d paralysis, L-9 row-61 sp#1 Snyder FH
Waldo, Infant of Wm. son, d. 1/1/1912 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-2 row-31 sp#15
Waldo, Infant of Wm., d. 4/1/1910 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-2 row-31 sp#?
Waldo, Infant, d. 5/17/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: ?, L-2 row-31 sp#?
Waldo, John W., d. 6/7/1928 Madison Co., age: 83yr, c/d senility, L-2 row-68 sp#?
Waldo, Laura, d. 8/23/1934 Mt. Sterling, age: 85yr, c/d senility, L-2 row-68 sp#? Snyder FH
Waldo, Lydia A., d. 8/11/1946 Mt. Sterling, age: 88yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-5 row-54 sp#2 Snyder FH
Waldo, Maud B., d. 11/13/1969 Columbus, age: 84yr, c/d peitamitis, L-5 row-28 sp#14 Southern FH
Waldo, Minnie L., d. 4/8/1948 Ashland, age: 80yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-2 row-26 sp#2 Snyder FH
Waldo, Nellie Florence (Cowan), d. 12/19/1949 Columbus, age: 64yr, c/d heart failure, L-9 row-61 sp#3 Snyder FH
Waldo, Nita L., d. 6/16/1928 Mt. Sterling, age: 50yr, c/d peritonitis, L-2 row-31 sp#14
Waldo, Omar L., d. 7/27/1957 Columbus, age: 78yr, c/d uremia, L-5 row-28 sp#15 Snyder FH
Waldo, Robert A., d. 3/5/1915 Columbus, age: ?yr, c/d asphyxiation, L-4 row-? sp#?
Waldo, Robert E., d. 3/15/1986 Columbus, age: 80, L-18 row-5 sp#53 Weir FH
Waldo, Stacy, d. Mar 11, 1894 Madison Co., age: 79yr, c/d pneumonia, L-2 row-25 sp#?
Waldo, Ursel M., d. 4/25/1984 Franklin Co., age: 89, L-4 row-12 sp#6 Shoedinger FH
Waldo, William E., d. 6/10/34, age: 64yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-2 row-31 sp#16 Snyder FH
Walford, Carol June, d. 4/21/1955 Delaware, OH, age: ?yr, c/d malformed body, L-? row-? sp#? Snyder FH
Walker, Alice M., d. 7/10/1979 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d CV failure, L-7 row-26 sp#7 Crosby FH
Walker, Benjamin F., d. 6/15/1930 Monroe Twp., age: 55yr, c/d arterial thrombosis, L-5 row-40 sp#16
Walker, Fred E., d. 9/24/1974 Columbus, age: 60, L-7 row-26 sp#8 Crosby FH
Walker, Jesse H., d. 5/4/1962 Columbus, age: 86yr, c/d pneumonia, L-12 row-40 sp#9
Walker, Kathleen E., d. 5/9/1971 Tampa, FL, age: 59, L-18 row-4 sp#17 Porter FH
Walker, Mary Elizabeth, d. 8/4/1982 Franklin Co., age: 89, L-12 row-40 sp#10 Shoedinger FH
Wallace, Arthur A., d. 3/9/1957 Columbus, age: 53yr, c/d cardiac dilation, L-13 row-5 sp#41 Woodyard FH
Wallace, Betty Jane, d. 3/3/1988 Columbus, age: 70, L-17 row-1 sp#42 Porter FH
Wallace, Betty M., d. 8/9/1926 Derby, age: 4 mos, c/d gastritis, L-9 row-58 sp#?
Wallace, Doris, d. 8/7/1938, age: 5yr, c/d burns, L-9 row-58 sp#? Norris FH
Wallace, Dwight, d. 2/13/1911 Pleasant Twp., age: ?yr, c/d chronic internal, L-6 row-53 sp#Pot. Fld.
Wallace, Edward, d. 7/24/1924 Derby, age: 1 mo, c/d malnutrition, L-7 row-58 sp#?
Wallace, Infant, d. 7/10/1911 Madison Co., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-6 row-53 sp#Pot. Fld.
Wallace, Millard A., d. 12/31/1981 Franklin Co., age: 72yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-17 row-1 sp#43 Porter FH
Wallace, Reisa Ann, d. 3/15/1950 Columbus, age: 5 mos, c/d meningitis, L-9 row-58 sp#5 Norris FH
Wallis, Infant, d. 7/29/1913 Oak Run Twp., age: ?, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot. Fld.
Walls, Sylvester, d. 12/5/1944 London, age: ?yr, c/d heart disease, L-7 row-13 sp#? Schlechty FH
Walters, Bernice, d. Aug 14, 1898 Pleasant Twp., age: 10 mos., L-3 row-40 sp#?
Walters, Charles F., d. 12/14/1936 Mt. Sterling, age: 31yr, c/d strep. infection, L-3 row-40 sp#9 (GAR)
Walters, Elizabeth Jones, d. 2/24/1987 Columbus, age: 88, L-8 row-7 sp#3 Shoedinger FH
Walters, Emmett, d. 7/26/1964 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d myocarditis, L-17 row-13 sp#20 Norris FH
Walters, Finley Butler, d. 12/3/1973 Columbus, age: 70, L-15 row-26 sp#12 Miller FH
Walters, Harriett Deyo, d. 8/7/1932, age: 34yr, c/d cancer, L-11 row-66 sp#4 Snyder FH
Walters, Infant son, d. 8/3/1937, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-12 row-21 sp#16
Walters, Infant, d. 4/27/1904 Mt. Sterling, age: ?, L-3 row-40 sp#?
Walters, John Sherman, d. 4/8/1946 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-34 sp#4 Rutherford FH
Walters, John T., d. 12/29/1922 Mt. Sterling, age: 81yr, c/d endocarditis, L-3 row-40 sp#7
Walters, John T., d. 8/26/1932 Mt. Sterling, age: 39yr, c/d heart dilation, L-3 row-40 sp#12 Snyder FH
Walters, Mame Gertrude, d. 10/18/1939, age: 57yr, c/d heart dis. & mening., L-11 row-34 sp#3
Walters, Marshall E., d. 7/5/1984 Columbus, age: 62, L-10 row-7 sp#4 Shoedinger FH
Walters, Mary E., d. 11/27/1944 Mt. Sterling, age: 72yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-3 row-40 sp#4 Snyder FH
Walters, Mary Elizabeth, d. 12/26/1922, age: 72yr, c/d cancer, L-3 row-40 sp#6
Walters, Pern B., d. 10/26/1962 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-3 row-40 sp#10 Snyder FH
Walters, Ralph, d. 2/7/1934, age: 42yr, c/d TB - from Greenlawn Cem. to, L-8 row-7 sp#9
Walters, Robert, Sr. J., d. 3/21/1968 Circleville, age: 60yr, c/d heart failure, L-19 row-11 sp#15 Porter FH
Walters, Ruth Marvene, d. 12/28/1971 Orient, age: 56yr, c/d vasc. acc., L-10 row-7 sp#3 Porter FH
Walters, Sylvia A., d. 7/25/1987 Columbus, age: 79, L-19 row-11 sp#14 Porter FH
Walters, Theodore R., d. 9/11/1912 Mt. Sterling, age: 12, L-3 row-40 sp#?
Walters, Thomas F., d. 4/1/1947 Mt. Sterling, age: 76yr, c/d nephritis, L-3 row-40 sp#5 Snyder FH
Walz, Ada, d. 3/5/1963 Columbus, age: 82yr, c/d myocarditis, L-10 row-25 sp#1 Snyder FH
Waples, Anna, d. 9/19/1945 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d heart disease, L-10 row-11 sp#7 Snyder FH
Waples, William, d. 2/14/1927 Era, age: 76yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-10 row-11 sp#8
Ward, Agnes F., d. 2/10/1987 LasVegas,NV, age: 79, L-7 row-39 sp#1 Porter FH
Ward, Albert, d. 3/15/1945 Mt. Sterling, age: 65yr, c/d nitrol insufficiency, L-16,row sp #,Pot. Fld. Snyder FH
Ward, Belle, d. 1888, age: 28, L-4 row-65 sp#6
Ward, John B., d. 2/14/1950 Local, age: 69yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-16,row sp #,Pot. Fld. Snyder FH
Ward, Joseph, d. 3/15/1926 Derby, age: 83yr, c/d myocarditis, L-4 row-65 sp#7
Ward, Mrs. ?, d. Nov 13, 1893 Madison Co., age: ?, L-4 row-65 sp#?
Ward, William, d. 1943, age: 35, L-7 row-54 sp#6
Wardell, David Lee, d. 1/3/1973 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-18 row-17 sp#5 Porter FH
Wardell, Eloise K., d. 6/5/1972 Urbana, age: 69, L-14 row-60 sp#6 Walter FH
Wardell, Harvey W., d. 9/27/1949 Orient, age: 57yr, c/d fract. vertebrae, L-18 row-18 sp#8 Snyder FH
Wardell, Mary K., d. 12/8/1971 Urbana, age: 93, L-14 row-60 sp#4 Walter FH
Wardell, Mary, d. 1/16/1962 Circleville, age: 70yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-18 row-18 sp#7 Snyder FH
Wardell, Robert L., d. 7/8/1929 Urbana, age: 29 da, c/d septicemia, L-14 row-60 sp#11
Wardell, Robert M., d. 12/10/1933 Urbana, age: 64yr, c/d cancer, L-14 row-60 sp#5 Humphrey FH
Warden, John, Jr. T., d. 4/7/1978 Mt. Sterling, age: 78yr, c/d respitory failure, L-8 row-50 sp#5 Porter FH
Warden, Mary (Marie?) M., d. 5/5/1983 Madison Co., age: 79, L-8 row-50 sp#5 Porter FH
Warner, Hoadley, d. 12/13/1966 Bloomingburg, age: 83yr, c/d crushed chest, L-15 row-67 sp#5 Snyder FH
Warner, Lillie S., d. 10/18/39, age: 55yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-15 row-67 sp#4
Warner, Mildred Marie, d. 4/4/1932 Harrisburg, age: 29yr, c/d encephalitis, L-14 row-53 sp#? Norris FH
Warner, Nellie, d. 12/13/1966 Bloomingburg, age: 69yr, c/d crushed chest, L-15 row-52 sp#6 Snyder FH
Warner, Paul F., d. 10/5/1973 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d Hodgkin's disease, L-15 row-67 sp#6 Porter FH
Warren, George R., d. 2/24/46 Grove Port, age: 73yr, c/d prostate, L-7 row-4 sp#6 Snyder FH
Warren, Georgia May, d. 11/5/1912 Grove Port, age: ?yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-4 sp#13
Warren, Infant, d. 12/6/1920, L-7 row-4 sp#?
Warren, Infant, d. May 9, 1890 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d death by violence, L-6 row-? sp#?
Warren, Maude B., d. 10/26/1965 Reynoldsburg, age: 81yr, c/d car. pul. collapse, L-7 row-4 sp#6 Darfus FH
Warren, Sheldon B., d. 10/25/1970 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d suicide gun to head, L-7 row-4 sp#7 Kelley FH
Waterhouse, Mary, d. 11/1/1948 Cinncinati, age: 73, L-5 row-51 sp#9 Barrer FH
Waterman, Dr. Wayne R., d. 4/10/1958 Brooklyn, NY, age: 68, L-7 row-29 sp#13 Snyder FH
Waterman, Florence M., d. 6/8/1976 Springfield, age: 87, L-7 row-29 sp#14 Richards FH
Waters, ??, d. Sep 22, 1890 Waterloo, age: ?, L-3 row-42 sp#4
Waters, Charley, d. 10/12/1925 Canton, age: 62yr, c/d pneumonia, L-8 row-31 sp#10
Waters, Marianne, d. Jan 28, 1898 Fayette Co., age: ?, L-8 row-31 sp#4
Waters, Martha B., d. 5/27/40, age: 73yr, c/d cancer, L-8 row-31 sp#1
Waters, Ollie S., d. 3/13/1981 Franklin Co., age: 65, L-19 row-3 sp#53 Rader FH
Waters, Robert S., d. 2/20/1969 Detroit, MI, age: 77yr, c/d heart disease, L-8 row-31 sp#14 Perry FH
Waters, Robert S., d. 6/23/1914 Madison Co., age: 85yr, c/d heart trouble, L-8 row-31 sp#5
Watrous, Jessie, d. 12/1943, L-10 row-27 sp#6
Watrous, Merril F., d. 11/30/1983 Franklin Co., age: 66, L-10 row-27 sp#13 Woodyard FH
Watson, Abie, d. 5/28/1905 London, age: 16yr, c/d suicide, L-4 row-10 sp#?
Watson, Elizabeth J., d. 2/6/1934 Portland, IN, age: 74yr, c/d fractured neck, L-1 row-42 sp#? Norris FH
Watson, Georgianna, d. 6/15/1911 Harrisburg, age: 45yr, c/d dropsy, L-5 row-15 sp#?
Watson, Jno., d. no date, L-5 row-? sp#? (GAR)
Watson, John William, d. 6/8/1910 Harrisburg, age: 71yr, c/d heart disease, L-5 row-15 sp#16
Watson, Owen T., d. 12/1/1923 Portland, IN, age: 67yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-42 sp#?
Watson, William, d. 11/30/1914 Columbus, age: 23yr, c/d mangled body, L-2 row-15 sp#?
Watt, Grant E., d. 9/5/1938, age: 73yr, c/d organic heart, L-15 row-63 sp#6
Watt, Gwenzora, d. 10/9/1952 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d heart disease, L-15 row-63 sp#5 Norris FH
Waugh, Addie M., d. 2/26/1955 PanamaCity, ?, age: 55yr, c/d cancer, L-11 row-40 sp#13 Snyder FH
Waugh, Gracie May, d. 6/26/1935 Pleasant Twp., age: 0yr, c/d premature, L-14 row-32 sp#16
Waugh, Ralph Ace, d. 6/5/1950 Brandton, FL, age: 55, L-11 row-40 sp#14 Snyder FH
Weaver, Olive Helen, d. 6/21/1981 Columbus, age: 62, L-19 row-18 sp#21 Miller FH
Webb, ??, d. 4/19/1938 Mt. Sterling, age: 1 mo, c/d enlarged thyroid, L-15 row-46 sp#?
Webb, Alexander, d. 2/28/1932 Mt. Sterling, age: 77yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-3 row-8 sp#3 Snyder FH
Webb, Bell, d. 7/12/1979 London, age: 96, L-14 row-9 sp#5 Porter FH
Webb, Charles O., d. 2/11/1972 Washington CH, age: 61yr, c/d cancer of larynx, L-16 row-17 sp#6 Porter FH
Webb, Charles W., d. 4/11/1979 Washington CH, age: 62, L-15 row-46 sp#16 Porter FH
Webb, Charles, d. Oct 9, 1895 Fayette Co., age: 17yr, c/d peritonitis, L-3 row-8 sp#4
Webb, Clarise A., d. 2/13/1989 Washington CH, age: 76, L-7 row-42 sp#12 Porter FH
Webb, Dorothy B., d. 5/12/1965 Washington CH, age: 55yr, c/d cancer of uterus, L-16 row-17 sp#5 Snyder FH
Webb, Edith M., d. 12/31/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 38yr, c/d paralysis, L-7 row-10 sp#7 Snyder FH
Webb, Edith, d. 10/9/1959 Washington CH, age: 82yr, c/d nephritis, L-7 row-41 sp#2 Snyder FH
Webb, Edith, d. 9/15/1942, age: 60yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-16 row-27 sp#1
Webb, Fred, d. 2/24/1912 White Oak, age: 24yr, c/d typhoid, L-3 row-8 sp#?
Webb, Harold, d. 10/1/1924 Range Twp., age: 10yr, c/d peritonitis, L-7 row-41 sp#4
Webb, Harry Morg, d. 4/9/1956 Mt. Sterling, age: 76yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-15 row-27 sp#2 Snyder FH
Webb, Infant, d. 11/13/1909 Pleasant Twp., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-6 row-? sp#?
Webb, Infant, d. 3/30/1938 Pleasant Twp., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L- row sp #,? Pot. Fld
Webb, Isaac S., d. 3/8/1922 Mt. Sterling, age: 77yr, c/d nephritis, L-4 row-45 sp#4
Webb, James F., d. 12/7/41, age: 21yr, c/d auto accident, L-4 row-45 sp#14
Webb, John 'Jack William, d. 6/8/45 Mt. Sterling, age: 74yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-10 row-16 sp#8 Snyder FH
Webb, Mabel, d. 11/30/1956 Local, age: 50yr, c/d burned to death, L-7 row-41 sp#1 Snyder FH
Webb, Mabel, d. 1964, L-7 row-41 sp#4
Webb, Marie Mae, d. 4/24/1938 Mt. Sterling, age: 34yr, c/d pregnancy, L-15 row-46 sp#5
Webb, Mary Ellen, d. 3/5/1928 Newark, age: ?yr, c/d stomach hemorrhage, L-4 row-46 sp#?
Webb, Mary Louise, d. 1/20/1978 Washington CH, age: 46, L-15 row-46 sp#15 Porter FH
Webb, Minnie B., d. Feb 18, 1897 Pleasant Twp., age: ?, L-3 row-8 sp#?
Webb, Misty Marie, d. 10/5/1973 Columbus, age: infant, L-13 row-6 sp#24 Shoedinger FH
Webb, Nichol, d. 11/3/1949 Mt. Sterling, age: 71yr, c/d heart failure, L-14 row-9 sp#6 Snyder FH
Webb, Pearl James, d. 12/18/1977 Fayette Co., age: 83, L-15 row-46 sp#6 Porter FH
Webb, Ray E., d. 5/14/1982 Lancaster, age: 66, L-16 row-27 sp#12 Theller FH
Webb, Richard, d. 1/5/49 Mt. Sterling, age: 66yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-7 row-10 sp#8 Snyder FH
Webb, Samuel, d. 8/15/1924 Fayette Co., age: 47yr, c/d intest. hemorrhage, L-7 row-41 sp#3
Webb, Sarah H., d. 3/12/36 White Oak, age: 81yr, c/d nephritis, L-3 row-8 sp#2
Webb, Vernie, d. 9/17/1978 S. Vienna, age: 93, L-16 row-17 sp#1 Porter FH
Webb, Wesley, d. 9/13/1930 Columbus, age: 51, L-4 row-45 sp#11
Webb, Willis, d. 10/22/1907 Pleasant Twp., age: ?, L-7 row-41 sp#9
Webb, Zelma E., d. 11/1/1946 Fayette Co., age: 58yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-16 row-17 sp#1 Snyder FH
Webber, Kathryn W., d. 11/17/1971 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-17 row-18 sp#48 Porter FH
Webber, Lacy Ellen, d. 9/3/1951 Washington CH, age: 83yr, c/d myocarditis, L-8 row-33 sp#7 Parrett FH
Webber, Robert G., d. 7/5/1969 Columbus, age: 85yr, c/d gastrohemorrhage, L-17 row-18 sp#49 Porter FH
Weber, Lura Louise, d. 7/1/1933 Mt. Sterling, age: 24yr, c/d TB, L-1 row-27 sp#? Shoedinger FH
Weeter, Harry M., d. 1/23/1963 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d fractured skull, L-17 row-11 sp#58 Snyder FH
Weidinger, Arthur, d. 4/28/1955 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-14 row-72 sp#3 Snyder FH
Weidinger, Blan CHe, d. 6/30/65 Mt. Sterling, age: 69yr, c/d cor. occ., L-14 row-72 sp#2 Snyder FH
Weidinger, Flora, d. 1/25/1962 Washington CH, age: 91yr, c/d cere. vasc. thromb., L-14 row-72 sp#4 Snyder FH
Weidinger, George, d. 9/7/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 69yr, c/d hepatic failure, L-14 row-72 sp#5 Snyder FH
Weilder, Irene, d. no date, L- row sp #,moved to Circleville FH
Weimer, Dorothy D., d. 2/2/1987 Columbus, age: 87yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-17 row-9 sp#53 Shoedinger FH
Weimer, George, d. 2/3/1957 Columbus, age: 89yr, c/d pul. embolism, L-7 row-18 sp#4 Cook FH
Weimer, Goldie, d. 1/9/1919 Columbus, age: 21yr, c/d influenza, L-7 row-? sp#?
Weimer, Ina Ellen, d. 2/11/1917 Columbus, age: 35yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-? sp#?
Weimer, Joseph T., d. 2/4/1917 Harrisburg, age: 1 mo, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-? sp#?
Weimer, Sarah H., d. 2/17/1917 Columbus, age: 1yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-? sp#?
Weimer, Sherman E., d. 9/13/1974 Columbus, age: 52, L-17 row-6 sp#51 Shoedinger FH
Weimer, William E., d. 12/11/1968, age: 69yr, c/d cere. vasc. acc., L-19 row-9 sp#54 Shoedinger FH
Weimer, William Ernest, d. 1/6/1919 Franklin Co., age: 2yr, c/d influenza, L-7,row sp #,? Pot. Fld
Weiser, Nina, d. 7/27/1979 Barltlesville,OK, age: 88, L-9 row-71 sp#2 Neekamp FH
Weiser, Rev. William Walter, d. 8/30/1944 Elkton, age: 64yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-71 sp#3 Snyder FH
Weiser, Stephen Phillip, d. 8/27/1928 Mt. Sterling, age: 8yr, c/d diabetes, L-9 row-71 sp#4
Weiser, William Walter, Jr., d. 9/27/1928 Mt. Sterling, age: 11yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-71 sp#1
Weiss, Lara Amy, d. 11/6/1981 Franklin Co., age: 95, L-mausoleum B-4,row sp #,Miller FH
Welch, Absalom J., d. 9/9/1941, age: 90yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-2 row-53 sp#5
Welch, Carlton B., d. 9/30/1946 Muskogee, OK, age: 55yr, c/d peritonitis, L-2 row-53 sp#3 Snyder FH
Welch, Dr. W. S., d. Dec 31, 1892 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d suicide, L-5 row-11 sp#13
Welch, Elizabeth, d. Feb 12, 1897 Mt. Sterling, age: 86yr, c/d old age, L-2 row-53 sp#1
Welch, Infant of Dr., d. May 12, 1890 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-2 row-53 sp#6
Welch, Infant, d. 9/26/1928 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-8 row-25 sp#10
Welch, Nellie May Crosley, d. 1/25/1925 McAllester, OK, age: 60yr, c/d cardiac asthma, L-2 row-53 sp#4
Welch, Pauline, d. 11/22/1985 Toledo, age: 96, L-2 row-3 sp#12 Porter FH
Welch, Senia Brown, d. 5/3/1959 Columbus, age: 89yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-2 row-3 sp#11 Feil FH
Welge, Florence, d. 12/1/1952 Washington CH, age: 59yr, c/d cancer of pancreas, L-13 row-13 sp#4 Gerstner FH
Welge, George J., d. 6/16/1946 Akron, age: 54yr, c/d lacerated lung, L-13 row-13 sp#6
Wells, Addie J., d. 6/14/1930 Columbus, age: 71yr, c/d apoplexy, L-2 row-37 sp#?
Wells, Marian, d. 1/27/1920 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d heart disease, L-2 row-18 sp#?
Wendel, Clara Neff, d. 4/7/1981 Madison Co., age: 82yr, c/d heart failure, L-9 row-14 sp#13 Porter FH
Wendel, Eugene, d. 8/3/1982 Madison Co., age: 85, L-7 row-14 sp#5 Porter FH
Wenger, Edward, d. 4/19/1965 Orient, age: 72yr, c/d pneumonia, L-18 row-7 sp#36 Norris FH
Wentz, Erlie B., d. 9/28/1968 London, age: 90, L-15 row-29 sp#3 Rader FH
Wentz, Harry A., d. 12/14/1958 Mt. Sterling, age: 90yr, c/d myo. failure, L-15 row-29 sp#4 Snyder FH
Wentz, Infant, d. 3/13/43 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-15 row-29 sp#9 Snyder FH
Wentz, Infant, d. 5/3/43 b. 5/3/43, age: ?, L- row,29 sp#? from Plumwood to 15 FH
Wentz, Melvin, d. 1914, L-15 row-29 sp#12
Wentz, Morse A., d. 6/23/1979 London, age: 71, L-15 row-29 sp#2 Rader FH
West, Mabel C., d. 1/27/1972 Michigan, age: 80yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L- row,69 sp#2 Kesler (cremated) 15 FH
Westfall, Ural Vane, d. 2/26/1947 Athens, age: 51yr, c/d uremia, L-15 row-68 sp#4 Ferguson FH
Weyer, Bess L., d. 7/3/1940, age: 48yr, c/d endocarditis, L-15 row-71 sp#7
Weyer, Frank L., d. 12/4/1961 Mt. Sterling, age: 74yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-19 row-4 sp#4 Snyder FH
Weyer, Ida R., d. 7/9/1981 Madison Co., age: 81yr, c/d cere. vasc. acc., L-19 row-4 sp#3 Porter FH
Weyer, James B., d. 4/7/1969 London, age: 87yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-15 row-71 sp#8 Porter FH
Whalen, Virginia B., d. 4/5/1986 Columbus, age: 68, L-16 row-3 sp#11 Porter FH
Whaley, James E., d. 8/10/1988 Chillicothe, age: 83, L-16 row-65 sp#14 Defenbaugh FH
Whaley, Rosetta, d. 9/11/1978 Circleville, age: 76yr, c/d diabetes, L-16 row-65 sp#13 Defenbaugh FH
Wheeland, Infant, d. 11/230/1920 Picaway Co., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-7 row-17 sp#?
Wheelen, Ida Mary, d. 7/12/1953 Broadway, age: 92yr, c/d nephritis, L-12 row-26 sp#3 Winters FH
Wheelen, J. W., d. 9/19/1938, age: 81yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-12 row-26 sp#4
Wheelen, James M., d. Jan 10, 1899 Monroe Twp., age: 33yr, c/d heart disease, L-2 row-15 sp#3
Wheelen, Thomas, d. 2/28/1910 Monroe Twp., age: 80yr, c/d prostate inflamma., L-2 row-15 sp#6
Wheelen, Timothy, d. 4/15/1937 Mt. Sterling, age: 78yr, c/d nephritis, L-2 row-15 sp#1
Wheeler, D. B., d. 1/17/1933 Mt. Sterling, age: 85yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Wheeler, David P., d. 6/11/1916 Mt. Sterling, age: 55yr, c/d suicide carbolic acid, L-7 row-5 sp#6
Wheeler, David, d. 4/23/1914 Era, age: 79yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-5 sp#?
Wheeler, Elizabeth A., d. 10/14/1936 Mt. Sterling, age: 2yr, c/d enteritis, L-6 row-55 sp#?
Wheeler, Hester A., d. 8/29/1908 Era, age: 74yr, c/d tumor, L-7 row-5 sp#5
Wheeler, Infant, d. 3/8/1902, age: ?yr, c/d from Greenland to, L-7 row-5 sp#8
Wheeler, John G., d. 8/24/1911 Monroe Twp., age: 44yr, c/d appendicitis, L-7 row-5 sp#?
Wheeler, Louisa F., d. 6/30/1963 Vesley, age: 94yr, c/d ascend. chalo., L-2 row-15 sp#2
Wheeler, Mary, d. 2/2/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: 74yr, c/d asthma, L-2 row-15 sp#5
Wheeler, Susan, d. 1877, age: 48, L-7 row-5 sp#7
Wheeler, Susan, d. 3/8/1902, age: ?yr, c/d from Greenland to, L-7 row-5 sp#?
Whickle, Cenia, d. 5/15/1909 Coshocton, age: 58yr, c/d uremia, L-4 row-1 sp#?
White, Albert R., d. 8/11/1913 Derby, age: 47yr, c/d anemia, L-12 row-63 sp#3
White, Albert, d. 12/12/1955 Columbus, age: 87yr, c/d aortic stenosis, L-16 row-5 sp#2 Snyder FH
White, Almelia Jane, d. 11/8/1929 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-8 row-68 sp#?
White, Andrew, d. Mar 29, 1893 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-29 sp#?
White, Cecil B., d. 7/4/1930 Orient, age: 4yr, c/d appendicitis, L-5 row-31 sp#9
White, Cecil Edward, d. 1/21/1979 Columbus, age: 87yr, c/d card. arrest, L-5 row-31 sp#3 Porter FH
White, Charles Elven, d. 10/17/1911 Darby Twp., age: 19yr, c/d lock jaw, L-1 row-63 sp#?
White, Dorthea J., d. 3/4/1984 Fayette Co., age: 83, L-3 row-11 sp#8 Porter FH
White, Elizabeth B., d. 12/14/1977 Columbus, age: 90, L-17 row-10 sp#32 Margarum FH
White, Fannie, d. 4/23/1966 Local, age: 75yr, c/d cor. occ., L-5 row-31 sp#2 Snyder FH
White, Harriett Isel, d. 3/10/1954 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d carcinoma, L-12 row-58 sp#3 Norris FH
White, Infant of D., d. Jan 21, 1891 Madison Co., age: 5 mos., L-6 row-65 sp#Pot. Fld.
White, James F., d. 3/25/47 Macon, GA, age: ?, L-19 row-2 sp#2 Snyder FH
White, Jane Tracey, d. 7/21/36 Mt. Sterling, age: 79yr, c/d nephritis, L-14 row-31 sp#1
White, Jennie M., d. 11/10/1917 Derby, age: 51yr, c/d diabetes, L-12 row-63 sp#2
White, Josephine Reichelderfer, d. 8/20/1949 Columbus, age: 76yr, c/d decomp. of heart, L-16 row-10 sp#2 Snyder FH
White, Leroy, d. 11/7/04 Ft. Wayne, IN, age: 20, L-5 row-31 sp#1
White, Lois Butler, d. 4/6/1957 Hialeah, FL, age: 71, L-19 row-2 sp#2 Snyder FH
White, Mary Alice, d. 12/5/1915 Derby, age: 55yr, c/d apoplexy, L-9 row-48 sp#7
White, Mary, d. 8/19/1925, L-9 row-59 sp#?
White, Mrs. Walter, d. Sep 4, 1898 Madison Co., age: 3yr, c/d dysentery, L-5 row-31 sp#?
White, Pansy Creamer, d. 3/13/1971 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d cor. occ., L-13 row-3 sp#4 Miller FH
White, Roy Smith, d. 8/1/1981 Pickaway Co., age: 91, L-12 row-58 sp#4 Porter FH
White, Thomas Dilsworth, d. 4/26/1920 Derby, age: 65yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-9 row-48 sp#8
White, Twins, d. 8/9/1938, age: 0yr, c/d premature, L-16 row-7 sp#? Snyder FH
White, Walter, d. 2/10/1948 Mt. Sterling, age: 91yr, c/d myocarditis, L-5 row-31 sp#5 Snyder FH
Whiteside, Albert Jackson, d. 12/12/1950 Wilmington, age: 73yr, c/d myocarditis, L-10 row-56 sp#7 Littleton FH
Whiteside, Anna R., d. 1/31/1976 Fayette Co., age: 85yr, c/d cere., L-9 row-50 sp#3 Porter FH
Whiteside, Earl N., d. 2/1/1982 Franklin Co., age: 83, L-16 row-31 sp#6 Shoedinger FH
Whiteside, Edward T., d. 8/30/1944 Washington CH, age: 77yr, c/d cor. occ., L-9 row-50 sp#4 Kirkpatrick FH
Whiteside, Gilbert S., d. 1/22/1921 Wilmington, age: 15yr, c/d typhoid, L-10 row-56 sp#8
Whiteside, Helen G., d. 6/27/1977 Columbus, age: 73, L-16 row-31 sp#5 Shoedinger FH
Whiteside, John, d. 2/16/1955 Ohio Infirmary, age: 84yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-20 row-3 sp#7 Snyder FH
Whiteside, Larura M. Neff, d. 6/13/1948 Derby, age: 72yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-11 row-70 sp#5 Norris FH
Whiteside, Margaret Salina, d. 5/17/1968, age: 87, L-10 row-56 sp#6 Littleton FH
Whiteside, Ordelle, d. 7/19/1971 Columbus, age: 62, L-16 row-35 sp#11 Shoedinger FH
Whiteside, Ross Emerson, d. 3/10/1910 Darby Twp., age: 1yr, c/d peritonitis, L-11 row-70 sp#5
Whiteside, Russell, d. 11/11/1987 Columbus, age: 79yr, c/d card. arrest, L-16 row-35 sp#12 Shoedinger FH
Whiteside, Sarah C., d. 11/23/1923 Mt. Sterling, age: 70yr, c/d cancer of ear, L-9 row-29 sp#5
Whiteside, Thomas David, d. 1/16/1928 Mt. Sterling, age: 80yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-29 sp#6
Whiteside, Willard Willis, d. 6/29/1959 Washington CH, age: 86yr, c/d heart disease, L-11 row-70 sp#7 Norris FH
Whiting, Alberta, d. 5/23/1984 Franklin Co., age: 83, L-6 row-54 sp#15 Shoedinger FH
Whiting, Alfred L., d. 3/1/1946 Kenton, age: 72yr, c/d heart failure, L-7 row-22 sp#? Schinde FH
Whiting, Arnold Henry, d. 1/27/1982 Franklin Co., age: 88, L-6 row-54 sp#16 Crosby FH
Whiting, Edward, d. 12/6/1941, age: 69yr, c/d pneumonia, L-6 row-54 sp#?
Whiting, Frank, d. 12/29/1947 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d TB, L-7 row-2 sp#16 Whitacre FH
Whiting, Geneva, d. 12/23/1921 Madison Co., age: 18yr, c/d peritonitis, L-7 row-22 sp#?
Whiting, John E., d. 3/25/1954 Newark, age: 83yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-6 row-54 sp#8 Snyder FH
Whiting, Mable, d. 5/27/1929 London, age: 56yr, c/d paralysis, L-7 row-22 sp#?
Whiting, Mrs. Wm., d. 2/11/1902 Era, age: ?yr, c/d consumption, L-6 row-54 sp#?
Whiting, Samuel, d. 2/7/1911 Mt. Sterling, age: 71yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-6 row-54 sp#5 (GAR)
Whiting, Sarah, d. 6/13/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 94yr, c/d heart failure, L-6 row-54 sp#6
Whiting, William H., d. 3/5/1946 Columbus, age: 80yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-6 row-54 sp#7 Snyder FH
Whitlaw, Albert J., d. 1870 Harrisburg, age: 1yr, c/d from Chenoweth Cem. to, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlaw, Caroline J., d. 1871 Harrisburg, age: 14yr, c/d from Chenoweth Cem. to, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlaw, Isabel, d. Jan 24, 1900 Harrisburg, age: ?yr, c/d from Chenoweth Cem. to, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlaw, James A., d. 1870 Harrisburg, age: 14yr, c/d from Chenoweth Cem. to, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlaw, Lucretia, d. 4/20/1929 Harrisburg, age: 90yr, c/d senility, L-1 row-62 sp#?
Whitlaw, Mary Alice, d. 3/21/1945 Harrisburg, age: 80yr, c/d influenza, L-14 row-48 sp#1 Norris FH
Whitlaw, Nat, d. Oct 23, 1899 Darby Twp., age: 81yr, c/d paralysis, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlaw, Rena M., d. 2/7/1972 Columbus, age: 78yr, c/d carcinoma, L-9 row-5 sp#3 Miller FH
Whitlaw, Walter Allen, d. 8/15/1973 Columbus, age: 81, L-9 row-5 sp#2 Miller FH
Whitling, William H., d. 5/30/1961 Pleasant Twp., age: 54yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Norris FH
Whitlock, ?, d. Apr 24, 1894, L-4 row-58 sp#?
Whitlock, Clayton C., d. 12/18/1965 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d carcinoma, L-16 row-35 sp#6 Snyder FH
Whitlock, David R., d. 8/7/1962 Centerburg, age: 81yr, c/d dehydration, L-10 row-27 sp#12 Snyder FH
Whitlock, George W., d. 6/23/1919 Mt. Sterling, age: 70yr, c/d paralysis, L-10 row-27 sp#2
Whitlock, Helen, d. 1/3/1945 Derby, age: 29yr, c/d endocarditis, L-16 row-35 sp#13 Snyder FH
Whitlock, Jennie, d. 5/20/1943 Columbus, age: 58yr, c/d cancer of breast, L-10 row-27 sp#? Snyder FH
Whitlock, Ora, d. 5/27/1944 Derby, age: 56yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-16 row-35 sp#5 Snyder FH
Whitlock, Orpha, d. 4/21/1931 Richland Co., age: 78yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-10 row-27 sp#1
Whitlock, Otho William, d. 11/21/1936, age: 48yr, c/d pneumonia, L-10 row-27 sp#4
Whitlock, William, Jr., d. 7/6/1921 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d heart disease, L-4 row-59 sp#?
Whitlow, Joseph, d. Sep 13, 1896 Pickaway Co., age: 37yr, c/d typhoid, L-4 row-6 sp#?
Whitlow, William F., d. 12/26/1928 Darby Twp., age: 74yr, c/d pneumonia, L-14 row-48 sp#2
Whitmer, Amer, d. 1/31/48 Columbus, age: 90yr, c/d senility, L-3 row-18 sp#7 Gosnell FH
Whitmer, Carey, d. 11/26/40, age: ?yr, c/d pneumonia, L-3 row-18 sp#8
Whitmer, Edna Ruth, d. 2/12/1967 Washington CH, age: 78, L-4 row-63 sp#9 Rader FH
Whitmer, Fleecy May, d. 1955, L-3 row-18 sp#14
Whitmer, George Earl, d. 2/2/1965 Summerford, age: 79yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-4 row-63 sp#?
Whitmer, Kittyn N., d. Jun 3, 1895 Pickaway Co., age: 8 mos, c/d cohlera infantum, L-3 row-18 sp#13
Whitmer, Raffey A., d. 4/2/1911 Columbus, age: 20yr, c/d nyelitis, L-3 row-18 sp#16
Whitter, Samuel, d. no date, L-6 row-? sp#?
Whittercar, Frances W., d. 11/25/1919 Franklin Co., age: 79yr, c/d rheumatism, L-5,row sp #,8
Whittercar, Lucinda, d. 12/27/1908 Derby, age: 70yr, c/d TB, L-Parkerson Round,row sp # FH,
Whittick, Dr. R. B., d. 3/2/32 Columbus, age: 61yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-11 row-55 sp#2 Shoedinger FH
Whittick, Mark W., d. 11/30/1986 Lancaster, age: 18, L-11 row-45 sp#11 Porter FH
Whittick, Robert William, d. 7/19/47 Columbus, age: 17yr, c/d gun shot accident, L-11 row-45 sp#12 Snyder FH
Whittick, Roderick B., d. 1/30/1960 Dayton, age: 60yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-55 sp#10 Spears FH
Whittick, Stella Mary, d. 2/28/1966 Columbus, age: 90yr, c/d heart disease, L-11 row-55 sp#1 Shoedinger FH
Whittington, Terry Ann, d. 11/5/1971 Columbus, age: 3.5 mos., L-10 row-27 sp#5 Spears FH

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