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Evergreen Cemetery
Salem, Washington County, New York

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168 Cemetery Rd
Salem, NY 12865

Published: November 3, 2016
Total records: 6,942

Surnmes N-R

Records published here were acquired from the Salem Bancroft Public Library on November 3, 2016. These records were compiled by Ann Pongrace and David Male, August 1999. Dates of death range from 1772 to 2002.

Neal, Rebecca
, b. Salem, Parents: Calvin A & Mary, Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.24, 1966, Salem, Age: 1yr7m3d, Inflamation of lungs, In Rec'g vault, March 2, Burial# 156, Int. Lot: C247
Neff, Helena A., Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Luther, d. March 18, 1864, Age: 93y, Heart Failure, Burial# 6451, Int. Lot: S1
Neff, Luther C., b. Amsterdam, Residence: NJ, Spouse: Married, d. Oct.11, 1933, NJ, Age: 69y5m18d, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried April 17, 1945, Burial# 4972, Int. Lot: S1
Neff, Wilhemina L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Archie & Ellen, Residence: Bronx, NY, Spouse: Lewis, d. March 20, 1878, Bronx, NY, Age: 58y, Myocarditis, Chronic, Burial# 4504, Int. Lot: S
Negus, John, b. Petersham, MA, Parents: Paul & Rachel # 204 (Gregory, Residence: Salem #14, d. March 16, 1936, Troy, Age: 58y, Consumption, From old grave yard, Burial# 205, Int. Lot: C92
Negus, Rachel, b. Barre, MA, Parents: Elijah & Hannah Gregory, Residence: Salem#14, Spouse: Wid.of Paul, d. Dec.27, 1955, Salem, Age: 84y, Dysentery, from oldgrave yard, Burial# 204, Int. Lot: C92
Neil, Clifford, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George Neil & Clara King, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edith Morehouse, d. July 31, 1890, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83y, Coronary, In Vault 1/15/1987, Buried April 9, 1987, Burial# 6610, Int. Lot: E26
Neil, Ida King, b. Sunderland, VT, Parents: Charles & Isabel Neil, Residence: Salem, Spouse: George, d. Jan.21, 1958, Salem, Age: 62y11m24d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4845, Int. Lot: A
Neil, Infant, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clifford J. & Edith, Residence: Salem, d. Jan.20, 1900, Buried Ap.25, 1936, Burial# 4494, Int. Lot: E26
Neil, J.George, b. Canada, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.John Neil, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 7, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83y11m13d, Thrombosis, Burial# 5221, Int. Lot: A27
Neil, John, b. Sunderland, Vt, Parents: John Neil & Ida King, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Thelma, d. Jan 12, 1864, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89yrs, Metastic Colon, Buried Oct.2, 1989, Burial# J-10
Neil, Thelma, b. Date of Birth 1909, Spouse: John C., d. March 20, 1864, Cambridge, NY, Age: 81yrs, Natural Causes, Buried March 28, 1991, Burial# J-10
Neil, William H., b. Rowdres, Canada, Parents: George & Ida Neil, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.24, 1947, Salem, Age: 1y8m20d, Meningitis, Burial# 3357, Int. Lot: Single
Nelsen, Annie M., b. Jackson, Parents: Mitchell Little & Edna Hughes, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Harry, d. Nov. 26, 1862, Bethlehem, Age: 67y, Carcinoma, Burial# 5780, Int. Lot: D149
Nelsen, Harry, b. Ft.Dodge, Iowa, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Annie, d. April 3, 1892, Albany, Age: 79y, Carcinoma, Burial# 5994, Int. Lot: D149
Nelson, Alice T., b. England, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.11, 1920, Salem, Age: 68y10m18d, Paralysis, Buried Dec.18, 1944, Burial# 4950, Int. Lot: E31
Nelson, Audrey, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Geo.Nelson & Mabel Montgomery, Residence: Los Angeles, Ca., Spouse: Divorced, d. May 7, 1882, Los Angeles, Ca., Age: 35yrs, Buried Sept.18, 1989, Burial# R-3
Nelson, Bertha, Residence: Schenectady, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. March 27, 1885, Lady Of Mercy Schenectady, NY, Age: 89, Burial# D-149, Int. Lot: N=10 1/2 E-4
Nelson, Clara D., b. New York, Parents: George Dennison & Sarah Pinkerton, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widowed, Frank, d. March 5, 1966, Cambridge, NY, Age: 81y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6159, Int. Lot: R3
Nelson, Ernest H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wilder Nelson & Alice Filer, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mabel, d. Sept.4, 1876, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76y, Perferated Rectum, Burial# 6265, Int. Lot: R236
Nelson, Florence, b. Comstock, NY, Parents: George Graves & Mary Chase, Residence: Manchester, VT, Spouse: Munson, d. May 4, 1883, Rutland, VT, Age: 83y, Burial# 6521, Int. Lot: D179
Nelson, Frank B., b. Hebron, Parents: Elbert Nelson, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Clara, d. June 21, 1893, Greenwich, Age: 81y, Pneumonia, Stroke, Burial# 5959, Int. Lot: R3
Nelson, Gladys B., b. West Hebron, NY, Parents: Alba Barkley & Harriet McKnight, Residence: Manchester Ctr., Spouse: Munson, d. Nov. 9, 1856, Bennington, VT, Age: 62y9m17d, Cancer, Burial# 5560, Int. Lot: D179
Nelson, Harold W., b. Cambridge, Parents: Harold F.Nelson & Patrick Wren, Residence: Cambridge, d. Jan.8, 1995, Albany Hosp., Age: 1d, Resp.Arrest, Burial# 5854, Int. Lot: E31
Nelson, Harry J., Residence: Schenectady, NY, Spouse: Bertha, d. Aug.8, 1973, St. Peters Schenectady, NY, Age: 79, Burial# D-149, Int. Lot: N-12 E-4
Nelson, Henry Frank, b. Hebron, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.20, 1955, Florida, Age: 23y1m10d, Accid.Air-Craft, Buried Jan.6, 1944, Burial# 4893, Int. Lot: R3
Nelson, James J., Parents: John R., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lillian, d. Salem, NY, Burial# 3299, Int. Lot: I 4
Nelson, John A., b. Ireland, Parents: John & Sarah, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Mary, d. 3/1510, Shushan, NY, Age: 72y, Liver Complaint, Burial# 2010, Int. Lot: C108
Nelson, John V., b. W.Paulet, VT, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Molly, d. Feb.15, 1900, Jackson, Age: 39y, Heart, Burial# 5501, Int. Lot: D178
Nelson, Kenneth F., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wilbur & Alice Filer Nelson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.8, 1864, Cambridge, NY, Age: 20y, Ludwigs Angina, Burial# 4239, Int. Lot: E31
Nelson, Lillian K., b. Salem, Parents: Jos. & Elizabeth Kelly, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. July 25, 1916, Salem, Age: 78y4m24d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4613, Int. Lot: I 4
Nelson, Mabel, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Darwin Towsend & Ella Bailey, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. July 10, 1855, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 76y, Respiratory Arrest, In Vault 2/28/1987, Buried April 10, 1987, Burial# 6612, Int. Lot: R236
Nelson, Mary, b. Ireland, Parents: William & Margaret Dobbin, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: John, d. March 30, 1915, Salem, Age: 84y10m9d, Old Age, Burial# 2476, Int. Lot: C108
Nelson, Mary H., b. Vermont, Parents: George Hay & Roslyn Hopkins, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. March 10, 1867, Bennington, VT, Age: 83y, Not Listed, Buried June 25, 1987, Burial# 6629, Int. Lot: D178
Nelson, Mason W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Martin Nelson & Susie Munson, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Mary, d. Oct.30, 1878, Bennington, VT, Age: 75y, Carcinoma, Prostate Gland, Burial# 6181, Int. Lot: D178
Nelson, Mason, Jr., b. Albany, Parents: Mason Nelson & Mary Hay, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. March 6, 1884, Salem, Age: 16y8m9d, Fractured Skull, Burial# 5496, Int. Lot: D178
Nelson, Munson, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Martin Nelson & Susie Munson, Residence: Manchester, NY, Spouse: Florence, d. April 19, 1881, Rutland, VT, Age: 78y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6222, Int. Lot: D179
Nelson, Sarah E., b. Salem, Residence: Granville, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.24, 1970, Granville, Age: 93y3m25d, Buried June 29, 1945, Burial# 4979, Int. Lot: C108
Nelson, Wilbur G., b. West Pawlet, VT, Parents: Joel Nelson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Alice, d. Feb.6, 1957, Salem, NY, Age: 60y1m27d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4254, Int. Lot: E32
Neubauer, Arnold, b. Galesburg, Ill., Residence: White Plains, d. Ap.17, 1909, White Plains, NY, Age: 67y, Burial# 5788, Int. Lot: R217
Neubauer, Marion, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: James Young & Sophia Mehl, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Arnold, d. May 13, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y, Cerebrovascular, Burial# 6507, Int. Lot: R217
Newell, Jane Williams, b. England, Parents: John & Mary Newell, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widow, d. June 21, 1999, Granville, Age: 75y4m17d, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 4802, Int. Lot: E8
Newport, William Henry, b. Troy, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary, Residence: Jackson, NY, d. May 26, 1966, Jackson, NY, Age: 84y11m3d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4026, Int. Lot: Soldiers
Newton, Viroqua, b. Saratoga Spa., Parents: George E. & Mary Burd_____, Residence: Kansas City, Spouse: Henry, d. Sept.8, 1968, Kansas City, Mo., Age: 21y2m22d, Gastritis, Burial# 2200, Int. Lot: S93
Nichols, Emma M., b. VT, Parents: Alchurch, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Fred M., d. June 6, 1927, Troy, Age: 52y2m9d, Cancer of Gall Bladder, Burial# 4303, Int. Lot: E66
Nichols, Martin, b. Green Island, Parents: Martin & Mary, Residence: Green Island, d. Feb.1, 1884, Green Island, Age: 8m, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 2175, Int. Lot: C86
Nicholson, Charles H., b. VT, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. August 28, 1858, Argyle, VT, Age: 72y11m29d, Influenza, Burial# 4523, Int. Lot: B139
Nicholson, Isac A., b. Tinmouth, VT, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Ruth, d. April 3, 1951, Salem, Age: 68y0m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2753, Int. Lot: B139
Nicholson, Roswell, b. Salem, Parents: Ira & Ruth Nicholson, Spouse: Single, d. May 3, 1962, Albany, Age: 83y, Carcinoma, Burial# 5257, Int. Lot: B139
Nicholson, Ruth E., b. Easton, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.30, 1968, Salem, Age: 61y7m, Pmeumonia, Burial# 2921, Int. Lot: B139
Nippes, Margaret H., b. Not Listed, Parents: Not Listed, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Not Listed, d. Oct.30, 1896, Troy, NY, Age: 68y, Cardio Pulmonary Failure, Buried Nov.28, 1987, Cremated, Burial# 6642, Int. Lot: B264
Nippes, Margaret Hutchens, d. March 24, 1992, Age: 68yrs, Buried June 10, 1996, Burial# B-267
Nobbs, Lawrence Mahaffy, b. Holyoke, Mass., Parents: James W. & Jennie Mahaffy Nobbs, Residence: Holyoke, d. 4/21/06, Holyoke, Mass., Age: 11y17d, Brain Affection, Burial# 3080, Int. Lot: C171
Noll, Eva C., b. Germany, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Nov.20, 1887, Green Island, NY, Age: 67y1m18d, Senile Decay, Burial# 1592, Int. Lot: C86
Noll, Gotliebe, b. Germany, Residence: Green Island, Spouse: Widower, d. June 28, 1929, Green Island, NY, Age: 91y, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4266, Int. Lot: F60
Noll, Gottliebe, b. Germany, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Gottliebe, d. Oct. 2, 1852, Salem, NY, Age: 55y6m14d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1945, Int. Lot: F60
Noll, Jacob, b. Germany, Parents: Gottlieb & Gottliebe Noll, Residence: Green Island, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.4, 1926, Green Island, NY, Age: 63y, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4381, Int. Lot: F60
Noll, Welhelmina, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Gottlieb & Gottliebe, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.29, 1865, Green Island, Age: 20y5m27d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2139, Int. Lot: F60
Norton, Albert Henry, b. Salem, Parents: Wm.S. & Kate J., Residence: Salem #14, d. Sept.25, 1996, Salem, Age: 1m7d, Inflam.of Lungs, In Rec.Vault Dec.16, Burial# 917, Int. Lot: F94
Norton, Annie Maria, b. Salem, Parents: William S & Katie J., Residence: Salem #14, d. February 12, 1861, Salem, Age: 2m, Inflam.of Lungs, In Vault May 20, Burial# 597, Int. Lot: F94
Norton, Catherine Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Nathan F. & Betsey A.Safford, Residence: Argyle # 15, Spouse: Wm. S., d. July 31, 1973, So.Argyle, NY, Age: 73y10m19d, Chronic Parenchymatous, Burial# 3366, Int. Lot: F94
Norton, Clarence R., b. New York, Parents: Herbert Norton & Nellie Brate, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Helen, d. Jan.17, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Abdominal Aortic Tumor, Burial# 6112, Int. Lot: E46
Norton, Dorothy H., b. So.Hampton, England, Parents: Louis Mehling & Alice Brown, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Kenneth Norton, d. Aug.21, 1961, Cambridge, NY, Age: 77yrs, Natural Causes DOB--5/5/1919, Buried April 10, 1996, Burial# G-148
Norton, Elianah Maria W., b. Natick, Mass., Parents: Lysander & Hannah Wheelock, Residence: Greenwich #3, Spouse: Albert Aug's, d. Aug.10, 1984, Greenwich Village, Age: 40y11m7d, Marasmus, Burial# 1194, Int. Lot: M32
Norton, Helen I., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Leslie Ayers & Leona Loveland, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, Clarence, d. Feb.1, 1898, Salem, NY, Age: 64y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6183, Int. Lot: A46
Norton, Herbert E., b. West Rupert, NY, Parents: Clarence Norton & Helen I.Norton, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Nellie, d. Feb. 25, 1863, Cambridge, NY, Age: 41y, Crushing of Skull, Burial# 6199, Int. Lot: E33
Norton, Isabelle J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.George Neil, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, d. July 17, 1955, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 58y, Heart, Burial# 5759, Int. Lot: A27
Norton, James T., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Wm. & Polly, Residence: Salem # 14, d. March 4, 1846, Salem, Age: 88y3m3d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2520, Int. Lot: C199
Norton, Jennie L., b. Greenwich, Parents: Gilbert & Kate Gamble, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: C.J.Norton, d. July 1, 1937, Greenwich, Age: 23y11m3d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2607, Int. Lot: F94
Norton, Kenneth C., b. Battenville, NY, Parents: Mabel Burke & Kenneth Norton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Dorothy, d. Oct.8, 1881, Salem, Age: 53y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5996, Int. Lot: G148
Norton, Mabel Jane, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Lorenzo Burk & Mary Woodard, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Oct.18, 1970, Greenwich, NY, Age: 45y5d, Acute Dilation of Heart, Burial# 4126, Int. Lot: G148
Norton, Margaret L., b. Hebron, Parents: Alex Keys & Mabel Goodell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Willard, d. 7/14/10, Cambridge, Age: 24y3m9d, Auto Accident, Burial# 5382, Int. Lot: E46
Norton, William S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James T. & Maria, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.12, 1968, Greenwich, NY, Age: 78y9m, Burial# 3391, Int. Lot: F94
O'Brien, Eleanor E., b. Salem, Parents: Robert Shaw, Residence: Plattsburg, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.1, 1922, Plattsburg, Age: 89y1m15d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5407, Int. Lot: S89
O'Brien, James, b. Scotland, Parents: James & Mary McQuire O'Brien, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Isadore, d. Oct.6, 1939, Greenwich, NY, Age: 74y5m22d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4378, Int. Lot: E47
O'Connor, Patrick, b. Ireland, Residence: W.Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.23, 1950, West Hebron, NY, Age: 69y, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4103, Int. Lot: Single
O'Herron, Margaret, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James Getty & Deborah (Long), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: James, d. Sept.9, 1930, West Rupert, VT, Age: 80y1m20d, Asthma, Burial# 2483, Int. Lot: C141
Oatman, Arlin L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Arlin E. & Emma A., Residence: Elmsford, NY, Spouse: Emma J., d. April 12, 1873, Greensburgh, Age: 42y2m6d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 4607, Int. Lot: S22
Oatman, Charlotte, b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Isaac H., d. April, 1894, Salem, NY, Age: 65y, Consumption, Burial# 2146, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Christine, b. Salem, Parents: Elias Smith & Jane Dickenson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Mechanicville, Age: 78y0m11d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5131, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Emma, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.3, 1972, Greenwich, Age: 85y3m22d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5088, Int. Lot: R43
Oatman, Fred. W., b. Hartford, Parents: Isaac H. & Charlott, Residence: Hebron #4, d. Jan.19, 1870, Hebron (Belcher), Age: 19y9m24d, Dropsey, Burial# 1149, Int. Lot: R43
Oatman, Hester A., b. Plattsburgh, NY., Parents: John S. & Lania B. Northup, Residence: W.Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.15, 1890, No. Adams Mass, Age: 82y1m, Dementia, incident to old age, Burial# 2773, Int. Lot: R59
Oatman, Isaac B., b. E.Hartford, NY, Parents: Isaac H. & Charlotte (Chapman), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Christine, d. Sept.22, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 63y2d, Pernicious Anemia, Burial# 3497, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Isaac H., b. Cayuga Co.N.Y., Parents: Elisha & Lucy, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Mary, d. September 8, 1860, Belcher, NY, Age: 85y, Valvular Disease of Heart, Burial# 3033, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, John W., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Daniel & Ruth, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Hester A., d. May 22, 1914, West Hebron, NY, Age: 80y, Heart Disease, Burial# 2156, Int. Lot: R39
Oatman, Lawrence J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Isaac B. & Christine, Residence: Hebron # 4, d. 6/13/09, Hebron, NY, Age: 5d, Convulsions, Burial# 2768, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Lucy, b. Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Wm.J. & Avis James, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.3, 1905, Salem, NY, Age: 81y2m18d, Old Age, Burial# 1518, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Mortimer, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Elisha & Lucy, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.4, 1964, Salem, NY, Age: 56y, Pneumonia, Burial# 1932, Int. Lot: R44
Oatman, Orlin E., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Isaac & Charlotte, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Emma, d. Aug.12, 1908, Salem, Age: 82y, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4456, Int. Lot: R43
Oatman, Ruth Ann, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Benj. & Lodeca, Residence: Cambridge # 5, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y5m16d, Heart Trouble, Burial# 2443, Int. Lot: R30
Oberwager, Edwin R., b. Ny., Ny. 1/18/1917, Parents: Chas.A.Oberwager & Anna Mariash, Residence: Stuart, Fl., Spouse: Frances Robertson, d. June 22, 1899, Stuart, Fl., Age: 79yrs, Buried Sept.19, 1996, Burial# B-200
Ochampaugh, Frances, b. Oneonta, NY, Parents: C.Ochampaugh, Residence: Rutland # 2, Spouse: Helen Mason, d. Jan.14, 1882, Rutland, VT, Age: 57y7m30d, Cronic Cardiac Dilitation, Burial# 2927, Int. Lot: B190
Ochampaugh, Helen A., b. W.Oneida Co., NY, Parents: Russell & Mary C.Mason, Residence: Dalton, Mass., Spouse: Widow, d. July 18, 1980, Minneapolis, Min., Age: 62y, Sclerosis of Liver, Burial# 3373, Int. Lot: B190
Odbert, George E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: James H. & Rosina, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Not Listed, Albany, Age: 75y, Old Age, Burial# 2892, Int. Lot: H123
Odbert, James, b. Ireland, Residence: Salem # 15, d. Feb.9, 1948, Manchester, Age: 82y4m3d, Cancer, Stomach, Burial# 1588, Int. Lot: H122
Odbert, Mattie E., b. AuSable, Clinton Co., Parents: John & Mary Macy, Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: George E., d. Sept.10, 1985, Salem, Age: 37y, Inflam.of Bowels, In Vault Jan.17, Burial# 1017, Int. Lot: H123
Odbert, Rose Ann, b. Ireland, Parents: George & Marg't Porter, Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: James H., d. March 14, 1882, Salem, Age: 69y4m13d, Paralysis, In Vault Feb. 8, Burial# 665, Int. Lot: H122
Oliver, Abbie Lucinda, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph & Abbie T., Residence: Salem #12, d. May 18, 1872, Salem Village, Age: 6m19d, Consumption, Burial# 1043, Int. Lot: C183
Oliver, Abigail S., b. Black Brook, NY, Parents: Samuel A. & Sarah L. Wilkins, Residence: Wash., D.C., Spouse: Joseph, d. June 1882, Wash, D.C., Age: 57y0m8d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2507, Int. Lot: C181
Oliver, Anna May, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph & Abbie T., Residence: Salem Village, d. April 25, 1886, Salem, Age: 1m14d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 893, Int. Lot: C183
Oliver, Jane Ferns, b. Huntington, Ca., Parents: John & Anna (Ferns), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Salem, Age: 73y5m27d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3749, Int. Lot: B270
Oliver, John, b. Canada, Parents: Jos. & Sarah K., Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jane F., d. Nov.1, 1895, Salem, NY, Age: 69y6m4d, Suicide, Burial# 3278, Int. Lot: B270
Oliver, Joseph, b. Canada, Residence: Smyrna, Del., Spouse: Abbie T., d. Aug.2, 1971, Smyrna, Age: 38y3m18d, Consumption, Burial# 1620, Int. Lot: C181
Orcutt, Adelia, b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Samuel Starks, Residence: Salem # 4, Spouse: Widow, d. April 23, 1859, Jackson NY, Age: 90y, Typhoid Dysentery, Burial# 1893, Int. Lot: C89
Orcutt, Geo.H., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Hugh & Philinda, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Widower, d. April 3, 1883, Jackson, NY, Age: 54y2m, P.Pneumonia, Burial# 2932, Int. Lot: C20
Orcutt, George H., b. Jackson, Parents: George H. & Mary (Hall), Residence: Jackson # 5, d. Jan.4, 1919, Jackson, Age: 15y7m26d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2471, Int. Lot: C20
Orcutt, Henry, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.S. & Mary J., Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.27, 1960, Jackson, Age: 1y7m9d, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 1315, Int. Lot: C89
Orcutt, Mary E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: David L. & Elizabeth Hall, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: George, d. Nov.27, 1933, Jackson, NY, Age: 43y0m0d, Burial# 2458, Int. Lot: C20
Orcutt, Mary J., b. Landgrove, VT, Parents: Simion & Mable, Residence: Schenectady, NY, d. April 25, 1951, Schenectady, NY, Age: 69y7m, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3532, Int. Lot: B135
Orcutt, Wm.S., b. Easton, Parents: Lemuel & Adelia, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Mary J., d. Sept.26, 1900, Jackson, NY, Age: 68y1m4d, Carbuncle & Blood Pois., Burial# 2990, Int. Lot: B125
Orton, Corrine B., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Frank Boynton & Cora Allen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.4, 1922, Salem, NY, Age: 93y, Coronary Sclerosis, Buried June 24, 1986, Burial# 6589, Int. Lot: S28
Orton, Julian V.D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Zenas Orton, M.D. & Pearl Boynton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jean, d. January 1, 1878, Bennington, VT, Age: 84y, Alzheimers Disease, Burial# 6518, Int. Lot: S28
Orton, Zenas V.D., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Pearl, d. Feb.9, 1957, NYC., Age: 70y, Heart, Burial# 5296, Int. Lot: S28
Osborn, Caroline, b. Salem, Parents: Arch'd (#462) & Caroline McAllister, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Henry S., d. Feb.7, 1903, Salem, Age: 25y2m, Chronic diarrhoea, Old Gr.Yd., Int.E108, Mov'd 9, 26, 1868, Burial# 440, Int. Lot: F172
Osborn, Harry, b. Glens Falls, Parents: Harry S. & Sarah M., Residence: Queensbury, d. May 9, 1928, Glens Falls, Age: 1y11m26d, Diphtheria, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., In F108 till 9, 26, 1868, Burial# 442, Int. Lot: F172
Osborn, Henry Allen, b. Glens Falls, Parents: Henry S. & Caroline (#440), Residence: Queensbury, d. Jan.26, 1868, Salem, Age: 2y10m18d, Croupe, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., In F108 till 9, 26, 1868, Burial# 441, Int. Lot: F172
Osborne, Henry S., b. Cario, NY, Parents: Myron & Harmony, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Sara McA., d. 9/21/10, NYCity, Age: 64y21d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2009, Int. Lot: F170
Owens, John J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John H. & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Single, d. April 25, 1963, Salem, Age: 4y0m6d, Diphtheria, In Vault Dec.18___Removed Sp-1930, Burial# 1352, Int. Lot: C144
Owens, Sarah, b. Salem, Parents: John & Lora, Residence: Salem #18, d. April 14, 1968, Salem, Age: 1y5m, Scarlet Fever, In Vault March 17, Burial# 639, Int. Lot: Single
Paige, Thomas, b. Rutland, VT, Residence: Whithall, Village, d. March 1871, Age: 71y, Volunyary Starvation, In Vault Aug.30, Burial# 751, Int. Lot: Free
Palmer, Agnes W., b. Jackson, Parents: John E. & Lady A., Residence: Hebron, d. Not Listed, Hebron, Age: 1y4m25d, Convulsions, Burial# 405, Int. Lot: Poor (B5
Palmer, Bernard L., b. Bolton Landing, Parents: Amos Palmer & Adeline McDonald, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.29, 1859, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76y, Massive Hemorrhage, Burial# 5656, Int. Lot: J11
Palmer, Edward J., b. Buffalo, NY, Parents: James Palmer & Julia Rickoff, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Inez, d. 3/21/04, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 84y, Ruptured Aorta, Burial# 6060, Int. Lot: D146
Palmer, Inez M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William McMillian & Bertha Chamberlin, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Jan.18, 1951, Cambridge, NY, Age: 90y, Terminal Broncho Pneum., Buried July 1, 1986, Burial# 6590, Int. Lot: D146
Palmer, Isabella, b. Bolton Landing, Parents: Myron Putney & Julia Wheeler, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Bernard, d. June 23, 1957, Hebron, Age: 66y6m12d, Cancer, In Vault, Burial# 5366, Int. Lot: J11
Palmer, Mary E., b. Hartford, Parents: Sam'l & Mary Mahaffy, Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Robert C., d. March 17, 1933, Salem, Age: 29y1m, Consumption, In Vault Feb.5, Burial# 1127, Int. Lot: C83
Palmer, Sarah, b. Salem, Parents: John E. & Lydia Ann (Ward), Residence: Salem #18, d. Dec.30, 1888, Salem, Age: 0d, Stillborn, Burial# 612, Int. Lot: Free
Palmer, William James, b. Argyle, Parents: John E. & Lydia Ann (Ward), Residence: Jackson #5, d. Sept. 2, 1867, Jackson, Age: 6y6m2d, Liver Disease, Burial# 370, Int. Lot: Free
Parish, Lillie, b. Canada, Parents: Benj. & ___Brown, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Dewitt, d. March 27, 1963, Salem, Age: 50y4m0d, Consumption, Burial# 2650, Int. Lot: R16
Park, Catherine Hull, b. Orwell, VT, Parents: James & Charlotte Hull, Residence: N Brunswick#29, Spouse: Pliny Fisk, d. Aug.29, 1971, N.Brunswick, NJ., Age: 39y4m18d, Congest.of Brain, Burial# 805, Int. Lot: E52
Park, Mary M., b. Salem, Parents: David #76 & Margaret McFarland, Residence: Salem #11, Spouse: Pliny F., d. Sept.20, 1927, Salem, Age: 34y7m8d, General debility, Burial# 218, Int. Lot: F52
Parker, Amy G., b. Boston, Parents: John Glidden & Anna Warren, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. May 30, 1901, NYC., Age: 76y5m11d, Thrombosis, Burial# 5174, Int. Lot: B
Parker, Calvin Joseph, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Calvin Parker, Residence: W.Rutland, Spouse: Widower, d. July 8, 1912, West Rutland, VT, Age: 81y5m21d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3960, Int. Lot: G41
Parker, Caroline, b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Constantine & Sybil B.Rugg, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Calvin L., d. May 19, 1949, Shushan, Age: 76y5m6d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1650, Int. Lot: G41
Parker, Carrie A., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Calvin L. & Caroline (Rugg), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 16, 1952, Shushan, Age: 85y29d, Burial# 4004, Int. Lot: G41
Parker, Infant unnamed, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Olive Parker, Residence: Salem #13, d. March 30, 1845, Salem, Stillborn, Buried 1st in strangers ground, Burial# 145, Int. Lot: Free
Parker, Isabell D., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: John & Isabell (Dennison), Residence: W.Rutland, VT, Spouse: Joseph, d. Feb.19, 1928, West Rutland, VT, Age: 72y3m4d, Cerebral Embolism, Burial# 3651, Int. Lot: G41
Parker, James S., b. Great Barrington, Mass., Parents: James K. & Grace E.Southworth, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Amy, d. Oct.9, 1929, Wash.D.C., Age: 66y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 4391, Int. Lot: B79
Parker, John M., b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Olive (Beebe), Residence: Salem #13, d. April 20, 1999, Salem, Age: 1y8m27d, Worm Fever, Buried 1st in strangers ground, Burial# 116, Int. Lot: Poor
Parker, Marietta E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Calvin L. & Caroline, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.22, 1915, Salem, Age: 58y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 2499, Int. Lot: G41
Parker, Marion W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Frances (Williams), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: James S., d. Dec.22, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 54y4m16d, Cancer, Burial# 3760, Int. Lot: B
Parker, Mary S., b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Harmon & Mary (Pitts) Stanton, Residence: M.Granville, Spouse: Cyrus D., d. Nov.22, 1993, M.Granville, NY, Age: 62y10m27d, Heart Disease, Burial# 4064, Int. Lot: B141
Parkman, Helen, Buried Sept.16, 1881, Burial# 1367, Int. Lot: C326
Parkman, Julia R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.Abel & Claissa McKillip Russell, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widow, d. May 23, 1878, Troy, NY, Age: 75y1m25d, Endocarditis, Burial# 4200
Parrish, Clara, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William Wadsworth & Ellen McNeil, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Laverne, d. June 18, 1982, Orange City, Fla., Age: 77y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6400, Int. Lot: I 114
Parrish, Daniel, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Mary, Residence: W.Rupert # 3, Spouse: Widower of Lucy, d. Jan.11, 1891, West Rupert, Age: 79y10m18d, Cancer, Burial# 2824, Int. Lot: C281
Parrish, Dewitt, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Josiah & Caroline, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widower, d. Oct.29.1991, Poughkeepsie, Age: 86y, Gene.Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4629, Int. Lot: R16
Parrish, Don S., b. Hebron, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Maude, d. Jan.27, 1956, Flens Falls, Age: 56y11m16d, Carcinoma of Liver, Buried Aug.21, 1945, Burial# 4985, Int. Lot: A62
Parrish, Elizabeth, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Moses Flavin & Thankful Hadaway, Residence: Salem, Spouse: LeRoy, d. Feb.11, 1924, Poughkeepsie, Age: 82y8m8d, Heart, Burial# 5401, Int. Lot: G149
Parrish, Erlis M., b. Wallace, S.D., Parents: Melvin Jameson & Minnie Haugen, Residence: Colonie, NY, Spouse: Roland, d. Feb.5, 1908, St.Peter's Hosp.Albany, Age: 44y5m2d, Cancer of Colon, Metastasis of Liver, Burial# 6317, Int. Lot: A68
Parrish, Gladys H., Parents: Julia Washburn & Frederick Harter, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Laverne, d. Aug.28, 1895, Cambridge, Age: 63y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 6022, Int. Lot: A32
Parrish, Hiram N., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Daniel & Lousia, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Marie, d. April 18, 1927, Syracuse, NY, Age: 78y1m24d, Accidental, Burial# 3768, Int. Lot: G149
Parrish, Hulda A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John Hatch & Mary Ingersol, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Walter, d. June 28, 1854, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 89y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5797, Int. Lot: A23
Parrish, James, b. Cambridge, Parents: Ronald Parrish & Erlis Jameson, Residence: Salem, d. Aug.16, 1908, Troy, Age: 28wks., Burial# 5481, Int. Lot: A32
Parrish, John, b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Daniel & Lucy (Youlen), Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.24, 1992, West Rupert, Age: 22y7m3d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1511, Int. Lot: C281
Parrish, Laverne, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Walter Parrish & Hulda Hatch, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Gladys-----Clara, d. April 17, 1913, Orange City Fla., Age: 83y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6538, Int. Lot: A32
Parrish, LeRoy, b. Hebron, Parents: Newton Parrish & Mariah Woodard, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Jan.23, 1867, Granville, Age: 84y0m21d, Burial# 5455, Int. Lot: G149
Parrish, Louisa W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Newton & Maria, Residence: Hebron # 19, Spouse: Single, d. July 1, 1984, Hebron, Age: 11y1m21d, Diptheria Croup, Burial# 1738, Int. Lot: G149
Parrish, Lucy, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Jeremiah & Lucy Youlen, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Daniel, d. Nov.20, 1928, Rupert, VT, Age: 61y5m13d, Paralysis, Burial# 1653
Parrish, Maria W., b. So.Granville, NY, Parents: John & Anna McCarter Woodard, Residence: Olean, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.9, 1893, Olean, NY, Age: 86y3m, Cirrhosis of Liver, Burial# 4280, Int. Lot: G149
Parrish, Maude, b. Salem, NY, d. April 7, 1870, Age: 98yrs, Buried Oct.23, 1997, Burial# A-62
Parrish, Walter W., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Hulda, d. May 31, 1861, Bennington, N.H., Age: 95y, Ventricular Failure Heart, Burial# 6006, Int. Lot: A32
Partridge, Adriel, b. N.H., Parents: Not Known, Residence: Salem #11, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.16, 1955, Shushan, Age: 82y3m6d, Erysipelas, Burial# 946, Int. Lot: H168
Partridge, Laura I., b. Salem, Parents: ____ & Ann S. Davis, Residence: Dinwiddie, Co.VA., Spouse: Matthew M., d. Nov.12, 1920, Wilson Station, VA, Age: 30y8m19d, Paralysis, Burial# 703, Int. Lot: H168
Partridge, Laura M., b. Wilson's Station, Va., Parents: Matthew M. & Laura (#703), Residence: Salem #21, d. Dec.22, 1958, Shushan, Age: 10m, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 745, Int. Lot: H168
Partridge, Mary L., b. Salem, Parents: Andrew & Ann S. Davis, Residence: Salem #21, Spouse: James O., d. Nov.13, 1960, Shushan, Age: 26y10m6d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 158, Int. Lot: H168
Partridge, Moores, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Bedsey & Adrial, Residence: White Creek # 10, Spouse: Widower, d. Oct.31, 1902, Cambridge, Age: 86y2m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 2345, Int. Lot: H186
Partridge, Parmelia, b. Jay, NY, Parents: John & Jane Brown, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Moses, d. Nov.24, 2000, Shushan, NY, Age: 84y, Hemorrhage, Burial# 2197, Int. Lot: H168
Paterson, Irene, b. Greenwich, NY 1907, Parents: John Shaler & Mabel Hyatt, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: James, d. June 12, 1912, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Aug.4, 1995, Burial# D-39
Paterson, James T., b. Scotland, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth Paterson, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Irene, d. Nov.15, 1936, Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6162, Int. Lot: D39
Patteillo, Jennie, b. West Hebron, NY, Parents: Jas. & Harriet Dewey, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: James, d. Nov.29, 1978, Cossayuna, NY, Age: 56y2m26d, Carcinoma of Uterus, Burial# 3908, Int. Lot: E63
Patterson, Edward J., b. Rutland, VT, Parents: George Patterson & Annie Slattery, Residence: Brandon, VT, Spouse: Gertrude, d. July 13, 1864, Rutland, VT, Age: 90y, A.S.H.D., Burial# 6383, Int. Lot: H155
Patterson, Gertrude (Getty) , b. Hebron, NY, d. Sept.17, 1912, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 86, Burial# B 141, Int. Lot: E-4
Patterson, Gertrude P., b. New York, Parents: Charles M.Pries & Anna W.Brandt, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Edward, d. April 19, 1917, NYCity, Age: 53y4m16d, Natural Causes, Burial# 5012, Int. Lot: H155
Patterson, Jane S., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: George W. & Elizabeth Snyder, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Spencer G., d. May 5, 1976, Rutland, Age: 78y8m18d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2495, Int. Lot: H155
Patterson, Jennie, b. Salem, Parents: Spencer G. & Jane Patterson, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 21, 1897, Salem, Age: 20y3m11d, Heart Disease, Burial# 712, Int. Lot: H299
Patterson, Spencer G., b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jane, d. Feb.15, 1912, Salem, NY, Age: 72y6m21d, Cancer of Stomach, Burial# 1960, Int. Lot: H155
Patterson, Susan O., b. VT, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 13, 1935, Greenwich, Age: 77y, Burial# 3083, Int. Lot: H50
Pattulo, Lawrence, b. Cossayuna, Parents: James & Jennie Pattulo, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept.15, 1888, Albany, Age: 49y, Cancer, Burial# 5515, Int. Lot: E63
Paul, Ettie J., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary Paul, Residence: Jackson # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.10, 1881, Jackson, Age: 17y11m9d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1525, Int. Lot: G106
Paul, Johnnie, b. Jackson, Parents: Robert & Mary, Residence: Jackson #12, Spouse: Martha (Weir) Hutton, d. Dec.22, 1888, Jackson, Age: 26y10m8d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1165, Int. Lot: G106
Paul, Mary, b. Ireland, Residence: Jackson # 12, Spouse: Robert, d. Sept.3, 1957, Jackson, NY, Age: 62y0m1d, Meningitis, Burial# 1670, Int. Lot: G106
Paul, Robert, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Mary, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. July 13, 1934, East Greenwich, Age: 71y, Cerebral Softening, Burial# 1897, Int. Lot: G106
Paul, Sarah, b. Greenwich, Parents: Robert & Mary, Residence: Hoosick Falls, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.4, 1959, Hoosick Falls, Age: 38y, Lagrippe, Burial# 2316, Int. Lot: G106
Payette, Mary D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.J. & Martha Whitlock, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Eugene, d. March 26, 1916, Cambridge, Age: 33y0m6d, Consumption, Burial# 2737, Int. Lot: H119
Payne, Alma Armour, b. Ohio, Parents: James Payne & Vesta Crawford, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Sadie, d. May 11, 1980, Cambridge, Age: 68y, Cancer & Pneumonia, Burial# 5533, Int. Lot: D6
Payne, James M., b. Ironton, Ohio, Parents: Elbert & Charlotte (Perry), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower (Vester), d. Joplin, Mo., Age: 66y, Carcinoma of Stomach, Burial# 4080, Int. Lot: D6
Payne, Patricia N., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: George & Florence Noonan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Robert, d. Sept.16, 1865, Salem, NY, Age: 83, Long Illness, Burial# K 36, Int. Lot: N-4.5, E-4'
Payne, Robert, b. Joplin, Mo.8/19/1919, Parents: A.Armour & Sadie Anthony, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Patricia Noonan, d. Nov.1, 1962, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Oct.21, 1995, Burial# K-36
Payne, Sadie A., b. Salem, Parents: Annette Barnham & George Anthony, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Armor, d. Nov.9, 1940, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 72y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6007, Int. Lot: D6
Payne, Vester, b. Ohio, Parents: A. & Analea (Leffingwell) Crawford, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: James M., d. Feb.20, 1918, Salem, NY, Age: 63y2m24d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3958, Int. Lot: D5
Peck, Baby Girl, b. Cambridge Hospital, Parents: Hollis Peck & Pat Welsh, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.8, 1850, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 2hrs 50min, Burial# 5912, Int. Lot: S82
Peck, Judy, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Hollis Peck, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.13, 1877, NYC., Age: 10y, Cancer, Burial# 5337, Int. Lot: S82
Peck, May H., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: M.D. & Thankful (Flower), Residence: Sandgate # 7, Spouse: Will C., d. Oct.11, 1909, Sandgate, VT, Age: 34y7m27d, Val.Heart Disease, Burial# 2396, Int. Lot: B182
Peets, Edward C., b. Salem, Residence: NJ, Spouse: Flora, d. April 15, 1863, NJ, Age: 81y6m14d, Heart, Burial# 5114, Int. Lot: C22
Peets, Ethel B., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Edward & Flora, Residence: Salem # 12, d. April 30, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 2y2m17d, Tubercular Meningitis, Burial# 2209, Int. Lot: G22
Peets, Flora, b. Hudson Falls, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Ephriam Labossierr, Residence: Elizabeth, NJ, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb.27, 1889, NJ, Age: 85y, Thrombosis, Burial# 5284, Int. Lot: G22
Peirce, Lyman Russell, b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Darwin C. & Anna M., Residence: Rutland, d. October 22, 1802, Rutland, Age: 1y2m, Dropsy of Brain, Burial# 1129, Int. Lot: F24
Pekins, Richard E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Richard & Mary Williams Pekins, Residence: Salem#12, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.30, 1888, Cambridge, NY, Age: 69y8m20d, Carcinoma of Prostate, Burial# 4305, Int. Lot: E41
Pelton, Dorothea L., b. Hamden, CT 1908, Parents: Charles Lewis & Josephine Druen, Residence: Vernon, VT, Spouse: George D.Pelton, d. Dec.26, 1901, Windsor, VT, Age: 91yrs, Cardio-Respiratory Arrest, Burial# D-150
Pelton, George, b. Monticello, NY, Parents: George & Mary O'Neil Pelton, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Dorothea Lewis, d. Sept.8, 1866, Bennington, VT, Age: 82yrs, Lung Cancer, Buried July 1, 1990, Burial# D-150
Peny, Ella M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John A. & Mary (Hall), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: John, d. March 12, 1902, Salem, Age: 67y6m29d, Obstruction of Bowels, Burial# 3703, Int. Lot: H210
Percey, Caroline, b. Hartford, Parents: John S. & Elizabeth A. (#317), Residence: Hartford, d. June 30, 1909, Hartford, From Hartford Gr.Yard, Burial# 318, Int. Lot: H120
Percey, Charles Eddy, b. Hartford, Parents: John S. & Elizabeth A. (#317), Residence: Salem #13, d. May 17, 1871, Green Isld.Troy, Age: 18y8m1d, Apeplexy, In Vault, Nov.15, Burial# 319, Int. Lot: H120
Percey, Elizabeth Ann, b. Hoosic, Parents: Jacob & Nancy Ouderkirk, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: John S., d. May 21, 1914, Hartford, Age: 38y, Inflam. Of Bowels, From Hartford Gr.Yard, Burial# 317, Int. Lot: H120
Perkins, Ann E., b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: James & Jane Beattie Perkins, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.11, 1899, West Rupert, VT, Age: 88y10m26d, Paralysis of Heart, Burial# 3214, Int. Lot: B178
Perkins, Benjamin H., b. Rupert, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lillian, d. June 5, 1888, Salem, Age: 83y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6005, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Betsey E., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Isaac & Clarisa Hays, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.2, 1869, West Rupert, VT, Age: 82y6m20d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3226, Int. Lot: B178
Perkins, Charlotte, b. Rupert, Parents: Abner Richards & Ella Rafter, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. March 18, 1925, Rupert, Age: 71y9m23d, Heart, Burial# 5100, Int. Lot: B178
Perkins, Child, b. Salem, Residence: Salem # 5, d. Aug.30, 1979, Salem, Still-Born, In Vault Feb.15, Burial# 3166, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Clara E., Residence: Salem # 12, d. Nov.1, 1983, Salem, Age: 1m3d, Burial# 1805, Int. Lot: C197
Perkins, Clinton R., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: John Perkins & C.Richards, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Teresa, d. Aug.10, 1921, Danby, VT, Age: 48y2m14d, Heart Failure, Burial# 5096, Int. Lot: A64
Perkins, George H., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. March 17, 1920, Salem, Age: 76y, Compound Fracture of Arm, Burial# 2215, Int. Lot: C195
Perkins, Infant, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 5, d. Jan.30, 1951, Salem, NY, Still-born, Burial# 3303, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, John A., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: William & Sarah Grace, Residence: Salem # 5, Spouse: Lois H., d. Salem, NY, Age: 60y1m11d, Sun-stroke, Burial# 2679, Int. Lot: B207
Perkins, John B., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Joseph & Jane, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Betsy E., d. July 4, 1955, West Rupert, Age: 84y10m9d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2742, Int. Lot: B178
Perkins, John J., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: John B. & Betsey, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Charlotte, d. Jan.31, 1892, Rupert, Age: 80y0m22d, Ureamia, Burial# 4849, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Joseph H., b. West Rupert, NY, Parents: Wm. & Hannah Lincoln Perkins, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Julia R., d. Sept.30, 1915, Age: 74y5m15d, Cancer of Liver, Burial# 4295, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Julia R., b. Sandgate, Parents: Adolphus & Cordelia A.Sherman, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. May 1, 1975, Salem, Age: 86y6m15d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4831, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Julius George, b. Sandgate, Parents: George H. & Margaret J., Residence: Salem #17, d. Oct.19, 1995, Salem, Age: 20y9m25d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1158, Int. Lot: C197
Perkins, Karl R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Clara E., Residence: Broadalbin, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 21, 1869, Broadalbin, Age: 17y8m, Accident, Burial# 3429, Int. Lot: C197
Perkins, Lester V., b. VT, Parents: Lottie Richards & John Perkins, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.27, 1875, Cambridge, Age: 54y5m7d, Heart, Burial# 5231, Int. Lot: B178
Perkins, Lillian J., b. Troy, Parents: Adam Ross & Agnes Connell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Benj., d. Nov.3, 1892, Cambridge, Age: 75y11m26d, Heart, Burial# 5426, Int. Lot: B400
Perkins, Lloyd C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Clara E., Residence: Salem # 12, d. Oct.15, 1979, Salem, Age: 5y10m2d, Burned, Burial# 2551, Int. Lot: C197
Perkins, Lois H., b. Quebec, Canada, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.1, 1931, Salem, Age: 78y1m7d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3538, Int. Lot: B207
Perkins, Margaret, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: John & Nancy, Residence: Sandgate # 10, Spouse: Single, d. March 3, 1876, Sandgate, Age: 84y, Old Age, Burial# 2299, Int. Lot: G79
Perkins, Margaret J., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary Gillespe, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: George H., d. July 12, 1983, Salem, Age: 62y7m1d, Paralysis, Burial# 1691, Int. Lot: C195
Perkins, Vinton O., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Clinton Perkins & Teresa McWithey, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Mildred, d. April 20, 1989, Granville, NY, Age: 51y, Myocardio Infarction, Burial# 6301, Int. Lot: A64
Perkins, William S., b. Rupert, VT, Residence: Milford, CT, Spouse: Agnes, d. Feb.12, 1950, Milford, CT, Age: 54y7m18d, Heart Disease, Buried March 4, 1945, Burial# 4962, Int. Lot: B400
Perrin, Clara Nelson, b. Rupert, Parents: Martin Nelson & Susie Munson, Residence: Watervliet, Spouse: Marshal, d. April 14, 1943, Watervliet, Age: 72y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5886, Int. Lot: B234
Perrin, Edna M., b. Lyme, N.H., Parents: Truman Prescott & Sarah, Residence: Medford, Mass., Spouse: Widowed, d. March 14, 1929, Medford, Mass., Age: 82y8m, Heart, Burial# 5642, Int. Lot: F71
Perrin, Fannie, b. Greenwich, Parents: Isaac & Patience Wilbur, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.1, 1906, Salem, Age: 85y8m19d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4745, Int. Lot: B234
Perrin, Hiram Newton, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Hiram & Laura Towsley Perrin, Residence: Rupert # 4, Spouse: Frances, d. Dec.10, 1889, Rupert, VT, Age: 65y11m3d, Enlargement of Liver, Burial# 3364, Int. Lot: B234
Perrin, Marshall T., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hiram Perrin & Fannie Wilbur, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Vera, d. Aug.14, 1962, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6246, Int. Lot: B234
Perrin, Oscar H., b. Rupert, Parents: Hiram N. & Fannie, Residence: W.Medford, Ma., Spouse: Edna M., d. Nov.13, 1864, Boston, Ma., Age: 63y1m6d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4691, Int. Lot: F71
Perrin, Vera H., b. Ontario, Canada, Parents: Thomas Hall & Katie Brownlee, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Paul, Sr., d. Oct. 13, 1867, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Vascular Accident, Burial# 6347, Int. Lot: B391
Perry, Anna M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Agnes (Shields), Residence: Salem, Spouse: A.M.Perry, d. July 24, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 70y, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3744, Int. Lot: H209
Perry, Annie, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Ellen, Residence: Salem #15, d. Aug.1, 1896, Salem, Age: 0d, Stillborn, Burial# 571, Int. Lot: single
Perry, Anthony M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Margaret B.Perry, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. June 1, 1816, Salem, Age: 79y8m18d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4314, Int. Lot: H209
Perry, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John H. & Nettie, Residence: Salem, d. June 12, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 3m, Buried July 12, 1893, Burial# 2085, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Perry, Emma Barnett, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & E.A.Barnett, Residence: White Creek, Spouse: Oliver H., d. May 31, 1901, White Creek, Age: 34y2m18d, Child Birth, Burial# 2192, Int. Lot: B86
Perry, Eva, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Nettie W.Perry, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. May 10, 1911, Troy, NY, Age: 23y19d, Peritonitis, Burial# 3390, Int. Lot: B245
Perry, Hugh, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Margaret, Residence: Salem #9, Spouse: Margaret, d. Dec.13, 1915, Salem, Age: 65y9m11d, Cancer, Burial# 1321, Int. Lot: H209
Perry, John, b. Albany, NY, Parents: Hugh & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Single, d. June 30, 1920, Salem, Age: 76y, Fever, Burial# 1754, Int. Lot: H209
Perry, John H., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept. 28, 1867, Bath, NY, Age: 72y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3528, Int. Lot: B245
Perry, John R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Margaret Bears, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept. 8, 1867, Salem, Age: 83y7m5d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4388, Int. Lot: H210
Perry, Mack, b. Salem, Parents: John R. & Ella, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Anna, d. March 25, 1946, Salem, NY, Age: 55y7m, Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Burial# 4441, Int. Lot: H210
Perry, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Mary Fairley Beers, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.18, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 94y7m, Old Age, Burial# 3064, Int. Lot: H209
Perry, Nettie, b. Granville, NY, Parents: Charles Walker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: John H., d. May 28, 1895, Salem, Age: 61y5d, Burial# 3360, Int. Lot: B245
Perry, Willie, d. Dec.11, 1909, Buried Feb.19, 1888, Burial# 1727, Int. Lot: H210
Persons, Caroline L., b. Granville, NY, Parents: W.A. & Carrie L. Graves, Residence: Glens Falls, d. April 4, 1946, Glens Falls, Age: 56y3m23d, Cancer, Burial# 2636, Int. Lot: B98
Persons, Hirman, b. Vermont, Parents: Daniel & Betsey (Stannton), Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Carrie, d. Aug.8, 1926, Salem, NY, Age: 78y0m29d, Dropsy, Burial# 2439, Int. Lot: R27
Peters, Adelaide, b. England, Parents: Richard & Caroline Bayne, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. July 8, 1888, Salem, Age: 89y0m29d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4870, Int. Lot: E
Pfeiffer, Joseph A., b. Allentown, PA, Residence: Bethlehem, PA, Spouse: Vera, d. March 25, 1919, St.Lukes Hosp., Age: 79y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Buried May 11, 1988, Burial# 6657, Int. Lot: A39
Pfeiffer, Vera, b. DOB 5/4/1914, Parents: Robert N.Schaffer & Anna (Saunders), Spouse: Joseph A., d. July 19, 1894, Fountain Hill, PA, Age: 86yrs, Septic Shock, Buried Oct.25, 2000, Burial# A-39
Pfiitze, Frieda E., b. Plotnitz, Germany, Parents: Max Vebrick Anna Beck, Spouse: Hans, d. 9/26/10, N. Adams, Mass., Age: 93, Dimentia, Burial# R-215, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4'
Phelps, Clarence H., d. 5/22/10, Age: 80yrs, Burial# D-28
Phfitze, Hans, b. Germany, Parents: August Phfitze & Marie Schade, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Freida, d. Dec.23, 1874, Hebron, NY, Age: 63y, Heart, Burial# 5689, Int. Lot: R215
Piaget, Lillie S., b. Chester, Vt, Parents: Dr. Alvin & Susan O.Edson, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Charles T., d. Aug.21, 1896, Greenwich, Age: 25y6m0d, Phthisis Pul., Burial# 1438, Int. Lot: H50
Pidgeon, Judith Parker, b. Jonesville, Wi., Parents: Kathryne Wylan/John A. Parker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Lawrence, d. Feb.10, 1993, Saratogahosp./Saratoga, NY, Age: 64, Burial# I-58, Int. Lot: N-6 E-4'
Pidgeon, Lawrence J., b. Ossining, NY 1939, Parents: Lawr.Pidgeon & Deborah Shanahan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Judy, d. May 11, 1950, Warren, VT, Age: 59yrs, Sking Accident, Buried May 1, 1999, Burial# I-58
Pierce, Child, Still-born, Burial# 4193
Pierce, Henry C., b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Darwin & Anna, Residence: Santa Barba, Spouse: Gussie L., d. Sept.9, 1906, Santa Barba, Calif., Age: 28y1m14d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2237, Int. Lot: F24
Pierce, Lizzie A., b. Salem, Parents: D.C. & A.M.`, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 16, 1894, Salem, Age: 1m, Cong. Of lungs, In Rec'g vault Feb. 7, 1863, Burial# 228, Int. Lot: F23
Pinkerton, Alice, b. Cambridge, NY 1913, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Robert, d. Nov.25, 1866, Argyle, NY, Age: 82yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Sept.20, 1995, Burial# B-307
Pinkerton, Allan, b. Shushan, NY, Parents: John & ___Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. July 10, 1909, Glens Falls, Age: 21y11m7d, Appendicitis, Burial# 2349, Int. Lot: G43
Pinkerton, Ann M., b. Ireland, Parents: James & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Robert A., d. Feb.9, 1926, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 53y, Heart Disease, Poughkeepsie, NY, Insane Asyl., Burial# 2135, Int. Lot: C134
Pinkerton, Baby, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Jennie, Residence: Salem, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 5hrs., Weak Heart, Burial# 3710, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, Belle, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Rachel Pinkerton, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.4, 1886, Salem, Age: 38y0m8d, Consumption, Burial# 2561, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, Estella M., b. Shushan, Parents: John Pinkerton & Sarah McAllister, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.29, 1923, Hudson Falls, Age: 93y6m6d, Inanition, Burial# 5942, Int. Lot: G43
Pinkerton, Franklin, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & ____Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Sept.27, 1908, Salem, Age: 0y5m20d, Marasmus, Burial# 2776, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, Gordon T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Jennie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.2, 1939, Cambridge, NY, Age: 16y19d, Ruptured Appendix, Burial# 4545, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, Grace, b. Glens Falls, Parents: John & Sarah Pinkerton, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Single, d. April 17, 1869, Glens Falls, Age: 83y4m8d, Cancer of Rectum, Burial# 5451, Int. Lot: G43
Pinkerton, James H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Jennie W.Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.11, 1924, Hosp., Albany, NY, Age: 15y6m29d, General Peritonitis, Burial# 3377, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, Jennie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert Pinkerton & Jennie Whittaker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 9, 1938, Cambridge, NY, Age: 56y, Cancer, Burial# 5601, Int. Lot: B307
Pinkerton, Jennie Mae, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Robert Pinkerton & Benjamen Whitaker, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, Robert, d. March 17, 1877, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 85y, Heart Failure, Burial# 5800, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, John, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Ann, Residence: Springfield, Ma., d. April 16, 1971, Springfield, Ma., Age: 60y7m21d, Acute Bronchitis, Burial# 4751, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, John, b. Salem, Parents: Robert & Ann, Residence: Salem #1, d. 1/25/03, Salem, Age: 2y17d, Inflam.of Lungs, Burial# 397, Int. Lot: C134
Pinkerton, John, Buried Oct.10, 1896, Burial# 2275, Int. Lot: G43
Pinkerton, John Elmer, b. Shushan, NY, Parents: John & Sarah A.McAllister Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 15, 1991, Cambridge, NY, Age: 64y8m7d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4222, Int. Lot: G
Pinkerton, John R., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Robert & Rachael McAllister Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.19, 1935, Salem, Age: 76y11m1d, Paralysis, Burial# 4341, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, Margaret, b. Ireland, Parents: Neil & Mary Devine, Residence: Hebron #1, Spouse: John, d. Jan.15, 1875, Hebron, Age: 69y, Old Age, Burial# 395, Int. Lot: C134
Pinkerton, Rachel, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Rachel (McAllister) Pinkerton, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: single, d. April 29, 1898, Salem, NY, Age: 55y8m20d, Cancer of throat, Burial# 3335, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, Rachel, b. Ireland, Parents: James McAllister, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.19, 1879, Salem, Age: 91y1m1d, Burial# 3460, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, Robert, b. Salem, Parents: Nancy M. & Robert Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Jennie, d. Feb.19, 1881, Salem, Age: 85y2m4d, Heart, Burial# 5499, Int. Lot: B211
Pinkerton, Robert, b. Unknown, Parents: Robert Pinkerton & Jennie Whitaker, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Alice, d. Feb.6, 1956, Pleasant Valley, Age: 76y, Circulatory Failure, Burial# 6561, Int. Lot: B307
Pinkerton, Robert, b. Ireland, Parents: Jas. & Rachel, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Rachel, d. Dec.29, 1957, Salem, NY, Age: 72y11m21d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2211, Int. Lot: C12
Pinkerton, Robert A., b. Ireland, Parents: John & Margaret, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. July 6, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 61y9m21d, LaGrippe, Burial# 2183, Int. Lot: C124
Pinkerton, Robert John, b. Salem, Parents: Robert A. & Ann, Residence: Salem #1, d. Nov.29, 1963, Salem, Age: 2m13d, Burial# 417, Int. Lot: C134
Pinkerton, Sarah A., b. Ireland, Parents: John & Jane (McAlister), Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.4, 1924, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 80y6m12d, Myocarditis, Burial# 3622, Int. Lot: G43
Pinkerton, William, b. Salem, Parents: Robert Pinkerton & Ann Mahon, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.22, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 75y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5567, Int. Lot: C134
Pinney, Alden H., b. Randolph, VT, Parents: Joseph & Mary P., Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Anna, d. Nov.26, 1953, Rutland, Age: 42y19d, Pulmonary Consumption, Burial# 767, Int. Lot: M33
Pinney, Lizzie, b. Weston, MA, Parents: Lysander & Hannah Wheelock, Residence: Rutland E.Villg, Spouse: Alden H #767, d. July 11, 1873, Eagle Bridge, Hoosic, Age: 23y10m18d, Congestion of lungs, Burial# 214, Int. Lot: M33
Pinney, Walter, b. Salem, Parents: Alden H.#767 & Lizzie #214 (Wheelock), Residence: Rutland E.Villg, d. May 14, 1878, Rutland, VT, Age: 11m28d, Consumption, Burial# 210, Int. Lot: M33
Piser, Arthur, Burial# 2771, Int. Lot: D137
Piser, Arthur L., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Leonard C. & ? Halstead, Residence: Shushan # 11, Spouse: Julia F., d. Aug.27, 1952, Shushan, NY, Age: 31y7m28d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 2826, Int. Lot: D137
Piser, Emily, b. Pittstown, NY, Parents: Jas.N. & E.Halstead, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Leonard C., d. 3/27/03, Shushan, Age: 43y9m, Burial# 2220, Int. Lot: D136
Piser, Leonard Church, b. Pittstown, NY, Parents: Martin & Mary E. (Church), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.5, 1971, Shushan, NY, Age: 77y3m21d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4021, Int. Lot: D36
Piser, Lillian, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Albert Green & Helen Noble, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 76y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5726, Int. Lot: D136
Piser, Ralph H., b. Shushan, NY, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Lillian, d. Nov.17, 1952, Shushan, NY, Burial# 4084, Int. Lot: D136
Piser, Theodore H., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Wellesley, Ma., d. Jan.3, 1919, Wellesley, Ma., Age: 83y9m8d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5483, Int. Lot: D136
Pittman, Frederick S., Parents: William & Jennie, Residence: Wash., D.C., Spouse: Widower, d. June 8, 1923, Washington, Age: 71y, Cardiac Dilatation, Burial# 4777, Int. Lot: B271
Pittman, Jennie L., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Green R. & Sarah R.Lewis, Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Wm.Wirt, d. Dec.24, 1933, Washington, D.C., Age: 63y6m29d, Chr.Interstitial Nephritis, Burial# 2965, Int. Lot: B271
Pittman, Wm.?, b. Lansingburgh, NY, Parents: Isaac A.C.E. & Emily N. (Gray), Residence: Boston, Mass., Spouse: Widower, d. July 24, 1860, Boston, Age: 70y7m23d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3294, Int. Lot: B271
Pitts, Milford, b. Shewsbury, Vt, Parents: Claude & Vera (Balch) Pitts, Residence: Salem, Ny., Spouse: Jennifer Hill, d. March 30, 1889, Saratoga Springs, NY, Age: 72yrs, Buried April 11, 1992, Burial# B-319
Pitts, Milford, Jr., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Milford Pitts, Sr. & Madeline Brewer, Residence: Putman, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.2, 1890, Putman, Age: 21y, Gun Shot, Burial# 6555, Int. Lot: B319
Pitts, Ralph M., b. Granville, NY, Parents: Milford Pitts & Dorothy, Residence: Berlin, N.H., Spouse: Divorced, d. Jan.13, 1920, Lancaster, N.H., Age: 47y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Burial# 6551, Int. Lot: I 87
Plassmann, Aimeel, d. Dec.4, 1881, Peekskill, NY, Age: 84y, Cardio Pulmonary Collapse, Burial# 6458, Int. Lot: S22
Plimpton, Caroline, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Rufus & Emily C., Residence: St.Petersburg, Spouse: Widow of Erasmus, d. July 14, 1921, St.Petersburg, Fla., Age: 88y, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4191, Int. Lot: G89
Plimpton, Erastus A., b. Wardsboro, VT, Parents: Carrie & Eramus, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Carrie, d. April 21, 1921, Salem, NY, Age: 88y4m24d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3699, Int. Lot: G89
Ploof, Sylvester, b. N Ferrisburg, Vt, Parents: Abraham & Sarah Ploof, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, d. Dec.18, 1942, Salem, NY, Age: 50y, Heart, Put in Vault, Born about 1870 w.Ellen F. Shappy, Burial# 3696, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Plumley, Levi, b. Ft.Ann, NY, Parents: Jesse & Philene (Parker), Residence: Poultney, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.16, 1978, Poultney, NY, Age: 59y, Hemorrhage, Burial# 3331, Int. Lot: B98
Plush, Doris, Residence: Los Angeles, d. April 9, 1900, Los Angeles, Age: 61y, Burial# 5844, Int. Lot: G43
Pollock, Delania, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hiram & Samantha Pratt, Residence: Englewood, NJ, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.27, 1983, Englewood, NJ, Age: 76y15d, Diabetes, Burial# 3240, Int. Lot: B401
Pollock, Lydia, b. Salem, Parents: Wm. & Margaret (#418) Ashton, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Joseph, d. March 21, 1887, Salem, Age: 37y4m15d, Cancer, Burial# 407, Int. Lot: C252
Pollock, Stella B., b. Troy, NY, Residence: Troy, NY, d. June 7, 1907, Troy, NY, Age: 64y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5653, Int. Lot: I 135
Pollock, William, b. Salem, Parents: William & Delania, Residence: Salem, d. June 10, 1858, Salem, Age: 5m, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 826, Int. Lot: F27
Pongrace, Frederic, b. Detroit, Mich., Parents: Otto Pongrace, Residence: Washington, D.C., Spouse: Single, d. Nov.18, 1923, Montana, Age: 31y, Result of a fall, Cremation, Burial# 6489, Int. Lot: B43
Porter, George, b. Londonderry, Ireland, Parents: George & Margaret, Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: 1st__2nd__3nd Nancy, d. December 1, 1851, Salem, Age: 79y2m12d, Paralysis, Burial# 1366, Int. Lot: H69
Porter, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Almira (Warner), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 18, 1924, St.Petersburgh, Fla., Age: 74y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3423, Int. Lot: H69
Porter, Mary A., b. Wash.Co., NY, Parents: Elisha & Cath.Billings, Residence: White Creek, Spouse: Widow, d. April 30, 1866, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y6d, Nervous Prostration, Burial# 2176, Int. Lot: H284
Porter, Nancy L., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Andrew & Mary Nelson, Residence: Salem # 15, Spouse: George, d. April 27, 1936, Salem, Age: 79y5m20d, Paralysis, Burial# 1638, Int. Lot: H69
Porter, William D., b. Hebron, Parents: George E & Huldah, Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: Elizab. (Hill), d. Sept.6, 1914, Salem, Age: 39y8m4d, Chronic Enteritis, Farmer, Burial# 853, Int. Lot: H70
Potter, Franc J., b. Argyle, Parents: Timothy & Helen Potter, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. June 5, 1957, Hartford, Age: 87y8m1d, Tumor, Burial# 5072, Int. Lot: B160
Potter, Joseph Hooker, b. Mechanicville, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.2, 1906, Salem, Age: 80y7m28d, Internal Obstruction, Buried Feb.1, 1944, Burial# 4898, Int. Lot: B160
Potter, Luella, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.Macmillan & Bertha Chamberlain, Residence: Salem, d. Sept.8, 1796, Argyle, NY, Age: 76y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6379, Int. Lot: D146
Potter, Mary Billings, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel & Mary (Billings), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Joseph H., d. March 6, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 66y3m6d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3771, Int. Lot: B160
Powell, Alenander, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: John & Phoebe, Residence: Hebron # 3, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Feb.22, 1875, Hebron, NY, Age: 76y5m11d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2548, Int. Lot: C70
Powell, Blanche E., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Sept.2, 1884, Age: 88, Burial# D-160, Int. Lot: N-12 E-4
Powell, Elizabeth, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Samuel & Sally Flack, Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.27, 1936, West Hebron, Age: 81y9m17d, Diabetes, Burial# 3028, Int. Lot: C70
Powell, Garrett, Buried Dec.2, 1890, Burial# 1903, Int. Lot: G88
Powell, Merritt, Buried Oct.4, 1889, Burial# 1823, Int. Lot: G88
Powers, Lillian R., b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Henry Beattie & Mary Curtis, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.13, 1977, Albany, Age: 76y, Liver, Burial# 5132, Int. Lot: B253
Powers, Sarah J., b. Ft. Ann, NY, Parents: J.D.Mitchell & Esther Safford, Residence: Salem, NY, d. June 26, 1939, Salem, Age: 64y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2478, Int. Lot: B147
Powers, Thomas J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edmund & Cath.Whalen Powers, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Lillian, d. April 11, 1911, Salem, NY, Age: 42y22d, Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 3118, Int. Lot: B253
Poy, Fay E. (Baldwin) , b. Salem, NY 1943, Parents: Otis Baldwin & Louise Wells, Spouse: Russell Poy, d. June 29, 1956, Desrehan, La., Age: 53yrs, Buried April 27, 1997, Burial# I-96
Poy, Laura L., Baby, b. Washtenaw, Mich., Parents: Russell H.Poy & ____Baldwin, Residence: Washentaw, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.12, 1905, Washtenaw, Mich., Age: 0, Still Born, Burial# 6319, Int. Lot: I 96
Praetorius, Carl A., b. Parchun, Germany, Parents: Theo & Pauline Sophie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. March 15, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 80y5m30d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4399, Int. Lot: E29
Pratt, Abbie E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Rawson (#1394) & S.P.Matthews, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: H.F., d. Dec.27, 1903, Age: 27y1m2d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1357, Int. Lot: H111
Pratt, Cemantha, b. Hoosic, Parents: Wm.Henry & Delia Barnheard, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: Hiram, d. Jan.5, 1931, Salem (Clapps Mills, Age: 53y, Cancer of Breast, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 552, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Charlotte E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Oliver & Eliza (Whitcomb), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. July 16, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 78y7m3d, Uraemic Poisoning, Burial# 3717, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Edgar, b. Hartford, Parents: Dennis & Elizabeth (Percy), Residence: Salem #1, d. Oct.28, 1909, Salem, Age: 4m0d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 973, Int. Lot: Free
Pratt, Eveleen F., b. Argyle, Parents: Mary Shields & David F.P., Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Nelson, d. Sept.17, 1871, Age: 70y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 6034, Int. Lot: C1
Pratt, George N., b. Hoosick, NY, Parents: Hiraln & Samantha, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Charlotte, d. Dec.19, 1884, Salem, Age: 73y10m, Apoplexy, Burial# 3005, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Hiram, b. Keene, N.H., Parents: Jesse & Lydia, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. July 21, 1927, Salem, NY, Age: 90y8m8d, La Grippe, Burial# 2121, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Ida J. G., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John T. & Sarah Gilchrist, Residence: Springfield, Mass., d. Jan.22, 1973, Springfield, Mass., Age: 50y, Brights Disease, Burial# 3017, Int. Lot: C256
Pratt, Lottie May, b. Salem, Parents: George & Charlotte, Residence: Salem, d. April 5, 1915, Salem, Age: 3m2d, Marasmus, Burial# 961, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Margaret, b. Shushan, Parents: Arch & Mary Armstrong, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 7, 1907, Glens Falls, Age: 83y6m23d, Uremia, Burial# 5277, Int. Lot: C6
Pratt, Maria C., Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widow, d. June 4, 1942, Troy, NY, Age: 75y, Consumption, Burial# 1267, Int. Lot: F32
Pratt, Mary, b. Hoosick, NY, Parents: Hiram & Samantha, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.18, 1896, Salem, Age: 70y6m0d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2521, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Mary E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Elijah & Anna Clough, Residence: Greenwich # 15, Spouse: Widow, d. May 12, 1900, Cossayuna, NY, Age: 75y9m5d, Nervous Breakdown, Burial# 3387, Int. Lot: C8
Pratt, Nelson, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Simon N. & Deborah Nelson, Residence: Greenwich # 15, Spouse: Mary E., d. May 11, 1953, Shushan, NY, Age: 79y21d, Heart Disease, Burial# 3137, Int. Lot: C6
Pratt, Nelson S., b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Simon N.Pratt & Margaret Armstrong, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widowed, Eveleen, d. May 27, 1980, Granville, NY, Age: 77y, Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6139, Int. Lot: C1
Pratt, Robert, b. Hoosick, NY, Parents: Hiram & Samantha, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.10, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 76y9m4d, Old Age, Burial# 2711, Int. Lot: F27
Pratt, Simon N., b. Cossayuna, Parents: Nelson, Residence: Glens Falls, d. May 4, 1935, Glens Falls, Age: 74y9m24d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 4671, Int. Lot: C7
Presby, Elliott G., Rev., b. Altoona, PA, Parents: Harold Presby & Vester Balliette, Residence: Gloversville, NY, Spouse: Margaret, d. Feb.2, 1981, Gloversville, NY, Age: 64y, General Peritonitis, Burial# 6180, Int. Lot: S29
Presby, Margaret, b. Gloversville, NY, Residence: Gloversville, NY, d. Oct.24, 1897, Johnstown, NY, Age: 93, Burial# S-29, Int. Lot: N-2' E-4
Prescott, Lena, b. Salem, Parents: Wm.McMorris & Anna McCleary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.6, 1943, Salem, Age: 88y4m11d, Burial# 5058, Int. Lot: H116
Prescott, Wm.M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: T.H. & L.M. ?, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Lena M., d. June 19, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 51y1m7d, Paralysis, Burial# 2943, Int. Lot: H116
Price, Allen T., b. Salem, Parents: James & Louise, Residence: Wilmington Del., Spouse: Separated, d. Feb.28, 1913, Wilmington, Age: 40y4m19d, Acute Myocarditis, Burial# 4676, Int. Lot: Soldiers
Price, Arthur, b. Salem, Parents: James & Louise, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.4, 1948, Cambridge, Age: 37y1m25d, Fractured Skull, Cerebral Concussion, Burial# 4769, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Price, James, b. NYState, Parents: Jos. & Louise Wheeler Price, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Louise, d. Nov.20, 1841, Argyle, NY, Age: 73y, P.Tuberculosis, Burial# 4336, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Price, Louise, b. VT, Parents: Jerome & Hannah Wheeler, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept. 9, 1816, Argyle, Age: 76y1m18d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4673, Int. Lot: Single
Price, Margaret, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James & Loisa (Wheeler), Residence: Jackson, NY, d. Jan.7, 1903, Jackson, NY, Age: 2m29d, Burial# 3172, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Price, Stanley F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Miner & Eva, Residence: Salem, d. Dec.2, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 1d, Paralysis, Burial# 4536, Int. Lot: B295
Price, Virginia M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Miner & Mary E.Higgins Price, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Salem, NY, Age: 3m29d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4330, Int. Lot: B295
Price, Walter C., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: James & Susan, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.23, 1927, Salem, NY, Age: 3m12d, Burial# 2944, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Price, Walter M., Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Thrya, d. Troy, NY, Age: 62y, Cardiac Standstill, Burial# 6255, Int. Lot: J4
Price, William C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Louisa, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.3, 1955, Salem, NY, Age: 2m22d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 2827, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Priest, Arthur B., b. Shaftsbury, Residence: Granville, d. April 29, 1981, Granville, Age: 56y10m17d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 4692, Int. Lot: R69
Priest, Bertha Alice, b. Easton, Parents: Jerome & Mary Harrington, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: James, d. April 7, 1870, Greenwich, Age: 41y5m26d, Pleural Pneumonia, Burial# 4461, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Child, Nov.1918, Burial# 3511, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Clara H., b. Jackson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Salem, Age: 77y6m22d, Heart Disease, Buried Jan.7, 1945, Burial# 4955, Int. Lot: A61
Priest, Delbert, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Joseph, Residence: Ft.Ann, Spouse: Widower, d. May7, 1922, Ft.Ann, NY, Age: 69y1m13d, Bronch.Pneumonia, Burial# 4559, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, Delbert, b. Salem, Parents: Delbert Priest & Ester Fisher, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Myrtle, d. Aug.10, 1943, Salem, Age: 52y10m1d, Congestion, Pulmonary, Burial# 5136, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, Edward, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clarence Priest & Clara Harrington, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept.12, 1981, Salem, Age: 61y, Heart, Burial# 5517, Int. Lot: A61
Priest, Emma L., Parents: Amelia Aubin & Edward LaBombard, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Prescott, d. Feb.24, 1925, Glens Falls, Age: 49y, Hemorrhage, Burial# 6023, Int. Lot: R12
Priest, Emory, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Delbert & Ester, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.24, 1932, No.Greenbush, NY, Age: 22y10m28d, Tuberculosis of Lungs, Burial# 3743, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, Ernest V., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Arthur Priest & Margaret Wagner, Residence: Sun City Ctr., Fl., Spouse: Fern Bardeaux, d. Schenectady, NY, Age: 77yrs, Buried July 10, 1998 Cremated, Burial# R-69
Priest, Esther F., b. So.Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Nathan & Saphroua Fisher, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Delbert, d. Sept.2, 1932, Salem, NY, Age: 47y6m19d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3155, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, Floyd, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Delbert & Arthur, Residence: Salem, NY, d. April 10, 1923, Watervliet, NY, Age: 5y2m25d, Convulsions, Burial# 3196, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, Gordon Edward, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Bertha, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.10, 1994, Cambridge, NY, Age: 8y10m13d, Acute Appendicitis, Burial# 4459, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Infant Girl, b. Cambridge, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Cord Strangulation, Burial# 5396, Int. Lot: R39
Priest, Irene V., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clarence & Lena (Harrington), Residence: Salem, d. Feb.29, 1876, Salem, Age: 3y4m10d, Tuberculosis of Brain, Burial# 3170, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Priest, James, b. Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Delbert Priest & Ester Fisher, Residence: Saratoga, Spouse: Bertha, d. Feb.26, 1959, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 73y, Carcinoma of Brain, Burial# 5920, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Jay H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clarence Priest & Clara Harrington, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. Nov.24, 1896, Salem, Age: 70y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6077, Int. Lot: B329
Priest, Joe, Residence: Flordia, d. Feb.20, 1902, Florida, Age: 73yrs, Buried July 24, 1989, Burial# R-55
Priest, Mabel E., b. Coila, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: James, d. May 8, 1924, Saratoga, NY, Age: 49y6m22d, Pulmonary Embolism, Burial# 5120, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Margaret, b. Germany, Parents: Bennhard & Rose (Wagner), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Arthur, d. June 2, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 41y, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3712, Int. Lot: R69
Priest, Marie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George Hansen & Alice (Beattie), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 17, 1870, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 65yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Oct.15, 1992, Burial# R-53
Priest, Mary, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Bert Chamberlin & Jennie Oatman, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jay, d. October 7, 1861, Granville, NY, Age: 77yrs, General Arteriosclerosis, Buried May 19, 1989, Burial# B-339
Priest, Mary Anna, b. Salem, Parents: James & Bertha, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.25, 1882, Saranac Lake, Age: 23y9m20d, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 4628, Int. Lot: R54
Priest, Myrtle, b. Salem, Parents: Jerome Harrington & Mary Findberg, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Delbert, d. Dec.24, 1993, Granville, Age: 75y, Carcinomatosis, Burial# 5913, Int. Lot: R55
Priest, William, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clarence & Clara, Residence: Salem, d. Dec.11, 1905, Salem, Age: 4m18d, Cholera Infan., Burial# 2893, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Priest, William, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Delbert Priest & Myrtle Harrington, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Marie, d. July 4, 1879, Cambridge, NY, Age: 68y, Acute Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6543, Int. Lot: R53
Priest, Sr., Emery S., b. Salem, NY 1932, Parents: Adelbert Priest & Myrtle Harrington, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Shirley Ennis, d. Feb.22, 1874, Albany, NY, Age: 64yrs, Heart, Buried Aug.12, 1997, Burial# R-68
Prindle, Albert, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Weston Prindle & Virginia Bondville, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. October 15, 1836, Cambridge, Age: 88y, Congestive Heart Failure, Burial# 5833, Int. Lot: R14
Prindle, Anna V., b. NYC., Parents: Unknown, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Albert, d. April 20, 1890, Cambridge, Age: 68y, Acute Peritonitis, Burial# 5419, Int. Lot: R14
Prindle, Florence H., b. Rupert, Vt, Parents: Leon Ayers & Blanche Wright, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ovid, d. Jan.10, 1873, Bennington, Vt, Age: 76yrs, Not Listed, Buried April 12, 1989, Burial# R-24
Prindle, Henry Cyrus, b. Granville, Parents: Weston & Virginia, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. Sept.22, 1905, Salem, Age: 70y8m29d, Edema of Lungs & , Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4783, Int. Lot: F
Prindle, Mary A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Thomas Mullan & Mary Dunigan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 24, 1955, Salem, NY, Age: 88y, Massive Hemorrhage, Burial# 5692, Int. Lot: F67
Prindle, Mary S., b. Salem, Parents: Abner & Jane Richards, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. July 5, 1990, Salem, Age: 92y1m19d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4658, Int. Lot: I 92
Prindle, Ovide, b. Shushan, Parents: Weston & Virginia Prindle, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Florence, d. Sept.9, 1903, Cambridge, Age: 71y, Cancer of Bladder, Burial# 5598, Int. Lot: R24
Prindle, Virginia B., b. Canada, Parents: Jos. & Marguerite (Bonnville), Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Weston, d. Sept.20, 1941, Rupert, VT, Age: 74y2m4d, Intestinal Carcinoma, Burial# 3551, Int. Lot: F67
Prindle, Weston, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Cyrus, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. June 14, 1965, Salem, NY, Age: 78y, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 3624, Int. Lot: F67
Pritchard, Emma H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Clara E.Perkins, Residence: White Hall, Spouse: Owen, d. Oct.10, 1950, White Hall, NY, Age: 18y, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 3115, Int. Lot: C197
Pritchard, Mary, b. Wales, Parents: Robert & Jane Jones, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Owen, d. Dec.24, 1912, Salem, Age: 32y0m23d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1771, Int. Lot: C142
Pritchard, Mary C., b. Salem, Parents: Owen & Mary Pritchard, Residence: Malone, Spouse: Single, d. May 8, 1821, Age: 76y8m19d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5449, Int. Lot: C142
Pritchard, Owen J., b. Wales, Parents: John, Residence: Pawlet # 8, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.10, 1990, Pawlet, VT, Age: 59y11m14d, Cancer of Liver, Burial# 3085, Int. Lot: C142
Pritchett, Ethel W., b. Hoboken, NJ, Parents: John George & Matilda Brown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Rev.Eck, d. Dec. 14, 1862, Cambridge, Age: 65y2m2d, Myocardium, Burial# 5441, Int. Lot: R232
Pritchett, George B., b. High Point, N.C., Parents: Rev.Eckomar Pritchett & Ethel George, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Marjorie, d. Oct.12, 1897, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 63y, Trecydie Toxicity, Burial# 6406, Int. Lot: R232
Pritchett, Marjorie E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Dwight Tifft & Marguerite Priest, Residence: Salem, Ny., d. Aug.19, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 71yrs, Natural Causes, Buried June 21, 1994, Burial# R-232
Pritchett, Rev.Eck Omar, b. Alabama, Parents: Ethel George & Thomas Pritchett, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Jan.3, 1916, Alabama, Age: 70y, Heart, Burial# 5505, Int. Lot: R232
Proudfit, Abigail Hasard, b. Phil., PA, Parents: Robert & Sarah Ralston, Residence: New Bruns., NJ, Spouse: Wid.of John # 634, d. ?? 1997, New Brunswick, NJ, Age: 73y10m, Brights Dis.of Kidneys, Burial# 948, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, Alex M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alex & Susan W., Residence: NY City, Spouse: Maria B. (McLean), d. Dec.20, 1979, NYCity, Age: 71y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1423, Int. Lot: G122
Proudfit, Alex.M., b. Staten Island, NY, Parents: Alex & Maria (McLean), Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.14, 1868, NYCity, Age: 28y0m0d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2424, Int. Lot: G138
Proudfit, Alexander, b. Salem, NY, Parents: E. & E.Proudfit, Residence: Saratoga Spg., Spouse: Delia H., d. Oct. 20, 1877, Saratoga Spg., Age: 84y7m18d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2186, Int. Lot: B196
Proudfit, Alexander D.D., b. Pequea PA, Parents: Rev.James #42 & Mary (Fulton), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Susan #44, d. July 22, 1982, New Brunswick, NJ, Age: 72y5m, Lung Fever, From old graveyard, Burial# 43, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, Anna D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alex. & Delia, Residence: Sartoga, Spouse: Single, d. June 19, 1902, Saratoga, Age: 40y, Diabetic Coma, Burial# 2328, Int. Lot: B195
Proudfit, Delia S., b. Newburgh, NY, Parents: Rich.B. & Margt.Marsh, Residence: Saratoga Spa., Spouse: Alex M., d. Feb.18, 1904, Saratoga, Age: 85y, LaGrippe, Burial# 2517, Int. Lot: B196
Proudfit, James O., Buried March 5, 1889, Burial# 1789, Int. Lot: G122
Proudfit, James Owen, b. Salem, Parents: Alexander #43 & Susan #44, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 22, 1947, New Brunswick, NJ, Age: 41y2m3d, Congest. Of lungs, From old graveyard, Burial# 45, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, John M.L., b. Staten Island, NY, Parents: Alex & Maria B. (McLean), Residence: Castleton, St.Is., Spouse: Single, d. Dec.7, 1929, New Brighton, St.Is., Age: 24y7m26d, Brights Disease, Reinterred.See #1325, Burial# 1548, Int. Lot: G122
Proudfit, John McLean, b. Staten Island, NY, Parents: Alex M. & Maria B. (McLean), Residence: Castleton, S.I., Spouse: Single, d. July 5, 1908, New Brighton, Stat.Is., Age: 24y7m26d, Brights Disease, Lieut. Of Navy In US, Burial# 1325, Int. Lot: G122
Proudfit, John William, b. Salem, Parents: Alexander (#43) & Susan W. (#44), Residence: New York, Spouse: Abbie H. (#948), d. Jan.27, 1936, New York City, Age: 66y5m17d, Pneumonia, D.D., Prof.in Ruters Col. & Ny.Univ., Burial# 634, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, Maria M., Buried Dec. 20, 1888, Burial# 1768, Int. Lot: G122
Proudfit, Mary E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alexander & Delia, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 10, 1902, Saratoga, NY, Age: 79y, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 3713, Int. Lot: B196
Proudfit, Rev. James, b. Perth, Scotland, Parents: Andrew & *unknown*, Residence: Pequea, Pa & Sal., Spouse: Mary, d. Sept.2, 1883, Salem, Age: 70y, General debility, From old graveyard, Burial# 42, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, Susan, b. Salem, Parents: John #241 & Mary Williams, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.10, 1935, NY City, Age: 73y, Congest. Of lungs, From old graveyard, Burial# 44, Int. Lot: G140
Proudfit, Susan W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: A.M. & Maria, Residence: New York, Spouse: Single, d. July 4, 1875, Lenox, Mass., Age: 41y7m28d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1963, Int. Lot: G138
Proudfit, unnamed infant, b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.6, 1882, Salem, From Family Vault, Burial# 253
Prouty, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Richard & Ruth Rogers Safford, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.22, 1876, Middle Falls, Age: 70y9m2d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4393, Int. Lot: C277
Prouty, Emerson F., b. Belchertown, Mass., Parents: Foresten & Elvina Pratt Prouty, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Elizabeth Safford, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 83y, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4199, Int. Lot: C275
Provan, Adaline B., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Whitman & Levina (Field) Bentley, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb. 26, 1870, Bennington, Age: 72y5m, Chronic Phthisis Pulmonalis, Burial# 3330, Int. Lot: H186
Provan, James M., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: John & _____Provan, Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: Adaline, d. June 24, 1950, Sandgate, Age: 81y3m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2897, Int. Lot: H186
Provan, Jane, Parents: John # 573 & Kezia # 574, d. March 20, 1893, Fort Miller, Age: 33y, Drowned in river, From Old Graveyard, Burial# 99, Int. Lot: H131
Provan, John, b. Tryone Co., Ireland, Parents: Robert & Jane, Residence: Sandgate #4, Spouse: Kezia (#574), d. Not Listed, Sandgate, VT, Age: 69y11m10d, Dropsy, Fr.Old Gr.Yd. (Farmer), Burial# 573, Int. Lot: H186
Provan, Kezia, b. Townsend, VT, Parents: Joseph & Susan Wilder, Residence: Sandgate #4, Spouse: Widow of John (#573), d. Sept.14, 1985, Sandgate, VT, Age: 82y10m11d, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 574, Int. Lot: H186
Provan, Rebecca M., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: John & Kezia, Residence: Sandgate # 4, Spouse: single, d. Jan.5, 1922, Sandgate, Age: 79y 0m0d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 2673, Int. Lot: H186
Quackenbush, Cornelia, b. Hebron, Parents: Gerrit & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, d. Dec.21, 1908, Salem, Age: 68y11m8d, Inflam.Rheumatism, Burial# 902, Int. Lot: C64
Quackenbush, George W., b. Hebron, Parents: Gerrit & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, d. May 26, 1953, Salem, Age: 55y10m2d, Cancer of Stomach, Burial# 772, Int. Lot: C64
Quackenbush, Helen, b. Hebron, Parents: Gerrit & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, d. Oct.8, 1900, Salem, Age: 72y6m18d, Dropsy, Burial# 355, Int. Lot: C64
Quackenbush, Mary, b. Hebron, Parents: Garret & Mary, Residence: Salem #3, d. Nov.20, 1974, Salem, Age: 59y1m20d, Cancer, Burial# 128, Int. Lot: C64
Quackenbush, Sophia, b. Hebron, Parents: Garrett & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, d. 9/21/10, Salem, Age: 71y6m1d, Dysentery, Burial# 748, Int. Lot: C64
Race, Benjamin O., Jr., b. Germantown, PA, Parents: Benjamin Race, Sr. & Martha Thompson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edna, d. March 9, 1887, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y, Liver Failure, Burial# 6236, Int. Lot: B324
Race, Edna Z., b. Germantown, PA, Parents: Warren Zell & Flora MacIver, Residence: Schwenksville, PA, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.18, 1902, Pottstown, PA, Age: 90yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Aug.1, 1994, Burial# B-324
Rainey, Robert, b. Antrim Co. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Nancy, Residence: Hebron, d. June 23, 1965, West Hebron, Age: 55years, Of Heart, Burial# 1166, Int. Lot: C270
Ralston, James, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Jennie Oliver Ralston, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. May 26, 1924, Salem, NY, Age: 3d, Prem.Birth, Burial# 3072, Int. Lot: B270
Ralston, James, b. Salem, Parents: James & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Oct.6, 1882, Salem, Age: 68y2m27d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 4709, Int. Lot: B270
Ralston, Jennie O., b. Canada, Parents: John & Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: James, d. Oct.7, 1918, Salem, Age: 67y1m20d, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 4648, Int. Lot: B270
Ralston, Sara, b. Salem, Parents: Jas. & Jennie, Residence: Salem Vil., d. June 26, 1852, Salem, Age: 7m0d, Mal-nutrition, Burial# 2726, Int. Lot: B270
Ramos, Virginia A., b. Illinois, Parents: Antonio Ramos & Virginia Houch, Residence: Carson City, Nev., d. June 5, 1971, Carson City, Nev., Age: 28y, Not Listed, Buried Nov.5, 1986, Burial# 6604, Int. Lot: G64
Ramsay, Child, b. Greenwich, NY, d. May 17, 1874, Greenwich, Buried July 4, 1920, Burial# 3606, Int. Lot: B268
Ramsey, Fannie, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Martha Wilson, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. March 27, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 77y6m, Uraemic Poisoning, Burial# 3430, Int. Lot: E67
Ramsey, Liza J., b. NYS., Parents: Mr. & Mrs.George Campbell, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.19, 1993, Greenwich, NY, Age: 84y7m27d, Heart, Burial# 5234, Int. Lot: B268
Ramsey, William, b. Ireland, Parents: George Ramsey, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Frances, d. 11/17/1988, Salem, NY, Age: 76y, Cancer, Burial# 3427, Int. Lot: E67
Ramsey, Wm.J., b. Greenwich, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Married, d. Oct.17, 1958, Greenwich, NY, Age: 82y6m8d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5117, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Randall, Dorothy Beaty, b. Salem, NY 9/1/1918, Parents: Jay C.Moore & Elizabeth Perrin, Residence: Fl., Spouse: Earl Beaty, d. Sept.21, 1980, DeLand, Fl., Married 2nd to Richard Randall, Buried July 3, 2000, Burial# F-385
Randall, Edna M., b. Belcher, NY, Parents: Svlvester & Mary, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.11, 1911, Albany, NY, Age: 32y, Spinal Meningitis, Burial# 3704, Int. Lot: B110
Randles, Carrie E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jas.I. & Elizabeth, Residence: Detroit, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.22, 1874, Detroit, Age: 77y, Myocarditis, Burial# 4517, Int. Lot: D103
Randles, Elizabeth W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James & S.Margaret (?) Wilson, Residence: Detroit, Mich., Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.19, 1933, Detroit, Mich., Age: 89y4m2d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 3313, Int. Lot: D103
Randles, George, b. Hebron, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Widower, d. May 1, 1970, Glens Falls, Age: 88y4m3d, Embolism, Burial# 5320, Int. Lot: D43
Randles, Grace C., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: George B. & Nellie, Residence: Greenwich # 15, d. Dec.31, 1929, Cossayuna, Age: 3y5m8d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 2231, Int. Lot: D43
Randles, Henry W., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. May 12, 1909, W.Hebron, Age: 27y2m7d, Diabetes, Burial# 1706, Int. Lot: D103
Randles, James I., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Nancy, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. June 6, 1942, West Hebron, Age: 67y7m8d, Cerebral Softening, Burial# 2084, Int. Lot: D103
Randles, Julia, b. Wells, England, Parents: John & Ann Hughes, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widow, Age: 64y10m23d, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Burial# 4602, Int. Lot: B
Randles, Louia M., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: George B. & Nellie, Residence: Greenwich # 15, d. March 21, 1937, Cossayuna, Age: 2y2m5d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 2230, Int. Lot: D43
Randles, Nellie Irwin, b. Argyle, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: George, d. April 1, 1860, Argyle, Age: 74y4m26d, Chronic Myocarditis, Buried March 4, 1944, Burial# 4903, Int. Lot: D43
Randles, Sylvester, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Alexander & Sarah Whyte Randles, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Julia A., d. March 14, 1862, Belcher, NY, Age: 75y10m7d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4379, Int. Lot: B110
Rapp, Baby Boy, b. Cambridge Hosp., d. Nov 28, 1863, Cambridge Hosp., Pulmonary, Burial# 5370, Int. Lot: B179
Rapp, Baby Boy, b. Cambridge, Parents: Henry Rapp & Ruth Monteith, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.23, 1956, Cambridge, Age: 2d, Pulmonary, Burial# 5431, Int. Lot: B179
Rapp, Baby Girl, b. Troy, NY, Parents: Henry Rapp & Ruth Montieth, d. Nov.24, 1890, Troy, NY, Age: 2d, Factalis, Burial# 5741, Int. Lot: B315
Rapp, Karen, b. Troy, Parents: Ruth Monteith & Henry Rapp, Residence: Easton, Spouse: Single, d. Troy, NY, Age: 8hrs., Burial# 5477, Int. Lot: B179
Rawlings, Steven G., b. Alb., NY 6/13/1996, Parents: Peter J.Rawlings & Christine Dunham, Spouse: Single, d. June 3, 1875, Age: 1day, Buried June 17, 1996, Burial# K-64
Ray, Celia A., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: John J. & Martha A. ?, Residence: Jamaica, VT, Spouse: Charles W., d. June 24, 1929, Jamaica, VT, Age: 35y0m0d, Acute ?, Burial# 1676, Int. Lot: G217
Ray, Charles, b. Tomharnock, NY, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Jennie Rice, d. Oct.6, 1922, Albany, NY, Age: 72y, Myocarditis, Burial# 4146, Int. Lot: C112
Ray, Margaret, b. Pittstown, Parents: Peter P. (#845) & Jane A., Residence: Pittstown #10, d. Sept.30, 1884, Pittstown, ?, Age: 5y3m11d, Dysentery, From Pittstown Grave Yard, Burial# 846, Int. Lot: C110
Ray, Maria, b. Tomhannock, NY, Parents: Peter B.Ray, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.4, 1923, Albany, NY, Age: 83y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4318, Int. Lot: C110
Ray, Mary E., b. Pittstown, Parents: Peter P. (#845) & Jane A., Residence: Pittstown #10, d. Sept.24, 1893, Pittstown, ?, Age: 9y3m2d, Dysentery, From Pittstown Grave Yard, Burial# 845, Int. Lot: C110
Ray, Peter P., b. Schaghticoke, Parents: Evans & Margaret, Residence: Pittstown #10, Spouse: Jane A. (Smart), d. Aug.1, 1902, Pittstown, ?, Age: 60y3m24d, Murdered, From Pittstown Grave Yard, Burial# 844, Int. Lot: C110
Rea, Alexander, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Isabel, Residence: Jackson # 4, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. July 4, 1871, Jackson, Age: 75y9m28d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2268, Int. Lot: G73
Rea, Bell, b. Hebron, Parents: John & Nancy, Residence: Salem Village, d. July 31, 1979, Salem, Age: 30y3m23d, Burial# 866, Int. Lot: F
Rea, Clarence G., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John Rea/Mildred Ashton, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. May 7, 1901, Pleasantvalley, Argyle, NY, Age: 93, Burial# G-61, Int. Lot: N-4 E-4
Rea, George A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Alex & Nancy (Arnott), Residence: E.Greenwich, Spouse: Lettie Hutchins, d. Feb.8, 1999, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 63y1m1d, Acute Intestinal Obstruction, Burial# 3933, Int. Lot: G73
Rea, Grace D., b. Greenwich, Parents: Wm. & Grace Christie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. May 21, 1899, Salem, Age: 83y1m17d, Old Age, Burial# 2363, Int. Lot: F226
Rea, Helen E., b. Salem, NY, Residence: E.Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Clarence, d. Sept.1, 1973, E. Greenwich, NY, Age: 95, Natural, Burial# G-61, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Rea, Hildred, b. Hoosick, Parents: Andrew & Gertrude Ashton, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: John, d. Cambridge, Age: 59y9m4d, Burial# 5258, Int. Lot: G74
Rea, James John, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Isabel, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Grace, d. April 4, 1867, Salem, NY, Age: 76y2m4d, Burial# 1875, Int. Lot: F226
Rea, Jane Agnes, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth Smart, Residence: Tauchannock, Spouse: Peter P., d. Jan.24, 1911, Tauchannock, NY, Age: 83y9m3d, LaGrippe, Burial# 2482, Int. Lot: C110
Rea, John A., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: George Rea & Valetta Hutchen, Residence: White Creek, Spouse: Julia, d. July 29, 1859, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 6279, Int. Lot: G73
Rea, John A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Alex & Nancy M.Rea, Residence: Greenwich # 12, Spouse: Lottie M., d. April 17, 1898, E.Greenwich, Age: 29y3m28d, Brain Disease, Burial# 1538, Int. Lot: G74
Rea, Nancy M., b. Jackson, Parents: George & Jane Arnott, Residence: Jackson # 4, Spouse: Alex, d. Sept.20, 1914, Jackson, Age: 67y9m14d, Renal Neuralgia, Burial# 1826, Int. Lot: G73
Rea, Violetta, b. Jackson, Parents: David & Sarah Hutchens, Residence: East Greenwich, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb.27, 1905, East Greenwich, Age: 88y, Thrombosis, Burial# 5292, Int. Lot: G73
Reaulo, Mildred Hazel, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edward, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.8, 1962, Age: 1m26d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 2991, Int. Lot: Poor Ground
Redman, Esther M., b. Greenwich, Conn., Parents: Joel Curtis & Anna Dougan, Residence: Newtown, Conn., Spouse: Walter, d. Feb.3, 1939, Danbury, Conn., Age: 88y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6508, Int. Lot: F84
Redman, Walter B., b. Phil., PA, Parents: Percy Redman & Kate E.Gooding, Residence: Newtown, CT, Spouse: Esther, d. Oct.11, 1891, Newtown, CT, Age: 82y, Parkinson Disease, Burial# 6454, Int. Lot: F85
Reed, Dorothy M., b. Hartford, Conn., Parents: William H. & Mary D., Residence: Hartford, d. Aug.8, 1996, Hartford, Age: 4d, Meningitis, Burial# 2572, Int. Lot: H197
Reed, Harold A., b. South Granville, NY, Parents: Hudson Reed & Frances Wescott, Residence: E.Poultney.Vt., Spouse: Marjorie Hopkins, d. July5, 1848, Rutland, VT, Age: 56y, Burial# 6433, Int. Lot: J17
Reed, Mary D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Elias M. & Jennie A.Dickinson Smith, Residence: Ardsley, NY, Spouse: William H., d. March 28, 1922, Dobb's Ferry, NY, Age: 52y10m, Diabetic Gangrene of Neck, Burial# 4240, Int. Lot: H32
Reed, Mary E., b. So.Plattsburgh, Parents: Thomas & Phebe, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.6, 1941, Salem, Age: 72y0m0d, Heart, Burial# 2610, Int. Lot: H196
Reed, Solomon, b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Martin & Emeline Wilkins Reed, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.4, 1948, Salem, NY, Age: 70y4m16d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4313, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Reed, William, b. Salem, Parents: William & Mary, Residence: St.Petersburg, Spouse: Fannie, d. Jan.11, 1891`, St.Petersburg, Age: 66y5m28d, Carcinoma, Burial# 4789, Int. Lot: H
Reed, William S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William & Mary Thompson Reed, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Anna, d. Nov.13, 1970, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 74y10m1d, Acute Dilation of Heart, Burial# 4279, Int. Lot: G77
Reede, William, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Jennie, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Married, d. April 14, 1902, Greenwich, NY, Age: 68y9m, Cancer of Stomach, Burial# 1872, Int. Lot: G77
Reid, Adelaide, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: William & Caroline Bishop, Residence: Bristol, CT, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.25, 1968, Hartford, CT, Age: 86y, Carcinoma of Nose & Face, Burial# 4674, Int. Lot: G
Reid, Fannie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.T. & Grace Beaty, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: John, d. Aug.11, 1910, Salem, Age: 29y0m8d, Child Birth, Burial# 1516, Int. Lot: H158
Reid, Fannie M., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Marshal & Hannah Hurd, Residence: Arlington #7, Spouse: Thomas, d. Nov.14, 1916, Age: 32y1m8d, Heart Disease, Burial# 841, Int. Lot: G215
Reid, Jane, b. Delaware, Parents: John & Mary Jane, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: John, d. May 20, 1909, Salem, Age: 65y, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 3571, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Reid, John Harrison, b. Arlington, VT, Parents: James C. & Margaret, Residence: Lebanon, PA, Spouse: Adelaide S., d. Sept.9, 1984, Phil.Pa., Age: 58y2m18d, Operation, Burial# 3541, Int. Lot: G214
Reid, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Rev.James (#42) & Mary (Houston) Proudfit, Residence: Whitehall, Spouse: Wid.of John, d. March 18, 1861, Argyle, Age: 85y0m27d, From Argyle Grave Yard, Burial# 888, Int. Lot: G140
Reid, Mary, b. Ireland, Parents: Andrew & Mary Thompson, Residence: Greenwich # 1, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.3, 1925, East Greenwich, Age: 76y11m, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 2250, Int. Lot: G77
Reid, Robert M., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Thomas Reid & Anna Mahaffy, Residence: East Greenwich, Spouse: Ethel, d. Dec. 3, 1877, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6539, Int. Lot: G73
Reid, Thomas, b. West Hebron, NY, Parents: James & Jane (Cummings), Residence: Arlington, VT, Spouse: Adelaid S., d. Sept.18, 1935, W.Arlington, Age: 43y4m17d, Phthesis Pulmanalis, In Vault March 13, Burial# 1471, Int. Lot: G215
Rice, Clark J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Silas H & Mary A., Residence: White Creek, Spouse: Single, d. March 31, 1907, Cambridge, Age: 55y0m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2503, Int. Lot: H172
Rice, George B., b. Hartford, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 18, 1930, Hartford, Age: 72y0m19d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5390, Int. Lot: E50
Rice, Harold, b. Ny., Ny., Parents: George Rice & Anna Schmidt, Residence: Hoosick, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. March 12, 1869, Bennington, VT, Age: 80yrs, Heart Attack, Buried May 14, 1990, Burial# B-306
Rice, John Allen, b. Jackson, Parents: Silas H. #150 & Jane A., Residence: Jackson #8, d. Sept. 5, 1866, Jackson, Age: 14y8m26d, Diptheria, In Rec'g vault Sept 3, Burial# 151, Int. Lot: H172
Rice, Luella G., b. Not Listed, Parents: Not Listed, Residence: Hoosick Falls, Spouse: Harold Rice, d. June 16, 1934, Age: 76y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6576, Int. Lot: B306
Rice, Margaret, b. Hebron, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: John, d. June 13, 1869, Argyle, Age: 71y11m5d, Heart Disease, Buried July 17, 1944, Burial# 4925, Int. Lot: A50
Rice, Milo L., b. South Hero, VT, Parents: Henderson I. & Mary A., Residence: Salem #4, d. July 7, 1885, Salem (Shushan, Age: 19y10m22d, Typhoid Fever, In vault Nov. 25, Burial# 1167, Int. Lot: C169
Rice, Sarah L., b. Hebron, Parents: Louis & Carrie Loveland, Residence: Salem, Spouse: William, d. Nov.25, 1981, Albany, Age: 54y3m2d, Braim Tumor, Burial# 4723, Int. Lot: I
Rice, Silas, b. Jackson, Parents: Clark & Abigail (Dewey), Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: June A. (Clapp) #1049, d. Dec.1, 1883, Salem, Age: 42y4m21d, From old graveyard (farmer), Burial# 150, Int. Lot: H172
Rice, Anna Jane, b. Jackson, Parents: Silas H.#150 & Jane A.#1049, Residence: Salem Village, d. Nov.23, 1886, Salem, Age: 19y9m3d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 298, Int. Lot: H 172
Rich, Abraham A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ebenezer & Maria, Residence: Salem or Shushan, Spouse: Widower, d. June 15, 1972, Shushan, NY, Age: 70y, Pneumonia, Burial# 2045, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, Belle Sweet, b. Hoosick, NY, Parents: Truman T. & Mary Danforth Sweet, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Wid.of Wm.Edward, d. July 19, 1891, Jackson, NY, Age: 69y10m15d, Bronchial Hemorrhage, Burial# 4141, Int. Lot: E51
Rich, Bernice, b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Alexander Brown & Helen Ashton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: LeRoy, d. June 6, 1910, Salem, Ny., Age: 83yrs, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Buried April 8, 1994, Burial# D-79
Rich, Blanch E., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.10, 1870, Salem, Age: 48y8m0d, Heart Disease, Buried Nov.5, 1945, Burial# 4998, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Clark B., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Wm.M. & Sarah E., Residence: Jackson # 10, Spouse: Single, d. June 3, 1892, Jackson, Age: 13y9m5d, Heart Enlargement, Burial# 1609, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, D.LeRoy, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Francis Rich & Harriet Graham, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Bernice Rich, d. Jan.29, 1877, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84yrs, Acute Anterior Inf., Buried May 1, 1989, Burial# D-79
Rich, Daniel S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Ebenezer & Myra, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Mary E., d. March 12, 1891, Salem, Age: 83y6m13d, Paralysis, Burial# 2953, Int. Lot: C217
Rich, Ebenezer, b. Halifax, VT, Parents: John & Susan (Putney), Residence: Salem #9, Spouse: Widower, d. May 3, 1999, Salem, Age: 87y10m21d, Burial# 1333, Int. Lot: C217
Rich, Ebenezer, b. Jackson, Parents: Allen & Margaret, Residence: Salem #9, d. April 9, 1908, Salem, Age: 7y7m7d, Diphtheria, Burial# 146, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, Elizabeth S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Mary Dobbin Nelson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. July 15, 1915, Salem, Age: 71y5m10d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 4274, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Francis H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Sarah Park Rich, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.21, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 75y10m5d, Anemia, Burial# 4138, Int. Lot: D124
Rich, Harriet Elizabeth, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Jos. & Mary Graham, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Francis H., d. Aug.19, 1819, Salem, NY, Age: 62y7m6d, Intestinal Grippe, Burial# 4072, Int. Lot: D124
Rich, Harvey G., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Harvey L.Rich & Elizabeth Nelson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. May 17, 1960, Shushan, NY, Age: 62y, Heart, In Vault 1, 2, 1962, Burial# 5676, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Harvey L., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elizabeth L., d. April 27, 1955, Age: 69y, Burial# 4073, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Jacqueline L., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Elsie Wright/L. Floyd Rich, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Sept.23, 1991, Guest Home Cambridge, N.Y, Age: 74, Burial# B-186, Int. Lot: S-10 E-4
Rich, Julia E., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Thomas & Charlotte Scott, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Listen, d. Salem, NY, Age: 35y10m23d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2484, Int. Lot: B148
Rich, June A., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: LeRoy & Bernice (Brown) Rich, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.2, 1995, Cambridge, NY, Age: 50y, Breast Cancer, In Vault Dec.28, 1986, Buried April 8, 1987, Burial# 6609, Int. Lot: D79
Rich, L.Floyd, b. Shushan, Parents: Henry Rich & Harriet Graham, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elsie, d. Feb.24, 1861, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 77y, Pulmonary Emphysema, Burial# 5988, Int. Lot: B186
Rich, Liston, b. Jackson, Parents: Mary Parks, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Mary, d. Cambridge, Age: 88y, Heart, Burial# 5302, Int. Lot: B148
Rich, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thom. & Rebecca Beattie, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Allen A., d. Aug.24, 1843, Salem NY, Age: 64y16d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2007, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, Margaret Mary, b. Shushan, Parents: Harvey Rich & Elizabeth Nelson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.7, 1881, Pawlet, VT, Age: 75y, Heart Disease, Died at Gould Nursing Home, Pawlet, VT, Burial# 5832, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Mary Almena, b. Jackson, Parents: Wm.M. & Sarah E., Residence: Jackson #6, d. June 4, 1874, Jackson, Age: 10m25d, Diphtheria, Burial# 474, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, Mary E., b. Greenfield, Parents: Edward & Martha E.Duel, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.5, 1981, Salem, Age: 75y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3308, Int. Lot: E68
Rich, Mary J., b. Salem, Parents: Eli Barnes & Adelade Hastings, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widowed, d. Oct.3, 1914, Jackson, Age: 89y8m9d, Heart, Burial# 5446, Int. Lot: H13
Rich, Minerva, Buried May 4, 1889, Burial# 1799, Int. Lot: C217
Rich, Mira, b. Lebanen, CT, Parents: Isaac S & Clara Smith, Residence: Salem #9, Spouse: Ebenezer, d. March 20, 1903, Salem, Age: 65y6m5d, Congest. Of lungs, Burial# 104, Int. Lot: C217
Rich, Nan A., b. Argyle, Parents: _____Barn & Jennette Gilchrist, Residence: Salem, Spouse: William, d. May 21, 1874, Cambridge, Age: 86y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 6018, Int. Lot: D124
Rich, Peter, b. Albany, Parents: Gordon & Rose Marie Gauthier, d. Dec.4, 1905, Age: 11hrs, Burial# 4733, Int. Lot: D134
Rich, Sarah Elsie, b. Shushan, Parents: Harvey Rich & Elizabeth Nelson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.15, 1962, Granville, Age: 75y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5927, Int. Lot: D135
Rich, William, b. Salem, Parents: Allen & Margaret, Residence: Salem #8, d. April 8, 1912, Salem, Age: 10m14d, Dysentery, Burial# 516, Int. Lot: C219
Rich, William Edward, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Wm.M. & Sarah Emily Park, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Belle P.Sweet, d. Jan.31, 1929, Jackson, Age: 69y4m11d, Accidental, drowned in well, Burial# 4135, Int. Lot: E51
Rich, William J., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Francis H. Rich & Harriet Graham, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Nan, d. March 26, 1942, Salem, NY, Age: 93y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Burial# 6407, Int. Lot: D124
Richard, Frederick, b. Germany, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. 12/16/09, Greenwich, NY, Age: 43y11m7d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2050, Int. Lot: C131
Richards, Abner, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Thomas & Mary, Residence: Sandgate # 10, Spouse: Jane, d. July 16, 1958, Sandgate, VT, Age: 68y11m7d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2018, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Abner, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abner & Jane, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ella, d. May 6, 1919, Salem, NY, Age: 78y11m24d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3787, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Andrew K., b. Greenwich, NY, Residence: Cossayuna, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.24, 1954, Cossayuna, Age: 87y, Heart, Burial# 5599, Int. Lot: A15
Richards, Burton, Burial# 3132, Int. Lot: B5
Richards, Burton, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Charles & Susie Richards, Residence: Sandgate, d. Feb.26, 1957, Sandgate, Age: 3y29d, Tonsilitis, Burial# 3076, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Charles H., b. Salem, Residence: Fitchburg, Mass., Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.12, 1974, Fitchburg, Mass, Age: 100y3m13d, Arterio Sclerosis, In Vault Feb.17, 1944, Buried Ap.17, 1944, Burial# 4915, Int. Lot: B5
Richards, David, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Abner & Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.22, 1956, Salem, NY, Age: 52y5m6d, Diptheria, Burial# 2055, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Earl, b. Salem, Parents: Eugene & Ella Richards, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.15, 1985, Rome, NY, Age: 57y, Coronary Occlusion, Died at Rome State School, Rome, NY, Burial# 5848, Int. Lot: B146
Richards, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Ellen Lewis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: David, d. June 23, 1919, Salem, NY, Age: 43y5m15d, Diptheria, Burial# 2053, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Ella, b. VT, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 25, 1864, Argyle, Age: 85y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 6078, Int. Lot: B246
Richards, Ella A., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Dennis Rafter, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.20, 1873, Rupert, Age: 84y2m6d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4704, Int. Lot: G
Richards, Ella B., Residence: Cambridge, NY, d. Jan.31, 1901, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84yrs, Cancer of the Colon, Buried May 18, 1989, Burial# D-161
Richards, Emma, b. Troy, NY, Parents: Charles F. & Elizabeth Ston Walker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Brit, d. July 2, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 54y, Carcinoma of Breast, Burial# 4157, Int. Lot: I 93
Richards, Eugene, b. Danby, VT, Parents: Abner Richards & Ella Rafter, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Ella, d. Jan.11, 1992, Granville, Age: 82y4m11d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5470, Int. Lot: B246
Richards, Eunice, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Charles & Susan, Residence: Sandgate # 6, d. March 6, 1937, Sandgate, VT, Age: 1y8m12d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 2203, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Eva K., b. England, Parents: Thomas & Jane Kerslake, Spouse: Widow, d. Milford, CT, Age: 78y2m23d, Shock, Accident, Burial# 4656, Int. Lot: G163
Richards, Evelyn F., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Frederick H. Stickle & Nellie Covey, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Widow, George, d. Feb.8, 1905, Saratoga Springs, NY, Age: 89y, Cardiac Arrest, In Vault, Buried May 10, 1986, Burial# 6580, Int. Lot: B238
Richards, Frances E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel & Eliza Griffin Wood, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 4, 1938, Salem, Age: 49y6m3d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4144, Int. Lot: I 92
Richards, Frances M., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: David & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 11y3m10d, Diptheria, Burial# 2052, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, George A., b. Rupert, Parents: Ella & Abner Richards, Residence: Saratoga, Spouse: Evelyn, d. Feb.20, 1991, Saratoga Hospital, Age: 78y, Cardiac Decomposition, Burial# 6049, Int. Lot: B328
Richards, Glenwood, b. Salem, Parents: William Richards & Frances Wood, Residence: Salem, Spouse: #1Ruth #2 Marion, d. May 22, 1961, Cambridge Hospotal, Age: 71y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6075, Int. Lot: I 92
Richards, Henry H., b. Town of Jackson, Parents: John Richards & Mary McMorris, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Ella B. Richards, d. Nov.16, 1930, Age: 84y, Not Listed, Buried Oct.8, 1986, Burial# 6600, Int. Lot: D161
Richards, Infant, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.12, 1919, Salem, NY, Burial# 3338, Int. Lot: B246
Richards, Jane, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: John & N.Perkins, Residence: Sandgate # 10, Spouse: Widow of Abner, d. Nov.29, 1910, Sandgate, Age: 86y1m1d, Old Age, Burial# 2302, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Jennie T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Hattie Thompson, Residence: Jamacia, NY, Spouse: Jesse, d. March 21, 1918, Jamacia, Age: 25y22d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2339, Int. Lot: H141
Richards, John, b. Greenwich, Parents: William & Mary, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Mary E., d. June 15, 1899, Jackson, Age: 80y5m2d, Heart Failure, Burial# 4640, Int. Lot: B392
Richards, John, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Abrm & Jane (Perkins), Residence: Salem # 16, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.16, 1941, Salem, NY, Age: 78y7m2d, Burial# 3495, Int. Lot: G78
Richards, Laura, b. Germany, Parents: Henry & Mary Machold?, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Frederick, d. March 8, 1879, Greenwich, NY, Age: 52y8m15d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1942, Int. Lot: C131
Richards, Leola O., d. Dec.12, 1967, Cambridge, NY, Age: 98yrs, Natural Causes, Buried July 27, 2001, Burial# A-15
Richards, Lewis Bert, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: David Richards & Elizabeth Lewis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 2, 1922, Salem, Age: 78y5m18d, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5371, Int. Lot: I 93
Richards, Marion, b. Berne, Ny.9/1/1917, Parents: Alva Wilday & Inez Becker, Residence: Hoosick Falls, NY, Spouse: Glenwood, d. May 26, 1920, Hoosick Falls, NY, Age: 84yrs, Natural Causes, Buried June 28, 2002, Burial# I-92
Richards, Mary, b. Hebron, Parents: James McMorris & Emma McG., Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widow, d. July 6, 1911, Greenwich, Age: 81y11m25d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5191, Int. Lot: B392
Richards, Mary E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Eugene & Ella Smith Richards, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.30, 1935, Salem, NY, Age: 2y6m1d, Thymus, Burial# 3363, Int. Lot: B246
Richards, Milford J., b. Sandgate, VT, Residence: Easton, Spouse: Married, d. Feb.8, 1885, Easton, NY, Age: 63y, Suicide, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Burial# 5710, Int. Lot: B5
Richards, Ruth, b. NYS., Parents: Emma Brown & Arthur Wayman, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Glen, d. May 2, 1858, Albany, Age: 46y16d, Burial# 5240, Int. Lot: I 92
Richards, Sarah, Buried March 7, 1892, Burial# 2012, Int. Lot: G217
Richards, Stella Brown, b. Cossayuna, Parents: Harvey & Nancy, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Andrew, d. April 30, 2001, Cossayuna, Age: 69y0m7d, Inanition, Burial# 4852, Int. Lot: A15
Richards, Susan W., b. Ireland, Parents: Wm.J. & Anna McKeighan Watt, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Charles, d. Sepy.22, 1907, Sandgate, Age: 62y5m25d, Diabetic Gangrene, Burial# 4148, Int. Lot: B5
Richards, William, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: David Richards & Elizabeth Lewis, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. July 31, 1876, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y, Heart, In Vault 1, 27, 1963, Burial# 5720, Int. Lot: I 92
Richards, William J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abner & Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.22, 1896, Salem, Age: 78y1m16d, Ascites, Burial# 3604, Int. Lot: G79
Richardson, Electa A., Buried June 21, 1902, Burial# 2619, Int. Lot: F84
Richardson, Electa Adaline, b. Clarksburg, Mass., Parents: Amos & Mercy Dole, Residence: Manchester, Spouse: Andrew E., d. June 27, 1940, Rupert, VT, Age: 55y10m27d, Cancer, In Rec. Vault March 3, Burial# 1076, Int. Lot: F74
Richardson, Nancy S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John A.Rea & Charlotte M. Beebe, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Widowed, Benjamin, d. June 29, 1887, Glens Falls, Age: 88y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6104, Int. Lot: G74
Richey, Elisheba P., b. Whitestown, Ny., Parents: Justin & Sarissa Farnham, Residence: Rubert #3, Spouse: William A. (#788), d. April 24, 1869, West Rubert VT, Age: 59y11m18d, Consumption, Fr. West Rupert Gr.Yd., Burial# 790, Int. Lot: C261
Richey, George Henry, b. West Rupert, VT, Parents: Wm.A. & Elisheba P. (Frankan), Residence: W.Rupert, Spouse: Helen F., d. Oct. 2, 1877, West Rupert, VT, Age: 85y7m11d, Influenza, Burial# 4065, Int. Lot: C261
Richey, Helen F., b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: Charles & Catherine Carver, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.3, 1961, Poultney, VT, Age: 86y1m10d, Fractured Hip, Gradual, Breakup, Burial# 4421, Int. Lot: C261
Richey, Laura S., b. West Rupert, VT, Parents: William (#788) & Elisheba (#790), Residence: Rupert #3, d. April 9, 1951, West Rupert, VT, Age: 20y1d, Consumption, Fr. West Rupert Gr.Yd., Burial# 789, Int. Lot: C261
Richey, William A., b. Charlton, Parents: Andrew & Mary, Residence: Rupert #3, d. July 16, 1940, West Rupert, VT, Age: 68y11m3d, Consumption, In Vault Ap.13 (Black-smith), Burial# 788, Int. Lot: C261
Richter, Beatrice R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Solomon Russell & Anna Wever, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Eugene, d. Sept.25, 1895, Troy, NY, Age: 88y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6495, Int. Lot: H55
Richter, Bertha, b. Germany, Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Rudolph, d. May 28, 1890, Saratoga Co., NY, Age: 41y, Plumonary Tuberculosis, Place of death:Homestead Sanitarium, Sarat.Co., Burial# 3990, Int. Lot: R26
Richter, Rudolph F., b. Austria, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower of Bertha, d. Feb.23, 1961, Salem, Age: 62y11m25d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4905, Int. Lot: R26
Rickey, Emma S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William B. & Clarinsond Maynard, Residence: W.Rupert #3, Spouse: George H., d. Feb.6, 1978, West Rupert, Age: 35y8m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1529, Int. Lot: C261
Rickey, Infant, b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: George H. & Emma S.Rickey, Residence: W.Rupert # 3, d. July 2, 1897, Rupert, Age: 0y0m3d, Burial# 1530, Int. Lot: C261
Rider, David, b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Zynus & Ruth, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Jane, d. Feb.4, 1879, Salem, Age: 71y1m2d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1362, Int. Lot: M28
Rider, James E., b. Peru, NY, Parents: John & Sally, Residence: Middle Granville, Spouse: Mary Jane, d. Aug.6, 1980, Granville, Age: 30y, Killed, thrown from wagon, Burial# 109, Int. Lot: M27
Rider, Mary Jane, b. Whitehall, Parents: Daniel & Mary Ann Thurston, Residence: Middle Granville, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Granville, Age: 28y10m, Diphtheria, Burial# 118, Int. Lot: M27
Riley, Agnes F., b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Sylvester & Jessie Riley, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec. 18, 1863, Cossayuna, Age: 1y10m15d, Drowned, Burial# 3325, Int. Lot: B297
Riley, Ernest, Jr., b. Granville, NY, Parents: Ernest & Florence (Bakee) Riley, Residence: Salem, NY, d. April 19, 1913, Salem, NY, Age: 2m4d, Malnutrition, Burial# 3900, Int. Lot: Single
Riley, Jessie M., b. NYS., Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. 5/23/09, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5709, Int. Lot: B297
Riley, Sylvester, b. NYS., Parents: Not Given, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Married, d. August 30, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76y, Prostrate Obstruction, Burial# 5600, Int. Lot: B297
Riley, b. Greenwich, NY, Residence: Greenwich, d. Sept.13, 1924, Greenwich, Still born, Burial# 3401, Int. Lot: B297
Rising, Josiah, b. Suffield, Conn., Parents: Aaron & Anna, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Sally # 1499, d. Sept.3, 1918, West Rupert, VT, Age: 65y0m1d, Inflam.Bowels, From Yard just West of W.Rupert Corners, Burial# 1498, Int. Lot: C308
Rising, Sally, b. Hebron, CT, Parents: Joseph & Deborah Dewey, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Widow of Josiah (#1498), d. March 23, 1889, Schaghticoke, NY, Age: 78yom25d, General Delbility, Burial# 1499, Int. Lot: C308
Risse, Austin A., Residence: Florida, d. July 7, 1967, Florida, Age: 80yrs, Buried Oct.12, 1995, Burial# K-72
Risse, Charlotte M., Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Thomas, d. Nov.11, 1908, Hebron. NY, Age: 70, Burial# K-72, Int. Lot: N-7 1/2 E-4
Rithderm, Child, b. Rupert, VT, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, d. July 20, 1993, Stillborn, Burial# 3509, Int. Lot: C281
Robbins, Elizabeth, b. Jackson, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Charles, d. June 24, 1906, Schenectady, Age: 30y9m4d, Gun Shot Wound, Burial# 4832, Int. Lot: C55
Robbins, Harry B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lim & Lottie, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 23, 1948, France, Age: 30y, Pneumonia, In the Service, Burial# 3628, Int. Lot: B275
Robbins, Lemuel L., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Forest & Sarah, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lottie, d. Oct.3, 1946, Age: 66y18d, Burial# 3548, Int. Lot: B275
Robbins, Lottie A., b. Salem, Parents: Lewis Austin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.22, 1997, Hudson Falls, Age: 77y0m11d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5062, Int. Lot: B275
Robbins, Wilber D., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Forest & Mary, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.26, 1940, Salem, NY, Age: 75y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3694, Int. Lot: B290
Robedeau, Charles T., b. Malone, NY, Parents: Charles & Eliza, Residence: Minneapolis, Spouse: Lucy, d. April 12, 1856, Minneapolis, Minn., Age: 67y10m23d, Cascinoma, Burial# 3182, Int. Lot: F191
Robedeau, Emma E., b. Fort Edward, Parents: Charles T. & Nellie M. (#611), Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.10, 1963, Salem, Age: 2m17d, Cholera Infantum, In Vault Sept.23, 1868, Burial# 593, Int. Lot: F191
Robedeau, Nillie Maria, b. Pawlet, VT, Parents: John & Mary E.Winn of Ft. Edward, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Charles T., d. Feb.6, 1881, Salem, Age: 22y10m7d, Child-bed Fever, Burial# 611, Int. Lot: F191
Roberson, Albert H., b. Salem, Parents: Freeman & Lydia, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary E., d. Salem, Age: 76y1m17d, Coronary Thrombosis-, Cr.Myocarditis, Burial# 4665, Int. Lot: A49
Roberson, Alfred A., b. Salem, Parents: William & Harriet, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lulu, d. Aug.28, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 60y6m7d, Rupt.of Intest. & Shock, Burial# 4471, Int. Lot: I 94
Roberson, Arnold, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Albert Roberson & Emmaline Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.27, 1968, Cambridge, Age: 75y, Acute Myocardial Inf., Burial# 5743, Int. Lot: A49
Roberson, Child, b. Jackson, NY, Residence: Jackson, d. April 26, 1876, Jackson, NY, Burial# 3199, Int. Lot: B250
Roberson, Clarence Burton, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Francis, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Laura Perrin, d. July 23, 1898, Salem, NY, Age: 51y, Chronic Int.Nephritis, Burial# 4165, Int. Lot: B235
Roberson, Flora, b. N.H., Parents: Nathan Sleeper & Hattie Chase, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, Morgan, d. Feb.8, 1864, Argyle, NY, Age: 94y, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 6211, Int. Lot: A17
Roberson, Francis, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Ira & Milissa, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.20, 1929, Salem, NY, Age: 79y, Nephritis, Burial# 3040, Int. Lot: B250
Roberson, Harriet, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Martin Roberson & Ester Robbins, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. 11/14/10, Granville, NY, Age: 81y10m, Cancer, Burial# 5514, Int. Lot: B272
Roberson, Henry F., b. U.S., Parents: Ira & Theresa, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Lydia M., d. Aug.16, 1853, Argyle, NY, Age: 76y11m8d, Kidney & Bladder Trouble, Burial# 3225, Int. Lot: B217
Roberson, Janette E., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Wright & Sarah Marsh, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Francis, d. 12/4/06, Salem, NY, Age: 63y2m14d, Paralysis, Immediate Gang., Burial# 3002, Int. Lot: B250
Roberson, Kathryn, b. Ithaca, NY, Parents: Walter Moore & Hannah Brown, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: William, d. Sept. 26, 1877, Saratoga, NY, Age: 82y, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 6493, Int. Lot: I 94
Roberson, Laura A., b. Salem, Residence: Fla., d. May 16, 1863, DeSaud, Fla., Age: 89y, Burial# 5950, Int. Lot: B235
Roberson, Lillian, b. No.Hartford, NY, Parents: Albert & Wealthy Mattison, Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.14, 1941, Troy, NY, Age: 58y, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3483, Int. Lot: B229
Roberson, Lydia M., b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Horato & Mynerva (Doene), Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.18, 1866, Argyle, NY, Age: 80y2m28d, Old Age, Burial# 3678, Int. Lot: B217
Roberson, Mary E., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 17, 1923, Salem, Age: 77y3m10d, Coronary Thrombosis, Buried Sept.25, 1943, Burial# 4880, Int. Lot: A49
Roberson, Morgan, b. Salem, Parents: Geo. & Adelaid, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Flora, d. March 31, 1927, Salem, Age: 68y9m15d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4452, Int. Lot: A17
Roberson, Phillip, b. Sandgate, VT, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 6, 1865, Argyle, NY, Burial# 4049, Int. Lot: B217
Roberson, William E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Freeman & Lydia Roberson, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct. 24, 1870, Greenwich, Age: 43y7m, Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 3069, Int. Lot: B217
Roberson, William H., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Alfred Roberson & Luella Fairbanks, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Kathryn Moore, d. Jan.28, 1930, Saratoga, NY, Age: 83y, Pneumonia, Burial# 6367, Int. Lot: I 94
Roberson, William O., b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Martin Esther, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. April 28, 1916, Hampton, NY, Age: 53y8m13d, Cerebral Embolism, Burial# 4555, Int. Lot: B272
Roberts, Bertha J., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, d. July 26, 1856, Salem, NY, Age: 92, Natural, Cremated, Burial# J-3, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4
Roberts, Cornelius V., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Merritt Roberts & Martha Sheldon, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Lola, d. March 26, 1991, Manchester, VT, Age: 88y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6460, Int. Lot: D40
Roberts, David G., b. Wales, Parents: Griffith & Margaret, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Jennie, d. Oct.9, 1891, Granville, Age: 55y, Pneumonia, Burial# 2859, Int. Lot: B255
Roberts, Ella C., b. Sandusky, Ohio, Parents: Joseph H. & Jane Burton (Guild), Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. 8/9/10, Albany, NY, Age: 74y, Peritonitis from rupture of, Appendix, Burial# 4089, Int. Lot: I 48
Roberts, Hugh G., Burned to death, Buried April 1930, Burial# 4194, Int. Lot: E49
Roberts, J.Merle, b. NYCity, Parents: Charles Gaylord & Eliz.Vanderworker, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.25, 1866, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 75y, Cerebral Hemmorhage, Burial# 5838, Int. Lot: D149
Roberts, John H., b. Plainfield, NY, Parents: John Roberts & Elizabeth Griffith, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Merle ?, d. March 4, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 80y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5556, Int. Lot: D164
Roberts, Joseph H., b. Fairhaven, VT, Parents: John Roberts, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. July 10, 1878, Bennington, VT, Age: 85y, Coronary Occlusion, Cremation, Burial# 6377, Int. Lot: B192
Roberts, Lola, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Charles Sheldon & Arrie Pratt, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Cornelius, d. Aug.20, 1911, Manchester, VT, Age: 92yrs, Heart Failure, Buried April 13, 1993, Burial# D-40
Roberts, Martha S., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Merritt & Cornelius Roberts, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widowed, d. May 29, 1869, Bennington, VT, Age: 86y6m23d, Hernia, Burial# 5269, Int. Lot: D40
Roberts, Merritt Bardwell, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Erastus & Elizabeth, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Martha S., d. Jan.13, 1923, Albany, NY, Age: 70y8m1d, Heart Failure, Burial# 4104, Int. Lot: D40
Roberts, Myron, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Erastus & Elizabeth, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Ella, d. Jan.22, 1883, Rupert, Age: 73y7m24d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3761, Int. Lot: I 62
Roberts, Myron G., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Myron F. & Ella G.Roberts, Residence: Rupert # 4, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.16, 1952, Shawnee, Okla., Age: 20y5m29d, Accident, Burial# 3383, Int. Lot: I 48
Roberts, Orine C., b. Albany, NY 7/24/1916, Parents: Orion M.Lincoln & Catherine Coffey, Residence: E.Greenbush, NY, Spouse: Lionel H., d. April 15, 1895, Troy, NY, Age: 82yrs, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Buried Oct.3, 1999 (Cremated), Burial# G-130
Roberts, Thomas H., b. Canada, Parents: Thomas H. Roberts, Sr., Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Bertha, d. July, 1903, V.A.Hosp.Albany, Age: 69y, Peritonitis, World War 2 Vet., Burial# 5948, Int. Lot: J3
Robertson, Abner, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abner & Eliza, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Josephine, d. March 11, 1911, Salem, NY, Age: 71y5m22d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3603, Int. Lot: C291
Robertson, Abner C., b. Cambridge, Parents: Archibald & Elizabeth (Bishop), Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Eliza, d. June 17, 1953, Salem, Age: 74y1m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 1436, Int. Lot: C291
Robertson, Anna Rice, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Harvey Robertson & Jessie McQueen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.23, 1992, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 64y, Heart, Burial# 5802, Int. Lot: B200
Robertson, Archibald, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Arch. & Mary S. (Cook), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Widower (#188), d. Dec.6, 1893, Salem, Age: 66y2m3d, Uremia, Burial# 1273, Int. Lot: G71
Robertson, Charlotte E., b. Salem, Parents: Abner C. & Eliza Woodruff, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.18, 1902, Cambridge, Age: 84y2m10d, Arterio Sclerosis-Gene., Burial# 4736, Int. Lot: C291
Robertson, Eliza M., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Ira & Wealthy A. Woodworth, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Abner, d. Nov. 18, 1862, Chester, N.H., Age: 83y8m16d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2639, Int. Lot: C291
Robertson, Fannie M., b. N.H., Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widow, d. May 25, 1868, Cambridge, Age: 79y, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried April 25, 1944, Burial# 4917, Int. Lot: C293
Robertson, Frances B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel & Mary Billings, Residence: Sumit, NJ, Spouse: Widow, d. June 21, 1930, Sumit, NJ, Age: 84y, Myocardial Degeneration, Burial# 5543, Int. Lot: D146
Robertson, Frances L., b. Chester, N.H., Parents: Jas.Gibson & Fannie Hall Robertson, Residence: Colebrook, Conn., Spouse: Single, d. Jan.4, 1894, Mansfield, Conn., Age: 27y3m8d, Epilepsy, Burial# 4307, Int. Lot: C293
Robertson, George, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: James W. & Catherine Rea Robertson, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Fannie B., d. Dec.2, 1988, Salem, NY, Age: 57y0m28d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4322, Int. Lot: B146
Robertson, Harvey R., Spouse: Jessie, d. June 1, 1894, Salem, NY, Burial# 4039, Int. Lot: B200
Robertson, James, b. Salem, Parents: Harvey Robertson & Jessie McQueen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Doris, d. Nov.13, 1959, Salem, Age: 48y6m3d, Heart, Burial# 5192, Int. Lot: B199
Robertson, James G., b. Salem, Parents: Abner & Eliza M., Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Fannie, d. Nov.4, 1893, Cambridge, Age: 81y8m13d, Heart Disease, Burial# 4837, Int. Lot: C293
Robertson, Jane S., b. East Greenwich, Parents: William & Eleanor McDougall, Residence: E.Greenwich #12, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.30, 1973, East Greenwich, Age: 79y3m9d, Cause of death:Neuralgia & Stomach Disease, Burial# 1508, Int. Lot: C234
Robertson, Jeannette, b. Cambridge, Parents: Abner C. & Mary (McGeoch), Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.27, 1867, Salem, Age: 33y7m16d, Consumption, Burial# 681, Int. Lot: C291
Robertson, Jesse A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jason McQueen & Anna Mahaffy, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept. 4, 1855, Albany, Age: 80y5m24d, Cerebral Vascular, Burial# 5436, Int. Lot: B200
Robertson, Julia, b. Salem, Parents: Henry #332 & Huldah (Cook) King #333, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Archibald #1273, d. Oct.2, 1974, Salem, Age: 44y6m11d, Consumption, In rec'g vault, Dec. 5, Burial# 188, Int. Lot: G71
Robertson, Mary B., b. Quincy, Mass., Parents: Mathias & Thankful Bartlett, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.19, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 56y, Consumption, Burial# 2329, Int. Lot: H212
Robertson, William, b. Salem, Parents: Alexander & Jane (MC Dougall), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Mary J. Bartlett, d. Feb.21, 1938, Salem, Age: 30y10m15d, Dropsy, In Vault March 17, Lawyer, Justice of Peace, Burial# 591, Int. Lot: H212
Robertson, Willie, b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Archie & Maria, Residence: Rutland, d. Feb.7, 1875, West Rutland, VT, Age: 21d, Cholera Infamtum, In Rec.Vault Sept.22, Burial# 472, Int. Lot: H202
Robertson, Wm.M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.M. & Mary B., Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.28, 1872, Metropolitan Hosp., Age: 39y, Consumption, Resid.151 W.14th, N.Ycity, In Vault Jan.25-08, Burial# 2928, Int. Lot: H212
Robinson, Alice T., b. Joanson, VT, Parents: Charles Patch & Harriet Campbell, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: John, d. Dec.24, 1917, Hudson, NY, Age: 80y, Carcinoma of Colon, Burial# 6016, Int. Lot: B283
Robinson, Barbara K., b. Ellenburg, NY, Parents: J.G. & Alice, Residence: Ellenburg, NY, d. July 2, 1968, Ellenburg, Age: 1y, Teething Convulsions, Burial# 3638, Int. Lot: B283
Robinson, Benjamin Frank, b. Cambridge, Parents: Ira & Betsy, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widower #171, d. Oct.13, 1897, Saratoga Springs, Age: 46y3m, Congestion of brain, Saddler, Burial# 200, Int. Lot: F23
Robinson, Catherine, b. Ireland, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Single, d. May 11, 1884, Rutland, Age: 74y5m25d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3572, Int. Lot: B283
Robinson, Catherine F., b. Salem, Parents: Henry & Anna Dodd, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Benjamin F.200, d. March 26, 1919, Age: 41y10m, Consumption, Burial# 171, Int. Lot: F23
Robinson, Eleanor, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Burton & Laura Robinson, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.25, 1939, Salem, NY, Age: 2m, Congenital Defect of Heart, Burial# 2975, Int. Lot: B235
Robinson, Fannie, b. Salem, Parents: Frank & Catharine, Residence: Rutland, d. Dec. 11, 1870, Rutland, VT, Age: 25y9m, Consumption, Burial# 1187, Int. Lot: F23
Robinson, Hope, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Frank Brown & Mary Jane Robinson, Residence: Rupert, VT, d. Aug.11, 1926, Rupert, VT, Age: 1y2m3d, Tub.Meningitis, Burial# 2459, Int. Lot: H186
Robinson, Lizzie, b. Salem, Parents: Benj.F. # 200 Catharine F. (Dodd, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 11, 1921, Salem, Age: 5y3m, Congest. Of lungs, From old grave yard, Burial# 173, Int. Lot: F23
Robinson, Lucretia C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph & Mary Clark, Residence: Salem & Hebron, Spouse: William, d. Aug.19, 1965, Kansas City, Mo., Age: 57y3m16d, Consumption, Burial# 1779, Int. Lot: C31
Robinson, Lydia D., b. Puerto Rico, Parents: Pedro Luciano/Estefonio Landraux, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Oct.17, 1872, Salem, NY, Age: 89
Robinson, Marcia G., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Malden Gillette & Jennie Edgar, Residence: Hartford, NY, Spouse: Pearl, d. Aug.1, 1969, Granville Hosp., NY, Age: 84y, Myocardial Infarctiom, Burial# 6360, Int. Lot: S34
Robinson, Martha J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Mary Jane Macklin McClarty, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow of Thomas D., d. Nov.29, 1893, Hebron, NY, Age: 71y6m22d, Cerebral Apoplexy, Burial# 4164, Int. Lot: D8
Robinson, Mary, b. New York City, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Bross, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Ja's Harvey, d. Oct.28, 1898, Salem, Age: 90y, Old Age, Wid.of 2nd Robinson (Fr.Fam.Vault in old Gr.Yd, Burial# 884, Int. Lot: F132
Robinson, Mary E., b. Salem, Parents: Benj.F.#200 & Cartharine F. (Dodd, Residence: Salem Village, d. April 22, 1994, Salem, Age: 1y1m4d, Croupe, From old grave yard, Burial# 174, Int. Lot: F23
Robinson, Mary J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Christopher & Rebecca Cros.Robinson, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Single, d. April 26, 1961, Shushan, NY, Age: 79y24d, Diabetes Mellitus, Burial# 3129, Int. Lot: G56
Robinson, Mattie A., b. Greenwich, Parents: Walter G. & Eunice Stewart, Residence: Delhi #9, Spouse: James H., d. Feb.12, 1892, Delhi, NY, Age: 37y6m3d, Kidney Disease, Burial# 1198, Int. Lot: C191
Robinson, Nancy J., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: James & Margaret Welch, Residence: Arlington VT, Spouse: John, Age: 58y6m5d, Dropsy, Burial# 3130, Int. Lot: H97
Robinson, Pearl G., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Bertrand Robinson & Delia Montgomery, Residence: Hartford, NY, Spouse: Marcia, d. May 27, 1968, Granville Hospital, NY, Age: 83y, Femoral Phlebothrombosis, Burial# 6355, Int. Lot: S34
Robinson, Rev.John, b. Olean, NY, Parents: John Robinson & Alice Hatch, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Alice, d. Greenwich, Age: 83y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5941, Int. Lot: B283
Robinson, Sidney R., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Fannie Wolfe, Residence: Hebron # 3, Spouse: Catherine, d. Sept.23, 1874, Belcher, NY, Age: 71y10m, Uraemie Pois., Burial# 3012, Int. Lot: B283
Robinson, Thomas D., b. Kingston, Canada, Parents: Wm. & Margaret (Dick), Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Martha McC, d. March 1, 1896, Cambridge, NY, Age: 68y10m0d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4009, Int. Lot: D8
Rock, Joseph G., b. Hartford, Ny12/7/1936, Parents: Gilbert Rock & Evelyn Mae Hall, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Theresa Newton, d. April 6, 1878, Bennington, Vt, Age: 58yrs, Buried Sept.22, 1995, Burial# K-97
Rodgers, Margaret Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Mary Warnick, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Wm.H., d. 3/28/03, Salem, Age: 37y9m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1428, Int. Lot: C128
Rogers, Albert L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Sidney & Cath. (Livingston), Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Honor C., d. Aug.20, 1964, Utica, NY, Buried Nov.3, 1925, Removed from Hartford, NYCemetary, Burial# 3972, Int. Lot: B173
Rogers, Caroline A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Mary Munson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.12, 1912, Salem, NY, Age: 83y9m26d, Organic Heart Disease, Burial# 4440, Int. Lot: E49
Rogers, Charles N., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Charles & Mary Chamberlin Rogers, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.7, 1938, Cambridge, NY, Age: 79y, Chronic Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 4149, Int. Lot: E49
Rogers, Delbert H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Margaret J., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. June 12, 1933, Salem, Age: 22y4m20d, Consumption, Burial# 1507, Int. Lot: C128
Rogers, Dora J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Margaret J., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.5.1929, Salem, Age: 13y6m2d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 1509, Int. Lot: C128
Rogers, Elizabeth, b. Argyle, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Grover, d. April 27, 1848, Hebron, Age: 54y, Fractured Skull, Buried Oct.19, 1943, Burial# 4881, Int. Lot: A26
Rogers, Elizabeth L., b. Salem, Parents: Samuel V. & Mary (#438) Lytle, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.21, 1881, Salem, Age: 49y9m19d, Heart Disease, Burial# 631, Int. Lot: C98
Rogers, Franklin H., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Charles & Maria, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Maria, d. March 1, 1972, Hebron, NY, Age: 68y, Plural Pneumonia, Burial# 3674, Int. Lot: B123
Rogers, Grover, b. Hebron, Parents: Newton Rogers & Carrie Munson, Residence: N.Hoosick, Spouse: Widowed, Elizabeth, d. Nov. 6, 1864, North Hoosick, Age: 85y, Chronic Cong.Heart Failure, Burial# 6065, Int. Lot: I 92
Rogers, Harold, b. Salem, Parents: William & Phebe Rogers, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. June 24, 1928, Salem, Age: 69y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5840, Int. Lot: I 85
Rogers, Harry W., b. Salem, Parents: William H. & M.J., Residence: Salem #19, d. March 6, 1925, Salem, Age: 24d, In Vault Dec.19, Burial# 582, Int. Lot: C128
Rogers, Harvey A., b. Hebron, Parents: Carrie Munson & C.N.Rogers, Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: Maud, d. Sept.24, 1939, Ft.Edward, Age: 90y, Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6025, Int. Lot: A26
Rogers, Helen, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas Ward & Delia Mahar, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Orley Rogers, d. June 14, 1888, Queensbury, NY, Age: 95yrs, Sepsis, Buried August 31, 1989, Burial# I-85
Rogers, Honor C., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Hiram & Honor (Austin) Bardin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow of Albert, d. May 23, 1936, Salem, NY, Age: 76y7m22d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 3935, Int. Lot: B173
Rogers, J.Henry, b. Hebron, Parents: Newton Rogers & Carrie Munson, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Jessie, d. March 24, 1890, Granville, Age: 85y, Heart Failure, Burial# 5836, Int. Lot: A26
Rogers, Jessie B., b. Hebron, Parents: John Wilson & Roselle Nesbitt, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.21, 1959, Greenwich, NY, Age: 91y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6125, Int. Lot: A26
Rogers, Lena S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William H. & Margaret J., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. June 21, 1898, Salem, Age: 23y11m28d, Consumption, Burial# 1694, Int. Lot: C128
Rogers, Maria C., b. No.Hebron, NY, Parents: A.V. & Marg't C.McCartee MacMillan, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.15, 1866, Salem, NY, Age: 69y3m4d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4246, Int. Lot: B123
Rogers, Maude A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Horrace Ayers & Ella Hicks, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, Spouse: Harvey, d. July 2, 1868, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 100y, Gene.Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6471, Int. Lot: A26
Rogers, Orley W., b. Hebron, Parents: Wm.Rogers & Phoebe Hannibal, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helena, d. Feb.17, 1925, Glens Falls, Age: 70y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5746, Int. Lot: I 85
Rogers, Raymond, b. Cambridge, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Ernest C.Rogers, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Francis, d. June 5, 1889, Cambridge, Age: 33y6m18d, Skull Fracture, Burial# 5046, Int. Lot: E10
Rogers, Thelma, b. Granville, Parents: Henry Hubbard & Jennie Smith, Residence: Salem, Spouse: William, d. Aug.28, 1917, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 38y, Plumonary Edema, Heart, Burial# 5842, Int. Lot: S75
Rolfe, Jane, b. Troy, Parents: William & Carrie, Residence: Hebron #13, d. May 3, 1917, Hebron, Age: 6m23d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 831, Int. Lot: C49
Roman, Helen L., b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Hazel Maxham & Harry Murray, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Divorced, d. Dec.14, 1923, Age: 53y, Cardial Vascular, Burial# 6273, Int. Lot: B142
Roose, Dale F., b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Wentworth & Sharon Roose, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Feb. 18, 1800, Age: 32yrs, Accident in woods, Buried April 11, 1998, Burial# D-162
Ropers, Agnes, b. New Jersey, Residence: Possaic, NY, d. Sept.25, 1908, Hackensacke, NJ, Alzeheimers, `, Burial# B-331, Int. Lot: N-6, E-4
Ross, Edna E., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Jas. & Sara Ralston, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 7, 1872, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 67y5m15d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4539, Int. Lot: B265
Ross, Fanny, b. Salem, Parents: William (#621) & Sarah M. (#616), Residence: Salem #13, d. June 12, 1875, Salem, Age: 3y9m9d, Typhus Fever, Burial# 625, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, Harold J., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Wm.J. & Libbie (Ralston), Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Single, d. July 13, 2002, Glens Falls, Age: 20y, Burial# 3319, Int. Lot: B265
Ross, Howard R., Parents: Wm.J.Ross & Edna Ralston, Residence: Flordia, d. Sept.15, 1924, Florida, Age: 54y, Car Accident, Burial# 5625, Int. Lot: B265
Ross, James, b. Derrykiegan, Ireland, Parents: William & Mary (Ross), Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Wid.of Margaret (#329), d. Salem, Age: 69y7m, Congestion of Lungs, Emigrated 1839 From Ireland to Salem, Ny., Burial# 968, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, John D., b. Northcumberland, NY, Parents: Charles & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Marion, d. June 5, 1898, Salem, NY, Age: 48y, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2114, Int. Lot: C19
Ross, Maggie E., b. Salem, Parents: William & Sarah M., Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Single, d. May 18, 1935, Salem, Age: 14y4m18d, Diptheria, In Vault Feb.6, Burial# 1232, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, Margarette, b. Antrian Co.Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Elizabeth Boyd, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: James (#968), d. June 22, 1879, Salem, Age: 73y8m, Colic, In Rec.Vault Feb.6, Burial# 329, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, Marion Louise, b. New York, Parents: John H. & Carissa Keifer, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 26, 1975, Salem, Age: 84y6m10d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4554, Int. Lot: C19
Ross, Sarah Maria, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas (#544) & Elizabeth (#615) Safford, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: William (#621), d. Dec.10, 1975, Salem, Age: 33y1m7d, Typhus Fever, Burial# 616, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, William, b. Derrykiegan, Antrim Co., Parents: James (#968) & Margarette (#329), Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Wid.of Sarah M. (#616), d. Sept.22, 1887, Salem, Age: 37y, Typhus Fever, Place of Birth (Derrykiegan, Antrim Co. Ireland, Burial# 621, Int. Lot: C96
Ross, William J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Sarah Safford, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Jan.24, 1875, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 64y5m19d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4387, Int. Lot: B265
Rothdrem, Albert, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: John & Mary (Parrish), Residence: Rupert #3, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.13, 1982, West Rupert, Age: 1y4m17d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1286, Int. Lot: C283
Rothdrem, Child, b. W.Rupert, VT, Still born, Removed from lot # 281, Sect.C, Burial# 3586, Int. Lot: H32
Rothdrem, Child, b. W.Rupert, VT, Residence: West Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. May 24, 1881, West Rupert, VT, Still born, Burial# 3587, Int. Lot: H32
Rothdrem, Fred, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: John & Mary L. (Parrish), Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.30, 1966, Rupert, Age: 17y5m1d, Heart Failure, Burial# 2440, Int. Lot: C283
Rothdrem, Raymond A., b. St.Johnsbury, VT, Parents: Arthur & Carrie, Residence: W.Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.25, 1976, West Rupert, Age: 1y10m14d, Pulmonary, Burial# 3588, Int. Lot: H32
Rothdren, Carrie S., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Luther & Martha Shaw, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Arthur, d. March 7, 1989, Rupert, Age: 56y8m8d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Paralysis, Burial# 4520, Int. Lot: H32
Rothdren, Mary L., b. W.Rupert, Parents: Daniel & Lucy Youlen Parrish, Residence: W.Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. March 19, 1867, West Rupert, VT, Age: 55y10m2d, Heart Failure, Burial# 3101, Int. Lot: C283
Rothdrew, John, b. Ireland, Parents: George & Elizabeth, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Mary L., d. Dec.27, 1910, West Rupert, Age: 45y, Kicked by Horse, Burial# 2235, Int. Lot: C283
Rothdrum, Arthur, b. Rupert, VT, Residence: Hoosick Falls, Spouse: Widower, d. June 7, 1871, Hoosick Falls, Age: 69y10m15d, Fractured Skull, Burial# 5180, Int. Lot: H32
Rothdrum, Carolyn, b. W.Rupert, VT, Parents: Arthur & Carrie, Residence: W.Rupert, d. Oct.25, 1950, West Rupert, VT, Age: 19d, Acute Myshiratis, Burial# 3659, Int. Lot: H32
Rowland, Anna M., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Walter Rowland & Mabel Skidmore, Residence: Shushan, NY, d. Cambridge, NY, Age: 40y, Myocardial Infarction, Buried June 2, 1986, Burial# 6586, Int. Lot: R53
Rowland, Baby, b. Cambridge, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.12, 1906, Cambridge, Buried May 17, 1944, Burial# 4919, Int. Lot: B246
Rowland, Charles D., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Walter & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.8, 1965, Cambridge, NY, Age: 2d, Premature Birth, Burial# 3585, Int. Lot: B246
Rowland, Child, b. Cambridge, NY, Residence: Hebron # 5, d. March 19, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Still-born, Burial# 3905, Int. Lot: B246
Rowland, Elizabeth, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Myron C. & Ella Safford, Residence: Hebron # 5, Spouse: Walter D., d. April 22, 1995, Cambridge, NY, Age: 35y6m25d, Parturition, Burial# 3906, Int. Lot: F246
Rowland, Mabel Brady, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Jennie (Murdock) Brady, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Walter D., d. Nov.6, 1978, Salem, Age: 27y1m15d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3336, Int. Lot: B246
Rowland, Walter D., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Frank Rowland & Hattie C., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mabel, d. Sept.8, 1885, Cambridge, Age: 63y8m29d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5469, Int. Lot: B246
Russell, Ada Carswell, Residence: Salem, Spouse: ?? A. Russell, d. July 14, 2001, Age: 46y, Burial# 198, Int. Lot: C324
Russell, Alida, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid. Of David #141, d. Dec.30, 1922, Salem, Burial# 706, Int. Lot: C321
Russell, Anna A.D., b. Warrentown, VA., Parents: Loucious & Rosina Ashton Dixon, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Solomon W., d. Salem, NY, Age: 63y5m23d, Ananation, Burial# 3147, Int. Lot: H55
Russell, Anna C., b. NYCity, Parents: George & Mary F. (Wheeler), Residence: Watervliet, NY, Spouse: Solomon W., Jr., d. Jun2 29, 1939, Watervliet, Age: 41y4m9d, Cancer, Burial# 3184, Int. Lot: H53
Russell, Cornelius Allen, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Solomon W.Lettis (Gray), Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Maria L. (Rockwell), d. March 14, 1858, Glens Falls, Age: 57y364d, Consumption, In Vault April 6 (Lawyer), Burial# 1309, Int. Lot: H77
Russell, David A., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, d. July 16, 1901, Winchester, VA, Killed in battle, Brig. General in army corps, Burial# 284, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Russell, Edwin L., b. Greenwich, Parents: Cornelius A. & Louisa M., Residence: Salem Village, d. July 3, 1907, Salem, Age: 24y5m26d, Congestion of brain, Burial# 683, Int. Lot: H77
Russell, Eleanor A., b. Rhode Island, Residence: Diamond Point, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.23, 1868, Diamond Point, Lake Geo, Age: 90y7m17d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Buried Oct.2, 1945, Burial# 4990, Int. Lot: H78
Russell, George, b. Salem, Parents: Solomon Russell & Anna Wever, Residence: Poughkeepsie, Spouse: Single, d. March 22, 1867, Poughkeepsie, Age: 74y, Bladder, Burial# 5967, Int. Lot: H55
Russell, Hariet A., b. Buffalo, NY, Parents: David & Alida Waterman, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Widow, d. 3/17/10 & 8/17/1967, Albany, NY, Age: 82y6d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3515, Int. Lot: C321
Russell, Henry Ashton, b. Salem, Parents: Solomon W #439^ Anna A., Residence: Salem Village, d. Ap.16, 1909, Salem, Age: 2days, Sept.28, 1872, moved fr. C.206 to H55, Burial# 497, Int. Lot: H55
Russell, Hon. David, b. Williamstown, MA, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Alida (Lansing) #706, d. Dec.9, 1884, Salem, Typhoid Fever, In vault Nov. 24 Lawyer, Memb.of congress, Burial# 141, Int. Lot: C321
Russell, John, b. White Creek, NY, Parents: David & Phebe, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Laura, d. April 28, 1905, Salem, Age: 64y10m25d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1393, Int. Lot: I 77
Russell, Joseph G., b. Baldwinville, NY, Parents: Jos. & Julia Russell, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. June 13, 1998, Dover, NJ, Age: 75y, Comp.fracture of Skull, Burial# 4356, Int. Lot: S9
Russell, Laura A., b. So.Hartford, NY, Parents: Calvin & Mary (Townson), Residence: St.Albans, VT, Spouse: Widow of John, d. May 17, 1939, St.Albans, Age: 73y11m20d, Burial# 1978, Int. Lot: I 77
Russell, Leonard A., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Merritt & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Nov.13, 1966, Salem, Age: 41y6m20d, Fracture of Skull in, Auto Accident, Burial# 4637, Int. Lot: C102
Russell, Louisa, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Ebenezer & Jane Smith, Residence: Shushan # 6, Spouse: Sidney, d. Aug.5, 1955, East Salem, NY, Age: 57y1m30d, Paralysis, Burial# 2103, Int. Lot: C102
Russell, Maria L., d. March 6, 1928, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 87y1m12d, Heartfailure, Removed from Glens Falls Cemetary, Burial# 3050, Int. Lot: H
Russell, Mrs.Jos.G., b. Albany, NY, Parents: Albert & Sarah (Finch) Everson, Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Jos.G., d. Rochester, Min., Age: 64y, Trifacial Neuralgia, Burial# 4014, Int. Lot: S9
Russell, Sidney, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David & Phebe, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.22, 1902, Salem, Age: 70y11m27d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2698, Int. Lot: C102
Russell, Sidney, b. Hebron, Parents: Sidney & Louisa, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Single, d. March 24, 1900, Cambridge, Age: 74y9m3d, Chronic Myocarditis & , Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4654, Int. Lot: C103
Russell, Solomon W., b. Luzerne, NY, Parents: Solomon & Zada (Tolman), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widower, d. March 3, 1989, Salem, Age: 81y3m13d, Burial# 3451, Int. Lot: H5
Russell, Solomon W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Solomon W. & Anna A.Dixon, Residence: Watervliet, NY, Spouse: Wodower, d. June 30, 1903, Watervliet, NY, Age: 58y, Suicide by hanging, Burial# 4133, Int. Lot: H54
Russell, Solomon W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Allen & Myria, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Eleanor, d. March 26, 1904, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 74y7m4d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3650, Int. Lot: H77
Russell, Solomon W. (Farmer) , b. Petersburgh, Parents: Abel (#141) & Sarah, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Charlotte S., d. Oct.2, 1884, Salem, Age: 66y1m13d, Consumption, Sept.28, 1872, moved fr.C206 to H75, Burial# 439, Int. Lot: H75
Russell, unnamed, Parents: William Russell, Residence: Salem, d. Not Listed, Burial# 261, Int. Lot: C325
Russell, unnamed, Parents: William Russell, Residence: Salem, Burial# 262, Int. Lot: C325
Russell, unnamed, Parents: William Russell, Residence: Salem, d. March 23, 1933, Burial# 263, Int. Lot: C325
Russell, unnamed, Parents: William Russell, Residence: Salem, d. 7/24/10, Burial# 264, Int. Lot: C325
Russell, Vesta D.S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edw'd P.Sprague D.D. & Sarah (Dering), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Joseph G., d. Oct.1, 1975, Orlando, Fla., Age: 60y3m2d, Carcinoma of left Breast, Burial# 4248, Int. Lot: S9
Russell, William A., Residence: Salem, d. Sept.24, 1969, Salem, Burial# 1098, Int. Lot: C324
Russell, William A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William A. & Clarissa, Residence: Boston, Spouse: Single, d. July 13, 1928, Age: 51y, Brights Disease, Burial# 2318, Int. Lot: C326
Russell, b. Rutland, VT, Residence: Rutland, VT, d. May15, 1943, Rutland, VT, Still-born, Buried Sept.1, 1930, Burial# 4219, Int. Lot: C
Ryan, Alfred W., b. Salem, Parents: John T. & Estella F. (Young), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.14, 1958, Salem, Age: 1m17d, Burial# 1369, Int. Lot: C35
Ryan, Estella Y., b. Easton, Parents: J.Young & N.Tanner, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.11, 1932, Salem, Age: 86y8m29d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5050, Int. Lot: C35
Ryan, John G., b. Ft.Covington, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Jane A. (Boyd), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Estella F., d. Jan.8, 1909, Salem, Age: 28y8m25d, Blood Pois., Burial# 1560, Int. Lot: C35
Ryan, Lewis, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Fred & Patty, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Lydia W., d. Feb.13, 1889, Cambridge, Age: 76y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 2845, Int. Lot: R30
Ryan, Lydia A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jess & Jane (Chapman), Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: James, d. Jan. 29, 1829, Greenwich, Age: 85y, Cancer of the Stomach, Burial# 3725, Int. Lot: R30
Ryan, Robert S., b. Oneida, Residence: Philadelphia, Spouse: Married, d. Jan. 22, 1852, Age: 53y, Pehdinc, Buried Oct.4, 1945, Burial# 4991, Int. Lot: A18
Ryan, Vera H., b. Unknown, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. 5/5/07, Albany, NY, Age: 90y, Acute Renal Failure, Burial# 6558, Int. Lot: A18
Ryan, Wm.C., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: F. & Martha, Residence: Cambridge # 8, Spouse: Single, d. Aptil 22, 1870, Cambridge, Age: 82y0m0d, Old Age, Burial# 2874, Int. Lot: R30
Ryder, Buried Aug.21, 1890, Burial# 1892, Int. Lot: W27
Rykowski, Doris, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Alex Sloan/ Hazel Safford, Residence: Saratoga, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. April 3, 1980, Nursinghome/Saratoga, NY, Age: 87, Burial# D-169, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4

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