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Colden Family Cemetery
Montgomery, Orange County, New York

Maple Ave, Rock Tavern
Montgomery NY

Lat: 41° 31' 17"N, Lon: 74° 08' 49"W

Contributed by Lisa Melville, May 27, 2004, last edited Apr 16, 2009 [melvillelisamarie@gmail.com]. Total records = 62.

To reach cemetery from Coldenham drive east on Route 17k to Maple, turn right or south onto Maple. The location is right where the little stream crosses Maple about 10 ft south of the crossing and then straight back from there about 500ft.

This is the cemetery for the Cadwallader Colden family and his descendants. He was a prominent leader in the area in the late 1700s. It is no longer managed by the family, but is now owned and maintained by the town of Montgomery. I found it in fair condition, and it is no longer accepting new burials.

I visited this cemetery in April of 2004 and also compared with previous transcriptions.

- Lisa Melville

Antell, Alice, d. 21 Feb 1776, aged 30 years, Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Alice Antell, daughter of Cadwr. and Eliz. Colden
Antill, Edward, b. 16 Apr 1795, d. 30 Feb 1830
Colden, Alexander, d. 28 Sep 1816, age 59
Colden, Anna Cornelia, d. 3 Oct 1799, aged 13 months, youngest daughter of David and Gertrude Colden
Colden, Anna Willet, d. 1828, Married 1783, The grateful tribute of an adopted daughter to the memory of Thomas and Anna Willet, s/w Thomas
Colden, Cadwallader Sr., d. 28 Sep 1776, in 89th year of his age and was buried at spring Hill, Flushing, L.I., He was Surveyor-General and Lieut. Governor, and from 1761 to 1775 acting Governor of the Province of New York, this tablet was erected by his decedents in his memory
Colden, Cadwallader W., d. 11 Jun 1860, aged 57 years, 7 mos and 8 days, died at Coldenham
Colden, Cadwallader, Esq, d. 18 Feb 1797, aged 75 years
Colden, Cadwallader, d. 10 Jun 1805, aged 59 years, 7 months
Colden, Carrie Crawford, d. 13 Jul 1874, aged 5 months, Children of Charles R. and Caroline Oakley Colden
Colden, Charles Kearney, b. 24 Jan 1881, d. 4 Jan 1907
Colden, Charles R., d. 8 May 1881, aged 63 years
Colden, Charles, d. 25 Apr 1870, aged 19 years, son of Charles R. and Caroline O. Colden
Colden, David, d. 15 Sep 1798, aged 36 years, son of Cadwallader and Elizabeth Colden
Colden, David, d. 18 Mar 1860, aged 48 years, 10 months and 3 days
Colden, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jul 1815, 89th year of her age, relict of Cadwallader Colden
Colden, Elizabeth, d. 13 Oct 1858, aged 76, relict of William Colden
Colden, Elizabeth, d. 24 Apr 1782, in the 30th year of her age, wife of Cad. Colden, and only daughter of John Fell, Esq.
Colden, Gertrude, b. 4 Jul 1767, d 16 May 1845, aged 76 years, widow of Alexander Colden
Colden, Jane, d. 3 Oct 1827, aged 72, Dau. Of Alexander Colden and widow of John Antill
Colden, Kearney, d. 18 Nov 1885, aged 27 yrs., 7 mos. and 15 days
Colden, Margaret, d. 16 Mar 1881, aged 71 years, 10mo's and 3 days
Colden, Margaret, d. 29 Mar 1855, in the 75th year of her age, relict of Peter Galatian
Colden, Susan, d. 4 Aug 1905, aged 82 years
Colden, Thomas Jr., d. 1 Apr 1843, aged 42 years and 6 months, only son of Cadwallader C. and Eliza H. Colden.
Colden, Thomas, d. 1826, Married 1783, The grateful tribute of an adopted daughter to the memory of Thomas and Anna Willet, s/w Anna Willet
Colden, William Esq., d. 1 Oct 1826, aged 44 years and 7 mo.
Fell, John Esq., d. 15 May 1798, aged 77 years, 91 days.
Fell, John, d. 4 Feb 1836, aged 52 years, Beneath this earth rests all that is mortal of John Fell
Fell, Peter R, d. 6 Oct 1791, in the 38th year of his age
Fell, Susan, d. Nov 1800, in 73d year of her age, relict of John Fell
Galatian, Peter, d. 26 Feb 1811, age 55 years, 11 months and 19 days
Hand, Susan, b. 17 Nov 1778, d 19 Oct 1854, wife of Thomas Hand
Hand, Thomas, b. 21 Nov 1779, d 18 Oct 1839
Handy, William, d. 4th Oct 1819, aged 5 years and 4 mo., son of John and Mary Fell
Hoyt, Rev. Albert, d. 23 Jan 1829, aged 31 years, 3 mos and 23 days, Rector of St. Andrew's Church, Walden
Hunt, Mary Ann, d. 29 Nov 1885, aged 63 years, 8 months and 4 days, wife of David Colden
Hussey, Gertrude Colden, b. 25 Sep 1817, d 13 Sep 1848, wife of George E. Hussey, and daughter of Robert I. Murray.
Hussey, Murray, b. 21 Jan 1845, d. 30 Jan 1849, son of G.F. and G.C. Hussey
Murray, Jane, d. 29 Dec 1830, in the 82d year of her age, relict of Alexander Murray
Murray, Robert, d. 9 Feb 1866, aged 8 weeks
Rhind, Alexander Colden, d. 8 Nov 1897, in his 77th year, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy
Rhind, Anna Grant, b. 5 Oct 1814, d. 2 Jun 1901
Rhind, Cad'r D. Colden, d. 28, Apr 1884, in 62nd year of his age, son of Charles and Susan Rhind
Rhind, Charles, b. 10 Feb 1810, d. 23 Apr 1908
Rhind, Charles, b. 11 Feb 1779, d. 31 Mar 1857
Rhind, Charles, b. 19 Feb 1810, d. 23 Apr 1908
Rhind, Frances, b. 24 Feb 1846, d 14 Dec 1890, Daughter of Charles and Anna G. Rhind
Rhind, Frances, b. 24 Feb 1846,d 14 Dec 1890, daughter of Charles and Anna G. Rhind
Rhind, Henry Navarre, d. 8 May 1910, aged 61 years, son of Charles and Anna G. Rhind
Rhind, Malvina, b. 9 Jan 1819, d. 25 Feb 1832, daughter of Charles and Susan Rhind
Rhind, Mary, d. 1 Nov 1895, Died All Saints Day
Rhind, Sarah, b. 11 Oct 1786, d. 3 Nov 1861, relict of Charles Rhind
Rhind, Susan, d. 24 Aug 1865
Ruggles, Charles Joseph, d. 25 Sep 1849, aged 28 years, 10 months and 29 days, son of David and Sarah Colden Ruggles
Ruggles, David, d. 19 Dec 1837, 54 years, 9 months and 15 days
Ruggles, Elizabeth, d. Feb 1831, aged 2 months, daughter of David and Sarah Colden Ruggles
Ruggles, Sarah, d. 10 May 1942, aged 50 years, 5 months and 25 days, wife of David, and eldest daughter of David and Gertrude Colden
Trimble, Isabella, d. 25 Apr 1842, aged 4 years, daughter of John and Margaret Trimble
Trimble, John Antill, d. 2 Apr 1856, aged 6 mo., 11 days, son of John and Margaret Trimble
Wynkoop, Gertrude, d. 19 Nov 1829, aged 5 years, 1 month and 9 days, daughter of David and Sarah Colden Ruggles

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