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Evergreen Cemetery
Salem, Washington County, New York

GPS: 43.162181, -73.345253

168 Cemetery Rd
Salem, NY 12865

Published: November 3, 2016
Total records: 6,942

Surnmes A

Records published here were acquired from the Salem Bancroft Public Library on November 3, 2016. These records were compiled by Ann Pongrace and David Male, August 1999. Dates of death range from 1772 to 2002.

Abbott, Adelbert C.
, b. Salem, Parents: Margaret Herron & Adelbert Abbott, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Jessie, d. Oct.9, 1913, Age: 80y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5972, Int. Lot: C140
Abbott, Clarence, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Gretchen, d. Aug.2, 1915, Salem, Age: 52y5m2d, Edema of Lungs, Buried Dec.23, 1944, Burial# 4952, Int. Lot: C140
Abbott, Deborah J., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James & Margaret Herron, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: J, d. July 10, 1991, Salem, Age: 61y10m2d, Paralysis, Burial# 2645, Int. Lot: C140
Abbott, Delbert J., b. Salem, NY, Parents: T. & Deborah (Herron), Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Margaret, d. Oct.28, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 60y11m17d, Paresis, Burial# 4060, Int. Lot: C140
Abbott, Dora M., b. Brunswick, NY, Parents: Martin A. & Deborah J., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. March 6, 1825, Salem, Age: 21y6m22d, Heart & Lung Trouble, Burial# 1632
Abbott, Gretchen, b. Boston, Mass., Parents: Thomas Lord & Maude Smith, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. March 29, 1869, Bennington, VT, Age: 86y, Uremia, Burial# 6308, Int. Lot: B26
Abbott, Jessie Scott, b. Salem, Parents: James Scott & Mary Alexander, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Adelbert, d. June 27, 1887, Salem, Age: 72y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5965, Int. Lot: C140
Abbott, Margaret, b. Salem, Parents: John Cleveland & Sarah Beattie, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. April 16, 1932, Syracuse, Age: 84y4m25d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5134, Int. Lot: C140
Abrahamson, Arnold T., b. Argyle, NY, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Mary, d. Aug.9, 1836, Argyle, NY, Age: 96yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Aug.27, 1998, Burial# E-60
Abrahamson, Bergljot, b. Norway, Parents: Hans Abrahamson & Louise Larsen, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. March 25, 1942, Cambridge Hosp., NY, Age: 71y, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Burial# 6392, Int. Lot: E21
Abrahamson, Fritjot N., b. Badger Clowa, Parents: Hans & Louise Farsen, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Dec.24, 2001, Cambridge, NY, Age: 72y, Pneumonia, In Vault, Buried April 30, 1988, Burial# 6653, Int. Lot: E21
Abrahamson, Hans Tobias, b. Norway, Parents: Larson, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Louisa, d. Oct.27, 1866, Cambridge, NY, Age: 64y4m6d, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 4477, Int. Lot: E55
Abrahamson, Leon H., b. Grimstad, Norway, Parents: Hans & Louise (Larsen) Abrahamson, Residence: E.Greenwich, NY, d. March 31, 1999, E.Greenwich, NY, Age: 81yrs, Natural Causes (Birth Date 1913, Buried April 26, 1995, Burial# E-55
Abrahamson, Leonard W., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Arnold T. & Mary Anna (Ward), Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.22, 1906, Salem, Age: 3m24d, Burial# 4071, Int. Lot: E60
Abrahamson, Louise T., b. Norway, Parents: Lois Larsen & Tomine Haugeland, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.13, 1937, Greenwich, Age: 80y3m22d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 5494, Int. Lot: E55
Abrahamson, Mary A., Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Arnold, d. April 5, 1859, Argyle, NY, Age: 94yrs, Buried April 27, 1998, Burial# E-60
Abrahamson, Thonny D., b. Norway, Parents: Hans Abrahamson & Sonice Sarsen, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 1, 1905, Cambridge, N Y., Age: 76, Acute Pulmonary Edema, Burial# 6207, Int. Lot: E55
Ackley, Addie L., b. West Hebron, Parents: David W. & Irene, Residence: Salem #13, d. 2/23/10, Salem, Age: 27y3m12d, Consumption, In Vault Nov.29, 1870, Burial# 719, Int. Lot: H211
Ackley, David W., b. Jackson, NY, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.28, 1904, Salem, NY, Age: 85y8m2d, Paralysis, Burial# 2066, Int. Lot: H211
Ackley, Frances, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Jas. & Fanny Cleveland, Residence: Jackson # 9, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.9, 1871, Bath on Hudson, Age: 69y7m5d, Paralysis, Burial# 2177
Ackley, Irene, b. Manlius Center, NY, Parents: Zyalmon & Charlotte Orcutt, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: David W., d. Dec.29, 1930, Salem, Age: 73y11m24d, Paralysis, Burial# 1277, Int. Lot: H211
Ackley, John, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Solomon & Elizabeth, Residence: Jackson # 9, Spouse: Frances E., d. Feb. 23, 1858, Jackson, Age: 68y6m0d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1772, Int. Lot: H185
Ackley, Thelander, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: David W. & Irene, Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.8, 1884, Troy, NY, Age: 45y3m22d, Consumption, Burial# 1481, Int. Lot: H211
Adams, Adelbert M., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Frank Adams & Sarah Sears, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Blanche, d. Oct.10, 1871, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83y, Valvulus-cecum, Burial# 6201, Int. Lot: B321
Adams, Agnes, Residence: Hebron, NY, d. Oct.21, 1953, Hebron, Age: 86y, Edema of Lungs, Chronic, Bronchitis, Burial# 4262, Int. Lot: E51
Adams, Aurilla, b. NewFane, VT, Parents: David & R Jackson, Residence: Salem #11, Spouse: Chester, d. Jan.25, 1963, Shushan, Age: 39y5m21d, Consumption, Burial# 508, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Blanche B., b. Sangate, VT, Parents: Albert Roberson & Emma Pinkerton, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Adelbert, d. Aug.15, 1865, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87y, Carcinoma of Rectum, Burial# 6280, Int. Lot: B320
Adams, Estella V.Small, b. Greenwich, Parents: David & Sarah, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Harvey, d. Sept.29, 1876, Salem, NY, Age: 62y5m25d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4526, Int. Lot: E36
Adams, Fanny E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Frank D. & Sarah M., Residence: Salem # 11, d. Dec.31, 1958, Shushan, Age: 19d, Burial# 1594, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Frank D., b. Shushan, NY, Parents: Merrit Wing & Sara Jackson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Sarah D., d. Jan.30, 1900, Salem, Age: 48y3m8d, Consumption, Burial# 2779, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Frank D., b. Salem, Ny-1/18/1915, Parents: Adelbert Adams & Blanche Roberson, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Florence, d. 2/2/03, Cambridge, NY, Age: 81yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Nov.27, 1996, Burial# B-321
Adams, Harold J., b. Jackson, NY, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Mary, d. Feb.12, 1959, Greenwich, NY, Age: 78y, Acute Heart Failure, Burial# 6245, Int. Lot: E136 ?
Adams, Harvey, b. Hebron, Parents: Samuel, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.1, 1975, Greenwich, NY, Age: 75y1m, Cerebral Apoplexy, Burial# 4664, Int. Lot: E36
Adams, Henry, b. Hinsdale, N.H., Parents: Oliver & ______Stearns, Residence: Columbus, Neb., Spouse: Mary E., d. May 26, 1941, Salem, NY, Age: 71y1m11d, Bronchial Pneumonia, Burial# 1983, Int. Lot: R29
Adams, John T., b. Hebron, VT, Parents: Robert & Agnes, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Bessie, d. Feb.25, 1868, Cambridge, NY, Age: 62y2m1d, Sareconia, Burial# 4506, Int. Lot: E50
Adams, Kathleen M., d. Nov.23, 1889, Glens Falls, Ny., Age: 64yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 10, 1992, Burial# S-19
Adams, Lyman, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Samuel C. & Sophia (Hill), Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Eliza J., d. July 6, 1994, Jackson, NY, Age: 54y7m18d, Apoplexy, Burial# 2804, Int. Lot: B268
Adams, Mae S., Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Walter, d. Aug.22, 1912, Hoosick Falls, NY, Age: 66y, Heart, Burial# 5750, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Malcolm R., Residence: Granville, NY, d. July 25, 1931, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 65y, Heart Failure, Buried April 25, 1988, Burial# 6651, Int. Lot: S19
Adams, Mary Conety, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John & Agnes Sloan Conety, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Stewart, d. Aug.16, 1970, Hebron, Age: 44y6m5d, Pleuro Pneumonia, Burial# 4180, Int. Lot: E51
Adams, Mary E., b. Salem, Parents: Earl Wilson & Edith Rogers, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Frank, d. May 11, 1895, Cambridge Hosp., Age: 50y, Carcinoma, Cancer, Burial# 5834, Int. Lot: B320
Adams, Mary J., b. Easton, NY, Parents: Jerome & Mary Lundberg Harrington, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. July 28, 1971, Glens Falls Hosp.N.Y., Age: 90y, Cardiac Pulmonary Arrest, In Vault 1/22/1987, Buried April 10, 1987, Burial# 6611, Int. Lot: E36
Adams, Oliver C., b. Newfane, VT, Parents: Jonathan _____, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.11, 1974, Salem, Age: 75y8m12d, Burial# 2309, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Robert, b. Hiltown, Ireland, Residence: Argyle, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept. 7, 1870, Argyle, NY, Age: 89y4m28d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4540, Int. Lot: E51
Adams, Sarah M., b. Mankin, Mich., Parents: William & Maria (Sears), Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. July 26, 1915, Salem, NY, Age: 68y6m25d, Tuberculosis of Lungs, Burial# 3709, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Stewart, b. Hebron, Parents: Robert & Agnes Cantwell, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Alda, d. May 4, 1910, Cambridge, Age: 64y29d, Carcinoma of Bladder, Burial# 5024, Int. Lot: E51
Adams, Walter R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. Dec.15, 1886, Cambridge, Age: 79y, Pneumonia Aspiration, Burial# 6115, Int. Lot: H145
Adams, Wilma Joyce, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Margaret Hedges/Franklinmclenithan, Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Neil, d. July 27, 1971, Shushan, NY, Age: 71, Burial# B-321, Int. Lot: S-4 E-4
Adams, Wyman E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Henry Adams & Carrie White, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Joyce, d. Jan.28, 1869, Cambridge, NY, Age: 47y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5671, Int. Lot: B186
Adgie, Charles, b. Cambridge, England, Parents: Peter Adgie & Charlotte Brown, Residence: Keene, N.H., Spouse: Andrea Waite, d. 2/11/03, Keene, N.H., Age: 27yrs, Heart, Buried May 23, 1989, Burial# B-338
Akin, George F., b. Salem, NY, Parents: B.F. & Emma Akin, Residence: Salem, d. April 23, 1918, Salem, Age: 2y2m11d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1795, Int. Lot: H129
Albrecht, Kenneth J., b. Bristol, Conn., Residence: Salem, NY, d. June 30, 1855, Bennington, VT, Age: 75, Burial# K-81, Int. Lot: S-2 1/2 E-4
Aldous, Carl R., b. Glens Falls, Parents: Carl Aldous & Catherine Colvin, Residence: Glens Falls, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.14, 1997, Glens Falls Hospital, Age: 1d, Burial# 5930, Int. Lot: B288
Aldous, Coretta, b. Poultney, VT, Parents: Roy Brown, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Married, d. Dec. 13, 1802, Hudson Falls, Age: 27y0m7d, Gun Shot Wound, Head, Burial# 5066, Int. Lot: B288
Aldous, Edith L., b. Hudson Falls, NY, Parents: Horace Colvin & Edith W. Doner, Residence: N.Granville, NY, Spouse: Carl, d. March 18, 1875, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 40y, Arrhythmia Death, Burial# 6499, Int. Lot: B302
Aldrich, Harry, b. Boston, Parents: Charles & Ida, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Divorced, d. June 24, 1867, Argyle, Age: 65y1m13d, Myocarditis, Burial# 4863, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Aldrich, Sylvester, b. VT, Parents: Henry, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.17, 1911, Salem, NY, Age: 77y, Diarrhea, Burial# 4162, Int. Lot: Poor Grounds
Alexander, Alice, b. Greenwich, Parents: John L. & Mary J.Clark, Residence: Greenwich # 14, Spouse: James, d. Nov.30, 1904, Cossayuna NY, Age: 40y7m0d, Heart & Kidney Disease & , Dropsy, Burial# 2445, Int. Lot: D101
Alexander, Amanda, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Anthony & Martha C.McKallor, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 22, 1883, Salem, Age: 92y5m26d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 3382, Int. Lot: D110
Alexander, Archibald M., b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Mary White & Robert Alexander, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, d. April 1, 1983, Salem, Age: 71y7m8d, Myocarditis, Burial# 5239, Int. Lot: D94
Alexander, Bruce, b. Greenwich, Parents: Archibald & Mary L., Residence: Wash.D.C., Spouse: Single, d. June 9, 1905, Washington, Age: 38y1m19d, Acute Toxic Hep., Burial# 4843, Int. Lot: D95
Alexander, Earl S., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Anthony & Sarah C., Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widower, d. June 5, 1887, Cambridge, Age: 61y3m22d, Carcinoma of Bladder, Burial# 4762, Int. Lot: D
Alexander, Elizabeth, b. Greenwich, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Wm.Alexander, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. April 3, 1916, Greenwich, Age: 73y11m, Heart, Burial# 5281, Int. Lot: D105
Alexander, Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: Dr.Albert Ston & Anna C.Bebee, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Roscoe, d. Aug.19, 1884, Hudson Falls, Age: 60y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 5821, Int. Lot: D122
Alexander, Elizabeth, b. Burlington, VT, Parents: Robert & Sarah, Residence: Salem #3, d. Jan.1, 1937, San Emigdio, CA, Age: 31y8m7d, Consumption, From California Grave yard, Burial# 306, Int. Lot: H107
Alexander, Etta J., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: James & Elizabeth (Randle), Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. April 29, 1925, Greenwich, NY, Age: 69y10m24d, Burial# 3671, Int. Lot: D104
Alexander, Fred, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Orlando & Mary Hall Alexander, Residence: Denver, Spouse: Single, d. June 9, 1886, Denver, Colo., Age: 59y1m14d, Chronic Endocarditis, Burial# 4161, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, Frederic M., b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Mother, Susanna Hanks, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Archie M., d. Aug.8, 1997, Salem, Age: 54y3m25d, Carcinoma of Breast, Burial# 4525, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, Hattie J., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: James & Alice, Residence: Greenwich # 14, d. April 8, 1879, Greenwich, Age: 0y5m0d, Spinal Meningitis, Burial# 1716, Int. Lot: D.101
Alexander, Helen M., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Wm.A. & Jane (Whyte), Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. July 15, 1947, Greenwich, Age: 77y11m20d, LaGrippe, Burial# 3609, Int. Lot: D94
Alexander, Isabella, b. Greenwich, Parents: James & Jenette, Residence: Greenwich # 8, Spouse: Single, d. Oct.6, 1969, Greenwich, Age: 79y9m3d, Old Age, Burial# 1737, Int. Lot: D93
Alexander, James, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: John & Catherine, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.5, 1889, Greenwich, Age: 78y, Cerebral Apoplexy, Burial# 3165, Int. Lot: D101
Alexander, James, b. Cossayuna, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Arch.Alexander, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Berneice, d. Feb.1, 1889, Schenectady, Age: 56y, Coronary, In Vault 12, 27, 1962, Burial# 5728, Int. Lot: D122
Alexander, James, b. Lake, NY, Wash.Co., Parents: Orlando & Mary C., Residence: Greenwich # 14, Spouse: Single, Age: 17y9m23d, Consumption, Burial# 1642, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, Jennie, b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Charles & Maria McEarchron, Residence: Greenwich # 14, Spouse: William, d. April 4, 1966, Greenwich, Age: 27y0m0d, Inflam.of Bowels, Burial# 1715, Int. Lot: D104
Alexander, John, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: William & Amanda (McK) Alexander, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. April 18, 1890, Port Angeles, Wash., Age: 66y, Burial# 3789, Int. Lot: D110
Alexander, Joseph, b. Ramelter, Ire., Parents: Samuel & Martha, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: Sarah T.# 878, d. Jan.6, 1917, Salem, Age: 68y1m15d, Consumption, From old grave yard, Burial# 305, Int. Lot: H107
Alexander, Lillian B., b. Greenwich, Parents: A.Alexander & Mary Walsh, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.18, 1902, Cambridge, Age: 71y5m3d, Uraemia, Burial# 5093, Int. Lot: D95
Alexander, Mary, Buried Aug.7, 1924, Removed from Battenville, NYCemetary, Burial# 3902, Int. Lot: H65
Alexander, Mary Clarinda, b. E.Greenwich, NY, Parents: William & Sarah (Taggart) Hall, Residence: Greenwich # 14, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.4, 1961, Cossayuna, NY, Age: 67y3m3d, Paralysis, Burial# 3317, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, Mary H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joseph & Emma Hays, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Archie M., d. Jan 20, 1849, Avon Park, Fla., Age: 31y2m10d, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Burial# 3406, Int. Lot: D95
Alexander, Mattie J., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: William & Amanda, Residence: Lake, NY # 8, Spouse: Single, d. March 16, 1904, Greenwich, Age: 25y8m24d, Consumption, Burial# 1666, Int. Lot: D110
Alexander, Norma M., b. Salem, Parents: Robert Crofut & Tura Dennison, Residence: Albany, Spouse: Bruce, d. July 8, 1895, Albany, M.C., Age: 46y, Cardiac Arrest, Cancer, Burial# 6044, Int. Lot: R208
Alexander, Orlando, b. Greenwich, Parents: John & Catherine, Residence: Greenwich #14, Spouse: Mary, d. Feb.29, 1924, Greenwich, Age: 49y5m18d, Consumption, Burial# 2123, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, Robert, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: John & Catherine, Residence: Greenwich # 15, Spouse: Helen M., d. Oct.26, 1873, Cossayuna, NY, Age: 75y3m15d, Myo.Carditis, Burial# 3103, Int. Lot: D94
Alexander, Robert, b. Scotland, Parents: Robert & Mary (Strange), Residence: Jackson #4, d. March 3, 1956, Jackson, Age: 53y, Dysentery, Farmer Emmigrated 1823, Burial# 85, Int. Lot: H224
Alexander, Robert, Buried Aug.7, 1924, Removed From Battenville, NYCemetary, Burial# 3901, Int. Lot: H65
Alexander, Roscoe H., b. Greenwich, Parents: Archie Alexander & Mary Hays, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Widower, d. March 1, 1951, Hudson Falls, Age: 55y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 5829, Int. Lot: D122
Alexander, Sarah C., b. Argyle, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.12, 1913, Greenwich, Age: 90y10m20d, Buried Sept.18, 1944, Burial# 4931, Int. Lot: D93
Alexander, Sarah Thompson, b. Lansingburgh, Parents: Wm. & Elizab.Thompson, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wid.of Joseph (#305), d. Jan.26, 1967, Hudson, Age: 76y10m, Heart Disease, Burial# 878, Int. Lot: H107
Alexander, William, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: John & Catherine, Residence: Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Etta, d. May 17, 1909, Greenwich, Age: 79y2m, Cerebral Sclerosis, Burial# 3376, Int. Lot: D94
Alexander, William Hall, b. Cossayuna, NY, Parents: Orlando & Mary Hall Alexander, Residence: Tarrytown, NY, d. Oct.22, 1930, Tarrytown, NY, Age: 51y4d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 4257, Int. Lot: D92
Alexander, William J., b. Cossayuna, Parents: ____ & Helen M., Residence: NYCity, d. April 4, 1991, NYCity, Age: 63y11m29d, Cancer, Burial# 4661, Int. Lot: D
Alexander, Wm., b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: James & Jennette, Residence: Greenwich # 8, Spouse: Amanda, d. March 29.1965, Greenwich, Age: 74y7m0d, Old Age, Burial# 1633, Int. Lot: D110
Allen, Abram, b. Sturbridge, Mass., Parents: Jacob & Lucy, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Rachael, d. Jan.30, 1942, Salem, Age: 80y?m, Physician & surgeon, Burial# 456, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Ada L., b. Salem, Parents: William A.Russell, Residence: New Haven, CT, Spouse: Widow, d. May 17, 1917, Hamden, CT, Age: 88y10m8d, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 4666, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Alida, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornelius, Residence: New Haven, CT, Spouse: Single, d. Dec.20, 1993, New Haven, Age: 81y9m13d, Bronchitis, Burial# 3297, Int. Lot: C232
Allen, Ann Eliza, b. Salem, Parents: Ephraim (#450) & Miriam (#451), Residence: Salem Village, d. Nov.5, 1936, Salem, Age: 1y2m17d, Measles, Fr.Old Gr.Yd., Burial# 449, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Anna E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Robert H. & Mary L., Residence: Troy, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.2, 1917, Troy, Age: 16y0m0d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 2782, Int. Lot: G76
Allen, Arthur, b. Granville, NY, Parents: Arthur Allen & Minnie Van Guilder, Residence: Granville, NY, Spouse: Dorothy, d. Oct.27, 1895, Cambridge, NY, Age: 74y, Metastatic Cell Carcinoma, Burial# 6293, Int. Lot: A22
Allen, Bessie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: C.L. & Ada L., Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. April 9, 1933, Salem, Age: 7y5m0d, Congestion of Lungs, Burial# 1457, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, C., Buried Oct.7, 1881, Burial# 1371, Int. Lot: C123
Allen, Caroline S., b. Salem, Parents: James & Mary (Barrow) Harvey, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: George (#467), d. Feb.4, 1923, Salem, Age: 48y7m26d, Consumption, Int.first in F121, Burial# 466, Int. Lot: F162
Allen, Charles, b. Salem, Parents: Ephraim (#450) & Miriam (#451), Residence: Whithall Village, Spouse: Sarah, d. July 1, 1905, Whithall, Age: 54y4m16d, Burial# 453, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Charles E., Jr., b. Hebron, Parents: Charles & Florence, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Dorothy, d. July 19, 1895, Salem, Age: 62y, Coronary Thrombosis, Burial# 6047, Int. Lot: A44
Allen, Charles Harvey, b. Salem, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.2, 1872, Salem Village, Physician & Surgeon, Burial# 1020, Int. Lot: F150
Allen, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: W.M. & Jane, Residence: Salem, d. March 15, 1923, Salem, NY, Stillborn, Burial# 2205, Int. Lot: H182
Allen, Christina, Buried July 21, 1890, Burial# 1885, Int. Lot: C325
Allen, Cornelius, b. Lansingburgh, NY, Parents: David & Elizabeth (Lansing), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Wid of Sarah Russell, d. Sept.30, 1924, Salem, Age: 78y2m16d, Burial# 1216, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Cornelius L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornelius, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Ada, d. May 1, 1875, Matteawan, NY, Age: 64y, Burial# 3183, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Cornelius L. Jr., Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah H. #140, Residence: Salem, d. Oct.16, 1977, Salem, Age: 5mo, From old grave yard, Burial# 268, Int. Lot: C320
Allen, David, Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah H. #140, Residence: Salem, d. May 26, 1877, Salem, Age: 9m19d, From old grave yard, Burial# 266, Int. Lot: C320
Allen, Dorothy, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Albert Cleveland & Essie Orcutt, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Charles, d. July 29, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Age: 70y, Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6341, Int. Lot: AYY
Allen, Edward, Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah H. #140, Residence: Salem, d. March 24, 1871, Salem, Age: 5m27d, From old grave yard, Burial# 267, Int. Lot: C320
Allen, Eileen I., b. Hinsdale, Ma2/4/1925, Parents: Benjamin Irish & Daisey Bonesteel, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: James Allen, d. July 23, 1970, Hebron, NY, Age: 71yrs, Natural Causes, Buried April 22, 1996, Burial# K-82
Allen, Eliza, b. Salem, Parents: Abram (#456) & Hannah (#457), Residence: Salem Village, d. Nov.1, 1882, Salem, Age: 19d, Burial# 458, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Elizabeth M., b. Cambridge, Ny-1917, Parents: John Mulligan & Katherine Houlihan, Residence: Ny, d. March 26, 1955, White Plains, NY, Age: 78yrs, Buried Oct.17, 1996, Burial# S-61
Allen, Elloit, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Jane, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Margaret A., d. June 5, 1897, Salem, Age: 89y6m, Senility, Burial# 2978, Int. Lot: H182
Allen, Emma, b. Plattsburgh, NY, Parents: John & Lucy Stay, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Eo.C, d. April 29, 1929, Salem, Age: 30y, Comp.of Diseases, Burial# 2375, Int. Lot: C223
Allen, Emma, b. Grafton, NY, Parents: Oscar Campbell, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: William, d. Aug.16, 1934, Troy, NY, Age: 55y, Burial# 3494, Int. Lot: Poor Ground
Allen, Ephraim, b. Salem, Parents: Abram (#456) & Hannah (#457), Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.1, 1999, Salem, Age: 17y?m, Burial# 460, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Ephraim, b. Sturbridge, Mass., Parents: Jacob & Lucy, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Miriam (#451), d. Nov.29, 1972, Salem, Age: 48y11m23d, Fr.Old Gr.Yd. (Phys. & Innkeeper), Burial# 450, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Ephraim, b. Salem, Parents: George (#467) & Caroline S. (#466), Residence: Salem Village, d. April 15, 1870, Salem, Age: 2y3m18d, Croupe, Burial# 454, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Ephraim, b. Salem, Parents: George (#467) & Caroline S. (#466), Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.8, 1884, Salem, Age: 7m21d, Croupe, Burial# 455, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Frances L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Edward C. & Emma, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Jan.16, 1936, Salem, NY, Age: 14d, Burial# 2113, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Frederick T., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Frederick Allen & Viola James, Residence: Jackson, Spouse: Mary, d. May 4, 1901, Jackson, NY, Age: 25y, Suicide, gun shot wound, Burial# 5584, Int. Lot: S79
Allen, George, Buried Oct.23, 1889, Burial# 1830, Int. Lot: F151 & 2
Allen, George (Dr.) , b. Salem, Parents: Ephraim (#450) & Miriam (#451), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widower (#466), d. Feb.18, 1973, Salem, Age: 60y7m2d, Enlargement of Liver, In Rec.Vault Aug, 19, Int.first in F121, Burial# 467, Int. Lot: F162
Allen, Hannah, b. Sturbridge, Mass., Parents: Timothy & Miriam Newell, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Abram (#456), d. Oct.11, 1914, Salem, Age: 48y4m29d, Consumption, Burial# 457, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Infant Girl, Parents: Kenneth Allen & Elizabeth Mulligan, Spouse: Single, d. March 25, 1962, Albany, Age: 1d, Burial# 5570, Int. Lot: B291
Allen, Isabella H., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornie L. & Ada L., Residence: Salem # 12, d. June 20, 1963, Salem, Age: 2y10m12d, Peritonetis, Burial# 1630
Allen, James, b. Hebron, Parents: James Allen & Nancy McMally, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widowed, d. Nov.25, 1989, Hebron, Age: 71y, Heart, Burial# 5308, Int. Lot: J7
Allen, James Harvey, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Caroline (Harvey), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widower, d. Feb.26, 1930, Salem, Age: 81y6m10d, Mitral Regurgitation, Burial# 3453, Int. Lot: F150
Allen, Jane A., b. Phil., PA, Parents: Elliot & Margaret, Residence: Hebron # 11, Spouse: William, d. March 26, 1864, Hebron, Age: 57y10m5d, Asthama, Burial# 3531, Int. Lot: B274
Allen, Jessie, b. NYCity, Residence: East Greenwich, Spouse: Widow, d. Not Listed, Greenwich, NY, Age: 85y, Heart Disease, Died at Cowan Nursing Home, Burial# 5805, Int. Lot: H182
Allen, John, b. Ireland, Parents: Robert & Jane, Residence: Salem # 3, Spouse: Margaret, d. June 28, 1947, Salem, NY, Age: 79y3m, Pneumonia, Burial# 2006, Int. Lot: R27
Allen, John E., Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Single, d. March 8, 1880, Greenwich, NY, Consumption, Buried June 8, 1894, Burial# 2153, Int. Lot: H182
Allen, Kate, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Oct..25, 1974, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age: 60y0m0d, Insanity, Burial# 2649, Int. Lot: C320
Allen, Kenneth, b. NY, Parents: Frank Allen & Emma Sloan, Residence: Greenwich, NY, d. Sept.13, 1983, Greenwich, NY, Age: 41y, Heart, Burial# 5587, Int. Lot: S61
Allen, Lloyd C., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Jerrie Allen, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Mable, d. Nov.28, 1919, Salem, NY, Age: 67y, Heart, Burial# 5705, Int. Lot: B274
Allen, Margaret, b. Ireland, Residence: Salem, Spouse: John, d. Jan.9, 1888, Salem, Age: 80y2m0d, Old Age, Burial# 2515, Int. Lot: R27
Allen, Margaret A., b. Ireland, Parents: David & Margaret Murray, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.28, 1885, Salem, Age: 78y9m, Pneumonia, Burial# 2979, Int. Lot: H182
Allen, Miriam, b. Salem, Parents: Abram (#456) & Hannah (#457), Residence: Salem Village, d. Oct.15, 1917, Salem, Age: 8m7d, Burial# 459, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Miriam M., b. Sturbridge, Mass., Parents: Gen.Timothy & Miriam Newell, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Wid.of Dr.Ephraim, d. Jan.11, 1894, Salem, Age: 71y7m9d, Old Age (Ephraim#450), Fr.Old Gr.Yd, with the foll.to #466, Burial# 451, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Molly M.L., b. Greenwich, Residence: Scriba, Spouse: Harry B., d. March 2, 1984, Oswego, Age: 68y10m3d, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 4730, Int. Lot: H160
Allen, Newell, b. Salem, Parents: Abram (#456) & Hannah (#457), Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.21, 1898, Salem, Age: 27y3m21d, Burial# 461, Int. Lot: F153
Allen, Rena E., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Jane, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.19, 1968, Hebron, Age: 23y10m, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3663, Int. Lot: B274
Allen, Sarah Cowan, b. Jackson, Parents: Hugh R. # 914 & Elizab.H.Cowan, Residence: Emporia, KS., Spouse: George, d. April 20, 1877, Albany, NY, Age: 31y9m29d, Consumption, In Vault January 3, Burial# 653, Int. Lot: C248
Allen, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: Cornelius L. & Ada L., Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.24, 1959, Salem, Age: 4m21d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 962, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Sarah H., b. Lansingburgh, Parents: David #141 & Alida #706 Russell, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Cornelius L. #1216, d. Nov.20, 1920, Salem, Age: 57y2m5d, General debility, Burial# 140, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Sarah H., b. Salem, Parents: Cornelius L.#1216 & Sarah # 140, Residence: Salem Village, d. July 31, 1888, Albany, NY, Age: 26y1m12d, Consumption, In Receiving vault Feb. 1, Burial# 485, Int. Lot: C323
Allen, Sarah Hester, Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah H. #140, Residence: Salem, d. Jan.24, 1939, Salem, Age: 8mo8d, From old grave yard, Burial# 269, Int. Lot: C320
Allen, Thomas H., b. Salem, Residence: Greenwich, Spouse: Marrird, d. Sept.26, 1936, Greenwich, Age: 76y2m29d, Arterio Sclerosis, Buried Nov.27, 1945, Burial# 5000, Int. Lot: H118
Allen, Timothy Newell, b. Monson, Mass., Parents: Ephraim (#450) & Miriam (#451), Residence: Whithall Village, Spouse: Catherine, d. May 18, 1882, Whithall, Age: 31y?m, Catherine, Mrs.Dr.Wm.Norton, Burial# 452, Int. Lot: F163
Allen, Violet, b. Scotland, Parents: Alexander Buchan & Elsie Ogg, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.13, 1868, Bennington, Vt, Age: 84yrs, Buried May 8, 1991, Burial# Buchan Sect.
Allen, William, b. Ireland, Parents: Alex. & Ann (McKnight), Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. April 13, 1908, Hebron, NY, Age: 63y, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3952, Int. Lot: 274
Allen, William H., b. No.Hoosick, NY, Parents: William & Jane, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Widower, d. Jan.24, 1911, Hebron, NY, Age: 43y, Pneumonia, Burial# 3934, Int. Lot: B275
Allen Jr., Cornelius lansing, Parents: Cornelius L. & Sarah H. #140, Residence: Salem, d. Aug.5, 1899, Salem, Age: 8m25d, From old grave yard, Burial# 265, Int. Lot: C320
Alspaugh, Robert L., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Pamona, Ca., d. May 18, 1935, Pamona, Ca., Age: 85, Burial# B-324, Int. Lot: N-1 1/2 E-4
Ameden, George, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Frank Ameden & Augusta Robbins, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Viola, d. Dec.19, 1995, Albany, NY, Age: 70y, CVA, Burial# 5538, Int. Lot: H114
Ameden, Viola S., b. Rupert, VT, Parents: Floyd Smith & Mary Cassidy, Residence: Dorset, VT, Spouse: Widowed, d. Aug.31, 1887, Dorset, VT, Age: 77y, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 6234, Int. Lot: H114
Anderson, Abram., b. Canonsburg, PA, Parents: Wm. & Elizabeth, Residence: Syracuse, NY, Spouse: Anna, d. Feb.17, 1922, Syracuse, NY, Age: 50y4m14d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2903, Int. Lot: G8
Anderson, Alex A., b. Denver, Colorado, Parents: Unknown, Residence: West Hebron, Spouse: Jane, d. Nov.6, 1929, West Hebron, Age: 69y, Inter.Cerebral Hemorrhage, Burial# 5831, Int. Lot: S76
Anderson, David Allen, b. Brookline N.H., Parents: Allen & Nancy, Residence: No.Adams, Mass, Spouse: Sarah F., d. Oct.27, 1871, No.Adams, Mass., Age: 66y8m13d, Consumption, Burial# 2855, Int. Lot: M13
Anderson, Elizabeth M., b. W.Hebron, Parents: Abrm. & Mary L. Law, Residence: Salem # 11, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.7, 1958, Shushan, Age: 75y11m8d, Interstitial Nephiritis, Burial# 3001, Int. Lot: G8
Anderson, Mary Law, b. Salem, Parents: John (#714) & Elizabeth Law, Residence: New Brighton, PA, d. Nov.19, 1967, Shushan, Age: 66y10m22d, Ovarian Tumor, Wid.of Abraham Anderson, D.D., Burial# 1118, Int. Lot: G7
Anderson, Sarah M., b. Salem, Parents: Marinus Fairchild, Residence: No. Adams, Spouse: Widow, d. No.Adams, Ma., Age: 90y4m18d, Mitran Reg., Burial# 4550, Int. Lot: M13
Anderson, Wendla, b. Colorado, Parents: Herman Carlson & Sophia, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Axel, d. Hebron, Age: 55y10m1d, Heart, Burial# 5503, Int. Lot: S76
Andrew, Margaret A., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John & Mary Nelson, Residence: Salem #7, Spouse: Cleveland D., d. July 17, 1969, Mt.Tabor, VT, Age: 31y5m20d, Bronchitus Consumption, Burial# 1292, Int. Lot: C108
Andrews, Abbie Fitch, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Esa & Elizabeth (Andrews), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Marrin, d. Sept.29, 1975, Salem, NY, Age: 81y3m17d, Mitral Regurgitation, Burial# 3648, Int. Lot: G207
Andrews, Dorothy P., Residence: Granville, d. July 13, 1985, Granville, Age: 71y, Centralized Carcinoma, Burial# 5970, Int. Lot: I 7
Andrews, Earl Fitch, b. Mechanicsville, Iowa, Parents: Marvin F. & Abby M., Residence: Mech., Iowa, d. Feb.27, 1880, Mech., Iowa, Age: 2y4m27d, Scarlet Fever, Fr. Mech.Gr.Yd., Iowa.In Vault March 13, Burial# 925, Int. Lot: G207
Andrews, Marvin F., b. Wallingford, VT, Parents: Samuel & Polyrett, Residence: Marshalltown, Spouse: Abbie Fitch, d. March 31, 1916, Marshalltown, Iowa, Age: 72y, Burial# 3013, Int. Lot: G207
Andrews, Morris, Residence: Granville, NY, d. March 15, 1868, Granville, NY, Age: 94yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Nov.20, 1993, Burial# I-7
Appling, Baby Boy, b. Glens Falls, Parents: William Appling, Residence: Hudson Falls, Spouse: Single, d. July 11, 1982, Age: 0, Complete Anoxia, Burial# 5915, Int. Lot: R213
Appling, Dorothy, b. VT, Parents: Ira Waite & Helen Waite, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Howard, d. Nov.8, 2001, Cambridge, NY, Age: 65y, Cancer, Burial# 6330, Int. Lot: R213
Appling, Howard W., b. Detroit, Mi.5/6/1912, Parents: William Appling & Olive Hill, Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Dorothy & Irene, d. 9/3/06, Cambridge, NY, Age: 83yrs, Buried April 18, 1996, Burial# R-213
Appling, Irene L., Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Howard, d. May 2, 1958, Cambridge, NY, Age: 79yrs, Natural Causes, Buried May 20, 1996, Burial# R-213
Archibald, Isella M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Nelson & Susan Higgins Whitman, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.6, 1913, Salem, NY, Age: 81y2m1d, Broncho Pneumonia, Burial# 4334, Int. Lot: C121
Armstrong, Addie, b. VT, Parents: Daniel L. Pearse, Residence: Ft.Edward, Spouse: A.J., d. Jan.11, 1882, Ft.Edward, NY, Age: 41y, Burial# 3765, Int. Lot: B98
Armstrong, Anna P., b. Greenwich, Parents: Nelson Pratt & Mary Clough, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Jan.18, 1973, So.Glens Falls, Age: 84y8m13d, Uraemia, Burial# 5030, Int. Lot: C1
Armstrong, Child, b. Glens Falls, NY, Residence: FT.Edward, d. Dec.16, 1886, Glens Falls, NY, Burial# 3454, Int. Lot: B98
Armstrong, Child, b. Glens Falls, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.9, 1869, Glens Falls, Still-born, Burial# 3529, Int. Lot: B98
Armstrong, Frieda, b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Fremont & Mabel, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.30, 1886, Rupert, VT, Age: 6y10m, Asphyxiated, home burned, while parents were away, Burial# 4115, Int. Lot: E57
Armstrong, George A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Arch. & Mary (McCollough) Armstrong, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Anna Pratt, d. Sept 25, 1863, Canbridge, NY, Age: 63y4m19d, Angina Pectoris, Burial# 3923, Int. Lot: C
Armstrong, J.E.Fremont, b. Hoosick, VT, Parents: Moses H. & Violet H.Armstrong, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Mabel R., d. Oct.13, 1833, Rupert, VT, Age: 41y11m26d, Diabetes, Burial# 4204, Int. Lot: E57
Armstrong, Keri, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Michael Armstrong & Sue Stanton, Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.19, 1956, Shushan, NY, Age: 9y, Smoke Inhalation, House Fire, Burial# 6382, Int. Lot: B345
Armstrong, Margaret B., b. Ohio, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Married, d. Sept.13, 1885, Salem, Age: 73y1m28d, Acute Edema of Lungs, Buried March 31, 1945, Burial# 4966, Int. Lot: A4
Armstrong, Martha Jane, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: Miriam Doner, Residence: Phil.Pa., d. June 19, 1934, Phil., PA, Age: 37y, Cremated, Burial# 6375, Int. Lot: B38?
Armstrong, Robert F., b. Berkshire, VT, Parents: Orville & Caroline H., Residence: Shushan, NY, Spouse: Charity, d. April 8, 1870, Cambridge, NY, Age: 67y, Cardiac Arrest, Buried Sept.24, 1986, Burial# 6598, Int. Lot: B345
Armstrong, Sarah M., b. Bennington, VT, Parents: Fremont & Mabel, Residence: Rupert, VT, Spouse: Single, d. Nov.1, 1874, Rupert, VT, Age: 10y5m25d, Asphyxiated, home burned, while parents were away, Burial# 4116, Int. Lot: E57
Armstrong, Theresa E., b. Hartford, NY, Parents: Arch. J. & Addie M., Residence: Glens Falls # 2, d. Jan.3, 1974, Glens Falls, NY, Age: 8m12d, Chol.Inf., Burial# 2564, Int. Lot: B98
Arnot, Agnes, b. Cambridge, Parents: Geo. & Hattie Coulter, Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: James, d. Sept.16, 1989, Jackson, Age: 62y, Consumption, In Rec'g vaultJan 19, Burial# 234, Int. Lot: C299
Arnot, Sarah, b. Jackson, Parents: James & Agnes (#234), Residence: Jackson #4, d. May 11, 1901, Jackson, Age: 23y, Chronic Diahrea, Burial# 327, Int. Lot: C298
Arnott, Ann Maria, b. Jackson, Parents: George #20 & Jane #21 (Morrison), Residence: Jackson #4, d. Jan.24, 1984, Jackson, Age: 1y8m, Croup, From Jackson Graveyard, Burial# 22, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, Francis, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: George & Jane, Residence: Idaville, Ind., Spouse: Widower, d. Aug.30, 1927, Idaville, Ind., Age: 75y5m21d, Paralysis, Burial# 2048, Int. Lot: C300
Arnott, George, b. Orange County, NY, Parents: John & Eleanor, Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: Jane (21), d. April 23, 1903, Jackson, Age: 84y, Heart Disease, From Jackson Graveyard (farmer), Burial# 20, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, George H., b. Cambridge, Parents: Frances H. & Jane (Rea), Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Harriet Liddle, d. Dec.24, 1883, Salem Village, Age: 29y11m17d, Consumption, In Vault Dec.26, Burial# 1014, Int. Lot: C302
Arnott, Harriet L., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & Catherine Liddle, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 20, 1882, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Age: 78y9m20d, Burial# 3971, Int. Lot: C303
Arnott, James, b. Jackson, NY, Residence: Paxton, Ill, d. Jan.7, 1919, Paxton, Ill, Age: 88y11m23d, Old Age, Burial# 2077, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, Jane, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: George & Jane, Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.9, 1973, Coila, NY, Age: 85y7m, Pneumonia, Burial# 2020, Int. Lot: C297
Arnott, Jane Morrison, b. Orange County, NY, Parents: John & Jane (Morrison), Residence: Jackson #4, Spouse: George #20, d. June 7, 1851, Jackson, Age: 69y, Chronic Infirmities, From Jackson Graveyard, Burial# 21, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, John, b. Jackson, NY, Parents: George & Jane, Residence: Jackson #5, Spouse: Widower, d. Nov.7, 1875, Jackson, Age: 77y0m25d, Ulceration of stomach, Burial# 1253, Int. Lot: C298
Arnott, John, b. Jackson, Parents: Frances M. & Margaret (Rea), Residence: Jackson #4, d. Aug.8, 1898, Jackson, Age: 3y6m6d, Bilious Fever, From Jackson Graveyard, Burial# 24, Int. Lot: C300
Arnott, Margaret A., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: John & Mary A. (Brown), Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Single, d. June 25, 1969, Cambridge, NY, Age: 88y, Burial# 3991, Int. Lot: C298
Arnott, Margaret Rea, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: John Rea & Isbella (Dick), Residence: Jackson, Ind., Spouse: Frank H., d. Dec.14, 1931, Near Idaville, White C.Ind., Age: 64y1m26d, Congestion & Exhaustion, In Vault Dec.22, Burial# 1455, Int. Lot: C300
Arnott, Mary Ann, b. Albany, Parents: Wm. & Margaret Brown, Residence: Jackson #5, Spouse: John, d. Jan.24, 1943, Jackson, Age: 63y, Congestion of Liver, Head, South, Burial# 636, Int. Lot: C298
Arnott, Prudence, b. Jackson, Parents: George (#20) & Jane (#21), Residence: Cambridge #2, d. March 28, 1966, Coila, Age: 59y, Cancer, Head, North, Burial# 633, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, Samuel, b. Jackson, Parents: George #20 & Jane 21 (Morrison), Residence: Jackson #4, d. July 26, 1878, Jackson, Age: 24y, Inflam. Of Bowels, From Jackson Graveyard, Burial# 23, Int. Lot: C299
Arnott, unnamed infant, b. Jackson, Parents: Frances M. & Margaret (Rea), Residence: Jackson #4, d. April 7, 1920, Age: 1/6d, From Jackson Graveyard, Burial# 25, Int. Lot: C300
Arthur, Edward, b. Newton, Scotland, Parents: Thomas & Barbara (Fleming) Arthur, Residence: Amherst, NH, Spouse: Gertrude-died 1965, d. Oct.25, 1969, Manchester, NH, Age: 95yrs, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Buried April 18, 1991, Burial# B-327
Arthur, Gertrude E., b. New York, Parents: Erastus French & Ellen Ross, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Edward, d. March 1, 1975, Cambridge Hospital, Age: 72y, Cerebral Thrombosis, Burial# 5903, Int. Lot: B327
Ash, Ethel L., b. Tuxedo, NY, Parents: Aaron Conklin & Mamie Conklin, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Robert, d. Jan.8, 1943, Salem, NY, Age: 81y, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Burial# 6439, Int. Lot: D172
Ash, Robert, Jr., b. New York, NY, Parents: Robert E.Ash & Arrietta Havey, Residence: Sandgate, VT, Spouse: Ethel, d. Jan.7, 1941, Sandgate, VT, Age: 81y, Burial# 6528, Int. Lot: D172
Ashton, Angus J., b. Salem, Parents: Michael H. & Jennett, Residence: Manchester #13, d. June 26, 1958, Rupert, Age: 2y4m14d, Drowned, In Vault Jan.31, Burial# 1139, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, Child, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Andrew & Lucy, Residence: Salem # 13, d. Oct. 19, 1919, Salem, NY, Age: 10d, Burial# 2024, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, Helen, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Single, d. Aug.18, 1950, Salem, NY, Age: 67y1m0d, Malaria, Burial# 1682, Int. Lot: C252
Ashton, Jeanette, b. Greenwich, NY, Parents: Andrew & Jeanette (McNab), Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. April 30, 1891, Salem, NY, Age: 87y2m9d, Mitral Reguritation, Burial# 3601, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, John, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm. & Margaret Kerr, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Single, d. March 19, 1852, Salem-on road side, Age: 75y5m, Supposed to be Accident, Burial# 2940, Int. Lot: C252
Ashton, Joseph Pollock, b. Salem, Parents: Michael H. & Jennet, Residence: Salem #13, d. June 14, 1963, Salem, Age: 7y9m8d, Scarlet Fever, In Vault March 24, Burial# 938, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, Lee, b. Hoosick Falls, NY, Parents: Andrew Ashton & Gertrude Woodard, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: May, d. June 11, 1956, Cambridge, NY, Age: 82y, Bailer Artery Thrombosis, Burial# 6261, Int. Lot: B346
Ashton, Margaret, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Michael & Jennet, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Single, d. Jan.4, 1924, Albany, NY, Age: 56y, Burial# 3185, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, Margaret, b. Cambridge, Parents: Michael & Helen Kerr, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: William (#1039), d. June 8, 1921, Salem, Age: 67y, Burial# 418, Int. Lot: C252
Ashton, Margaret S., b. Jackson, NY, Parents: Thomas Oviatt & Belle Arnott, Residence: White Creek, Spouse: George, d. May 23, 1847, Cambridge, NY, Age: 94y, Burial# 6277, Int. Lot: G69
Ashton, Medora, b. Cambridge, NY, Parents: George Burroughs & Francis Kenyon, Residence: Jackson, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Oct.4, 1917, Cambridge, NY, Age: 84y, Carcinoma of Rectum, Burial# 6334, Int. Lot: B341
Ashton, Michael K., b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Margaret, Residence: Salem # 13, Spouse: Jeannette, d. April 22, 1878, Salem, Age: 73y10m25d, Paralysis, Burial# 2282, Int. Lot: C210
Ashton, William, b. White Creek, Parents: John & Lydia, Residence: Salem #13, Spouse: Wid.of Marg't (#418), d. Salem, Age: 86y, Heart Disease, Farmer, Burial# 1039, Int. Lot: C252
Atkins, Elsie G., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Theodore Gillis & Eva Chamberlain, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. Feb.18, 1969, Cambridge, NY, Age: 78y, Myocardial Failure, Burial# 6192, Int. Lot: A28
Atkins, Marie, b. So.Shaftsbury, VT, Parents: Robert Moon & Henrietta Cleaveland, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: LeRoy Cary, d. April 8, 1875, Cambridge, NY, Age: 85yrs, Natural Causes, Buried Dec.24, 1993, Burial# B-154
Atkins, Merrill E., b. Waitsfield, VT, Parents: Frank C. & Minnie, Residence: Bennington, VT, Spouse: Jane, d. Oct.17, 1868, Bennington, Age: 34y3m16d, Pneumonia, Burial# 4530, Int. Lot: B277
Atkins, William J., b. Unknown, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widowed, d. Feb.6, 1947, Salem, NY, Age: 79y, Not Listed, Cremation, Burial# 6559, Int. Lot: A28
Atkinson, David, b. Hebron, NY, Parents: James Atkinson & Mary Black, Residence: Hebron, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 28, 1917, Salem, NY, Age: 63y, Heart, Burial# 5664, Int. Lot: R12
Atkinson, James, b. Ireland, Parents: James & Ellen Frances, Residence: Hebron, Spouse: Widower, d. Sept.3, 1923, Cambridge, Age: 85y0m16d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 4856, Int. Lot: C264
Atkinson, Mary E., b. Hebron, NY, Parents: Dennis & Ellen (Black), Residence: Hebron, Spouse: James, d. Sept. 21, 1863, Hebron, Age: 55y5m12d, Paralysis, Burial# 3540, Int. Lot: C264
Atwater, Daniel A., b. Stephentown, NY, Parents: John Atwater & Ella Haines, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widowed, Harriet, d. Aug.21, 1897, Melbourne, Fla., Age: 86y, Pneumonia, Burial# 6213, Int. Lot: D160
Atwater, Harriet E., b. New York, Parents: John & Margaret Miller, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Daniel, d. July 4, 1898, Melbourne, Fla., Age: 92y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6168, Int. Lot: D160
Atwood, Abiather, b. Hardwick, Mass, Parents: Zaccheus #53 & Hannah #54, Spouse: Margaretta, d. April 26, 1899, Salem, Age: 46y5m15d, Erysipelas, From old graveyard, Burial# 56, Int. Lot: M20
Atwood, Anson, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Zaccheus & Hannah, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Mary, d. Dec.23, 1887, Salem, Age: 75y7m16d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1610, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Charles, b. Salem, Parents: Cyrus (#57) & Margaret, Residence: Salem Village, d. Feb.24, 1888, Quincy, ILL., Age: 28y6m16d, Killed Railroad collision, Burial# 108, Int. Lot: M21
Atwood, Cyrus, b. Salem, Parents: Zaccheus #53 & Hannah #54, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Margaret, d. March 15, 1886, Salem, Age: 50y2m, Hip Disease, From old graveyard, Burial# 57, Int. Lot: M21
Atwood, Emma M., b. Troy, Parents: Anson & Mary A., Residence: Troy, d. Feb.12, 1923, Troy, Age: 4y11m4d, Hip Disease, From Mt. Ida Cemetery, Burial# 346, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Fannie D., b. Troy, Parents: Anson & Mary A., Residence: Troy, d. Sept.26, 1909, Troy, Age: 10y1m24d, Diphtheria, From Mt.Ida Cemetery, Burial# 348, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Gregory, Buried Aug.9, 1891, Burial# 1954, Int. Lot: M20
Atwood, Hannah, b. Barre, Mass, Parents: Elijah & Hannah Gregory, Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Widow, d. Dec.28, 1902, Salem, Age: 78y4m, Dysentery, From old graveyard, Burial# 54, Int. Lot: M19
Atwood, Jane, b. Salem, Residence: Birmingham, CT, Spouse: Elijah Gregory, d. Dec. 21, 1861, Birmingham Conn, Heart Disease, Burial# 121, Int. Lot: M20
Atwood, Jennie M., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Joshua & Anna Pike, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Elijah G., d. July 30, 1959, Salem, Age: 81y7m1d, Heart Disease, Burial# 1720, Int. Lot: M
Atwood, Margaret, b. Kinderhook, NY, Parents: Wm. & Nancy Vosburgh, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow of Cyrus, d. July 5, 1972, Salem, Age: 79y8m9d, Old Age & Broken Hip, Burial# 1615
Atwood, Maria H., b. Troy, Parents: Anson & Mary A., Residence: Troy, d. Oct.6, 1929, Troy, Age: 2y5m25d, Measles, From Mt.Ida Cemetery, Burial# 345, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Mary A., b. Middletown, Conn., Parents: Nicholas & Patty LaRoe, Residence: Devner, Col., Spouse: Anson, d. Denver, Age: 86y10m26d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2479, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Sameul Hovey, b. Salem, Parents: Zaccheus #53 & Hannah #54, Residence: Salem Village, d. Dec.21, 1934, Troy, Age: 27y7m1d, Fever, From old graveyard, Burial# 55, Int. Lot: M20
Atwood, Sarah J., b. Troy, Parents: Anson & Mary A., Residence: Troy, d. June 12, 1932, Troy, Age: 8y28d, Dropsy, From Mt. Ida Cemetery, Burial# 347, Int. Lot: M17
Atwood, Zaccheus, b. Hardwick, Mass, Parents: Zaccheus & Jane (Otis), Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Hannah, d. Aug.10, 1961, Salem, Age: 73y15d, Inflam. Of Bowels, From old graveyard (clothier), Burial# 53, Int. Lot: M19
Aucutt, Gertrude, b. Canada, Parents: William Howson & Elizabeth McCanus, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: William, d. Sept.14, 1875, Argyle, NY, Age: 93y, Inanition & Gangrene, Burial# 6300, Int. Lot: D169
Aucutt, William T., b. England, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Edith, d. Nov.12, 1839, Albany, Vet.Hosp., Age: 73y, Edema, Lungs, Burial# 5822, Int. Lot: D169
Audubon, Benj.P., b. NYCity, Parents: John W. & Caroline H., Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.4, 1965, Salem, NY, Age: 30y0m0d, Consumption, Burial# 1613, Int. Lot: F153
Audubon, Caroline Hall, b. Langhbrough, Eng., Parents: John & Mary Hall, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: John W., d. Feb.13, 1912, Salem, NY, Age: 87y1m23d, Old Age, Burial# 2405, Int. Lot: G153
Audubon, Florence, b. NYC., Parents: John Audubon, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Single, d. Sept.25, 1875, Florida, Age: 95y11m24d, Burial# 5138, Int. Lot: G153
Audubon, Maria R., Residence: Salem, NY#12, Spouse: Single, d. Feb.7, 1898, Salem, Burial# 3975, Int. Lot: G153
Austin, Adaline, b. NYCity, Parents: John & Adaline Cox, Spouse: Orin, d. Feb.28, 1991, NYCity, Age: 53y4m, Pneumonia, Burial# 1793, Int. Lot: M
Austin, Alexander, b. Salem, Parents: Wm. R & Jane M (Quackenbush, Residence: Salem #3, Spouse: Lucinda (Curtis), d. Jan.7, 1947, Hampton, VA, Age: 23y7m7d, Chronic Diahrea, CoK 16th NY Artillary, Burial# 308, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Austin, Alfred, b. Salem, Parents: Lewis & Ellen, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Nettie, d. Feb.4, 1922, Salem, Age: 73y5m4d, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 4698, Int. Lot: C250
Austin, Alfred C., b. W.Hebron, NY, Parents: Lewis & Fannie E., Residence: Salem # 12, d. Oct.27, 1978, Salem, Age: 5y0m28d, Brights Disease, Burial# 1712, Int. Lot: H166
Austin, Birt, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo. & Caroline Billings Austin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Julia Bain, d. Dec.28, 1910, Salem, NY, Age: 63y3m10d, Chronic Nephritis With, Anemia, Burial# 4220, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, Calvin P., Buried Ap.6, 1889, Burial# 1794, Int. Lot: G53
Austin, Caroline, b. Salem, NY, Parents: David Billings & Nancy Stewart, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.24, 1981, Salem, Age: 76y10m14d, Burial# 3073, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, Child, b. Salem, NY, Residence: Salem # 9, d. Jan.22, 1892, Salem, Vault, Burial# 2306, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, Child, Buried July 18, 1890, Burial# 1884, Int. Lot: C250
Austin, David, b. Salem, Parents: Abner & Susan #760, Residence: Salem #12, d. Aug.2, 1950, Utica, Age: 48y7m, Consumption, Burial# 1174, Int. Lot: M6
Austin, Dennis O., b. VT, Parents: Reuben & Abigail Austin, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Nellie, d. April 2, 1864, Argyle, Age: 69y5m18d, Arterio Sclerosis, Burial# 5036, Int. Lot: R206
Austin, Edward, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Wm.R. & Jane (Quackenbush), Residence: Hartford, NY, Spouse: Single, d. April 14, 1853, Argyle, NY, Age: 76y, Chronic Spinal Muscular, Atrophy, Burial# 4109
Austin, Elizabeth, b. Salem, Parents: Abner & Susan M.Austin, Residence: Salem #12, Spouse: Single, d. March 6, 1905, Salem, Age: 30y6m0d, Dropsy, Reinterred from old cemetery Salem, Burial# 1447, Int. Lot: M5
Austin, Ellen B., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Chester & Elizabeth Billings, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb.13, 1934, Salem, Age: 71y0m0d, Kidney, Burial# 2600, Int. Lot: H164
Austin, Fannie E., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Frances & Eliza Brady Glenholmes, Residence: East Greenwich, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Aug.8, 1908, East Greenwich, NY, Age: 72y2m7d, Paralysis Agitaus, Burial# 4373, Int. Lot: H164
Austin, Fern L., b. Schenectady, NY, Parents: Daniel Young & Mary Hall, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Harold, d. Oct.15, 1884, Schenectady, Age: 64y, Cardiac & Resp.Arrest, Burial# 6160, Int. Lot: R206
Austin, Freddie, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, d. May 15, 1865, Salem Village, Poisoned Accidently, Burial# 758, Int. Lot: C27
Austin, George, Parents: William R. & , Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Caroline, d. Nov.9, 1895, Salem, NY, Pneumonia, Buried Ja., 1894, Burial# 2127, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: George & Caroline, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Single, d. May 10, 1948, Salem, Age: 52y7m19d, Mitral Stenosis, Burial# 3472, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, George, b. Salem, Parents: Lewis & Catherine, Residence: Salem Village, d. Rikers Island, NY, Age: 19y3m10d, Congest. Of lungs, In Rec. Vault Feb. 23, Burial# 125, Int. Lot: Soldiers Lot
Austin, George, b. Salem, NY, Parents: William & Jane, Residence: Salem # 9, Spouse: Caroline, d. June 4, 1978, Salem, NY, Age: 57y2m4d, Pneumonia, Burial# 2064
Austin, George H., b. Arlington, VT, Parents: Geo. & _____, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Margaret, d. April 26, 1885, Salem, Age: 60y0m0d, Liver Disease, Burial# 2876, Int. Lot: B219
Austin, Harold E., b. Salem, NY, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Widow, Fern, d. Sept.30, 1979, Dover, NJ, Age: 72y, A.S.H.D., Burial# 6249, Int. Lot: R206
Austin, Herbert B., b. Whitehall, NY, Parents: Unknown, Residence: Corinth, NY, Spouse: Lena, d. July 15, 1904, Corinth, Age: 82y, Coronary Occlusion, Burial# 6116, Int. Lot: E75
Austin, James M.Jr., b. New York, Parents: Ja's M. & Annie K., Residence: New York, d. Feb.28, 1888, New York, City, Age: 3m17d, Cholera Infantum, First Int.on F132, removed Oct.23, Burial# 408, Int. Lot: M5
Austin, Jane A., b. Salem, NY, Parents: Abner & Susan, Residence: NYCity, Spouse: Single, d. July 15, 1966, NYCity, Age: 69y5m0d, Heart Disease, Burial# 2566, Int. Lot: M6
Austin, Jane M., Buried June 20, 1890, Burial# 1881, Int. Lot: C27
Austin, Julia B., b. Argyle, NY, Parents: Alex.Bain & J.Gilchrist, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Widow, d. Nov.20, 1981, Salem, Age: 78y1m25d, Burial# 5125, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, Lena, b. Salem, Parents: George & Caroline, Residence: Salem #9, d. Dec.2, 1974, Salem, Age: 5m10d, Cholera Infantum, Burial# 1027, Int. Lot: C64
Austin, Lena B., Residence: Ilion, NY, d. Sept.29, 1933, Ilion, NY, Age: 89yrs, Cardiorespiratory Failure, Buried Oct. 21, 1988, Burial# E-75
Austin, Leola J., b. Warrensburg, NY, Parents: Will Harris & Effie Tucker, Residence: Cambridge, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Feb.24, 1902, Cambridge, NY, Age: 65y, Burial# 5672, Int. Lot: B391
Austin, Lewis, b. Salem, Parents: Job A. & , Residence: Salem Village, Spouse: Ellen E., d. March 15, 1897, Salem, Age: 58y1m24d, Typhoid Fever, (Ellen later married John K. Beattie), Burial# 692, Int. Lot: H164
Austin, Lewis, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lewis & Ellen Billings Austin, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Fannie, d. Aug.23, 1927, Salem, NY, Age: 69y22d, Acute Dilation of Heart, Burial# 4289, Int. Lot: H166
Austin, Lewis E., b. Salem, Parents: Ebenazer Austin & Flora Jenkins, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Frances, d. July 3, 1901, Cambridge, Age: 66y10m12d, Cardiac Vascular Renal Dis., Burial# 5038, Int. Lot: E29
Austin, Lewis Jr., b. Salem, Parents: Lewis #692 & Ellen, Residence: Salem Village, d. Jan.9, 1897, Salem, Age: 11m2d, Measles, Coffin moved & sunk partly under #692, Burial# 27, Int. Lot: H164
Austin, Lizzie, b. Salem, Parents: George & Caroline # 2, Residence: Salem # 4, d. Nov.20, 1980, Salem, Age: 1m6d, Marasmus, Burial# 235, Int. Lot: C64
Austin, Margaret, b. England, Parents: Jos. & Margaret Wood, Residence: Salem # 12, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.5, 1986, Salem, NY, Age: 67y, Shingles & Pneumonia, Burial# 3333, Int. Lot: B219
Austin, Margaret Jane, b. Sandgate, VT, Parents: John & Sarah A.Torrens, Residence: Pittsfield, Mass., Spouse: Charles R., d. February 24, 1858, Pittsfield, Mass., Age: 40y8m25d, Cancer, Burial# 3930, Int. Lot: B263
Austin, Margaret L., b. Not Listed, Parents: Not Listed, Residence: Scotia, NY, Spouse: Widow, d. Sept.3, 1973, Scotia, NY, Age: 87y, Buried Aug.30, 1986, Burial# 6595, Int. Lot: H166
Austin, Minnie, Parents: George & Caroline, Residence: Salem # 12, d. Nov.15, 1958, Salem, NY, Reinterred Buried Jan.20, 1894, Burial# 2128, Int. Lot: C182
Austin, Minnie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Geo. & Caroline, Residence: Salem # 9, d. Nov.15, 1980, Salem, Age: 14y5m18d, Blood Pois., Burial# 1591, Int. Lot: C64
Austin, Mitchel S., b. Salem, Parents: George & Caroline, Residence: Salem #4, d. July 14, 1955, Salem, Age: 4m 23d, Marasmus, In rec'g vault Aug 19, Burial# 152, Int. Lot: C64
Austin, Mrs.Harold, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Harold & Margaret (Barber), Residence: Cambridge, Spouse: Harold, d. Aug.30, 1955, Age: 26y6m7d, Tuberculosis, Burial# 3633, Int. Lot: E76
Austin, Nellie, b. High Gate, Va., Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Widowed, d. July 6, 1985, Schenectady, NY, Age: 87y, Heart, Burial# 5667, Int. Lot: R206
Austin, Nettie, b. Salem, Parents: Mr. & Mrs.Francis Glenholms, Residence: Scotia, Spouse: Widow, d. Feb11, 1965, Schenectady, Age: 84y11m10d, Heart, Burial# 5183, Int. Lot: C250
Austin, Orrin, Buried Oct.18, 1894, Burial# 2173, Int. Lot: M6
Austin, Stewart, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Lewis Austin & Fanie Glenholmes, Residence: Schenectady, Spouse: Margaret, d. Dec.13, 1959, Schenectady, NY, Age: 85y, Left Ventricular Failure, Burial# 6533, Int. Lot: H166
Austin, Susan, b. Salem, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Wid.of Abner, d. July 26, 1874, Salem Village, Gangrene, Burial# 760, Int. Lot: M5
Austin, William R., Buried Oct.24, 1891, Burial# 1970, Int. Lot: C27
Avery, Harold R., b. Conn., Parents: David Rudd & Elizabeth Hall, Residence: Salem, Spouse: Helen, d. June 8, 1859, Hooksick Falls, Age: 74y, Hypertensive Cardiac Vasc., Burial# 6038, Int. Lot: D157
Avery, Helen, b. Hoosic, NY, Parents: Davey Hall & Anna Ryan, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Harold, d. Jan.19, 1978, Cambridge, NY, Age: 87yrs, Pneumonia, Buried June 27, 1989, Burial# D-157
Ayer, Lucy Getty, b. Hoosick Falls, NY, Parents: Carl & Lucy Estabrook Getty, Residence: Hoosick Falls, Spouse: George, d. March 11, 1976, Hoosick Falls, NY, Age: 25y8m, Chronic Intestinal Nephritis, Burial# 4136, Int. Lot: G101
Ayers, Cornelia R., b. Salem, NY, Parents: John & ? Coon, Residence: Rock Stream, Spouse: Widow, d. June 22, 1864, Rock Stream, NY, Age: 80y, Chronic Myocarditis, Burial# 3422, Int. Lot: C225
Ayers, Doris M., b. Whitehall, NY, Residence: Salem, NY, d. Feb.15, 1891, Kissimee, Fla., Age: 82, Cremated, Burial# R=12, Int. Lot: S-1 1/2 E-4
Ayers, Elsie, b. Salem, NY, Parents: Clarence Priest & Clara Harrington, Residence: Salem, NY, Spouse: Divorced, d. Jan.19, 1874, Argyle, NY, Age: 91y, Not Listed, Cremation, Burial# 6556, Int. Lot: A61

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