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Evergreen Cemetery
Salem, Washington County, New York

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168 Cemetery Rd
Salem, NY 12865

Published: November 3, 2016
Total records: 6,942

Surnmes I-L

Records published here were acquired from the Salem Bancroft Public Library on November 3, 2016. These records were compiled by Ann Pongrace and David Male, August 1999. Dates of death range from 1772 to 2002.

Infield, Hester
, b. Bessemer, PA, Parents: Elmer Manewel & Catherine Macklin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. March 31, 1985, North Bennington, VT, Age: 87y, Not Listed, Buried Aug.22, 1987, Burial# 6634, Int. Lot: B306
Ingalls, Augusta E., b. South Hartford, Parents: James H. & Rose A. Odbert (#665), Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: Wid., d. Dec.9, 1926, Salem, Age: 23y7d, Consumption, Burial# 812, Int. Lot: H122
Ingalls, David L., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec. 12, 1823, Age: 79y8m5d, Lobar Pneumonia, Tp.3, Burial# 4636, Int. Lot: H123
Ingalls, Florence, b. Albany, NY, Parents: David & Lena, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Single, d. June 9, 1844, Albany, Age: 1y3m20d, Meningitis, Burial# 2253, Int. Lot: H123
Ingalls, Helena G.Vasey, b. Canada, Parents: Edward & Louisa Vasey, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: David I., d. March 22, 1884, Albany, Age: 74y6m9d, Senile Dementia, Burial# 4409, Int. Lot: H123
Ingalls, William T., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Pattie, Residence: Jackson # 9, Spouse: Margaret, d. Aug.13, 1896, Jackson, Age: 72y0m7d, Dysentery, Burial# 1674, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Ingels, Ivan Ike, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Buried Aug.17, 2002, Burial# J-19
Ingraham, Agnes B., b. England, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Samuel, d. July 31, 1967, Salem, Age: 73y2m24d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4649, Int. Lot: E25
Inmam, Lowell Eugene, b. Salem, Parents: Eugene & Susie, Residence: Salem #12, d. Aug.19, 1872, Salem Village, Age: 11m6d, Dysentery, Burial# 747, Int. Lot: H128
Irish, Benjamin H., b. Pownal, VT, Parents: Ida Rand & Wallace I., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Dasey, d. Aug.11, 1900, Cambridge, Age: 81y, Carcinoma of Lung, Burial# 6029, Int. Lot: R222
Irish, Daisy, b. Grafton, NY, Parents: Sam Bonesteel & Belle Baker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. 12/10/07, Cambridge, NY, Age: 86y, Terminal Carcinoma, Burial# 6550, Int. Lot: R222
Irish, Ida R., b. W.Hebron, NY, Parents: M.H. & Jannet Fullerton, Residence: Scraton, PA#33, Spouse: Owen R., d. July 5, 1963, Scranton, PA, Age: 41y9m18d, Diabetes, Burial# 2654, Int. Lot: C4
Irvin, Edna E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: David J. & Sarah M., Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Dec.30, 1907, Greenwich, Age: 1y5m0d, Grippe, Burial# 2442, Int. Lot: B101
Irvin, Robert, b. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Margaret (McLean), Residence: Wells, VT, Spouse: Mary, d. Nov.26, 1905, Wells, VT, Age: 72y0m0d, Congestion of Lungs, Birth Place : Co. Monaghan, Ireland, Burial# 1774, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Anna, Parents: Robert Irwin & Mary Craig, Residence: Wells, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.23, 1926, Wells, VT, Age: 82y, Burial# 5178, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Anna E.Blair, b. Gr.Rapids, Mich., Parents: John & Jeannette Blair, Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Samuel B., d. Feb.27, 1984, Hebron, NY, Age: 53y5m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2808, Int. Lot: D107
Irwin, Anna M., b. Lake, Greenwich, Parents: Jared D. & Jane A.Stewart, Residence: Hebron #1, Spouse: Samuel B., d. April 22, 1887, West Hebron, Age: 34y4m15d, Puerperal Fever, In Vault March 1, Burial# 1059, Int. Lot: C193
Irwin, Child, Buried July 11, 1890, Burial# 1883, Int. Lot: G25
Irwin, Child, d. Not Listed, Buried June 5, 1889, Burial# 1803, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Craig, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Mary, Residence: Wells, VT, Spouse: Single, d. March 22, 1881, Wells, VT, Age: 78y8m14d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3921, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, David James, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: James & Margaret (Stewart), Residence: Pownel, VT, Spouse: Mary J., d. July 4, 1999, Pownel, VT, Age: 75y13d, Chronic Intestinal, Burial# 4038, Int. Lot: B101
Irwin, Edward A., b. Ireland, Parents: Samuel & Jane, Residence: W.Hebron # 1, Spouse: Kate, d. July 16, 1982, Hebron, NY, Age: 60y, Valvular Disease of Heart, Burial# 2346, Int. Lot: H96
Irwin, Eliza, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Margaret Irwin, Residence: Wells VT, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.23, 1938, Wells, Age: 54y0m0d, Cholera Diarrhea, Burial# 2497, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Ensign C., b. West Hebron, NY, Parents: Edw & Katie, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Fedelia, d. Jan.3, 1874, Cambridge, NY, Age: 45y10m4d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3705, Int. Lot: H96
Irwin, Filelia S., b. Troy, NY, Parents: Thomas Scott & Amanda F.Orcott, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. Aug.1811, Albany, NY, Age: 96y, Carcinoma of Cecium, Burial# 6179, Int. Lot: H96
Irwin, Infant, b. Hebron, Parents: Edward & Katie, Residence: Hebron #1, d. July 31, 1931, West Hebron, Age: 1m15d, Congestion of brain, Burial# 702, Int. Lot: H96
Irwin, John L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Samuel & Jane, Residence: Argyle # 3, Spouse: Widower, d. April 20, 1806, Argyle, Age: 65y10y23d, Rheumatism, Burial# 2860, Int. Lot: D42
Irwin, Katie C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Robert & Betsy Oatman Copeland, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Wid.of Edward A., d. March 14, 1911, Cambridge, NY, Age: 92y4m23d, Old Age, Burial# 4510, Int. Lot: H96
Irwin, Mabel, b. Hebron, Parents: Henry Welch & Mary Dunham, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.1, 1843, Albany, Age: 74y3m29d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5187, Int. Lot: D109
Irwin, Maetie E., b. Albany, NY, Parents: John & Penelope (Slade), Residence: Argyle # 3, Spouse: John L., d. Sept.25, 1874, Argyle, Age: 55y10m19d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2419, Int. Lot: D42
Irwin, Martin, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Mary, Residence: Wells, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.20, 1912, Wells, VT, Age: 54y9m9d, Burial# 3623, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Mary, b. Belfast, Ireland, Parents: Jno. & Mary (Stewart) Watterson, Residence: Pownel, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. May 14, 1836, Bennington, VT, Age: 64y, Acute Kidney Disease, Burial# 4053, Int. Lot: B101
Irwin, Mary, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Elizabeth Craig, Residence: Wells VT, Spouse: Robert, d. Oct.4, 1927, Wells, Age: 75y0m0d, Burial# 2500, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Samuel A., b. Ireland, Parents: Robert, Residence: Wells, VT, Spouse: Single, d. April 17, 1915, Wells, VT, Age: 72y10m8d, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4396, Int. Lot: G75
Irwin, Samuel B., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Samuel & Jane (Dillon), Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Widower, d. July 2, 1881, Hebron, Age: 64y1m0d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2854, Int. Lot: D107
Irwin, Sarah, b. Scotland, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.James Craig, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.23, 1967, Hartford, Age: 84y4m10d, Pneumonia, Burial# 5322, Int. Lot: B278
Irwin, Sarah M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Jane A.Hughey, Residence: Greenwich # 3, Spouse: David J., d. Jan.6, 1978, Greenwich, NY, Age: 41y0m23d, Appendicitis, Burial# 2660, Int. Lot: B101
Irwin, Stewart W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Samuel R.Irwin, Residence: Hebron, d. July 30, 2001, Hebron, NY, Age: 57y, Embolism of Heart, Removed from North Hebron Cemetary, Burial# 4372, Int. Lot: D109
Irwin, Thomas, b. Ireland, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: Married, d. Hartford, Age: 80y3m5d, Thypostatic Carcinoma, Buried Nov.24, 1945, Burial# 4999, Int. Lot: B278
Irwin, William Stewart, b. Ballybay, Ire., Parents: Robert & Mary, d. April 12, 1886, Salem, Age: 23y3m, Typhus Fever, Landed in New York 2wks.before his death, Burial# 540, Int. Lot: Stranger's
Jackson, Heather, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Gordon H.Jackson, Jr. & Eileen Cary, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Single, d. Nov. 5, 1867, Cambridge, NY, Age: 27hrs., Anencephaly, Burial# 6144, Int. Lot: A34
Jackson, Joline, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Elsie Norton & Roland Jackson, Residence: Moreau, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.2, 1975, Mt.McGregor, Age: 16y, Pneumonia, Burial# 5807, Int. Lot: J2
Jackson, Ronald E., b. Glens Falls, NY 1919, Parents: William & Henrietta (Greene), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Elsie, d. Oct.20, 1914, Salem, NY, Age: 81yrs, Cancer US Army WW11, Buried Nov. 20, 2000, Burial# J-2
James, Peyton K., b. Rocky Mt., N.C., Parents: Jasper James & Mamie Procter, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ruth Payne, d. Aug.14, 1883, Cambridge, NY, Age: 70y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Buried June 1, 1986, Burial# 6585, Int. Lot: B333
James, Ruth, b. Joplin, Mo. 1917, Parents: Alma Payne & Sadie Anthony, Residence: Schenectady, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. 1/17/03, Schenectady, Ny., Age: 74yrs, Buried June 28, 1991, Burial# B-325
Jameson, Emily Rose, b. Glens Falls, NY, Parents: Ron & Ruth (Mattison) Jameson, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. Jan.21, 1886, Hebron, NY, Age: 1y11M13D, Leukemia DOB 1/6/200, Buried Dec.27, 2001, Burial# K-31
Jansson, Carl H., b. Not Listed, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Rhinebeck, NY, Spouse: Adele Jansson, d. Rhinebeck, NY, Age: 77y, C.V.A., Buried Aug.5, 1986, Burial# 6592, Int. Lot: G63
Jarvis, David L., b. Glens Falls, NY, Parents: Wilmer Jarvis Jr/Irene Robbins, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Barbera, d. April 30, 1943, Glensfallshosp/Glensfalls, NY, Age: 49, Burial# K-76, Int. Lot: N-1 1/2 E-4
Jarvis, Marlin L., b. Ft.Edward, NY 1940, Parents: Ephraim Jarvis & Anna Gonyea, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Sharon Moffitt, d. April 16, 1964, Salem, NY, Age: 59yrs, Buried Sept.4, 1999, Burial# K-76
Jenkins, Augusta M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Chas. & Marg't Eliza (981) (Prince), Residence: Greenwich, d. July 27, 1860, Battenville, Age: 20y6m5d, Inflam.of Bowels, In Vault Aug.28, Burial# 426, Int. Lot: H68
Jenkins, Ida, b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Simeon & Ornette Jenkins, Residence: Rupert # 3, Spouse: Single, d. April 2, 1907, Troy, NY, Age: 33y19d, Tumor, Burial# 3121, Int. Lot: B281
Jenkins, Joanna, b. Chester, VT, Parents: Joseph & Hannah Hulett, Residence: Greenwich #3, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Greenwich Village, Age: 85y2m2d, Infilam.of Lungs, Burial# 1060, Int. Lot: H50
Jenkins, Julia Frances, b. Rupert, Parents: Charles & Margaret (#981), Residence: N.Adams, Mass., d. Sept.14, 1920, West Rupert, Age: 23y3m16d, Consumption, Burial# 956, Int. Lot: H68
Jenkins, Leonard B., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Charles J. & Margaret E. (#981), Residence: Williamstown, Ma, d. June 12, 1901, Williamstown, Mass., Age: 13y10m5d, Unknown, In Vault Feb.16, Burial# 587, Int. Lot: H68
Jenkins, Margaret E., b. Wilton, Parents: Job & Margaret Prince, Residence: N.Adams, Mass., Spouse: Charles, d. Oct.21, 1942, North Adams, Mass., Age: 51y7m25d, Dyspepsia, Burial# 981, Int. Lot: H68
Jenkins, Martha A., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Joseph & Maria Flower, Residence: Rupert #9, Spouse: John Jordon J., d. July 19, 1952, Rupert, Age: 51y10m28d, Ovarian Tumor, Burial# 1291, Int. Lot: G217
Jenkins, Metta M., b. Hebron, Parents: Charles & Margaret E. (#981), Residence: Adams, Mass., d. May 31, 1994, North Adams, Mass., Age: 16y2m7d, Consumption, Burial# 1083, Int. Lot: H68
Jenkins, Minerva E., b. Sandgate, Vt, Parents: Charles & Margaret #981, Residence: Adams, Mass, d. 11/17/06, North Adams, Mass., Age: 30y2m26d, Unknown, Burial# 1155, Int. Lot: H68
Jennings, Kenneth H., b. VT, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.5, 1887, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 48y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6212, Int. Lot: F386
Johansen, Sr., Warren A., b. Troy, NY 5/4/1921, Parents: Albert & Camilla (Rasmussen), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Dorothy Roux, d. Oct.24, 1931, Salem, NY, Age: 78yrs, Buried June 24, 1999, Burial# K-31
Johnson, Alice F., b. Maine, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Richard, d. April 12, 1959, Salem, Age: 52y11m2d, Intestinal Obstruction, Buried June 29, 1945, Burial# 4980, Int. Lot: E35
Johnson, Charles, b. Salem, Parents: Henry & Nora, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.26, 1995, Cambridge, Age: 56y7m4d, Arterio Sclertic Heart Dis., Burial# 4577, Int. Lot: B296
Johnson, Frederick K., b. Chesterfield, NH., Parents: Levi H. & Mary E.Lockwood, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 11, 1895, Salem, Age: 17y4m10d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 827, Int. Lot: C235
Johnson, George, d. April 4, 1908, Burial# 1230, Int. Lot: F44
Johnson, Gerda, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Nils Gustafson & Hilma Anderson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Matts, d. Aug.14, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Age: 80yrs, Cardiac Arrest, Buried April 19, 1989, Burial# J-9
Johnson, Harriet O., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Isaac & Nancy Oviatt, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.18, 1947, Shushan, Age: 88y6m6d, Paralysis, Burial# 2270, Int. Lot: F46
Johnson, James, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles & Grace, Residence: Plattsburgh, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.28, 1936, Plattsburgh, Age: 67y10m0d, Cancer, Burial# 2563, Int. Lot: B14
Johnson, Jane Alice, b. Ireland, Parents: Wm. & Jane (Pinkerton) McBeth, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Wm.M., d. April 17, 1926, Salem, NY, Age: 58y9m22d, Shock, Burial# 3354, Int. Lot: F43
Johnson, Jennie H., b. Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Wm. & Esther Priest, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. July 30, 1980, Granville, NY, Age: 32y10m16d, Tuberculsois, Burial# 3442, Int. Lot: B296
Johnson, Jennie M., b. New Orleans, La., Parents: E.Kirk & Delia, Residence: New Orleans, d. Salem, Age: 3m16d, Paralysis of Brain, Vault Oct.26, May 25 fr.Str.Gr.to G15, Burial# 404, Int. Lot: G15
Johnson, John, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Christina, Residence: Salem # 15, Spouse: Jane, d. April 25, 1912, Salem, NY, Age: 64y, Typhoid Pneumonia, Burial# 2029, Int. Lot: F122
Johnson, John T., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Jane, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 48y, Gun Shot, Burial# 3584, Int. Lot: F122
Johnson, Lewis P., b. Englewood, NJ, Parents: Lewis & Mary Agnes, Residence: Closter, NJ, d. Dec.9, 1974, Englewood, NJ, Age: 2y9m, Paralysis of the Bowels, Burial# 3444, Int. Lot: G203
Johnson, Lewis Webb, b. Cortland, NY, Parents: Henry C. & Catherine (Webb) Johnson, Residence: Closter, NJ, Spouse: Mary A.Marston, d. April 8, 1976, Englewood, NJ, Age: 45y11m25d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3993, Int. Lot: G202
Johnson, Lila Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Vena, Residence: Salem, d. Jan.2, 1904, Salem, Age: 2m1d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2865, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Johnson, Margaret, b. Ireland, Parents: Samuel & Jane Martin, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: George, d. March 13, 1947, Hartford, Age: 69y, Diseased Lung, Burial# 1038, Int. Lot: F44
Johnson, Mary, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Chester & Grace, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.14, 1916, Salem, Age: 74y4m10d, Consumption, Burial# 2716, Int. Lot: B14
Johnson, Mary Adams, b. Albany, NY, Parents: E.Kirk & Delia (Curtis), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. July 17, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 39y6m19d, Brights Disease, Burial# 2662, Int. Lot: G14
Johnson, Matts N., b. Sweden, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Gerda, d. April 14, 1869, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 64y, Plumonary Embolism, Burial# 5958, Int. Lot: J9
Johnson, Moses, Buried Dec.2, 1908, Burial# 2962, Int. Lot: F143
Johnson, Orlando D., b. Chester, VT, Parents: L.K. & M.E.Johnson, Residence: Granville # 7, Spouse: Mary J., d. Feb.3, 1966, Granville, Age: 49y11m18d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1661, Int. Lot: C235
Johnson, William, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Chester & Grace (McNish), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 11, 1967, Salem, Age: 79y4m8d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3296, Int. Lot: B14
Johnston, Abram, b. Ireland, Residence: Hebron #2, Spouse: Sarah, d. Sept.14, 1998, Hebron, NY, Age: 83y5m6d, Softening of Brain, Burial# 1293, Int. Lot: H133
Johnston, Andrew, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Andrew & Hannah M., Residence: Edgemont, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.23, 1962, Edgemont, So.Dakota, Age: 62y, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3378, Int. Lot: G103
Johnston, Charles E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Edward G. & Mary E. (Holt), Residence: Danby, VT, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.21, 1910, Danby, VT, Age: 66y10m14d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4056, Int. Lot: F44
Johnston, Cora, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Jane Johnston, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.1, 1898, Salem, Age: 15y3m11d, Congestion of Lungs, In Vault Feb.21, Burial# 1476, Int. Lot: C114
Johnston, David, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James & Martha, Residence: Salem, d. July 25, 1926, Peidmont, Kas., Age: 65y5m21d, Inflam.of Bladder, Burial# 1886, Int. Lot: C114
Johnston, Edward G., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hugh & Prudence, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary E., d. May 14, 1959, Salem, Age: 76y2m0, Apoplexy, Burial# 2683, Int. Lot: F49
Johnston, Eliza Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: George & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.29, 1930, Salem, Age: 72y2m0d, Typhoid Dysen., Burial# 2791, Int. Lot: F43
Johnston, George L., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Andrew & H.M., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.31, 1880, Salem, Age: 24y10m, Consumption, Burial# 1734, Int. Lot: G103
Johnston, Hannah G., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hugh & Prudence Johnston, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. March 23, 1971, Salem, Age: 61y11m10d, Exaustion & Gangrene, In Vault Aug.15, Burial# 1488, Int. Lot: F49
Johnston, Helen, Parents: Rufus # 300 & Mary# 301 Coon, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Abraham, d. Dec.23, 1957, Age: 54y8m, Burial# 194, Int. Lot: H133
Johnston, Henrietta C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John W. & Nellie J., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.7, 1883, Salem, Age: 5y10m0d, Croup Diptheria, Burial# 1602, Int. Lot: C118
Johnston, James, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hugh & Prudence, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. March 20, 1895, Salem, NY, Age: 71y6m26d, Brain Congestion, Burial# 1915, Int. Lot: F49
Johnston, Jane, b. Hebron, Parents: John J. & Grace Nelson, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: David, d. Nov.30, 1944, Salem, Age: 45y4m20d, Paralysis, Burial# 685, Int. Lot: C114
Johnston, Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: Alex. & ____Dugan, Residence: Salem, d. Feb.18, 1892, Salem, Age: 66y0m0d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2614, Int. Lot: F122
Johnston, John W., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David & Jane (Nelson), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Nellie Beattie, d. April 1, 1921, Salem, NY, Age: 74y14d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4101, Int. Lot: C116
Johnston, Kate R., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Duncan & Mary Reid, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: David, d. Nov.10, 1978, Salem, Age: 74y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 2872, Int. Lot: B219
Johnston, Lillian A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John W. & Nellie, Residence: Salem, d. July 27, 1994, Salem, NY, Age: 3y11m, Membraneous Croup, Burial# 2130, Int. Lot: C113
Johnston, Maggie, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Andrew & Hannah, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.10, 1890, Salem, Age: 21y11m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1723, Int. Lot: G103
Johnston, Margaret A., b. Ireland, Parents: George & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. May 23, 1934, Salem, Age: 70y1m7d, Endcardita, Burial# 2790, Int. Lot: F43
Johnston, Mary, b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.John Johnston, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.21, 1910, Cambridge, Age: 75y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5575, Int. Lot: C118
Johnston, Mary E., b. NY, Parents: Thomas & Alice E. Holt, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. June 15, 1953, Salem, NY, Age: 68y8m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2889, Int. Lot: F49
Johnston, Mary K., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Margaret (Perkins), Residence: Danby, VT, Spouse: Chas., d. Jan.11, 1967, Danby, VT, Age: 68y, Erysiplas, Burial# 3754, Int. Lot: F44
Johnston, Nellie B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.30, 1871, Salem, Age: 79y1m, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4495, Int. Lot: C116
Johnston, Robert D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John W. & Nellie Beattie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Cora, d. May 25, 1950, Salem, Age: 39y10m29d, Suicide by Auto Gas, Burial# 4394, Int. Lot: C118
Johnston, Sarah A., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David & Rachel Guthrie, Residence: Hebron # 2, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.24, 1932, West Hebron, Age: 76y9m, Cancer & Blood Pois., Burial# 1981, Int. Lot: H133
Johnston, Unnamed Inf., b. Hebron, Parents: David & Jane (#685), Residence: Hebron, d. April 22, 1905, Hebron, Age: 4m20d, Cholera Infantum, Fr. Hebron Gr.Yd., Burial# 770, Int. Lot: C114
Johnston, Unnamed Inf., b. Salem, Parents: David & Kate M., Residence: Salem, d. 4/15/07, Salem, Age: 7m3d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 870, Int. Lot: C114
Johnston, William, b. Hebron, Parents: John & Jane, Residence: Mich., Spouse: Single, d. Gladwin, Mich., Age: 31y, Killed, Burial# 1894, Int. Lot: F122
Johnston, William M., b. Ireland, Parents: George J. & Margaret Martin Johnston, Residence: Salem # 12, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.25, 1973, So.Argyle, NY, Age: 80y7m4d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4282, Int. Lot: F43
Johston, Irene (Braymer) , b. Salem, NY, Parents: Kenneth & Evelyn Braymer, Residence: Howell, NJ, Spouse: Ronald, d. April 3, 1961, Elizabeth, NJ, Age: 46yrs, Buried Nov.21, 1994, Burial# C-38
Jolly, Ellene, b. Argyle, ?N.Y., Parents: Harry Clow/Katherine Mcclenithan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. May 17, 1926, Indian River/Granville, NY, Age: 91, Burial# S-19, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Jolly, Emma H., b. Iowa, Residence: Salem, Spouse: George, d. Sept., 1912, Salem, Age: 70y0m21d, Edema of Lungs, Buried Oct.16, 1945, Burial# 4993, Int. Lot: S31
Jolly, George W., b. Iowa, Parents: Joseph Jolly & Harriet Cornaple, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. 10/14/10, Cambridge, NY, Age: 89y, Cancer, Pancreas, Burial# 5662, Int. Lot: S21
Jolly, William B., b. Bryant, SD 3/25/1911, Parents: George W.Jolly & Emma B. Hortman, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ellene, d. Jan 21, 1864, Salem, NY, Age: 84yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 22, 1996, Burial# S-19
Jones, Bell, b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Oliva, Residence: Normal, ILL., Spouse: William L., d. Feb.17, 1920, Normal, ILL, Age: 61y, Sugnia Pectoris, Burial# 2162, Int. Lot: C206
Jones, David, b. Salem, Parents: John Y. & Jane, Residence: Salem, d. Dec.28, 1904, Salem, Age: 3y7m8d, Dropsy of Brain, Burial# 1097, Int. Lot: Single
Jones, Dorothy Rea, b. Salem, Ny?, Parents: Clarence Rea, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Danny, d. Aug. 26, 1862, Argyle, NY, Age: 75yrs, Natural Causes, Buried June 10, 1994, Burial# G-61
Jones, Edward, b. Wales, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.28, 1948, Salem, NY, Age: 72y, Apoplexy, Burial# 2984
Jones, Geneve, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Walter Moore & Hannah Brown, Residence: E.Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 2, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Age: 86yrs, Natural Causes, Buried May 18, 1992, Burial# K-51
Jones, Irving, b. Hoosick, NY, Parents: Herbert Jones & Catherine, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mabel, d. Salem, NY, Age: 84y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6519, Int. Lot: H199
Jones, Irving, b. Salem, Parents: John Y. & Jane, Residence: Salem #12, d. Sept.23, 1904, Salem, Age: 1y0m25d, (Consumption) Marasmus, Burial# 1091, Int. Lot: Single
Jones, Jane, Buried May 22, 1890, Burial# 1871, Int. Lot: C142
Jones, Jane, b. Llandwrog, N.Wales, Parents: Griffith & Mary Jones, Residence: Salem #15, Spouse: Robert W., d. July 11, 1936, Salem, Age: 39y?m, Childbirth, Burial# 892, Int. Lot: Single
Jones, Joanna, Buried Dec.20, 1899, Burial# 2460, Int. Lot: C53
Jones, Louisa W., b. E.Hartford, Parents: P. & Thankful Waller, Residence: Hartford, Spouse: Wm.G., d. Not Listed, Salem, NY, Age: 66y, Liver Comp., Burial# 1902, Int. Lot: G30
Jones, Mabel C., b. Not Listed, Parents: Peter & Cornelia Cruikshank, Residence: Not Listed, Spouse: Widow, d. June 25, 1899, Not Listed, Age: 94y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Buried Aug.22, 1986, Cremation, Burial# 6594, Int. Lot: H191
Jones, Olive, b. Hartford, NY, Parents: James McMurry & Ella, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. June 8, 1881, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 85y, Heart Failure, Burial# 6257, Int. Lot: A47
Jones, Robert, d. Dec.23, 1907, Buried Oct.1, 1892, Burial# 2041, Int. Lot: C142
Jones, William G., b. Wales, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Johannah, d. Jan.27, 1927, Salem, NY, Age: 67y, Burial# 2325, Int. Lot: G30
Jones, William O., b. West Pawlet, VT, Parents: Robert Jones & Elizabeth Edwards, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Olive, d. Aug.10, 1947, Salem, NY, Age: 72y, Heart, Burial# 5588, Int. Lot: A47
Jones, William Owens, Jr., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Wm.O.Jones & Olive McMurray, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.7, 1902, Cambridge, NY, Age: 25y9m10d, Diabetes, Burial# 5536, Int. Lot: A47
Jordan, Child, Buried Ap.30, 1894, Burial# 2147, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Jorgensen, Alof T., b. Norway, Parents: Mr. & Mrs J.Jorgensen, Residence: Granville, Spouse: Widower, d. July 6, 1999, Glenville, Age: 86y2m4d, Arterio Sclerotic Heart Dis., Burial# 5830, Int. Lot: E7
Jorgensen, Anna, b. Norway, Parents: Anders & Severina Keltteson, Residence: Sandgate, Spouse: John, d. July 23, 1927, Sandgate, Age: 59y3m3d, Gene.Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4776, Int. Lot: E118
Joscelyn, Jane C.A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Orrin & Adeline Austin, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Louis James, d. Sept.3, 1875, Barre, VT, Age: 37y11m25d, Acute Brights, Burial# 2957, Int. Lot: M5
Kane, Estella O., b. VT, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: LeRoy, d. Nov. 29, 1861, Cambridge, NY, Age: 80y, Senility, Burial# 5736, Int. Lot: B244
Kane, Leroy W., b. Salem, Parents: John Kane & Fanny Washburn, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Widowed, d. Jan.18, 1885, Cambridge, Age: 87y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5940, Int. Lot: B244
Karabelas, Stephonos, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Stephonos & Helene Karabelas, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept 26, 1836, Cambridge, NY, Age: 2days, New Born Baby, Buried Aug.28, 1993, Burial# R-227
Kauder, Elsa A., b. Easton, NY, Parents: Bill Alexander & Ella Young, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Sept.20, 1907, Cambridge, Age: 74y, Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 6086, Int. Lot: C87
Kearney, Thomas, b. Ireland, Residence: Jackson # 5, Spouse: Margaret, d. May 13, 1878, Jackson, Age: 75y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2540, Int. Lot: C220
Kee, Martha, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Margaret (Galbrath), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. May 18.1953, Shushan, NY, Age: 79y20d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3681, Int. Lot: B247
Keefer, Alfred F., Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Married, d. March 23, 1884, Troy, NY, Age: 48y10m15d, Plumonary Edema, In Vault, Burial# 3747, Int. Lot: B222
Keefer, Eunice M., b. E.Salem, NY, Parents: John H. & Frances, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 15, 1858, Troy, Age: 23y, Epileptic Convulsions, Burial# 2972, Int. Lot: B222
Keefer, Frances, b. East Greenwich, NY, Parents: Bernard & Eunice (Walker) Hill, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.10, 1951, Shushan, NY, Age: 73y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4100, Int. Lot: B222
Keefer, John E., b. E.Salem, NY, Parents: John, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.15, 1916, Troy, NY, Age: 29y, Burial# 2967, Int. Lot: B222
Keefer, John H., b. Troy, NY, Parents: John & Clarissa, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Fannie, d. Feb.28, 1883, Troy, NY, Age: 61y, Heartfailure, Burial# 3043, Int. Lot: B222
Keeler, Myrtle, Irene, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Charles & Sarah McMillan, Residence: Eureka, Calif. Spouse Harlow c. Keeler, d. Feb.8, 1924, Texas, Age: 78y, Not Listed, Buried June 23, 1988, Cremated, Burial# 6660, Int. Lot: B210
Kegler, Albert G., b. Salem, Parents: Fred Kegler & Harriet Broughton, Residence: Somerville, Ma., Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.2, 1975, Somerville, Ma., Age: 89y4m22d, Prostate, Burial# 5085, Int. Lot: F87
Kegler, Child, Buried May 31, 1890, Burial# 1873, Int. Lot: M15
Kegler, Fred G., Parents: Mary Willard & Albert G.K., Residence: Bennington, d. June 24, 1979, Ft.Laud.Fla., Age: 86y, Burial# 6031, Int. Lot: F87
Kegler, Frederick, b. Weinheim, Germany, Parents: Gerhardt & Cath. (Dell), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Harriet E., d. Sept.23, 1882, Salem, NY, Age: 67y0m13d, Portal Congestion, Burial# 2446, Int. Lot: F76
Kegler, Harriet E., b. Hampton, NY, Parents: Ira & Lavena (Broughton), d. May 13, 1990, Schenectady, NY, Age: 83y9m2d, Heart, Burial# 3698, Int. Lot: F76
Kegler, Henry P., Parents: Fred R. & Harriet E. (Broughton), Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Ida, d. Sept.28, 1955, Schenectady, NY, Age: 67y, Cancer, Burial# 4061, Int. Lot: M15
Kegler, Ida M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Harriet Marshall Huggins, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.6, 1960, Schenectady, NY, Age: 64y1m11d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4319, Int. Lot: M15
Kegler, Isabel, b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Henry P. & Ida H., Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Single, d. March 17, 1973, Schenectady, Age: 11d, Infection of Navel, Burial# 2582, Int. Lot: M15
Kegler, James Frederick, b. NYS., Parents: Fred Kegler & Harriet Broughton, Residence: Colonie, d. Aug.21, 1938, Colonie, Age: 86y4m19d, Heart, Burial# 5357, Int. Lot: F75
Kegler, Karl Huggins, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Henry P. & Ida Kegler, Residence: Oneonta, NY, d. July 10, 1901, Oneonta, Age: 13y11m0d, Accidentally Shot, Burial# 2450, Int. Lot: M15
Kegler, Mary H., b. Danby, VT, Parents: Miner & Mary Hilliard, Residence: Somerville, Ma., Spouse: Albert G., d. May 11, 1973, Somerville, Ma., Age: 79y6m25d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4547, Int. Lot: F87
Kegler, Thomas Monroe, b. Little Rock, Ark., Parents: Philip H. & Elizabeth, d. Jan.22, 1872, Salem, Age: 1y3m19d, Croupe, In Rec.Vault Nov.12, Burial# 335, Int. Lot: M51
Keifer, John, b. Schaghticoke, Parents: John & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.26, 1942, Salem, Age: 81y0m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2725, Int. Lot: C19
Kelly, Abby, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph Kelly & Georgianna Crosier, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.22, 1902, Saratoga, NY, Age: 90y, Organic Brain Syndrome, Burial# 6557, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Charles A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos. & Elizabeth, Residence: Chicago, ILL., Spouse: Single, d. April 3. 1860, Amsterdam, Age: 48y0m0d, Killed by cars, Burial# 2836, Int. Lot: I 1
Kelly, Eleanor, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John Kelly, Residence: Waterford, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.22, 1900, Waterford, NY, Age: 58y, Strangulation, Burial# 5636, Int. Lot: B144
Kelly, Elizabeth, b. Whitehall, Parents: Hugh & Jane Carrothers, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Joseph, d. Feb.24, 1878, Salem Village, Age: 41y6m14d, Inflame of the Bowels, Burial# 1151, Int. Lot: I 1
Kelly, Elizabeth, b. Cambridge, Parents: Mark Kelly & Katherine McM., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. March 7, 1908, Cambridge, Age: 82y0m15d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5493, Int. Lot: I 4
Kelly, Eva J.Billings, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel & Mary C. Billings, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: John, d. Dec.7, 1911, Salem, NY, Age: 62y2m15d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3491, Int. Lot: B144
Kelly, Florence J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos.H. & Georgia, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.13, 1902, Salem, Age: 4y0m0d, Marasums, Burial# 2838, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Georgianna, b. Hebron, Parents: Joseph Crosier & Juliett Munson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.19, 1918, Salem, Age: 78y9m3d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 5086, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Hobart, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph & Georgiana Kelly, Residence: Salem, d. March 17, 1885, Salem, Age: 7y11m28d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 2591, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, John, b. Eagle Bridge, NY, Parents: James & Margaret, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. July 10, 1931, Salem, N>Y., Age: 53y1m25d, Suicide by shooting, Burial# 3701, Int. Lot: B144
Kelly, John B., b. Troy, Parents: John & Eva J. Billings Kelly, Residence: Salem, d. June 30, 1995, Salem, Age: 0y6m0d, Heart Failure, Burial# 2474, Int. Lot: B144
Kelly, John W., b. Salem, Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Troy, Age: 71y24d, Intestinal Obstruction, Burial# 4678, Int. Lot: I 4
Kelly, Joseph, Burried April 12, 1913, Burial# 3224, Int. Lot: I 1
Kelly, Joseph H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth C., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Georgianna, d. Nov.24, 1931, Troy, NY, Age: 46y, Appendix, Burial# 3195, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Lillian, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph & Georgiana Kelly, Residence: Salem, d. 7/26/03, Salem, Age: 4y11m18d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 2592, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Minnie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Jos. H. & Georgianna, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.5, 1885, Salem, Age: 6m0d, Burial# 2890, Int. Lot: I 2
Kelly, Minnieola Gertrude, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth (1151) Carothers, Residence: Salem Village, d. April 24, 1875, Salem, Age: 2y7m3d, Scarlet Fever, In Rec'g vault, March 30, Burial# 295, Int. Lot: I 1
Kelly, Thelma H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph Kelly & Georgiana Crosier, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.5, 1868, Saratoga, NY, Age: 71y, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Burial# 6488, Int. Lot: I 2
Kenney, Jennie N., b. Piper City, Ill., Parents: George & Mary Loomis Clark, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.7, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 71y8m9d, Apoplexy, Burial# 4269, Int. Lot: B215
Kent, Charles, b. NYS., Parents: Frank Kent, Residence: NYS., d. April 18, 1885, Poughkeepsie, Age: 76y, Heart Disease, Burial# 5398, Int. Lot: E47
Kent, Frank H., b. Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Henry & Harriet, Residence: Florida, Ma., Spouse: Widower, d. June 8, 1965, No.Adams, Ma., Age: 90y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4614, Int. Lot: E47
Kent, Hattie M., b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Henry & Harriet (Cowan) Bain, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. Jan.5, 1917, Greenwich, Age: 50y, Accident by burning, Burial# 4074, Int. Lot: E59
Kent, Jane Ann, b. VT, Parents: Truman & Mary Woodard Wilkinson, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Frank, d. March 30, 1910, Greenwich, NY, Age: 79y2m9d, Lobar Pneumonia, Burial# 4196, Int. Lot: E47
Kenyon, Benj.F., b. Poultney, VT, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Etta, d. November 6, 1850, Argyle, Age: 73y11m, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4491, Int. Lot: C73
Kenyon, Etta R., b. Hebron, Parents: William Ferguson, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb. 6, 1863, Argyle, NY, Age: 85y28d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4544, Int. Lot: C73
Kenyon, Harry, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Ellison Kenyon & Ethel Fuller, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Mildred, d. Feb.5, 1908, Albany, NY, Age: 61y, Hemorrhage, Burial# 6359, Int. Lot: R23
Kenyon, Mildred, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: David Herrington & Helen Duda, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. Oct.23, 1909, Salem, NY, Age: 61y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6469, Int. Lot: R23
Kerr, Jennett, b. Cambridge, Parents: Michael & Helen Kerr, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.2, 1917, Salem, Age: 73y, Burial# 415, Int. Lot: C252
Kerslack, Kittie R., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Thomas R. & Kittie R., Residence: Whitehall, d. Feb.29, 1952, Whitehall, Age: 5m18d, Convulsions, Burial# 2522, Int. Lot: M42
Kerslake, Catherine Pearl, b. Green Island, NY, Parents: James & Margaret, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.3, 1906, Troy, NY, Age: 31y, Acute Rheumatic Fever, Burial# 4062, Int. Lot: M42
Kerslake, Herbert Edgar, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. Sept.30, 1885, Salem (Hotel), Age: 3m9d, Congest.of Lungs, Burial# 778, Int. Lot: M43
Kerslake, James A., b. England, Parents: Thomas & Jane, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Margaret M., d. June 24, 1976, Albany, NY, Age: 58y, Bilateral Pyonephrosis, Burial# 4023, Int. Lot: M43
Kerslake, John, b. Green Island, NY, Parents: James & Margaret Kerslake, Residence: Salem, NY, d. July 10, 1904, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y, Left Ventricular Failure, Cremated, Burial# 6254, Int. Lot: M14
Kerslake, Kittie R., Burial# 3134, Int. Lot: B376
Kerslake, Kittie R., b. Salem, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.17, 1911, Rutland, Age: 77y9m27d, Chronic Myocarditis, Buried March 28, 1945, Burial# 4965, Int. Lot: B376
Kerslake, Margaret, b. VT, Parents: Pat.Daniel & Mary, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.30, 1882, Troy, Age: 79y3m23d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5172, Int. Lot: M43
Kerslake, Robert Arthur, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Jane, Residence: Salem Village, d. June 22, 1927, Salem, Age: 3m13d, Cholera Infantum, In Vault Aug.11, Burial# 609, Int. Lot: M43
Kerslake, Thomas, Residence: Salem, d. March 7, 1926, Buried Ap.17, 1893, Burial# 2068, Int. Lot: M43
Kerslake, Thomas R., b. England, Parents: Thomas & Jane (White), Residence: Rutland, Spouse: Kitty Glasier, d. July 22, 1806, Rutland, VT, Age: 63y, Kidney Trouble, Burial# 4107, Int. Lot: B376
Kerslake, Vesta L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas Kerslake & Kittie Glasier, Residence: Rutland, VT, Spouse: Single, d. May 2, 1886, Rutland, VT, Age: 83y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6496, Int. Lot: B376
Ketcham, Stella, b. Greenwich, Parents: Henry & Mary Beattie, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: John, d. July 22, 1867, Amsterdam, Age: 29y, Consumption, Burial# 2305, Int. Lot: B256
Key, Barney, b. Ireland, Parents: William & Margaret, Residence: Greenwich # 9, Spouse: Martha, d. May 3, 1921, Greenwich, Age: 48y0m0d, Cancer, Burial# 2616, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Keys, Alexander M., b. Salem, Parents: Hugh Keys & Sadie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb 18, 1836, Cambridge, Age: 72y, Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Burial# 5944, Int. Lot: E34
Keys, Allan W., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Walter Keys & Rose Duty, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.18, 1937, Salem, NY, Age: 18y, Died of:Transection of Spinal Cord, Burial# 6216, Int. Lot: I 79
Keys, Bertha, b. East Schodack, NY, Parents: William Boyt & Mary Raver, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Stewart, d. March 20, 1921, Cambridge, NY, Age: 82y, Stroke, Burial# 6506, Int. Lot: B319
Keys, Charles, b. NY, Parents: Hugh Keys & Margaret Dennison, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Jennie, d. Sept.12, 1900, Cambridge, Age: 72y6m10d, Cerebral, Burial# 5372, Int. Lot: B258
Keys, Emma, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John Wever & Carrie Macklin, Residence: Guilderland, NY, Spouse: George, d. April 4, 1924, Guilderland, NY, Age: 82y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6336, Int. Lot: J5
Keys, Ester, b. New York, Parents: Harvey Pollock & Anna Skellie, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Thomas, d. July 16, 1853, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 56y, Bron.Pneumonia, Burial# 5841, Int. Lot: B330
Keys, Frank J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James Keys & Tilda McComb, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Margaret, d. March 4, 1866, Age: 62y, Acute Ventricular Fib., Burial# 6532, Int. Lot: R21
Keys, Frederick, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Charles & Jennie McComb Keys, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. July 8, 1965, Salem, Age: 21y, Acute Nephritis, Burial# 4259, Int. Lot: B258
Keys, George H., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Hugh Keys & Nellie McCoy, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Emma, d. Nov.8, 1982, Hebron, Age: 79y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6121, Int. Lot: J5
Keys, Gordon A., Residence: Cambridge, NY, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 59yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Oct.7, 1991, Burial# I-79
Keys, Howard, b. Cambridge, Parents: Louise Beaty & Gordon keys, Spouse: Single, d. Cambridge, Age: 5hrs., Burial# 5260, Int. Lot: I 79
Keys, Ida May, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel & Daisy Bentley McKeighan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Walter, d. Dec.6, 1935, Salem, Age: 27y1m9d, Hemorrhage of Lungs, Burial# 4345, Int. Lot: I 79
Keys, James S., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: John Keys & Martha Dennison, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Tillie, d. Feb.6, 1906, Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Edema, In Vault, Burial# 5634, Int. Lot: R215
Keys, Jane Jennie M., b. Ireland, Parents: David & Jane McComb, Residence: Saranac Lake, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.22, 1906, Saranac Lake, NY, Age: 75y2m23d, Heart, Burial# 5706, Int. Lot: B258
Keys, Mabel, b. Hartford, Parents: Charles Goodell & Emma Skellie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Alex, d. Jan.17, 1936, Salem, Age: 54y10m20d, Heart, Burial# 5356, Int. Lot: E34
Keys, Milored, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: James Keys & Tillie McComb, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.11, 1942, Cambridge, Age: 40y, Acute Hemorrhage, Burial# 5571, Int. Lot: R215
Keys, Patricia A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alex Keys, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. Sept.28, 1985, Glensfalls, NY, Age: 70, Burial# K-13, Int. Lot: N-7 1/2 E-4
Keys, Ralph, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: George & Emma (Wever) Keys, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Isabelle Lundy, d. 10/7/04, Hebron, NY, Age: 66y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6554, Int. Lot: J5
Keys, Stewart, b. Hebron, Parents: Nellie McCoy & Hugh Keys, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Bertha, d. March 9, 1892, Cambridge, Age: 69y, Pulmonary, Burial# 5971, Int. Lot: B319
Keys, Thomas R., Jr., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas Keys & Elizabeth Reid, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Widowed, Ester, d. Sept.5, 1955, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 64y, Heart Disease, Burial# 6062, Int. Lot: B303
Keys, Tillie M., b. Ireland, Parents: David & Jane McComb, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.11, 1879, Salem, NY, Age: 78y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5713, Int. Lot: R215
Keys, Walter H., b. Salem, Parents: Elizabeth Reid & Thomas Keys, Residence: Salem, d. March 11, 1893, Cambridge, Age: 67y, Heart, Burial# 6024, Int. Lot: I 79
Keys, William J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James Keys & Tillie McComb, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.9, 1990, Cambridge, NY, Age: 49y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6228, Int. Lot: R21
Kiefer, Clarrissa A., b. Greenwich, NY, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: John, d. Feb.12, 1886, East Greenwich, Age: 66y0m0d, Paralysis Brain, Burial# 1765, Int. Lot: C19
Killion, Beulah, b. England, Parents: Not known, Residence: E.Greenwich#12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.9, 1908, East Greenwich, Age: 62y, Burial# 2945, Int. Lot: B136
Killion, Margaret, b. Ireland, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.22, 1911, East Greenwich, Age: 80y10d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3405, Int. Lot: B136
Kilpatrick, Frank E., b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Frank Kilpatrick & Ruth Foye, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary Hartigan, d. Nov. 20, 1877, Bennington, VT, Age: 68yrs, Alzheimers, Buried April 27, 1993, Burial# I-40
Kilpio, Irene, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Charles Bentley & Mary Snyder, Residence: Argyle, NY, d. April 2, 1853, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 75y, Carcinoma, Burial# 6323, Int. Lot: E17
Kilpio, Paavo, b. Finland, Parents: Matti & Kristiina Kilpio, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Irene, d. March 14, 1873, Hoosick, Age: 55y0m23d, Accidental, Burial# 5217, Int. Lot: E17
King, Catherine A., b. Henrietta O., Parents: Elijah & Martha Haynes, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Horace, d. July 25, 1982, Salem, Age: 44y9m0d, Tumor, Burial# 1756, Int. Lot: G46
King, Charlotte M., b. VT, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: J.Duke, d. March 17, 1974, Rupert, Age: 62y3m29d, Coronary Occlusion, Buried Oct.29, 1945, Burial# 4996, Int. Lot: G221
King, Elizabeth C., b. Norfolk, NY, Parents: Chauncy L. & Rachel B. Shepard, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: John, d. Aug.10, 1883, Salem, Age: 55y4m2d, Ex-Opthalmie Goitre, Burial# 1687, Int. Lot: G83
King, Henry, b. Mass., Parents: Henry & (nothing), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Huldah (#333), d. June 10, 1931, Salem, Age: 30y, Typhoid Fever, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 332, Int. Lot: G83
King, Horace Vincent, Parents: George W. & ______, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Dec.21, 1968, Salem, NY, Age: 78y0m0d, Senility, Burial# 2408, Int. Lot: G46
King, Huldah, b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Shubael & Sarah Cook, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Henry (#332), d. Oct.26, 1883, Salem, Age: 71y, Congest.of Lungs, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 333, Int. Lot: G71
King, John, d. Not Listed, Burial# 2934, Int. Lot: G83
King, John Shepard, b. Salem, Parents: John & Charlotte Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.28, 1973, Omaha, Neb., Age: 72y9m25d, Cancer of Lung plus, Heart Affect., Burial# 4549, Int. Lot: G84
King, Julia, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John King & Char.Shephard, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.30, 1972, Salem, Age: 97y, Heart, Cremated, Burial# 5740, Int. Lot: G83
King, Margaret C., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John C. & Nancy Coulter, Residence: Omaha, Spouse: John S., d. Jan.3, 1903, Omaha, Age: 68y8m18d, Crushed Breast (Accident, Burial# 4417, Int. Lot: G84
King, Phebe A., b. Bennington, VT, Parents: David & Sarah Haynes, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Horace V., d. Feb.12, 1915, Salem, Age: 52y3m20d, Cancer of Stomach, In Vault March 15, Burial# 855, Int. Lot: G46
King, Rev.James Duke, b. Carbonear, New Found., Parents: George King, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widowed, d. June 30, 1946, Granville, NY, Age: 87y, A.S.C.V.D., Died at Emma Laing Stevens Hosp., Granville, NY, Burial# 5849, Int. Lot: G221
King, Susan, b. Salem, Parents: John & Elizabeth C., Residence: Salem Village, d. April 14, 1933, Salem, Age: 5y10m28d, Scarlet Fever, In Vault Feb.18, Burial# 943, Int. Lot: G84
King, William, b. VT, Parents: Albert King & Sara Horton, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Hebron, Age: 78y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5894, Int. Lot: J17
Kinne, Emma McFarland, b. Hebron, Residence: Middletown Sps., Spouse: Widow, d. August 24, 1877, Middletown Springs, Age: 80y5m15d, Buried April 27, 1945, Burial# 4976, Int. Lot: G213
Kinne, Infant, b. Granville, NY, d. Nov.14, 1949, Granville, NY, Still-born, Burial# 4263, Int. Lot: B281
Kinney, Burton C., b. Hydeville, VT, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Jennie N., d. Nov.24, 1904, Salem, NY, Age: 65y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3470, Int. Lot: B213
Kinney, Clarence B., b. Salem, Parents: Burton Kinney & Jennie Clark, Residence: Los Gatos, Calif., Spouse: Florence, d. Feb.14, 1929, Santa Clara, Calif., Age: 78y, Cremation, Burial# 5979, Int. Lot: B212
Kinney, Florence F., Residence: Los Gatos, Ca., Spouse: Clarence, d. Aug.13, 1892, Santa Cruz, Ca., Age: 86y, Cremated, Burial# 6251, Int. Lot: B215
Kinney, Harriet E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert Kinney and Vira K.Ludd, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.28, 1910, Salem, Age: 1m2d, Malnutrition, Burial# 4043, Int. Lot: Single
Kinns, Eva, d. May 1898, Age: 82y, Heart Disease, Burial# 6050, Int. Lot: I 121
Kinns, Frank C., b. Big Flats, NY, Parents: James Kinns & Isadora Fonda, Residence: Hudson, NY, Spouse: Eva, d. 10/25/03`, Albany, Age: 73y, Heart, Burial# 5602, Int. Lot: I 121
Kinns, Mary F., b. Ft.Edward, NY, Parents: Joab Woodard, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: James, d. April 10, 1934, Greenwich, NY, Age: 58y5m20d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3279, Int. Lot: G148
Kip, Alison C., b. Montclair, NJ, Residence: Montclair, NJ, Spouse: Ruloff, d. March 13, 1901, Montclair, NJ, Age: 80y, Massive Abdominal Hem., Burial# 6224, Int. Lot: I 55
Kip, Helen Culbertson, b. Nuegpo, China, Parents: M.S. & Mary Dunlap Culbertson, Residence: Carmel, Ca., Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.2, 1975, Carmel, Ca., Age: 86y6m9d, Old Age, Burial# 4272, Int. Lot: G120
Kitchen, Marjorie, b. Albany, NY, Parents: Marshall Perrin & Clara Nelson, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: G.Richard Kitchen, d. Jan.21, 1925, Cambridge, NY, Buried May 20, 1989, Burial# D-156
Klein, Jeffrey C., Parents: Leonard Klein & Gene Carlton, Residence: Queensbury, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.26, 1876, Brown Hills, NJHosp., Age: 12y, Acute Heart Failure, Burial# 6048, Int. Lot: D158
Knight, Geo.Washington, b. Sunderland, VT, Parents: John & Sarah Shephard, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Mary M., d. March 20, 1872, Bennington, VT, Age: 65y8m6d, Carcinosis of Stomach, Burial# 4120, Int. Lot: B216
Knight, Sabrina, b. Hartford, Parents: Stephen & Eunice Bump, Residence: Salem #16, Spouse: Caleb, d. Oct.28, 1879, Salem, Age: 76y4m5d, Paralysis, Burial# 1032, Int. Lot: C258
Knight, William Allen, b. Sunderland, VT, Parents: George W. & Mary M., Residence: No.Bennington, Spouse: Single, d. 9/20/03, No.Bennington, VT, Age: 31y2m9d, Auto.Accident, Burial# 3791, Int. Lot: B216
Knights, Mrs.Belle, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Wm.D. & E.C.Porter, Residence: Denver, Col., Spouse: Fred G., d. April 2, 1906, Denver, Col., Age: 25y0m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1655, Int. Lot: H70
Knights, Sarah, b. Sunderland, VT, Parents: George & Mary, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.23, 1986, Albany, NY, Age: 21y5m11d, Plural Peritonitis, Burial# 3204, Int. Lot: B216
Knopp, Mary E., b. Plymouth Union, VT, Parents: Amos Butler & Gertrude Parkland, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Dean, d. April 22, 1905, Cambridge, NY, Age: 73y, Burial# 5580, Int. Lot: J19
Knowles, Martha, b. Co.Antrim, Ire., Parents: David Blockley, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.8, 1908, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 83y, Cerebral Hemorrhage and, Senility, Burial# 4245, Int. Lot: B254
Knowles, Martha, b. Ireland, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Single, d. June 13, 1869, Glens Falls, Age: 80y, Burial# 5487, Int. Lot: B254
Knowles, Wm.J., b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & ____Knowles, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Martha, d. Oct.13, 1860, Glens Falls, Age: 61y3m7d, Exhaustion, Burial# 2896, Int. Lot: B254
Koski, Richard, b. Finland, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Divorced, d. April 29, 1882, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 70y1m12d, Heart, Burial# 5476, Int. Lot: J18
Kracke, August, b. Germany, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Cecelie, d. Nov.22, 1910, Greenwich, Age: 85y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6002, Int. Lot: J10
Kracke, Cecelia F., b. Germany, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: August, d. July 3, 1940, Greenwich, Age: 73y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 5787, Int. Lot: J10
Kristensen, Thomas, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: Thom. & Elida (Silvertsen), Residence: Massapequa, NY, Spouse: Joan Denton, d. June 3, 1983, Cambridge, NY, Age: 66yrs, Cardiac Arrest, Buried May 22, 1991, Burial# K-72
Kristiansen, Kristian, b. Christiana, Norway, Parents: Ole & Olivia Kristiansen, Spouse: Single, d. May 8, 1897, Salem, NY, Age: 27y, Plumonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 3918, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Kulmala, Isaac, b. Finland, Parents: Isaac & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary, d. Aug.19, 1956, Salem, NY, Age: 41y6m10d, Suicide by Rifle Shot, Burial# 4433, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Kuslake, Jane, b. England, Parents: Robert & Susana White, Residence: Green Island, Spouse: Widow, d. May 1, 1891, Green Island, Age: 64y, Diabetes, Burial# 3010, Int. Lot: M43
Kuslake, Thomas R., b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Thomas R. & Kittie R.Glazier, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. 6/25/04, Camp Devens, Ayer, Ma., Age: 26y, Pneumonia, First man from Salem, NYto die in World War, Burial# 3466, Int. Lot: B376
Kvinlaug, Burton, Residence: Bronx, NYC., d. Sept. 5, 1877, Bronx, NYC., Age: 66y, Burial# 5961, Int. Lot: A53
Kvinlaug, Lillian N., b. Gardner, Mass., Parents: Sven A.Alto & Milja Ruupakka, Spouse: Bertin, d. August 7, 1862, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 73y, Cardio Pulmonary Arrest, Residence: (Eagleville) Salem, NY, Burial# 6531, Int. Lot: A53
L'eguyer, Amelia L., b. New York, Parents: Clarence Sheldon & Grace C.Sheldon, Residence: Schuylerville, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.28, 1850, Saratoga, NY, Age: 66y, Acute Coronary, Burial# 6198, Int. Lot: D71
Label, Anna, b. Bohemia, Parents: U. & B H.Ruby, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Joseph, d. Oct.25, 1926, Glens Falls, Age: 73y0m12d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5166, Int. Lot: G23
Labell, Joseph, b. Czechoslovakia, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Aug.15, 1896, Cambridge, Age: 79y10m20d, TB, Burial# 5484, Int. Lot: G23
Labine, Josephine, b. Lenox, Mass., Parents: Oliver & Eliza (Dewey), Residence: Lee, Mass., Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.24, 1870, Lee, Mass., Age: 82y11m13d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 3645, Int. Lot: M44
Labshere, Baby, b. Cambridge, Residence: Cambrifge, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.28, 1867, Cambridge, Age: 2d, Premature, Buried May 31, 1944, Burial# 4920, Int. Lot: E9
Labshere, Roberta, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Marion Cruikshank & Lorenzo Lewis, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: James E.Labshere, d. Not Listed, Cambridge, NY, Age: 75yrs, Heart & Diabetes, Buried Sept. 28, 1988, Burial# G-11
Lackey, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Jane McCabe, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. 9/22/07, Albany, NY, Age: 56y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3251, Int. Lot: R29
Lackey, Tiffany Lee, Infant, b. Glens Falls Hospital, Parents: L.Lackey & Betsy, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 21, 1993, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 2hrs, Hypoplastic Lung, Burial# 6348, Int. Lot: A65
Lackey, Walter, Burial# 3250, Int. Lot: R29
Ladd, Clarence T., b. Salem, Parents: Edgar Ladd & Nancy Thompson, Residence: St.Petersburg, Spouse: Ester, d. Feb.10, 1974, St. Petersbury, Fla., Age: 81y, Heart, Burial# 5889, Int. Lot: H138
Ladd, Edgar P., b. Troy, NY, Parents: Hiram & Mary, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Nancy, d. May 17, 1941, Salem, Age: 75y7m1d, Burial# 3562, Int. Lot: H151
Ladd, Esther M., Residence: St.Petersburg, Spouse: Clarence, d. July 15, 1925, St.Petersburg, Fla., Cremation, Burial# 6453, Int. Lot: H138
Ladd, Fred W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Mamie E.Thompson & Edgar Ladd, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb. 15, 1840, Cambridge, Age: 78y8m14d, C.Thrombosis, Burial# 5227, Int. Lot: H151
Ladd, Marion H., b. Salem, Parents: Nancy Ladd, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.24, 1892, Salem, Age: 79y11m10d, Coronary Thrombosis, Creamated, Burial# 5340, Int. Lot: H151
Ladd, Nannie E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: David B. & Jane (McNaughton) Thompson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. June 8, 1992, Salem, NY, Age: 80y7m19d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4045, Int. Lot: H151
Lahtimer, Ida, b. Finland, Parents: Isaac, Residence: Salem, Spouse: John, d. July 15, 1905, Salem, NY, Age: 48y5m2d, Arthritic Anemia, Burial# 4427, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Lakin, Geo. Rodney, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Robert & Rebecca, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Nancy (#994), d. Nov.20, 1933, Salem, Age: 73y9m8d, Dropsy, In Rec.Vault Dec.20 (Laborer), Burial# 342, Int. Lot: H135
Lakin, Nancy, b. Hebron, Parents: Andrew & Margaret Egleson, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Rodney (#342), d. Oct. 3, 1863, Argyle, Age: 77y, Consumption, In Vault Dec.19, Burial# 994, Int. Lot: H135
Lambert, Amos B., b. So.Redding, Mass., Parents: John & Mary, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Helen E., d. March 10, 1869, Salem, NY, Age: 83y, Burial# 2117, Int. Lot: H20
Lambert, Antoinette, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Amos B. & Sarah Lambert, Residence: No.Adams, Mass., Spouse: Single, d. Aug.17, 1955, No.Adams, Mass., Age: 63y10m5d, Acute Cardiac Insuff., Burial# 3370, Int. Lot: H40
Lambert, Borda, b. New York, Parents: Thos Scott & Mary I., Residence: New York, Village, d. Salem, Age: 11m, Cholera Infantum, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 357, Int. Lot: H20
Lambert, Catherine G., b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: John Goetz & Philepena Kirchner, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: William P., d. May 2, 1898, NYCity, Age: 39y5m8d, Carcinoma, Burial# 3175, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Charles Boardman, b. NYCity, Parents: Thom.Scott & Mary (Osborn) Lambert, Residence: Astoria, NY, Spouse: Cornelia Shafer, d. November 23, 1846, Astoria, NY, Age: 56y, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 3913, Int. Lot: H
Lambert, Edwin Hall, b. Salem, Parents: John & Elizabeth (Ware), Residence: Salem Village, d. Oct.15, 1937, Salem, Age: 4y4m10d, Scarlet Fever, Burial# 226, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Elizabeth Rose, b. Athens, Me., Parents: Abel Ware & E, R. (Thomas), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Dr. John, d. July 19, 1895, Salem, Age: 53y11m14d, Cancer of Liver, Burial# 1590, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Elizabeth W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.15, 1957, Cambridge, Age: 70y9m21d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4451, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Florence M., b. Dover Plains, NY, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. 8/4/03, Albany, NY, Age: 70y, Heart, Burial# 5639, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Harriet N., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: John, d. Dec.1, 1883, Salem, NY, Buried Nov.8, 1893, Burial# 2108, Int. Lot: M27
Lambert, Helen E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Alida Russell, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: A.B., d. 1-Jun-41, Salem, NY, Age: 76y4m4d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2648, Int. Lot: H20
Lambert, Henry Ware, b. St. Paul, Minnesota, Parents: John & Elizab. Ross (Ware), Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.2, 1872, Salem, Age: 9m25d, Dentition (Morbid), From old graveyard, Burial# 51, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, I.Leavitt, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Amos B. & Sarah B., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Hoosic Junct., NY, Age: 66y10m8d, R.R.Accident, Burial# 2798, Int. Lot: H40
Lambert, Jane Martin, b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. March 7, 1872, Salem Village, Age: 8y5m11d, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 363
Lambert, John Henry, b. Salem, Parents: John & Elizab. Ross (Ware), Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.1, 1872, Salem, Age: 1y10m26d, Croup, In Vault Dec. 26, Burial# 52, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, John, A.M.M.D., b. Alfred, Me., Parents: Porter & Mary Sorous Lambert, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.27, 1923, Salem, NY, Age: 82y5m16d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3105, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Julia B., b. Peekskill, Parents: Thos Scott & Mary I., Residence: Peekskill, Village, d. June 16, 1905, Peekskill, Age: 8m, Marasmus, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 358, Int. Lot: H20
Lambert, Lewis Boardman, b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.11, 1929, Salem Village, Age: 1m13d, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 361
Lambert, Mary Boardman, b. So.Reading, Mass., Parents: Boardman, Residence: So. Reading, Spouse: Wid.of John, d. Oct.30, 1875, Salem Village, Age: 70y6m27d, Paralysis, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 360
Lambert, Mary D., Burial# 3206, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Mary J., b. Cario, NY, Parents: John R. & Julia A. Osborn, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Widow of T.S.L., d. June 2, 1860, Brooklyn, Age: 74y9m15d, Paralysis, Burial# 2407, Int. Lot: H21
Lambert, Mary Ware, b. St. Paul, MN, Parents: John & E.R., Residence: St. Paul, MN, d. April 12, 1974, St. Paul. MN, Age: 1y10m10d, Cholera Infantum, From Oakland Cemetery, St.Paul, M, Burial# 211, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Mrs. Mary, b. Lyman, Maine, Residence: Salem #12, d. Jan.16, 1943, Salem, Age: 70y0m0d, Paralysis, Burial# 1225, Int. Lot: M26
Lambert, Thom.Scott, Jr., b. Peekskill, NY, Parents: Thomas S. & Mary, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Lily F., d. March 7, 1874, Brooklyn, NY, Age: 37y6m29d, Phthisis, Burial# 1967, Int. Lot: H20
Lambert, Thomas Scott, b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. July 25, 1881, Salem Village, Age: 2y6m4d, From Old Gr.Yard, Burial# 362
Lambert, Thomas Scott`, b. So.Reading, Mass., Parents: John & Mary, Residence: New York, Spouse: Mary J., d. Stamford, Conn., Age: 78y9m27d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2301, Int. Lot: H21
Lambert, William P., b. Salem, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Married, d. Sept.27, 1873, Brooklyn, Age: 74y3m21d, Leukemia, Buried Sept.23, 1944, Burial# 4932, Int. Lot: M26
Lamon, Anna, b. England, Parents: Robert & Cath. Early, Residence: W.Hebron, Spouse: Robert, d. Sept.26, 1916, West Hebron, Age: 72y, Cancer, Burial# 3035, Int. Lot: F96
Lamon, Catherine, b. Hebron, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.9, 1875, Argyle, Age: 77y5m22d, Senility, Buried Aug.18, 1944, Burial# 4928, Int. Lot: F96
Lamon, Robert, Buried Oct.23, 1920, Burial# 3618, Int. Lot: F96
Lamon, Thomas, b. Hebron, Parents: Robert & Anna, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 16, 1956, Hebron, Age: 66y1m18d, Burns of Legs & Body, Burial# 4481, Int. Lot: F96
Lamont, Helen, Residence: Rochester, NY, d. Rochester, NY, Age: 70y8m21d, Acidosis Filullation, Burial# 3767, Int. Lot: D4
Landers, Roy, b. Hartford, Conn., Parents: Unknown & Edla McMann, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Thelma Christenson, d. March 21, 1995, Cambridge, NY, Age: 70y, Respiratory Failure, Burial# 6422, Int. Lot: F378
Landers, Thelma, b. Perth Amboy, NJ, Parents: Chris Christensen & Lena Jorgensen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow of Roy, d. January 9, 1853, Cambridge, NY, Age: 76yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 14, 1993, Burial# F-378
Lansing, Abram, b. Lansingburgh, NY, Parents: Abram C. & Charlotte, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Eleanor, d. March22, 1975, Salem, Age: 57y0m23d, General Debility, Burial# 1527, Int. Lot: B33-4
Lant, Ida May, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Greenwich, d. Feb.11, 1883, Greenwich, NY, Age: 74y, Burial# 4359, Int. Lot: H151
Lant, Mary A., b. E.Greenwich, NY, Parents: Peter B. & Ida M. (Mc____), Residence: Greenwich # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.7, 1931, East Greenwich, Age: 11y10m4d, Meningitis, Burial# 2436, Int. Lot: H151
Lant, Peter B., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Peter B. & Chisty Ann (Conklin), Residence: Greenwich # 12, Spouse: Ida, d. July 19, 1969, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 50y11m29d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3326, Int. Lot: H151
LaPoint, George C., b. VT, Residence: Syracuse, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 1, 1913, Syracuse, Age: 84y, Burial# 5597, Int. Lot: G199
Larabee, Ella A., b. VT, Parents: John & Almira Smith, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Merritt W., d. Aug.30, 1958, New York, City, Age: 54y10m, Heart Disease, Burial# 3210, Int. Lot: E69
Larabee, Merritt W., b. Grafton, NY, Parents: Seth Larabee, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.4, 1990, Salem, NY, Age: 91y11m21d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 4332, Int. Lot: E69
Larkin, Alice E., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Burnham & Thankful (Hill), Residence: East Greenwich, Spouse: Wm.H., d. Oct.31, 1993, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 77y1m2d, Gastritis, Burial# 2567, Int. Lot: H91
Larkin, Annie Maria, b. Greenwich, Parents: Cha's. & Anna M. (Livingston) Rainey, Residence: Greenwich #2, Spouse: William N., d. Jan.4, 1911, East Greenwich, Age: 35y3m12d, Inflam.of Bowels, In Greenwich Vault Temp., Burial# 992, Int. Lot: H109
Larkin, Arch., Jr., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Archie & Mary E., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.26, 1985, Salem, Age: 36y2m26d, Painters Colic, Burial# 2389, Int. Lot: H92
Larkin, Archie, b. E.Greenwich, NY, Parents: Ellis L. & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary E., d. Salem, Age: 67y0m0d, Dropsy, Burial# 2464, Int. Lot: H92
Larkin, Edward H., Residence: E.Greenwich, d. July 25, 1834, Salem, Age: 50y, Hemorrhage, Suicide, by cutting throat at Central House, Salem, Burial# 3109, Int. Lot: H91
Larkin, George M., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Wm.H. & Alice E. (Hill), Residence: Chicago, ILL., Spouse: Maggie, d. Aug.12, 1940, East Greenwich, Age: 38y8m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1553, Int. Lot: H91
Larkin, Harriet H., b. Argyle, Parents: Joseph & Jane King, Residence: Hebron #1, Spouse: Peter B., d. Dec.15, 1906, West Hebron, Age: 37y8m14d, Inj., thrown from wagon, Burial# 596, Int. Lot: C260
Larkin, Ida J., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Peter B. & Harriet Larkin, Residence: Batavia, ILL, Spouse: William W., d. November 6, 1861, Batavia, Age: 33y3m18d, Consumption, Burial# 1680, Int. Lot: 109
Larkin, Mary, b. W.Hebron, NY, Parents: Isaac & Mary Fraser, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 8, 1907, Salem, Age: 83y1m6d, Old Age & Fract.Hip, Burial# 3075, Int. Lot: C260
Larkin, Peter B., b. Sand Lake, NY, Parents: Enos & Mary Larkin, Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: Mary, d. May 26, 1901, Hebron, Age: 3y4m2d, Consumption, Burial# 1531, Int. Lot: C260
Larkin, William H., Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Sept.17, 1973, East Greenwich, Age: 88y, Valvular Disease of Heart, Burial# 3136, Int. Lot: H91
Larkin, Wm.N., b. E.Greenwich, Parents: Wm.H. & Alice E., Residence: Hatfield, Mass., Spouse: Ida J., d. November 21, 1845, Hatfield, Mass., Age: 40y3m2d, Consumption, Burial# 1512, Int. Lot: H109
Larmon, Charles W., b. Eagle Bridge, Parents: John & Laura, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Susan, d. Dec.12, 1966, Salem, Age: 83y0m5d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4725, Int. Lot: S
Larmon, Frances M., b. Denver, Colorado, Parents: Charles Larmon & Susan Culver, Residence: Mamaroneck, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Jan. 23, 1830, Cambridge, NY, Age: 96yrs, Bowel Obstruction, Buried May 16, 1989, Burial# S-93
Larmon, Rosina B., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.22, 1891, Salem, NY, Age: 72y, Heart Disease, Buried Sept.26, 1922, Burial# 3715, Int. Lot: Catacomb
Larmon, Susan M., b. Cambridge, Parents: Henry & Mary Culver, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. June 7, 1868, Bennington, VT, Age: 80y8m21d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4879, Int. Lot: S
Larmon, Victoria, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David W. & Irene Ackley, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Wm.C., d. April 9, 1984, Salem, Age: 37y4m12d, Dropsy, Burial# 1247, Int. Lot: H223
Larmon, William C., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Alexander & Rose, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Rose, d. December 23, 1853, Salem, NY, Age: 85y7m2d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 3582, Int. Lot: Catacomb
LaRue, Patty Danforth, b. Middletown, Conn., Parents: Joseph & Sally (King) Danforth, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.30, 1871, Brooklyn, 322 Halsey St., Age: 86y6m2d, Old Age, Burial# 1025, Int. Lot: M17
Lasher, Anna E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: David & Elizabeth Conkey, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.21, 1900, Salem, Age: 71y5m, Burial# 3432, Int. Lot: C185
Lasher, Anna M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Ann E., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.8, 1974, Salem, Age: 24y11m0d, Consumption, Burial# 2843, Int. Lot: C187
Lasher, Elizabeth L., b. Salem, Parents: Wm.J.Lasher & Anna Conkey, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.28, 1903, Salem, Age: 74y0m26d, Edema of Lungs, Burial# 5129, Int. Lot: A5
Lasher, LeRoy, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: W.James & Annie E., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. May 16, 1955, Salem, NY, Age: 50y10m25d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3580, Int. Lot: C185
Lasher, Walter James, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Daniel & Emma, Residence: Salem, d. Schenectady, Age: 7m11d, Eutero Collitis, Burial# 1955, Int. Lot: C185
Lasher, William James, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Peter & Caroline, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Anna Eliza, d. Salem, Age: 40y7m18d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1379, Int. Lot: C185
Lasher, Buried Ap.5, 1899, Burial# 2415, Int. Lot: C185
Lathrop, Helen.L., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Weslaco, Texas, Spouse: Raymond, d. June 14, 1884, Weslaco, Texas, Age: 74, Natural, Cremated, Burial# S-48, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Lauder, Helen C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Minnie Mcqueen, James Crosier, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Raymond, d. July 11, 1937, Plattsburgh, NY, Age: 85, Burial# B 84, Int. Lot: S-6, E-4
Lauder, Raymond T., b. Greenwich, NY 1915, Parents: Thomas Lauder & Vera Booth, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Helen, d. Ap.18, 1856, Albany, NY, Age: 82yrs, Buried Sept.18, 1998, Burial# B-84
Laughlin, Selena, b. Hartford, Parents: Patrick & Elisa, Residence: Hartford, d. Sept.20, 1957, East Hartford, Age: 1y10m, In Rec.Vault Jan.19, Burial# 916, Int. Lot: C263
Law, Alexander B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Mary, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Single, d. March 27, 1901, Salem, Age: 71y2m0d, Small Pox, Farmer, Justice, Superv., Memb.of Assem., Burial# 1330, Int. Lot: H23
Law, Andrew M., b. Puynam, NY, Parents: Isaac & Martha Jane, Residence: Salem # 6, Spouse: Jeannette, d. Nov.11, 1985, Putnam, NY, Age: 65y10m17d, Brights Disease, Burial# 3445, Int. Lot: C103
Law, Catharine, b. Argyle, Parents: John & Margaret Reid, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: John T., d. Oct.19, 1955, Shushan, Age: 82y2m, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 1108, Int. Lot: H25
Law, Eleanor C., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: John & Catherine (Reed) Law, Residence: Chicago, Spouse: Single, d. June 14, 1827, Chicago, Ill., Age: 90y7m0d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 3978, Int. Lot: H25
Law, Elisa Agnes, b. Salem, Parents: David & Anice (Potter) Law, Residence: Salem #21, Spouse: William, d. Jan.9, 1959, Shushan, Age: 31y, Puerperal Fever, Burial# 647, Int. Lot: G3
Law, Elizabeth, Parents: Robert Law, Residence: Salem #6, Spouse: John, d. May 6, 1891, Salem, Age: 93y, From old graveyard, Burial# 715, Int. Lot: G6
Law, Grace, Buried Dec.17, 1891, Burial# 1977, Int. Lot: H22 & 23
Law, Grace McDougall, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Col.A.L. & Mary B.McDougall, Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Ellsonth, d. May 9, 1990, Wash.D.C., Age: 38y4m0d, Acute Bronchitis, Burial# 2447, Int. Lot: H213
Law, James, b. Salem, Parents: John T. & Cath. (Reid), Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Single, d. April 17, 1911, Salem, NY, Age: 72y2m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2422, Int. Lot: H25
Law, John, Jr., b. Salem, Parents: John Law, Residence: Salem #6, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. Abt.Dec.6, 1909, Salem, Age: 63y, From old graveyard (Merchant & farmer), Burial# 714, Int. Lot: G7
Law, John Potter, b. Salem, Parents: William & Elisa A. (#647), Residence: Salem #21, d. Aug.1, 1955, Shushan, Age: 11d, Unknown, Burial# 651, Int. Lot: G3
Law, John T., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Mary, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Single, d. April 15, 1916, Salem, Age: 85y, Paralysis, Burial# 1224, Int. Lot: H25
Law, Margaret G., b. Salem, Parents: John & Elizabeth Law, Residence: Salem, Spouse: infant, d. March 24, 1963, Age: 2y, Old graveyard, Burial# 716, Int. Lot: G6
Law, Mary, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John T. & Catharine Law, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: William, d. Jan.17, 1961, Shushan, Age: 66y6m29d, Apoplexy, Burial# 1617, Int. Lot: G3 & 4
Law, Maud, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: Albert Roberson & Emma Pinkerton, Residence: W.Arlington, VT, Spouse: Robert, d. March 14, 1870, Bennington, VT, Age: 92y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6351, Int. Lot: C103
Law, Robert I., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Andrew M. & Sarah (Russell), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Maria Roberson, d. Oct.18, 1935, Salem, NY, Age: 42y, Tumor on Brain, Burial# 3981, Int. Lot: C103
Law, Robert T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Mary Law, Residence: Salem # 8, Spouse: Widower of Susan, d. Dec.5, 1983, Salem, Age: 88y5m12d, Kidney Comp., Farmer, Burial# 1328, Int. Lot: H23
Law, Sarah, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Sidney & Louisa Russell, Residence: Salem # 5, Spouse: Andrew M., d. Oct.20, 1981, Salem, Age: 26y2m15d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1704, Int. Lot: C103
Law, Sarah J., b. Putman, NY, Parents: Thomas & Jane (Ledgerwood), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 12, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 71y6m1d, Angina Petorion, Burial# 3738, Int. Lot: C103
Law, Susan, b. Salem, Parents: Ebenezer & Anna Gould, Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Robert T., d. June 2, 1957, Salem, Age: 75y7m, Paralysis, Burial# 836, Int. Lot: H22
Law, Thomas, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Mary (Law), Residence: Salem #8, Spouse: Grace, d. July 9, 1909, Salem, Age: 70y4m24d, Conges.of Lungs, In Vault March 18 (Farmer), Burial# 783, Int. Lot: H22
Law, William, d. Dec.22, 1881, Buried May 29, 1888, Burial# 1739, Int. Lot: G3
Law, William, b. Salem, Parents: John & Elizabeth Law, Residence: Salem, Spouse: infant, d. Oct.26, 1990, Age: 9m, From old graveyard, Burial# 717, Int. Lot: G6
Lawrence, Edgar J., b. Jackson, Parents: Ransom & Matilda, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Jennie, d. Sept. 16, 1988, Jackson, Age: 74y6m11d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4591, Int. Lot: C9
Lawrence, Jennie S., b. Jackson, Parents: James & Mary A.Steele, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.12, 1971, Salem, Age: 80y9m3d, Senility, Burial# 4851, Int. Lot: C9
Lawson, George, b. Unknown, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. 6/4/09, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 84y, Acute Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 6560, Int. Lot: D159
Lawson, John C., b. Oceanside, L.I., Parents: George Lawson & Kathryn Lawson, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Margaret, d. Aug.20, 1898, Glens Falls, Age: 46y, Metastic of Brain, Burial# 6327, Int. Lot: D159
Lawson, Kathryn, b. Brooklyn, NY, Parents: William Carlos & Elizabeth Reagan, Residence: Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: George, d. June 6, 1985, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 79y, Carcinoma of Lung, Burial# 6340, Int. Lot: D159
Layden, James, b. M.Granville, Parents: Edward Layden, Residence: Troy, Spouse: Widowed, d. July 18, 1852, Troy, Age: 83y1m2d, Pneumonia, Burial# 5087, Int. Lot: R18
Layden, Leona J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: J.E. & Mary, Residence: Salem, d. May 8, 1963, Salem, NY, Age: 6m18d, Bronchitis, Burial# 1941, Int. Lot: R18
Layden, Mary V., b. Wash.D.C., Parents: Cornelius & Helen McKolt Shaw, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: James E., d. March 29, 1990, Troy, Age: 71y0m20d, Hempleigin ?, Burial# 4344, Int. Lot: R18
Layman, Emma, b. Hebron, Parents: Robert & Anna (Ardly), Residence: Hebron, d. May 19, 1939, West Hebron, Age: 1y8m2d, Worms, Burial# 897, Int. Lot: F96
Lebaron, Lillian W., b. Pennsylvania, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Lester Becker, d. Jan.29, 1954, Shushan, NY, Age: 79, Arterioscurosis, Cremated, Burial# D-171, Int. Lot: S-4 E-4
Lee, Anna, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph # 1016 & Eliz. (Montgomery), Residence: Salem #13, d. Aug.25, 1998, Salem, Age: 2y2m22d, Diphtheria, Removed May 11, 1874 to H181, Burial# 40, Int. Lot: H181
Lee, Louisa, b. Hebron, Parents: Joseph # 1016 & Eliz (Montgomery), Residence: Salem #13, d. Dec.26, 1887, Salem, Age: 8y5m5d, Diphtheria, Moved from free ground May 11, 1874, Burial# 39, Int. Lot: H181
Leigh, Frank F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John B. & Mary E.White Leigh, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. May 22, 1996, Cambridge, NY, Age: 38y10m1d, Streptococcus Septicemia, Cellulitis of Face, Burial# 4309, Int. Lot: B259
Leigh, Isabella, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Hugh & Sarah D.Fairley, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Walter, d. 8/14/10, Albany, NY, Age: 57y1m19d, Cancer of Stomach, Died at Albany Hosp., Burial# 3256, Int. Lot: B221
Leigh, Jesse M., b. Salem, Parents: Walter & Isabella, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.10, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 24y0m22d, Accident, Burial# 2724, Int. Lot: B221
Leigh, John B., b. Salem, Parents: Joseph & Betsy, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mary E., d. Dec.26, 1955, Age: 78y4m17d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4760, Int. Lot: B
Leigh, Joseph H., b. Argyle, Parents: Joseph & Mary, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Betsey, d. Oct.8, 1977, Salem, Age: 67y4m, Heart Disease, Burial# 1016, Int. Lot: H181
Leigh, Josephus, b. Salem, Parents: Joseph H. (#1016) & Betsey, Residence: Salem #13, d. Oct.5, 1895, Salem, Age: 17y11m4d, Typhoid Fever, In Vault Feb.20, Burial# 921, Int. Lot: H181
Leigh, Mary, b. Arlington, Parents: Frank White & C.Reynolds, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Cambridge, Age: 81y9m27d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5194, Int. Lot: B259
Leigh, Walter, Parents: Joseph & Betsey Montgomery, Residence: Detroit, Mich., Spouse: Widower, d. April 14, 1886, Detroit, Age: 64y6m20d, Dropsy, Burial# 3384, Int. Lot: B221
Leighton, Jane, b. Salem, NY, Parents: James & Ruth Clark, Residence: Salem # 16, Spouse: Married, d. Dec.25, 1935, Utica, NY, Age: 60y11m5d, Rheum.of Heart, Burial# 1909, Int. Lot: F29
LeMaire, Arthur, b. Canada, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Carolyn, d. Oct.18, 1901, Poughkeeksie, Age: 66y, Heart Disease, Burial# 6030, Int. Lot: R12
LeMaire, Carolyn, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Earl Gardephe & Margaret McKane, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Dec.13, 1995, Cambridge, NY, Age: 67y, Cardiac Arrest, Buried Sept.1, 1987, Burial# 6636, Int. Lot: R237
LeMaire, Robert, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Arthur & Carolyn (Gardephe), Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Sally, d. Aug.10, 1868, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 45yrs, Heart, Buried Aug.9, 1994, Burial# K-44
Lendrum, Mary, b. Greenwich, Parents: John & Catherine Alexander, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Arch., d. Sept.13, 1970, East Greenwich, Age: 70y6m, Dysentery, Burial# 2570, Int. Lot: D91
LenSurn, Archibald, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Archibald & Mary, Residence: E.Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.11, 1968, East Greenwich, Age: 77y0m0d, Heartfailure, Burial# 2853, Int. Lot: D91
Leonard, Russell G., b. Freeport, L.I., NY, Parents: Charles Leonard & Vera Harris, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.27, 1903, Manchester, VT, Age: 21y, Fractured Neck, Auto Accident, Burial# 6394, Int. Lot: R23
Lester, Helen Hall, b. Middlebury, NY., Parents: Samuel A. & Libbie M., Residence: Hebron#11, d. Aug.22, 1885, California, Mich., Age: 5y2d, Scarlet Fever, In Vault March 6, Burial# 851, Int. Lot: C207
Lester, Margaret Elizabeth, b. Argyle, Parents: John & Mary Ann Hall, Residence: Middlebury 12, Spouse: Samuel A., d. Nov.20, 1900, Middlebury, Wyoming, Co, Age: 28y9m24d, goitre, Burial# 711, Int. Lot: C207
Lewis, Alice H., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: James, d. April 16, 1921, Fort Hudson/Fort Edward, NY, Age: 88, Natural, Burial# A-54, Int. Lot: S-4 E-4
Lewis, Amy, b. Greenwich, Parents: Thomas E. (#628) & Hannah Weir, Residence: Salem #2, Spouse: Wid.of Spencer (#565), d. May 31, 1871, Salem (Fitchs Point), Age: 34y6m14d, Atrophy of Liver, Burial# 963, Int. Lot: C304
Lewis, Annie E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Thom. & Frurode Gregory, Residence: Erving, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.18, 1887, Erving, NJ, Age: 73y9m, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4432, Int. Lot: B384
Lewis, Beatrice, b. Jackson, Parents: W.Woodard & Mary Butler, Residence: Shushan, Spouse: Ernest, d. April 13, 1868, Cambridge, NY, Age: 43y, Cancer, Burial# 5314, Int. Lot: J19
Lewis, Charles H., Sr., b. Berlin, NY, Parents: William Lewis & Theodosia Adams, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widowed, Josephine, d. July 19, 1954, Cambridge, NY, Age: 95y, Massive Cerebral Hemorr., Burial# 6185, Int. Lot: D150
Lewis, Coleen C., b. Granville, NY, Parents: Bernard Lewis & Beatrice Slater, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.2, 1938, Salem, NY, Age: 16d, Suffocation in Bed, Burial# 5550, Int. Lot: J19
Lewis, Elizabeth, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jas. & Eliza McElwain, Residence: Ft.Edward, NY, Spouse: James, d. 12/21/07, Fort Edward, NY, Age: 74y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4114, Int. Lot: B264
Lewis, Ernest, b. Tinmouth, VT, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Aug.20, 1930, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 91y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6517, Int. Lot: R26
Lewis, George R., b. Well, VT, Parents: David B. & Elen E.Hobson Lewis, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Ora Gregory, d. Nov.10, 1865, Age: 69y, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 4152, Int. Lot: B384
Lewis, Harriet V., b. Greenwich, NY, Residence: Saratoga Spgs., Spouse: Widow, d. May 17, 1885, Saratoga Spgs, NY, Age: 72y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4253, Int. Lot: D46
Lewis, Harry W., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: George Lewis & Ethel Morse, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Louise, d. April 2, 1855, Cambridge, NY, Age: 55y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6275, Int. Lot: B307
Lewis, Helen S., b. Ticonderoga, NY, Parents: Albert Shattuck & Marion DeLand, Residence: Lake Worth, Fl., Spouse: Charles Lewis, d. Nov.12, 1982, Lake Worth, Fl., Age: 77yrs, Buried April 19, 1990, Burial# D-150
Lewis, James, b. New York, NY, Parents: Wm. & Ellen, Residence: Morean, NY, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. July 24, 1973, So.Glens Falls, NY, Age: 69y11m1d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3424, Int. Lot: B264
Lewis, James D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lorenzo Lewis & Marion (Cruikshank, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Aug.6, 1926, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 71yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Oct.26, 1992, Burial# A-54
Lewis, John C., b. Hebron, Residence: Ft.Edward, d. April 3, 1943, Age: 67y1m16d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4801, Int. Lot: B264
Lewis, Josephine T., b. New Haven, CT, Parents: Bernard Dowen & Theresa Bock, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widowed, Charles, Sr., d. Nov, 1, 1874, Burlington, VT, Age: 80y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6184, Int. Lot: D150
Lewis, LeRoy F., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Green R. & Sarah R., Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Lucy Taylor, d. Sept.14, 1915, Salem, Age: 74y10m10d, Cardiac Asthma, Burial# 2938, Int. Lot: B271
Lewis, Lorenzo Dunbar, b. Salem, .Y., Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Marion, d. Feb.17, 1897, Salem, Age: 41y22d, P. Tuberculosis, Burial# 4430, Int. Lot: G11
Lewis, Louise M., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Annabelle Pinkerton, Residence: Salem/Cambrige, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. Saratoga, NY, Age: 76, Cremated, Burial# B-307, Int. Lot: N-4 1/2 E-4
Lewis, Lucy Taylor, b. Rutland, Ma., Parents: Eliphalet & Martha Taylor, Residence: Brooklyn, Spouse: Widow, d. March 20, 1878, Brooklyn, Age: 84y10m, Cardiovascular Disease, Burial# 4439, Int. Lot: B271
Lewis, Marian C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert Cruikshank & Aida McNaughton, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, Lorenzo, d. May 15, 1967, Granville, Age: 81y, Abdominal Metastases, Burial# 6136, Int. Lot: G11
Lewis, Maud M., Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.26, 1975, Hudson Falls, Age: 71y, Cancer of Liver, Burial# 5519, Int. Lot: B264
Lewis, Spencer G., b. Petersburg, Parents: Randall & Deborah (Aikin), Residence: Greenwich #14, Spouse: Amy (Weir), d. March 28, 1983, East Greenwich, Age: 42y11m4d, Consumption, Inn-Keeper, Burial# 565, Int. Lot: C304
Lewis, Jr., Charles H., b. Whitneyville, CT, Parents: Charles Lewis, Sr. & Josephine Druen, Residence: Vancouver, Wash., Spouse: Widower, d. April 19, 1925, Vancouver, Wash., Age: 82yrs, Buried July 4, 1994, Burial# D-150
Lewsey, Elizabeth, b. Essex, England, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. March 24, 1909, Salem, Age: 75y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6061, Int. Lot: D146
Lewsey, Harry, b. England, Parents: Robert Lewsey & Emily, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Elizabeth, d. April 25, 1891, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87y, Massive G.I.Hemorrhage, Burial# 6472, Int. Lot: D146
Liddle, Alexander, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Jane #217), Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Mary Ann, d. Feb.9, 1911, Salem, Age: 35y5m3d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 277, Int. Lot: C213
Liddle, Alexander, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Oneonta, NY, Age: 79y2m17d, Pneumonia, Buried Jan.3, 1944, Burial# 4889, Int. Lot: C213
Liddle, Carrie M., b. Hebron, N.H., Parents: Asa Munson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William E., d. Feb.4, 1899, Scarsdale, NY, Age: 79y1m20d, Influenza & Broncho Pneu., Burial# 4535, Int. Lot: C212
Liddle, Catherine, Parents: Eben & Harriet Merritt, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow of John, d. Feb.21, 1948, Salem, NY, Age: 73y7m14d, Burial# 2125, Int. Lot: M9
Liddle, Charlotte Freeman, b. Salem, Parents: Marvin (#600) & Charlotte ?, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Leonard # 1381, d. Jan.2, 1902, Salem, Age: 36y6m10d, Child-birth, Burial# 744, Int. Lot: M9
Liddle, Child of Geo., b. Salem, Parents: Geo. & Mary Jane, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.3, 1953, Salem, Burial# 1228, Int. Lot: C212
Liddle, Edward T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Margaret (Lyon), Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Single, d. July 31, 1990, Salem, Age: 39y6m28d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2385, Int. Lot: C215
Liddle, Frank M., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.21, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 29y9m, Disease of Hip Joint, Burial# 2087, Int. Lot: C215
Liddle, Freeman A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.27, 1907, Salem, Age: 35y5m0d, Burial# 2595, Int. Lot: C215
Liddle, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Thomas & Jane, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary J., d. Oct.27, 1937, Salem, Age: 78yomod, Injury, Burial# 2651, Int. Lot: C214
Liddle, Jane, b. Ireland, Parents: John & Jane White, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Thos 575, d. Sept.20, 1974, Salem, Age: 75y8m21d, Old age, Burial# 217, Int. Lot: C212
Liddle, Jane E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Catherine, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Nov.17, 1994, Salem, Age: 2y4m12d, Swelling in Throat, Reinterred of # 185, Burial# 1557, Int. Lot: M8
Liddle, Jane Eliza, b. Salem, Parents: John #1015 & Catherine, Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.26, 1970, Salem, Age: 2y4m12d, Swelling in throat, From old grave yard, Burial# 185, Int. Lot: C214
Liddle, Jenny H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Mary Jane, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.24, 1913, Salem, Age: 24y7m13d, Consumption, Burial# 1598, Int. Lot: C214
Liddle, John, b. Hebron, Parents: Thomas & Jane (#217), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Catherine Merritt, d. June 25, 1929, Salem Village, Age: 59y10m23d, Typhoid Pneumonia, In Vault Jan.27 (Shoemaker, Elder In Pres.Church, Burial# 1015, Int. Lot: M9
Liddle, Kate, b. Salem, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. March 9, 1996, NYCity, Age: 79y9m22d, Natural Causes, Buried April 13, 1945, Burial# 4969, Int. Lot: M9
Liddle, Leonard M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Catherine (Merritt), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.29, 1940, Salem, Age: 40y7m8d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1381, Int. Lot: M9
Liddle, Margaret, b. Ireland, Parents: Harvey & Olivia (Lyons), Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Widow of Thomas, d. May 18, 1928, Salem, Age: 55y8m4d, Cancer, Burial# 2421, Int. Lot: C215
Liddle, Mary A., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Calvin & Ann Cummings, Residence: Salem # 14, Spouse: Widow, d. May 26, 1940, Salem, Age: 76y5m25d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3168, Int. Lot: C213
Liddle, Mary Jane, b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Hugh & Jane Carothers, Residence: Los Ang., Calif., Spouse: Geo., d. Jan.2, 1901, Los Angeles Calif., Age: 71y0m19d, Accident, Burial# 2882, Int. Lot: C214
Liddle, Ransom, b. Salem, Parents: Thomas (#575) & Jane, Residence: Salem #14, d. May 28, 1872, Salem, Age: 9y4m24d, Scarlet Fever, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 576, Int. Lot: C212
Liddle, Ransom, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Alexandir & Mary, Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.23, 1892, Salem, Age: 21y10m2d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1263, Int. Lot: C213
Liddle, Thomas, Parents: Marcus & Margaret, Residence: Salem #14, Spouse: Jane (#217), d. March 11, 1880, Salem, Age: 54y2m13d, Consumption, GFr.Old Gr.Yd. (Farmer), Burial# 575, Int. Lot: C213
Liddle, Thomas, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Thomas & Jane, Residence: Argyle, Spouse: Margaret, d. July 16, 1874, Argyle, Age: 63y10m8d, Insanity, Burial# 1567, Int. Lot: C215
Liddle, William, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.15, 1900, Salem, Age: 89y5m21d, Chronic Myocarditis, Buried June 8, 1944, Burial# 4921, Int. Lot: C214
Liddons, Edward, b. Mont., Canada, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Whitehall, Spouse: Single, d. June 23, 1869, Salem Jail, Age: 45y0m0d, Pneumonia, Burial# 1566, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Lincoln, Barbara A., b. Rutland, VT, Parents: Henry Boucher & Clarissa Bursaw, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: H.Douglas, d. Dec.9, 1874, Bennington, VT, Age: 46y, Hypercalcemia, Burial# 6545, Int. Lot: D174
Lincoln, Carleton, d. Oct.17, 2001, Age: 92yrs, Buried May 1, 1994, Burial# S-90
Lincoln, Cassie E., b. New York, Parents: Malie Lincoln & Nellie Allen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mae, d. Aug.29, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Age: 82y, Carcinoma Prostate, Burial# 6111, Int. Lot: I 84
Lincoln, Claraca M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Isaac & Claraca Whiting Hay, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 7, 1993, Granville, Age: 86y8m11d, Burial# 3100, Int. Lot: B194
Lincoln, Clarissa M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Denis & Belle Rafter, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widow, d. June 5, 1937, Rupert, Age: 80y10m18d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4646, Int. Lot: D19
Lincoln, Crosman M., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Harvey & Lucy, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Clarissa, d. Oct.15, 1916, West Rupert, Age: 72y8m18d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3441, Int. Lot: D19
Lincoln, David W., Parents: William & Maria Lincoln, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Frances R., d. Feb.16, 1971, Hudson Falls, NY, Age: 69y, Burial# 3380, Int. Lot: G130
Lincoln, Doyle C., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Harvey Lincoln & Lillian Doyle, Residence: Colonie, Spouse: Single, d. April 15, 1928, Albany, NY, Age: 58y, Questionable Aspiration, Burial# 6068, Int. Lot: D20
Lincoln, Frances, b. Wash.Co.N.Y., Parents: Asa & Sarah (Munson) Burke, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Widow, d. April 24, 1894, Hudson Falls, NY, Age: 76y5m9d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4099, Int. Lot: G130
Lincoln, Harvey S., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Crosman Lincoln & Clarissa Raftes, Residence: West Rupert, Spouse: Lillian, d. West Rupert, VT, Age: 81y, Heart Disease, Burial# 5535, Int. Lot: D20
Lincoln, Harvey S., Jr., b. West Rupert, VT, Parents: Harvey & Lillian Doyle Lincoln, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Single, d. 4/16/06, West Rupert, VT, Age: 12y10m18d, Tumor of Brain, Burial# 4231, Int. Lot: D20
Lincoln, Helen, b. W.Rupert, VT, Buried Oct.3, 1917, Burial# 3447, Int. Lot: D19
Lincoln, John L., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Sarah Lincoln, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary E., d. Oct.18, 1885, Salem, Age: 56y1m13d, Liver Enlargement, Burial# 1579, Int. Lot: C38
Lincoln, Kathryn, b. Old Forge, NY, Parents: Robert Coffey & Ann Wadell, Residence: San Francisco, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, San Francisco, Age: 69y, Cancer of Rectum, Burial# 5825, Int. Lot: G130
Lincoln, Lillian E., b. Waterbury, CT, Parents: Patrick Doyle & Mary C.Doyle, Residence: Rupert, Spouse: Widowed, d. March 28, 1859, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5555, Int. Lot: D20
Lincoln, Lillian G., d. January 4, 1870, Broward Memorial Hosp., Buried May 25, 1988, Cremated, Burial# 6658, Int. Lot: S90
Lincoln, Mae R., b. Chester, VT, Parents: William Richards & Frances Wood, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Cassie, d. March 8, 1866, Bennington, VT, Age: 74y, Cardiac Arrest, Burial# 6320, Int. Lot: I 84
Lincoln, Malie, b. Hebron, Parents: Homer Lincoln & Sarah Gardner, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. May 3, 1889, Salem, Age: 81y2m16d, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5189, Int. Lot: I 84
Lincoln, Mary, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow of Jno., d. Aug.10, 1909, Salem, NY, Typhoid Fever, Buried Aug.29, 1893, Burial# 2094, Int. Lot: C38
Lincoln, Nellie J., b. Hebron, Parents: Orlando & Mary Leonard Allen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Mallie, d. Poultney, VT, Age: 62y9m16d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4408, Int. Lot: I 84
Lincoln, Orion M., b. Hebron, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Married, d. Aug.21, 1998, Albany, Age: 71y6m11d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Buried April 24, 1945, Burial# 4975, Int. Lot: G130
Lincoln, William P., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Harvey & Lucy, Residence: Hebron # 13, Spouse: Maria C., d. March 6, 1900, Hebron, Age: 63y3m30d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2629, Int. Lot: B194
Lind, Eugene, b. Stuttgart, Germany, Parents: Albert & Louise, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Roosevelt Hosp.N.Y.C., Age: 26y5m0d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 2277, Int. Lot: C220
Lind, Eugene, b. Germany, Parents: Albert & Louisa, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.22, 1881, NYCity, Age: 24y5m, Typhoid Fever, Place of Resid. (40 E.62nd St.N.Y.City, Burial# 2047, Int. Lot: Single Grave
Lind, Julie, b. Stuttgart, Germany, Parents: Albert Lind & Louise Stotz, Residence: W.Roxbury, Me., Spouse: Single, d. Aug.16, 1866, West Roxbury, Me., Age: 89y1m22d, Heart, Burial# 5845, Int. Lot: C220
Lindley, Theodore J., b. NYC., Residence: NYC., d. Feb.2, 1935, NYC., Age: 52y1m22d, Creamated, Burial# 5645, Int. Lot: I 54
Linendoll, Floyd, b. Hudson Falls, NY, Parents: D.Chadwick & Mabel Bussing, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Emma Chadwick, d. July 20, 1872, Archibald St., Salem, Age: 70yrs, Suicide, Buried Oct. 8, 1988, Burial# J-12
Linendoll, James A., b. Greenwich, Parents: Albert Linendoll & Jennie Burch, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Helen, d. Oct.1, 1965, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 62y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5924, Int. Lot: S56
Linendoll, Mary Emma, b. Salem, Parents: Emma Chadwick & Floyd Linendoll, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.3, 1962, Albany, Age: 13y9m27d, Anemia, Burial# 5343, Int. Lot: J12
Linsenbarth, Charles Arthur, b. Sandy Hill, NY, Parents: Frederick C.F. & Christine G., Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. Sept. 22, 1862, Brooklyn, NY, Age: 22y4m13d, Plumonary Tuberculosis, See #1707, Burial# 1237, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Charles S., b. Sandy Hill, NY, Parents: Fred K. & Christine G., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.13, 1866, Brooklyn, Age: 22y4m13d, Pulmonary T.B., Removal of #1237, Burial# 1707, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Christine, b. St.Charles, Can.E., Parents: Henry & Esther G., Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Frederick, d. Jan.3, 1931, Salem, Age: 32y7m28d, Bleeding of the Lungs, Burial# 349, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Emma Josephine, b. Salem, Parents: Frederick & Lousia, Residence: Salem #12, d. July 2, 1869, Salem Village, Age: 3y6m4d, Marasmus, Burial# 1107, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Frederick, Buried Jan.15, 1889, Burial# 1775, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Lilly Elizabeth, b. Glens Falls, Parents: Frederick & Christine #349, Residence: Salem Village, d. April 22, 1963, Salem, Age: 5y11m19d, Congestion of lungs, Burial# 506, Int. Lot: C133
Linsenbarth, Willie D., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Fred K. & Louisa, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Feb.10, 1943, Salem, Age: 11y11m26d, Drowned, Burial# 1697, Int. Lot: C133
Livingston, Fred M., b. Danby, VT, Parents: Martin, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Isabelle E., d. Aug.2, 1891, Salem, NY, Age: 61y10d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 4047, Int. Lot: E59
Livingston, Isabel E., b. Rodney, Canada, Parents: Jas. & Jane McCurdy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept. 17, 1867, Bennington, VT, Age: 73y11m5d, Fracture of Hip, Burial# 4635, Int. Lot: E59
Livingstone, Eliza, b. East Greenwich, Parents: Alex & Elizabeth (McDougall), Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 7, 1892, Jackson, Age: 65y8m25d, Consumption, Burial# 1398, Int. Lot: C233
Lockwood, Ann Eliza, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Saratoga, Spouse: John W., d. March 24, 1886, Saratoga, Age: 60y5m, Apoplexy, Burial# 2312, Int. Lot: H213
Lockwood, Marietta L., Age: 90y3m15d, Senility, Burial# 2923, Int. Lot: C235
Long, Edna M., b. Wells, VT, Parents: John & Anna L.Hulett, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.13, 1929, NYCity, Age: 60y5m10d, Pneumonia, Burial# 3419, Int. Lot: B126
Long, John H., b. Mt.Holly, VT, Parents: Michael & Nancy, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edna, d. May 24, 1883, Salem, Age: 47y, Acute Brights, Burial# 2925, Int. Lot: B126
Loomis, Doris, Parents: Ernest Nelson & Mabel Towsend, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Gary, d. June 7, 1880, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 55y, Carcinnatusis, (Abdoment Small Bowel), Buried April 11, 1987, Burial# 6620, Int. Lot: R228
Lord, Andreas Brewer, b. Hingman, Mass., Parents: Thomas & Maud, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Katherine, d. Nov.18, 1893, Cambridge, Age: 40y6m21d, Lymphatic Leukemia, Burial# 4429, Int. Lot: B26
Lord, Kathryn G., b. Salem, Parents: Thomas & Maud Lord, Residence: Albany, NY, Spouse: Widowed, Andrea, d. Jan.19, 1955, Albany, Age: 77y, Acute Cardiac Decomp., Burial# 6066, Int. Lot: B26
Lord, Maud M., b. Boston, Parents: William Smith, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. June 25, 1956, Salem, Age: 72y3m20d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4784, Int. Lot: B26
Lord, Thomas H., b. Mass., Parents: Thomas, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Maud, d. Cambridge, Age: 72y2m26d, Arterio Sclerosis, Heart Dis., Burial# 4684, Int. Lot: B26
Lough, Isaac T., b. Whitehall, Parents: Joseph & Maria #503, Residence: Salem Village, d. May 15, 1856, Salem, Age: 13y10m6d, Sacarlet fever, From old graveyard, Burial# 504, Int. Lot: G80
Lough, Maria, Parents: Isaac#502 & Hannah #529 Ter Boss, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.8, 1977, Salem, Age: 34y20d, Consumption, From old graveyard, Burial# 503, Int. Lot: G80
Lourie, Andrea, b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Doug Lourie Laurie Dooley, Residence: W. Hebron, NY, d. June 2, 1940, Jackson, NY, Age: 20, Car Accident, Burial# K-30, Int. Lot: E-4
Lourie, Elizabeth, b. Ireland, Parents: Thomas & Hannah (McMillan), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. June 12, 1941, Salem, NY, Age: 81y2m, Passing stone from Kidney, Burial# 4050, Int. Lot: C148
Lourie, Hannah, b. Ireland, Residence: Salem # 1, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.16, 1879, Salem, NY, Age: 95y0m0d, Cancer, Burial# 2842, Int. Lot: C148
Lourie, John, b. Ireland, Parents: Thomas & Hannah, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Louise, d. Mechanicville, Age: 66y, Carcinoma of Stomach, Burial# 3577, Int. Lot: C148
Lourie, Laura E., Burried Nov.16, 1878, Burial# 1222, Int. Lot: C149
Lourie, Mary R., b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 12, 1932, Salem, Age: 84y12d, Myocarditis, Buried March 29, 1944, Burial# 4910, Int. Lot: C148
Lourie, Thomas, b. Ireland, Parents: Joseph & Martha, Residence: Salem #1, Spouse: Hannah, d. Dec.9, 1918, Salem, Age: 60y, Consumption, In Vault April 20, Burial# 795, Int. Lot: C148
Lourie, Thomas, b. Ireland, Parents: Thomas & Hannah McCauley, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 28, 1949, Salem, NY, Age: 82y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4142, Int. Lot: C148
Loveland, Carrie, b. Pawlet, VT, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.19, 1950, Rupert, VT, Age: 80y5m13d, Chronic Myocarditis, Buried Feb.7, 1944, Burial# 4900, Int. Lot: I 24
Loveland, Edna, Parents: Allen Roberts & Lura Towsley, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harry, d. May 6, 1983, Granville, NY, Age: 74y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 6444, Int. Lot: R230
Loveland, Ella, b. Dorset, VT, Parents: Rufus Streeter & Lucy Clayton, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.11, 1939, Hebron, Age: 82y3m4d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5397, Int. Lot: E30
Loveland, Everett G., b. Granville, NY, Parents: George Loveland & Esther Parker, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.3, 1917, Middle Granville, NY, Age: 20y, Fractured Skull, Fall from a Bridge, Burial# 6435, Int. Lot: E30
Loveland, George R., b. Unknown, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.4, 1967, Glens Falls Hosp., Age: 68y, Heart Failure, Buried June 5, 1986, Burial# 6587, Int. Lot: E30
Loveland, Harry, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Harry Loveland & Ella Streeter, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Edna, d. Not Listed, Granville, NY, Age: 75y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6349, Int. Lot: R230
Loveland, Henry, Buried March 1932, Burial# 4297, Int. Lot: E30
Loveland, Henry K., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jerry & Eliza Ford Loveland, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Ella, d. June 14, 1846, Hebron, NY, Age: 67y4m, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4370, Int. Lot: E30
Loveland, LaVerne, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Henry & Ella Streeter Loveland, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Lena G., d. Dec.1906, Hebron, NY, Age: 26y3m4d, Accidentally killed by, falling rock, while hunting Coons, Burial# 4283, Int. Lot: C71
Loveland, Lewis Burton, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Jared & Eliza (Ford) Loveland, Residence: Rupert # 4, Spouse: C.Jennings, d. June 5, 1961, Rupert, VT, Age: 63y3m25d, Cardio Vernal Vascular Dis., Burial# 3910, Int. Lot: I 24
Loveland, Maurice C., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Harry Loveland & Edna Roberts, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.16, 1889, Granville, NY, Age: 52y, Abdominal Aorta, Burial# 6365, Int. Lot: R230
Lowe, Elizabeth M., b. Scotland, Parents: James & Jane (Mitchell), Residence: Hebron # 1, Spouse: James, Sr., d. Dec.27, 1937, West Hebron, Age: 62y11m9d, Carcinoma Uterus, Burial# 3555, Int. Lot: B260
Lowe, Eva Mae, b. Manchester, VT, Parents: Malden Gillette, Residence: Valley Falls, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.21, 1910, Valley Falls, Age: 72y, Pneumonia Virus, Burial# 5604, Int. Lot: S63
Lowe, James, b. NYState, Parents: James & Jane, Residence: Rotterdam, d. Dec.10, 1951, Schenectady, NY, Age: 89y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4739, Int. Lot: B260
Lowe, James M., b. Scotland, Parents: Mr. & Mrs James Lowe, Residence: Valley Falls, Spouse: Mae, d. Valley Falls, Age: 70y8m10d, Heart, Burial# 5243, Int. Lot: S63
Luce, Laura W., b. Salem, Parents: Nathan & Sallie J.Wilson, Residence: Titusville, PA, Spouse: Widow, d. March 21, 1899, Titusville, PA, Age: 97y, Chronic Nephritis, Burial# 4833, Int. Lot: C313
Luce, Martin, Residence: Titusville, PA, d. April 10, 1933, Titusville, PA, Age: 83y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3785, Int. Lot: C315
Luce, Wilson Eastman, b. Titisville, PA, Parents: Martin & Laura Wilson Luce, Residence: Titisville, PA, Spouse: D.Anna Sloan, d. Dec.8, 1936, Titisville, Age: 44y10m18d, Multiple Sclerosis, Burial# 4218, Int. Lot: C
Ludd, Clarence O., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo.M. & Catherine, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Jessie, d. Aug.6, 1894, Salem, NY, Age: 51y7m8d, Suicide by Hanging, Burial# 4511, Int. Lot: E39
Ludd, Clarence W., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Alin-Sheldon Ludd, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.19, 1933, Albany, NY, Age: 12y11m, Acute Meningitis, Burial# 4353, Int. Lot: E39
Ludd, Edward S., b. Cassayuna, NY, Parents: Orlin Ludd & Jessie Sheldon, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Widower, d. Manchester, VT, Age: 79yrs, Buried July 28, 1993, Burial# E-39
Ludd, Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: Arthur Priest & Margaret Wagner, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Edward, d. Jan.11, 1899, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 51y, Cancer, Burial# 5853, Int. Lot: E39
Ludd, Jessie Day, b. Salem, Parents: Flora Latrop & Moses Sheldon, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Owen, d. April 30, 1930, Salem Nursing Home, Age: 83y, Colon Metastatic, Bladder, Burial# 5957, Int. Lot: E39
Ludd, Richard D., b. Cambridge, d. 4/27/09, Cambridge, NY, Still-born, Burial# 4418, Int. Lot: E39
Luke, Archie, b. Ireland, Parents: Thomas F. & Mary A. (Rainey), Residence: West Pawlet, VT, Spouse: Widower, d. Dec.14, 1880, West Pawlet, VT, Age: 82y10m13d, Apoplexy, Burial# 3942, Int. Lot: C295
Luke, Ellen, b. Ireland, Parents: James Redmond, Residence: Hebron # 4, Spouse: Archie, d. Aug.3, 1886, Hebron, Age: 75y8m3d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 3420, Int. Lot: C295
Luke, Jane, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Archie & Ellen Luke, Residence: Hebron # 4, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.4, 2002, Hebron, Age: 9y1m18d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1544, Int. Lot: C295
Luke, Robert, b. Ahoghill, Ant.Co.Ire., Parents: Thomas & Mary Ann, Residence: Providence, RI, Spouse: Wid. Of Sarah #521, d. West Rupert, VT, Age: 21y6m, Consumption, In Vault, Burial# 658, Int. Lot: C295
Luke, Sarah, b. Ahoghill, Antrim, Ireland, Parents: Thomas & Mary Ann, Residence: Hebron #1, Spouse: Robert #658, d. June 12, 1937, West Hebron, Age: 17y11m, Consumption, Removed to C295 June 3, 1874, Burial# 521, Int. Lot: C295
Lundley, Evelyn, b. Glen Ridge, NJ, d. Dec.1, 1979, Glen Ridge, Age: 58y, Uraemia, Burial# 4855, Int. Lot: I
Lundy, Georgianna, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Robert Hague & Mattie Holmes, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: James, d. May 17, 1932, Cambridge, NY, Age: 77y, Stroke, Burial# 6408, Int. Lot: D180
Lundy, James, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: William Lundy & Isabelle Allen, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Georgiana, d. May 22, 1891, Cambridge, NY, Age: 73y, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 6106, Int. Lot: D180
Lundy, James S., b. Hebron, NY, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Indian River/Granville, NY, Age: 77, Natural, Burial# D-180, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4
Lynch, John, b. Ireland, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Cambridge #1, d. Dec. 23, 1869, Salem Jail, Age: 50y?, Disease of Brain, Burial# 1092, Int. Lot: Free
Lyon, Allen M., b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Olivia, Residence: Huron, S.D., d. Oct.8, 1912, Huron, S.D., Age: 73y, Kidney Trouble, Burial# 2999, Int. Lot: C206
Lyons, George B., b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Olivia Reddie, Residence: Englewood, NJ, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.5, 1966, Englewood, NJ, Age: 72y7m, Burial# 3274, Int. Lot: C206
Lyons, Henry C., b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Olivia Lyons, Residence: St.Paul, Minn., Spouse: Libbie, d. Dec.20, 1897, St.Paul, Minn., Age: 35y, Suicide, Burial# 1524, Int. Lot: C206
Lyons, Henry S., b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Olivia, Residence: St.Paul, Minn, Spouse: Libbie, d. Sept.7, 1896, St.Paul, Minn., Age: 35y4m22d, Suicide, Burial# 1421, Int. Lot: C206
Lyons, Olivia, b. Ireland, Parents: Henry & Nancy M_____, Residence: Salem # 7, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.31, 1892, Salem, Age: 67y11m0d, Pneumonia ?, Burial# 1523, Int. Lot: C206
Lytell, Coral M., b. NYCity, Parents: Winfred Lytell & Elizabeth McClellan, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. April 20, 1856, NYCity, Age: 2y2m29d, Natural Causes, In Vault NYC., Burial# 5056, Int. Lot: A43
Lytell, Wilfred, b. New York, Parents: Wm.Lytell & Blanch M., Residence: Salem, Spouse: Betty, d. Oct.13, 1924, Salem, Age: 62y10m24d, Heart Disease, Burial# 5352, Int. Lot: A43
Lytle, Abram, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel V. & Mary, Residence: Salem #10, d. Oct.25, 1873, Salem, Age: 59y4m0d, Dropsy, Widower of 1st (#399) 2nd (#1218), Burial# 1363, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Alexander, Parents: John R & Jane G, Residence: Salem #3, d. June 15, 1955, Salem, Age: 3m3d, Inflam. Of lungs, Burial# 220, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, Baby, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Harry & Laura, d. Oct.31, 1900, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 10hrs., Premature Infant, Burial# 3689, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, David, b. Salem, Parents: Samuel V. & Mary # 438, Residence: Milton, Spouse: Edna M.Pierce, d. Rock City Falls, Milton, NY, Age: 42y11m13d, Brights Disease of Kidneys, Clergyman of Meth.Church, Burial# 618, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, David A., b. Salem, Parents: Abram & Mary Ann (#399), Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.27, 1904, Salem, Age: 1y11m17d, Croupe, Burial# 444, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Ethel S., b. Baltimore, Md., Parents: H.J.Strickler & Mrs. Strickler, Residence: Buffalo, NY, Spouse: Wilbur, d. March 17, 1866, Buffalo, Age: 86y, Old Age, Creamated, Burial# 6101, Int. Lot: C100
Lytle, Frank D., b. Salem, Parents: Abram. & Mary, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Lydia, d. Feb.23, 1902, Salem, Age: 80y4m10d, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 4841, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Harry L., b. New York, Parents: John Lytle & Mary Parker, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Laura, d. May 26, 1906, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 79y, Bron.Pneumonia, Burial# 5899, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, Jane G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Isabell (McNaughton), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: John R., d. Jan.21, 1892, Salem, Age: 59y1m11d, Marasmus, Burial# 1479, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, Jane M., b. Salem, Parents: John R. & Jane G., Residence: Salem #11, d. March 23, 1921, Salem, Age: 2y8m14d, Diptheria, Burial# 12, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Harry & Laura Martin Lytle, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. May 9, 1960, Schroon Lake, NY, Age: 14y, Fracture of skull, Auto Acc., Burial# 4166, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, John R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Samuel & Mary (Rowan), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.17, 1921, Salem, Age: 67y1m6d, Paralysis, Burial# 1520, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, John S., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abram & Mary Ann McMillan Lytle, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mary J.Parker (Widower, d. July25, 1901, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y8m18d, General Arterio Sclerosis, Hemorrhage into Cerebrum, Burial# 4264, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, Joseph, b. Salem, NY, Parents: John R. & Jane (McNaughton), Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Single, d. June 13, 1951, Salem, Age: 26y10m17d, Typhoid Fever, Burial# 1319, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, Josephus, b. Salem, Parents: Abram & Mary (#1218), Residence: Salem # 10, d. March 26, 1920, Salem, Age: 1y7m1d, Marasmus, Burial# 1215, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Laura M., b. Salem, Parents: William Martin & Sarah Wadsworth, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, Harry, d. Aug.12, 1958, Salem, NY, Age: 85y, Heart Disease, Burial# 6118, Int. Lot: C99
Lytle, Lydia, b. NYS., Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Peter Crosier, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow of Frank, d. Feb.22, 1855, Age: 76y, Heart, Burial# 5427, Int. Lot: C100
Lytle, Mary, b. Salem, Parents: John & Martha (Boyd) Rowan, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Samuel D., d. April 20, 1954, Salem, Age: 80y2m9d, Typhoid Dysentery, Burial# 438, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Mary, b. Salem, Parents: John & Zylphia Beaty, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Abram, d. June 5, 1905, Salem, Age: 35y1m29d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1218, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Mary A., b. Argyle, Parents: Geo. & Martha Mary McMillan, Residence: Salem #10, Spouse: Abram (#1363), d. Jan.7, 1902, Salem, Age: 40y7m13d, Uterine Hemorrhage, Burial# 399, Int. Lot: C98
Lytle, Mary J., b. NYCity, Parents: Geo. & Margaret J.Marm Parker, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: John S., d. Aug.2, 1933, Cambridge, NY, Age: 67y, Carcinoma of Ovaries, Burial# 4124, Int. Lot: C97
Lytle, Wilbur L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Buffalo, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.14, 1875, Buffalo, NY, Age: 89y3m23d, Unknown, Creamation, Burial# 6108, Int. Lot: C100
Lytle, Willis M., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Buffalo, NY, d. May 6, 1875, Buffalo, NY, Age: 76y6m11d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5591, Int. Lot: C100

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