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Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Sterling, Madison County, Ohio

Cable, Mary Jane, d. 7/5/1919 Madison Co., age: 75yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-4 row-41 sp#?
Cain, Infant boy, d. 7/13/1960 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d premature birth, L-7 row-32 sp#14 O'Shaunhessy FH
Caldwell, Eleanor, d. 1/1/1968 Circleville, age: 54yr, c/d heart failure, L-18 row-12 sp#13 Snyder FH
Call, Fred G., d. 4/19/1960 Columbus, age: 64, L-11 row-50 sp#15 Snyder FH
Call, Joseph W., d. 1/24/1956 Mt. Sterling, age: 86yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-50 sp#7 Snyder FH
Call, Nicholas M., d. 10/15/1914 Mt. Sterling, age: 76yr, c/d mitial regurgitation, L-11 row-50 sp#3
Call, Rachel A., d. 3/6/1978 Columbus, age: 81, L-11 row-50 sp#14 Porter FH
Call, Raymond Joseph, d. 5/10/1906 Yankeetown, age: 4, L-11 row-50 sp#8
Call, Ruth Ann, d. 1/10/1921 Pickaway Co., age: baby, L-11 row-50 sp#16
Call, Salemma, d. 7/28/1924 Madison Co., age: 78yr, c/d myocarditis, L-11 row-50 sp#2
Call, T. Elizabeth, d. 4/6/1951 Pickaway Co., age: 80yr, c/d heart fibrilation, L-11 row-50 sp#6 Snyder FH
Callaway, Bertha Nelson, d. 3/3/1976 Dayton, age: 71, L-10 row-5 sp#4 Richards FH
Callaway, Daniel Michael Kelly, d. 7/28/1967 Columbus, age: 2yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-10 row-5 sp#10 Richards FH
Calvert, Arthur Richison, d. 9/19/1974, age: 86yr, c/d uremia, L-4 row-2 sp#9 Porter FH
Calvert, Della A., d. 3/5/1963 Circleville, age: 87, L-4 row-2 sp#10 Snyder FH
Calvert, Harry E., d. 1/22/1937, age: 50yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-69 sp#3 Snyder FH
Calvert, Robert Lloyd, d. 2/12/1926 Columbus, age: 8yr, c/d fractured skull, L-9 row-69 sp#4
Calvert, Winnie L., d. 1/19/1962 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d hepi. croma, L-9 row-69 sp#2 Shoedinger FH
Campbell, Alice, d. 12/13/1981 Madison Co., age: 94, L-16 row-3 sp#5 Porter FH
Campbell, Harry, d. 8/1/1957 Washington CH, age: 86yr, c/d pneumonia, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Campbell, Herschel, d. 3/30/1951 Local, age: 65yr, c/d myocarditis, L-16 row-3 sp#6 Snyder FH
Campbell, Infant Jo Ann, d. 7/5/1929 Licking Co., age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-7 row-10 sp#11
Campbell, Jane Sonner, d. 7/3/1955 Madison Co., age: 68yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-18 row-7 sp#25 Junk FH
Campbell, Letitia, d. 10/17/1965 Columbus, age: 90yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-mausoleum,row sp # FH,
Cannon, Donald J., d. 1918, age: 11, L-9 row-61 sp#12
Cannon, Margaret, d. 4/16/1906 Columbus, age: 58yr, c/d dropsy, L-1 row-56 sp#?
Cannon, Martha, d. 3/11/1940, age: 74yr, c/d heart disease, L-1 row-56 sp#?
Cannon, William F., d. 12/4/1932 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d pneumonia, L-1 row-56 sp#? Spears FH
Canter, Charlotte E., d. 8/31/1956 Franklin Co., age: 79yr, c/d vessel scler., L-9 row-29 sp#3 Norris FH
Canter, David F., d. 12/1/1923 Orient, age: 61yr, c/d paralysis, L-7 row-23 sp#3
Canter, Elmer Franklin, d. 9/14/1975 Local, age: 75yr, c/d myocardiac infarction, L-19 row-9 sp#57 Porter FH
Canter, Eva, d. 2/24/1923 Era, age: 45yr, c/d cancer, L-10 row-34 sp#?
Canter, George W., d. 11/4/1951 Dayton, age: 76yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-10 row-34 sp#7 Feil FH
Canter, Grace O'Day, d. 4/15/1983 Madison Co., age: 75, L-17 row-9 sp#56 Porter FH
Canter, Herbert Earl, d. 3/29/1974 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d myocardiac infarction, L-9 row-29 sp#2 Miller FH
Canter, Infant, d. 1824, L-9 row-29 sp#9
Canter, James E., d. 1/8/1924 Grove City, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-9 row-29 sp#9
Canter, John W., d. 5/30/1954 Franklin Co., age: 87yr, c/d TB, L-9 row-29 sp#4 Norris FH
Canter, Lolo J., d. 1897, L-9 row-29 sp#1
Canter, Mary Alice, d. 9/28/1948 Columbus, age: 82yr, c/d gall bladder, L-7 row-23 sp#4 Straley FH
Canter, Virgil, d. 5/1/1945 Columbus, age: 40yr, c/d TB, L-10 row-34 sp#? Feil FH
Carberry, Jesse E. Rice, d. 8/12/1954 Columbus, age: 60yr, c/d cere. occ., L-6 row-12 sp#5 Vets Lukens FH
Cardiff, Frank T., d. Dec 6, 1896 Mt. Sterling, age: 28yr, c/d typhoid, L-1 row-14 sp#8
Carmon, Sarah E., d. Jun 18, 1890 Mt. Sterling, age: 51yr, c/d septicemia, L-1 row-20 sp#?
Carpenter, Amanda Renick, d. 10/1940, age: 83, L-14 row-3 sp#4
Carpenter, Goldie, d. 1962, L-16 row-35 sp#2
Carpenter, Gregg Renick, d. 1/27/1973 Local, age: 80yr, c/d cere. vasc. occ., L-14 row-3 sp#3 Porter FH
Carpenter, Margaret, d. 5/24/1914 Columbus, age: 58yr, c/d cancer, L-8 row-45 sp#1
Carpenter, Thomas F., d. 12/3/1941, age: 85yr, c/d cere. trauma, L-8 row-45 sp#?
Carpenter, Tom H., d. 8/6/1943 Mt. Sterling, age: 88, L-14 row-3 sp#5 Snyder FH
Carrell, Ethel R. Taynor, d. 2/12/1979 Columbus, age: 85, L-12 row-41 sp#2 Porter FH
Carroll, Sandra Jean, d. 3/14/1939, age: 10 mos, c/d enteritis, L-15 row-39 sp#6
Carson, Carrie Belle, d. 8/8/1957 Delaware, OH, age: 77yr, c/d cor. occ., L-5 row-18 sp#7 Ramsey FH
Carson, Edward C., d. Jun 9, 1887 Pickaway Co., age: 25yr, c/d typhoid, L-5 row-18 sp#8
Carson, Nellie E., d. 6/26/1929 Delaware, OH, age: 54yr, c/d heart disease, L-5 row-18 sp#6
Carson, Rebecca E., d. 9/24/1932 Delaware, OH, age: 84yr, c/d heart disease, L-5 row-18 sp#4
Carson, William W., d. 8/20/1902 Harrisburg, age: 55, L-5 row-18 sp#5
Carter, ???, d. Sep 8, 1898, L-? row-? sp#?
Carter, Belle C., d. 5/21/1940, age: 74yr, c/d myocarditis, L-mausoleum,row sp # FH,
Carter, Elizabeth A., d. 7/7/1964 Delaware, OH, age: 78yr, c/d perv. cort., L-mausoleum,row sp #,Bennett FH
Carter, Enoch, d. 4/6/1958 Ashville, age: 63yr, c/d cere. embolism, L-18 row-11 sp#29 Snyder FH
Carter, Herman, d. 3/9/1932 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d suicide by gun shot, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Snyder FH
Carter, Infant, d. Aug 30, 1897 Mt. Sterling, age: 4 mo, c/d cholera, L-8 row-30 sp#?
Carter, Luther, d. 1897, age: 60, L-8 row-30 sp#7
Carter, Lydia, d. 3/3/1980 Ashville, age: ?yr, c/d cardiac scular., L-18 row-11 sp#28 Porter FH
Cartmille, Alfred T., d. 11/25/1974 Columbus, age: 66yr, c/d lung disease, L-18 row-15 sp#26 Porter FH
Cartmille, Charles E., d. 9/19/1982 Madison Co., age: 61yr, c/d cardiac arrest, L-18 row-16 sp#25 Porter FH
Cartmille, Frank W., d. 1/15/1974 Columbus, age: 64yr, c/d resp. failure, L-18 row-16 sp#17 Porter FH
Cartmille, George Finice, d. 1/14/1975 London, age: 59yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-18 row-15 sp#25 Porter FH
Cartmille, Margaret, d. 9/26/1905 Darby Twp., age: baby, L-10 row-71 sp#9
Cartmille, Rachel, d. 11/26/1965 Mt. Sterling, age: ?yr, c/d carcinoma, L-18 row-16 sp#18 Snyder FH
Cartwright, Benjamin H., d. 4/25/1953 Columbus, age: 63yr, c/d cor. occ., L-14 row-54 sp#8 Graumlick FH
Cartwright, David, d. 1/13/1940, age: 9 mo, c/d otilis media, L-8 row-59 sp#?
Cartwright, Elizabeth Pearl, d. 9/22/1986 Washington CH, age: 93, L-14 row-54 sp#7 Porter FH
Cartwright, Genevra, d. 6/28/1954 Columbus, age: 37yr, c/d cancer of brain, L-18 row-10 sp#17 Shroyer FH
Cartwright, James W., d. 1/10/1971 Columbus, age: 58yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-14 row-54 sp#14 Quint FH
Cartwright, Raymond, d. 5/3/1988 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d medullary failure, L-18 row-10 sp#18 Shoedinger FH
Castle, Arlie Joe, d. 7/16/1950 Local, age: 35yr, c/d heart failure, L-6 row-12 sp#2 Vets Snyder FH
Castle, Austin Smith, d. 1/23/1923 Era, age: 71yr, c/d paralysis & dropsy, L-12 row-33 sp#3
Castle, Garth R. Taynor, d. 10/3/1925 Columbus, age: 32yr, c/d heart disease, L-12 row-33 sp#4
Casto, Agness Ellen, d. 1/12/1941, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-10 row-17 sp#9
Casto, Charles Oren, d. 1/1/1966 S. Bloomfield, age: 50yr, c/d intestin. hemorrhage, L-16 row-48 sp#1 Bastain FH
Casto, Charles, d. 6/29/1978 London, age: 83, L-10 row-8 sp#2 Porter FH
Casto, Dorcel Everett, d. 4/21/1951 Columbus, age: 48, L-15 row-10 sp#4 Shroyer FH
Casto, Dorothy Marie, d. 6/22/1979 Urbana, age: 74, L-15 row-10 sp#1 Walter FH
Casto, Eddie Oliver, d. 2/7/1960 Urbana, age: 72yr, c/d heart disease, L-15 row-10 sp#2 Neff FH
Casto, Estella C., d. 1951, age: 59, L-16 row-48 sp#3
Casto, Everett A., d. 4/5/1983 Clark Co., age: 90, L-15 row-9 sp#9 Rader FH
Casto, Francis Theodore, d. 3/1/1931 Big Plain, age: 76yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-10 row-8 sp#4
Casto, George O., d. 1945, age: 38, L-15 row-4 sp#4
Casto, Henry B., d. Aug 17, 1892 Ross Co., age: 87yr, c/d pneumonia, L-15 row-9 sp#10 Defenbaugh FH
Casto, Infant, d. 11/27/1940, age: 25da, c/d pneumonia, L-13 row-3 sp#2
Casto, Lewis M., d. 1940, age: 63, L-15 row-11 sp#6
Casto, Marion Luther, d. 8/11/1958 Columbus, age: 68, L-16 row-48 sp#4 Norris FH
Casto, Mary A. Miller, d. 3/12/1917 Mt. Sterling, age: 53yr, c/d rheumatic heart, L-10 row-8 sp#3
Casto, Mary L., d. 8/19/1966 London, age: 84yr, c/d cere, hemorrhage, L-15 row-11 sp#5 Norris FH
Casto, Miner E., d. 1/9/1979 London, age: 72, L-17 row-8 sp#32 Rader FH
Casto, Noah Raymond, d. 3/19/1962 London, age: 5yr, c/d shock, L-17 row-8 sp#30 Lukens FH
Casto, William L., d. 6/28/1983 Madison Co., age: ?, L-16 row-48 sp#2 Porter FH
Caudil, Richard, d. no date, L-10 row-23 sp#12
Caudil, Ruth, d. no date, L-10 row-23 sp#11
Caudy, Elta, d. 1956, age: 79, L-14 row-50 sp#6
Caudy, Erma Enio, d. 1950, age: 64, L-14 row-50 sp#2
Caudy, Harley Burch, d. 1952, age: 74, L-14 row-50 sp#4
Caudy, John W., d. 19?9, b. 1875, age: ?, L-14 row-50 sp#5
Ceiford, Randy Eugene, d. 11/30/1976 London, age: 0yr, c/d hypoxia, L-18 row-6 sp#21 Porter FH
Chadwick, Avery Maxwell, d. 12/25/1922 Orient, age: 3mo, c/d acute indigestion, L-12 row-16 sp#?
Chadwick, James L., d. 1/19/1981 Union Co., age: 39, L-17 row-1 sp#41 Porter FH
Chadwick, Kenneth William, d. 9/25/1917 Franklin Co., age: 6yr, c/d diphtheria, L-? row-? sp#?
Chadwick, Mable, d. 9/12/1903 Orient, age: 23yr, c/d consumption, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chadwick, Marshal B., d. Jul 26, 1896 Pickaway Co., age: 10 mos, c/d lung fever, L-1 row-36 sp#?
Chadwick, Thomas Owen, d. 1/4/1944 Harrisburg, age: 84yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-12 row-5 sp#16 Norris FH
Chaffin, Clarence Oliver, d. 10/30/1910 Darby Twp., age: ?yr, c/d pneumonia, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot.F.
Chaffin, Clifford E., d. 12/8/1983 Franklin Co., age: 49, L-17 row-1 sp#27 Shoedinger FH
Chaffin, Denny, d. Mar 8, 1899, L-4 row-31 sp#?
Chaffin, Elizabeth, d. 2/28/1910 Harrisburg, age: 75yr, c/d brain hemorrhage, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, Elizabeth, d. 6/25/1986 Circleville, age: 94, L-17 row-9 sp#21 Shoedinger FH
Chaffin, Elsworth, d. 12/10/44 Orient, age: 69yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-32 sp#2 Norris FH
Chaffin, Emma, d. 6/1/1926 Franklin Co., age: 77yr, c/d cancer, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, Eva Morgan, d. Jul 20, 1899, age: 2yr, c/d cholera, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, Infant, d. 2/25/1914 Pleasant Twp., age: ?yr, c/d lung congestion, L-7 row-57 sp#?
Chaffin, Infant, d. 9/17/1914 Harrisburg, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, Isaac F., d. 1952, age: 56, L-12 row-47 sp#2
Chaffin, Jesse Morgan, d. Jul 14, 1899, age: 15, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, John (GAR), d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d Co. D, 133 OH Inf., L-3 or 4 row-? sp#?
Chaffin, Joseph Dennis, d. 12/9/1959 Columbus, age: 70yr, c/d pneumonia, L-17 row-9 sp#32 Norris FH
Chaffin, Joseph, d. 3/4/1930 Columbus, age: 52yr, c/d myocarditis, L-11 row-46 sp#3 Norris FH
Chaffin, Joseph, d. 4/20/1927 Harrisburg, age: 77yr, c/d cancer, L-4 row-36 sp#?
Chaffin, Laura B., d. 7/11/1921 Columbus, age: 47yr, c/d suicide by poison, L-7 row-20 sp#4
Chaffin, Laura, d. 3/25/1917 Harrisburg, age: 52yr, c/d cancer, L-12 row-16 sp#6
Chaffin, Lona E., d. 5/5/1965 Grove City, age: 80yr, c/d cere, hemorrhage, L-15 row-26 sp#3 Norris FH
Chaffin, O. Thomas, d. 1944, age: 85, L-12 row-16 sp#5
Chaffin, Orville Jay, d. 3/7/1962 Columbus, age: 32yr, c/d cere, hemorrhage, L-17 row-8 sp#25 Norris FH
Chaffin, Roy, d. 5/9/1977 Columbus, age: 84yr, c/d cardiac shock, L-17 row-8 sp#22 Miller FH
Chaffin, Ruth M., d. 2/7/1981 Franklin Co., age: 61, L-17 row-2 sp#21
Chaffin, Seymour Dick, d. 4/4/1944 Orient, age: 68yr, c/d cor. occ., L-15 row-26 sp#4 Norris FH
Chaffin, Theo Mouser, d. 8/5/1960 Columbus, age: 64yr, c/d heart disease, L-12 row-47 sp#1 Norris FH
Chaffin, Wilbur Benjamin, d. 3/3/1968 Columbus, age: 50, L-15 row-28 sp#11 Porter FH
Chamberlain, ???, d. 12/20/1940, age: 4yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-? sp#?
Chamberlain, Barbara L., d. 8/22/1988 Washington CH, age: 54yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-16 row-56 sp#16 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Benjamin H., d. 9/14/1903 Kiousville, age: 19yr, c/d typhoid, L-7 row-3 sp#6
Chamberlain, Carrie M., d. 8/28/1934 Harrisburg, age: 57yr, c/d uremia, L-11 row-46 sp#2 Norris FH
Chamberlain, Christina L., d. 9/29/1986 Columbus, age: 27, L-17 row-1 sp#25 Shoedinger FH
Chamberlain, Flora May, d. 5/17/1949 Mt. Sterling, age: 57yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-15 row-28 sp#2 Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Fred E., d. 5/1/1982 London, age: 76, L-16 row-39 sp#7 Porter FH
Chamberlain, George, d. 7/17/1938, age: 23yr, c/d broken neck, L-15 row-40 sp#4
Chamberlain, Gladys Yinger, d. 3/30/1977 Washington CH, age: 75, L-18 row-16 sp#39 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Grant Leroy, d. 6/20/1979 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-13 row-54 sp#5 Rutherford FH
Chamberlain, Harold W., d. 3/15/1981 Fayette Co., age: 68, L-15 row-28 sp#4 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Infant girl, d. 7/11/1969 London, age: 3.5hrs, c/d resp. syndrome, L-18 row-10 sp#43 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Infant, d. 2/16/1953 Era, age: 0yr, c/d umbelical cord knot, L-16 row-56 sp#13
Chamberlain, Infant, d. 6/11/1944 Kiousville, age: 3hrs, c/d premature birth, L-15 row-28 sp#? Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Isaac, d. 7/24/1952 Franklin Co., age: 56yr, c/d cor. occ., L-12 row-47 sp#2 Norris FH
Chamberlain, James M., d. 7/15/1956 Columbus, age: 88yr, c/d pneumonia, L-11 row-46 sp#3 Norris FH
Chamberlain, John E., d. 5/19/1972 Chillicothe, age: 64yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-18 row-16 sp#40 Porter FH
Chamberlain, John H., d. 3/28/1971 London, age: 90yr, c/d cere. occ., L-17 row-8 sp#11 Porter FH
Chamberlain, John R., d. 2/3/1935 Mt. Sterling, age: 92yr, c/d myocarditis, L-7 row-3 sp#5
Chamberlain, Joseph C., d. 10/13/1947 Mt. Sterling, age: 62yr, c/d heart failure, L-16 row-28 sp#6 Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Kinnie, d. 5/21/1973 Washington CH, age: 94yr, c/d cere. sclera., L-15 row-23 sp#4 Morrow FH
Chamberlain, Mamie Mary, d. 6/2/1965 London, age: 57yr, c/d circulatory collapse, L-17 row-8 sp#10 Lukens FH
Chamberlain, Margaret Florence, d. 6/26/1970 London, age: 76yr, c/d pulmonary embolism, L-16 row-28 sp#5
Chamberlain, Margaret Louisa, d. 4/9/1920 Madison Co., age: 3yr, c/d meningitis, L-7 row-3 sp#?
Chamberlain, Margaret Louise, d. 12/10/1947, age: 4yr, c/d meningitis, L-16 row-28 sp#14
Chamberlain, Margaret T. Brown, d. 1944, L-15 row-23 sp#13
Chamberlain, Margaret, d. 3/17/44 Mt. Sterling, age: 24yr, c/d salpingo ophoritis, L-15 row-28 sp#? Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Martha Ella, d. 4/12/1919 Madison Co., age: 69yr, c/d TB, L-7 row-3 sp#4
Chamberlain, Martha Lou, d. 4/11/1928 Big Plain, age: 3yr, c/d operat. of nasal torsal, L-16 row-28 sp#15 Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Mary Ann, d. 6/19/1978 London, age: 36yr, c/d medullary failure, L-19 row-17 sp#6 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Mary Ann, d. no date, L-15 row-28 sp#1
Chamberlain, Mary Belle, d. 8/13/1972 Washington CH, age: 93yr, c/d heart failure, L-15 row-23 sp#3 Morrow FH
Chamberlain, Mary Blan CHe, d. 2/9/1989 Washington CH, age: 68, L-19 row-8 sp#28 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Pauline, d. no date, L-15 row-28 sp#12
Chamberlain, Ronnie Lee, d. 12/4/1944 Lilly Chapel, age: 5, L-13 row-54 sp#6 Chamberlain FH
Chamberlain, Rosetta, d. 4/19/1943 Mt. Sterling, age: 35yr, c/d paraletic uterus, L-15 row-23 sp#5 Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Sandra, d. 7/16/1958 Washington CH, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-16 row-56 sp#13
Chamberlain, Scott Erwin, d. 3/4/1961 Mt. Sterling, age: 2 mo, c/d heart failure, L-16 row-56 sp#14 Snyder FH
Chamberlain, Steven Earl, d. 8/6/1978 Mt. Sterling, age: 23, L-16 row-56 sp#14 Porter FH
Chamberlain, Walter, d. 9/29/48 Columbus, age: 61yr, c/d cancer of bowel, L-7 row-3 sp#3 Chamberlain FH
Chamberlain, Wanda Opal, d. 3/21/1977 Local, age: 56yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-16 row-39 sp#8 Porter FH
Chambers, Ethel, d. 12/26/1975 Columbus, age: 71, L-18 row-6 sp#49 Shoedinger FH
Chambers, Joseph, d. 11/9/1981, age: ?yr, c/d cardio-pul. shock, L-18 row-6 sp#50 Norris FH
Champ, Charles A., d. 10/30/1964 Dearborn, MI, age: 59yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-13 row-5 sp#6 Querfeld FH
Chaney, Byrd L., d. 11/17/62 Harrisburg, age: 75yr, c/d cor. occ., L-17 row-9 sp#26 Norris FH
Chapman, Paul D., d. 3/14/1972 Columbus, age: 77yr, c/d pneumonia, L-17 row-19 sp#13 Shoedinger FH
Chartier, Joseph, d. 6/13/1922 Columbus, age: 35yr, c/d paralysis, L-3 row-2 sp#9
Chartier, R., d. no date, L-3 row-9 sp#8
Chase, Bert, d. 7/1/1943 Columbus, age: ?yr, c/d heat stroke, L-4 row-32 sp#? Norris FH
Chase, Jennie C., d. 4/7/1901 Harrisburg, age: 56yr, c/d cancer, L-4 row-67 sp#?
Chase, Jesse E., d. 4/12/1957 Bexley, age: 71yr, c/d card. vasc. renal disease, L-4 row-32 sp#10 Norris FH
Chavers, George W., d. 7/6/1955 Local, age: 89yr, c/d senility, L-7 row-26 sp#2 Snyder FH
Chavers, Mary Ann, d. 1/20/1942, age: 72yr, c/d cancer, L-7 row-26 sp#1
Chenoweth, ???, d. 4/13/1901 Harrisburg, age: ?yr, c/d from Chenoweth Cem., L-4 row-67 sp#? to FH
Chenoweth, Children of J. W., d. Chenoweth moved from, age: Cem.yr, c/d to, L-5 row-3 sp#?
Chenoweth, Clara B., d. 7/31/1974 Columbus, age: 87, L-mausoleum,row sp #,Woodyard FH
Chenoweth, Elizabeth M., d. 1/11/1912 Columbus, age: 78, L-5 row-3 sp#3
Chenoweth, Frances N., d. 4/5/1942, age: 69, L-5 row-3 sp#7
Chenoweth, Frank A., d. 7/5/1922, age: 66yr, c/d cancer, L-11 row-9 sp#4
Chenoweth, Halford Mahlman, d. 3/5/1977 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-10 row-20 sp#12 Miller FH
Chenoweth, Howard G., d. 11/3/1927 Columbus, age: 60yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-10 row-20 sp#3
Chenoweth, Infant W. G., d. 12/25/1905 Harrisburg, age: ?, L-5 row-3 sp#?
Chenoweth, Jennie C., d. 4/7/1901 Harrisburg, age: 56yr, c/d cancer, L-4 row-67 sp#?
Chenoweth, John Marion, d. 1963, L-5 row-3 sp#6
Chenoweth, John W., d. Mar 9, 1889 Harrisburg, age: 50yr, c/d suicide, L-5 row-3 sp#4
Chenoweth, Max A., d. 5/15/1963 Mt. Sterling, age: 73yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-14 row-6 sp#7 Porter FH
Chenoweth, Maxine, d. 10/8/1945 Mt. Sterling, age: 27yr, c/d nephritis, L-14 row-6 sp#1 Meyers FH
Chenoweth, May E., d. 9/5/1922 Columbus, age: 68yr, c/d cancer, L-11 row-9 sp#3
Chenoweth, Myrtle Blan CHe, d. 12/18/1988 Columbus, age: 73yr, c/d myo. infarction, L-10 row-20 sp#11 Miller FH
Chenoweth, Nellie Hodges, d. 3/25/1950 Alderson, WV, age: 75yr, c/d pneumonia, L-3 row-9 sp#7 Lobban FH
Chenoweth, Nora D., d. 2/4/1964 Mt. Sterling, age: 92, L-13 row-3 sp#3 Norris FH
Chenoweth, Ottila, d. 1/13/1923 Harrisburg, age: 56yr, c/d mitial insufficiency, L-10 row-20 sp#2
Chenoweth, Ruth Irene, d. 2/25/1911 Pleasant Twp., age: ?yr, c/d heart malformation, L-5 row-3 sp#?
Chenoweth, W., d. 1/23/1907 Harrisburg, age: 76yr, c/d heart disease, L-4 row-67 sp#?
Chenoweth, Wallace G., d. 5/17/1936 Harrisburg, age: 68yr, c/d pneumonia, L-5 row-3 sp#8
Cherry, Joseph Louis, d. 7/21/1959 Columbus, age: 51, L-18 row-11 sp#33 Snyder FH
Cherry, Josie, d. 3/26/1951 Washington CH, age: 73yr, c/d cor. occ., L-13 row-49 sp#5 Snyder FH
Cherry, Lora C., d. 2/22/1944, age: 79yr, c/d myocarditis, L-4 row-68 sp#? Weir FH
Cherry, Paige, d. 12/7/1908 Chicago, IL, age: 50, L-4 row-68 sp#?
Cherry, Samuel E., d. 4/1/1949 Atlanta, OH, age: 65yr, c/d epilepsy, L-13 row-49 sp#6 Snyder FH
Chick, Frank (single grave), d. no date, age: ?yr, c/d Confederate Soldier of Civil War, L-3 row-? sp#?
Chilcoate, Matilda, d. 4/24/1903 Derby, age: ?yr, c/d lung abscess, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot.F.
Chilcoate, Thomas, d. 8/25/1902 Derby, age: 71yr, c/d dropsy, L-6 row-64 sp#Pot.F.
Christensen, Elta I., d. 4/15/1953 Circleville, age: 83yr, c/d senility, L-12 row-39 sp#7 Norris FH
Christensen, George M., d. 10/4/1987 Dayton, age: ?, L-16 row-64 sp#6 Porter FH
Christensen, Infant, d. 4/25/1954 Columbus, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-13 row-4 sp#4 Snyder FH
Christensen, John George, d. 11/8/1952 Circleville, age: 83yr, c/d fract. of l. femur & neck, L-12 row-39 sp#8
Christian, Virginia, d. 2/2/1917 London, age: 1yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-23 sp#?
Chritsman, Edna, d. 7/2/1936 Mt. Sterling, age: 89yr, c/d nephritis, L-5 row-21 sp#?
Church, Arizona, d. 2/10/1964 Washington CH, age: 73yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-8 row-34 sp#2 Snyder FH
Church, Edwin L., d. 1/5/1925 Mt. Sterling, age: 14yr, c/d pneumonia, L-8 row-34 sp#3
Church, Ernest Creighton, d. 5/16/1953 Washington CH, age: 62yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-8 row-34 sp#4 Hook FH
Church, Gladys C., d. 12/12/1982 Franklin Co., age: 68yr, c/d cirrhosis, L-17 row-15 sp#5 Shoedinger FH
Clapper, Euva Ballah, d. 8/18/36 Orient, age: 58yr, c/d angina pectoris, L-14 row-30 sp#5
Clapper, Herman, d. 9/29/1975 Columbus, age: 76, L-19 row-11 sp#10 Shoedinger FH
Clapper, Lewis, d. 3/17/1967 Columbus, age: 59yr, c/d uremia, L-19 row-5 sp#5 Shoedinger FH
Clapper, Madge, d. 10/25/1964 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d cardio. vas. disease, L-19 row-11 sp#9 Norris FH
Clapper, Ralph, d. 8/23/1979 Columbus, age: 76, L-14 row-30 sp#8 Norris FH
Clapper, Samuel Jacobs, d. 7/18/1953 Orient, age: 80yr, c/d heart blockage, L-14 row-30 sp#6 Norris FH
Clapper, William, d. 12/23/1978, age: 77, L-14 row-30 sp#7 Shoedinger FH
Clark, Carrie Louise, d. 6/21/1985 Columbus, age: 78, L-4 row-26 sp#9 Miller FH
Clark, Charles A., d. 4/27/1933, age: 75yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-2 row-11 sp#14 Snyder FH
Clark, Charles H., d. 8/16/1961 Washington CH, age: 90yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-1 row-17 sp#14 Snyder FH
Clark, Charles L., d. 7/5/1963 Columbus, age: 55yr, c/d carcinoma, L-9 row-62 sp#5 Norris FH
Clark, Edith, d. 7/3/1958 Columbus, age: 75yr, c/d pul. edema, L-3 row-52 sp#15 Shoedinger FH
Clark, Elizabeth, d. Apr 21, 1893 Pickaway Co., age: ?, L-1 row-70 sp#?
Clark, Eva M., d. 11/12/1987 London, age: 86, L-18 row-13 sp#2 Porter FH
Clark, Flora A., d. 10/29/1945 Columbus, age: 81yr, c/d nephritis, L-8 row-23 sp#9 Feil FH
Clark, Guy, d. 12/18/36, age: 32yr, c/d myocarditis, L-6 row-52 sp#Pot.F.
Clark, Henry J., d. 5/21/1982 Fayette Co., age: 88, L-18 row-13 sp#1 Porter FH
Clark, Howard M., d. 2/25/1976 Fayette Co., age: 80yr, c/d heart failure, L-10 row-29 sp#3 Porter FH
Clark, Ida M., d. 1/12/1929 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d cancer, L-3 row-24 sp#?
Clark, J. G., d. 8/18/1918 Columbus, age: 62yr, c/d apoplexy, L-8 row-? sp#?
Clark, J. M., d. 8/4/1936, age: 82yr, c/d nephritis, L-3 row-24 sp#?
Clark, Katherine Sealock, d. 12/22/1927 Orient, age: 26yr, c/d TB, L-9 row-55 sp#2
Clark, Louella Fay, d. 2/16/1922 Birmingham, AL, age: 33yr, c/d cere. embolism, L-3 row-24 sp#?
Clark, Mary Louella, d. 11/25/1953 Blendon Twp., age: 76yr, c/d lung edema, L-9 row-62 sp#7 Norris FH
Clark, Nellie D. Salina, d. 2/8/1980, age: 85, L-10 row-29 sp#2 Porter FH
Clark, Ralph C., d. 3/3/1958, age: 56yr, c/d aspir. gastric contents, L-15 row-47 sp#8 Snyder FH
Clark, Robert T., d. 8/24/1970 Columbus, age: 49yr, c/d cancer melanoma, L-14 row-29 sp#16 Meyers FH
Clark, Russell Steven, d. 9/10/1981 Citrus Co., FL, age: ?, L-9 row-62 sp#6
Clark, Sarah Anna, d. 9/2/1931 Mt. Sterling, age: 61yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-1 row-17 sp#? Snyder FH
Clark, Scott, d. 4/1/1923 Columbus, age: 43yr, c/d cere. neoplasm, L-3 row-52 sp#?
Clark, Stephen W., d. 3/10/1927 Franklin Co., age: ?yr, c/d influenza, L-9 row-62 sp#8
Clark, Wanda Ruth, d. 8/15/1907 Columbus, age: 15, L-7 row-53 sp#?
Clark, Willard Franklin, d. no date, b. 6/27/1921 Big Plain, age: ?yr, c/d killed in action - died 1918, L-10 row-26 sp#1
Clark, Willard Larey, d. 4/23/1936 Salisbury, NC, age: 69yr, c/d pneumonia, L-2 row-11 sp#13
Clark, William E., d. 5/29/1931 Columbus, age: 36yr, c/d TB, L-7 row-53 sp#14
Clarks, Celesta A., d. 11/2/1963 Columbus, age: 87yr, c/d cere. occ., L-10 row-26 sp#2 Woodyard FH
Clarridge, ???, d. May 2, 1888 Pickaway Co., age: ?yr, c/d from Greenland Cem., L-? row-? sp#?
Clarridge, Abagail, d. 12/27/1927 Mt. Sterling, age: 85yr, c/d malnutrition, L-1 row-25 sp#?
Clarridge, Ada B., d. 2/13/1936, age: 63yr, c/d heart dilation, L-8 row-41 sp#3
Clarridge, Alton, d. 1955, age: 91, L-3 row-39 sp#1
Clarridge, Clarence Guy, d. 10/10/1951 Local, age: 67yr, c/d coro. thrombosis, L-2 row-65 sp#11 Snyder FH
Clarridge, Crissa A., d. 8/30/1939, age: 65yr, c/d cor. embolism, L-9 row-38 sp#6
Clarridge, David (GAR) M., d. 7/13/1913 Mt. Sterling, age: 79yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-1 row-25 sp#?
Clarridge, Edmund W., d. 1885, L-3 row-39 sp#5
Clarridge, Elizabeth Jane, d. 5/23/1921, age: 86yr, c/d myocarditis, L-3 row-39 sp#4
Clarridge, Elizabeth, d. 8/12/1959 Washington CH, age: 73yr, c/d vasc. occ., L-9 row-38 sp#8 Snyder FH
Clarridge, Ernest R., d. 12/9/1941, age: 69yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-8 row-41 sp#2
Clarridge, Ethel Irene, d. 12/8/1961 Loudonville, age: 55, L-6 row-36 sp#7 Elliott FH
Clarridge, Freda F., d. 10/9/1970 Local, age: 72yr, c/d cor. occ., L-9 row-38 sp#1 Porter FH
Clarridge, Granville, d. 1/1/1931 Monroe Twp., age: 79yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clarridge, Howard, d. Nov 18, 1900 Fayette Co., age: ?yr, c/d consumption, L-3 row-39 sp#6
Clarridge, Infant, d. 4/23/01 Mt. Sterling, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-8 row-41 sp#11
Clarridge, Infant, d. 8/20/1943 Pickaway Co., age: ?yr, c/d from Greenland Cem., L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clarridge, Infant, d. Jul 18, 1888 Pickaway Co., age: 2mo, c/d from Greenland Cem., L-? row-? sp#?
Clarridge, John L., d. 8/25/1955 Columbus, age: 82yr, c/d cancer of stomach, L-9 row-28 sp#3 Snyder FH
Clarridge, Joseph E., d. 10/17/1951 Circleville, age: 76yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-9 row-38 sp#7 Snyder FH
Clarridge, Josephine Bailey, d. 7/3/1958 Mt. Sterling, age: 82yr, c/d pneumonia, L-9 row-38 sp#2
Clarridge, Lawerence P., d. 11/1/1959 Mt. Sterling, age: 65yr, c/d cor. occ., L-6 row-36 sp#8 Snyder FH
Clarridge, Margaret Southard, d. Mar 27, 1894 Madison Co., age: abt. 74yr, c/d old age, L-6 row-36 sp#4
Clarridge, Mary Elizabeth, d. 3/2/1924 Five Points, age: 76yr, c/d neuritis, L-9 row-38 sp#4
Clarridge, Mr., d. no date, L-9 row-38 sp#3
Clarridge, Pleasant, d. 11/2/1930 Monroe Twp., age: 87yr, c/d arteriosclerosis, L-9 row-38 sp#5
Clarridge, Thomas, d. Dec 10, 1890, age: 68, L-6 row-36 sp#5
Clarridge, Virgil Lee, d. 7/19/1981 Madison Co., age: ?, L-17 row-12 sp#24 Porter FH
Clarridge, adult, d. 8/20/1943 Pickaway Co., age: ?yr, c/d from Greenland Cem., L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clausen, Sophia, d. no date, L-2 row-27 sp#2
Clauser, Isaac, d. Oct 23, 1892 Madison Co., age: ?yr, c/d old age, L-5 row-51 sp#?
Clauser, Mary, d. 7/7/1905 Mt. Sterling, age: 93yr, c/d old age, L-5 row-51 sp#?
Clawson, Katie M., d. 12/5/1906 Mt. Sterling, age: 19, L-2 row-27 sp#1
Clawson, Louis J., d. 7/8/1924 Mt. Sterling, age: 71yr, c/d anemia, L-2 row-27 sp#3
Clawson, Rachel M., d. 11/8/1933 Mt. Sterling, age: 76yr, c/d bron CHitis, L-2 row-27 sp#4 Snyder FH
Clayton, Lewis Cook, d. 5/251944 Harrisburg, age: 68yr, c/d myocarditis, L-2 row-44 sp#? Snyder FH
Clemans, Scotty, d. 1945, age: 26, L-8 row-26 sp#8
Clemens, Grace N., d. 11/9/1932 Columbus, age: 47yr, c/d phlegm, L-8 row-26 sp#6
Clemens, Harry G., d. 10/16/1966 Columbus, age: 79yr, c/d heart failure, L-14 row-18 sp#4 Norris FH
Clemens, Infant, d. 4/6/22 Harrisburg, age: oyr, c/d stillborn, L-8 row-26 sp#?
Clemens, Jesse Willard, d. 5/18/1976 Columbus, age: 60yr, c/d resp. failure, L-18 row-15 sp#20 Shoedinger FH
Clemens, Letha Ann, d. 4/21/1944 Grove City, age: 54yr, c/d diabetes, L-14 row-18 sp#3 Doty FH
Clemens, Mansfield, d. 1923, age: 83, L-7 row-20 sp#6
Clemens, Mary Ann, d. 2/22/1924 Harrisburg, age: 79yr, c/d pneumonia, L-7 row-20 sp#5
Clemens, Paul, d. 3/5/1904 Columbus, age: ?, L-5 row-36 sp#?
Clemens, Sadie F., d. 1/3/1989 Circleville, age: 96, L-17 row-6 sp#39 Shoedinger FH
Clemens, Scott T., d. 5/9/1955 Columbus, age: 72yr, c/d fibrillation, L-8 row-26 sp#7 Norris FH
Clemens, Scotty E. (T4), d. 12/5/unknown Germany, age: 26yr, c/d war wounds, L-8 row-26 sp#8 Norris FH
Clement, Wilbur, d. 8/27/1914 Linden Heights, age: 28 da, c/d mastoids, L-8 row-28 sp#?
Clevenger, Alma M., d. 4/30/1910, age: 45yr, c/d diphtheria, L-11 row-69 sp#4
Click, Maude Emma, d. 6/15/1909 So. Vienna, age: ?yr, c/d TB, L-4 row-8 sp#?
Clifford, George Edward, d. 10/19/1977 London, age: 67, L-16 row-58 sp#15 Porter FH
Clifford, Jimmy George, d. 12/15/1974, age: 3hrs, c/d premature birth, L-13 row-6 sp#22 Porter FH
Clifford, Randy Eugene, d. 11/30/1976 London, age: 0yr, c/d hypoxia, L-13 row-? sp#6 Porter FH
Clifford, William Russell, d. 7/25/1977 Columbus, age: 54, L-17 row-1 sp#23 Miller FH
Clifford, William, d. 6/9/1961 Columbus, age: 67yr, c/d cancer of lung, L-17 row-18 sp#13 Cook FH
Clifton, Clement, d. May 17, 1889 Five Points, age: 77yr, c/d heart disease, L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clifton, Cynthia, d. Oct 24, 1888 Waterloo, age: 35yr, c/d consumption, L-1 row-8 sp#?
Clifton, Hazel M., d. 3/9/1929 Columbus, age: 30yr, c/d peritinitis, L-1 row-8 sp#?
Clifton, Infant, d. Oct 10, 1888 Waterloo, age: 0yr, c/d stillborn, L-1 row-8 sp#?
Clifton, Isaac, d. Dec 9, 1887 Five Points, age: ?, L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clifton, Mary E., d. 1/25/1907 Mt. Sterling, age: 57yr, c/d pneumonia, L-2 row-65 sp#?
Clifton, Nancy Ritchie, d. 10/18/1910 Mt. Sterling, age: 82yr, c/d old age, L-2 row-65 sp#?
Cline, Carl A., d. 9/17/1974 London, age: 69yr, c/d circulatory failure, L-17 row-17 sp#43 Porter FH
Cline, Henry H, d. 2/12/1927 Harrisburg, age: 81yr, c/d senility, L-12 row-29 sp#?
Cline, Lester J., d. 10/18/1965 Springfield, age: 83, L-12 row-29 sp#8 Norris FH
Cline, Louise, d. 12/2/1920 Pickaway Co., age: 77yr, c/d cere. hemorrhage, L-12 row-29 sp#?
Cline, Russell Edward, d. 10/25/1929 Franklin Co., age: ?yr, c/d hemorrhage, L-12 row-29 sp#?
Cline, Sarah Abigail, d. 11/12/37 Harrisburg, age: 54yr, c/d cancer, L-12 row-29 sp#?
Clock, James Harvey, d. 6/25/1918 Mt. Sterling, age: 73yr, c/d cancer of liver, L-9 row-6 sp#5
Clock, Maria Etta, d. no date, b. 3/21/1942, age: 94yr, c/d nephritis, L-9 row-6 sp#4

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