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Kensico Cemetery
Valhalla, Westchester County, New York

Lakeview Ave
Valhalla NY 10595

Latitude: 41°04'40"N, Longitude: 073°47'13"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 30

Contributor's Index:

Chambers, Alice Stillman, b. 20 Jul 1872, d. 17 Feb 1955, w/o Newton Willis Chambers, d/o Thomas G. Stillman and Adelaide Stimpson, Lot 319, Sec. 20, [WT]
Chambers, Burt Stillman, b. 25 Jan 1902, d. 27 Dec 1983, h/o Hazel Kirk, Lot 319, Sec. 20, [WT]
Chambers, Hazel Kirk, b. 22 Dec 1903, d. 14 Dec 1997, w/o Burt Stillman Chambers, d/o Gilbert Kirk and Mary Ellen Sullivan, Lot 319, Sec. 20, [WT]
Chambers, Newton Willis, b. 31 Jan 1866, d. 11 Feb 1936, h/o Alice Stillman, s/o James Chambers and Lavinia Phillips, Lot 319, Sec. 20, [WT]
Chapman, Arthur J., b. 28 Jan 1878, d. Feb 1964, h/o Florence Collins, s/o Joseph Naylor Chapman and Mary Matilda Carpenter, [WH]
Chapman, Edgar H.A., b. 6 May 1902, d. 6 Jul 1985, h/o Elois LeTarte, s/o Arthur J. and Florence C. Chapman, [WH]
Chapman, Florence Collins, b. 13 Jul 1878, d. Jun 1964, w/o Arthur J. Chapman, d/o George Francis Collins and Mary Woodruff, [WH]
Collins, Mary Woodruff, b. 11 May 1838, d. 9 Oct 1928, w/o George Francis Collins, [WH]
Hamilton, Clarence, b. 1918, d. 1975, s/o William and Mildred Hamilton, [BW]
Hamilton, Mildred E., b. 1894, d. 1984, w/o William Hamilton, [BW]
Hamilton, William D., b. 1889, d. 1958, h/o Mildred Hamilton, [BW]
Haslun, Florence Edith "Queen" Chapman, b. 29 Jan 1904, d. 19 Sep 1954, w/o William I. Haslun, d/o Arthur Chapman and Florence Collins, [WH]
Haslun, William I., b. 16 Jan 1902, d. 4 Sep 1992, h/o Florence "Queen" Chapman, s/o Joseph and Ingeborg Haslun, [WH]
Hayes, Lorraine Jean, b. 15 Nov 1948, d. 01 Dec 2003, w/o K. Michael Hayes, d/o James and Rebecca Beers Bennett, [KH]
Koechlin, Virginia G., b. 02/17/1925, d. 11/01/1972, 47yr, [LG]
Ledogar, Anna Marie, b. 27 Sep 1867, d. 04 Jun 1935, Bronx NY, d/o Stephen & Barbara (Sinzer) Teator, w/o Charles Ledogar, [EL]
Ledogar, Charles Stephen, b.05 Sep 1901, d. 21 Jan 1968 Groton CT, s/o Charles & Anna Marie (Teator) Ledogar, h/o Whilemina Biesser, [EL]
Ledogar, Charles, b. 15 Nov 1867, d. 28 Mar 1930 Unionport, Bronx NY, s/o Francis X & Marie (Fronhofer) Ledogar, h/o Anna Marie Teator, [EL]
Ledogar, Francis Fred , b. 18 sep 1892, Bronx NY, d. 11 Oct 1951, Unionport Bronx NY, s/o Charles & Anna M (Teator) Ledogar, h/o Ellen Nellie Fleming, [EL]
Ledogar, Wilhelmina T (Biesser), b. 24 May 1904, NYC NY, d. 10 May 1969, Putnam CT, d/o Henry & Mary Alice (Lyons) Biesser, w/o Charles Stephen Ledogar, [EL]
McGowan, Thomas Howard , b. 21 Mar 1915, Brooklyn NY, d. 24 Dec 1987, Killingly CT, s/o Charles & Mildred F (Delaney) McGowan, h/o Mildred Anna Wright, [EL]
Rogers, Anna Mary Wright , b. 08 Apr 1929, Bronx NY, d. 18 Feb 1987, Cromwell CT, d/o Frank & Anna B (Ledogar) Wright, w/o William Rogers, (Divorced), [EL]
Schrull, Alma E., d. Jul 1972, d/o Pauline and Charles Schrull, [BH]
Schrull, Charles Thomas, b. 1945, d. 1972, s/o George and Mary Schrull, [BH]
Schrull, George J., d. Jun 1974, h/o Mary Schrull, s/o Pauline and Charles Schrull, [BH]
Schrull, Mary Rita, b. 1919, d. 1992, w/o George J. Schrull, d/o Thomas and Alice Mullen, [BH]
Teator, Barbara Sinzer , b. 22 Feb 1834, Kassel Germany, d. 22 Oct 1923, Unionport, Bronx NY, d/o Adam & Anna Marie (Ressbeck) Sinzer, w/o Stephen Teator, [EL]
Teator, Stephen, b. Mar 1835 Bamberg Bavaria, d. 27 Jun 1901, Bronx NY, s/o August & Elizabeth (Hasse), h/o Barbara Sintzel (Sinzer), [EL]
Wright, Anna Barbara Ledogar, b. 13 Jan 1896, Melrose, Bronx NY, d. 22 May 1973, Faitlawn NJ, d/o Charles & Anna Marie (Teator)Ledogar, w/o Frank Charles Wright, [EL]
Wright, Frank Charles, b. 23 Aug 1892, d. 17 Nov 1952 Unionport, Bronx NY, s/o William B F & Mary (Buhl) Wright, h/o Anna Barbara Ledogar, [EL]


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