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Calverton National Cemetery
Calverton, Suffolk County, New York

210 Princeton Blvd
Calverton NY 11933

Take I-495 (Long Island Expressway) east to exit 71. Make a left to town of Calverton approx. 3-4 miles. Make a left at traffic light. Go approx. 3 miles and you will see it on your right.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 66.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitter's Index Page to view the submitter details.

Agen, Helen, no dates, [FR]
Agen, Meyer, no dates, [FR]
Berberich, Doris A, b. 1924, d. 2001, w/o John E. Berberich, d/o Dorothea E. Berberich Walker, [DW]
Berberich, John Edward, b. 1920, d. 1991, w/o Doris Berberich, dau Dorothea Berberich Walker, [DW]
Borland, Dennis, b. 11 Nov 1944, d. 12 Jul 1982, s/o James and Marie, [GP]
Carney, William, b. 13 Oct 1921, d. 21 Mar 1986, [CC]
Carney, William, b. 30 Jan 1897, d. 13 Jan 1988, [CC]
Carroll, James Thomas, b. Jul 8, 1938, d. Nov 08, 2000, [VA]
Carter, Joseph, b. 1898, d. 1965, s/o George Carter and Rochelle Carter, h/o Curtiss L. Carter, [PC]
Casella, Cono, b. Mar 27, 1921, [AT]
Collette, Margaret Helen, b. Jan. 1925, d. Feb. 2000, w/o Fred Collette, [LS]
Council, Clynith E. Jr, b. 1958, d. 1995, sister of Stephanie Alexnader, [SA]
D'Amato, Eleanora Helena, b. 10 May 1913 Kings Co. NY, d. 15 May 1994, Plot 15,0, 2405, Dau. of Albert V. and Anna Engstrom Bruun, [GO]
D'Amato, Nicholas W, b. 23 Jan 1910, NY, NY, d. 09 Oct 1992 Mastic N, bur. Plot 15, 0, 2405. SP 4, U.S. Army, s/o Damiano and Elizabeth Rosato D'Amato, [GO]
Davis, Hazel L, b. b. Jul 02, 1922, d. Jun 19, 1989, [RR]
Demaio, Frank, b. 1914, d. 2002, godfather to Lyndsay Wright, [JW]
DeSalvo, Frank, b. 1920, d. 1999, [RD]
Dittmeier, Harold, E, b. 16 Feb 1927, d. 27 Nov 1999, USMC, [AD]
Dolan, James, b. Jul 5, 1910, d. Feb 8, 1986, h/o Stella Kalinowski, f/o James R. Dolan, [LD]
Fox, Robert J., b. Apr 7, 1912, d. Oct 26, 1994, TEC 5, US Army, World War II, [MJ]
Gagel, Robert J., b. Mar 15, 1920, d. Dec 31, 2002, [JG]
Ganley, Dolores H, b. 1929, d. 1980, w/o Walter (Steve) Ganley, d/o William and Eveline Williams, [JZ]
Giglio, Anthony, b. Sep 6, 1918, d. Sep 2, 1995 in Pompano Beach, FL, [MA]
Giglio, Pauline, b. Jul 10, 1920, d. Sep 16, 1980 in Queens, NY, w/o Anthony Giglio, dau. of Joseph and Euesbia Chennisi, [MA]
Gonzalez, Victor H, b. 31 May 1928, d. 14 Dec. 1982, Brooklyn, NY. h/o Enid Gonzalez, Sect 11#2214, US Army WWII, [DS]
Gotterup, Randy, b. Dec 20, 1955, d. Dec 25, 1981, [CR]
Gotterup, Richard, d. Sep 17, 1987, [CR]
Graham, Clarence L., b. 19 Apr 1924, d. 09 Oct 1997, s/o Moses & Pearlie Graham, [RG]
Halpin, Edward, b. 28 Jan 1938 Orange NJ, d. 06 Mar 1985 Smithtown NY, [PH]
Harmon, John J, b. Aug 17, 1924 died Feb 25, 2000, h/o Jane Harmon, [RP]
Hazel, Richard P, b. 2/10/20, d. 12/14/90, h/o Mary Hazel, s/o Richard and Marie Hazel, [AH]
Heller, Irving H., b. 8 Jul 1921, d. 31 Dec 1997, h/o Edith, [MH]
Kavanagh,Stanley T, b. May 1921,d. 3 May 1989, Beloved Father & Grandfather, [RT]
Keohane, Edward, no dates, h/o Margaret Keohane, [MC]
Keohane, Ryan Edward, b. May 25 1989, d. May 25 1989, s/o Ski Edward Keohane and Karen Keohane, [MC]
Kirkbride, James R, b. Aug 1, 1931, d. Feb 27, 1992, [RW]
Koslow, Francis John Fabian 'Frank', b. Sep 8,1921, d. Jan 26, 1986, m. Oct 18, 1947 to Anne Catherine Hill Koslow, s/o Fabian Sebastian Kozlowski and Theresa Mihal Koslow, [EB]
Kremnitzer, Robert P, b. 12/2/1929, d. 9/21/1986, [JK]
Ledogar, George Charles, b. 02 Aug 1941, NYC NY, d. 21 Nov 1998, N Bayshore LI NY, s/o George Charles & Anna (Sidotti), h/o Mary Angela Rizzo, [EL]
Ledogar, John L, b. 19 Dec 1912, Brooklyn NY, d. 01 Aug 1997, Ridge NY, s/o Joseph A & Caroline(Strumpler), h/o Eleanor Capelle, [EL]
Ledogar, Joseph D, b. 20 Dec 1921, Brooklyn NY, d. 06 Mar 1989, Merrick LI NY, s/o Joseph F & Eileen (Ganley), h/o Mary A Verni, [EL]
Ledogar, Mary A Verni, b. 10 Feb 1929, NY, d. 18 May 1993, Merrick LI NY, w/o Joseph D Ledogar, [EL]
Lott, Benjamin, bur. Jan 17, 2000, [BL]
Manton, Charles G, b. 1927, Brooklyn N.Y. d. l998, Levittown, N.Y. h/o Aileen, [PL]
Marelos, Emanuel, b. 1926, d. 1990, [PM]
McKine, George, b. Feb 25 1927, d. May 1981, h/o Roberta Giles, [ZC]
McNamara, John J, b. Jul 12, 1916, d. Jun 07, 1990, [DF]
Miller, Therese, b. Feb 7 1927, d. Dec 3 1997, [AM]
Muller, Frank, b. 1922, d. 1991, h/o Catherine,s/o Frank and Teresa Muller, [SC]
Muller,Catherine, b. 1925, d. 1992, w/o Frank Muller, dau.of James and Elizabeth Morris, [SC]
Nazario, Raul Alonso, b. 1/10/1947, d. Jul 13, 1991, is buried in section 69 @ grate 1865, [PN]
O'Neill, Thomas J, b. 15 Dec 1917, Brooklyn, NY. d. 7 Oct 1980, h/o Mary Di Maio, s/o Thomas O'Neill Sr. and Anna Grafton, bur. 9 Oct 1980, Sect 1# 1431, US Army WWII, [MK]
Osborne, Chester Gorham, b. 18 Sept 1915 in Portsmouth NH, d. Dec 1987, Center Moriches, NY, Musician and educator, [MB]
Paine, Canio F, b. 28 Mar 1920, Avelino, IT, d. 11 Feb 1988, Maj USAF Ret. WWII Korea Vietnam, [RJ]
Penta, Joseph, of Flushing, NY, b. Mar 30, 1912, d. Oct 1979, m. Anna Valentine (Penta), s/o Generosa Penta and Olympia Palumbo, [DF]
Pricher, Nakia S., b. 6 Jan 1991, d. 7 Aug 1996, d/o Edward and Cheryl Pricher, [CP]
Rose, Kathleen Margaret, b. 1939, d. 2000, w/o #2 Donald Wilson & #1 Ronald Rose, d/o Joseph Ahearn and Ann Patricia Ryan, [DW]
Ryan, William, b. 29 Aug 1944, d. 5 Sep 1990, h/o Patricia, s/o William and Leona, [KR]
Schwarzmann, Peter, d. Dec 15, 1995, Mark Scamardela FH, [JE]
Servello, Dominick, no dates, [PB]
Servello, Elizabeth, no dates, [PB]
Smalls, Joseph J, no dates, [DA]
Spina, Nicholas, b. May 27, 1927, d. Mar 30, 2002, [AB]
Spina, Onofria, b. Mar 24, 1925, d. Dec 13, 1991, [AB]
Thiele, Charles Jr., b. 21 May 1928, d. 16 Jan 1990, h/o Ellen, s/o Charles Sr. and Emma Thiele, [KT]
Walker, Diane, b. 1949, d. 2000, [DW]
Weinberg, Louis, b. Nov 18, 1912, d. Aug 15, 1999, m. Gladys (Goldie) Benjamin, s/o Martha and Morris Weinberg, [LW]
Wright, John E, b. 1922, d. 1988, h/o Dorothy, [GW]
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