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Coffey Family Cemetery
Monroe, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin, Nov. 1999 [doghaven@frontiernet.net]. Total records = 26.

Cemetery is located behind Woodbury Commons shopping Mall. Enter the mall at light and follow the road all the way around to the far right side of lot, look for a stone wall and a few pine trees. Site is in good condition and well maintained.

Alger, Emily F., d. 8/22/1815, 35 yrs, w/o Cyrus W. Pratt
Alger, Levi, d. 9/11/1820, 39 yrs
Calloway, Caroline, d. 10/24/1898, 85 yrs, wife of Micah Deckerman
Coffey Charles, d. 1/24/1855, 20 yrs [or 26 yrs] s/o Rachel and John Coffey
Coffey, Alvin M., d. 6/10/1864, 45 yrs, s/o Rachel and John Coffey 6/10/1864 45 yrs
Coffey, George, d. 4/14/1854, s/o Rachel and John coffey
Coffey, John, d. 1/19/1861, 79 yrs, husb. of Rachel
Coffey, Mary Ida, b. 5/17/1859, d. 4/12/1861, d/o John and Annie Coffey
Coffey, Rachel, b. 1800, d. 9/3/1870, w/o John Coffey
Coffey, Thomas, d. 5/11/1868, 72 yrs
Deckerman, Micah, b. 3/12/1804, d. 1/7/1884, husb of Caroline Calloway
Dickerman, Mary d. , d. 11/17/1835, 65 yrs, w/o George Peckham
Evenor, Frederck, d. 2/28/1835
Fletcher, Edmand, d. 8/20/1843, 1 yr2 mos, s/o Job and Sarah Fletcher
Ford, Charles S., b. 9/26/1871, d. 1/6/1877 child of Alexander and Margaret b. Ford
Ford, Experience S., d. 1877, child of Alexander and Margaret b. Ford
Gallaway, Mary, d. 1/7/1853, 71 yrs 2 mos 26 ds, w/o George Gallaway
Gallaway, Sophia, d. 3/18/1888, 14 yrs, d\o George and Mary Gallaway
Goff, George W., d. 3/2/1876, 69 yrs, husband of Jane W.
Goff, Jane W., d. 10/1846, 28yrs, wife of George W.
Goff, Michael, d. 11/16/1831, 61 yrs [on stone it is written as Goff.]
Goff, Elizabeth, b. 11/27/1866, 87 yrs
Lane, Mary Elizabeth, b. 2/19/1809, d. 5/23/1887, w/o George G. Lane
Roe, Lewis H., d. 4/?/1842, 3 yrs, s/o Albert and Marie Roe
Smith, Experience, b. 7/3/1815, d. 10/30/1886, w/o Charles Suterland, 71 yrs 4 mos 7 ds
Teneyck, Mary, d. 2/3/1852--20 yrs, w/o Manning Teneck and D/o Rachel and John Coffey


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