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Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Sterling, Madison County, Ohio

Packer, Albert R., d. 1923, age: 62, L-2 row-3 sp#1
Packer, Dr. Ralph H., d. 1/20/1986 Mt. Sterling, age: 74, L-19 row-1 sp#55 Porter FH
Packer, Theodosia B., d. 1925, age: 58, L-2 row-3 sp#2
Pairson, Arie D., d. 1/24/1976 Scioto Co., age: 79, L-13 row-2 sp#27 Howe FH
Paisley, Herbetta E., d. 6/20/1932 Detroit, MI, age: 28, L-11 row-48 sp#2 Snyder FH
Palm, Mary Jane, d. 9/3/1955 Akron, age: 32yr, c/d resp. arrest, L-13 row-31 sp#7 Hummel FH
Palmer, Flory Bogenrife, d. Jan 1964 Columbus, age: 66yr, c/d pneumonia, L-8 row-38 sp#15 Woodyard FH
Papas, Peter Theodore, d. 9/19/1975 Sunbury, age: 90yr, c/d uremia, L-20 row-1 sp#14 Porter FH
Parker, Albert R., d. 12/24/1923 Indianapolis, IN, age: 62yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-2 row-3 sp#1
Parker, Bessie May, d. 3/14/1922 Hilliard, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-11 row-40 sp#?
Parker, Betty Jean, d. 4/8/1977 Columbus, age: 50yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-17 row-5 sp#10 Porter FH
Parker, Ephriam, d. 8/8/1923 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-1 row-63 sp#? (GAR)
Parker, Theodosia Brown, d. Jun 19, 1839, age: 57yr, c/d cancer of uterus, L- row sp #,removed from CA to 2-3 FH
Parkinson, Anna M., d. 11/25/1924 Columbus, age: 94yr, c/d senility, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp # FH,
Parkinson, Robert, d. Jul 8, 1890 Mt. Sterling, age: 60yr, c/d lung trouble, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp # FH,
Parks, Charles C., d. 7/5/1927 Mt. Sterling, age: 45yr, c/d endocarditis, L-7 row-44 sp#?
Parks, Daisey Lee, d. 5/14/1912 Pleasant Twp., age: 31yr, c/d TB, L-11 row-40 sp#2
Parks, Susan, d. 5/25/1920 Hilliard, age: 23yr, c/d TB, L-11 row-40 sp#?
Parks, Woodrow Wilson, d. 11/16/1912 Columbus, age: ?, L-8 row-? sp#?
Parrett, Ada B., d. 12/15/1980 Pickaway Co., age: 65yr, Wife of John W., c/d cancer of stomach, L-16 row-42 sp#5 Wellman FH
Parrett, Alan D., d. 11/14/1970 Local, age: 27yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-18 row-15 sp#17 Porter FH
Parrett, Annabell, d. 11/27/1983 Madison Co., age: 62, L-17 row-14 sp#33 Porter FH
Parrett, Belle W., d. 3/12/1945 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d apoplexy, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Parrett, Betty Lou, d. 5/1/1971 Columbus, age: 30yr, c/d car. resp. arrest, L-17 row-14 sp#3 Porter FH
Parrett, Charles William, d. 12/7/1922 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-5 row-27 sp#?
Parrett, David Eugene, d. 11/17/1977 Gerton, NC, age: 31, L-16 row-42 sp#7 Bastain FH
Parrett, Dio L., d. 8/23/1951 Columbus, age: 76yr, c/d cor. occ., L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Parrett, Edna G., d. 7/18/1975 Springfield, age: 85yr, Wife of Marvin G., c/d heart failure, L-4 row-24 sp#13 Porter FH
Parrett, Eudah Beale, d. 8/5/1971 Washington CH, age: 82yr, c/d cere. thrombosis, L-9 row-13 sp#14 Porter FH
Parrett, Glenn J., d. 1/16/1972 Springfield, age: 75, L-15 row-42 sp#6 Geer FH
Parrett, Harland E., d. 11/22/1940, age: 74yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Parrett, Harland T., d. 8/11/1920 Madison Co., age: 9yr, c/d imbeciled, L-4 row-24 sp#?
Parrett, Hazel M., d. 4/29/86 Ft.Myers, FL, age: 82, L-15 row-42 sp#5 Eberle FH
Parrett, Homer R., d. 1949, age: 66, L-4 row-24 sp#16
Parrett, Irene, d. 3/27/1984 Franklin Co., age: 83, L-16 row-47 sp#7 Shoedinger FH
Parrett, John, Sr. W., d. 6/8/1978 Williamsport, age: 62, L-16 row-42 sp#6 Wellman FH
Parrett, Leora Eilene, d. 8/16/1967 Springfield, age: 6 mos., L-15 row-42 sp#13 Fisher FH
Parrett, Marsha M., d. 7/22/1984 Springfield, age: 44, L-5 row-27 sp#10 Jones FH
Parrett, Marvin H., d. 8/21/1978 Springfield, age: 89, L-4 row-24 sp#14 Porter FH
Parrett, Mary M., d. 2/12/1916 Mt. Sterling, age: 20yr, c/d paralysis, L-9 row-26 sp#7
Parrett, Mellew, d. 1958, age: 82, L-4 row-24 sp#15
Parrett, Minnie, d. 1/6/1949 Mt. Sterling, age: 77yr, c/d brain hemorrhage, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Parrett, Richard Lee, d. 6/7/1984 Franklin Co., age: 42yr, c/d brain stem infarct., L-16 row-42 sp#13 Miller FH
Parrett, Robert, d. 1973, age: 70, L-? row-? sp#?
Parrett, Scott M., d. 12/14/1961 Columbus, age: 76yr, c/d carcinoma, L-9 row-13 sp#15 Snyder FH
Parrett, Willard F., d. 5/25/1962 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-16 row-47 sp#8 Snyder FH
Parrett, William George, d. 1/20/1975 London, age: 80yr, c/d cere. thrombosis, L-15 row-42 sp#4 Porter FH
Passwaters, Edward, d. 10/28/1908 Mt. Sterling, age: 29yr, c/d consumption, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp # FH,
Passwaters, Elizabeth, d. 3/3/1957 Local, age: 53yr, c/d suicide by hanging, L-10 row-55 sp#5 Parrett FH
Passwaters, Flo M., d. 12/13/1961 Mt. Sterling, age: 85yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp #,Snyder FH
Passwaters, Floyd Franklin, d. 3/9/1972 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-8 row-62 sp#7 Porter FH
Passwaters, Frank, d. 9/14/1911 Mt. Sterling, age: 27, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp # FH,
Passwaters, Goldie J., d. 3/16/1985 Columbus, age: 53, L-7 row-37 sp#3 Porter FH
Passwaters, Mary A., d. 1937, age: 81, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp # FH,
Passwaters, Percy, d. 2/14/1971 Washington CH, age: 61, L-9 row-6 sp#6 Porter FH
Passwaters, Robert G., d. 9/19/1978 Columbus, age: 73, L-8 row-52 sp#8 Porter FH
Passwaters, Robert S., d. 6/30/1953 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d myo.infarction, L-Parkinson Circle,row sp #,Snyder FH
Passwaters, Sherman T., d. 8/30/1902 Mt. Sterling, age: 1yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-8 row-62 sp#?
Passwaters, Wesley, d. 9/26/1929 Mt. Sterling, age: 72yr, c/d nephritis, L-8 row-62 sp#5
Patrick, Agnes Kurk, d. 11/5/1906 Derby, age: ?, L-5 row-21 sp#?
Patterson, Alda Chaffin, d. 12/19/1954 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d heart failure, L-13 row-6 sp#8 Feil FH
Patterson, Andrew F., d. 5/10/1920 Grove City, age: 46yr, c/d cancer of rectum, L-9 row-20 sp#4
Patterson, Catherine, d. 3/10/1926 Buffalo, NY, age: 30yr, c/d monoxide poisoning, L-7 row-31 sp#?
Patterson, Elizabeth, d. 6/16/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: 61yr, c/d blood poisoning, L-8 row-57 sp#?
Patterson, Elsie Grace, d. 10/4/1983 Clark Co., age: 80, L-9 row-20 sp#9 Shoedinger FH
Patterson, Elsworth, d. 4/8/1938 Circleville, age: 27yr, c/d complications, L-8 row-57 sp#2
Patterson, Francis L., d. 7/31/1971 Columbus, age: 68, L-9 row-20 sp#10 Shoedinger FH
Patterson, James Thomas, d. 10/30/1977 Columbus, age: 41, L-9 row-20 sp#2 Shoedinger FH
Patterson, Velma, d. 4/20/1939, age: 33yr, c/d heart disease, L-9 row-20 sp#1
Patterson, Zora E., d. 2/25/1919 Circleville, age: 42yr, c/d influenza, L-8 row-57 sp#4
Patton, Russell J., d. 7/5/1978 Columbus, age: 71, L-17 row-12 sp#54 Porter FH
Paullin, Herman L., d. 1/12/1967 Springfield, age: 85yr, c/d uremia, L-14 row-55 sp#8 Snyder FH
Paullin, Myrtle McKillip, d. 2/8/1973 London, age: 91, L-14 row-55 sp#7 Porter FH
Payne, Ethel Diane, d. 11/6/1960 Columbus, age: 60yr, c/d pneumonia, L-14 row-18 sp#11 O'Shaughnessy FH
Payne, James Ross, d. 4/2/1946 Columbus, age: 64yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-13 row-3 sp#7 Snyder FH
Payne, Luke Allen, d. 8/17/1969 Columbus, age: 26 da, c/d aspiration, L-19 row-11 sp#39 O'Shaughnessy FH
Payne, William Morl, d. 12/28/1964 Scioto, age: 35, L-? row-7 sp#44 Norris FH
Peart, Jesse Marion, d. 7/12/1961 S. Vienna, age: 81yr, c/d coronary, L-7 row-45 sp#8
Peart, Jessie Belle, d. 9/5/1914 Mt. Sterling, d/oJessie/Mary, age: 12 da, c/d infected umbilical, L-7 row-45 sp#8
Peart, John Isaac, d. 5/21/1994, age: 83, s/o Jesse & Mary, L-? row-? sp#?
Peart, Mary Belle Reichelderfer, d. 4/12/37 Mt. Sterling, age: 53yr, c/d cancer, Wife of Jesse, L-7 row-45 sp#7
Peart, Ruth Pauline, d. 11/26/1991, age: 80, w/o John, L-? row-? sp#?
Peck, Ada Marie Caudy, d. 5/4/44 Mt. Sterling, age: 33yr, c/d can of breast/lung, L-14 row-50 sp#10 Snyder FH
Peck, Ivan Russell, d. 1/16/1962 Columbus, age: 52yr, c/d gastro. hemorrhage, L-14 row-50 sp#11 Snyder FH
Peck, Robert Lee, d. 8/22/1929 Mt. Sterling, age: 2 mos, c/d colitis, L-14 row-50 sp#9
Peele, Frank L., d. 12/25/1909 Springfield, age: 28yr, c/d fell from engine, L-11 row-9 sp#16
Pell, Edward P., d. 6/15/1978 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d myo.infarction, L-19 row-10 sp#40 Porter FH
Pell, Jack Sumner, d. 3/4/1954 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d cor. occ., L-16 row-10 sp#2 Spears FH
Pell, Ollie Mae, d. 11/18/1976 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-19 row-10 sp#39 Porter FH
Pemberton, Cecil B., d. 10/11/1971 London, age: 94yr, c/d myo.infarction, L-17 row-7 sp#14 Porter FH
Pemberton, Malinda M., d. 7/31/1965 London, age: 82yr, c/d apoplexy, L-17 row-7 sp#13 Snyder FH
Pence, Jack, d. 1954, L-16 row-10 sp#2
Pendleton, Cynthia B., d. 12/30/1971 Local, age: 95yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-15 row-21 sp#7 Porter FH
Pendleton, James T., d. 12/11/1940, age: 65yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-15 row-21 sp#8
Penwell, Benjamin, d. 12/31/1945 Mt. Sterling, age: 84yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-6 row-31 sp#? Snyder FH
Penwell, Lucinda, d. 10/18/1906 Pleasant Twp., age: 75yr, c/d heart failure, L-7 row-63 sp#?
Penwell, Terry Leroy, d. 9/16/1979 Columbus, age: 17yr, c/d car. pul. arrest, L-19 row-9 sp#10 Porter FH
Perkins, Leonard, d. 4/16/1973 Columbus, age: 38yr, c/d carb.monox.poison, L-19 row-1 sp#17 Shoedinger FH
Perry, Hugh Collins, d. 8/21/1967 LosAngeles, CA, age: 23, L-17 row-2 sp#56 Snyder FH
Perry, Nevada, d. 4/23/1975 Local, age: 61yr, c/d heart failure, L-17 row-2 sp#55 Porter FH
Petee, Infant, d. 5/7/1933 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-9 row-34 sp#11 Snyder FH
Peters, Anna A., d. 10/18/1950 GrandRap., MI, age: 85yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-13 row-6 sp#9 Snyder FH
Peters, George W., d. 12/4/1903 London, age: ?yr, c/d spinal trouble, L-11 row-11 sp#9
Peterson, Alice M. Douglass, d. 4/17/1982 Greenfield, age: 66, L-9 row-2 sp#4 Clyburn FH
Peterson, Clyde L., d. 7/5/1970, age: 66yr, c/d carcinoma, L-19 row-11 sp#22 Shoedinger FH
Peterson, Grant E., d. 9/9/1906 Harrisburg, Infant, L-9 row-2 sp#9
Peterson, Ira H., d. 4/12/1947 Franklin Co., age: 66yr, c/d cert. sclerosses, L-9 row-2 sp#3 Norris FH
Peterson, James Russell, d. 5/14/1923 Harrisburg, age: 23yr, c/d epileptic seizure, L-9 row-2 sp#1
Peterson, Laura Jane, d. 1/31/1954 Grove City, age: 74yr, c/d fib., L-9 row-2 sp#2 Norris FH
Peterson, Mary Ann Corkwell, d. 3/22/1913 Monroe Twp., age: 41yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-11 sp#1
Peterson, Mary Elizabeth, d. 5/11/1926 Harrisburg, age: 82yr, c/d myocarditis, L-9 row-2 sp#7
Peterson, Michael E., d. 4/1/1917 Harrisburg, age: 70yr, c/d cystitis, L-9 row-2 sp#8
Pettit, Infants (2), d. no date, L-14 row-20 sp#12
Pettit, Lelia, d. 6/13/1936 Washington CH, age: 84yr, c/d card. vasc. disease, L-14 row-28 sp#16 Snyder FH
Pettit, Liddie Opal, d. 12/15/1984 Vinton Co., age: 64, L-16 row-20 sp#10 Blower FH
Pettit, William Dale, d. 9/17/1986 Washington CH, age: 71, L-16 row-20 sp#11 Porter FH
Pfeil, George E., d. 9/7/1967 Columbus, age: 52yr, c/d myo.infarction, L-18 row-4 sp#57 Snyder FH
Pfeil, Mary Louisabelle, d. 1/11/1982 Franklin Co., age: 68, L-17 row-4 sp#56 Porter FH
Phillips, Alex, d. Nov 2, 1896 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-51 sp#?
Phillips, Alfred Ongen, d. 3/9/1918 Pickaway Co., age: 7 mos, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-72 sp#?
Phillips, Caroline, d. 3/28/1927 Columbus, age: 54yr, c/d apoplexy, L-12 row-20 sp#6
Phillips, Charles, d. 6/6/1924 Monroe Twp., age: 48yr, c/d TB, L-12 row-20 sp#7
Phillips, Christine L., d. 3/1/1987 Deltona, FL, age: 92, L-13 row-20 sp#2 Porter FH
Phillips, Clarence, d. 4/6/1947 Derby, age: 65yr, c/d senile psychosis, L-15 row-28 sp#8 Norris FH
Phillips, Edgar, d. 4/1/1987 Columbus, age: 64, L-17 row-10 sp#12 Spears FH
Phillips, Edna, d. 12/7/1972 Thormville, age: 75yr, c/d card. comp., L-9 row-54 sp#5 Porter FH
Phillips, Eldon V., d. 2/2/1979 Columbus, age: 60, L-15 row-51 sp#15 Porter FH
Phillips, Elizabeth, d. no date Derby, age: ?, L-? row-? sp#?
Phillips, Elmer E., d. 7/10/1934 Mt. Sterling, age: 69yr, c/d cirrhosis of liver, L-15 row-51 sp#8 Snyder FH
Phillips, Floyd E., d. 1/15/1932 Zanesville, age: 6yr, c/d nephritis, L-15 row-59 sp#16 Snyder FH
Phillips, Gary, d. 8/12/1947 Columbus, age: 1hr (twin to Terry), c/d premature, L-15 row-51 sp#13(both) Snyder FH
Phillips, Gerald L., d. 1/11/1941, age: 31yr, c/d nephritis, L-9 row-72 sp#15
Phillips, Gertrude, d. 8/31/1940, age: 6yr, c/d nephritis, L-15 row-28 sp#?
Phillips, Glenna Faye, d. 7/20/1952 Conneaught, age: 42yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-3 row-40 sp#2 Snyder FH
Phillips, Granville, d. 10/28/1940, age: ?yr, c/d fractured hip, L-9 row-56 sp#?
Phillips, Harold H., d. 4/2/1986 Grove City, age: 71, L-17 row-12 sp#11 Porter FH
Phillips, Harry Paul, d. 4/3/1967 Columbus, age: 48yr, c/d myo.infarction, L-14 row-66 sp#10 Shoedinger FH
Phillips, Harry, d. 1960, age: 79, L-? row-? sp#?
Phillips, Infant, d. 9/6/1933 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-12 row-20 sp#? Snyder FH
Phillips, Jennie R., d. 12/21/1950 Columbus, age: 83yr, c/d uremic coma, L-15 row-51 sp#7 Snyder FH
Phillips, Joseph B., d. 7/26/1907 Orient, age: 80, L-8 row-56 sp#?
Phillips, Joseph Harry, d. 1/7/1960 Columbus, age: 78yr, c/d cer. vasc. acc., L-9 row-72 sp#8 Norris FH
Phillips, Joseph, d. 6/4/1947 Washington CH, age: 86yr, c/d myo. failure, L-8 row-56 sp#9 Snyder FH
Phillips, Julia M., d. 11/5/1954 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d cancer of breast, L-15 row-41 sp#2 Snyder FH
Phillips, Laura C., d. 10/18/1937 Harrisburg, age: 61yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-6 row-51 sp#?
Phillips, Lenny Eugene, d. 2/22/1962 Mt. Sterling, age: 9yr, c/d brain inj/fract skull, L-15 row-51 sp#14 Snyder FH
Phillips, Louetta Hane, d. 1/26/1945 Mt. Sterling, age: 73yr, c/d cor. occ., L-15 row-41 sp#5 Snyder FH
Phillips, Lu Ann, d. 3/11/1950 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-15 row-51 sp#13 Snyder FH
Phillips, Lucinda Mason, d. 5/27/33 Derby, age: 43yr, c/d cancer, L-9 row-72 sp#7 Bowman FH
Phillips, Martin V., d. 12/13/1903 Era, age: 62yr, c/d TB, L-6 row-54 sp#3
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth, d. 8/15/1944 Derby, age: 73yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-8 row-56 sp#? Norris FH
Phillips, Nancy J., d. Dec 18, 1896 Harrisburg, age: 3yr, c/d croup, L-6 row-57 sp#?
Phillips, Palmer, d. 1/17/1964 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d shock, L-15 row-41 sp#3 Snyder FH
Phillips, Raymond, d. 9/14/1984 Franklin Co., age: 87, L-15 row-59 sp#7 Woodyard FH
Phillips, Robert H., d. 10/2/1951 Washington CH, age: 90yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-15 row-41 sp#6 Snyder FH
Phillips, Robert, d. 4/11/1964 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-8 row-56 sp#11 Snyder FH
Phillips, Rose, d. 5/23/1940, age: 64yr, c/d myocarditis, L-8 row-56 sp#?
Phillips, Sarah Jane, d. 4/3/1926 Derby, age: 75yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-8 row-56 sp#?
Phillips, Terry, d. 8/12/1947 Columbus, age: 1hr (twin to Gary), c/d premature, L-15 row-51 sp#13(both) Snyder FH
Phillips, Urscel W., d. 4/13/1968 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-15 row-59 sp#6 Woodyard FH
Phillips, Victoria V., d. 1921, age: 63, L-6 row-54 sp#2
Phoebus, C. C., d. Oct 23, 1898 Columbus, age: ?, L-6 row-55 sp#Pot.Fld.
Phoebus, Child of C. C., d. Aug 14, 1893 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-6 row-55 sp#Pot.Fld.
Phoebus, Mrs. C. C., d. Jan 20, 1896 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-55 sp#Pot.Fld.
Phoebus, William, d. Nov 14, 1893 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d typhoid, L-6 row-55 sp#Pot.Fld.
Pickell, ??, d. 1936 Columbus, age: 2 mos, c/d pneumonia, L-13 row-? sp#?
Pickell, Anna B., d. 1/15/1946 Orient, age: 81yr, c/d pneumonia, L-13 row-2 sp#16 Norris FH
Pickell, William, d. 4/22/1946 Harrisburg, age: 81yr, c/d senility, L-13 row-2 sp#17 Norris FH
Pierce, Anna Williams, d. 1/10/1964 NiagraFalls, NY, age: 90yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-8 row-32 sp#1 Snyder FH
Pierce, Bertha Hall, d. 3/1/1932 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d cancer, L-5 row-48 sp#2 Sherman FH
Pierce, Charles Franklin, d. 8/23/1904 Columbus, age: 37yr, c/d meningitis, L-8 row-32 sp#2
Pierce, Everett Merrill, d. 9/23/1988 Mt. Sterling, age: 64, L-19 row-8 sp#8 Porter FH
Pierce, George William, d. May 20, 1900 Gallia Co., age: 43yr, c/d heart disease, L-5 row-48 sp#3
Pierce, Iva Leona, d. 5/22/1965 LosAngeles, CA, age: 80, L-12 row-10 sp#15 Snyder FH
Pierce, Lovett T., d. 1872, L-5 row-48 sp#7
Pierce, Merrill, d. Aug 25, 1888 Pickaway Co., age: 1yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-5 row-48 sp#8
Pierce, Roy E., d. 9/15/1922 Columbus, age: 38yr, c/d suicide by gun, L-12 row-10 sp#16
Piles, Infant, d. Sep 11, 1900 Cook Station, age: ?yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot.Fld.
Piles, Mary Jane, d. Aug 13, 1900 Cook Station, age: ?yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot.Fld.
Pillsbury, Harriett M. Ross, d. 11/2/1925 Jacksonville, FL, age: 78yr, c/d cardiac/renal, L-12 row-48 sp#4
Pillsbury, Joshua Plummer, d. 7/14/1904 Florida, age: 54yr, c/d exhaustion, L-12 row-48 sp#5
Pinney, Baby boy, d. 5/9/1951 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-16 row-29 sp#13 Feil FH
Pipton, Hazel, d. 8/30/1907 Madison MIlls, age: ?, L-6 row-53 sp#Pot.Fld.
Plattenburg, John H., d. 8/10/1981 Franklin Co., age: 80, L-14 row-55 sp#6 Shoedinger FH
Plumey, Agatha, d. 8/20/1925 Derby, age: 88yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-70 sp#?
Poland, George W., d. no date, b. 1832, age: ?, L-12 row-49 sp#6
Poland, Mena Francie, d. no date, b. 1866, age: ?, L-12 row-49 sp#6
Poland, Mena Francis, d. no date, b. 1866, age: ?, L-12 row-49 sp#6
Polland, George W., d. 12/23/1910 Derby, age: 84yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-12 row-49 sp#7
Pollard, TRUE, d. 10/11/1979 Morrow Co., age: 68yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-14 row-21 sp#4 Moreland FH
Pollock, Allen Jefferson, d. 6/9/1972 Columbus, age: 21yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-18 row-2 sp#18 Porter FH
Pollock, Arlene Mary, d. 10/20/1967 Washington CH, age: 55yr, c/d uremia, L-16 row-14 sp#5 Parrett FH
Pollock, Baby boy, d. 10/16/1954 Columbus, age: 1 wk.yr, c/d immaturity, L-16 row-14 sp#13 Snyder FH
Pollock, Dale Bus, d. 7/8/1982 Madison Co., age: 67yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-13 row-31 sp#4 Porter FH
Pollock, Ervin, d. 5/6/1969 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-13 row-2 sp#60 Porter FH
Pollock, Freda A., d. 3/21/1969 Columbus, age: 54yr, c/d pneumonia, L-16 row-32 sp#13 Porter FH
Pollock, Irene, d. 1/21/1966 Columbus, age: 91yr, c/d heart failure, L-13 row-2 sp#59 Snyder FH
Pollock, Janet Sue, d. 4/1958 London, age: 14yr, c/d cancer of brain, L-16 row-14 sp#14 Snyder FH
Pollock, Jean C., d. 10/23/1984 Dallas, TX, age: 69, L-13 row-31 sp#3 Porter FH
Pollock, Jefferson D., d. 2/18/1951 Local, age: 78yr, c/d myocarditis, L-13 row-2 sp#58 Shoedinger FH
Pollock, Providence Jane, d. 10/30/1978 Columbus, age: 65, L-10 row-15 sp#13 Miller FH
Pollock, Stanley Eugene, d. 6/1/1951 Columbus, age: 11 mos, c/d hydrocepalus, L-16 row-32 sp#16 Snyder FH
Pollock, Warren, d. 6/7/1986 Washington CH, age: 77yr, c/d cardiac, L-16 row-14 sp#6 Morris FH
Porter, Alice M., d. 1/27/1948 Columbus, age: 90yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-33 sp#2 Snyder FH
Porter, Alice M., d. 1946, age: 29, L-7 row-33 sp#2
Porter, Alma M., d. 2/6/1938 Era, age: ?yr, c/d pneumonia, L-14 row-71 sp#3
Porter, Alton Toe, d. 5/24/1950 Columbus, age: 64yr, c/d cere. cont., L-11 row-12 sp#8 Snyder FH
Porter, Bernice F., d. 6/4/1984 Ross Co., age: 87, L-11 row-65 sp#7 Ware FH
Porter, Catherine Faith, d. 11/13/1909 Pleasant Twp., age: ?yr, c/d meningitis, L-11 row-12 sp#?
Porter, Chloe O., d. 3/18/1930 Mt. Sterling, age: 44yr, c/d pernicious anemia, L-8 row-12 sp#15
Porter, Cora May Duvall, d. 4/31/1945 Chillicothe, age: 78, L-11 row-65 sp#1 Snyder FH
Porter, D. D., d. Oct 31, 1895 Five Points, age: ?, L-2 row-61 sp#?
Porter, Darrell, d. no date, L-3 row-61 sp#16
Porter, Edna Ellen Baxtor, d. 2/26/1985 Mt. Sterling, age: 86yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-11 row-65 sp#3 Rutherford FH
Porter, Ella May, d. 11/20/1910 Pleasant Twp., age: 29yr, c/d TB, L-11 row-12 sp#?
Porter, Frank B., d. 7/25/1967 Washington CH, age: 84yr, c/d heart failure, L-18 row-9 sp#5 Kirkpatrick FH
Porter, Garnet D., d. 10/27/1980 Franklin Co., age: 82, L-9 row-47 sp#3 Porter FH
Porter, Given R., d. 12/7/1978 Columbus, age: 67, L-13 row-51 sp#4 Woodyard FH
Porter, Glen Earl, d. 3/4/1956 NewStraitsville, age: 65yr, c/d heart disease, L-18 row-12 sp#26 Shoedinger FH
Porter, Grace L., d. 7/20/1964 Sunbury, age: 71yr, c/d uremia, L-8 row-13 sp#2 Devore FH
Porter, Guy Raymond, d. 4/25/1975 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d renal failure, L-11 row-65 sp#4 Porter FH
Porter, Harry, d. 1896, age: 23, L-6 row-43 sp#4
Porter, Harry, d. Oct 5, 1896 Five Points, age: 23yr, c/d consumption, L-6 row-43 sp#4
Porter, Herda, d. 10/1/1974 Columbus, age: 78, L-18 row-12 sp#25 Egan FH
Porter, Hiram, d. 1904, L-6 row-43 sp#11
Porter, Infant, d. 10/22/1904 Mt. Sterling, age: ?, L-11 row-12 sp#?
Porter, Infant, d. no date, b. Nov 5.1899 Five Points, child of John (Beatrice), age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-6 row-43 sp#12
Porter, Joe R., d. 1918 France, age: 23, L-7 row-33 sp#3
Porter, John M., d. 10/19/1949 Pickaway Co., age: 73yr, c/d natural causes, L-6 row-43 sp#8crossways Defenbaugh FH
Porter, Lyman J., d. 11/13/1949 Columbus, age: 69yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-8 row-13 sp#3 Shaw FH
Porter, Marion, d. 9/19/1909 Monroe Twp., age: ?yr, c/d malformed heart, L-6 row-43 sp#?
Porter, Mary Belle, d. 6/8/1952 Columbus, age: 70, L-18 row-9 sp#4 Kirkpatrick FH
Porter, Mary E., d. 10/10/1938 Madison Co., age: 78yr, c/d myocarditis, L-11 row-12 sp#?
Porter, Milton M., d. 4/3/1925 Madison Co., age: 67yr, c/d hemphogia, L-7 row-33 sp#3
Porter, Ned Allen, d. 10/26/1922 Era, age: 5 da, c/d operation/deformity, L-11 row-65 sp#16
Porter, Perry C., d. 8/5/1913 Five Points, age: 78yr, c/d TB, L-6 row-43 sp#3
Porter, Rex F., d. 1/4/1925 Queens, NY, age: 23yr, c/d asphyxiation, L-7 row-33 sp#4
Porter, Sarah E., d. 12/31/1909 Five Points, age: 69yr, c/d old age, L-6 row-43 sp#2
Porter, Thea M., d. 1896, age: 2, L-6 row-43 sp#?
Porter, Ulysses Grant, d. 5/31/40 Era, age: 73yr, c/d myocarditis, L-11 row-65 sp#2 Snyder FH
Porter, W. J., d. 12/27/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: 57yr, c/d liver trouble, L-11 row-12 sp#7
Porter, Willard C., d. 5/20/1979 Chillicothe, age: 85yr, c/d heart failure, L-11 row-65 sp#8 Ware FH
Porter, William, d. 9/7/1939, age: 77yr, c/d pneumonia, L-14 row-71 sp#14
Porter, Willis, d. 2/16/1962 Columbus, age: 79yr, c/d stroke, L-11 row-12 sp#1 Snyder FH
Potts, Alma L., d. 4/5/1982 Franklin Co., age: 48, L-17 row-2 sp#45 Porter FH
Poulson, Adam, d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Chenoweth Cemetery, L- row,? sp#?
Poulson, Albert Lee, d. 4/7/1929 Grove City, age: 1yr, c/d convulsions, L-12 row-52 sp#?
Poulson, Alice M., d. 8/5/1954 Columbus, age: 87, L-16 row-33 sp#12 Norris FH
Poulson, Andrew, d. 1891, Mt. Sterling, age: 77yr, c/d removed from Foster Cemetery 2/10/1906 to 12, L- row,24 sp#8
Poulson, Charles E., d. 5/20/1931 Harrisburg, age: 70yr, c/d suicide by hanging, L-12 row-23 sp#?
Poulson, Charles, d. 4/20/1951 Derby, age: 84yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-16 row-33 sp#13 Snyder FH
Poulson, David, d. 11/14/1927 Orient, age: 68yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-4 row-5 sp#?
Poulson, Dwight, d. 2/19/1958 Columbus, age: 55yr, c/d fractured skull, L-11 row-33 sp#11 Spears FH
Poulson, Earl E., d. 3/17/1988 Columbus, age: 90, L-16 row-33 sp#15 Shoedinger FH
Poulson, Edna L., d. 7/14/1981 Athens Co., age: 77, L-16 row-33 sp#10 Spears FH
Poulson, Elvina J., d. 10/12/1987, age: 89, L-16 row-33 sp#14 Shoedinger FH
Poulson, Ethel M., d. Sep 23, 1892 Pickaway Co., age: ?yr, c/d cholera infantum, L-3 row-16 sp#?
Poulson, Eva May, d. 2/7/1931 W. Jefferson, age: 54yr, c/d myocarditis, L-7 row-48 sp#?
Poulson, Floyd, d. Jul 17, 1890 Pickaway Co., age: 1 mo, c/d fever, L-3 row-16 sp#?
Poulson, Infant, d. 7/1/1933 Westerville, age: 0yr, c/d premature, L-12 row-52 sp#? Stockdale FH
Poulson, John W., d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Chenoweth Cemetery, L- row,? sp#?
Poulson, Louisa, d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Chenoweth Cemetery, L- row,? sp#?
Poulson, Loyt, d. 4/2/1966 Delaware, age: 74yr, c/d cere. thrombosis, L-12 row-52 sp#5 Norris FH
Poulson, Mable Gail, d. 6/16/1922 Franklin Co., age: 1 mo, c/d gastroentritis, L-12 row-52 sp#?
Poulson, Mahatable, d. 1/16/1906 Harrisburg, age: 74yr, c/d old age, L-12 row-24 sp#7
Poulson, Mary, d. 2/10/1906 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Foster Cemetery to 12, L- row,24 sp#?
Poulson, Milvah C., d. 6/9/1957 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d pancreatic, L-12 row-52 sp#4 Norris FH
Poulson, Mintie M., d. 9/28/1954 Portsmouth, age: 80yr, c/d cor. embolism, L-12 row-24 sp#14 Cross FH
Poulson, Neal, d. 2/10/1906 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Foster Cemetery to 12, L- row,24 sp#?
Poulson, Nina May, d. 8/26/1930 Franklin Co., age: 1yr, c/d gastroentritis, L-12 row-52 sp#?
Poulson, Orle Moraine, d. 10/14/1920 Franklin Co., age: 5 mos, c/d gastritis, L-10 row-52 sp#?
Poulson, Phoebe, d. 1/11/1907 Derby, age: 65, L-4 row-5 sp#?
Poulson, Rachel Jane, d. 9/13/1925 Darby Twp., age: 87yr, c/d pneumonia, L-3 row-16 sp#?
Poulson, Ross, d. 2/10/1906 Mt. Sterling, age: 8yr, c/d removed from Foster Cemetery to 12, L- row,24 sp#5
Poulson, Thomas R., d. 3/6/1915 Derby, age: 91yr, c/d pneumonia, L-3 row-? sp#?
Poulson, Thomas, d. 2/10/1906 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Foster Cemetery to 12, L- row,24 sp#?
Poulson, William, d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d removed from Chenoweth Cemetery, L- row,? sp#?
Poulson, Wilson A., d. 11/1/34 Orient, age: 75yr, c/d senility, L-12 row-24 sp#14
Poulton, Harriett, d. 3/29/1923 Mt. Sterling, age: 91yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-7 row-11 sp#?
Pracht, Francis B., d. 3/4/1970 Columbus, age: 59, L-11 row-15 sp#4 Rader FH
Pracht, Jacob, d. 8/24/1909 Harrisburg, age: 75yr, c/d heart disease, L-11 row-15 sp#2
Pracht, Louise Pearle, d. 10/20/1957 Columbus, age: 77, L-18 row-12 sp#19 Norris FH
Pracht, Mary L., d. 11/24/09, age: 52yr, c/d removed from Fitzgerald Cem. to 11, L- row,15 sp#3
Pracht, Mildred G., d. 8/5/1971 Dayton, age: 62, L-11 row-15 sp#6 Rader FH
Pracht, Sarah L., d. 12/29/1914 Darby Twp., age: 74yr, c/d brain hemorrhage, L-11 row-15 sp#1
Pracht, William, d. 1/2/1953 Columbus, age: 87, L-18 row-12 sp#20 Norris FH
Prater, Charles, d. 3/17/1979 Ft.Benning, GA, age: 24, L-15 row-54 sp#2 Rader FH
Pratt, Carl H., d. 12/4/1940, age: 55yr, c/d heart dilation, L-11 row-15 sp#5
Pratt, Eugene B., d. 1884, age: 51, L-1 row-1 sp#?
Pratt, Fordyce B., d. 3/17/1908 Columbus, age: 40yr, c/d epilepsy, L-1 row-1 sp#?
Pratt, Hannah R., d. 1881, age: 42, L-1 row-1 sp#?
Pratt, Lida J., d. Nov 10, 1891 Bloomfield, age: 26yr, c/d consumption, L-1 row-1 sp#?
Pratt, Mary, d. 1877, age: 52, L-11 row-15 sp#3
Pratt, William Eugene, d. 3/2/1972 Columbus, age: 65, L-1 row-1 sp#6 Shoedinger FH
Pratt, William R., d. 9/20/42, age: 80yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-11 sp#?
Presley, George F., d. 9/2/1979 Columbus, age: 55, L-8 row-48 sp#11 Evans FH
Pretsch, Louella Jeanette, d. 8/8/1955, age: 81yr, c/d lung edema, L-11 row-3 sp#6 Norris FH
Pretsch, William R., d. 8/2/1954 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d heart disease, L-11 row-3 sp#7 Norris FH
Price, Angie, d. 11/2/1925 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-6 row-22 sp#5
Price, Benjamin, d. 1/28/1906 Lilly Chapel, age: 83yr, c/d cystitis, L-6 row-11 sp#?
Price, Benjamin, d. 1901, age: 93, L-6 row-22 sp#4
Price, Charles Mark, d. 9/24/1981 Lancaster, age: 90, L-13 row-41 sp#3 Evans FH
Price, Delworth Max, d. 9/8/1974 London, age: 60yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-6 row-49 sp#16 Geer FH
Price, Dorothy E., d. 6/6/1963 Mt. Sterling, age: 36yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-17 row-10 sp#29 Porter FH
Price, Elliot Scott, d. 11/11/1962 Columbus, age: 3 mos, c/d suddenunexplained, L-19 row-8 sp#22 Cook FH
Price, Floyd E., d. 5/8/1972 Dayton, age: 61yr, c/d pul. edema, L-9 row-10 sp#7 Shoedinger FH
Price, Gertrude B., d. 11/23/1952 Middletown, age: 61yr, c/d fractured femur, L-9 row-10 sp#3 Norris FH
Price, James H., d. 10/7/1918 Franklin Co., age: 67, L-9 row-10 sp#5
Price, James, Sr. W., d. 8/12/1987 Columbus, age: 63, L-17 row-10 sp#30 Shoedinger FH
Price, John C., d. 1913, L-6 row-22 sp#2
Price, John C., d. 7/3/1913 Pleasant Twp., age: 55, L-6 row-11 sp#?
Price, Leslie Earl, d. 9/12/1952 Franklin Co., age: 64yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-10 sp#6 Norris FH
Price, Lovina, d. 2/12/1946 Franklin Co., age: 89yr, c/d senility, L-9 row-10 sp#4 Norris FH
Price, Mary F. O., d. Jun 2, 1895 Lilly Chapel, age: 69, L-6 row-22 sp#3
Price, May, d. 10/9/1952 Powell, age: 90yr, c/d heart disease, L-6 row-? sp#? Norris FH
Price, Nellie, d. 1/4/1982 Fairfield Co., age: 87, L-13 row-41 sp#2 Evans FH
Price, William Edward, d. 6/15/1972 Columbus, age: 32, L-19 row-8 sp#23 Held FH
Price, William, d. 2/19/1910 Range Twp., age: 86yr, c/d nephritis, L-1 row-65 sp#?
Pritchard, Louella Mae, d. 9/24/1988 Sarasota, FL, age: ?, L-8 row-23 sp#15 Shoedinger FH
Prushing, Fred David, d. 5/14/1987 Washington CH, age: 85, L-19 row-18 sp#29 Porter FH
Prushing, Marilynn Ann, d. 4/8/1987 London, age: 48, L-19 row-18 sp#33 Porter FH
Prushing, Teddie L., d. 5/17/1968 Columbus, age: 10 da, c/d resp. distress, L-13 row-6 sp#23 Porter FH
Prushing, Teddy Lee, d. 10/12/1974 Ft. Myers, FL, age: 35, L-(crem) 19 row-10 sp#43 Porter FH
Prushing, Thelma C., d. 10/12/1974 Ft. Myers, FL, age: 31, L-(crem) 19 row-10 sp#43 Porter FH
Puckett, Andrew, d. Sep 20, 1889 Delaware, OH, age: 44yr, c/d rupture, L-4 row-44 sp#?
Puckett, Ann, d. Mar 14, 1900 Pleasant Twp., age: 84yr, c/d old age, L-4 row-44 sp#?
Puckett, Blan CHe Louise, d. 4/2/1969 Columbus, age: 41yr, c/d heart failure, L-9 row-40 sp#5 Shoedinger FH
Puckett, Catherine, d. 1872, age: 70, L-2 row-15 sp#7
Puckett, Charles M., d. 12/27/1905 Madison Co., age: 31yr, c/d suicide, L-2 row-9 sp#?
Puckett, Dale E., d. 2/24/1984 Franklin Co., age: 46, L-19 row-17 sp#38 Shoedinger FH
Puckett, Della Glenna F., d. 8/24/33 Mt. Sterling, age: 2 wks.yr, c/d thymus, L-7 row-8 sp#? Snyder FH
Puckett, Eliza J., d. 3/8/1938 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d nephritis, L-2 row-39 sp#?
Puckett, Freddie, d. 1894, L-12 row-49 sp#6
Puckett, Gilbert A., d. 10/3/1988 Columbus, age: 74, L-7 row-40 sp#6 Shoedinger FH
Puckett, James K., d. Nov 27, 1893 Pickaway Co., age: 80yr, c/d heart disease, L-4 row-44 sp#?
Puckett, John Jasper, d. 3/3/1936 Derby, age: 88yr, c/d old age, L-2 row-39 sp#?
Puckett, John, d. May 13, 1889 Mt. Sterling, age: 84yr, c/d dropsy, L-2 row-15 sp#8
Puckett, Mariah Jane, d. 12/28/1925 Fairfield Co., age: ?yr, c/d paralysis, L-4 row-44 sp#?
Puckett, Naomi K., d. 12/26/1978 London, age: 63, L-17 row-13 sp#19 Rader FH
Puckett, Roberta Ann, d. 6/23/unk Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-16,row sp #,Pot.Fld. Snyder FH
Puckett, William, d. Apr 12, 1892 Pickaway Co., age: 55yr, c/d heart failure, L-4 row-44 sp#?
Pyles, Earl, d. 1/25/1944 Mt. Sterling, age: 41yr, c/d meningitis, L-15 row-10 sp#12 Snyder FH
Pyles, James Jullae, d. 11/28/1950 Columbus, age: 4 mos, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-32 sp#14 Snyder FH
Pyles, James, d. 11/16/1936, age: 41yr, c/d gun shot, L-7 row-32 sp#16
Pyles, John W., d. 5/6/1946 Union, age: 77yr, c/d cor. thrombosis, L-15 row-10 sp#11 Snyder FH
Pyles, Mary A. Mollie, d. 3/21/1955 Columbus, age: 79yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-15 row-10 sp#10 Snyder FH
Quigley, Lowell Welmuth, d. 1958, L-12 row-34 sp#5
Quinn, Willliam J., d. 1964, L-9 row-9 sp#7

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