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Center White Creek Cemetery
White Creek, Washington County, New York

GPS: 42.970413, -73.375841

Center White Creek Lane (Old Route 68)
White Creek, NY 12057

Last edited: November 6, 2016
Total records: 672

Surnames R-Z

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Contributor's Index:

Ramsey, Stephen David,
b. 1951 New York State, d. 8/7/1973, S5 L159, [LM]
Reynolds, Adam E., b. 1868, d. 1958, sp: Emma P Fowler, Margaret I Buckley, [LM]
Rice, Carolyn S., b. 1911, d. 1995, sp: Richard M. Rice, [LM]
Rice, Harriet, b. 9-1-1799, d. 6-23-1878, sp: Henry Rice, [LM]
Rice, Henry, b. 12-22-1790, d. 9-18-1870, sp: Harriet, [LM]
Rice, Walter, b. 2-22-1810, d. 5-21-1874, [LM]
Rich, Joel, b. 2-19-1787, d. 12-2-1871, [LM]
Rich, Julia M., d. 6-17-1858, sp: E.O. Comar, par: Joel & Jennett Rich, age: 24y 6m, [LM]
Robertson, Dale, Jr., b. 7/23/1982, d. 7/24/1982, S4 L152S, [LM]
Robertson, Edna, b. 11-13-1878 Shaftsbury, VT, d. 12/6/1911, sp: Joseph D. Robertson, par: Hiram Huling, Lucia Stone, [LM]
Robertson, Eleanor, b. 6/22/1910, d. 2/25/1989, sp: Kenneth W. Potter, [LM]
Robertson, Horace J., b. 8-26-1897, d. 12/6/1956, age: NY Pfc 1759 ORD MM CO AVN WW II, [LM]
Robertson, James, b. 1936, d. 1936, [LM]
Robertson, John E., b. 1946, d. 1947, [LM]
Robertson, Joseph Devereaux, b. 4-20-1872 Easton, NY, d. 11/19/1945, sp: Edna E. Huling, par: Russel Robertson, Margaret Shanahan, [LM]
Robertson, Jr. Joseph D, b. 4/20/1908 White Creek, NY, d. 1/27/1963, par: Joseph Robertson, Edna Huling, age: NY 1467 Service Comd Unit World War II, [LM]
Robertson, Ralph, b. 2/9/1900, d. 6/7/1960, [LM]
Robertson, Roger A., b. 7/31/1941, d. 6/27/1970, [LM]
Robertson, Wilfred E., b. 1898, d. 8/2/1985, sp: Mildred O'Brien, S4 L152S, [LM]
Rock, Georgie, d. 9-3-1870, par: Gerry W. & Lydia J. Rock, age: 6y 3m, [LM]
Rogers, Perry E., b. 1/13/1964, d. 9/13/2000, [LM]
Rose, Violet B., b. 10/31/1901, d. 6/16/1981, S5 L160, [LM]
Rowland, Eliza A., d. 10-7-1865, sp: Amasa P. Rowland, age: 26yrs, [LM]
Rowland, Garrardas D., d. 9-20-1855, par: John & Margaret Rowland, age: 1y 5m 20d, [LM]
Rowland, Ruth Ann, d. 9-16-1933?, par: John & Margaret Rowland, age: 6y 5m 21d, [LM]
Rowland, Susan C., b. 3-29-1835, d. 3-28-1879, sp: S. Darius Hodges, [LM]
Russell, Hannah, d. 8-26-1855, sp: Daniel Smith, age: 43yrs, [LM]
Russell, James, b. 1825 White Creek, NY, d. 12-11-1896, sp: Mary, par: Ebenezer Russell, age: 71yrs 5mos 8dys, [LM]
Russell, Mary, d. 4-25-1880, age: 54yrs 7mos 24dys, [LM]
Scott, Jennie L., b. 4-16-1840, d. 1/7/1930, sp: Gooding, John G., [LM]
Shed, Jared, d. 6-21-1843, age: 65y 10m 15d, [LM]
Shed, Phebe, d. 5-10-1821, sp: Jared Shed, age: 43yrs, [LM]
Shedd, Lansing, d. 7-14-1863, age: 49yrs, [LM]
Shedd, Thomas J., d. 12-3-1896, age: 76yrs, [LM]
Shelters, Edith, b. 1887, d. 1965, sp: Sabin H. Tappin, [LM]
Shelters, Kathryn L., b. 1890, d. 1952, [LM]
Sherman, Ann, b. 1804 Rhode Island, d. 6-24-1885, par: Henry Sherman, Patience Luke, [LM]
Sherman, Ann, d., age: no dates, age 84 years, [LM]
Sherman, Harriet, d., age: no dates, age 77 years, [LM]
Sherman, Lydia, d., age: no dates, age 82 years, [LM]
Slocum, Lewis B, b. 1832 Center White Creek, NY, d. 8-3-1893, par: Cerrinda Slocum, [LM]
Smith, Anna, b. 7-2-1834, d. 5/11/1907, sp: J. William Gay, [LM]
Smith, Cornelius V., b. 1-31-1799, d. 7-19-1879, sp: Elizabeth VanBuren, [LM]
Smith, Daniel, d. 12-5-1876, sp: Hannah Russell, age: 74yrs, [LM]
Smith, Deborah, b. 1805 Albany, NY, d. 4-3-1887, [LM]
Smith, George, d. 9-1-1862, par: Edward Smith & Delia M. Pratt, age: 2yrs, [LM]
Smith, Judith, d. 4-15-18??, par: Dan. & Hanh. Smith, age: 16yrs, [LM]
Smith, Katy A., b. 12-17-1832, d. 11/7/1902, sp: William Adams, [LM]
Smith, Rhoby J., b. 8-12-1844 White Creek, NY, d. 3/7/1925, sp: Charles Kenyon, par: Daniel Smith, Anna Russell, [LM]
Squires, Esther, b. 1926, d. no date, sp: Joseph E. Gates, age: married 11-26-1955, [LM]
Stanley, Delia J., d. 3-12-1881, par: E. & C.S. Stanley, age: AE 26y 8m 16d, [LM]
Starr, Emily Viola, b. 10/16/1922, d. 8/29/1979, S3 L103, [LM]
Starr, Francis Harold, b. 1919, d. 8/8/1980, S1 L11, World War II, [LM]
Starr, Jimmie Lou, b. 1920, d. no date, [LM]
Starr, Kenneth, b. 1/8/1915, d. 7/7/1949, age: NY Tech 4 106 INF WWII BSM, [LM]
Stevens, Arthur J., b. 7/24/1916, d. 9/22/1980, sp: Florence Stevens, S4 L181, TEC 5 US Army WWII, [LM]
Stevens, Florence Ann, b. 1919 New York State, d. 1/6/1975, sp: Arthur J. Stevens, S4 L181, [LM]
Strope, Helen F., b. 11/18/1925, d. no date, sp: W. Haswell Sweet, [LM]
Sweet, Adelaide Juliana, b. 4-17-1870, d. 1/11/1943, [LM]
Sweet, E. Amanda, b. 8-4-1835, d. 2-3-1871, sp: Shadrach Potter, [LM]
Sweet, Freeborn II, b. 10-10-1871, d. 1-19-1876, [LM]
Sweet, Freeborn, b. 3-12-1837, d. 4/12/1911, sp: Emma Winchell, [LM]
Sweet, Ida Cornelia, b. 3-10-1848, d. 6/23/1921, sp: Arnold Sullivan Center, [LM]
Sweet, Lewis, b. 10-17-18??, d. 1-3-1876, [LM]
Sweet, Mabel B., b. 12-22-1875, d. 1/16/1959, [LM]
Sweet, Minnie A., b. 8-27-1868, d. 5/3/1961, [LM]
Sweet, Nellie H., b. 10-10-1877, d. 9/15/1944, [LM]
Sweet, W. Haswell, b. 4/14/1915, d. 6/16/1988, sp: Helen F. Stope, [LM]
Sweet, Winchell, b. 8-1886 White Creek, NY, d. 1-8-1887, par: Sweet, Emma Winchell, [LM]
Taber, Andrew J., b. 1917, d. 1991, [LM]
Taber, Charles E., b. 1888, d. 1951, sp: Sarah L. Andrew, [LM]
Taber, George E., b. 1928, d. 1999, [LM]
Taber, Ivan L., b. 1923, d. 1990, sp: Jean Brownell Taber, age: TEC 5 US Army WWII, [LM]
Taber, Jean Brownell, b. 1925, d. 1988, sp: Ivan L. Taber, [LM]
Taber, Ray C., b. 1926, d. 1988, [LM]
Taber, Raymond J., b. 1886, d. 6/27/1982, S4 L140S, [LM]
Taber, Wales J., b. 1918, d. no date, sp: Dorothy Wallen, age: married 6-14-1945, [LM]
Taber, Warren A., b. 1921, d. 1988, sp: Mary Campney, age: married 6-5-1949, [LM]
Taber, William, d. 4/17/1988, [LM]
Tappin, Sabin H., b. 1878, d. 1951, sp: Edith Shelters, [LM]
Thomas, Henrietta Pratt, b. 1832, d. 1871, [LM]
Thomas, Regina Lake, b. 7-22-1835 White Creek, NY, d. 12/5/1917, par: James Lake, Lydia Lake Cross, [LM]
Thomas, WIlliam W., b. 4-13-1834 Brattleboro, VT, d. 7/13/1916, par: Thomas E. Thomas, Abigail Bangs, [LM]
Thurber, Birddell, b. 1882 Cambridge, NY, d. 6-9-1892, par: Frank Thurber, Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, Eva E., b. 1887 White Creek, NY, d. 6-11-1892, par: Frank Thurber, Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, Frank, b. 1852 Vermont, d. 1925, sp: Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, Freddie, b. 1879, d. 1882, par: Frank Thurber, Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, James Garfield, b. 7-16-1880 White Creek, NY, d. 1/20/1941, par: Frank Thurber, Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, Lena, b. 2-1890 New York, d. 2/28/1910, par: Frank Thurber, Roby Breed, [LM]
Thurber, Roby Breed, b. 6-30-1850 DeRuyter, NY, d. 4/21/1922, sp: Frank Thurber, par: James Breed, Susan Carpenter, [LM]
Tiffany, Benjamin, Jr., d. 5-29-1801, age: 21yrs, [LM]
Tiffany, Benjamin, d. 4/12/1901, age: 56yrs, [LM]
Tiffany, Henry, d. 10-30-1777, age: 4yrs, [LM]
Tiffany, Mrs. Mary (consort), d. 2-6-1812, sp: Benjamin Tiffany, age: 71yrs, [LM]
Tiffany, Sarah, d. 10-30-1777, age: 1y, [LM]
Tinkham, John, d. 5-4-1881, age: 21y 10m 28d, [LM]
Tinkham, Julana, d. 1-1-1880, sp: Dea. Abner Brownell, age: 63y 3m 11d, [LM]
Tinkham, Peter Wright, d. 3-18-1880, par: Rev. D. Tinkham, age: 65y 10m 3d, [LM]
Tooley, Cora B., b. 1859, d. 1901, sp: George H. Tooley, [LM]
Tooley, George H., b. 1855, d. 1936, sp: Cora B., [LM]
Tooley, Harriet S., d. 7-28-1856, par: Samuel & Mary Tooley, age: 1y 2m 8d, [LM]
Tooley, Mary Jane, b. 12-30-1830 White Creek, NY, d. 11/29/1910, par: Reuben Bentley, Silvia Potter, [LM]
Tooley, Samuel, d. 8/25/1906, [LM]
Valentine, Byron W., b. 1866, d. 1950, sp: Louise W., [LM]
Valentine, Louise W., b. 1873, d. 1968, sp: Byron W. Valentine, [LM]
VanBuren, Elizabeth, b. 4-10-1803, d. 8-5-1885, sp: Cornelius V. Smith, [LM]
WIng, Jane Ann, b. 1-31-1817, d. 12-26-1894, sp: Sanford Waite, [LM]
Waite, Anson, d. 9-12-1885, sp: Ann E. Hunt, [LM]
Waite, Arthur C., b. 1888 New York State, d. 1/21/1974, sp: Anna Johnson, S2 L3, [LM]
Waite, Clarence K., b. 11-20-1860 White Creek, NY, d. 11/3/1936, sp: Emma Brown, par: Ezra Waite, Jane Gilchrist, [LM]
Waite, Dorothy M., b. 1919, d. 1919, par: Arthur Waite & Anna Johnson, age: S2 L3, [LM]
Waite, Dorthy Martha, b. 1910, d. 1920, [LM]
Waite, Edna P., b. 10-9-1857, d. 4-30-1899, [LM]
Waite, Eliza J., d. 8-31-1831, par: Jane & Ezra Waite, age: 20d, [LM]
Waite, Emma A., d. 8-25-1854, par: Jane & Ezra Waite, age: 1yr 8m, [LM]
Waite, Emma B., b. 9-9-1863 Shaftsbury, VT, d. 5/11/1942, sp: Clarence K.Waite, par: Henry D Brown, Mary A Tubbs, [LM]
Waite, Eudoxia S., b. 7-31-1813, d. 6-15-1893, sp: Zera Waite, [LM]
Waite, Ezra, d. 5-31-1875, sp: Jane E., age: AE 64y 20d, [LM]
Waite, Forrest C., b. 12-16-1893, d. 10/22/1960, age: Pfc CO K 308 INF WWI, [LM]
Waite, Ida M., b. 1862, d. 1944, [LM]
Waite, James H., b. 1-26-1852, d. 6/9/1916, age: M.D., [LM]
Waite, Jane E., d. 11-5-1882, sp: Ezra Waite, age: AE 56y 10m 14d, [LM]
Waite, Judson P., b. 1863, d. 1911, [LM]
Waite, Lydia E., d. 4-21-1878, par: Zera & Eudoxia Waite, age: 24yrs, [LM]
Waite, Mable Eliza, b. 1-23-1885 Centre White Creek, NY, d. 1/5/1918, par: William Waite, Minnie Brown, [LM]
Waite, Marie, b. 1921, d. 1921, par: Arthur Waite & Anna Johnson, age: S2 L3, [LM]
Waite, Martin B., b. 8-2-1818, d. 6-19-1886, [LM]
Waite, Mary A., b. 8-17-1850, d. 10/30/1901, [LM]
Waite, Ralph C., b. 1886, d. 1950, [LM]
Waite, Rosalin Hannah, b. 5/4/1919 White Creek, NY, d. 5/7/1919, par: Arthur Waite, Anna Johnson, [LM]
Waite, Sanford, b. 3-15-1810, d. 11-26-1876, sp: Jane Ann Wing, [LM]
Waite, William, b. 7-22-1858 White Creek, NY, d. 9/10/1928, sp: Minnie Brown, par: Ezra Waite, Jane Gilchrist, [LM]
Waite, Zera, b. 3-7-1808, d. 1-17-1864, sp: Eudoxia S., [LM]
Waldron, Frank, b. 7-10-1870, d. 1/11/1904, [LM]
Wallen, Dorothy, b. 1922, d. no date, sp: Wales J. Taber, age: married 6-14-1945, [LM]
Ward, Mary J., b. 6-2-1846, d. 6/18/1908, sp: Ganford N. Hewitt, [LM]
Weeden, Sarah, d. 6-5-1831, sp: Joseph Peckham, age: 88yrs, [LM]
Weeks, Robert W., b. 3/26/1929, d. 8/20/1984, par: Bob Weeks,,,S5 L164, Korean War, [LM]
Weir, Sarah A., b. 10-22-1832, d. 6/24/1915, sp: William A. Fowler, [LM]
Wells, Judith, b. 1835, d. 1922, sp: Eugene Burdick, [LM]
Wetherell, Harriet, d. 4-29-1852, par: Alanson & Mary A. Wetherell, age: 18yrs, [LM]
Wetherell, Ransom, b. 1-30-1868 Eagle Bridge, NY, d. 5/13/1939, sp: Lidia Moon, par: Sye Wetherell, Mary Baker, [LM]
Whelden, Ruth M., b. 1898, d. 1989, sp: Myron H. Center, [LM]
White, Bertha Hewitt, b. 1882, d. 1965, [LM]
White, Frank E., b. 1880, d. 1941, [LM]
White, Louis B., b. 1880, d. 1953, sp: Florence Hewitt, [LM]
Winchell, Emma, b. 8-12-1846, d. 6/3/1924, sp: Freeborn Sweet, [LM]
Witherell, Alonson, d. 4-3-1869, age: 61 yrs, [LM]
Witherell, Eunice A., b. 1840, d. 1906, sp: Benjamin Baker, [LM]
Witherell, Lafayette A., b. 11-14-1858 Rutland, VT, d. 8/25/1941, sp: Mary O'Hern, par: Lafayette Wetherell, Sarah Baker, [LM]
Witherell, Lafayette, d. 6-8-1882, sp: Sarah A., age: 48yrs, [LM]
Witherell, Mary E., b. 8-14-1863 Pittstown, NY, d. 12/13/1937, sp: Lafayette Witherell, Sr., par: James O Heaonp?, Julia, [LM]
Witherell, Sarah A., d. 9/29/1901, sp: Lafayette Witherell, age: 64yrs, [LM]
Wood, Charley, d. 12-27-1886, par: Russell & Adelaide Wood, age: 25d, [LM]
Wood, Edward, d. 6-10-1872, age: 39yrs, [LM]
Wood, Nettie, d. 4-18-1887, sp: Charles Marsh, age: 24y 5m 9d, [LM]
Woodcock, Harvey H., b. 1900, d. 1963, sp: Violet B. LeBarron, [LM]
Woodcock, Raymond H., Sr., b. 1925, d. 1970, sp: Edna B., [LM]
Wooddell, Albert G. Sr., b. 1921, d. 1988, sp: Irene Granger, age: married 4-5-1939, [LM]
Wooddell, Albert G., Jr., b. 1922, d. 7/22/1988, age: World War II, [LM]
Wooddell, Frank, b. 9-9-1888 NY, d. 3/18/1960, par: George Wooddell, Effie Madison, [LM]
Wooddell, George F., b. 6-12-1866 Jackson, NY, d. 4/11/1935, sp: Mary Mattison, par: Wm. Wooddell, Angeline Colby, [LM]
Wooddell, Ralph E., b. 1900, d. 1957, [LM]
Wright, Addie, b. 4-10-1861, d. 3-31-1864, par: W.W. & M.F. Wright, [LM]
Wright, Anna H., d. 3-12-1888, sp: Eben. Wright, age: 76yrs, [LM]
Wright, Ebenezer, b. 1815 White Creek, NY, d. 8-31-1894, sp: Anna H., par: Ebenezer Wright, Tiffany Center, [LM]
Wright, Edwin N., b. 2-11-1879, d. 2-11-1885, [LM]
Wright, George H., b. 5-3-1837 White Creek, NY, d. 3/11/1910, par: Eben. Wright, Anna Hoag, [LM]
Wright, J. Agnes, b. 1865, d. 1935, sp: Earl E. Potter, [LM]
Wright, L.A. Zemira, d. 6-17-1847, par: Eben. & Anna Wright, age: 1y 3m, [LM]
Wright, Penina Brownell, b. 12-1-1841, d. 12/21/1938,, [LM]
Wright, Stephen H., b. 9-24-1841, d. 8/31/1916, CO. B., 75th Regt. N.Y.S.V., [LM]
Wright, Wm. W., b. 4-19-1825, d. 12-24-1888, sp: J.E. Cockson, [LM]
Wyman, Ezra, d. 3/30/1961, [LM]
Wyman, Lydia M., b. 1835, d. 1905, sp: Thomas H. Lake, [LM]

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