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Unidentified Cemetery
Greenwood Lake, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net], Gertrude Rose, Barbara Defalco, and Laura Cooper.  Total records = 45.

On Old Dutch Hollow Road.

Conklin, Henry T., 1/22/137  64 yrs h/w Elsie J.  5/19/1886--61 yrs
Conklin, Peter, 12/1/1875--29 yrs
Davis, James S., 2/23/1837--5/9/1895--h/w Phebe J. Conklin  5/3/1854
DeGraw, William, 1/14/1899 68 yrs--h/w Catherine  1/14/1887--54 yrs
Gain, Ann, 5/10/1888
Garrison, Jacob, 1883--83 yrs
Garrison, Mary, 7/23/1829--3/27/1886--56 yrs  w/o John Garrison
Hall, Frank L., 1859/1910  h/w Lillian A.Smith 1861/1947
Hill, Jacob M., 1/23/1874--88 yrs
Hunt, John S., 3/26/1832--4/2/1897  h/w Elizabeth Garrison  2/20/1832, 12/2/1907
Hunter, Albert, 10/4/1887--58 yrs h/w Phebe Hunter, 2/3/1871--40 yrs
Hunter, Jackson, 1832/1900  h/w  Hannah Halstead  1834/1928
Hunter, John, 2/9/1808--17 yrs
Hunter, Samuel, 1/14/1889--63 yrs h/w Harriet Hunter  [brn.]8/18/1829--???
Ketchum, George, 1839/66 yrs
Mabee, Henry, 1856/1921 h/w Mary C. 1863/1926
Neely, Alexander, 8/17/1875--20 yrs
Neely, Alexander Jr., 11/18/1897--34 yrs
Neely, Anna, 8/17/1875--20 yrs
Neely, Isabel, 3/28/1900--38 yrs
Neely, James H., son of Alexander and Sarah Neely  7/14/1871--17 yrs
Neely, Louisa M., 1/3/1884--18 yrs
Neely, Mary, 1/19/1871--68 yrs
Odell, Danial, 1816/1905
ONeal, William, 2/19/1876--66 yrs
Robert, Donald, 6/20/1859--12 yrs
Rumsey, 3/10/1882--74 yrs
Ryerson, George B., 1880--23 yrs Nathan
Ryerson, Jacob, 3/27/1909--87 yrs h/w Letta Vantassel 4/6/1881--57 yrs
Sayer, Ainesworth, 1879/1968  h/w Jennie Cyphers  1884/1919
Tide?eck, Elizabeth, 1812/1906
Utter, William, NY Pvt. US Army  7/30/1929
Zindler, Charles H., 5/15/1875--45 yrs

Monument erected by Archibald Hunter:

[father] William Donald 1774/1840
[mother] Margret 1785/1856
William 1807/1829
Andrew 1814/1843
Robert 1817/1859
Adolphus 1821/1842
John 1822/1855
Margret 1810/1?37
Amy 1812/1829
Hannah 1818/1905
Stephen 1827/1856
Hunter, Archibald, 4/11/1825, 6/26/1916

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