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Cooperstown Junction
Maryland, Otsego County, New York

Contributed by Rebecca Stacknow [stacknow@worldnet.att.net].  Total records = 62

Mary E., wife of Wm. W. Burnside, d. 5/22/1868 age 27 years

Isaac Collier, died July 29 1882 (83 yr. old?)
Betsy Kromer, his wife d. Aug 9 1881 86 yrs 8mo
Belle Townsend, 1835-1910

Margarett Anne Russell, wife of Nelson Collier, d. 1/08/1883 at 53 year

Sarah, wife of Samuel, d. 7/22/1854, ~24 years
(Note: the stone does not specify Burnside although it is among a cluster of them)

Nancy Burnside, d. 8/20/1868
Mary, daughter, d. 1822, at 20 years of age

Thomas Burnside, d. 2/16/1853, at (?)65yrs 5 mo 18d
wife, Elizabeth, d. 2/12/1860, 69y 2m __days
(I have to question if it's 65 y because it is the only number on the stone that is hard to read)

In Memory of Mrs. Margaret, wife of Mr. Gloud T. Burnside, who died 1/28/1826, age ?
(age not clear & had no time to scrape)

Sylvester Burnside, d. 3/1869
(not positive of the month,… looked a little like a 9)
Right next to Sylvester was:
Lovina, daughter of (__?__), d. M___, (21?) 1861
(and that is all it read,.. no last name or legible association)

Nelson Burnside, 1833-1920
Adelia Waldron, 1836-1901
Edward, 1859-1894
Frank, 1861-1897
Nelson Burnside Family cont.,
Almeron, 1863-1930
Waldron, 1866-1934
John, 1868-1912
Warren B. Waterman, 1899-1900
(Note: this is not a typo,.. Warren was on the same stone)

Samuel Burnside, d. May 26 1836 at 56 years of age

Maria, wife of Sam Burnside, d. July 3 1820 ? yrs. 2 mos. 25 days

(This James is the Captain who died of fatigue from battle son of Gloud: )
James C. Burnside, d. June 30 1880 at 75 years
Adelia, wife of J.C.Burnside, d. 9/17/1858 50y 6m 10d

Elizabeth, wife of George Burnside, d. 8/03/1844 age 32 years 16 days

Thomas Burnside, d. 7/20/1827 at 77 years of age
(buried next to Ariann and Andrew Burnside) LDS,.. Thomas Burnside b. 7/30/1750 parents were Gloud & Margaret Stewart 

Ariann Burnside, wife of Thomas, d. 1/15/1806 age 51 years
Andrew Burnside, son of James & Mary Burnside, ? /06/1819 6 years old

In Memory of Samuel Burnside who died 5/15/1825 age 55 years
(Gen. SSBurnside's father)
Gen. Samuel Burnside, 1811-1880
married, Lydia Ann Sherman, 1812-1885

In Memory of Hannah, wife of Samuel Burnside, who died 3/10/1836 58 year
(Is this Hannah Coon of Normanskill Albany b.~1773. Hannah & Samuel's son was Gen.Samuel S.Burnside, b. Jan 6, 1812 in Milford, Otsego Co.)

Rachel, wife of Samuel, died 6/?
(Note: there was no mention of a last name unless it was totally worn. The stone laid completely flat on the ground and had seriously shallow engravings. Figure some info. is better then none)
(Separate headstones)

Joseph Quick, 1852-1923
his wife, Ann Burnside, 1854-1906

"Not lost but gone before us"
Flora, daughter of Gloud & Ariann Platt, d. 3/31/1873 13 years 10 mos.
(In the same row as Gloud & Ariann, Sylvester & Lovina, and the other Platts by Gloud)

Rachel Platt, wife of Rev. G.M.Pendell, died at Seney Iowa, July 24 1881 at 38y 8m 1dy

Charles P., Eldest son of Simeon R. & Margret J. Barnes, d. 1/15/1872 age 17y 1m 11d

Stephen Platt, d. 11/26/1885 age 68 y. 10 m. 14 d.

Nancy, wife of Stephen Platt, d. 1/31/1870 age 70y. 3m. 18d.

Edward Platt, b. 2/24/1823, d. 1892

Gloud B. Platt, d. July 22 1883 56y 2m 16d

Ariann Platt, d. (April 1st?) 1893 (at 66y?)

David Knopp, d. June 23 1883 at 72y
Hannah, wife of David Knopp, d. 3/2/18__
(looks like March 2 1845)

Frederick Craft, 1857-1925
Caroline Collins, his wife 1861-1907

Elizabeth West, d. 5/15/1815
(buried in area of William & John Deitz)

BURNSIDE headstone:
(last name engraved on one side and the opposite side is:)
Delos W. Burnside, April 2 1835 - Feb 18 1907
Sarah C. Every, his wife, Dec 26 1837 - Jan 21 1923
Irving A., Aug 22 1864 - Sept 13 1930
Jeannie E., Dec. 15 1865 - Jan 25 1899
Ford L., June 7 1881 - July 31 1934

Ford L. Burnside, 1881-1934
Olive Begeal Burnside, 1884 - (blank/no date)
(Ford & Olive's stone is right next to Delos & his family)

William Burnside, b. Feb 19 1807, d. (__?__)
Catharine Deitz, his wife, b. March 17 1827, d. 10/26/1891
(wouldn't even want to wager a guess at William's date of death)

William H. Deitz, b. 5/21/1824, d. 5/21/1887
Jerusha D. Platt, wife of W.H. Deitz, b. 11/28/1829, d. 5/25/1894

John Deitz, d. 10/16/1849 at 63y

Maria C., wife of John Deitz, d. 8/19/1872 80y 7m 25d

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