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Evergreen Cemetery
Salem, Washington County, New York

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Salem, NY 12865

Published: November 3, 2016
Total records: 6,942

Surnmes S

Records published here were acquired from the Salem Bancroft Public Library on November 3, 2016. These records were compiled by Ann Pongrace and David Male, August 1999. Dates of death range from 1772 to 2002.

Safford, Adelaide
, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Laura Murdock, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Myron C., d. Feb.7, 1946, Salem, NY, Age: 60y2m9d, Cardiac Embolism, Burial# 4411, Int. Lot: F261
Safford, Agnes M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel & Margaret McCurdy, Residence: Salem # 14, Spouse: David H., d. Oct.4, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 47y5m5d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2337, Int. Lot: H100
Safford, Alice E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edward G & Mary E.Holt Johnston, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. June 27, 1930, Salem, NY, Age: 54y10m5d, Burial# 3142, Int. Lot: F50
Safford, Alice Jane, b. Salem, Parents: Marvin F. & Mary Jane (Witherell), Residence: Salem Village, d. July 13, 1913, Salem, Age: 10m, Congest.of Lungs, Burial# 792, Int. Lot: F121
Safford, Anna M., b. Salem, Parents: Myron Safford & Ella Young, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.1, 1966, Hebron, Age: 72y4m17d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5416, Int. Lot: F369
Safford, Anne P., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Patrick Powers & Mary Welch, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. Sept.24, 1940, Cambridge Hosp., NY, Age: 78y, Acute Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 6386, Int. Lot: H82
Safford, Betsey A., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: James & Lucy Gillis, Residence: Salem # 14, Spouse: Wid.of Nathan F., d. Dec.14, 1951, Salem, Age: 69y11m25d, Consumption, Burial# 1783, Int. Lot: F95
Safford, Caroline W., b. Salem, Parents: John Wright & Melissa Hayner, Residence: Salem, Spouse: William C., d. Sept.28, 1958, Salem, Age: 74y10m11d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 5021, Int. Lot: H100
Safford, Chester, b. Salem, Parents: Chester & Esther (Carsnell), Residence: New York, Spouse: Melinda (Lakin), d. Jan.8, 1882, New York City, Age: 62y, Gastric Fever, In Vault Feb.3, Burial# 797, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, Chester, b. Salem, Parents: Chester & Esther (Carswell), Residence: NY. 2nd Ave., Spouse: Melinda (#1146), d. July 27, 1867, New York, Age: 61y10m29d, Dropsey of Heart, Burial# 816, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, David S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William C. & Mary (Harnes) Safford, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. April, 1915, Salem, NY, Age: 77y3m23d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 3909, Int. Lot: H100
Safford, Earl Y., b. Hebron, Parents: Ella Young & Myron Safford, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. May 6, 1901, Cambridge, Age: 76y4m11d, Carcinoma, Burial# 5306, Int. Lot: F361
Safford, Edwin G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Gideon F. & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Alice E., d. June 3, 1890, Salem, Age: 29y9m18d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1555, Int. Lot: F50
Safford, Elizabeth, b. Ireland, Residence: Salem Village, d. April 6, 1889, Salem, Dysentery, Widow, wife of Thomas (#544), Burial# 615, Int. Lot: C277
Safford, Elizabeth McD., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth Rainy McDowell, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. May 13, 1890, Salem, Age: 68y5d, Carcinoma of Breast, Burial# 4243, Int. Lot: C268
Safford, Ella Young, b. White Creek, NY, Parents: Robert & Lorenza (Young), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Myron, d. March 3, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 73y, Nephritis, Burial# 3781, Int. Lot: F
Safford, Emma A., b. Oneonta, NY, Parents: Marvin F. & Harriet A????, Residence: Oneonta #1, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.6, 1907, Oneonta, Age: 1y1m2d, Membraneous Croup, Burial# 1262, Int. Lot: F121
Safford, Ernest, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Myron Safford, Jr., Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.13, 1869, Granville, NY, Age: 71y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6432, Int. Lot: F377
Safford, Francis L.S., b. Salem, Parents: Chester (#816) & Melinda (#1146), Residence: Troy, d. May 14, 1922, Troy, Age: 4y4m2d, Brain Fever, From Old Grave Yard, Burial# 817, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, G.Leroy, b. Kingsbury, Parents: Gideon & Sarah, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Sarah, d. Oct.6, 1977, Hebron, NY, Age: 81y3m8d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4524, Int. Lot: B238
Safford, George R., b. Salem, Parents: Chester (#816) & Melinda (#1146), Residence: New York, d. Oct.18, 1871, Hudson River, Age: 19y7m14d, Coll. & Boiler Expl., Fr. Old Gr.Yd. (Steamboat Bar-tender), Burial# 818, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, Georgianna, b. New - York, Parents: Chester (#816) & Melinda, Residence: New York, d. May 31, 1956, New York City, Age: 8m, Cholera Infantum, From Old Gr.Yd (Should be #820, Burial# 924, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, Helen M., Parents: M. & Sarah Morse Heath, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Earl Y., d. April 3, 1880, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 46y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3949, Int. Lot: F
Safford, Irma H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Earl Y. & Helen H., Residence: Salem # 14, d. May 5, 1913, Salem, NY, Age: 8m10d, B.Pneumonia, Burial# 2883, Int. Lot: G167
Safford, Isabella, b. Salem, Parents: David & Mary Mathews, Residence: Fort Edward, Spouse: Widow of Gideon, d. Feb.16, 1874, Argyle, Age: 79y3m13d, Consumption, Burial# 554, Int. Lot: G38
Safford, John McDonald, b. Salem, Parents: Chester (#816) & Melinda, Residence: Salem, d. June 28, 1887, Salem, Age: 5m20d, Convulsions, From Old Gr.Yd. (Should be #819), Burial# 923, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, Joseph M., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas (#544) & Isabel (Livingston), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Ellen (Morrow), d. Salem, Age: 30y, Diphtheria, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Mrs.David Stewart, Burial# 433, Int. Lot: C277
Safford, Mary J., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Wm. & Amanda Alexander, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: David H., d. Albany, NY, Age: 50y, Cancer, Burial# 2767, Int. Lot: D110
Safford, Mary Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Mary Heath & Wm.H.Groesbeck, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Granville, Age: 99y7m8d, Arterio Sclerosis, In Vault 1, 25, 1964, Burial# 5772, Int. Lot: E54
Safford, Melinda, b. Sandgate Vt, Parents: Robert & Rebecca Lakin, Residence: NY 2107 2nd Ave, Spouse: Widow of Chester #816, d. April 10, 1929, New York, Age: 66y, Apoplexy, Burial# 1146, Int. Lot: H121
Safford, Myron C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Nathan & Betsy Ann (Gillis), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. March 21, 1956, Salem, NY, Age: 72y10m22d, Burial# 4042, Int. Lot: F369
Safford, Myron C., b. Salem, Parents: Myron Safford & Ella Young, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. Sept.14, 1883, Salem, Age: 74y3m14d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5439, Int. Lot: F377
Safford, Nathan F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Nathan & Huldah (Eastlaw), Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Betsey Ann, d. Oct.2, 1962, Salem, Age: 66y8m19d, Heart Disease, In Vault Feb.7 (Farmer), Burial# 1303, Int. Lot: F95
Safford, Sarah A., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Oneonta #1, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.24, 1930, Oneonta, NY, Age: 20y2m14d, Burial# 1376, Int. Lot: F121
Safford, Thomas, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph (#433) & Ellen, Residence: Salem Village, d. Nov.28, 1937, Salem, Age: 2m20d, Diphtheria, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 432, Int. Lot: C277
Safford, Thomas, b. Salem, Parents: Gideon Sr. & Lucy (Freeman), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Elizabeth (#615), d. June 22, 1961, Salem, Age: 75y, Of Heart, In Vault Dec.25 (Farmer), Burial# 544, Int. Lot: C277
Safford, Vera L., b. Salem, Parents: Myron & Ella Safford, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.8, 1901, Salem, Age: 69y4m12d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5151, Int. Lot: F369
Safford, William C., Jr., b. Salem, Parents: William Safford & Caroline Wright, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Anne, d. Dec. 19, 1862, Cambridge, NY, Age: 64y, Cong.Heart Failure, Burial# 6167, Int. Lot: H82
Safford, Wm.C., b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.David Safford, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. 9/12/10, Salem, Age: 71y5m0d, Heart Failure, Burial# 5089, Int. Lot: H100
Salisbury, Steven, b. Mt.Vernon, N.H., Parents: Herman & Vesta Tracy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jane, d. Nov.16, 1957, Schenectady, NY, Age: 64y, Massive Head Bleeding, Buried Nov.20, 1987, Burial# 6641, Int. Lot: A65
Sampson, Dorothy, b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Willis G. & Minnie R., Residence: Rutland, d. May 29, 1966, Rutland, Age: 1m7d, ?, Burial# 2527, Int. Lot: H167
Sampson, Florence M., b. Salem, NY 7/7/1895, Parents: Willis & Minnie (Reed) Sampson, Residence: Argyle, NY, d. Feb. 17, 1862, Argyle, NY, Age: 99yrs, Natural Causes, Buried May 17, 1995, Burial# H-167
Sampson, Minnie R., b. Plattsburgh, NY, Parents: Wm. & Mary Reed, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Willis G., d. June 20, 1879, Rutland, Age: 31y9m24d, Blood Poisoning, Burial# 2547, Int. Lot: H167
Sampson, Willis G., b. Cornwall, VT, Parents: Lavette J. & Rosetta Ferris, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.10, 1910, Rutland, VT, Age: 42y7m15d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3062, Int. Lot: H167
Saperstein, Helen S., b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Rupert Stockham & Marg't Thom, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harold, d. April 29, 1990, Salem, NY, Age: 92yrs, DOB 9/24/1906, Buried April 1, 2000, Burial# S-24
Sather, Carl L., d. Feb.8, 1925, St.Peters Hosp/Albany, NY, Age: 62, Burial# K-59, Int. Lot: E-4
Sather, Esther H., b. Norway, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Kristian, d. April 11, 1908, Granville, NY, Age: 75y, Hypoxia-Pulm.Fibrosis, Burial# 6196, Int. Lot: B337
Sather, Horrace E., b. Ridley Park, PA1920, Parents: John I.Sather & Signe Bekkever, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Viona Hansen, d. March 22, 1926, Albany, NY, Age: 75yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 8, 1996, Burial# K-44
Sather, John, b. Jackson, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept. 9, 1870, Greenwich, Age: 77y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6000, Int. Lot: S53
Sather, Signe, b. Norway, Parents: Magnus & Karen Bekisenan, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: John I., d. Jan. 25, 1856, Jackson, Age: 67y, Heart, Burial# 5549, Int. Lot: S53
Saunders, Carl G., b. W.Rupert, VT 1901, d. March 15, 1875, Bennington, VT, Age: 92yrs, Buried July 23, 1993, Burial# B-87
Saunders, Cecil V., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Frances Randles, Residence: Rupert, VT, d. Jan.27, 1904, West Rupert, VT, Age: 28y3m20d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3212, Int. Lot: B233
Saunders, Clifford, See Interment # 2098, Removed from Lot #8 Sec.R, Burial# 3213, Int. Lot: B233
Saunders, Clifford, b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: George & Frances, Residence: Rupert # 3, d. Oct.27, 1865, West Rupert, Age: 7m, Congestion of Brain, Burial# 2098, Int. Lot: R8
Saunders, Frances Ann, b. Wells, VT, Parents: Peter R. & Clara Randall, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: George, d. May 8, 1835, Rupert, VT, Age: 70y7m15d, Burial# 4621, Int. Lot: B232
Saunders, George, b. Wells, VT, Parents: Niles & Julia, Residence: Rupert, d. Rupert, Age: 78y9m19d, Brights Disease, Burial# 4803, Int. Lot: B232
Saunders, Herbert, b. Hebron, Parents: Miles Saunders & Julia G., Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Mary, d. April 24, 1966, Rupert, Age: 74y5m6d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5128, Int. Lot: C144
Saunders, Julia E., b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: David & Alzina Gravlin, Residence: W.Rupert, d. Jan.25, 1889, West Rupert, VT, Age: 76y4m26d, Chronic Intest.Nephritis, Burial# 3381, Int. Lot: C68
Saunders, Marie W., b. Coila, Ny. 7/17/1902, d. Sept.11, 1866, Bennington, Vt, Age: 93yrs, Buried Aug.18, 1995, Burial# B-87
Saunders, Mary J., Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Single, d. May 7, 1885, Rutland, Age: 22y, Poison, Burial# 3098, Int. Lot: R15
Saunders, Mary M., b. Hebron, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Andrew McLean, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Widowed, d. Jan.31, 1931, West Rupert, VT, Age: 77y4m1d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5252, Int. Lot: C144
Saunders, Niles A., b. Granville, NY, Parents: Joseph & Chloe, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Julia, d. May 31, 1895, West Rupert, VT, Age: 77y0m9d, LaGrippe, Burial# 2861, Int. Lot: C68
Saunders, Orla, b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Miles A. & Julia, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.2, 1968, Rupert, VT, Age: 21y5m24d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1651, Int. Lot: C68
Saunders, Ronald E., b. Rupert, VT, Residence: Granville, NY, d. Jan.27, 1876, Burlington, VT, Age: 70, Cremated, Burial# K-4, Int. Lot: N-40 1/2 E-4
Savage, Edward, b. Rutland, Mass., Parents: John & Eleanor, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary, d. Dec.11, 1915, Salem, Age: 87y, Old Age, From Old Cemetary, Burial# 2257, Int. Lot: I 88
Savage, Eleanor, b. Scotland, Parents: Arthur & _____Hamilton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: John, d. Nov.21, 1899, Salem, Age: 70y, Old Age, From Old Cemetary, Burial# 2256, Int. Lot: I 88
Savage, John, b. Londerderry, Ire., Parents: John & _____, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Eleanor, d. Nov.14, 1919, Salem, Age: 85y, Old Age, From Old Cemetary, Burial# 2255, Int. Lot: I 88
Savage, Mary, b. Agyleshire, Scot., Parents: Alex & ____McNaughton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edward, d. Dec.24, 1946, Salem, Age: 92y, Old Age, From Old Cemetary, Burial# 2259, Int. Lot: I 88
Savage, Polly, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edward & Mary, Residence: Salem, d. Oct.31, 1888, Salem, Age: 3y, Unknown, From Old Cemetary, Burial# 2258, Int. Lot: I 88
Saville, Mable B., b. Salem, Parents: Benj. & Leona Briggs, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Harry, d. June 4, 1990, Troy, Age: 53y6m25d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5266, Int. Lot: A22
Saville, Susan K., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Ernest Smith, Jr. & Eileen Jolley, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: David, d. Feb.25, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 27y, Pulmonary Embolism, Burial# 6548, Int. Lot: A12
Saxe, Arthur Milton, b. Salem, Parents: Geo.G. & Huldah H.M., Residence: Salem Village, d. April 10, 1933, Salem, Age: 2m2d, Cholera Infantum, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 434, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, Carrie Amanda, b. Castleton, VT, Parents: Geo.G. & Huldah H.M., Residence: Poultney, d. April 13, 1867, Poultney, VT, Age: 1y7m25d, Dysentery, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 436, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, Edward Alanson, b. Bakersfield, VT, Parents: Geo.G. & Huldah H.M., Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.1, 1923, Salem, Age: 2y5m25d, Measles, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 435, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, George G., b. Plattsburgh, NY, Parents: Jacob & Rowena, Residence: Madison, NJ, Spouse: Huldah, d. Dec.3, 1888, Madison, Age: 74y4m11d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2284, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, George G., Jr., b. Morrisania, NY, Parents: George G. & Huldah K.M., Residence: Morrisania, d. Morrisania, Age: 6m4d, Dysentery, From Morrisania Gr.Yd., Burial# 475, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, Huldah K.M., b. NYCity, Parents: Alanson & Arnanda Kimble, Residence: Madison, NJ, Spouse: Geo.G., d. Sept.23, 1884, Madison, Age: 74y0m13d, Heartfailure, Burial# 2646, Int. Lot: H66
Saxe, Theodore J., b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Rev.George G. & Huldah R.M., Residence: Brooklyn, d. Oct.2, 1872, Brooklyn, Age: 5mo15d, Canker, Burial# 659, Int. Lot: H66
Schaeffer, Donald, Parents: Robert Schaeffer & N.Saunders, d. Nov.14, 1904, France, Killed in Action War 2, Buried June 7, 1948, Burial# 5097, Int. Lot: A40
Schaffer, Anna M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Geo.Saunders, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Robert, d. Sept.22, 1950, Granville, Age: 44y8m7d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 4509, Int. Lot: A40
Schaffer, Robert, b. Lockport, PA, Residence: Granville, d. March 17, 1887, Granville, Age: 84y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 5914, Int. Lot: A39
Schanbarger, Donald E., b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. May 29, 1901, Hebron. NY, Age: 75, Natural, Burial# Poor Section, Int. Lot: 1 ?
Scharff, Francis X., b. Albany, NY, d. Sept.29, 1910, Albany, NY, Age: 82y, Heart, Burial# 5731, Int. Lot: B86
Schermerhorn, Henry C., b. Hebron, Parents: Casper & Phebe B., Residence: Salem, d. Aug.26, 1926, Salem, Age: 20y6m13d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 727, Int. Lot: C90
Schinck, Julia Park, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Pliny & Mary M.Park (#218), Residence: NJ, Spouse: John, d. May 15, 1972, So.Brunswick, Age: 29y4m0d, Consumption, Place of Resid. (No.Brunswick, NJ, Burial# 1406, Int. Lot: F52
Schlesinger, Margaret, b. Yonkers NYC., Parents: Elizabeth Cowan & Richard Dickman, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Edwin, d. Dec.26, 1910, Albany, Age: 64y, Cancer of Pancreas, Burial# 5975, Int. Lot: B127
Schnoop, Bertha, b. Chester, NY, Parents: Henry Wagner & Pauline Prouss, Residence: Bennington, VT, d. Feb.18, 1876, Bennington, VT, Age: 92y, Not Listed, Buried June 27, 1988, Cremated, Burial# 6662, Int. Lot: I 100
Schroeder, William C., b. Brooklyn, NY 1916, Parents: William & Laura (Hansen) Schroeder, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Gloria Vetrano, d. Sept.25, 1873, Salem, NY, Age: 79yrs, Buried Oct.23, 1995, Burial# I-122
Schuman, Etelka G., b. Unknown, Parents: Unknown, Residence: PA, d. March 26, 1946, PA, Not Listed, Buried June 5, 1986, Cremation, Burial# 6588, Int. Lot: C214
Schumann, Felix V.R., b. Berlin, Germany, Spouse: Etelma, d. June 24, 1907, Greenburg, Age: 62y4m28d, Monoxide Poisoning, Creamated, Burial# 5102, Int. Lot: C214
Scott, Abbie J., b. New York, Parents: Johnathan & Caroline Green, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Wm.A., d. Nov.17, 1971, Shushan, NY, Age: 59y2d, Drowned, Burial# 3436, Int. Lot: C76
Scott, Charles, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Margaret, Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Nancy M., d. Sept.27, 1937, West Hebron, NY, Age: 79y2m2d, Paralysis, Burial# 2752, Int. Lot: C74
Scott, David, Buried Aug.23, 1891, Burial# 1956, Int. Lot: C74
Scott, Mary A., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: R. & Ann Livingston, Residence: Salem # 14, d. Oct. 17, 1867, Salem, Age: 65y, Pleurisy, Burial# 2046, Int. Lot: C76
Scott, William A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.M. & Mary A.Livingston Scott, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.12, 1959, White Creek, NY, Age: 87y3m26d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4267, Int. Lot: C76
Scott, William M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 14, Spouse: Mary Ann, d. Aug.9, 1911, Salem, Age: 76y0m0d, Hepatic Cancer, Burial# 1621, Int. Lot: C76
Searles, Andrew G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hiram & Martha, Residence: Salem # 3, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.6, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 20y2m19d, Brain Fever, Burial# 2348, Int. Lot: C81
Searles, Charles H., b. No.Hebron, Parents: Thomas & Eliza, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Married, d. April 13, 1894, Salem, Age: 39y3m30d, Burial# 1759, Int. Lot: C81
Searles, Ernest L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hiram & Myrtle, Residence: No.Hoosick, d. June 20, 1887, No. Hoosick, Age: 2d, Brain Trouble, Burial# 2668, Int. Lot: C83
Searles, Hiram, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Thomas & Lucendia, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Caroline, d. April 27, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 76y2m14d, Burial# 3643, Int. Lot: C81
Searles, Hirman M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hirman F. & Martha, Residence: Salem, d. Oct.29, 1922, Salem, Age: 27y, Consumption, Burial# 2917, Int. Lot: C83
Searles, Martha, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Mahaffy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Hiram, d. Jan.9, 1932, Salem, Age: 66y0m23d, Cancer, Burial# 2699, Int. Lot: C81
Searles, Thomas, b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Married, d. April 27, 1949, Salem, NY, Age: 77y, Brights Disease, Burial# 1889, Int. Lot: C81
Searls, Bennie H., b. Salem, Parents: Hiram R. & Martha M., Residence: Salem, d. Aug.22, 1958, Salem, Age: 5m15d, Marasmus, In Vault April 1, Burial# 1125, Int. Lot: C81
Searls, Infant Unnamed, b. Salem, Parents: Cha's.H. & Mary E Searls (McCabe), Residence: Salem #1, d. Feb.27, 1887, Salem, Age: 0d, Stillborn, Buried May 5, 1875, Burial# 998, Int. Lot: Free
Searls, Jane Louisa, b. Salem, Parents: Cha's.H. & Mary E.Searls, Residence: Salem #1, d. Oct.29, 1921, Salem, Age: 8d, In Vault Dec.4, Burial# 997, Int. Lot: Free
Sears, Jane Alfreda, b. Salem, Parents: Ruth Johnson & Alansford Griffin, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: John, d. Aug. 11, 1851, Greenwich, Age: 78y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6009, Int. Lot: R226
Sears, John F., b. Van Buren, Maine, Parents: Frost Sears & Mary Christie, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Alfreda, d. Jan.29, 1960, Greenwich, NY, Age: 80y, Heart, Burial# 5660, Int. Lot: R226
Sears, John F., Jr., b. Morgan, VT, Parents: John & Alfrieda Sears, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.30, 1864, Auchen, Germany, Age: 19y2m16d, Killed in W.W.2, Burial# 5140, Int. Lot: R226
Sears, Robert A., b. Morgan, VT1/6/1919, Parents: John Sears & Alfreda Griffin, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. April 16, 1977, Greenwich, NY, Age: 82yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Nov.12, 2001, Burial# K-82
Seeley, Mary, b. Argyle, Parents: Josephus & Mary Leigh, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: Milton B., d. Oct.2, 1922, Salem, NY, Age: 61y2m15d, Consumption, Burial# 1293, Int. Lot: H181
Seger, Lucille H., b. Saginaw, Mich., Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Nov.11, 1984, Granville, NY, Age: 92y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Burial# 6541, Int. Lot: D135
Semin, Wallace J., b. New York, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Helen, d. March 16, 1961, Schenectady, NY, Age: 73y, Arterio Sclerosis, Gene., Burial# 6288, Int. Lot: E40
Sevenson, Alida, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Clarrissa, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.20, 1887, Salem, Age: 81y6m, Stenosis of left Auricula Ventricular opening, Burial# 3410, Int. Lot: F215
Shaler, Alice Hall, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: David & Elizabeth (Hall), Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.16.1937, Jackson, NY, Age: 73y22d, Arterial Sclerosis, Burial# 3677, Int. Lot: C24
Shaler, Andrew, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James K. & Elizabeth (Collins), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. March 23, 1913, Salem, NY, Age: 81y3m, Gangrene, Burial# 3945, Int. Lot: D38
Shaler, Bessie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John H. & Frances Keefer, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. Aug.30, 1907, Troy, Age: 34y4m22d, Hemorrhage, Burial# 3119, Int. Lot: B222
Shaler, Cornelia F., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John & Jane Salisbury, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Andrew, d. March 31, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 76y, Put in Vault Feb.23, 1922, Burial# 3693, Int. Lot: D38
Shaler, Elizabeth C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clark, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Elwood, d. Nov.9, 1984, Glensfalls, NY, Age: 82, Cremated, Burial# D-39, Int. Lot: N-5 1/2 E-4
Shaler, Fannie S., b. Jackson, Parents: Andrew & Cornelia, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. July 21, 1846, Jackson, Age: 67y11m29d, Acute Gastritis, Burial# 4650, Int. Lot: D14
Shaler, Frank H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Julius & Alice Hall Shaler, Residence: E.Greenwich, Spouse: Jennie, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 55y11m, Uraemia Chronic Cystitis, Burial# 4328, Int. Lot: C22
Shaler, Jennie, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James Henry & Margaret Wiggens, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87y, Acute Edema, Burial# 5666, Int. Lot: C22
Shaler, John E., b. New York, Parents: Andrew Shaler & CornelaSalisbury, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mabel, d. Oct.16, 1891, Greenwich, Age: 88y, Gang.of foot, Heart, Burial# 5850, Int. Lot: D39
Shaler, Julius W., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James R. & Elizabeth, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Alice Augusta, d. Nov.28, 1922, Jackson, Age: 64y4m6d, Dropsy & Heart Disease, Burial# 3091, Int. Lot: C24
Shaler, Mabel H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jessie Hyatt & Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Aug.16, 1956, Salem, Age: 87y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6076, Int. Lot: D39
Shaler, Unnamed Infant, b. Salem, Parents: Julius W. & Alice (Hall), Residence: Salem #2, d. Dec.4, 1873, Salem, Age: 0d, Stillborn, Burial# 1115
Shankland, Cornelia A, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm. & Huldah Root, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.26, 1882, Jackson, Age: 71y0m0d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1456, Int. Lot: C238
Shankland, Joseph, b. Argyle, Parents: John & Jenne (Tilford), Residence: Argyle #2, Spouse: Cornelia (Root), d. June 2, 1950, Oberlin, Ohio, Age: 61y15d, Pneumonia, Farmer, Burial# 563, Int. Lot: C238
Sharkey, Sarah H., b. VT, Parents: Gilbert & Angeline Harper, Residence: Poughkeeksie, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.8, 1955, Rutland, Age: 78y6m30d, Hemorrhage, Burial# 5061, Int. Lot: E41
Sharp, Allen, d. May 20, 1940, Buried April 8, 1885, Burial# 1574, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Sharp, Caroline, Parents: ?, Residence: Greenwich, d. April 4, 1867, Battenville, Age: 71y9m8d, Consumption, In Vault Aug.16, Burial# 1489, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Sharp, Edward J., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Cornelius & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Caroline, d. Feb.28, 1923, Salem, NY, Age: 64y10m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2745, Int. Lot: C79
Sharp, Harvey, b. Salem, Parents: J.Edward & Caroline, Residence: Salem #14, d. July 30, 1989, Salem, Age: 1y11m11d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 1085, Int. Lot: C79
Sharp, John Joseph, b. Troy, Parents: George & Mary, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Lucy, d. Feb.2, 1902, Cambridge, Age: 57y4m11d, Carcinoma of Bladder, Burial# 4798, Int. Lot: C231
Sharp, LucyG., b. Salem, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.21, 1995, Albany, Age: 54y, Buried Nov.4, 1943, Burial# 4882, Int. Lot: C231
Shaw, Alexander, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Arch L. & Eliza, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Ella, d. Sept.30, 1948, Glens Falls, Age: 63y0m5d, Hepatitis, Burial# 2744, Int. Lot: C105
Shaw, Charles A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Rufus & Isabel, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary E., d. Feb.20, 1885, Salem, Age: 61y9m28d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3616, Int. Lot: E75
Shaw, Charles A., b. Salem, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Single, d. May 5, 1851, Albany, Age: 73y1m16d, Heart Failure, Buried Oct.28, 1944, Burial# 4940, Int. Lot: F69
Shaw, Daniel E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William W. & Lydia A., Residence: Hebron # 1, d. April 22, 1938, Hebron, NY, Age: 11m, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 1675, Int. Lot: H202
Shaw, Edward G., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Lizzie, d. Jan.11, 1914, Salem, Age: 23y11m, Tetanus, Burial# 1847, Int. Lot: R18
Shaw, Elizabeth, b. West Hebron, Parents: Joseph MacNeil & Martha MacCloy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Percy, d. Sept.26, 1958, Salem, NY, Age: 87y, Acute Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6457, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, Elizabeth, b. Scotland, Parents: James & Elizabeth Murdock, Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Robert #6, d. April 19, 1941, Salem, Age: 68y, Congest. Of lungs, From old graveyard, Burial# 7, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, Ella H., b. Constbell, Parents: T. & Sabia C.Hoyt, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Sept.2, 1879, Salem, NY, Age: 73y7m2d, Cancer, Burial# 3359, Int. Lot: C105
Shaw, Emma L., b. Crown Pt. Lake Co, Ind, Parents: Job D. & urlula A.Bonville, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: James C., d. July 24, 1882, Salem, Age: 24y2m0d, Abcess, Place of Birth (Crown Point, Lake Co., Ind, Burial# 1400, Int. Lot: C107
Shaw, Gaston, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Judy, d. June 13, 1957, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 74, Natural, Burial# G-67, Int. Lot: S-4 1/2 E-4
Shaw, Hazel, b. Walton, NY, Parents: Samuel Shaw & Sarah Hilton, Residence: Newburg, NY, Spouse: Single, d. May 27, 1959, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 93y, Metastatic Carcinoma, Burial# 6324, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, Infant, b. Argyle, Parents: Robert & Mary Ann Shaw, Residence: Salem Village, d. April 10, 1898, Salem, Age: 0m0d, In Rec.Vault Feb.6, Burial# 334, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, James C., b. No.Greenwich, Parents: Archibald L. & Eliza, Residence: Auburn, Spouse: Widower, d. April 12, 1872, Glens Falls, Age: 59y7m2d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2376, Int. Lot: C107
Shaw, Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth (Murdock), Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.3, 1901, Salem, Age: 89y9m9d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2811, Int. Lot: H83
Shaw, Jennie U., b. Kingsbury, NY, Parents: Samuel & Minerva (Underhill), Residence: Albany, d. April 29, 1984, Albany, NY, Age: 80y11m12d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 3714, Int. Lot: F69
Shaw, John, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: James & Elizabeth Shaw, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Jennie, d. Sept.7, 1857, Salem, Age: 64y1m26d, Nephritus, Burial# 2498, Int. Lot: F69
Shaw, John, b. Salem, Parents: Robert #6 & Elizabeth, Residence: Hebron #1, Spouse: Agnes M., d. May 10, 1941, Hebron, Age: 54y5m, Hernia, In Rec. Vault March 11, Burial# 123, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, John U. (Jr.) , Parents: John & Jennie U., Residence: Salem Village, d. June 25, 1980, Salem, Age: 10m9d, Congestion of lungs, Burial# 698, Int. Lot: F69
Shaw, John W., b. West Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm.W. & Lydia A., Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.19, 1879, West Hebron, NY, Age: 27y8m12d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3153, Int. Lot: H202
Shaw, Julia B., b. Hebron, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. 10/5/1988, Greenwich, Age: 86y25d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4713
Shaw, Lydia A., b. Hebron, Parents: Daniel & Miriam Woodard, Residence: Hebron # 7, Spouse: William W., d. July 22, 1883, Hebron, Age: 54y0m0d, Cong.of Brain, Burial# 2477, Int. Lot: H22
Shaw, Martha Cole, b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Samuel & Huldah Cole, Residence: Hebron # 13, Spouse: Widow, d. April 18, 1967, Hebron, NY, Age: 62y8m7d, Heart, Burial# 2803, Int. Lot: C49
Shaw, Mary A., Buried Jan.29, 1892, Burial# 1999, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, Mary E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Daniel & Mary Scott, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 2, 1963, Salem, NY, Age: 77y6m9d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4446, Int. Lot: E74
Shaw, Percival Leslie, b. W.Hebron, NY 1920, Parents: Percival & Elizabeth (MacNeil), Residence: Rochester, NY, Spouse: Charlotte (Aldous), d. Rochester, NY, Age: 82yrs, Buried July 18, 2002, Burial# D-11
Shaw, Percivall L., b. Walton, NY, Parents: Samuel Shaw & Sarah Hilton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Beth, d. Aug. 18, 1864, Bennington, VT, Age: 89y, Pneum.Sepsis, Burial# 6477, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, Rev.Wm.James, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Samuel & Maria J., Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Julia B., d. May 20, 1856, Jackson, NY, Age: 63y7m22d, Sclerosis of Liver, Burial# 3526, Int. Lot: D67
Shaw, Robert, b. Kilmadock, Scotland, Parents: John and Margaret, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: Widower, d. Oct. 5, 1867, Salem, Age: 70y, Apoplexy, Farmer, Emg.from Scotland 1801, Burial# 6, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, Robert, Buried Jan.25, 1892, Burial# 1997, Int. Lot: H82
Shaw, Samuel G., b. Coldenham, NY, Parents: Jas.W. & Eliz.Finley Shaw, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Sarah Hilton, d. Sept.7, 1954, Salem, NY, Age: 75y4m8d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4192, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, Sarah H., b. Newburgh, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. March 13, 1914, Salem, Age: 85y6m9d, Heart Failure, Buried Oct.29, 1944, Burial# 4941, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, William, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Johnathan & Elizabeth, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.31, 1973, Rupert, Age: 76y3m29d, Lagrippe, Burial# 2228, Int. Lot: F70
Shaw, William Hilton, b. Walton, NY, Parents: Rev.Samuel G. & Sarah Hilton Shaw, Residence: Putman # 1, Spouse: Single, d. May 15, 1892, Putman, NY, Age: 41y8m6d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 4130, Int. Lot: D11
Shaw, William W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Agnes M. (Wilson), Residence: W.Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept. 25, 1863, West Hebron, NY, Age: 89y4m28d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3799, Int. Lot: H
Shaw, Willie, Buried July 28, 1889, Burial# 1810, Int. Lot: F69
Sheha, Unnamed Inf., b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 20, 1871, Salem, Stillborn, Burial# 638, Int. Lot: Free
Sheldon, Amelia F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jedediah & Jane Darrow, Residence: Hebron # 16, Spouse: Don Alex., d. Aug.9, 1903, Hebron, NY, Age: 35y6m9d, Consumption, Burial# 1660, Int. Lot: M
Sheldon, Annie B., b. New York, NY, Residence: Canandaigua, Spouse: Charles, d. 1/24/06, Canandaigua, NY, Age: 77y, Heart, Burial# 5762, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Asahel, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Isaac & Rebecca, Residence: Hebron # 16, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.25, 1948, Hebron, NY, Age: 82y1m15d, Burial# 1975, Int. Lot: M31
Sheldon, B.Louise, b. Rupert, Parents: Fred A.Sheldon & Elizabeth Olcutt, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.20, 1974, Schenectady, Age: 87y, Arterio Sclertic Heart, Burial# 5910, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Caroline M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Erastus & Theodosia Wilson, Residence: Hebron # 16, Spouse: Asahel S., d. April 14, 1888, Hebron, Age: 78y1m28d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1721, Int. Lot: M
Sheldon, Charles, b. Rupert, Parents: Fred Sheldon, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Married, d. Jan.13, 1974, Schenectady, Age: 72y9m8d, Heart, Burial# 5341, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Charles A., b. Hebron, Parents: Don A. & Amelia, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.15, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Age: 60y10m7d, Gen.Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4492, Int. Lot: M29
Sheldon, Clara B., b. Hebron, Parents: Spencer Shaw & Harriet Wood, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Norman, d. Feb.3, 1872, Hebron, Age: 67y8m9d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5383, Int. Lot: M30
Sheldon, Clarence, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Don A.Sheldon & Amelia Darrow, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Grace, d. Sept.30, 1930, Salem, Age: 65y3m13d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5123, Int. Lot: D71
Sheldon, Clarissa M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Warren & Elizabeth Flower Hopkins, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Wid.of Thom.Luther, d. April 10, 1838, West Rupert, VT, Age: 89y4m10d, Old Age, Died at 4:30 A.M., Burial# 3248, Int. Lot: G
Sheldon, Don A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Asahel & Caroline, Residence: Hebron # 16, Spouse: Emma G., d. Dec.13, 1972, Hebron, Age: 69y11m14d, Malaria, Burial# 3246, Int. Lot: M
Sheldon, Elizabeth O., b. Lee Center, NY, Parents: Franklin & Barbara Alcott, Residence: Schenetady, Spouse: Fred A., d. April 5, 1934, Utica, NY, Age: 82y2m21d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4702, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Emma G., b. Canada, Parents: Wm.Derrick & Ella M.Derrick, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. May 10, 1958, Rupert, Age: 83y4m10d, Burial# 5082, Int. Lot: M31
Sheldon, Fred A., b. Rupert, VT, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Widower, d. July 3, 1963, Schenectady, NY, Age: 89y2m10d, Hemorrhage, Buried Jan.4, 1944, Burial# 4890, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Fred.D., Burried April 30, 1879, Burial# 1240, Int. Lot: M31
Sheldon, Grace, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Eward & Julia (Hatch) Creighton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. 7/22/08, Cambridge, NY, Age: 99y, Cardiac Arrest, Buried April 30, 1987, Burial# 6617, Int. Lot: D71
Sheldon, Grace M., b. Argyle, Ny--1911, Parents: Charles McNeil & Ella Moore, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.9, 1924, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 78yrs, CVA, Buried November 13, 1989, Burial# R-13
Sheldon, Harriet N., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Thom.L. & Clarissa M.Hopkins Sheldon, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.26, 1962, Salem, NY, Age: 77y9m3d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4178, Int. Lot: G223
Sheldon, Harvey J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Don Alex. & amelia F., Residence: Hebron # 16, d. Sept.1, 1962, Hebron, NY, Age: 5m28d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 1659, Int. Lot: M
Sheldon, Inaz D., b. Hebron, Parents: Alezander & Amelia, Residence: Hebron #16, d. April 16, 1932, Hebron, Age: 2m15d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 936, Int. Lot: M31
Sheldon, John F., b. Rupert, Parents: Thomas L. & Clarissa, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.8, 1901, Salem, Age: 85y5m6d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4804, Int. Lot: G223
Sheldon, Lawrence D., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Don A. & Emma G., Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.21, 1904, Norfolk, Va., Age: 19y6m, Cerebral Spinal Fever, Sailor in World War, Burial# 3500, Int. Lot: M31
Sheldon, Lena F., Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Neil, d. Sept.17, 1954, Schenectady, NY, Age: 83y, Burial# 6307, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Lilian B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert Burke & Jennie Ferguson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Rae D., d. July 28, 1979, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 87yrs, Buried Aug.27, 1998, Burial# D-34
Sheldon, Marion, b. Hartford, CT, Parents: George Landy & Mae Hughey, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Vernon S., d. Sept. 29, 1863, Cambridge, NY, Age: 63yrs, M.S.Sepsis, Buried April 20, 1993, Burial# K-29
Sheldon, Mark L., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Thomas L. & Clarissa, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.29, 1939, Salem, Age: 81y2m11d, Acute Inflam.of Bladder, Burial# 4468, Int. Lot: G223
Sheldon, Mary E., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Thos.Luther & Clarissa Maria (Hopkins), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. April 9, 1947, West Rupert, VT, Age: 64y1m5d, Malignant Tumor, Burial# 3259, Int. Lot: G223
Sheldon, Milton, b. Hebron, Ny., Parents: Norman Sheldon & Calrabelle Shaw, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Grace Fairley, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 80yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 27, 1994, Burial# D-184
Sheldon, Neil O., Parents: Charles Sheldon & Annie Bosworth, Residence: Schenectady, d. March 10, 1875, Schenectady, Age: 79y, C.V.A., Burial# 6221, Int. Lot: A50
Sheldon, Norman D., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Don Sheldon & Amelia Darrow, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.9, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 78y, Heart, Burial# 5561, Int. Lot: M30
Sheldon, Rea D. (Mike) , b. Salem, NY, Parents: Claire/Grace Sheldon, Residence: Mt. Dora, Fla., Spouse: Widower, d. 11/22/07, Mt. Dora, Fla., Age: 95, Natural, Burial# D-34, Int. Lot: N-6 E-4'
Sheldon, Roger H., b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Neil O.Sheldon & Lena H. Smith, Residence: Sag Harbor, NY, d. 11/20/03, Sag Harbor, NY, Age: 67yrs, Buried May 2, 1995, Burial# A-50
Sheldon, Russell W., b. Hebron, Parents: Clarence Sheldon & Grace Creighton, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Grace, d. Jan.26, 1986, Albany, Age: 43y5m15d, Cancer, Burial# 5448, Int. Lot: R13
Sheldon, Thomas Luther, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Thomas & Mary (McCleary), Residence: Rupert #3, Spouse: Clarissa M., d. May 3, 1951, West Rupert, Age: 48y6m4d, Falling Tree, Alone in woods, cutting wood for fuel (Farmer), Burial# 1041, Int. Lot: G221
Sheldon, Timothy W., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Rea Sheldon & Gladys Morrison, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.6, 1901, Albany Hosp., Age: 4d, Resp.Failure, Burial# 5712, Int. Lot: B326
Sheldon, Unnamed Infant, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Thomas L. (#1041) & Clarissa M., Residence: Rupert #3, d. May 3, 1863, West Rupert, Age: 1m1d, Measles, From Rupert Grave Yard, Burial# 1113, Int. Lot: G221
Sheldon, Vernon S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Nrman Sheldon/Clara Shaw, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Paulette, d. Feb.4, 1942, Glensfallshosp/Glensfalls, NY, Age: 75, Burial# K-29, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Shelvey, Helen E., b. West Rupert, VT, Parents: Burnham Bibens & Nellie Belden, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 3, 1791, Argyle, NY, Age: 84y, Heart Disease, Buried Aug.14, 1987, Burial# 6633, Int. Lot: D2
Shepard, Bessie, b. Langingburgh, NY, Parents: Thomas & Margaret, Residence: Lansingburgh, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.15, 1954, Rutland, VT, Age: 50y, Brights Disease, Burial# 2260, Int. Lot: G32
Shephard, Irene, b. Salem, Parents: Josephine B. & Frank Blake, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Albert, d. April 5, 1910, Cambridge, Age: 57y, Burial# 5960, Int. Lot: R222
Sheppard, Albert, b. Champlain, NY, Parents: Alfred & Blanch Boyer, Residence: Hinesdale, NY, Spouse: Alda Kinney, d. July 20, 1876, Brattleboro, Age: 79y, Not Listed, Buried Dec.10, 1987, Burial# 6644, Int. Lot: R222
Sherman, Abby E.Haseltine, b. Pembroke, NH., Parents: Wm. & Abigail E.Haseltine, Residence: Rupert #7, Spouse: Enoch S., d. Aug.13, 1983, West Rupert, VT, Age: 28y11m15d, Consumption, From Old Grave Yard, Burial# 829, Int. Lot: G95
Sherman, Addie M., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: William & Salina Walkins, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Wm.D., d. Dec.29, 1905, Salem, Age: 40y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2533, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Albert Carl, Parents: John S. & Frances A. (Wilson), Residence: Sandgate, d. May 17, 1908, Sandgate, Vt, Age: 4y9m29d, Measles, In rec'g vault March 12, Burial# 191, Int. Lot: C312
Sherman, Albert M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Isaac & Louisa, Residence: Salem # 5, Spouse: Charlotte B., d. Aug.14, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 76y2m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2856, Int. Lot: C300
Sherman, Benj.D., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Squire K. & Dolly Ann, Residence: E.Rochester, Spouse: Minnie, d. Sept.23, 1973, East Rochester, NY, Age: 73y11m13d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4528, Int. Lot: B137
Sherman, Bertha S., Spouse: Widow, d. 12/13/02, Age: 99y, Not Listed, Buried July 8, 1987, Cremated, Burial# 6631, Int. Lot: D167
Sherman, Betsey S., b. Weston, CT, Parents: Elihu & Betsey (Spear) Phillips, Residence: Salem #18, Spouse: Wid. Of Seeley #398, d. Nov.15, 1879, Salem, Age: 87y4m18d, Old Age, Burial# 673, Int. Lot: G96
Sherman, Charles C., b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Robert & Minerva Sherman, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Frances, d. Aug.25, 1912, Salem, Age: 87y1m15d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4382, Int. Lot: B140
Sherman, Charles R., b. Sangate, VT, Parents: Grandison & Emily, Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Single, d. Feb.12, 1904, Wash.D.C., Age: 40y6m16d, Paralysis, Burial# 1403, Int. Lot: G219
Sherman, Charles W., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Ecoch S.Miranda (Warner), Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Margaret A., d. May 26, 1891, West Rupert, VT, Age: 58y4m26d, Burned by explosion of Kerosene, Burial# 3329, Int. Lot: G95
Sherman, Charlotte G., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Graves & Ruth S.Burton, Residence: Salem # 5, Spouse: Widow, d. Salem, NY, Age: 78y8m9d, Paralysis, Burial# 3221, Int. Lot: C310
Sherman, Charlotte L., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Josiah & Sally (Rising), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.18, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 89y2m6d, Gastric Fever, Burial# 1966, Int. Lot: C307
Sherman, Charlotte M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Isaac & C.L. Sherman, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.5, 1971, Rupert, Age: 0y7m14d, Congestion, From Yard just West of W.Rupert Corners, Burial# 1500, Int. Lot: C307
Sherman, Child, Buried June 12, 1892, Burial# 2030, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Cornelia E., d. May 31, 1915, Buried Aug.26, 1899, Burial# 2437, Int. Lot: G118
Sherman, Cornelia Elizabeth, b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Josiah R. & Lydia S., Residence: Pawlet #12, d. Sept.16, 1938, Pawlet, Age: 5y7m11d, Diphtheria, From Pawlet Grave Yard, Burial# 584, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Daniel E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jessie & Lucinda, Residence: Montrose, Colo., Spouse: Mary, d. January 7, 1845, Montrose, Colo., Age: 68y, Muscular Rheumatism, Burial# 3706, Int. Lot: D145
Sherman, Dolly Ann, b. Wilmington, VT, Parents: Lyman & Sophia Bartlet, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Squire K., d. Oct.13, 1891, Salem, Age: 56y8m8d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1570, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Elizabeth Stewart, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Elizabeth Morrow Stewart, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William D., d. July 25, 1919, Salem, NY, Age: 58y3m18d, Heart Disease, Burial# 4300, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Emma J., b. Pittstown, Parents: Charles C.Sherman, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.20, 1961, Schenectady, NY, Age: 50y1m8d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3950, Int. Lot: B140
Sherman, Enoch S., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Ferley & Betsey, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Lucy, d. April 17, 1899, Salem, Age: 76y10m4d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 1820, Int. Lot: G96
Sherman, Frances, b. Pittstown, NY, Parents: Abraham & Minerva Shefus, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.24, 1879, Salem, Age: 79y11m20d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4400, Int. Lot: B140
Sherman, Frances A., b. Salem, Parents: Nathan & Sarah Wilson, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: John S., d. May 28, 1868, Saratoga Spa., Age: 65y2m, Heart Disease, Burial# 2367, Int. Lot: C312
Sherman, Grace B., b. Albany, NY, Parents: Anthony & Jane (Martin) Blanchard, Residence: Rye, NY#3, Spouse: Fred.W., d. March 25, 1926, Rye, Age: 60y, Exhaustion, following Intest.Operation, Burial# 3421, Int. Lot: B387
Sherman, Helen W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William Sherman, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 17, 1930, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 82y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6190, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Henretta, b. Bennington, VT, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb.7, 1846, Bennington, VT, Age: 93y, Burial# 5643, Int. Lot: C308
Sherman, Infant, b. Salem, NY, Parents: W.D. & Addie M.Sherman, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.5, 1910, Salem, Age: 0y0m0d, Died at birth, Burial# 1487, Int. Lot: C312
Sherman, Isaac, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Enoch & Catherine, Residence: Salem #18, Spouse: Charlotte L., d. April 29, 1946, Salem, Age: 71y7m15d, Debility, Farmer, Burial# 580, Int. Lot: C308
Sherman, J.Leland, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William Sherman & Mary Cole, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mabelle, d. Salem, NY, Age: 87y, Cancer of Rectum, Burial# 6344, Int. Lot: D18
Sherman, Jay, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: S.K. & B.A. (Bartlet) Sherman, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.13, 1889, Cambridga, NY, Age: 69y11m10d, Heart Disease, Found Dead in house, Burial# 3916, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Jesse S., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Sterling S. & Jane (Noble), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.6, 1921, Salem, NY, Age: 90y10m6d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 3513, Int. Lot: D30
Sherman, John S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Isaac & Charlotte (Rising), Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.9, 1868, Saratoga, Age: 86y3m25d, Burial# 3310, Int. Lot: C312
Sherman, Kathryn M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.D. & Addie M.Watkins Sherman, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.28, 1965, Salem, NY, Age: 20y28d, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 3068, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Laura G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert M. & Charlotte G., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. March 3, 1909, Salem, Age: 47y6m14d, Heart Failure, Burial# 3146, Int. Lot: C310
Sherman, Leo P., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles Sherman & Margaret McKee, Residence: Grinnell, Iowa, Spouse: Martha, d. Nov.7, 1966, Grinnell, Iowa, Age: 90y, Burial# 6332, Int. Lot: D167
Sherman, Lizette Jones, b. Newark, NJ, Parents: Thomas & Susan Gould Jones, Residence: Ellsworth Co.#5, Spouse: Merritt M., d. May 6, 1959, Hosp., Kansas City, Mo., Age: 61y11m8d, Diabetes, Residence, Sherman's Ranch, Ellsworth Co.Kansas, Burial# 3404, Int. Lot: G49
Sherman, Lucinda W., b. No.Hebron, NY, Parents: Daniel & Anna Woodard, Residence: Salem# 12, Spouse: Jesse S., d. Nov.15, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 88y9m15d, Cancer, Burial# 3234, Int. Lot: D30
Sherman, Lydia S., Buried Dec.5, 1898, Burial# 2390, Int. Lot: G48
Sherman, Lyman S., b. Salem, Parents: Squire H. & Dolly Ann, Residence: Salem #18, d. 1/4/10, Salem, Age: 22y3m2d, Consumption, Burial# 743, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Mabelle, b. Phil., PA, Parents: Joseph & Emma McCauley, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: J.Leland, d. Sept.15, 1883, Salem, NY, Age: 89y, Creamation, Burial# 6530, Int. Lot: D18
Sherman, Maggie McC., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary J. (Macklin) McClarty, Residence: Jackson # 11, Spouse: Jay, d. Dec.30, 1876, Jackson, NY, Age: 55y5m14d, Hemorrhage of Brain, Burial# 3340, Int. Lot: G96
Sherman, Marcus E., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Grandison & Emily (Flower), Residence: Salem #18, d. April 17, 1896, Fort Rolla, Mo, Age: 22y1m23d, Typhoid Fever, 13th Reg't. Illinois Vol., Burial# 119, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Sherman, Margaret A., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Anson G. & Cynthia A.Buck McKee, Residence: W.Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.3, 1887, West Rupert, NY, Age: 74y5m21d, Cancer of the Breast, Burial# 4343, Int. Lot: G95
Sherman, Marshall, b. Salem, Parents: Albert M. & Charlotte G., Residence: Salem #18, d. Oct.19, 1881, Salem, Age: 7y6m17d, Inflam.of Bowels, In Vault Dec.23, Burial# 556, Int. Lot: C310
Sherman, Mary C., b. Raymer Town, Parents: Mary Stanton & Harmon Cole, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wm., d. Jan.27, 1933, Salem, Age: 90y8m9d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5267, Int. Lot: D30
Sherman, Merritt Masters, b. Salem, Parents: Joseah R. & Lydia, Residence: Crawford, Kan., Spouse: Widower, d. July 28, 1979, Pasadena, Age: 82y7m3d, Coronary Artery Thromb., Burial# 4561, Int. Lot: G49
Sherman, Milton J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel & Nettie (Braymer), Residence: Flint, Mich., Spouse: Rose, d. March 23, 1977, Flint, Mich., Age: 31y8m12d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3159, Int. Lot: D29
Sherman, Minnie, b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Wm.Chamberlain, Residence: East Rochester, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 16, 1902, East Rochester, NY, Age: 85y0m2d, ArterioSclerosis, Burial# 5291, Int. Lot: B137
Sherman, Minnie, b. Ireland, Parents: William & Martha Knowles, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: William, d. Nov.14, 1931, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 24y9m19d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3173, Int. Lot: B254
Sherman, Miranda W., b. Andover, VT, Parents: William & Luch Warner, Residence: Salem #18, Spouse: Enoch S., d. July 6, 1926, Salem, Age: 44y7m2d, Pulmonary Consumption, Coffin moved 1872 on Sept. 5, Burial# 684, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Miron, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles & Margaret (McKee), Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Vasti, d. Oct.7, 1921, Rupert, VT, Age: 86y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6309, Int. Lot: D155
Sherman, Ralph, b. Salem, Parents: Albert M. & Charlotte G., Residence: Salem #18, d. June 15, 1878, Age: 3y6m4d, Diphtheria, Burial# 555, Int. Lot: C310
Sherman, Robert, b. Pittstown, NY, Parents: Chas.Sherman & Franie Quackenbush, Residence: Utica, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.27, 1909, Utica, NY, Age: 80y6m14d, Acute Cardiac, Burial# 5593, Int. Lot: J18
Sherman, Robert McKie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles W. & Margaret A., Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Juli W., d. Sept. 16, 1867, West Rupert, VT, Age: 32y10m6d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3389, Int. Lot: G95
Sherman, Robert Schuyler, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert & Charlotte, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Henrietta, d. June 23, 1929, Salem, Age: 72y5m2d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4603, Int. Lot: C308
Sherman, Seeley, b. Weston, Conn., Parents: Enoch & Katherine, Residence: Salem #18, Spouse: Betsey (#673), d. June 14, 1996, Salem, Age: 82y8m14d, Paralysis, Farmer, Burial# 398, Int. Lot: G96
Sherman, Squire K., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Seely & Betsey (Phillips), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary E., d. April 16, 1915, Salem, Age: 64y5m28d, Liver Disease, Burial# 1689, Int. Lot: G97
Sherman, Theresa L., b. Waukesha, Wisc., Parents: H.O. & Huldah Sherman, Residence: Greenwich Village, d. March 8, 1975, Greenwich, Age: 21y3m14d, Diphtheria, Head North, Burial# 577, Int. Lot: G108
Sherman, Vashti, b. Troy, Parents: Fred Hawley & Effie Moore, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Myron, d. Feb.2, 1984, Granville, Age: 72y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5907, Int. Lot: D155
Sherman, William D., b. Salem, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widow, d. July 14, 1970, Cambridge, Age: 88y, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried April 8, 1944, Burial# 4913, Int. Lot: C309
Sherman, Wm.A., b. Hebron, Parents: Jessie Sherman & Lucinda Woodard, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. May 7, 1838, Cambridge, Age: 97y3m26d, Bronchitis, Burial# 5445, Int. Lot: D30
Sherman, Buried June 6, 1888, Burial# 1740, Int. Lot: D29
Shield, Robert Law, b. Salem, Parents: William #595 & Agnes (Law), Residence: Salem #4, d. Aug.22, 1955, Salem, Age: 12y6m4d, Killed Catching Horse, Burial# 49, Int. Lot: H27
Shields, A. Malcolm, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Married, d. Dec.17, 1866, Cambridge, NY, Age: 93yrs, Carcinoma of Colon, Buried May 6, 1989, Burial# H-8
Shields, Agnes L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert B. & Anna (Surcot) Law, Residence: Salem # 4, Spouse: Widow of Wm.Shields, d. Sept.3, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 63y11m15d, Burial# 1549, Int. Lot: H7
Shields, Andrew, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Law Shields, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Carrie Wells, d. Jan.1, 1984, Jackson, NY, Age: 76y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4310, Int. Lot: H28
Shields, Carrie, b. Jackson, Parents: Henry Wells & Jane Basset, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widow, d. March 19, 1872, Jackson, Age: 93y0m14d, Burial# 5177, Int. Lot: H28
Shields, Daniel, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James & Nancy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ella, d. Oct.26, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 61y11m20d, Poisoning, Burial# 3647, Int. Lot: B185
Shields, Ellen Craig, b. Salem, Parents: Andrew & Sarah Craig, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. 11/1/08, Albany, NY, Age: 74y10m22d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4606, Int. Lot: B185
Shields, Emmett B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert J. & Jennie M., Residence: Salem # 16, Spouse: Infant, d. Oct.6, 1921, Salem, Age: 4m12d, Meningitis, Burial# 1622, Int. Lot: R42
Shields, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.H. (#595) & Agnes (Law), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.20, 1979, Salem, Small Pox, Buried Jan.31, 1881, Burial# 1331, Int. Lot: H27
Shields, Hazel Skellie, b. Jackson, Ny---1896, Parents: Andrew Skellie & Georgiana Lant, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Malcolm Shields, d. Sept. 1, 1862, Cambridge, NY, Age: 93yrs 2mos., Buried Feb.13, 1990, Burial# H-8
Shields, Jennie Hunter, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Mary J.Hunter, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Robert, d. Dec.11, 1874, NY, Age: 75y3m2d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4596, Int. Lot: R42
Shields, Lizzie, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Ellen, Residence: New Haven, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Feb. 23, 1870, New Haven, Age: 66y3m14d, Cancer of Breast, Burial# 4472, Int. Lot: E28
Shields, Robert J., b. Salem, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Widowed, d. August 18, 1857, Brooklyn, Age: 99y, Burial# 5548, Int. Lot: R42
Shields, William A., b. VT, Parents: William H. & Agnes (Law), Residence: Galesburg, Mich., Spouse: Helen D., d. March 5, 1969, Galesburg, Mich., Age: 81y4m26d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4024, Int. Lot: G56
Shields, William H., b. Putnam, Parents: William (#606) & Margaret, Residence: Salem #4, Spouse: Agnes Law, d. June 2, 1872, Salem, Age: 50y6m15d, Consumption, Farmer, Burial# 595, Int. Lot: H27
Shields, Zippie M., b. Mt.Gilead, NY, Parents: Ebenezer & Ann Rogers, Residence: Salem, Spouse: William A., d. Nov.4, 1973, Shushan, Age: 37y7m28d, Consumption, Burial# 2037, Int. Lot: G56
Shiell, Elizabeth, Spouse: William (#606), d. March 18, 1922, Buried May, 1886, Burial# 1629
Shiell, William, b. Scotland, Residence: Jackson #5, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Aug.29, 1871, Jackson, Age: 75y7m1d, Liver Complaint, Farmer, Burial# 606, Int. Lot: H7
Shiley, Ada, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. May 29, 1960, Age: 65y1m7d, Heart Disease, Buried Nov.14, 1944, Burial# 4945, Int. Lot: I 119
Shipley, Cornilius A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Simeon & Jane (Williams), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Salina, d. Oct.28, 1934, Salem, NY, Age: 60y7m3d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 3301, Int. Lot: C229
Shipley, Dubris ? H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Corney & Salina, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. June 9, 1888, Salem, Age: !y, Cerbral Apoplexy, Burial# 1748, Int. Lot: C229
Shipley, Ella W., b. Wales, Parents: Robert & Margetta Roberts, Residence: Williamstown, Ma, Spouse: Sumner B.# 338), d. Oct.25, 1955, Salem, Age: 20y6d, Disease Of Brain, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 339, Int. Lot: C237
Shipley, George Hen., b. Salem, Parents: Simeon W. & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. July 28, 1878, Salem, Age: 1y11m15d, Diptheria, Burial# 14, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Ida Anna, b. Salem, Parents: Simeon W & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 15, 1869, Salem, Age: 8m21d, Diptheria, Burial# 130, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Jane, b. Salem, Parents: Eli S. & Mary (Smart) Williams, Residence: Salem, Village, Spouse: Sumner W., d. May 8, 1888, Salem, Age: 52y10m, Softening of Brain, Burial# 823, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Salina, b. Brandon, VT, Parents: Mores & Sarah (Tatro), Residence: Granville, NY, d. April 23, 1974, So.Hartford, NY, Age: 67y, Acute Indigestion, Burial# 3780, Int. Lot: C229
Shipley, Sally, b. Groton, Mass., Parents: Simeon & Sarah Williams, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wilder S. (#340), d. July 25, 1943, Salem, Age: 72y4m18d, Disease of Heart, Burial# 387, Int. Lot: C237
Shipley, Sarah Hester, b. Salem, Parents: Simeon W. & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 13, 1938, Salem, Age: 1m17d, Brain Disease, From old graveyard, Burial# 16, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Sarah Mary, b. Salem, Parents: Simeon W. & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 19, 1887, Salem, Age: 1y8m27d, Lung Inflamation, From old graveyard, Burial# 15, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Simeon W., b. Groton, Mass., Parents: Wilder & Sally, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Jane, d. Sept.20, 1880, Salem, Age: 72y1m20d, Paralysis, Burial# 1639
Shipley, Simeon W.Jr., b. Salem, Parents: Simeon W. & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Martha M., d. Feb.20, 1883, Salem, Age: 31y1m21d, Consumption, Later became Mrs. Searles, Burial# 840, Int. Lot: C231
Shipley, Sumner B., b. Groton, Mass, Parents: Wilder (# 340) & Sally (#387), Residence: New York, d. Dec.2, 1883, Salem, Age: 44y11m11d, Consumption, In Rec.Vault Jan.17 (Physician), Burial# 338, Int. Lot: C237
Shipley, Sumner H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornelius & Salina, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.26, 1939, Salem, Age: 1y3m13d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 1282, Int. Lot: C229
Shipley, Wilder Jr., b. Groton, Mass, Parents: Wilder & Phebe, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Sally (#387), d. June 1, 1932, Salem, Age: 56y4m23d, Consumption, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 340, Int. Lot: C237
Silver, Lulu, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Fred & Lydia Fairbanks, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: John, d. Feb.9, 1899, Cambridge, Age: 72y11m23d, Thrombosis, Burial# 5279, Int. Lot: I 94
Silver, Walter S., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, Age: 52y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5578, Int. Lot: E8
Sisson, Allan M., b. Conn., Parents: Leon Sisson & Lucy Martin, Residence: Ft.Myers, Fla., Spouse: Helen, d. Cambridge Hosp., Age: 55y, Cancer, Burial# 6416, Int. Lot: S30
Sisson, Helen, b. NYCity, NY, Parents: Oscar Walli & Sophia Koskella, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Allen, d. Sept.2, 1924, Jackson, Age: 57y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6107, Int. Lot: S30
Sisson, Leon, Parents: William Sisson & Cora Dickenson, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Lucy, d. March 25, 1917, Cambridge, Age: 72y, Lymphosar Coma, Burial# 6019, Int. Lot: S30
Sisson, Lucy M., Parents: William Martin & Sarah Wadsworth, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Leon, d. July 24, 1864, Bennington, VT, Age: 88y, Burial# 6448, Int. Lot: S30
Skeels, Diane, b. Granville, NY, Parents: Henry Wilson & Carole Darvis, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: David Skeels, d. Nov.25, 1937, Cambridge, NY, Age: 26yrs, Buried May 13, 1989, Burial# E-58
Skellie, Alice E., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: William Reed & Edith Campbell, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Herbert, d. March 7, 1977, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 74y, Leukemia, Burial# 6258, Int. Lot: R218
Skellie, Anna Maria, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Lydia (Chamberlain), Residence: E.Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.15, 1925, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 84y, Paralysis, Burial# 3625, Int. Lot: H46
Skellie, Benjamin, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Alex H. & Catherine, Residence: Greenwich # 15, Spouse: Anna M., d. Sept.17, 1876, Greenwich, Age: 60y8m7d, Ataxia, Burial# 2245, Int. Lot: H46
Skellie, Chirrilla I., b. Greenwich, Parents: James McNab & Mary Kipp, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Nelson, d. Feb.25, 1934, Salem, Age: 81y, Coronary Thrombosis, In Vault 2, 11, 1964, Burial# 5776, Int. Lot: B298
Skellie, Elizabeth, b. Ft.Edward, Parents: Nelson Morey, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov. 2, 1861, Argyle, NY, Age: 79y16d, Old Age, Burial# 3682, Int. Lot: B298
Skellie, Herbert J., Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Sept.24, 1981, Greenwich, Age: 81y, Myocardial Infarction, Buried April 20, 1987, Burial# 6625, Int. Lot: R218
Skellie, James Alfred, b. Ill., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Sarah, d. Oct.29, 1913, Salem, Age: 67y11m17d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Buried Dec.16, 1943, Burial# 4887, Int. Lot: A15
Skellie, Nelson, b. Salem, Parents: Elizabeth Murry & Alexander Skellie, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Chirrilla, d. Aug.3, 1939, Greenwich, Age: 85y, Thrombosis, Burial# 5953, Int. Lot: B298
Skellie, Paul H., b. Cambridge, Parents: Herbert Skellie & Alice Reid, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Single, d. August 21, 1870, Argyle, Age: 19y2m16d, Fractured Skull, Burial# 5064, Int. Lot: R218
Skellie, Sarah, b. Hebron, Parents: Andrew McLean & Mary Mullen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.2, 1969, Cambridge, Age: 70y8m27d, Heart, Burial# 5215, Int. Lot: A15
Skellie, Wm.Alexander, b. FT.Edward, NY, Parents: William A. & Catherine, Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Feb.21, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 74y7m7d, Paralysis, Burial# 3312, Int. Lot: B298
Skidmore, Elizabeth, b. Not Listed, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. June 30, 1991, S.W., VTMed.Center, Age: 74y, Not Listed, In Vault, (Date Not Listed) Buried April 24, 1987, Burial# 6615, Int. Lot: A63
Skidmore, Louis, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Charles Skidmore & Lydia Granger, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Lydia, d. Oct.28, 1887, Cambridge, Age: 42y7m25d, Cancer, Burial# 5179, Int. Lot: A63
Skidmore, Lydia, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Norman Granger & Mary Leach, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.24, 1957, Shushan, Age: 70y0m24d, Burial# 5478, Int. Lot: E15
Skidmore, Milford G., b. Rupert, Parents: Louis & Elizabeth Truehart, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.4, 1979, Rupert, Age: 5m28d, Bronchial Pneumonia & , Measles, Burial# 5020, Int. Lot: A63
Skinner, Anna Fitch, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Asa & Elizabeth McNeil Fitch, Residence: Edgewater, NJ, Spouse: Widow, d. May 8, 1959, Edgewater, NJ, Age: 81y4m29d, Old Age, Burial# 3970, Int. Lot: G187
Skinner, Lemuel S., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Cortland & Rhoda Sherman, Residence: Edgewater, NY, Spouse: Anna F., d. Nov.1, 1912, Greenwich, NY, Age: 70y11m7d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3140, Int. Lot: G187
Skinner, Talma, b. Burlington, Iowa, Parents: Lemuel & Anna (Fitch), Residence: Burlington, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.22, 1867, Burlington, Iowa, Age: 10m9d, Whooping Cough, Burial# 1264, Int. Lot: G207
Slater, Clifford, Residence: Salem, d. May 15, 1875, Albany, Age: 62y1m1d, Tumor, Burial# 5318, Int. Lot: S76
Slater, Eleanor, b. VT, Parents: Owen Forkey & Mildred Munger, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, Westol, d. April 18, 1873, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 53y, Bilateral Pneumonia, Burial# 6174, Int. Lot: B339
Slater, Lawrence W., b. Cambridge, Parents: Lawrence Slater, Sr. & Constance Colvin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.22, 1965, Salem, Age: 2m6d, Crib Death Syndrome, Burial# 5943, Int. Lot: S76
Slater, Martha J., b. Salem, Parents: Gertrude Bailey & Myron Bennett, Residence: Salem, d. May 11, 1864, Cambridge, Age: 82y, Uremia Peritonitis, Burial# 5964, Int. Lot: S76
Slater, Richard P., b. Glens Falls, Parents: Clifford Slater & Alice Colburn, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.11, 1895, Glens Falls, Age: 18Hrs., Premature, Burial# 5414, Int. Lot: S76
Slater, Robert G., b. Granville, N.Y, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Betty, d. Oct.25, 1866, Salem, NY, Age: 81, Natural, Burial# K-46, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Slater, Timothy J., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.12, 1892, Salem, Stillborn, Burial# 5415, Int. Lot: S76
Slater, Westol W., b. VT, Parents: Myron & Martha Slater, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Eleanor, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 60y, Gun shot in head, Suicide, Burial# 6147, Int. Lot: B339
Sloan, Carmella L., b. W.Pawlet, VT 1924, Parents: Peter Ross & Elvira Ianelli, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Harold Sloan, d. March 4, 1874, Argyle, NY, Age: 77yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Aug.3, 2001, Burial# D-173
Sloan, Emma May, b. NYS., Parents: James Sloan & Mary Cameron, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widowed, d. Jan.4, 1899, Greenwich, Age: 71y, Heart, Burial# 5516, Int. Lot: B291
Sloan, Hazel M., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Andrew Richards & Stella Brown, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: James, Sr., d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84y, Congestive Heart Failure, Burial# 6487, Int. Lot: S60
Sloan, James, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Mary C., d. July 17, 1933, Greenwich, Age: 82y5m11d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4705, Int. Lot: B291
Sloan, James, Sr., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: James Sloan & Mary Cameron, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Hazel, d. Sept.19, 1983, Greenwich, Age: 92y, Acute Myocardial Failure, Burial# 6514, Int. Lot: S60
Sloan, Jessie M., b. Prince Edward Is., Parents: John & Jane Walker, Residence: Greenwich # 12, Spouse: William, d. Dec.31, 1899, East Greenwich, Age: 44y0m0d, Bonicious Fevasneia, Burial# 1485, Int. Lot: G166
Sloan, Lettie F., Residence: W.Hebron, NY, Spouse: Edward, d. 11/4/06, W.Hebron, NY, Age: 96, Natural, Burial# R-221, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Sloan, Mary C., b. Ireland, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. April 11, 1950, Greenwich, Age: 62y, Acute Dilatation of Heart, Burial# 4728, Int. Lot: B291
Sloan, Nelson M., b. Argyle, Ny---1920, Parents: James Sloan & Hazel Richards, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Grace M. (Green), d. March 23, 1927, Cambridge, NY, Age: 69yrs, Respiratory Arrest, Buried November 28, 1989, Burial# R-60
Sloan, Robert A., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: James & Mary Sloan, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.22, 1979, Hebron, Age: 45y7m16d, Multiple Sclerosis, Burial# 4366, Int. Lot: B291
Sloane, John, b. E.Greenwich, NY, Parents: William & Jessie M.Sloane, Residence: Detroit, Mich., d. Feb.18, 1868, Detroit, Age: 71y2m1d, Septicemia, Burial# 4348, Int. Lot: G166
Sloane, William, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Maria, Residence: E.Greenwich#12, Spouse: Widower, d. June 9, 1964, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 58y10m, Kidney Disease, Burial# 2073, Int. Lot: G166
Slocum, Maria G., b. Greenfield, NY, Parents: Eldard & ___Garnsey, Residence: Wilton, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 11, 1969, Salem, Age: 92y0m0d, LaGrippe, Burial# 2466, Int. Lot: C29
Small, Alfred Maxwell, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James & Sarah E.Small, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Margaret, d. Sept. 17, 1877, Cambridge, NY, Age: 51y, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 4235, Int. Lot: G69
Small, Edward, b. Jackson, Parents: Alex. & Elizabeth, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Jackson, Age: 42y11m22d, Dysentery, Burial# 2267, Int. Lot: G69
Small, James, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Alex. & Elizabeth, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Sarah M., d. July 27, 1912, Albany, NY, Age: 63y4m8d, Agitated Melancholia, Burial# 2936, Int. Lot: G68
Small, James, b. Jackson, Parents: George A. & Fannie, Residence: West Point, IA., d. May 20, 1931, Jackson, Age: 2m23d, Smothered in bed, In Rec.Vault Jan.2, Burial# 910, Int. Lot: G69
Small, Joseph Alexander, b. Jackson, Parents: James & Sarah M. (Edie), Residence: Jackson #5, d. Dec.8, 1891, Jackson, Age: 4d, Heart Disease, In Vault Aug.21, Burial# 761, Int. Lot: G68
Small, Joseph McKerian, b. Jackson, Parents: Alexander & Elizabeth, Residence: Jackson #5, d. Aug.6, 1956, Selma, Ind., Age: 22y11m20d, Putrid Sore Throat, Burial# 911, Int. Lot: G69
Small, Marshall J., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Alfred Small & Margaret Oviatt, Residence: White Creek, Spouse: Ruth, d. Not listed, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 62y, Coma, Burial# 6155, Int. Lot: G69
Small, Ruth, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Egbert Henry & Agnes Devine, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Marshall, d. April 9, 1911, Cambridge, NY, Age: 61y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6343, Int. Lot: G69
Small, Sarah M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Harriet____, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Troy, NY, Age: 88y, Organic Disease of Heart, Burial# 4443, Int. Lot: G68
Smart, Alexander, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Susanna, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Harriet V., d. Dec.18, 1922, Salem, Age: 44y2m0d, Aortic Nuerisis, Burial# 2565, Int. Lot: C276
Smart, Alton, b. Bennington, Parents: Wm.Smart & Delia Weeks, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. March 11, 1867, Argyle, Age: 69y11m21d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5169, Int. Lot: G45
Smart, Belle, b. Salem, Parents: John & Susannah (Fairley), Residence: Salem Village, d. Aug.28, 1958, Salem, Age: 4y4m20d, Dropsy, Burial# 142, Int. Lot: C276
Smart, Blanch, b. Salem, Parents: William & Francis Smart, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.16, 1850, Albany, Age: 77y5m28d, Heart, Burial# 5312, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Charles A, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Frances T., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.23, 1963, Salem, Age: 37y0m0d, Consumption, Burial# 2772, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.25, 1934, Salem, Age: 59y0m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1503, Int. Lot: C160
Smart, Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Margaret Boyd, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: James #824, d. Jan.17, 1928, Pittstown, Age: 62y24d, Dysentery, From old graveyard, Burial# 58, Int. Lot: C162
Smart, Francis, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: R. & Fanny Wakely, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow of Hugh, d. Nov.2, 1880, Salem, Age: 90y8m15d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2706, Int. Lot: C95
Smart, Francis A., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Thomas & Susan S.Dennis, Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: William H., d. Feb.13, 1979, Salem, Age: 36y10m6d, Cancer & Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1344, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Hugh, b. Salem, Parents: John & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Frances, d. Jan.2, 1933, Salem, Age: 88y11m3d, Old Age, Burial# 2410, Int. Lot: C95
Smart, James, b. Wallkill, Ulster Co., Parents: John & Bridget (Welch), Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Wid.of Elizabeth (#58), d. March 23, 1883, Salem, Age: 83y4d, Old Age & Fractured Hip, Farmer, Burial# 824, Int. Lot: C162
Smart, James, b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Frances, Residence: Salem, d. May 12, 1917, Salem, Age: 17y2m, Scarlet Fever (Diphtheria), In Vault May 28, Burial# 410, Int. Lot: C95
Smart, James H., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem, Spouse: widower, d. Aug.30, 1913, Salem, NY, Age: 80y, Burial# 2093, Int. Lot: G117
Smart, James Wakley, b. Salem, Parents: William & Fannie, Residence: Salem Village, d. May 30, 1926, Salem, Age: 11d, Dropsy on brain, In Vault May 1, Burial# 687, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Jane C., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: J. & Lydia Rouse, Residence: Salem #16, Spouse: James H., d. Feb.6, 1879, Salem, Age: 66y6m2d, Cancer, Burial# 1358, Int. Lot: G117
Smart, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Margaret, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Susannah, d. Oct.31, 1967, Salem, Age: 78y, Old Age, Burial# 2131, Int. Lot: C27
Smart, John T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.21, 1912, Salem, Age: 61y0m0d, Struck by Lightening, Farmer, Burial# 1308, Int. Lot: C160
Smart, John W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Frances Smart, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. April 3, 1939, Salem, NY, Age: 87y8m2d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4339, Int. Lot: C95
Smart, Mabel, b. Salem, Parents: William H.Smart & Frances A.Dennis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.14, 1996, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 85y, Carcinoma, Rectum, In Vault Feb.8, 1964, Burial# 5775, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Margaret, Buried Jan.13, 1892, Burial# 1987, Int. Lot: C162
Smart, Mary Francis, b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Frances, Residence: Salem, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 12y8m22d, Scarlet Fever (Diphtheria), Fr.Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 411, Int. Lot: C95
Smart, Susannah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Rebecca Fairley, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.21, 1879, Salem, Age: 81y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2702, Int. Lot: C276
Smart, William H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Frances, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. July 24, 1925, Salem, NY, Age: 82y8m12d, Chronic Diarrhea, Burial# 3737, Int. Lot: C85
Smart, Wm.H.Jr., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & _____, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 42y, Locomoter Ataxia, Burial# 2919, Int. Lot: C85
Smith, Alizina, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Asa & Polly (Hill), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.17, 1984, Middletown Spa.VT., Age: 93y1m11d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3537, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Annie E., b. So.Plattsburg, NY, Parents: George & Mary Bowles, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.9, 1974, Salem, Age: 85y1m12d, Myocarditis, Chronic Arth., Burial# 4582, Int. Lot: I 37
Smith, Barbara A., b. Cambridge, NY 1958, Parents: Russell V. & Ruth Euler Smith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. 7/19/62, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 32yrs, Cancer, Buried July 12, 1991, Burial# D-27
Smith, Celia, b. Hebron North, Parents: Phineas & Eliza Ann Hill, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wm. Franklin, d. May 1, 1906, Salem, Age: 24y4m3d, Consumption, Burial# 848, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Philo & Minnie S. Smith, Residence: Salem # 13, d. March 20, 1930, Salem, Age: Infant, Still Born, Burial# 3058, Int. Lot: B140
Smith, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Floyd & Mary, Residence: Salem # 5, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 1d, Burial# 2488, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Willis A. & Grace O., Residence: Salem # 12, d. Oct.21, 1910, Salem, Age: 0d, Burial# 2487, Int. Lot: H195
Smith, Chlotilda W., b. Ohio, Parents: Ralph Wells & Nancy Oliver, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.12, 1982, Salem, Age: 76y0m12d, Burial# 5063, Int. Lot: B141
Smith, Cranston A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John Smith & Margaret Crosier, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Doris, d. July 6, 1976, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 48y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5803, Int. Lot: D169
Smith, Edison, b. West Sandgate, Vt, Parents: Frederick Smith & Martha Galbraith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helen, d. August 5, 1861, Bennington, Vt, Age: 79yrs, Buried October 7, 1989, Burial# B-310
Smith, Eileen B., b. Canada, Parents: George Jolley & Eva, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ernest, d. May 28, 1861, Cambridge, NY, Age: 50y, Respiratory Failure, Burial# 6291, Int. Lot: A70
Smith, Elias M., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Eli & Mary Randall Smith, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Widower, d. July 16, 1962, Schenectady, NY, Age: 76y11m, Hardening of Arteries, Burial# 3368, Int. Lot: H196
Smith, Esther S., b. Kirkland, Ohio 1905, Parents: Frank McMillan & Margaret Blackburn, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ernest, Sr., d. June 26, 1954, Saratoga, NY, Age: 92yrs, Buried April 21, 1998, Burial# A-53
Smith, Eugene R., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Eli & Mary A. (Randall), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Annie E., d. March 28, 1984, Salem, Age: 64y5m24d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3164, Int. Lot: I 37
Smith, Fannie, b. Danbury, CT, Parents: Francis Paddock & Edward Bishop, Residence: Danbury, CT, Spouse: Charles, d. Sept.20, 1955, New Milford Hosp., Age: 89y, Cardiac Disease, Burial# 6085, Int. Lot: I 38
Smith, Floyd, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 5, d. West Rupert, Infant, Burial# 2171, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Floyd, b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Franklin Smith & Celia Hill, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 17, 1870, Age: 84y3m0d, Heart, Burial# 5377, Int. Lot: H114
Smith, Fred, b. Salem, Parents: Russell & Lavina F. (Nelson), Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.16, 1876, Salem, Age: 7y6m14d, Heart Disease, Burial# 599, Int. Lot: C253
Smith, Fred R., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Rollin & Ruth Smith, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 23, 1953, Shelburne Falls, Ma., Age: 79y11m17d, Burial# 5350, Int. Lot: B277
Smith, Frederick Millard, d. June 9, 1894, Cambridge, NY, Hosp., Age: 85yrs, Cerebrovascular Disease, Buried Feb.10, 1990, Burial# B-277
Smith, Grace L., b. Shushan, Parents: Robert Conety & Mary Johnson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Aug.22, 1873, Cambridge, Age: 76y7m23d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5457, Int. Lot: D76
Smith, Grace O., b. Hoosick Falls, Parents: R.H. & Mary Osterho?t, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Willis A., d. Oct.24, 1844, Salem, Age: 24y4m18d, Cholera Marbus, Burial# 2489, Int. Lot: H195
Smith, Grant E., b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Richard Smith & Mary Ludd, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Maude, d. April 21, 1926, West Rupert, VT, Age: 79y, Burial# 5534, Int. Lot: B305
Smith, Harley F., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Edison Smith/Helen Nyrhenin, Residence: Camden Valley, NY, Spouse: Dorothy, d. Nov.30, 1975, Glensfallshosp/Glensfalls, NY, Age: 72, Natural, Cremated, Burial# S-48, Int. Lot: S-4 E-4
Smith, Harold E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edison Smith/Helen Nyrhenin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Sally, d. May 4, 1929, Salem, NY, Age: 72, Cremated, Burial# B-37, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Smith, Harriet Ione, b. SandgatenVt., Parents: Rollin Smith & Ruth Milland, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Single, d. April 13, 1990, Sandgate, Age: 79y5m20d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5418, Int. Lot: B273
Smith, Harry A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Arnold & Doris Sloan, Residence: Cossayuna, NY, Spouse: Lillis, d. May 5, 1837, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 53y, Massive C.V.A.Edema, Buried May 5, 1987, Burial# 6618, Int. Lot: D169
Smith, Harvey E., Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Mary, d. Dec.11, 1935, Hebron, Age: 63y, Brights Disease, Reinterment form Belcher, Jan.3, 1937, Burial# 5250, Int. Lot: E64
Smith, Hattie, b. Salem, Parents: Elias M & Jane A. (Dickison), Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.15, 1937, Salem, Age: 23d, Convulsions, In vault Oct. 29, 1861, Burial# 231, Int. Lot: H195
Smith, Hazel J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John Johnston & Nellie Beattie, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. West Rupert, VT, Age: 73y9m28d, Cancer, Burial# 5690, Int. Lot: D24
Smith, Helen S., b. Finland, Parents: Jacob Nyrhinen & Susanna Alhanen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edison, d. Nov.20, 1893, Cambridge, NY, Age: 65y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6297, Int. Lot: B310
Smith, Jane Ann, b. Salem, NY, Parents: L. & E.Dickinson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elias M., d. March 6, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 51y9m14d, Tumor, Burial# 1931, Int. Lot: H196
Smith, John, b. NY, Parents: George Smith & Anna McNamara, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Margaret, d. Salem, Age: 82y, Cardiac Failure, Burial# 5895, Int. Lot: A52
Smith, Julia Flower, b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: J. & Maria L. Flower, Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Widow of Henry, d. March 8, 1925, Wash.D.C., Age: 60y9m5d, Heartfailure, Burial# 2675, Int. Lot: G219
Smith, Lavina F., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Silas & Josephine Nelson, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Russell, d. Feb.9, 1953, Salem, Age: 69y4m3d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2697, Int. Lot: C253
Smith, Lewis Eugene, b. Salem, Parents: Eugene B. & Annie E., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Fannie B., d. Feb.23, 1929, Salem, Age: 60y10m12d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 4575, Int. Lot: I 37
Smith, Libbie M., b. Argyle, Parents: John & Isabel Dennison, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Eugene R., d. Dec.31, 1893, Salem, Age: 20y3m25d, Consumption, Burial# 958, Int. Lot: H195
Smith, Lillian M., b. Gloversville, NY, Parents: LeRoy Mattison & Lillian Knapp, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Russell C., d. June 14, 1968, Albany Hosp., Age: 53y11m22d, Intestinal Bleeding, Burial# 5654, Int. Lot: D27
Smith, Louise, b. Hebron, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.7, 1899, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 63y, Ruptured Abdom.Aneurysm, Burial# 5998, Int. Lot: R12
Smith, Louise C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Benjamin Carlton & Mary Henderson, Residence: Rupert, Vt, Spouse: Gorman, d. Feb.3, 1864, Cambridge, NY, Age: 79yrs, Buried Aug.12, 1998, Burial# S-58
Smith, Mabel, Burried Sept.14, 1878, Burial# 1213, Int. Lot: H196
Smith, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alexander & Sarah (McMillin), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Orla, d. Oct.28, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 44y4m, Complication, Burial# 3626, Int. Lot: B141
Smith, Margaret C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Peter Crosier & Elizabeth Cunningham, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, John, d. Aug.11, 1942, Salem, NY, Age: 83y, C.V.A., Burial# 6164, Int. Lot: A52
Smith, Margaret G., b. Hebron, Parents: John & Margaret Galbraith, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Fred, d. March 23, 1929, Salem, Age: 75y9m20d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5054, Int. Lot: B247
Smith, Martha A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Margaret (Gilbraeth), Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: Frederick, d. Feb.21, 1949, Sandgate, VT, Age: 45y11m19d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3667, Int. Lot: B277
Smith, Mary A., b. Hebron, Parents: Charles Beers, Residence: Schuylerville, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.23, 1869, Saratoga, Age: 69y2m2d, Heart, Burial# 5224, Int. Lot: E14
Smith, Mary Cassidy, b. Ireland, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Floyd, d. April 10, 1953, Rupert, VT, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried Dec.7, 1943, Burial# 4886, Int. Lot: H114
Smith, Mary E., b. Danby, VT, Parents: William & Elizabeth (Draper) Ludd, Residence: Salem, NY, d. March 3, 1861, Salem, Age: 77y1m9d, Chronic Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 4025, Int. Lot: B296
Smith, Mary F., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Alzina Smith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.3, 1908, Salem, Age: 69y11m16d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3386, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Maude R., b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Abner Richards & Ella Rafter, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. July 9, 1979, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, In Vault 1, 27, 1962, Burial# 5674, Int. Lot: B305
Smith, Minerva E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Francis Quackenbush & Chas.Sherman, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, Philo, d. Jan.17, 1976, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 87y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5810, Int. Lot: B140
Smith, Nellie H., b. Ft. Edward, NY, Parents: John S. & Sarah A., Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.25, 1881, Ft.Edward, Age: 4y5m1d, Dysentery, Reinterred, Burial# 1974, Int. Lot: C256
Smith, Nelson W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Russell D. & Covina F., Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Mary M., d. July 28, 1889, Troy, NY, Age: 50y1m15d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3041, Int. Lot: B141
Smith, Orla Nelson, b. Salem, Parents: Russell D. & Lovina F., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Chlotilda, d. Dec.21, 1921, Salem, Age: 64y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4742, Int. Lot: B167
Smith, Osro, b. Hebron, Residence: W.Rupert, Spouse: Married, d. Sept.13, 1968, West Rupert, VT, Age: 84y6m5d, Pulmonary Edema, Buried May 12, 1945, Burial# 4977, Int. Lot: D49
Smith, Phebe, b. VT, Parents: Anna Thompson & Sheldon Morey, Residence: Rupert, d. Sept.18, 1869, Bennington, VT, Age: 89y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6004, Int. Lot: B203
Smith, Philo, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Russell & Lovina Nelson Smith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Minnie, d. Oct.31, 1959, Cambridge, NY, Age: 62y11m14d, Acute Cardiac Decomp., Burial# 4355, Int. Lot: B140
Smith, Ralph C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John Smith & Margaret C.Smith, Residence: Ft.Lauderdale, Spouse: Shelia Smith, d. 6/20/08, Ft.Lauderdale, Fla., Age: 60y, Not Listed, Cremation, Burial# 6553, Int. Lot: A52
Smith, Richard, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Wm. & Alozenica, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. June 19, 1895, Salem, NY, Age: 72y11m26d, Heart Failure, Burial# 3666, Int. Lot: B296
Smith, Rollin C., Residence: Sandgate, VT, d. May 9, 1933, Sandgate, VT, Age: 74y6m18d, Arterisis Sclerosis, Burial# 3994, Int. Lot: B273
Smith, Roy W., b. Sandgate, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Cora, d. July 20, 1962, Age: 44y6m23d, Suicide by razor blade, Buried Dec.7, 1944, Burial# 4948, Int. Lot: B297
Smith, Russel V., b. W. Hebron, Parents: Lillian Mattison/Russel C.Smith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ruth Euler, d. Nov.5, 1957, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 77, Cremated, Burial# D-27, Int. Lot: N-2 E-4
Smith, Russell, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Whedon & Dolly A., Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.12, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 71y0m1d, Paralysis, Burial# 2881, Int. Lot: C253
Smith, Russell C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Addison Smith & Hattie Patterson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Lillian, d. June 14, 1864, Bennington, VT, Age: 77y, Rupt.Abdom.Aortic Aneury., Burial# 6465, Int. Lot: D27
Smith, Ruth, b. Long Island, NY, Parents: Henry Euler/Frieda Mahlstedt, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Russell Jr, d. Aug.14, 1989, Glensfallshosp/Glensfalls, NY, Age: 74, Cremated, Burial# D-28, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4
Smith, Ruth A.M., b. Hampton, NY, Parents: Franklin & Laura Mellard, Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.18, 1904, Sandgate, Age: 86y5m6d, Chronic Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4712, Int. Lot: B273
Smith, Sibyl M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Elisha & Theodosia Flower, Residence: Salem # 5, Spouse: Osed L., d. Jan.14, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 61y1m1d, Heart Disease, Burial# 3468, Int. Lot: D49
Smith, Stillman, b. VT, Parents: Wealthy Morehouse & Martin Smith, Residence: West Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 1, 1989, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y2m15d, Heart, Burial# 5226, Int. Lot: B294
Smith, Vivian J., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Rollin Smith & Ruth Millard, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.19, 1993, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Diverticulitus, Burial# 5644, Int. Lot: B273
Smith, Wesley J., Parents: John Smith, Residence: Kings Park, NY, d. May 19, 1991, Kings Park Hosp., Age: 55y, Labor Pneumonia, Burial# 3925, Int. Lot: E69
Smith, William, b. Granville, Parents: Ira & Martha, Residence: Salem #16, Spouse: Alvina, d. Aug.25, 1939, Salem, Age: 58y11m22d, Liver Disease, Burial# 957, Int. Lot: H113
Smith, Jr., Ernest A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Orla Smith & Margaret McMillen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Esther McMillen, d. Dec.15, 1891, Saratoga, NY, Age: 83yrs, Acute Gastro-intestinal Bleeding, Buried April17, 1989, Burial# A-53
Snell, Eileen S., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: James Sloan, Sr. & Hazel Richards, Residence: Easton, NY, Spouse: Rodney, d. Aug.26, 1866, Cambridge, NY, Age: 48y, Wegeners Granulomatosis, Burial# 6356, Int. Lot: S60
Snell, Harold R., b. Easton, NY, Parents: Harold & Lillian Tefft Snell, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Nan, d. Jan.12, 1938, Cambridge, NY, Age: 56y, Ventricular Fibrillation, In Vault, Buried May 5, 1987, Burial# 6619, Int. Lot: S60
Snow, Albert F., b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Raymond Snow & Norma Chenaille, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Helen, d. Jan.7, 1854, Cambridge, NY, Age: 29y, Accident, Hemorrhage Lemothonox, Burial# 5651, Int. Lot: S48
Snyder, Ellen M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alex & Jane S.McD Robertson, Residence: E.Greenwich, Spouse: John W., d. Jan.26, 1998, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 72y10m30d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3458, Int. Lot: R58
Snyder, Harriet L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Edward & Caroline, Residence: E.Arlington, VT, Spouse: George, d. April 23, 1863, East Arlington, Age: 30y6m0d, Heart Trouble, Burial# 2350, Int. Lot: C79
Snyder, John W., b. Columbia Co., NY, Residence: So.Glens Falls, Spouse: Widower, d. May2, 1869, Balston Spa., NY, Age: 90y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4212, Int. Lot: R53
Snyder, Margaret J., b. Moreau, Sar.Co., NY, Parents: Nicholas & Ellen (Jacobie), Residence: Greenwich #12, Spouse: John W., d. Aug.27, 1887, East Greenwich, Age: 36y3m24d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1360, Int. Lot: R58
Snyder, Wilson A., b. So.Glens Falls, NY, Parents: John, Residence: Seattle, Wash., Spouse: Single, d. Oct.8, 1948, Seattle, Wash., Age: 22y5m8d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1913, Int. Lot: R58
Sokol, Richard E., Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.15, 1934, Cambridge, NY, Age: 47yrs, Buried May 1, 1999, Burial# I-72
Soper, Angie M., b. Unknown, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Harvey Smith, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Fuller, d. Dec.10, 1882, Hebron, NY, Age: 23y, Peritonitis, Removed from Belcher Cemetery, Burial# 5622, Int. Lot: R12
Soper, Fuller, b. Syracuse, NY, Parents: Charles Soper & Abby Young, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 10, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 80y, Heart, Burial# 5619, Int. Lot: R12
Soper, Myrtle May, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Fuller Soper & Angie Smith, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. July 25, 1978, Hebron, NY, Age: 3d, Premature, Removed from Belcher Cemetery, Burial# 5623, Int. Lot: R12
Sorenson, Donald J., b. Council Bluffs, Iowa, Parents: John & Alleane Goodwin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ethel Paulsen, d. June 6, 1863, Cambridge, NY, Age: 77y, Cancer, Buried May 3, 1986, Burial# 6578, Int. Lot: D185
Sorenson, Ethel, b. Walnut, Iowa, Parents: Nels Paulsen & Laura Kerr, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.24, 1864, Bennington, Vt, Buried May 5, 1989, Burial# D-185
Southard, Marcelia M., b. Keesville, NY, Parents: Milo & Polly Fuller, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. April 9, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 79y5m2d, Neuralgia of Heart, Burial# 2159, Int. Lot: M40
Southard, William H., b. Adison, VT, Parents: Elijah & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary M., d. June 7, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 73y2m21d, Kidney Disease, Burial# 2035, Int. Lot: M41
Southworth, James C., b. Babcock Hill, NY, Parents: Henry M. & Mary, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Lydia C., d. Dec.17, 1947, Richmond Hill, NY, Age: 50y11m5d, Nervous Collapse, Burial# 2553, Int. Lot: I 3
Southworth, Lydia C., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Hugh & Jane Carrothers, Residence: Richmond Hill, Spouse: James H., d. Oct.18, 1947, Richmond Hill, NY, Age: 46yomod, Brights Disease, Burial# 2549, Int. Lot: I 3
Spairly, Or Spoerle, Emma, b. Salem, Parents: David & Julia (#1147) (Noll), Residence: Salem #3, d. Feb.16, 1865, Baxterville, Age: 1y5m28d, Dropsy, In Vault Jan.12, Grave Changed Sept.11, 1873, Burial# 857, Int. Lot: C127
Spallholz, Elsie, b. Albany, NY, Parents: Henry A. & Lizzie M., Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.27, 1831, Albany, Age: 17d, Spinal, Burial# 2912, Int. Lot: C220
Spallholz, Ernest A., Residence: Northampton, Ma., d. Oct 7, 1844, Northampton, Ma., Septic Shock, Buried April 23, 1993, Burial# C-220
Spallholz, Henry, b. Germany, Parents: Henry, Residence: Poultney, VT, Spouse: Johanna, d. Aug.28, 1927, Poultney, VT, Age: 75y2m6d, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Burial# 4410, Int. Lot: C220
Spallholz, Henry A., Residence: Portland, Me., Spouse: Married, d. June 3, 1893, Portland, Me., Age: 75y7m13d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5490, Int. Lot: C220
Spallholz, Janice Orton, b. Salem, Ny11/26/1913, Parents: Zenas Orton & Corinne Boynton, d. March 10, 1883, Clifton Park, NY, Age: 88yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 21.2002, Burial# S-28
Spallholz, Johanna, b. Germany, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.18, 1947, Poultney, VT, Age: 80y14d, Myocarditis, Buried Dec.26, 1943, Burial# 4888, Int. Lot: C220
Spallholz, Lizzie F., Residence: Portland, Me., d. Aug.10, 1942, Portland, Me., Age: 81y, Burial# 5978, Int. Lot: C220
Spaulding, Belle, b. Jackson, Parents: David Bebee & Elizabeth Shaler, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.21, 1947, Cambridge, NY, Age: 80y8m25d, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5196, Int. Lot: A7
Spaulding, Curtis C., b. Brooksville, Essex Co, Parents: Willard & Rebecca, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Phebe, d. Oct.6, 1956, Salem, Age: 50y11m11d, Inflam. Of Bowels, Burial# 89, Int. Lot: H178
Spaulding, Fred, b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Romanzo Spaulding, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Belle, d. April 24, 1984, Salem, Age: 82y7m28d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5055, Int. Lot: A7
Spaulding, Jane C., b. Buffalo, NY, Parents: Ben & Mary Finch, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 85y7m1d, Old Age, Burial# 3692, Int. Lot: H178
Spaulding, Janice E., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Walter Best & Annie McCann, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Palph, d. March 5, 1925, Glens Falls, Age: 65y, Carcinoma of Colon, Burial# 5817, Int. Lot: J3
Spaulding, Lena T., b. New Berlin, Parents: Sorrel Timkton & Sarah Rice, Residence: Burlington, d. June 28, 1860, Burlington, VT, Age: 92y, Coronary, Burial# 6020, Int. Lot: S21
Spaulding, Mary R., b. Troy, NY, Parents: John & Nancy Ranken, Residence: Mexico, NY, Spouse: Henry D., d. Oct.27, 1876, Mexico, NY, Age: 48y5m1d, Paralysis, Burial# 2411, Int. Lot: G87
Spaulding, Ralph F., b. Salem, Parents: Fred Spaulding & Belle Beebe, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Janice, d. March 14, 1966, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 73y, Pulmonary Embolism, Burial# 5891, Int. Lot: J3
Spaulding, Rev.Arthur, b. Athens, NY, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lena T., d. Sept.18, 1906, Salem, NY, Buried April 26, 1943, Burial# 4862, Int. Lot: S21
Spaulding, Romanzo, b. Rockingham, VT, Parents: Cuitis & Phoebe (Lovell), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jane C., d. April 26, 1905, Salem, NY, Age: 78y6m21d, Heart Disease, Burial# 3281, Int. Lot: H178
Spaulding, Stanley, b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Pomanzo Spaulding, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Anna, d. Aug.5, 1995, Salem, Age: 76y11m29d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5270, Int. Lot: H178
Spaulding, Wallace, b. Rockingham, VT, Parents: Curtis C. (#89) & Phebe, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.26, 1983, Salem, Age: 25y11m8d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 321, Int. Lot: H178
Spence, Anna M., b. Hebron, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McLean, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Wm., d. Dec.29, 1882, Poughkeepsie, Age: 73y, Heart, In Vault, Burial# 5368, Int. Lot: B304
Spence, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Anna May, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.15, 1934, Salem, NY, Premature, Burial# 2973, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Spence, Milford J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William Spence/Anna Mcclean, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. Oct.3, 1871, Indian River/Granville, NY, Age: 92, Burial# B-304, Int. Lot: N-2 1/2 E-4
Spence, William, b. Argyle, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 1, 1989, Granville, NY, Age: 83y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5670, Int. Lot: B304
Sperle, Charles, b. Salem, Parents: David & Julia N. (#1147), Residence: Salem #3, d. Aug.6, 1926, Salem (Baxterville), Age: 1y1m, Inflam.of Lungs, Burial# 1178, Int. Lot: C127
Sperle, Julia Noll, b. Germany, Parents: Frederick Noll, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: David #1239, d. Aug.18, 1924, Salem (Baxterville), Age: 39y7m1d, Of the Heart, Burial# 1147, Int. Lot: C127
Sperle, Matilda, b. Salem, Parents: David & Julie N. #1147, Residence: Salem #3, d. Sept.27, 1915, Salem (Baxterville), Age: 3y3m25d, Inflamation of lungs, Burial# 1170, Int. Lot: C127
Spicer, Kate V., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornelius L. & Ada L. (Russell) Allen, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: William S., d. July 2, 1928, Rutland, VT, Age: 57y3m18d, Cancer, Burial# 4097, Int. Lot: D9
Spicer, Russell F., d. 1/6/03, Respiratory Failure, Buried Oct.19, 2001, Burial# D-9
Spicer, Wilmer S., b. Moreau, NY, Parents: Tobias & Jane Spicer, Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: Widow, d. July 18, 1999, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 69y4m27d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4557, Int. Lot: D9
Spoerle, David, b. Wurttenburg, Germany, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: Widower (#1147), d. Dec.21, 1905, Salem, Age: 40y8m14d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1239, Int. Lot: C127
Spoerle, Julius W., b. Salem, Parents: David & Julia, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.28, 1967, Salem, Age: 5y9m23d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1238, Int. Lot: C127
Sprague, Dering J., b. Salem, Parents: Edward & Sarah D., Residence: Hemstead, d. Feb.27, 1899, Hemstead, Age: 60y2m27d, Brain Tumor, Burial# 4595, Int. Lot: H99
Sprague, Edward Dering, b. Salem, Parents: Rev.Edward P. & Sarah D., Residence: Salem Village, d. March 13, 1874, Salem, Age: 2m1d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 966, Int. Lot: H99
Sprague, Edward P., b. Conn., Parents: Daniel G. & Caroline W., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Sarah D., d. Feb.27, 1976, Salem, Age: 58y2m20d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 2586, Int. Lot: H99
Sprague, Helen H., Residence: Hemstead, NY, Spouse: Dering, d. July 26, 1918, Henstead, NY, Age: 42y3m2d, Cerebral Apoplexy, Burial# 4281, Int. Lot: H99
Sprague, Sarah D., b. Setauket, NY, Parents: Henry S. & Harriet E. Dering, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.9, 1985, Schenectady, NY, Age: 70y5d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 3038, Int. Lot: H98
Sprague, Unnamed Infant, b. Salem, Parents: Edward P. & Sarah D.Sprague, Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.14, 1957, Salem, Age: 1/4D, Cyanopathy, Burial# 1033, Int. Lot: H99
Squires, Elizabeth R., b. New Foundland, Parents: Nicholas & Jane Butler, Residence: Brockton, Ma., Spouse: Widow, d. Ap.16, 1865, Brockton, Ma., Age: 88y30d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4513
Stafford, Mary Burton, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Charles W.Cole & Maria Swasey, Spouse: Ralph, d. Nov.13, 1939, Salem, Age: 80y, Carcinoma, Burial# 5760, Int. Lot: B44
Stafford, Ralph E., b. Ft.Ann, NY, Parents: Nathan H.Stafford & Julia Luther, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. July 28, 1979, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 80y, Acute Myocardial Infarct., Burial# 5771, Int. Lot: B44
Stalker, James, b. Argyle, Parents: _Rev.Duncan & _____, Residence: Hebron #1, d. Dec.5, 1916, Washington, DC, Age: 21y1m12d, Conjest. Of Brain, Co. D 22nd Reg. NY Vol., Burial# 120, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Stanley, Benajah B., b. Salem, Parents: Darius & Sarah J., Residence: Salem #21, d. Nov.22, 1961, Salem, Age: 5y8m28d, Diphtheria, In Vault Sept.10, Burial# 421, Int. Lot: C151
Stanley, Darius, b. Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Benajah & Olive, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Widower, d. March 30, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 78y2m14d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2778, Int. Lot: C151
Stanley, Sarah Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Lucinda T.Burnett, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Darins, d. July 14, 1983, Salem, Age: 72y9m12d, Gastro Enteritis, Burial# 2510, Int. Lot: C151
Stannard, Philip E., b. Amsterdam, Parents: John & Mary, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Retha, d. July 29, 1941, Hebron, Age: 35y7m1d, Intern.Injury, caused by, Tractor, Burial# 4670, Int. Lot: A42
Stannard, Retha, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Thomas Keys & Elizabeth Reid, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Philip, d. Feb.23, 1906, Middletown, NY, Age: 84y, Burial# 6516, Int. Lot: A42
Stanton, Susan C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas Stanton & Doris Forke, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.24, 1968, Cambridge, NY, Age: 38y, Cancer, Buried Sept.7, 1988, Burial# 6667, Int. Lot: B345
Stanton, Thomas, b. Salem, Parents: Patrick Stanton & Winifred Millett, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Gloria, d. March 18, 1963, Salem, Age: 66y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5905, Int. Lot: J17
Startup, Edward, b. Port Jervis, Parents: Frank & Elizabeth Startup, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Jessie, d. Jan.28, 1932, Tieconderoga, Age: 62y8m1d, Heart, Burial# 5152, Int. Lot: B209
Startup, Jessie, b. Salem, Ny., Parents: James Crosier & Minnie McQueen, Residence: Ballston Spa, NY, Spouse: Edward, d. Feb.19, 1872, Ballston Spa, NY, Age: 92yrs, Heart Failure, Buried April 7, 1989, Burial# B-209
Stay, Alta Cole, b. Salem, NY, Parents: W.E.Stay & Sara ? S., Residence: Salem # 12, d. June 10, 1992, Salem, Age: 4m0d, Marasmus, Burial# 1649, Int. Lot: F11
Stay, Guy E., b. Salem, Residence: L.I., d. June 2, 1887, Long Island, Age: 72y, Burial# 5440, Int. Lot: F13
Stay, Julia Cole, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William E. & Sarah C., Residence: Salem, NY, d. Nov.16, 1894, Salem, NY, Age: 8m8d, Dysentery, Burial# 1961, Int. Lot: F11
Stay, Katherine H., Residence: Bethpage, NY, Spouse: Guy, d. June 26, 1934, Farmingdale, NY, Age: 77y, C.V.A., Burial# 6052, Int. Lot: F13
Stay, Sarah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel B. & Maria S.Brown Cole, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. 12/20/04, Albany, NY, Age: 70y3m29d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4360, Int. Lot: F11
Stay, Willard, b. U.S.A., Parents: Willard Stay & Margaret Cole, Residence: Easton, Spouse: Mildred, d. March 22, 1881, Easton, Age: 60y9m9d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5360, Int. Lot: F10
Stearns, Julia A., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: William & Mary (Flower), Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.12, 1892, Salem, NY, Age: 57y, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4035, Int. Lot: H219
Stearns, Mary D., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Jos. & Maria Flower, Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Widow of Wm.D., d. May 26, 1876, West Rupert, VT, Age: 70y6m17d, Paralysis, Burial# 2832, Int. Lot: G219
Stearns, Mildred A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: S.C. & Margaret, Residence: Wells, VT, d. Dec.7, 1928, Wells, VT, Age: 1y1m3d, Ent.Colitis, Burial# 2671, Int. Lot: F44
Stearns, Samuel C., b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Edwin & Margaret, Residence: Danby, VT, Spouse: Margaret, d. Jan.4, 1867, Rutland, VT, Age: 64y10m25d, Peritonitis, Burial# 4820, Int. Lot: F44
Stearns, William A., b. Winchester, NH., Parents: Abner & Mary, Residence: Rupert, VT#3, Spouse: Mary D., d. July 7, 1980, West Rupert, Age: 46y11m24d, Liver Complaint, Burial# 965, Int. Lot: G219
Steel, Myra J., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: William & Sarah, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 5, 1964, Shushan, NY, Age: 64y11m, Pneumonia, Burial# 3723, Int. Lot: C7
Steele, Ann, b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Abel & Curance Kimberly, Residence: Salem Vil.#12, Spouse: John J., d. April 2, 1772, Salem Village, Age: 71y7m24d, Chronic Disease of Heart, In Vault Nov.5, 1870, Burial# 725, Int. Lot: C177
Steele, Anna Grace, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Margaret, Residence: Minneapolis, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.20, 2000, Minneapolis, Minn., Age: 79y11m19d, Myocardial Degeneration, Burial# 4573, Int. Lot: C200
Steele, Caroline Mae, b. Salem, Parents: Wm.A. & Abbie J.Scott, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Hugh, d. Oct.18, 1985, Salem, Age: 63y2m6d, Cancer of Bladder, Burial# 4800, Int. Lot: A11
Steele, Child, b. Shushan, Parents: D.T. & Georgia, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Single, d. May 20, 1963, Shushan, NY, Age: 5m4d, Consumption of Bowels, Burial# 2358, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Daniel, b. Shushan, Parents: William & Sarah Steele, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. 3/24/03, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84y11m13d, Carcinoma, Burial# 5142, Int. Lot: C7
Steele, Daniel T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas S. & Isabella, Residence: Cherokee, Iowa, Spouse: Single, d. June 8, 1877, Cherokee, Age: 88y, Pneumonia, Burial# 4389, Int. Lot: C199
Steele, Daniel T., Parents: Joshua & Mary B. (82+83), Residence: Salem # 8, d. August 24, 1877, Salem, Age: 50y, From old graveyard, Burial# 84, Int. Lot: C200
Steele, Daniel T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joshua & Mary A. (Beaty), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Georgia B., d. August 29, 1853, Salem, NY, Age: 64y5m5d, Heart Failure, Burial# 3197, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Eliz.Pinkerton, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert A. & Nancy Mahon, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: J.Frank, d. Jan.8, 1957, Shushan, NY, Age: 64y5m28d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3996, Int. Lot: C202
Steele, Elwin, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.20, 1943, Glens Falls, Age: 78y, Congestive Heart Failure, Burial# 6302, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Forsythe C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas S. & Isabella, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Single, d. March 8, 1932, Salem, Age: 21y4m21d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1392, Int. Lot: C203
Steele, Frank F., b. Not Listed, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Palo Alto, Ca., Spouse: Edna Steele, d. March 28, 1926, Palo Alto, Ca., Age: 86y, Buried July 17, 1986, Cremation, Burial# 6591, Int. Lot: C159
Steele, Georgiana, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Margaret, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.4, 1926, Salem, Age: 58y6m22d, Acute Indigestion, Burial# 3573, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Hugh, b. Newburgh, Parents: John & Jane Steele, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Caroline, d. Not Listed, Schuylerville, Age: 85y0m8d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5285, Int. Lot: A11
Steele, Ida E., b. NY, Parents: James Campbell & Phoebe Daugan, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec. 2, 1862, Cambridge, Age: 70y10m12d, Carcinoma of Colon, Burial# 5373, Int. Lot: S55
Steele, Irene, d. Jan.20, 1899, Troy, NY, Age: 80yrs, Natural Causes, Buried March 29, 1995, Burial# A-11
Steele, Isabelle F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Janet Fenwick, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Thomas S., d. Nov.9, 1920, Salem, NY, Age: 74y5m14d, Brights Disease of Kidneys, Burial# 2118, Int. Lot: C203
Steele, James, b. Salem, Parents: Joshua (82) & Mary, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.22, 1983, Salem, Age: 68y6m25d, Congestion of lungs, Burial# 206, Int. Lot: F18
Steele, James Hugh, b. Salem, NY, Parents: D.T. & Georgia B., Residence: Salem # 8, d. April 9, 1892, Salem, Age: 1y9m5d, Spinal Meningitis, Burial# 1785, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Jane, b. Salem, Parents: Joshua #82 & Mary #83, Residence: Salem #8, d. 5/15/09, Salem, Age: 80y6m, Consumption ??, Burial# 1161, Int. Lot: C205
Steele, Jennie, b. Hydeville, VT, Parents: John H. & Martha Thomas, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Daniel T., d. March 26, 1961, Salem, Age: 18y7m13d, Consumption, Burial# 999, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, John, d. Not Listed, Burried Sept.6, 1878, Burial# 1211, Int. Lot: C177
Steele, John Frank, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas S. & Isabell Fenwick Steele, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. July 11, 1896, Salem, Age: 77y, Myocarditis, Burial# 4224, Int. Lot: C202
Steele, Joshua, Parents: Thomas & Jean (Lowerie) Steele, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Mary B. (83), d. Oct.20, 1883, Salem, Age: 78y, From old graveyard (farmer), Burial# 82, Int. Lot: C200
Steele, Joshua, Jr., b. Salem, Parents: Joshua & Mary, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Mary Ann (Beaty), d. Oct.7, 1900, Salem, Age: 63y4m24d, Stricrure of Intestines, In Vault Jan.24 (Farmer), Burial# 784, Int. Lot: C201
Steele, L.Margaret, b. Salem, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.21, 1940, Greenwich, Age: 81y, Heart Disease, Burial# 5839, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Lionel, b. Salem, Parents: Daniel Steele & Georgia Brown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Ida, d. Aug.5, 1926, Salem, Age: 68y11m28d, Heart, Burial# 5170, Int. Lot: S55
Steele, Margaret, b. Salem, Parents: Hugh & Elizabeth Martin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: James #206, d. Dec.10, 1881, Salem, Age: 68y3m26d, Cong. Of lungs, From old grave yard, Burial# 209, Int. Lot: F18
Steele, Margaret F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas L. & Isabella, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.19, 1901, Corning, NY, Age: 43y5m9d, Consumption, Burial# 1934, Int. Lot: C203
Steele, Mary A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Rebecca, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Widow of Joshua, d. Oct.15, 1965, Salem, NY, Age: 70y9m1d, Influenza, Burial# 2129, Int. Lot: C201
Steele, Mary Beaty, Parents: John & Grizzy Beaty, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Joshua Steele # 82, d. March 20, 1887, Salem, Age: 73y, From old graveyard, Burial# 83, Int. Lot: C200
Steele, Milburn, b. Helena, Ca., Parents: John Atchison & Fanny McKean, Residence: Clearwater, Fl., Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.1, 1905, Clearwater, Fl., Age: 88yrs, Buried June 17, 1989, Burial# C-205
Steele, Minnie H., b. Argyle, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widow, d. April 29, 1784, Cambridge, Age: 84y11m22d, Breast Cancer, Burial# 5502, Int. Lot: C7
Steele, Robert P., b. Salem, NY, Parents: J.Frank & Elizabeth (Pinkerton), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. March 25, 1897, Troy, NY, Age: 21y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3507, Int. Lot: C202
Steele, Sarah, b. Salem, Parents: Alexander & Sarah (McCoy) McNish), Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Wid.of Thomas, d. Dec.3, 1966, Salem, Age: 78y1m18d, Dropsy of Heart, Burial# 353, Int. Lot: C240
Steele, Sarah G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ebenezer & Almira Rich, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Widow, d. March 16, 1961, Shushan, NY, Age: 84y8m9d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3485, Int. Lot: C7
Steele, Stella, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas S. & Isabella, Residence: Salem #8, d. Feb.8, 1964, Salem, Age: 24y8m26d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 953, Int. Lot: C203
Steele, Thomas, b. Salem, Parents: John & Eleanor (Webster), Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Sarah (#353), d. Jan.23, 1921, Salem, Age: 74y4m16d, In Rec.Vault April 27 (Farmer), Burial# 352, Int. Lot: C240
Steele, Thomas B., b. Salem, Parents: Joshua, Jr. (#784) & Mary A., Residence: Iowa, Spouse: Louese A., d. March 22, 1874, Blairstown, Iowa, Age: 25y11m3d, Poison, Burial# 773, Int. Lot: C201
Steele, Thomas B., b. Salem, Parents: Daniel T. & Jennie, Residence: Salem #8, d. Oct.27, 1956, Salem, Age: 1y9m15d, Croup, Burial# 1117, Int. Lot: F42
Steele, Thomas S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: J. & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.22, 1872, Salem, Age: 82y4m, Paralysis, Burial# 2266, Int. Lot: C203
Steele, Thomas S., b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Frank Steele, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Milburn, d. Sept.2, 1948, Shushan, Age: 57y3m15d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5245, Int. Lot: C205
Steele, Thompkins, b. Salem, Parents: Frank Steele & Elizabeth Pinkerton, Residence: Nevada, Spouse: Mary, d. March 7, 1783, Las Vegas, Nevada, Age: 50y, Burial# 5329, Int. Lot: C202
Steele, William, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joshua & Mary, Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.10, 1940, Salem, Age: 82y11m30d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1453, Int. Lot: C199
Steele, William, Buried Nov.10, 1893, Burial# 2109, Int. Lot: C7
Steele, William J., b. Salem, Parents: Joshua & Jane, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Sarah G., d. Nov.2, 1904, Shushan, Age: 36y10m0d, Consumption, Burial# 674, Int. Lot: C201
Steele, Wm.R.D., b. Shushan, Parents: Sarah & Wm.J.Steele, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Minnie, d. Oct.14, 1895, Cambridge, Age: 81y7m14d, Burial# 5272, Int. Lot: C7
Steenburgh, Cornelia, Creamated, Burial# 4722, Int. Lot: B290
Sterns, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ryan, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.17, 1967, Salem, Age: 47y, Heart Disease, Burial# 2747, Int. Lot: B223
Stevens, Carl F., Buried Dec.22, 1891, Burial# 1979, Int. Lot: F252
Stevens, Carrie, b. Salem, Parents: James McNaughton & Eliza Pratt, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.20, 1871, Bennington, VT, Age: 90y2m20y, Myocarditis, Burial# 5135, Int. Lot: D120
Stevens, Catharine M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Margaret McKerracher, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Melvin J., d. June 17, 1953, Salem, Age: 67y0m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2481, Int. Lot: C136
Stevens, Clark A., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Franklin & Harriet (Fowler), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Isabella C., d. Nov.4, 1906, Saratoga, NY, Age: 73y1m28d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3192, Int. Lot: I 75
Stevens, Clark E., b. Fort Ann, NY, Parents: Henry A. & Ruth A., Residence: Kingsbury #2, Spouse: Single, d. Nov. 2, 1877, Sandy Hill, Age: 6y0m6d, Diptheria, Burial# 1395, Int. Lot: B
Stevens, Franklin, b. Jackson, Parents: Thomas & Martha, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Jennie P., d. Feb.6, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 86y3m19d, Old Age, Burial# 2207, Int. Lot: I 15
Stevens, Fred H., Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.1, 1900, Salem, NY, Age: 56y, Heart Disease, In Vault March 29, Burial# 2942, Int. Lot: B284
Stevens, Gilbert H., Burial# 2871, Int. Lot: F15
Stevens, Harriet, b. Cambridge, Parents: Amon & Ruth Fowler, Residence: Salem #21, Spouse: Franklin, d. Feb.20, 1926, Salem, Age: 35y8m25d, Dropsy of Heart, From old graveyard near Shushan, Burial# 80, Int. Lot: F15
Stevens, Isabell C., b. Glens Falls, NY, Parents: Henry A.Clary & Ann Carpenter, Residence: Queensbury, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 6, 1923, Glens Falls, Age: 74y4m17d, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Burial# 4131, Int. Lot: I 75
Stevens, Margaret J., b. Yonkers, NY, Parents: Wm. & Eliza (Mann), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.4, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 82y10m22d, Carcinoma of Liver, Burial# 3627, Int. Lot: F15
Stevens, Marguerit J., b. Cal., Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Wm.Johnston, Residence: Virginia, Spouse: William, d. Aug.5, 1928, Virginia, Age: 55y5m17d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5230, Int. Lot: C69
Stevens, Marian, b. Hebron, Parents: John & Roena Wilson, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Franklin, d. Aug.7, 1927, Salem, Age: 49y9m21d, Skull Fracture, Burial# 66, Int. Lot: F15
Stevens, Melvin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Margaret, d. July 23, 1955, Shushan, Age: 61y0m0d, Apoplexy, Removed, Burial# 2621, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Stevens, Melvin J., Buried Aug.30, 1902, Burial# 2626, Int. Lot: B223
Stevens, William H., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Hampton, Va., Spouse: Margarite, d. April 20, 1960, Hampton, Va., Age: 96y, Cardial Vascular, Burial# 6272, Int. Lot: C69
Stevens, Buried Ap.13, 1891, Burial# 1926, Int. Lot: F15
Stevenson, Archibald A., b. Williamsburgh, NY, Parents: Paul & Cornelia, Residence: Patterson, NJ, Spouse: Single, d. March 3, 1999, Patterson, NJ, Age: 24y4m8d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2143, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Cornelia P., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Nathaniel & Julia Prime, Residence: Hackensack, NJ, Spouse: Widow, d. June 1, 1983, Hackensack, NJ, Age: 79y1m9d, Apoplexy, Vault, Burial# 2244, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Corrie B., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Silas & Louise (Youlen), Residence: Bayonne, NJ, Spouse: George L., d. June 20, 1865, Bayonne, NJ, Age: 56y11m, Cancer, Burial# 3758, Int. Lot: I 26
Stevenson, Fannie A., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Alida, Residence: Salem #9, d. Aug.10, 1926, Salem, Age: 2y10m19d, Fever, In Vault Feb.24, Burial# 793, Int. Lot: F215
Stevenson, George, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Aldia, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.25, 1891, Salem, Age: 77y6m11d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4688, Int. Lot: F
Stevenson, Helen S., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Alida, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. April 15, 1928, Salem, Age: 77y10m19d, Septcemia, Uraemia, Burial# 4796, Int. Lot: F215
Stevenson, Isabella, b. So.Kartright, NY, Parents: James & Jane Rich, Residence: Stamford, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. July 16, 1901, Middletown, NY, Age: 52y8m9d, Cong. Apoplexy, Burial# 2120, Int. Lot: F214
Stevenson, James B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Nancy (McMurray), Residence: Salem # 9, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 84y2m29d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1616, Int. Lot: F214
Stevenson, James M., b. Salem, Parents: James B. & Martha (McFarland), Residence: Stamford, NY, Spouse: Isabella, d. May 25, 1892, Salem, Age: 31y7m, Consumption, Clergyman, Pastor Jersey City Pres. Church, Burial# 766, Int. Lot: F214
Stevenson, Jas.Prince, b. Staunton, Va., Parents: Paul & Cornelia, Residence: Madison, NJ, Spouse: Single, d. June 3, 1906, Madison, NJ, Age: 16y10m24d, Erysipelas, Burial# 2144, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Marie M., Parents: Paul Eugene & Cornelia (P.) Stevenson, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.10, 1974, NYCity, Age: 74y, Pneumonia, Burial# 4070, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Mattie, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Alida (Russell), Residence: Salem #9, d. Feb.16, 1978, Salem, Age: 1y2d, Lung Inflammation, Burial# 73, Int. Lot: F45
Stevenson, Preston, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Paulruge & Cornelia (Prim), Residence: Amagansett, Spouse: Mary, d. June 23, 1869, Amagansett, NY, Age: 64y10m13d, Paralysis, Burial# 3187, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Rev.Paul E., b. New Brunswick, NJ, Parents: James & Hannah, Residence: Patterson, NJ, Spouse: Cornelia P., d. Ap.3, 1909, Patterson NJ, Age: 60y5m3d, Softening of Brain, Burial# 2142, Int. Lot: D53
Stevenson, Robert J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Eleanor L., Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Annetta L. DeWolf, d. Sept 13, 1861, Argyle, Age: 42y24d, Consumption & Insanity, Burial# 1268, Int. Lot: C280
Stevenson, Robert M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James B. & Martha, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. May 6, 1946, Salem, Age: 55y5m16d, Unknown, Burial# 2423, Int. Lot: F214
Stevenson, Sarah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Alida, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: single, d. June 16, 1930, Salem, Age: 27y9m7d, Burial# 2535, Int. Lot: F215
Stevenson, Sarah R., b. New Jersey, Parents: James & Hannah Stevenson, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Thomas S. (#1323), d. Jan. 5, 1862, Salem, NY, Age: 80y2m4d, Disease of Stomach, Burial# 1288, Int. Lot: F217
Stevenson, Thomas, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James B. & Martha, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Alida, d. Dec.13, 1881, Salem, Age: 69y2m13d, Kidney Disease, Burial# 2516, Int. Lot: F25
Stevenson, Thomas S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Mary (Steele), Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Widower (#1288), d. Feb.16, 1972, Salem, Age: 76y11m11d, Typhoid Pneumonia, Farmer, Burial# 1323, Int. Lot: F217
Stewart, Alice, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William Lincoln & Dora Burke, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Jan.20, 1978, Granville, NY, Age: 84y, Hypostatic Pneumonia, In Vault, Buried April 23, 1988, Burial# 6649, Int. Lot: D168
Stewart, Carline, b. Greenwich, Parents: Walter G. & Eunice, Residence: Greenwich #14, d. Aug.7, 1923, Lakeville, Age: 14y5m23d, Consumption, From south Argyle graveyard, Burial# 507, Int. Lot: C193
Stewart, Clara, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: James Clough & Lottie Jeffers, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 16, 1979, Salem, NY, Age: 82y, Myocardial Thrombosis, Burial# 6333, Int. Lot: D181
Stewart, David, b. Salem, Parents: Alexander & Jane, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Sarah F. (# 286, d. Feb.12, 1949, Salem, Age: 69y18d, Consumption, From old graveyard (farmer), Burial# 59, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, David, b. Salem, Parents: David & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Ellen, d. Dec.29, 1955, Salem, Age: 63y0m0d, Athesonia, Burial# 1809, Int. Lot: C67
Stewart, Eleanor M., b. Ireland, Parents: David & Eliza Dillon David Stewart, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.6, 1920, Salem, NY, Age: 92y10m23d, Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 4346, Int. Lot: C67
Stewart, Elizabeth M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Eliza (Dillon) Morrow, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.31, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 82y8m, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4096, Int. Lot: C273
Stewart, Eunice, b. Greenwich, Parents: William & Anna Reid, Residence: Greenwich #14, Spouse: Walter G., d. Dec.24, 1988, Greenwich (Lakeville), Age: 54y3m10d, Cancer of Breast, Burial# 891, Int. Lot: C191
Stewart, Franc A., b. Greenwich, Parents: Clark & Ann Kenyon, Residence: Greenwich, d. April 28, 1963, Age: 83y3m, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4711, Int. Lot: G
Stewart, Fred C., b. Jackson, NY, Residence: Greenwich # 11, Spouse: France, d. May 21, 1866, Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Heart Disease, Burial# 3788, Int. Lot: G169
Stewart, George D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo. & Anna Stewart, Residence: Greenwich # 1, Spouse: Widower, d. May 26, 1876, Canandaigua, NY, Age: 63y1m16d, Epilepsy, Burial# 1536, Int. Lot: C189
Stewart, Gideon Alexander, b. Salem, Parents: David # 59 & Sarah F. # 286, Residence: Salem #3, d. April 27, 1895, Salem, Age: 5y11m9d, Typhus Fever, From old graveyard, Burial# 61, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Hannah B., b. Salem, Parents: David (#59) & Sarah F. (#286), Residence: Salem #10, d. March 3, 1910, Salem, Age: 43y23d, Dropsy, Burial# 905, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Henry H., b. Jackson, Parents: David & Mary Elizabeth, Residence: Salem #7, Spouse: Sarah T. (1162), d. March 18, 1899, Salem (Camden), Age: 34y, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1163, Int. Lot: G169
Stewart, James F., b. Greenwich, Parents: Louise Cooper & James Stewart, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Alice, d. Feb.4, 1879, Salem, Age: 75y, Carcinoma of Prostate, Burial# 6039, Int. Lot: D168
Stewart, James Mitchel, b. Salem, Parents: Wm H.#496 & Rebecca#106 (McFarland), Residence: Salem #4, d. Feb.1, 1931, Salem, Age: 29y5m6d, Consumption, In Rec. Vault March 6, Burial# 122, Int. Lot: C179
Stewart, Jane A., b. Greenwich, Parents: William & D.Campbell, Residence: Greenwich # 14, d. Oct.12, 1904, Greenwich, NY, Age: 82y4d, Burial# 2054, Int. Lot: C193
Stewart, Jared D., b. Hebron, Parents: George & Anna (Darrow), Residence: Greenwich #14, Spouse: Jane A., d. May 14, 1934, Lake, Age: 61y22d, Heart Disease, In Vault March 21 (Butcher), Burial# 785, Int. Lot: C193
Stewart, Jennie E., b. Salem, Parents: Archibald & Eliza (Shaw), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. July 16, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 79y10m24d, Edema of Larynx, Burial# 3351, Int. Lot: C190
Stewart, John, b. Greenwich, Parents: Robert & Jennie E. Stewart, Residence: Lake, NY#15, Spouse: Single, d. March 8, 1880, Greenwich, Age: 15y7m20d, Typhoid Dysentery, Burial# 1446, Int. Lot: C190
Stewart, John, b. Greenwich, Parents: George & Anna, Residence: Greenwich #15, d. Feb.25, 1897, Lakeville, Age: 40y2m21d, Typhoid Pneumonia, In Rec.Vault Oct.29 (a Farmer), Burial# 468, Int. Lot: C192
Stewart, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.7, 1941, Salem, Age: 6y10m0d, Diptheria, Buried Nov.20, 1885, Burial# 1605, Int. Lot: C273
Stewart, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Dec.26, 1901, Salem, Age: 75y3m27d, Heart, Burial# 2340, Int. Lot: C273
Stewart, Lucy Maria, b. Salem, Parents: David # 59 & Sarah F. # 286, Residence: Salem #11, d. May 9, 1941, Salem, Age: 1y2m17d, Lung Inflammation, From old graveyard, Burial# 60, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Luella, b. Salem, Parents: David & Ellen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 1, 1956, Salem, Age: 48y2m29d, Mitral Regurgitation, Burial# 3687, Int. Lot: C167
Stewart, Margaret, b. Cookstown, Ireland, Parents: James (#424) & Margaret Black, Residence: Salem #17, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.3, 1899, Salem, Age: 76y4m14d, Consumption, Burial# 984, Int. Lot: C194
Stewart, Mary J., b. Greenwich, Parents: Robert & Jane Stewart, Residence: Argyle #10, Spouse: George D., d. Oct. 26, 1864, Argyle, Age: 49y11m28d, Paralysis, In Vault Feb.12, Burial# 1184, Int. Lot: C189
Stewart, Rebecca, b. Salem, Parents: James & Margaret (Mathews) McFarland, Residence: Salem #4, Spouse: William H. #496, d. Dec.29, 1995, Salem, Age: 58y, Typhus Fever, In Rec. Vault, Oct.4, Burial# 106, Int. Lot: C179
Stewart, Rev.David Craig, b. St. Clairsville, O., Parents: James & Ann (Belle), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Anna C., d. Jan.12, 1965, Salem, NY, Age: 68y6m10d, Burial# 3486, Int. Lot: D47
Stewart, Robert, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William H. & Rebecca, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.23, 1873, East Greenwich, Age: 45y11m18d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2014, Int. Lot: C179
Stewart, Robert, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem #4, d. 5/29/09, Salem, Age: 66y, Inj.fr.fall, barn rais.Shushan, Mercantile Clerk, Burial# 359, Int. Lot: C180
Stewart, Robert, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: George & Anna, Residence: Greenwich # 15, Spouse: Jennie E., d. Nov.27, 1880, Greenwich, Age: 74y, Apoplexy, Burial# 3047, Int. Lot: C190
Stewart, Samuel, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth (Huggins), Residence: Salem #4, d. Dec.11, 1957, Salem, Age: 72y, In Vault Feb.18 (Farmer), Burial# 341, Int. Lot: C180
Stewart, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: David (#59) & Sarah F. (#286), Residence: Salem#12, d. May 21, 1877, Salem Village, Age: 42y6m1d, Consumption, In Vault Dec.26, Burial# 1061, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Sarah F., b. Salem, Parents: Gideon & Lucy Safford, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Widow of David (#59), d. Aug.4, 1935, Salem, Age: 72y3m5d, Pneumonia, In Vault Jan.26, Burial# 586, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Sarah T., b. South Onondagua, Parents: Samuel & Hannah Amadon, Residence: Greenwich #3, Spouse: Widow of Henry (1163), d. March 4, 1862, Battenville, Age: 56y9m15d, Of the heart, In vault Oct. 22, Burial# 1162, Int. Lot: G169
Stewart, Thomas R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 10, Spouse: Single, d. May 21, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 66y6m0d, Liver Disease, Burial# 1539, Int. Lot: C274
Stewart, Walter G., Buried March 24, 1889, Burial# 1790, Int. Lot: C191
Stewart, William, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Rebecca, Residence: Milton, Sara.co., Spouse: Mary F., d. Sept.6, 1838, Saratoga Springs, Age: 44y2m9d, Consumption, Burial# 1439, Int. Lot: C179
Stewart, William, b. Greenwich, Parents: James Stewart & Louise Cooper, Residence: East Greenwich, Spouse: Clara, d. Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Pulmonary Embolism, Burial# 5855, Int. Lot: D181
Stewart, William H., Parents: Robert & Elizabeth (Huggins), Residence: Salem #4, Spouse: Widower #106, d. Jan.11, 1880, Salem, Age: 66y18d, Cancer of right ear, Farmer, Burial# 496, Int. Lot: C179
Stewart, William James, b. Salem, Parents: David $ 59 & Sarah F. # 286, Residence: Salem #15, d. Sept.2, 1908, Salem, Age: 10m20d, Whooping cough, From old graveyard, Burial# 62, Int. Lot: C274
Stickney, William W., b. Ft.Edward, NY, Parents: Worth & Harriet, Residence: Moreau, NY, Spouse: Sherel, d. Dec.14, 1971, So.Glens Falls, NY, Age: 66yrs, Prostrate Cancer, Buried June 13, 1989, Burial# A-62
Stockbower, George A., b. NYC., NY, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ida, d. Sept. 19, 1870, Cambridge Hosp., NY, Age: 84y, Pulmonary Embolus, Burial# 6237, Int. Lot: B86
Stockbower, Ida, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Theodore Gillis & Eva Chamberlin, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. October 8, 1847, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89yrs, Congestive Heart Failure, Buried May 1, 1990, Burial# B-86
Stockham, Margaret, b. Troy, Parents: Robert & Margaret Thorn, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb. 11, 1860, Troy, Age: 71y7m14d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 5154, Int. Lot: S24
Stockham, Rupert, b. Detroit, Mich., Parents: William & Jessie, Residence: Greenwich, d. Glens Falls, NY, Age: 58y1m1d, Acute Dilation of Heart, Burial# 4593, Int. Lot: S24
Stockwell, Albert Moses, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Celia E., d. May 6, 1878, Rutland, VT, Age: 47y8m0d, Typhoid Fever, Tin-smith, Burial# 777, Int. Lot: F34
Stockwell, Harriet, S., b. Morristown, VT, Parents: Dennison & Margaret Cook, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Albert M. (#777), d. Aug.14, 1937, Salem, Age: 38y7m25d, Pherperal Convulsions, Burial# 384, Int. Lot: F34
Stockwell, Minnie Allettie, b. Salem, Parents: Albert M.#777 & H.S.#384, Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.23, 1890, Salem, Age: 1y4m26d, Croupe, In Rec.Vault, Jan.21, Burial# 356, Int. Lot: F34
Stoddard, Alvaetta D., b. Westerville, NY, Parents: Russell S. & Mary S. Mason, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.9, 1924, Saratoga, Age: 71y3m6d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4541, Int. Lot: B177
Ston, Albert H., b. Snyders Lake, NY, Parents: George & Barbara, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. March 17, 1885, Salem, Age: 72y9m27d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4499, Int. Lot: B174
Ston, Anna Doris, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert H. & Anna Beebe Ston, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Nov.22, 1938, Salem, Age: 3y5m20d, Laryngitis, Burial# 3135, Int. Lot: B174
Ston, Anna Nellis, b. Nelliston, NY, Parents: Jacob & Ella Nellis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: George C., d. Aug.7, 1901, Cambridge, Age: 41y15d, Chronic Cardiac Val.Dis, Burial# 4682, Int. Lot: B174
Ston, Annie C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo. & Maria Montgomery Beebe, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Albert H., d. May 8, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 59y4m13d, Edema Lung ? Pneumonia, Burial# 4174, Int. Lot: B174
Ston, George C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert Ston & Anna Bebee, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Clara, d. June 7, 1877, Cambridge, NY, Age: 67y, Heart, Burial# 5701, Int. Lot: I 114
Ston, Margaret H., b. Potsdam, Ny5/8/1919, Parents: Louis D. Hugley & Margaret (Clark), Residence: Peru, NY, Spouse: Albert W., d. June 22, 1966, Plattsburgh, NY, Age: 81yrs, Congestive Heart Failure, Buried Aug.18, 2001, Burial# B-174
Ston, Richard N., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Anna, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Sept.5, 1928, Salem, NY, Age: 11m21d, Acute Largnitis, Burial# 3777, Int. Lot: B174
Stout, Joyce B., b. Argyle, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jerry, d. March 3, 1962, Glensfalls, NY, Age: 80, Cremated, Burial# S-25, Int. Lot: N-1 1/2 E-4
Stowell, Ellery, Residence: Los Angeles, Spouse: Mary E., d. Jan.1, 1896, Los Angeles, Calif., Age: 73y, Heart Trouble, Burial# 4095, Int. Lot: G105
Stowell, Mary E.Cowan, Parents: Moses & Maria S.Cowan, Residence: Los Angeles, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.13, 1934, Los Angeles, Calif., Age: 78y, Gene.breakdown & Auto Acc., Birth Place listed as:Salem, N.YorWilmington, Ill, Burial# 4094, Int. Lot: G105
Stroud, Adeline C., Parents: John & Laura (Townsend) Russell, Residence: Ballston Spa., Spouse: Widow, d. July 9, 1860, Ballston Spa., NY, Age: 76y9m10d, Edema of Lungs and, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4041, Int. Lot: I 77
Stroud, Lamont Russell, b. Massach, Mass., Parents: Sylvanus & ____Townsend Stroud, Residence: BallstonSps, NY, Spouse: Nana F., d. Nov. 2, 1870, Augusta, Ga., Age: 59y, Appendicitis, Burial# 4298, Int. Lot: I 78
Stroud, Sylvanus J., b. Stamford, VT, Parents: Ira & Dolly, Residence: Milton, NY, Spouse: Adeline C., d. May 9, 1896, Age: 73y4m, Pneumonia, Burial# 3425, Int. Lot: I 77
Sturtevant, Bessie, b. Salem, Parents: Lemuel & Ana Skinner, Residence: New Haven, CT, Spouse: Edgar, d. 12/29/03, New Haven, CT, Age: 73y, Cancer, Burial# 5158, Int. Lot: G187
Sturtevant, Edgar H., b. Jacksonville, Ill., Parents: Alfred L. & Harriette Sturtevant, Residence: New Haven, CT, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.21, 1875, Branford, CT, Age: 77y, Hypertension, Cardiac, Burial# 5276, Int. Lot: G187
Sullivan, Deanna L., Parents: Peggy Dolley, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Dick, d. June 23, 2002, Glens Falls Hosp./Glensfalls, NY, Cremated, Burial# G-12, Int. Lot: N-6 E-4'
Sullivan, Richard D., b. Jonesville, NY 1934, Parents: John L.Sullivan & Anise Cruikshank, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Deanna White, d. May 14, 1995, Cambridge, NY, Age: 63yrs, Buried July 20, 1997, Burial# G-13
Surdam, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Sarah, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Married, d. Sept.2, 1907, Albany, NY, Age: 75y, Heart Disease, Burial# 2002, Int. Lot: H158
Sutton, Steven S., Residence: Queensbury, NY, Spouse: Donna, d. Sept.3, 1891, Queensbury, NY, Age: 53, Burial# A-62, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Sutton (Stickney), Sherle L., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Queensbury, NY, d. Oct.30, 1985, Queensbury, NY, Age: 85, Natural, Burial# A-62, Int. Lot: N-7 1/2 E-4
Sweeney, Cordelia, b. Cornwall, VT, Parents: Frank & Harriet Trudea?, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.29, 1912, Salem, Age: 79y11m3d, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 4763
Sweet, George Henry, b. Conesus, NY, Parents: Freeborn & Catharine, Residence: Salem #6, d. Oct.1, 1922, Stafford C.H. VA, Age: 25y5m26d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 179, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot, CoH.123rgt.
Sweet, Harlow D., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Freborn & Margaret, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Margaret, d. Dec.9, 1975, Shushan, NY, Age: 67y8m16d, Mitral Insufficency, Burial# 3637, Int. Lot: B247
Sweet, Katherine, b. Granville, NY, Parents: Freeborn & Cath.W., Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Single, d. April 9, 1959, Salem, NY, Age: 78y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3300, Int. Lot: B247
Sweet, Rolald G., b. Troy, Parents: Edna Gray & Vivian Sweet, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.1, 1937, Cambridge, Age: 13y7m16d, Fracture, Pelvis & Ribs, Burial# 5236, Int. Lot: D177
Sweet, Sarah, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Moses & Nancy Wright, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Widow of F.Sweet, d. Aug.28, 1911, Salem, Age: 66y6m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1874, Int. Lot: G90
Sweet, Viviene E., b. West Rupert, VT, Parents: Fred Sweet & Effie Beebe, Residence: Queensbury, NY, Spouse: Edna, d. Aug.23, 1865, Bradenton, Fla., Age: 74y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6370, Int. Lot: D177
Sykes, Skiff, Buried June 19, 1889, Burial# 1806, Int. Lot: ?139
Sykes, Skiff Farwell, b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Victory & Rhoda (Farwell), Residence: Mont. Canada, Spouse: Single, d. June 29, 1939, Salem, NY, Age: 63y8m21d, Heart Failure, Burial# 1565, Int. Lot: G23

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