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Schenevus Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, New York

Contributed by Rebecca Stacknow [stacknow@worldnet.att.net].  Total records = 209

If any reference to location of grave is made it will be according to this:

The Oldest part of the Cemetery, begins at the entrance off Route 7. This area from the main road of town to the Memorial for the Soldiers of Maryland is referred to as Section A in my notes. The driveway runs up through the middle of the cemetery to a steep incline. When ever reference is made in regard to left or right, the left side being a field beyond the cemetery line and the right side, Chief Schenevus (which was Wick's Restaurant before and after the 1940s.)

After the Memorial for Soldiers the cemetery becomes 4 quarters, but for simplicity, I'm looking at it as 2 halves,.. continuing with reference to left and right "Amy" is on the left. In the middle of the cemetery are 3 vaults (or so they appear). The sections from the Memorial to the vaults will be section B. The area from the vaults to the steep hill runs from 4 quarters to 3 thirds, 1 third is on the left. The latter is section C. The hill at the end of the cemetery is section D.

I have hardly made any reference to these categories, it's just that in the older section it appeared that families had more of a tendency to be buried next to each other,.. which can be a great clue when the surnames are different. It has helped me, so I thought I should leave it this way. My apology for lacking the foresight in recording the general location for everyone.

- Rebecca Stacknow

George W. Sides, 1851-1926
Donna A. Sherman, his wife, 1854-1915

Cook stone with 4 sides:
Will Cook, July 19 1864 - July 10 1922
Carrie Cyphers, wife, 6/10/1868 - 10/21/1894

Vera B. Barnard, his wife, 1873-1947
A. Bronk Cook, 1901-1949

Frank A. Sunkes, 1887-1959
Amy B. Sunkes, 1896-1984

Geo. D. Cook, 1838-1896
Maria, his wife, 1838-1918

Jordan C. Follett, 1823-1892
wife, Julia Van Huzon, (no dates)
on the back
Deloss Follett, 1851-1929

Charlotte A. Houghton, wife, 1859-1911
Ernest B. Frisbie, 1857-1930
Pauline M. Frisbie, 1859-1930
Pauline's maiden name is Becker Have notes on Ernest & Pauline

Arthur E., their son, 1893-1909, he sweetly sleeps
William B., their son, 1888-(blank)

CORAB, daughter of D.K. & R.B. Frisbie, d. Sept 30, 1885 at 24 years
Birdsel, wife of Arthur Manly, b. ? d. ?
Arthur Manly, b. ? d ?
Martha, wife of David K. Frisbie, d. Aug 23 1851 at 27y 11m 20d.

Corab & family are right next to Ernest & Pauline,.. these stones are arranged 4 on a slab 1' above the ground,.. each like small monuments Ernest B. & David K. Frisbie were brothers and they had a sister named Cora B. (i.e. Corab). Their parents were David Kelly Frisbie b.1825 and Roseltha Best (i.e. R.B.) So,.. Martha was his first wife.The print is so shallow that even rice paper and charcoal were of little assistance.

Note: Found on the Internet via Gilboa Cemetery, Schoharie Co. NY: Buried together; Cora E. Cook 1859-1912 who's mother was Mrs. Walter E. Bray resided in Windham NY. Vesta Cook 1891-1897 who was sister of Mrs. Walter E. Bray, Minnie Best ?-?- who was an interested family member & cousin to E.B.Frisbie of ?,.. no remains found. Also * Arthur M. Frisbee 1853-1860, � brother of E.B. (SIC) Frisbie of Schenevus NY, Birdsel Frisbee 1859-1863 was brother of E.B.Frisbie of Schenevus, Martha Frisbee -?-? step mother to E.B.Frisbie of Schenevus, **Cora B. Frisbie (not Corab!), 1861-1885 was sister of E.B.Frisbie, D.K.Frisbie b.? d.1914 father of E.B.Frisbie and,… last that appears to be associate with these stones in Schenevus, Mrs. D.K.Frisbie, mother of E.B.Frisbie b.? d. 1895. LDS found Minnie Best: b. 1/09/1864 of Gilboa Schoharie NY, father was Peter Best, mother was Anna Marie Getter.

Milan Winchell, d. Dec. 24 1867 at (44 years?)

John T. Hathaway, 1850-1928
wife, Marilla Cook, 1864-1927
Freda Marie, 1903-1904

Elizabeth P. Cooke, 1908-1996
W. Grant Cooke, 1904-1975
The stones of the Cookes'and Prouts' are 4 in a row, identical in style, am wondering if Elizabeth was a Prout or if Rosa Belle was a Cooke

Rosa Belle Prout, 1883-1978
George T. Prout, 1879-1949

Diana E. Fellows, wife of W.R.Cooke, d. June 20 1891 at 65y 6m

Betsy Goddard, wife of Ruben R. Fellows, d. Aug 10 1881 in the 84th year of her age
(buried right next to Diana E. Fellows in A)

The following are all in C and the same quarter run:
Adelbert F. Cook, 1863-1917
Minnie A. Houghton, 1883-1969
(Minnie Anne Houghton was buried next to her 1st & 2nd husband)

Headstones next to each other at the foot of Adelbert's by the road.
Floyd Teel, 1878-1946
Minnie Baldauf, 1883-1969
(husband and wife, Adelbert Cook 1st husband, Floyd Teel was her 2nd husband, Baldauf 3rd)

Eddie J. Cook, NY CPL CO 09 INFANTRY 2 DIV, Nov 21 1900 - Sept 29 1953

Walter Houghton
(didn't record,.. took photograph - b. 12/07/1884, d. 7/09/1937 his middle name was Arnold & his wife was Leona, they had a son, Harold)

Harley Houghton, NY PVT 95 Spruce Sq.World War I, 3/01/1887 - 2/07/1954

Belle Markle, 1894-1968, George E. Houghton's daughter
(Belle is a Houghton, her 1st husband was Palmer, 2nd Markle.)

Russel Houghton
(never finished this area because I know my family,… went to look for AMY!)

George E. Houghton, 1860-1940
Mary J. Houghton, 1864-1918
(George E.'s wife,.. Mary J. Dunham)

Harley Manzer, d. 3/16/1897, age 47 years 8mo 15ds
(Manzer is related to Dunham,.. I am thinking that Harley Manzer is Mary J. Dunham Houghton's brother-in-law)
Hester C. is engraved on the top of the stone which reads:

Harley Manzer
aged 36 years
11 mo 29 ds

(Houghton notes have Harley Manzer d. 3/16/1897 and his wife Caroline Dunham Manzer d. 3/01/1897,…same dates as the Harley above & the one below). I have a photograph of the 4 Manzer sisters. David Dunham, Mary J. Dunham's grandparents, 1890 & his wife Louise d. 6/16/1905, and are the next family listed on our tree,..Mary J. & George named one of their son's Harley. My question is, where's Caroline Dunham Manzer's grave? Was Caroline's middle name Hester Hence "Hester C. Manzer? Did Caroline & Harley have a son named Harley that died the same day as one of his parents? AND- if so which Harley is Caroline's husband?) Regardless of conflict, I think Caroline Hester & Harley are buried here. The dates are right but the 2nd stone, perhaps, should have read "Mrs.Harley Manzer" and that the engraver caught the dickens from messing up!~ Final question Did Louise & David Dunham raise Mary J. & Caroline? If so, what happened to the parents?

John T. Hathaway, 1850-1928
Marilla Cook, his wife, 1864-1927
Freda Marie, 1903-1904
Arlene Scutt, 1945-1989

Seward E. Houghton, PFC US ARMY, Aug 24 1903 - April 19 1982

Ethel M. Houghton, his wife 1905 - 1997, Seward E. Houghton's wife

Located across from Ethel M Hougton is Philemon Dunham: Still Section C
Philemon Dunham, Co.1.71.NY.Inft, 1837-1919
Marion P. Bentley, his wife, 1839-1912

Found at LDS: Marion P. Bentley; spouce: Horace Philemon Dunham m. ~1860 Schenevus NY with nearest relative listed as being Leola Bentley Ethington

Front of Headstone:
Ranslear J. Houghton, 1846-1909
Hattie M. Hunt, his wife, 1850-1931

Back of Headstone:
Otis, 1871- blank
Arlin J., 1873- blank
Agnes E., 1880- blank
(buried with her husband Leonard Cross)

Leonard I. Cross, 1880-1947
married Aggie E. Houghton, 1880-1965

Ebenezer Houghton, died (?)
wife Hadassah, ,…..
(very old, took snapshot. Our records show b. 5/28/1750 in MA, d. 5/28/1835. His wife, b. 4/19/1753 in MA and d. 2/19/1837 Schenevus NY.) Between MA & NY they were in VT. This to is in section C, which seems odd to me. Ebenezer is listed as my 5th g-grandfather

Still in C but on the left of the driveway that's closest to the oldest tree line, heading up the hill:
Dr. E.E. Houghton, 1831-1904
Maria Badeau, wife of E.E.Houghton, 1828 - 1900
Libbie H. Houghton, wife of Irving W. Hayner, 1875- 1944
Irving W. Hayner, 1872- 1950

Location shown to my mother by Burt Borst
Horace Edward DeVine, 1902-1959
his wife Mildred E. Cook, 1905-

Elmer R. Miller, PFC US ARMY KOREA, Feb 16 1932 - Feb 20 1999
(I think his mother was/is a Houghton?) He is in section C but the newest quarter that runs along the field through B & C, donated by the family that owns or owned the farm when expansion began to appear necessary.

Joseph S. Chamberlin, b. Aug 15 1822, d. Nov 15 1895
Rebecca J. Willsey, wife of Joseph, b. June? 20 1828?, d. Nov 28 1898?

Skipping back to Section A which was never recorded during first trip.

Ephram B. Dunham, Co.D.3.NYCw., died Apr 12 1909 at 73y
(Ephram is buried next to Morell Dunham and in front of Andrew C. & Calista H Gunn)

Morell Dunham, 1834-1909
Section A

4-sided headstone of Dunham family:
Side A 
Andrew C. Dunham, d. Dec 16 1858 67y 5m 18d
Calista H. Gunn, wife, d. Dec 8 1883 68y 11m 26d
Side B 
John J. Ruso, Co.J.2.Roy.Cav.Cal.Vol., 1831-1899
Mary S. Dunham, wife, 1843-1906
Side C
Side D 
Florence E. Dunham, d. Jan 1 1882 33y 5m 5d
Quartus C. Dunhamm, d. Feb 3 1885 41y ?m ?d
(It's 3 or 8 months, can't make out days at all & may be "Quaftus")

Morell H., son of David C. & Louisa Dunham, drowned Dec 20 1862 at 14y 2mo 10ds 
Section A

(Note: Mrs. Heller is sending me David Dunham's death certificate. It state's he was born in Maryland NY and died 3/1893 at the age of 74. His father was Jesse Dunham and his mother was Catheraine Jersey.)

Hiram Bostwick, 1806-1887
Nancy Wilsey, his wife 1809-1889
Leonard (G.?), d. 5/17/1850
Mariam (C.?), d. 5/07/1850
Albert (M.?), d. 2/25/18__

Mary Ann, dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Stuart, d. Oct 28 1856

Ketchum Family,.. did not record this visit
(stormy looking skies)

Christian Brown, 1/30/1871 62y3m23d
& Polly Brown, 10/24/1886

Willard Chase, 1/31/1868
& wife Betsey, 5/21/1858

Prudence, wife of __mond Chase, d. May 15 1856 at 26y
Diantha Chase, dau., d. 5/12/1856
Frances M. Chase, dau., d. 2/27/1864
(Edmond Chase?)

Catherine, wife of John Chase, d. 2/08/1855 at 30 years

4 separate stones grouped together:
"Our Mother"
Quartus Gunn, d. 3/17/1853 65 years
Jane Eliza, dau. of Andrew C. & Calisia Dunham., d. 8/7/1850 4 years 10 months
John, son of A.C. & C II (or C.H.?) Dunham, d. 11/15/1863 age 8 years 2 months
Found at LDS: Quartus Gunn m. Calista Ruggles on 6/28/1810 Montague, Franklin Co. MA "Our Mother" must be Calista Ruggles

(W.?)D. Wright, died aged 68, ______ 10, 18_6
Looks like November 10th but am clueless as to the 3rd # in the year

Peter Hammel's wife, Hannah
(can't read it)

Angeline Cross, d. 12/30/1813 age 25y

Charity, wife of Nehemiah Tompkins, d. ? aged 66y 3m 28d
Nehemiah Tompkins, d. 3/09/1860 aged 74 years

Phebe, wife of David Brownell, d. 7/17/1843 51y 6m 9d

2 stones together:
Catherine, wife of Jesse Dunham, d. Sept 16 1883 aged 87 ys
"Our Father", Jesse Dunham, b. June 23 178_, d. (__?__) 23, 1871
(Looks like b. 1780 or 1789 d. May - he is next to Cahterine)
These are in the same vacinity as Quartus Gunn, the old original part of the cemetery closest to Route 7, 3rd or 4th row back.

William Haynes, d. 1/10/1850 73y 21d
Catharine, wife of William Haynes, d. Feb. 21, 18_3 at 65y 19d
William & Catharine are right in front of Catherine & Jesse (row 2A right)

Jacob J. Schermerhorn, d. 1/31/1869, 48y 4m 11d
(Jacob Schermerhorn thru to Joshua Knapp are all buried very close to Catherine & Jesse Dunham in section A)

Egbert Henry, son of Paul & Susan G. Crippen, b. Aug 1 1859, d. at Longwood St. Helena Island SC on March 15 1873

Susan G., wife of Paul Crippen, d. at Fernandina Fla. on Oct. 28 1867 at 29y 1m 27d

Joshua Knapp, d. 10/04/1840 at 67 years

(Still section A, but may be on left side of cemetery driveway if looking up toward the back of the cemetery's hill)
Josiah Chase, Serg Contintal Line, Revolutionary War, Feb 20 1748 - Aug 2 1813

Lucy Tuthill, August (1st ?) 1823 at 55ys.
John Tuthill, d. Sept 25 1836 at 70 years

Olive Tuthill, 2nd wife of John, d. Sept 7 1836 at 55y

Edward Goddart, d. 10/06/1846 at 79y 5m 10d
Hannah, wife of Edward Goddard, d. 11/19/1837 at __ys, 1 mo., 24 days

Georgianna, dau. of Eliza Frank, d. 5/01/1850 at 1 year 11 months

Maria M. Goddard, wife of T.C. Brown, d. 3/28/1868 age 31y 10m 10dys
Ida L., dau of William & [ Ann P.? ] Goddard, d. 4/27/1866 Aged 13y 7m _days
T.C.Brown, Go.D, 3rd N.Y. Gav., (and that's all,.. no dates)
Edward Goddard, d. 10/06/1846 70y5m10d
(Edward also "buried" with his wife Hannah )

William Spencer, d. 4/07/1858, 67y

Lydia Chase, b. Aug 1785, d. July 25 1865

Follett Family is buried in this vicinity (didn't record this trip,.. it's raining)

Mary, wife of Simeon Barnes d. July 14 1852 age 86y
Simeon Barnes, d. M__ 5 1840 age 75 years
(looks like May 5th 1840)

Stephen Brown, d. 2/22/1829 at 68y 6m 12d
Thankful, wife of Stephen Brown, d. May 1837
Betsy, wife of Stephen P. Brown d. 4/30/1834 at 35y 4m 23d

Sarah Cass, d. 12/28/1816 (at 12 years old?)

Eleazer Spencer, d. April 26 1816 at 72y -m 3d
(it looks just like 72y 0m 3d ?!)

Peggy, wife of E. Spencer, Jan 26th 1845 died at 58y

Betsey, wife of Daniel Houghton, d. Sept. 18 1868 at 95 years
Daniel Houghton, d. Jan 5 1865 at 86 years
Lester, son of Daniel & Betsey Houghton, d. 1/06/183_ at 31y 1m 3d
(looks like Jan 6th 1832)

Fanny, dau., of _____ & ______, d. August 5 1860 at 5 years old
Martha, wife of Nathan Cass, d. Jan 17 1855 in her 23rd year
Desire, wife of Daniel Cass, d. 3/14/1866 in 60 year
Daniel Cass, d. Aug 3 1860 in his 51st year
Ursula, wife of Peter Sperry d. 6/21/185_
(looks like 1851)

Section C along the tree line (the Wicken's side)
Wm. Dunham, Sept 26 1825 - (blank/no date)
Delila Peaslee, - his wife - Aug 28 1825 to Feb 6 1887
(This stone is tall & slender with 4 sides, located on the right hand side of the cemetery, close to the tree line It's a dark gray stone that has an old look to it, as if the bought it when first married, to include children) (took photo)

Mary E. Haner, 1858-1909
(right next to Delila Peaslee, wonder if she's a Dunham daughter)

Leonard W. Arnold, Col.B.43 NY Inf., Born Sept 3 1841, Died Sept 21 1909

Melissa Dunham, wife of Leonard Arnold, Born April 4 1852, Died May 27 1882

William F. Dunham, Co.D.3.NY.Cav., 1825-1910
(Walking straight from their tall headstone by the tree line, to the 1st cemetery road,.. these 2 stones are found next to each other on the edge of the road to your right). Wonder if Delila's next to him.

Delila Peaslee, his wife, 1825-1887

S.H.Dunham, b. Dec 22 1823, d. March 24 190?
Mary Fellows, his wife, b. July 3 1829, d. May 26 1905
(looks like 1901 or 1904) Grave is located in far right court up the hill (C ) [Wicken Restaurant side]

Don D. Green, Co.G. __ NY Vol. Enumois, d. Aug 26 1908, age 64 years
Walter Green, 1887-1977
Lillie Howard, Walter's wife, 1870-1956
Alice Green Roland, 1894-1976
(I am really not sure about any of this except NY Vol. It actually looks like Go.G. 1 NY Vol Enumois. Don Green & his family are buried to the left side of S.H.Dunham & Mary Fellows)

PERRY-CHASE family stone
(is on the right side of S.H.Dunham & Mary Fellows)
(each side is split in half, vertically, so there are 4 quarters)

2-sided, huge, Platt Family Headstone:
1st 4th
Andrew H. Platt, Nov 1820 - Oct 1897
his wife, Hannah Coon, Oct 1820 - Oct 1853

Melissa J. Dunham, 11/1820 - 10/1858
Anna Dunham, 12/1828 - 5/1898
2nd 4th
George E. Platt, 7/1849 - 9/1903
wife, Clara Gurney, 7/1852 - 2/1937

Grace E. Platt, 6/1875-7/1876
H. Leslie Platt, 4/1877-4/1923
Fred L. Platt, 11/1884-6/1957
3rd 4th
George F. Platt, 1911-1931
Edith Flint Platt, 1872-1952
Leslye P. Greaves, 1907-1998

4th 4th
Una N. Platt, 1884-1966

4-sided Dunham Family stone:
Richard J. Dunham, 1822-1901
Nancy M. Brown, his wife, 1833-1896

George M. Smith, 1858-1917
Libbie M. Dunham, wife, 1858-1928

William C. Dunham, 1856-1932
Lena Gras, wife, 1858- (blank/no date)

The 4th side is blank.

Porter M. Dunham, 1885-1945
(his stone is right next to Richard J. Dunham's family stone)

Front of Headstone: Section C, walking up the hill it's on the right side of the center drive.
Byron S. Burnside, 1847-1927
Hannah C. Winnie, his wife, 1847-1935
Francis M., 1871-1953
Mary C., his wife
(engraved on the base of the headstone on one side only)
Back of Headstone:
Mary C., 1875-1958
Everett S., 1878-1908
D. Estella, wife of A.J. Tubbs, 1880-1907

W.H. Burnside, b. 4/24/1837, d. 9/16/1918
married, Eva H. Cross, b. 1/13/1847, d. 2/18/1887
2nd wife, Catherine M. Cross, 1846-1928

Jacob H. Cook, b. 12/23/1835, d. ____ 26th , 1887
(Looks like May 26)
Marion H. Palmatier, b. 2/28/1840, d. Sept 7 1911

Tompkins Houghton, died Feb 14 1872

4-Sided Headstone of Rose Family:
Side A
Ithamar Rose, 4/15/1808 - 6/11/1889
Margaret Morehouse, wife, 9/07/1806 - 8/08/1889
Side B
James M. Rose, Aug 14 1836 - Mar 8 1912
Emmer L. Burnside, his wife, Nov 6 1845 - Feb 22 1886
Side C
Nathaniel Swartout, 3/28/1834 - 2/04/1902
Caroline A. Wilson, his wife, 11/10/1843 - 3/08/1923
Side D
Florence M. Butler, wife of J.M. Rose, 11/19/1861 - 3/07/1916 buried at Worcester N.Y.
(in case you don't know, Worcester is a few deep breaths away)

Charles H. Seward, son of Porter & Martha Seward, d. 6/29/1864 age 39y 4m 10d

Porter Seward, b. 4/11/1794, d. 7/07/1884
Catharine Cunningham, his wife, b. 3/13/1810, d. 12/25/1882

Eunice J. Aylesworth, his wife, b. 8/14/1796, d.5/02/1820
(Martha?) Burney, his wife, b. 9/01/1799, d. Aug 16 1839
(couldn't make out first letter of "_artha")

Erastus Ray, 1828-1910
Maria, his wife, 1836-1923

Wm. C. Van Patten, Co.H. 31st N.Y.Vol., d. 5/08/1897 at 76y

Father: Charles L. Cooke, 1875-1931
Mother: Viola J. Cooke, 1879-1938
Our Boy: George A. Cooke, 1901-1907
These Cookes are all in a row with the Smiths that follow.
Anna M. Smith, 1843-1904
Edward R. Smith, 1839-1885

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