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Mitchell Cemetery
Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio

mitchell cemetery dublin ohio
Mitchell Cemetery, Dublin, OH

GPS: 40.109123, -83.116209

Emerald Pkwy (SW corner from SR-745)
Dublin, OH 43017

Published: December 15, 2019
Total records: 22

Mitchell Cemetery is owned by the City of Dublin, OH

Cemetery History

Located in the southwest corner of State Route 745 (Dublin Road) and Emerald Parkway, at the top of the hill overlooking Emerald Parkway Bridge over the Scioto River.

Mitchell Cemetery was restored in the late 1970s, when the stones were cleaned and some were re-set. Unfortunately, many stones are missing, and some of the stones still in evidence are in need of further repairs.

The first burial was of Charles Mitchell, on March 9, 1823, and the last interment was of his daughter-in-law, Eliza Reed Mitchell, in 1899. This was the Mitchell family’s private cemetery until 1996, when the City of Dublin assumed responsibility for its upkeep. A restoration was done during that summer by Eagle Scout Eli Keyser of Dublin and other scouts and volunteers. They did a major cleanup of the cemetery and surrounding area, took gravestone rubbings and recorded the information on monuments, and made a detailed map of the cemetery. A wrought iron fence was erected surrounding the cemetery in the winter of 1999.

The graves are mostly arranged in rows in the square lot of the cemetery.

Mitchell Cemetery no longer accepts new burials.

Cemetery Records

Records below were acquired from the City of Dublin on December 15, 2019. Dates of death range from 1823 to 1899.

BISHOP, Fenley, Male, b. 1798, Age: 62, d. 02/02/1860, Lot 2, Space 4
BISHOP, Infant Son, Male, b. 04/02/1839, Age: 22d, d. 04/24/1839, Lot 3, Space 2
BISHOP, Melicia S., Female, b. 04/08/1848, Age: 7, d. 09/25/1855, Lot 3, Space 1
BISHOP, Nancy Jones, Female, b. 1804, Age: 35, d. 04/24/1839, Lot 2, Space 3
FERRIS, Mary Ann, Female, b. 12/10/1847, Age: 4m, d. 03/26/1848, Lot 3, Space 4
HOWEY, James, Male, b. 05/08/1818, Age: 37, d. 02/29/1856, Lot 2, Space 1
HOWEY, James, Male, b. 05/08/1818, Age: 37, d. 02/29/1856, Lot 3, Space 3
HOWEY, Sarah, Female, b. 08/23/1792, Age: 84, d. 02/23/1877, Lot 2, Space 2
HUSTON, James, Male, b. 1821, Age: 28, d. 08/09/1849, Lot 1, Space 8
JOHNSTON, Infant Son, Male, b. 1861, d. 11/26/1861, Lot 2, Space 5
MITCHELL, Charles, Male, Age: 77, d. 03/09/1823, Lot 1, Space 7
MITCHELL, Charles, Male, Age: 77, d. 03/09/1823, Lot 1, Space 5
MITCHELL, Eliza Reed, Female, b. 1812, Age: 87, d. 1899, Lot 1, Space 4
MITCHELL, George R., Male, b. 03/25/1837, Age: 2, d. 06/10/1839, Lot 2, Space 8
MITCHELL, Hugh, Male, b. 04/15/1802, Age: 6, d. 09/15/1862, Lot 2, Space 7
MITCHELL, Isaiah, Male, b. 12/26/1831, Age: 5m, d. 04/26/1832, Lot 1, Space 2
MITCHELL, James, Male, Age: 58, d. 04/19/1823, Lot 3, Space 6
MITCHELL, Jane, Female, Age: 84, d. 08/11/1853, Lot 1, Space 6
MITCHELL, Jane M., Female, b. 1805, Age: 74, d. 03/17/1879, Lot 2, Space 6
MITCHELL, Rachel, Female, b. 02/27/1812, Age: 39, d. 09/13/1851, Lot 1, Space 1
MITCHELL, Thomas R., Male, b. 04/01/1837, Age: 5, d. 05/15/1842, Lot 1, Space 3
MITCHELL, William O., Male, b. 12/06/1852, Age: 2m, d. 02/07/1853, Lot 3, Space 5

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