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Orange Turnpike Cemetery
Middletown, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net], Gertrude Rose and  Barbara R. Defalco.  Total records = 35.

Actual cemetery name is unknown to us, but it is located on Orange Turnpike, and that's why we are calling it that.

- Maude Conklin

Adams, Gabriel, 8/14/1822--9/1/1880
Babcock, Alfred, 1832/1901/h/o Sarah E. Newkirk  1833/1903
Babcock, Cornelia E., 1877/1921
Babcock, James H., 1857/1930
Babcock, John H., 1874/1931
Babcock, William H., 1872/1948  h/w Margret Lazaw 1842/1919
Brown, Anna C., 1858/1958
Conkling, Charles, 1829/1902
Conkling, Corniela, 5/2/1914--85 yrs
Cooper, James, 1757/1807
DeWitt, Lucy, w/o Obediah Wright  6/17/1890--78 yrs
Halstead, Robert E., 1/12/1841--5/8/1878 [vet.]
Hunt, John, 1853/1927--h/w Mary 1860/1939
Kingsland, Harriet Brown, 1874/1955
Lewis, Alden, 1879/1969 
Lewis, Clarabel M., 1886/1969
Osborn, Jonathan, 10/11/1856--60 yrs
Pitts, Thomas P., 5/13/1814--9/12/1892  h/w Emily J. 10/8/1817--5/5/1862
Seaman, Amos, 11/15/1858--5/7/1933
Seaman, Christiana, 1812/1884
Seaman, Cornella T., 4/15/1853---1/24/1936
Seaman, Isaac, 1805/1860
Seaman, Leonard, 2/4/1876--9/24/1922
Seaman, Ruby May, 11/22/1882--1/25/1906
Seaman, Ruth, 1857/1916 w/o George W. Oneil 1851/1936
Slawson, Melton, 1807/1860
Slawson, Prudence, 1811/1893
Stuart, Naomie, 6/21/1856--71 yrs
Tallman, J. Harvey, 1843/1911
Wright, Emma Louisa, 1854/1872
Wright, Olivia Smith, 1839/1916
Wright, Seth, 1817/1882
Youmans, Daniel, 7/6/1847--9/5/1875
Youmans, Harvey, 1/3/1820--4/11/1893
Youmans, Louise, w/o Ernest Mezzer  1853/1927


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