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Potato Creek Dip (Spencer Cemetery)
Maryland, Otsego County, New York

Contributed by Rebecca Stacknow [stacknow@worldnet.att.net].  Total records = 81

I drove past the "Spencer Cemetery" a dozen times while looking for it (let alone slowing down countless times for anything that remotely resembled a "Dip" in the road because my family told me it was at the "Burnside Dip"). Turns out it was only 15 feet from the road's edge on the hill of Potato Creek Dip. It is completely surrounded by trees which made it invisible,.. it's really quite heavenly for a cemetery because the trees house so many birds that it seems more full of life then death,.. if I had the money/or if I ever have, I would have it restored,.. being careful to not disrupt the ground which is covered with greenery of an airy leafy plant, in such abundance that it gives the area the appearance of floating on an earthy cloud � a beautiful substitute for plain old grass!

- Rebecca Stacknow

Horace Burnside, 1844-1920
E.N. Burnside, 1875-1968

Amos Burnside, d. Sept 16 1859, in the 37th y of his age
Thankful Jane, wife of Amos Burnside, Died (? July 25 1850 ?) at 19 years
(this is so washed away that I can't be certain)

Amy Mills, son of Amos & Mary E. Burnside, Died Oct 16 1862 at 2 yrs 8mos 16dys

4-Sided Headstone of Chauncey Family:
Side A
Russell R. Chauncey, b. 12/09/1775, d. 6/16/1859
Mabel Porter, wife of R.R. Chauncey b. Sept 26 1779, d. 5/09/1864
John A., son of R.R. & M.E. Chauncey, b. 6/10/1804, d. 3/27/1831
Side B
Wm. R. Chauncey, b. Nov 20 1816, d. Jan 7 1886
Side C
Mary Calista, wife of John W. Burnside, & daughter of W.R. & M.A. Chauncey, b. Jan 25 1851, d. May 18 1896
Clara, dau. of J.W. & M.C. Burnside, b. 5/11/1876, d. 8/17/1876
Side D
Cynthia, dau. of Wm. R. & Mary Chauncey, b. 9/12/1853, d. 3/08/1860
Luther, b. 9/17/1837, d. 1/21/1864
Alfred, b. 2/21/1849, d. 2/16/1864
Arthur, b. 10/29/1856, d. 7/12/1865
(found Chauncey tied in with Royalty somewhere perhaps ancestry.com file?)

In Memory of Samuel Burnside, son of Evert & Mrs. Catharine Burnside, d. Jan 12 1827 at 12y
(behind this is a plain arch stone with initials S.A.B)

Catharine, wife of Evert Burnside, d. July 6 186? at 82 years old
(it's either 1860 or 1866 as far as I can tell)

Evert Burnside, d. May 26 1834, age 61y 10m 22d

Rhoda P., Daughter of Benoni & Fanny Mills, Died Oct 20 1819 aged 4 years

Sarah D., Daughter of Benoni & Fanny Mills, Died Oct 5 1832 aged 3 months

Benoni Mills, d. July 26 1863 aged 70y

Fanny, wife of Benoni Mills, d. Feb 19 1872 aged 75 yrs.

James, son of Benoni & Fanny Mills, d. Oct 10 1836 aged 18 yrs 1 mth.

Adelia C., daughter of Benoni & Fanny Mills, d. Oct 22 1846 aged 7y 9m 22d

Mr. Harry O' Gardner, 1884-1961

Peter Ireland, 1948-1968

Emil Meyer, 1897-1963

John U. Spencer, b. 5/14/1837, d. 10/06/1892

H.C. Spencer, 1851-1928

H.D. Spencer, b. 6/29/1807, d. 7/13/1887
Margaret, his wife, b. Apr. 15, 1812, d. Nov 11 1871

Edgar O., son of Horace D. & Margaret Spencer, d. Oct 6 1860 aged 22 yrs.

Carlton O., son of Horace D. & Margaret Spencer, d. June 22, 1851, In the 11th year of his age.

Fennie, son of Amos & Elvira Spencer, d. June 2 1868 age 6 months

Nathan Spencer, d. Feb 13, 1865 aged 22y 1m 9days
Simeon Spencer, d. Aug 1 1808 aged 28 years
Catherine, wife of Nathan and Simeon Spencer, d. Jan 31, 1860 aged 76 y.

Dorcas, wife of Amos Spencer, d. 5/29/1843 in the 83 yrs of her age

Amos Spencer, died July 13 1843, in the 85 yrs of his age

In Memory of Mrs Soffy, wife of Mr. John Thompson, who died Sept. the 10th, 1815, aged 74 years.

A. Lincoln, 1865-1926
Anna, 1896-1903
Louise Ash, 1865-1916
Louise, 1892-1894

Amos d. Spencer, Nov. 22, 1822 - Nov 16, 1895
Mary E. Barnes, his wife, Nov 15 1829 - May 3 1908

Helen S. Wright, 1855-1935
E.H. Wright, 1850-1895

Hester Bostwick, 1803-1899
& Orrin Bostwick, 1808-1905

Roswell P. Olds, d. 1879 at 63 years

John Davis, 1822-1905 &
Fidella Olds, his wife 1825-1905
Almon B. Peterson, 1837-1909 &
Anna B., his wife1839-1912

Statira A., wife of David Bostwick, d. 7/12/1881

Myndert R. Veeder, b. 8/02/1820, d. 1/02/1882
Elizabeth, his wife, b. 10/21/1810, d. 3/01/1903
Winnie J. Veeder, b. 10/18/1860, d. 9/03/1870

James R., d. 5/21/1830 age 32y
Angie Cross, wife of James Webster, d. 8/2/1898 at 48y

Justus H. Cross, 1825-1896
his wife, Alinda Winne, 1830-1908

Eliab Cross, d. Dec 15 1859 at 16 yrs old

__________ _________, Oct. 19th 1888

Abby E., wife of Charles H. Stever, d. 11/10/1867 aged 24y 2m __d.

To The Memory of George Worden who departed this life, 2/16/1839 aged 32y

(Patty?), wife of Joseph Worden Jr., d. 10/15/1827 at 49y
(was it spelled differently on the 2 stones?)

Uriah Spencer, b. 5/29/1798, d. 10/10/1873
Ester Worden, his wife, b. Aug 3 1798, d. 5/15/1867
Israel Spencer, b. 3/11/1832 d. (blank)
George M. Spencer, b. 2/10/1830, d. 10/19/1878

Georgie V., dau. of Joseph & Rachel e. Spencer, b. 3/11/1880, d. 8/13/1884

Joseph Spencer, 4/27/1839 - 7/06/1898
Rachel E. Veeder, wife, 6/20/1843 - 2/15/1903

Philip D. Spencer, b. 5/28/1830 - d. 7/08/1883

Jessee Spencer, d. 3/21/1832 (aged 62y ? )

In Memory of Rebekah, wife of ----ac I. Spencer, who died ___?___ 1826 in the 86y _broken off _
There is a slab separate from this headstone with her initials R.S.
(these 2 were in the 1st Row)
There is a slab in the same row as R.S. with initials I.S.

In Memory of Philip Spencer, who d. 11/30 in the year 1805, 29th year of life
Stevie Allen Zindle, d. 6/16/1988

There are 2 I can't make out that were behind Catharine & Evert Burnside:

Willie H., (d. 2/20/1860?) and Frankies, d. (Sept. 29 1865?)
both are sonn of William and Mary?

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