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Oak Grove Cemetery
Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

Contributed by Dick Browning [rbrowning@columbus.rr.com].

Nafus, Cleora A., b. 1909, d. 04/10/1920, Father: Nafus, William C.
Nafus, Emeline Gladys, b. 09/25/1901, d. 10/30/1995, Father: Barton, Frank P.
Nafus, Harry F., b. 02/14/1898, d. 12/26/1955, "Father", Father: Nafus, William C.
Nafus, Lucy, d. 06/16/1893
Nafus, Mary, b. 1828, d. 02/13/1922
Nafus, Stella May, b. 01/14/1868, d. 04/26/1951, Father: Skatz, George
Nafus, William C., b. 07/25/1838, d. 07/30/1906
Nafus, William C., b. 11/30/1866, d. 02/10/1937
Nagley, Charles P., b. 01/20/1867, d. 02/01/1947, Father: Nagley, Phillip
Nagley, Cynthia, b. 11/06/1841, d. 03/29/1915, Father: Canday
Nagley, Eva N., d. 12/20/1907
Nagley, Mary, b. 12/16/1872, d. 11/12/1962, Father: Campbell, Samuel
Nagley, Naoma, b. 1828, d. 08/29/1916, Father: Nagley, Sampson
Nagley, Philip Harper, b. 05/29/1831, d. 12/28/1901, Father: Nagley, Sampson
Nall, Olive M., b. 03/25/1860, d. 02/27/1938, Father: Parker, Thomas (Rev.)
Nash, Emeline, b. 12/11/1840, d. 01/17/1912, "Mother", Father: Williams, Jacob
Nash, Eugene Powell, b. 09/06/1871, d. 04/27/1941, Father: Nash, William Henry
Nash, Father, no dates
Nash, Frank, b. 03/29/1863, d. 12/19/1904, Father: Nash, William Henry
Nash, Linnie, b. 04/09/1868, d. 09/10/1914, Father: Nash, William Henry
Nash, Lois C., b. 09/24/1871, d. 02/03/1953, Father: Cole, Elias
Nash, Mother, no dates
Nash, Pauline, b. 04/11/1895, d. 05/11/1975, Father: Nash, Eugene P.
Nash, William Henry, d. 02/17/1916
Naum, Lewis, b. 1871, d. 06/21/1957
Nauman, Dorothy Mabel, b. 11/27/1922, d. 05/25/1985, Father: Mace, Lawrence
Nauman, Roland A., b. 09/13/1914, d. 12/25/1998, Father: Nauman, Charles W.
Nauman, Walter O., b. 12/15/1919, d. 11/21/1969, Father: Nauman, Charles W.
Naylor, Charles Albert, b. 04/17/1853, d. 12/11/1895, Father: Naylor, Charles P.
Naylor, Dell, b. 1874, d. 08/07/1951, Father: McAfee, Robert
Naylor, Eugene Endsley, b. 05/13/1874, d. 11/17/1939, Father: Naylor, Chas. A
Naylor, infant, no dates
Naylor, Rebecca Frances, b. 1855, d. 02/04/1919, Father: Endsley
Neaber, Adam, d. 10/02/1823
Neace, Alexander, b. 03/21/1893, d. 09/22/1967, Father: Neace, John
Neace, Flora Elizabeth, b. 08/18/1910, d. 06/14/1995, Father: Skeens, Harrison
Neace, Hazel Virginia May, b. 05/30/1962, d. 05/30/1962, Father: Neace, Walter E.
Neal(Maschmann, Magda Anna Agosta, b. 10/22/1910, d. 10/04/1977, Father: Hellmann, Franz H.K.
Neasse, Cora "Lucille", b. 04/12/1902, d. 03/05/1983, Father: Dunham, Brough
Neasse, Donald Myron, b. 01/30/1928, d. 09/19/1944, Father: Neasse, Myron D.
Neasse, Myron D., b. 11/22/1901, d. 10/29/1978, Father: Neasee, Fred M.
Needels, Dale Russell, Sr., b. 03/06/1917, d. 11/03/1995, Father: Needels, Fred
Needels, Georgia W., b. 07/20/1915, d. 01/15/1981, Father: Tuite, William E.
Neer, Child, b. 01/30/1896, d. 01/30/1896, Father: Neer, George
Neer, Ida B., b. 09/28/1876, d. 07/13/1932, Father: Banks, John
Neer, Nancy A., b. 12/03/1836, d. 10/27/1916, "Mother"
Neff, Edward E., b. 07/10/1830, d. 03/07/1908, Father: Neff, Henry
Neff, Gertrude Wahl, b. 1887, d. 08/06/1976, Father: Wahl, Charles P.
Neff, Lydia Culter, b. 07/22/1871, d. 05/13/1905, Father: Cutler, Emory
Neff, Mary A., b. 1842, d. 05/25/1915, Father: Glover, Samuel
Neff, Theodore M. "Ted", b. 1887, d. 12/31/1955
Neil, Blanche, b. 1877, d. 06/28/1880
Neil, Charles W., b. 1846, d. 08/27/1848, Father: Neil, Charles
Neil, Charles, b. 09/05/1807, d. 11/20/1882, "Father"
Neil, Elizabeth W., b. 1807, d. 10/19/1894, "Mother", Father: Walker
Neil, Grace, child of, b. 1902, d. 1902
Neil, James H., b. 1833, d. 04/04/1868, Father: Neil, Charles
Neil, John Walker, b. 01/22/1835, d. 08/04/1909, Father: Neil, Charles
Neil, Kenneth E., b. 03/26/1908, d. 03/17/1966, Father: Neil, Thomas
Neil, Mary, b. 1878, d. 1878, Father: Neil, Dr.A.
Neil, Sarah V., d. 09/20/1919, Father: Hedges
Neilson, George, b. 09/12/1824, d. 01/22/1907, Father: Neilson, John
Neilson, Sarah, b. 05/--/1829, d. 04/22/1895, Father: Sharer, George
Nein, John Grover, b. 11/18/1884, d. 11/06/1934, Father: Nein, Michael
Neldon, Fredrick Joseph, b. 11/04/1924, d. 06/04/1971, Father: Neldon, Ralph
Neldon, Virginia L., b. 01/12/1924, d. 10/31/1973, Father: Opel, Edward
Nelson, Agnes Marie, b. 08/22/1910, d. 07/01/1987, Father: Nelson, Thomas J.
Nelson, Alexander, b. 04/18/1805, d. 02/02/1894
Nelson, Clara Albertine, b. 04/04/1852, d. 09/07/1931, Father: Nelson, Alexander (Rev.)
Nelson, Dana Alexander, b. 1873, d. 12/14/1896, Father: Nelson, Edward T.
Nelson, Edward Thompson, b. 10/14/1845, d. 02/28/1897, Father: Nelson, Alexander
Nelson, Florence Elydia, b. 11/02/1885, d. 03/25/1926, Father: Foster, Reuben
Nelson, George, d. 01/27/1919
Nelson, Infant, no dates
Nelson, James, d. 04/07/1906
Nelson, Jane, b. 04/23/1848, d. 09/05/1931, Father: Wilson, James
Nelson, Kendrick DeVelle, b. 09/23/1971, d. 07/01/1999, Father: Nelson, Bill
Nelson, Mary Alice, b. 02/18/1886, d. 09/21/1951, Father: Nelson, Edward
Nelson, Ryan McKinley, b. 03/07/2000, d. 06/28/2000, Father: Nelson, Heath Michael
Nelson, Thomas J., b. 09/02/1880, d. 01/31/1937, Father: Nelson, Michael
Nelson, Ward, d. 01/18/1937
Nelson, Zilpha Jane, b. 10/31/1812, d. 08/10/1892, Father: Morrison, Dr.
Nero, Margaret L.M., d. 03/30/1915
Netteton, Louiza, d. 06/08/1840
Neubeck, Martha C., b. 1891, d. 10/11/1968, Father: Dackerman, William
Neumeister, Christiana, d. 02/15/1896
Neumeister, Michael, b. 06/02/1829, d. 06/09/1881
Neveaux, Mary Edith, b. 1888, d. 05/21/1980
Nevin, Helen Coy, b. 1894, d. 07/14/1923, "Mother"
Newby, Joseph Jordan, d. 11/14/1928
Newcomb, Robert Thomas, b. 09/11/1914, d. 11/11/1944, Father: Newcomb, Charles
Newell, Ida, b. 07/05/1860, d. 03/22/1955, Father: Newell, Joseph W.
Newell, John Wesley, d. 09/17/1844, Father: Newell, John
Newell, John, d. 07/21/1851
Newell, Joseph Nelson, b. 1865, d. 11/05/1934, Father: Newell, Joseph W.
Newell, Joseph W., d. 10/22/1887, Father: Newell, John
Newell, Mary J., b. 02/15/1849, d. 02/02/1938, Father: Newell, Harrison
Newell, Olivia Ann, b. 1835, d. 07/13/1916, Father: Hedges
Newell, Thomas Dale, b. 04/09/1925, d. 03/04/2003, Father: Newell, Vernia
Newhouse, Lynn Alan, b. 07/26/1942, d. 12/16/1965, Father: Newhouse, Robert
Newhouse, Robert Bruce, b. 05/01/1945, d. 06/20/1945, Father: Newhouse, Robert R.
Newhouse, Robert Ray, b. 09/29/1916, d. 03/06/1971, Father: Newhouse, Alexander
Newkirk, Anna Eliza, b. 10/26/1840, d. 03/24/1916, "Mother", Father: Case, Hiram
Newkirk, Bert O., b. 1900, d. 07/20/1954, Father: Newkirk, Charles S.
Newkirk, Charles S., b. 01/08/1869, d. 02/26/1950, Father: Newkirk, Cyrus
Newkirk, Cyrus, b. 1838, d. 04/28/1925, "Father", Father: Newkirk, John C.
Newkirk, Flora J., b. 1873, d. 03/23/1971
Newkirk, George C., b. 1873, d. 06/02/1957
Newkirk, John C., b. 03/23/1818, d. 12/24/1881, Father: Newkirk, Reuben
Newkirk, Sarah, b. 09/12/1817, d. 07/25/1905, Father: Walters
Newkirk, Vernie, b. 1869, d. 03/12/1961
Newland, Carl E., b. 04/11/1913, d. 07/05/1984, Father: Newland, William
Newland, Mary Elizabeth, b. 01/29/1914, d. 01/22/2002, Father: Miller, James A.
Newman, Alice May, b. 08/29/1852, d. 04/13/1938
Newman, Allie, b. 10/20/1864, d. 05/15/1946, Father: Marriott, Thomas H.
Newman, Francis K., b. 12/24/1848, d. 12/28/1928, Father: Newman, Reuben
Newman, Frank F., d. 12/31/1905
Newman, Harry M., b. 04/01/1923, d. 04/22/1988, Father: Newman, Harry
Newman, Magness Locke, b. 07/18/1909, d. 03/07/1997, Father: Newman, Charles
Newman, Paul, d. 06/14/1898
Newsome, Christina Marie, b. 09/20/1975, d. 09/21/1975, Father: Newsome, Clifford
Newsome, Judy, b. 08/30/1946, d. 04/16/1967, Father: Brush, George E.
Newton, Carl Henry, b. 04/01/1889, d. 06/19/1966, Father: Newton, Charles H.
Newton, Charles Henry, b. 01/04/1863, d. 01/16/1933
Newton, Clara Marie, b. 09/30/1888, d. 07/05/1942, Father: Bohler
Newton, Clara S., b. 01/19/1867, d. 03/11/1942, Father: Fahrion, Lew
Newton, Henry A., b. 1857, d. 09/20/1859, Father: Newton, O.H. (Rev.)
Newton, Renna Pope, b. 02/18/1863, d. 04/20/1943
Newton, Yetta Virginia, b. 09/--/1911, d. 10/13/1911, Father: Newton, Carl H.
Nibert, Carol Jean, b. 03/26/1945, d. 03/26/1945, Father: Nibert, George
Nibert, Everett William, b. 02/14/1926, d. 06/07/1980, Father: Nibert, Joseph
Nibert, George E. "Eddie", b. 08/07/1935, d. 04/15/1997, Father: Nibert, George
Nibert, Gustabelle, b. 12/06/1929, d. 10/19/1999, Father: Dever, James Henry
Nibert, James Franklin, II, b. 03/23/1964, d. 01/27/1965, Father: Nibert, James F.
Nice, Gladys Marie, b. 10/04/1899, d. 05/17/1961, Father: Ruder, Charles
Nice, Hazel Inez, b. 01/24/1908, d. 12/27/1946, Father: Wallace, Frank L.
Nice, Laura J., b. 05/08/1876, d. 06/07/1963, Father: Shields, David
Nice, William E., b. 1899, d. 12/09/1963, Father: Nice, William
Nice, William, b. 1871, d. 03/29/1924
Nichols, Anna Laura, b. 03/16/1889, d. 05/07/1946, Father: McGill, Reece
Nichols, Anna Mary, b. 1859, d. 06/06/1923, Father: Rader
Nichols, Charles Orland, b. 01/11/1884, d. 10/16/1945, Father: Nichols, James
Nichols, Dora M., b. 1880, d. 12/30/1909, Father: Mock, Taylor
Nichols, Helen M., b. 1889, d. 08/16/1923
Nichols, Herbert S., b. 08/14/1900, d. 06/17/1976, Father: Nichols, Spencer
Nichols, infants twins, b. 12/12/1901, d. 12/12/1901, Father: Nichols, Charles
Nichols, James, b. 03/20/1861, d. 07/08/1927
Nichols, John, d. 10/13/1904
Nichols, Richard E., b. 04/03/1919, d. 10/10/2003, Father: Nichols, George
Nichols, Sarah L., b. 04/02/1925, d. 10/07/1977, Father: Nichols, Herbert S.
Nichols, Spencer, b. 01/06/1867, d. 02/09/1956, Father: Nichols, Andrew
Nicholson, Charles D., b. 1823, d. 04/10/1905
Nicholson, Charles P., d. 07/25/1838, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, Charles W., b. 10/31/1907, d. 03/03/1976
Nicholson, Charles William, b. 02/02/1943, d. 02/10/1943, Father: Nicholson, Chas. Wm.
Nicholson, Elizabeth, d. 12/26/1895
Nicholson, Frances, d. 1862
Nicholson, Harriet, b. 1837, d. 07/21/1923
Nicholson, J.Elliot, d. 09/11/1832, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, James Hanson, d. 10/04/1856, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, James, d. 03/03/1898
Nicholson, Joseph V., d. 06/27/1882, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, M.A., no dates, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, Margaret A.E., d. 05/06/1835, Father: Nicholson, James
Nicholson, Ralph, d. 07/18/1876, "Our Baby", Father: Nicholson, Albert
Nicholson, Ruth D., b. 1912, d. 05/17/1992, Father: Phillips, Benjamin Lee
Niedermaier, Charles Adam, b. 03/18/1896, d. 01/13/1964, Father: Niedermaier, Conrad
Niedermaier, Conrad "Cooney", b. 1854, d. 04/09/1923, Father: Niedermaier, John M.
Niedermaier, Elizabeth, b. 1854, d. 11/23/1908, Father: Pfirsch, Adam
Niedermaier, Flora May, b. 10/08/1884, d. 01/26/1944, Father: Niedermaier, Conrad
Niedermaier, John Martin, d. 10/31/1897
Niedermaier, Kate, d. 03/09/1894, Father: Niedermaier, Conrad
Niedermaier, Mabel, d. 04/14/1907, Father: Niedermaier, Conrad
Niedermaier, Naomi C., b. 12/12/1897, d. 12/10/1972, Father: Rodenfels, Clarence
Niedermaier, William, no dates
Niel, J. G., b. 1902, d. 12/10/1902, Father: Niel, D.Edmund
Nielsen, Catherine F., b. 03/05/1914, d. 09/16/1966, Father: Griffith, Reuben H.
Nielsen, Charles L., b. 03/12/1891, d. 05/27/1965, Father: Nielson, Wilhelm
Nielsen, Ella E., b. 05/16/1895, d. 06/27/1945, Father: Walker, John
Nielsen, Harold, no dates
Nielsen, Ida, b. 09/01/1886, d. 09/21/1932, Father: Barton
Nielsen, John, no dates
Nielsen, Melroy, b. 06/01/1889, d. 01/28/1951
Nielsen, Sarah Ellen, b. 09/17/1868, d. 01/17/1946, Father: Smith, William
Nielsen, William, b. 05/24/1857, d. 02/23/1932, Father: Neilson, Theadore
Nieman, Henry E., b. 1872, d. 03/23/1916
Nimon, Elma Provia, b. 01/16/1856, d. 01/17/1948, Father: Chidester, Harrison
Nissley, Dorothy, b. 1899, d. 10/20/1978, Father: Hipple, Frank
Nist, Cindy Lou, b. 08/15/1958, d. 08/23/1958, Father: Nist, Donald E.
Nist, Donald Eldon, b. 08/23/1917, d. 10/26/1982, Father: Nist, Lewis E.
Nist, Eleanor June, b. 10/21/1918, d. 08/20/1987, Father: McCurdy
Nist, Harold Marvin, b. 1921, d. 04/19/1923, Father: Nist, Lewis E.
Nist, Lelia H., b. 01/05/1894, d. 08/10/1970, Father: Davis, R.L.
Nist, Lewis E., b. 01/08/1885, d. 04/17/1969, Father: Nist, Jacob
Nist, Robert E., b. 06/23/1914, d. 08/18/1997, Father: Nist, Lewis E.
Nixon, Blanche G., b. 12/14/1897, d. 10/02/1950, Father: Shaw, Newton
Nixon, Clement V., b. 1864, d. 02/26/1921, Father: Nixon, John
Nixon, Silas, b. 05/21/1862, d. 09/29/1935, Father: Nixon, John
Nixon, William Harvey, b. 05/26/1896, d. 02/08/1972, Father: Nixon, Lewis
Noble, Alice M., b. 01/01/1872, d. 08/02/1960, Father: Clark, George
Noble, Frank Raymond, b. 01/17/1878, d. 03/23/1945, Father: Noble, William H.
Noble, George Wesley, b. 03/18/1905, d. 12/13/1921, Father: Noble, William N.
Noble, Harriett L., b. 1849, d. 09/28/1905, Father: Hodges, N.W.
Noble, James Clark, b. 1896, d. 1896, Father: Noble, William N.
Noble, Jeremy Scott, b. 03/15/1971, d. 03/17/1971, Father: Noble, Richard
Noble, Mollie, d. 02/22/1903
Noble, Paul Dewey, b. 1898, d. 1899, Father: Noble, William N.
Noble, William H., b. 1853, d. 01/22/1921, Father: Noble, James
Noble, William Nelson, b. 08/11/1867, d. 08/19/1953, Father: Noble, James W.
Noe, A. Allen, b. 1833, d. 09/15/1901, "Father"
Noe, Alma L., b. 03/28/1901, d. 07/13/1986, Father: Koenig, Adam
Noe, Ella, b. 1880, d. 07/19/1958
Noe, Orlo, b. 07/16/1878, d. 11/30/1931, Father: Noe, Allen
Noe, Roland R., b. 12/21/1899, d. 05/24/1952, Father: Noe, John
Noggle, Carrie Irene, b. 03/12/1906, d. 05/25/1997, Father: Johnson, Joseph
Nogle, Denton L. "Shorty", b. 10/26/1907, d. 09/29/1960, Father: Nogle, John R.
Nogle, Linda Kay, b. 02/21/1950, d. 09/27/2000, Father: Nogle, Denton L.
Nogle, Ruth Isabelle, b. 09/25/1913, d. 04/19/1980, Father: Dominy, A.Delbert
Noll, Alice G., b. 11/21/1917, d. 07/28/1989, Father: Gochenour, David
Noll, Leo Henry, b. 03/23/1915, d. 01/24/1997, Father: Noll, George
Nolze, Albert H., b. 01/02/1885, d. 02/01/1958, Father: Nolze, Henry A.
Nolze, Augusta S., b. 1859, d. 1904, "Mother", Father: VanScoy
Nolze, Charles A., b. 06/27/1886, d. 11/21/1957, Father: Nolze, Henry
Nolze, Christina M., b. 1933, d. no date
Nolze, Clara May, b. 01/18/1883, d. 11/08/1969, Father: Nolze, Henry A.
Nolze, George Walter, b. 07/07/1898, d. 07/20/1978, Father: Nolze, Henry
Nolze, Henry A., b. 04/06/1856, d. 04/27/1931, "Father", Father: Nolze, Christopher
Nolze, Martha I. , b. 1925, d. no date
Nolze, Ollie Mae, b. 07/03/1905, d. 12/01/1997, Father: Blair, John
Nooks, Elizabeth, d. 07/17/1935
Nooks, Joanna Grace, b. 1917, d. 01/10/1918
Norris, Amber M., b. 1892, d. 08/06/1982, Father: Graham, Charles
Norris, Birney O., d. 11/12/1879, Father: Norris, Steven Bryan
Norris, Edward R., b. 07/09/1903, d. 09/11/1974, Father: Unk
Norris, Elmora, b. 1838, d. 09/23/1911, "Mother", Father: Osborn, Solomon
Norris, Elmoro O., d. 10/28/1911
Norris, Frank C., b. 11/21/1896, d. 05/10/1973, Father: Norris, Joseph
Norris, Gerald E., b. 04/22/1911, d. 12/27/1947, Father: Norris, Rush
Norris, James Bryan, b. 09/27/1872, d. 03/30/1936, Father: Norris, Stephen B.
Norris, James, b. 1783, d. 1858
Norris, Jane E., b. 08/09/1915, d. 05/13/1995, Father: Davis, Harry
Norris, Jesse, d. 03/16/1871, Father: Norris, Stephen B.
Norris, Joan J., b. 1845, d. 02/10/1919
Norris, Marguerite H., b. 04/05/1896, d. 12/29/1973, Father: Snyder, William H.
Norris, Mary "Elizabeth", b. 1869, d. 03/25/1965, Father: Norris, Stephen B.
Norris, Mary A. (Rhodes), b. 02/28/1819, d. 01/10/1901, Father: Taylor, Joel
Norris, Paul W., b. 11/22/1915, d. 10/14/1997, Father: Norris, Frank
Norris, Phebe Roath, b. 06/10/1807, d. 08/13/1867
Norris, Robert F. "Boob", b. 05/29/1918, d. 12/01/1987, Father: Norris, Frank C.
Norris, Rush, b. 04/13/1883, d. 07/28/1948, Father: Norris, Edwin
Norris, Steven Bryan, b. 1838, d. 12/07/1915, "Father"
Norris, William A., b. 1839, d. 1841
Norris, William G., b. 1803, d. 09/--/1881
Norris, William Harold, b. 04/27/1876, d. 10/03/1952, Father: Norris, Stephen B.
North, Florence R., b. 05/06/1877, d. 07/01/1961, Father: Robinson, John
North, Jeptha W., b. 1886, d. 04/18/1921, Father: North, Joseph
North, John Wilson, b. 1881, d. 03/29/1945, Father: North, Joseph
North, Joseph W., b. 1831, d. 07/31/1916, Father: North, John
North, Sarah E., b. 09/08/1856, d. 04/10/1953, Father: Wilson, Peter
North, William Peter, b. 06/22/1883, d. 03/30/1967, Father: North, Joseph
Northcutt, Evelyn Pauline (Kellar), b. 06/14/1928, d. 05/17/1974, Father: Farrand, Willard
Norton, Bartlet, b. 03/17/1845, d. 09/19/1847, Father: Norton, James J.
Norton, Jacob S., b. 03/10/1847, d. 04/17/1860, Father: Norton, James J.
Norton, James J., b. 01/29/1818, d. 02/27/1883, "Father"
Norton, John L., b. 1852, d. 06/01/1905
Norton, Phoebe Ann, b. 07/23/1820, d. 07/28/1910, "Mother", Father: Shur
Norton, Ruth, b. 06/12/1899, d. 10/14/1926, Father: Foster, A.D.
Norton, Victorine E., b. 12/22/1848, d. 04/26/1860, Father: Norton, James J.
Norton, Violet J., b. 03/12/1851, d. 04/20/1854, Father: Norton, James J.
Norton, William L., b. 1873, d. 06/10/1900
Norwood, Florence Marion, b. 01/26/1881, d. 01/29/1949, Father: Abbott, W. H.
Norwood, Frederick A., b. 1886, d. 01/14/1953
Noscar, Frances Arthur, d. 05/16/1894, Father: Nosker
Null, John Wm., b. 02/17/1863, d. 05/23/1931, Father: Null, John
Null, John, b. 1830, d. 05/02/1919, Father: Null, John
Null, Mary, b. 01/01/1843, d. 01/03/1913, Father: Fritz, Joshua (b.PA)
Null, Minnie M., b. 1896, d. 07/03/1978
Null, Nancy A., b. 03/03/1823, d. 05/06/1894
Null, Susan, d. 07/06/1891, Father: Hedrick
Null, Tina, d. 10/16/1894, Father: Null, John Wm.
Nunn, Margery Jean Sackett, b. 1923, d. 1974
Nutt, Dorothy M., infant of, b. 04/24/1916, d. 04/24/1916
Nutt, Edward LeRoy, b. 03/03/1935, d. 03/03/1935, Father: Nutt, Nicholson
Nutt, Kenneth Afton "Hap", b. 11/28/1912, d. 07/23/1992, Father: Nutt, Roy
Nutt, Wilma H., b. 09/29/1919, d. 03/08/1991, Father: Nixon, William H.
Nutter, Harry L., b. 07/13/1928, d. 01/08/2004, Father: Nutter, Ernest Orin
Nutter, Mary Joan, b. 02/02/1926, d. 07/02/1996, Father: Loader, Robert
Nye, Ella Virginia, b. 03/--/1850, d. 10/19/1936, Father: Lee
Nye, William C., b. 1847, d. 03/25/1932
Nye, William Stanley, d. 11/02/1951, Father: Nye, William C.

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