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Oak Grove Cemetery
Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

Contributed by Dick Browning [rbrowning@columbus.rr.com].

Iams, Martha Julia, b. 06/29/1887, d., Father: Welch, Henry Augustus
Iams, Samuel Raymond, b. 05/14/1885, d. 08/17/1943, Father: Iams, Gray P.
Ice, Lydia Elizabeth, b. 02/18/1885, d. 11/05/1969, "Mother", Father: Wade, Ledrew L.
Ikehorn, Wilber J., d. 11/10/1925, Father: Ikehorn, W.J.
Illingsworth, Louise, b. 1910, d. 02/06/1986, Father: Harter, Fred D.
Illingsworth, Richard J., b. 1911, d. 12/01/1983
Ince, Faye, b. 1891, d. 03/08/1957, Father: Vergon
Ingalls, Betty June, b. 06/10/1927, d. 04/17/1992, Father: Bayhan, John
Ingle, Bessie E., b. 03/24/1882, d. 08/22/1898, Father: Ingle, P.
Ingle, Delilah Annette "Nellie", b. 02/15/1846, d. 01/16/1913, Father: Difany
Ingle, George Vinton, b. 04/12/1874, d. 04/21/1952, Father: Ingle, Peter
Ingle, Kenneth Ellwood, b. 1903, d. 02/05/1976, Father: Ingle, Geo. Vinton
Ingle, Lillian A., b. 05/17/1881, d. 02/20/1961, Father: Skatzes, Horace
Ingle, Mary Ruth, b. 1901, d. 05/01/1955, Father: Griffith, Reuben H.
Ingle, Peter, d. 03/20/1892, Father: Ingle, Wesley
Ingle, Walter W., b. 1879, d. 10/12/1902, Father: Ingle, Peter
Ingmyer, Emmor T., b. 07/24/1872, d. 07/27/1894, Father: Ingmyer, Fernandes
Ingmyer, Fernandes B., b. 1837, d. 02/08/1907
Ingmyer, Lavenia G., b. 1837, d. 08/03/1909, Father: Tuthill (?)
Ingmyer, Leona, b. 08/01/1883, d. 11/15/1904, Father: Ingmyer, Fernandes B.
Ingram, Ronda Markay, b. 01/15/1971, d. 01/15/1971, Father: Ingram, Ronald M.
Inscho, Charles L., b. 1874, d. 01/15/1959
Inscho, David, b. 1818, d. 02/15/1900
Inscho, Emma D., b. 09/20/1857, d. 06/26/1940, Father: Inscho, David
Inscho, Harriett, b. 1818, d. 02/20/1900, Father: Riley, William
Inscho, Pauline, b. 1844, d. 08/22/1929
Inscho, Ruth, b. 1882, d. 02/13/1974, Father: Curtiss
Inscho, Stiles L., b. 1842, d. 01/15/1918, Father: Inscho, David
Inskeep, John Willey, b. 10/24/1885, d. 01/30/1950, Father: Inskeep, Joel
Inskeep, Renna Gertrude, b. 01/23/1897, d. 11/24/1972, Father: Lowry, James
Iranker, Conrade, d. 06/01/1889
Irdly ?, Edward, no dates
Ireton, Carl Randolph, b. 05/20/1916, d. 01/07/1997, Father: Ireton, William
Irvin, Jenny, d. 05/04/1911
Irvin, L.E., d. 1911
Irwin, Ann, d. 05/02/1856
Irwin, Edwin, b. 11/30/1874, d. 06/19/1953, Father: Irwin, Joseph
Irwin, Elizabeth, d. 08/04/1895
Irwin, George S., b. 12/15/1879, d. 10/21/1960, Father: Irwin, William
Irwin, Harriett, b. 1868, d. 06/18/1958
Irwin, Julia "Louise", b. 1895, d. 1982
Irwin, Maude L. (Finch), b. 11/11/1873, d. 01/04/1951, Father: Patten, E.
Irwin, Minnie A., b. 08/06/1886, d. 06/29/1962, Father: Hinkle, Emery B.
Irwin, Olive "Louise", b. 01/23/1889, d. 07/21/1975, Father: Pollock, Walter
Irwin, Ray V., b. 09/03/1893, d. 02/22/1968
Ito, Kiyoko, b. 01/01/1922, d. 04/19/1955, Father: Ito, Umekichi
Iwagami, Cecilia, b. 1891, d. 09/09/1987, Father: Allen, George D.
Iwagami, Echirow Yama, b. 1888, d. 12/21/1989

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