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Berea Cemetery
Berea, Orange County New York

Lat: 41° 31' 51"N, Lon: 74° 10' 35"W

Submitted by Lisa Melville, Aug 20, 2007, last edited Jul 22, 2009 [melvillelisamarie@gmail.com]. Total records = 516.

To reach this cemetery from Montgomery, drive east on Ward Street for about 3 miles. Turn left or north onto Berean Road and continue to Coleman Road. The cemetery will be on the east or right side of the road at this intersection.

This historical cemetery was established in the early 1820s in the town of Berea. It was owned and maintained by the Reformed Dutch Church of Berea up until Jul 13, 1901 when the church closed. at some point the cemetery became the property of the Wallkill Presbyterian Church.

In May of 1922 the church building was removed to East Walden.� A new corporation known as the Berea Cemetery Association was formed and the cemetery lands were conveyed to it.� This association also received all the proceeds derived from the sale of the property, to be used for the perpetual care, maintenance and preservation of the cemetery.

Lilli Melville and I have transcribed from work done by Daniel T Ronk in 1921, and used by permission.

- Lisa Melville

Ackerly, Deborah, d. 15 Feb 1846, age: 73yr 3mo 20da, wife of Nathaniel Ackerly
Ackerly, Eunice Harris, d. 2 Dec 1859, age: 43yr 6mo 7da, wife of Nathaniel Ackerly
Ackerly, Mary Jane Terpenning, no dates, age: 55yr, wife of Nathaniel Ackerly
Ackerly, Mehetable B. Jackson, d. 17 Jan 1867, age: 49yr 1mo 3da, wife of Nathaniel Ackerly
Ackerly, Nathaniel, d. 5 Jun 1851, age: 79yr 9mo 10da
Ackerly, Ruth, d. 17 Dec 1873, age: 70yr 9mo
Albertson, Francis M., d. 24 Jun 1830, 1yr 10mo 6da, son of William & Mary Albertson, lost his life by falling from the wire bridge at Walden
Ambrose, William, d. 29 Dec 1834, age: 33yr 6mo
Austin, Hamet, d. 22 Jul 1856, age: 59yr
Barry, William, d. 30 Mar 1875, age: 30yr 7mo 7da, son of William & Ann Barry
Bassett, Hattie, d. 1 May 1860, age: 3yr 3mo 22da, twin dau of Henry D. & Mary E. Bassett
Bassett, Lizzie, d. 26 Sep 1860, age: 3yr 1mo 22da, twin dau of Henry D. & Mary E. Bassett
Batheg (?), James Edmond, d. 21 Sep 1858, age: 2yr 2mo 8da
Bathing, Clarissa, b. 1790, d. 12 Aug 1862, wife of William Bathing
Beattie, Eunice Harris, d. 21 Mar 1861, age: 81yr 7mo 10da, wife of Joseph Beattie
Beattie, Joseph, d. 6 Mar 1815, age: 57yr
Bell, Ann, d. 9 Nov 1858, age: 80yr, wife of James
Bell, James, d. 17 Mar 1851, age: 59yr
Bell, Robert H., d. 3 Jun 1848, age: 30yr
Bell, Theodore, d. 29 Mar 1841, age: 18yr, son of Hames & Ann Bell
Biggs, Samuel, d. 2 Feb 1834, age: 48yr 8mo 18da
Bilyon, Elsie, Milliken, b. 12 Sep 1802, d. 13 Apr 1901, wife of Robert Bilyon
Bilyon, James M., d. 19 Aug 1861, 1yr 1mo 12da
Bilyon, Robert, b. 6 Aug 1816, d. 12 Mar 1885
Bilyon, Sarah, b. 29 Mar 1853, d. 25 Feb 1911
Blake, (Ehloe or Chloe?) Belknapp, b. 4 Jun 1774, d. 13 Oct 1858, wife of Edward Blake
Blake, Amy, d. 1 Dec 1828
Blake, Ann Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct 1810, d. 14 Feb 1876
Blake, Ann, d. 16 Sep 1827, age: 2mo
Blake, Capt. Edward, d. 2 Jan 1860, age: 86yr 11da
Blake, Charles, d. 8 May 1863, age: 18yr 8mo 25da, Sergt Co. A. 168 Regt. N.Y.S.V.
Blake, Elizabeth A. Morris, b. 26 Jan 1807, d. 10 Feb 1876, wife of Milton Blake
Blake, Elizabeth Jackson, d. 8 Apr 1854, age: 54yr 6mo 3da, wife of William Balke
Blake, Elsie Eager, d. 23 Oct 1841, age: 80yr 7mo, wife of John Balke
Blake, Elsie J., d. 23 Mar 1891, age: 61yr 11mo 26da
Blake, Emily Lanigen, b. 1878, d. 1915, wife of John Blake
Blake, Esther, d. 15 Jun 1835, age: 36yr 10da
Blake, Fanny, d. 29 Aug 1854, age: 64yr 10mo 10da
Blake, Frances K. Little, b. 10 Dec 1838, d. 6 Jul 1893, wife of John P.M. Blake
Blake, George, b. 18 Nov 1875, d. 19 Sep 1877, son of John P.M. and Frances K. Blake
Blake, James, d. 19 Apr 1852, age: 81yr 1mo 28da
Blake, James, d. 3 Feb 1857, age: 7yr 18da, son of Milton & Elizabeth Blake
Blake, John B., d. 10 Jan 1845, age: 5mo 1da, son of Jonathan B. & Adaline Blake
Blake, John E., d. 11 Nov 1837, age: 3yr 5mo 27da, son of William & Elizabeth Blake
Blake, John P. M., b. 12 May 1839, d. 30 Jun 1913
Blake, John, d. 15 Jan 1826, age: 65yr 1mo 8da
Blake, Julia, b. 7 Oct 1801, d. 6 Jul 1858, daughter of Charles and Sarah Blake
Blake, Milton, b. 26 Jan 1802, d. 4 Oct 1869, son of James & Anna Blake
Blake, Milton, d. 16 Aug 1828, age: 25yr 11mo
Blake, Nancy B. Watkins, d. 22 Dec 1887, age: 75yr 9mo 3da wife of Edward Blake
Blake, William, b. 28 Aug 1870, d. 22 Apr 1872, son of John P.M. and Frances K. Blake
Blake, William, d. 23 Sep 1876, age: 82yr 7mo 1da
Brannan, William, d. 5 Nov 1864, age: 89yr 2mo
Brannon, Lydia Hunt, d. 14 Apr 1864, age: age: 83yr 9mo 10d, wife of William Brannan
Brett, Evelina, d. 28 Aug 1832, age: 8yr 8da
Brett, Mary Elizabeth, d. 8 Feb 1827, age: 2yr 1mo 8da
Brown, Benjamin, d. 2 Apr 1861, age: 36yr, s/w Jennie
Brown, Eleanor McKinney, d. 19 Nov 1859, age: 61yr 2mo 4da, wife of John Brown
Brown, Eliza, A., b. 1833, d. 23 Jun 1892
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 11 Nov 1841, age: 67yr 4mo 24da, wife of Neal Brown
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 1823, age: 1yr 10mo
Brown, John, d. 31 Mar 1869, age: 74yr 6mo 16da
Brown, Little Jennie, d. 23 Oct 1861, age: 15mo, s/w Mary Elizabeth
Buchanan, Abraham C., b. 1 May 1850, d. 25 Jun 1877
Buchanan, Abraham K., b. 10 Feb 1818, d. 13 Feb 1878
Buchanan, Elizabeth, b. 18 Jul 1825, d. 23 Apr 1868, wife of Abraham Buchanan
Burnet, Charles, d. 3 Jun 1852, age: 84yr
Burnet, Margaret, d. 6 Jan 1850, age: 46yr 4mo 10da
Burns, Elizabeth, d. 23 Apr 1839, age: 17yr 1mo 28da, daughter of James & Mary Burns
Burns, George, d. 16 Feb 1849, age: 68yr 8mo 24da
Burns, George, d. 21 Mar 1842, age: 27yr, son of James & Mary Burns
Burns, James, d. 20 Dec 1845, age: 69yr 7mo 12da
Burns, Mary, d. 19 Jan 1843, wife of James Burns
Calatian, William, d. 14 Oct 1831, age: 6mo 22da, son of Irwin & Mary Calatian
Calwell, Hugh, b. 26 Dec 1807, d. 14 Jan 1842
Camerell, Alexander, d. 21 Jun 1855, age: 56yr
Carman, Eliza A. Brown, b. 1833, d. 22 Jun 1892, wife of Israel Carman
Carman, Israel, b. 4 Nov 1826, d. 12 Jul 1890
Carmen, Israel, b. 4 Nov 1826, d. 19 Jul 1890
Carmen, Sarah Ann, b. 4 Dec 1856, d. 8 Feb 1908, wife of George W. Knowles
Chamber, Betsey, d. 22 Dec 1837, age: 71yr 8mo 15da, wife of John Chambers
Christ, Carrie S., d. 27 May 1864, d/o Matthew & Mary
Christ, Charles H., d. 21 Mar 1865, s/o Matthew & Mary
Christ, Christian, d. 2 Jun 1845, age: 78yr 2mo 8da
Christ, Francis, d. 5 Jan 1851, s/o Matthew & Mary
Christ, Jane A., d. 16 Jan 1848, d/o Matthew & Mary
Christ, Josephine, d. 14 Sep 1851, d/o Matthew & Mary
Christ, Margaret Kidd, d. 13 Apr 1832, age: 61yr 11mo 22da, wife of Christian Christ
Clineman William, d. 22 Jan 1848, age: 68yr 11mo 27da
Clineman, Alice, d. 7 Aug 1858, age: 2yr 7mo 2da, dau of Thomas & Catherine Clineman
Clineman, Catharine Ann, d. 30 Nov 1857, age: 26yr 4mo 13da, dau of Thomas & Mary Clineman
Clineman, Fanny D., d. 6 Jun 1861, age: 7mo 15da, dau of William & Josephine Clineman
Clineman, Jackson B., d. 19 Feb 1859 Savannah, Ga., age: 48yr 4mo 2da, son of Thomas & Mary Clineman
Clineman, James M., d. 13 Feb 1858, 12yr 6mo 18da, son of William & Josephine Clineman
Clineman, Jason, d. 7 Aug 1858, age: 5yr 7mo 2da, son of Thomas & Catherine Clineman
Clineman, Josephine B., d. 1 Feb 1906, 80yr, wife of William Clineman
Clineman, Mary, d. 18 Nov 1851, age: 63yr 9mo 13da, wife of Thomas Clineman
Clineman, Mary, d. 27 Aug 1858, age: 85yr 10mo 23da
Clineman, Robert, d. 26 Mar 1859 Orange Hill, Fla., age: 23yr 6mo 23da, son of Thomas & Mary Clineman
Clineman, Thomas, d. 15 Jan 1848, age: 66yr 8mo 9da
Clineman, Thomas, d. 21 Nov 1861, age: 33yr 3mo 8da, son of Thomas & Catherine Clineman
Clineman, William, d. 22 Jan 1848, age: 68yr 11mo 27da
Clineman, William, d. 26 Dec 1865, age: 49yr 1mo 26da
Cochran, Geo., d. 25 Oct 1864, age: 51yr
Cochran, George M. Dallas, d. 3 Jun 1861, age: 16yr 3mo 18da, son of George & J.H. Cochran
Cochran, James, d. 30 Apr 1850, age: 70yr
Cochran, Jane, d. Nov 1828, age: 46yr
Coe, Mehitabel Kidd, d. New York City 31 Mar 1852, age: 45yr 1mo 8da, wife of John D. Coe
Coghram, Elizabeth S., d. 21 May 1875, age: 60yr 7mo
Coleman, Mary, b. 6 Jul 1809, d. 4 Apr 1865
Coleman, Susanna Watson, d. 18 Mar 1837, age: 69yr 7mo 6da, wife of Matthew Coleman
Coleman, Watson, b. 20 Nov 1805, d. 29 Jan 1866
Colton, Ida E., b. 15 Jan 1852, d. 20 Mar 1882, wife of Peter Milliken
Colwell, Harriet A., b. 19 May 1833, d. 29 Dec 1892
Congham, Aminda, d. 16 Jul 1848, age: 34yr 6mo, wife of James Congham
Cooper, Jusha, d. 24 Dec 1857,age: 65yr 9mo 6da
Crawford, Margaret, d. 23 Feb 1850, age: 86yr 4da, wife of Samuel Crawford
Crawford, Prudence, d. 29Jun 1829, 30yr 2mo 18da
Crawford, Samuel, d. 19 Oct 1840, age: 78yr
Crist, Matthew, d. 23 May 1875, age: 68yr 2mo 25da
Cromwell, Adelia, d. 16 Aug 1827, age: 1yr 10mo 12da, dau of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, Bradford, d. 11 Jan 1859, age: 37yr 2mo, son of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, Edmund, d. 11 Oct 1839, age: 21yr 13da, son of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, Ferdinand, d. 28 Apr 1855, age: 24yr 1mo 26da, son of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, George Wilsie, d. 4 May 1858, age: 22yr, son of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, Henrietta, d. 29 Aug 1852, age: 36yr, dau of Peter B. & Maria W. Cromwell
Cromwell, Maria Willsie, d. 17 Jul 1876, age: 83yr, wife of Peter B. Cromwell
Crowell, Deborah, d. 11 Jan 1891, age: 92yr 8mo 28da, wife of James W. Crowell
Crowell, Isabella Dill, d. 25 Mar 1857, age: 3yr 5mo, dau William & Mary Crowell
Crowell, James W., d. 17 Jul 1819, age: 57yr
Crowell, Jane Wood, d. 2 Dec 1841, age: 54yr 2mo 15da, wife of Andrew Crowell
Crowell, John R., d. 31 Aug 1855, age: 6yr 7mo 19da, son of John & Lucy Crowell
Crowell, John, b. 9 Jul 1811, d. 16 May 1887
Crowell, John, d. 11 May 1824, age: 76yr
Crowell, John, d. 25 Nov 1851, age: 34yr 4mo 2da
Crowell, Lucy King, b. 7 Dec 1815, d. 3 Dec 1880, wife of John Crowell
Crowell, Margaret, d. 28 Feb 1835, age: 84yr, wife of John Crowell
Crowell, Rhoda, d. 24 Dec 1854, 81yr 4mo 21da, relict of Robert Crowell
Crowell, Robert C., d. 1 Apr 1848, age: 6yr 7mo 19d, son of John & Lucy Crowell
Crowell, Robert, d. 11 Sep 1842, 69yr 9mo 16da
Cumear, George C., b. 1887, d. 1902
Davidson, John, d. 30 Nov 1857, age: 57yr
Davidson, Martha Kelley, d. 29 Jun 1881, age: 57yr 10mo, wife of Robert Davidson
Davidson, Robertson, d. 25 may 1864, age: 39yr
Davis, Emeline, d. 16 Mar 1855, age: 20yr 9mo 2da
Davis, Hamilton, d. 11 Mar 1831, 61yr
Davis, Helen, d. 29 Mar 1855, age: 17yr 27da
Davis, Joseph, d. 15 Sep 1852, age: 48yr 6mo 12da
Davis, Mary, d. 8 Jan 1851, age: 42yr 2mo 5da, wife of Joseph Davis
Davisdson, Anna M., d. 1860, age: 4yr, dau of Robert & Martha Davidson
Decker, Maria, d. 11 Apr 1834, 51yr 8mo 6da
Denniston, Ann, d. 10 Apr 1828, age: 27yr 4mo 20da, wife of William H. Denniston
DeWitt, James H., d. 4 May 1899, age: 72yr, Co. B.26 Regt. Colored Vols
Dickerson, Adaline, b. 18 Feb 1808, d. 25 Sep 1884, wife of Hugh Calwell
Dill Robert, d. 5 Aug 1875, age: 77yr 11mo 9da
Dill, Abraham, b. 4 Nov 1829, d. 14 Nov 1895
Dill, Ann E., d. 26 Jan 1881, age: 78yr
Dill, Caleb, d. 1 Mar 1842, age: 86yr 3mo 11da
Dill, Catharine, d. 10 Jul 1840, age: 34yr 23da, wife of Samuel Dill
Dill, Charlotte, d. Sep 1811, age: 7yr 7mo 23da
Dill, David, d. 21 Mar 1811, age: 83yr 3mo 28da
Dill, David, d. 27 Sep 1824, age: 65yr
Dill, Deborah, d. 21 May 1834, age: 67yr 8mo 2da
Dill, Elizabeth Ann, d. 26 Feb 1848, age: 19yr 11da
Dill, Elizabeth, d. 19 Jul 1842, age: 77yr 9mo 27da, wife of David Dill
Dill, Elizabeth, d. 8 Oct 1831, age: 64yr 8mo 21da, wife of David Dill
Dill, Francis Southwick, d. 29 Nov 1852, age: 25yr 7mo
Dill, Gale, d. 3 May 1852, age: 62yr 5mo
Dill, Harriet D., d. 4 Mar 1873, wife of Robert Dill
Dill, Henry, d. Apr 1882, age: 87yr
Dill, Irwin M., d. 4 Sep 1811, age: 9yr 7mo 20da
Dill, Isabella, d. 16 Jan 1880, age: 79yr 6mo 29da
Dill, joseph, d. 10 Mar 1825, age: 52yr
Dill, Joseph, d. 8 Feb 1856, age: 62yr
Dill, Margaret, d. 9 Feb 1840, age: 30yr 9mo 23da, wife of Henry Dill
Dill, Mary E. Upright, b. 25 Mar 1828, d. 19 Dec 1892, wife of Samuel Dill
Dill, Samuel, d. 19 Oct 1877, age: 73yr 8mo 22da
Douglass, John W., d. 30 Oct 1853, age: 49yr 5mo 19da
Ellitt, Hannah, d. 2 Nov 1841, age: 41yr 11mo, wife of Robert Ellitt
Finley, Mary E., b. 1852, d. 1915, wife of Thomas K. Harris
Freme, Mary, d. 30 Oct 1847, age: 41yr 10mo
Godfrey, Ann Blake, d. 26 Dec 1855, age: 68yr 5mo 15da, relict of David Godfrey
Godfrey, Sarah H., b. 27 Jul 1821, d. 15 Jan 1886
Graham, Patrick, d. 25 Jul 1849, age: 37yr 10mo 11da
Graham, Pompey, d. 26 Aug 1884, age: 119yr
Greig, Horace, d. 17 Dec 1837, age: 5yr 6mo 2da, s/o John S. & Eunice
Greig, John, d. 14 Mar 1839, age: 1yrmo 1da, s/o John S. & Eunice
Hadden, Hannah, b. May 1820, d. May 1884
Hadden, Isabellar Hunter, b. 1781, d. 1857, wife of Robert Hadden
Hadden, James, b. 1814, d. 1857, son of Robert & Isabella
Hadden, Rachel, b. May 1820, d. Feb 1891
Hadden, Robert, b. 1781, d. 1867
Haines, Phebe (Teneke?) Tremper, d. 4 Apr 1882, age: 31yr 10mo 10da, wife of Wilmet Haines
Haines, Susan, b. 13 Jul 1796, d. 18 Jan 1887, wife of Wilmot Haines
Haines, Wilmot, b. 3 Aug 1794, d. 4 Aug 1884
Hall, Sarah Ann, d. 16 Sep 1867, age: 45yr 5mo 23da, wife of Robert B. Hall
Hamilton, John D., b. 19 Apr 1786, d. 23 Apr 1839
Hammer, Alexander, d. 7 Feb 1832, age: 41yr 9mo 2da
Hammer, Catharine, d. 23 Sep 1898, age: 69yr 3mo
Hammer, Chalres G., d. 11 Jul 1841, age: 45yr 3mo 5da
Hammer, Charles H., d. 22 May 1863, age: 34yr 4mo 14da
Hammer, James G., d. 2 Jul 1851, age: 29yr 8da
Hammer, Jane, d. 20 Jun 1877, ge: 77y 7mo, wife of Charles G. Hammer
Hammer, Maria Ten Eyck, d. 4 Sep 1855, age: 23yr 1mo 26da, dau. Alexander & Susn Hammer
Hammer, Mary K., d. 24 Nov 1858, age: 24yr
Hammer, Rebecca W., d. 4 Mar 1863, age: 42yr 1mo 8da
Hammer, Susan, d. 15 Apr 1876, age: 81yr
Harris, Adaline, d. 14 Nov 1867, age: 65yr, wife of John Harris
Harris, David H., d. 23 Jan 1831, age: 5mo 23da, son of John & Adaline Harris
Harris, Ellsworth, d. 26 Aug 1861, infant son, s/w Lamira
Harris, John, d. 19 Jan 1872, age: 69yr 4mo
Harris, Joseph B., d. 20 Jan 1850, age: 23yr 2mo 23da
Harris, Lamira, b. 30 Oct 1831, d. 18 Jan 1906, wife of William Houston, s/w Ellsworth
Harris, Mary, d. 23 Jun 1878, age: 36yr 6mo
Harris, Samuel S., b. 1840, d. 1903
Harris, Sarah J. Tapping, b. 1839, d. 1898, wife of Samuel S. Harris
Harris, Sarah M., d. 22 Jul 1860, age: 20yr 9mo, dau of John & Adaline Harris
Harris, Silas L., d. 14 Nov 1829, age: 1yr 5mo 23da, son of John & Adaline Harris
Harris, Thomas K., b. 1848, d. 1906
Hornbeck, Elizabeth P., d. 11 Mar 1843, age: 26yr, wife of Dr. Henry W. Hornbeck
Hornbeck, Harriet, d. 20 Sep 1834, age: 19yr, dau of Henry J. & Phebe Hornbeck
Hornbeck, Henry, d. 1 May 1840, age: 29yr
Hornbeck, Phebe Jones, d. 6 Feb 1832, age: 51yr, wife of Henry J. Hornbeck
Hornbeck, W. Philip, d. 18 Aug 1840, age: 1yr 6mo, son of Dr. Henry W. & Elizabeth Hornbeck
Horton, Charles Webb, d. 14 Dec 1890, age: 14yr, son of Ray & Martha Ann Horton and grandchild of W.H. Horton & Agnes H. Morrsion
Horton, Hamilton Ray, b. 1873, d. 1873, son of Ray & Martha Ann Horton and grandchild of W.H. Horton & Agnes H. Morrsion
Horton, Martha Ann Radiker, d. 9 Mar 1876, age: 68yr, wife of Ray Horton
Horton, Ray, d. 18 Jul 1884, age: 74yr
Houston, Ann, d. 2 Oct 1865, age: 67yr 9mo 20da, dau. William & Susan Houston
Houston, Charles, b. 24 Aug 1844, d. 22 Aug 1900
Houston, Elizabeth Jane, d. 16 Jul 1847, age: 34yr 6mo 9da, dau William & Susan Houston
Houston, Elizabeth, d. 18 Nov 1840, age: 6yr 10mo 8da
Houston, Elizabeth, d. 18 Nov 1840, age: 6yr 5mo, dau James M. & Sarah Houston
Houston, Elswroth, no date, son of M & Laura Houston, date illegible
Houston, Hane, b. 30 Oct 1835, d. 19 Aug 1876, only child of Peter & Jane A. Houston
Houston, James M., b. Jan 1805, d. 2 Jun 1880
Houston, Jane Ann Davis, d. 11 Nov 1859, age: 51yr 3mo 7da, wife of Peter Houston
Houston, Maria D., d. 14 Sep 1850, age: 50yr 9mo, dau William & Susan Houston
Houston, Peter, d. 26 May 1855, age: 45yr 2mo 5da
Houston, Samuel H., d. 28 Dec 1850, age: 1yr 1mo
Houston, Samuel, d. 31 Dec 1850, age: 4yr 1mo, son of James M. & Sarah Houston
Houston, Sarah, b. 7 nov 1808, d. 22 Feb 1892, wife of James M. Houston
Houston, Sarah, d. 30 Mar 1841, age: 1yr 9mo, dau James M. & Sarah Hosuton
Houston, Susan Milliken, d. 8 Apr 1847, age: 70yr 5mo 16da, wife of William Houston
Houston, William, b. 31 Aug 1832, d. no date
Houston, William, d. 20 Feb 1852, age: 80yr 7mo 7da
Howell, Joseph, b. 3 Dec 1805, d. 13 Dec 1880
Howell, Mary K. Crowel, b. 18 Jun 1839, d. 22 May 1915, wife of William W. Howell
Howell, Mary Whigam, d. 14 Nov 1880, 86y 2mo 23d, wife of Joseph Howell
Howell, William W., b. 14 Oct 1837
Hunt, Catharine, d. 10 May 1848, age: 57yr 9mo 5da, wife of William Hunt
Hunt, Huldah M., d. 1 Jan 1843, age: 17yr, dau William & Catharine Hunt
Hunter Mary, d. 12 Apr 1885, age: 64yr
Hunter, Charity, d. Mar 1873, age: 76yr 7mo 20da, wife of James Hunter
Hunter, James, d. 2 Mar 1874, age: 55y, son of James & Charity Hunter
Hunter, James, d. 22 Mar 1837, age: 62yr 9mo 11da
Hunter, Jane Kidd, d. 20 Jan 1855, age: 72yr 11mo 23da, wife of Matthew Hunter
Hunter, Matthew, d. 15 Jan 1846, age: 59yr
Hunter, Thomas, d. 28 Aug 1846, age: 29mo 6mo 17da, son of James & Charity Hunter
Irwin, Maria Newton, d. 25 Mar 1833, age: 8yr 7mo 7da, dau of James & Jane Irwin
Jackson, Caesar, d. 28 Sep 1910, age: 73yr, Co. B 26th Regt. N.Y. Infantry
Jagger, Israel Benjamin, d. 1 Jan 1830, age: 21yr
James, John, d. 9 Jul 1851, son of (illegible)
James, John, d. 9 May 1851
Jessup, James, d. 6 Jan 1867, age: 74yr
Jessup, John Curtice, d. 30 Oct 1833, age: 3yr 11mo 16da, son of James & Fanny Jessup
Jessup, Mrs. Fanny, d. 20 Jun 1834, 39yr, wife of James Jessup
Jevens, Jopseph H., b. 1858, d. 1918
Jevens, Joseph H., b. 1858, d. 1918
Johnson, Mary Jane, d. 13 Jul 1848, 20yr 3mo 26d, dau of John & Jane Johnson
Johnson, Samuel, b. 7 Jun 1811, d. 28 Mar 1865
Kain, Mary, b. 4 Sep 1788, d. 10 May 1872, dau of Thomas & Jane McKissock, wife of Beverly Kain
Keeler, Jane Waugh, d. 24 Apr 1847, age: 36yr 4mo 11da, wife of Ebenezer Keeler
Kelly, Mary, d. 6 Feb 1845, age: 55yr (standing against stone wall), wife of James Kelly
Kelso, Ezra, b. 16 Jan 1830, d. 28 Aug 1898
Kelso, Sarah F. Witteker, b. 12 May 1830, d. 24 Dec 1898, wife of Ezra K. Kelso
Kent, Grant Warren, d. 16 Feb 1844, age: 3yr 1mo 12da, son of Thomas & Juliet Kent
Kent, William Henry, d. 24 Dec 1843, age: 14yr 10mo 12da, son of Thomas & Juliet Kent
Kerr, Elizabeth, d. 24 Oct 1838, age: 48yr 11mo 24da, wife of James Kerr
Kerr, George, d. 23 Jun 1849, age: 26yr 6mo 25 da, son of James & Elizabeth Kerr
Kerr, James, d. 28 Mar 1827, age: 38yr 3mo 18da
Kerr, James, d. Dec 13, 1829, age: 1yr 3mo 13da, son of Robert and Caroline Kerr
Kevan, Jane, d. 9 Feb 1850, age: 86yr 1mo 4da, widow of Andrew Kevan (?)
Kidd, Alexander, d. 27 Feb 1847, 75yr 1mo 2da
Kidd, Alexander, d. 27 Feb 1847, age: 75yr 1mo 20da
Kidd, Andrew, d. 16 Feb 1826, age: 54yr 8mo
Kidd, Archibald, d. 6 Dec 1877, age: 71yr 1mo 2da
Kidd, Beverly, b. 18 Feb 1815, d. 3 Aug 1896
Kidd, Charles H., d. 29 Sep 1830, age: 1yr 3mo 14da, son of John S. & Cornelia Kidd
Kidd, Charles, d. 27 Apr 1840, age: 54yr 9mo 5da
Kidd, Cornelia, d. 26 Jun 1876, age: 72yr, wife of John Kidd
Kidd, Daniel, d. 15 Mar 1852, age: 76yr 2mo 4da
Kidd, David L., d. 6 May 1842, age: 2yr 4mo 18da, son of John S. & Cornelia Kidd
Kidd, David, b. 30 Jan 1805, d. 27 Sep 1895
Kidd, Eliza M., d. 1 Sep 1865, age: 55yr, wife of Archibald Kidd
Kidd, Eunice Cooper, d. 28 Sep 1851, age: 58yr 9mo 18da, wife of Charles Kidd
Kidd, Frances Bodine, d. 4 Dec 1858, age: 82yr 8m 2da, wife of Alexander Kidd
Kidd, Harriet, b. 8 Aug 1817, d. 26 Jan 1865, dau of Charles & Eunice Kidd
Kidd, Hetty, d. 13 Dec 1878, age: 62yr
Kidd, Hiram C., d. 25 Feb 1872, 29yr
Kidd, John, d. 7 Jun 1884, 80yr 7mo
Kidd, Lewis, b. 5 Dec 1809, d. 11 Jul 1892
Kidd, Margaret, d. 9 Feb 1851, age: 74yr 20da, wife of Andrew Kidd
Kidd, Mary Cleneman, b. 18 Oct 1818, d. 27 Jan 1852, wife of Sidney Kidd
Kidd, Mary W. Calwell, d. 26 Feb 1851, age: 34yr 6mo, wife of John D. Kidd
Kidd, Mary, d. 8 Mar 1852, age: 69yr 6mo 3da, wife of Daniel Kidd
Kidd, Sidney, b. 6 Dec 1809, d. 25 Feb 1888
Kidd, Sidney, d. 8 Sep 1849, age: 2yr 4mo 3da, son of John & Cornelia Kidd
Kidd, Victor, d. Nov 1865, age: 20yr 1mo 12da, son of John & Cornelia Kidd
King, Angella Hornbeck, d. 9 Jun 1846, age: 4yr 5mo 12da, dau. Andrew & Mary J. King
King, Charles Lewis, d. 30 Sep 1841, age: 1yr 7mo 2da, dau James M. & Elizabeth King
King, Eliza, d. 8 May 1855, age: 25yr, wife of Andrew King
King, Elizabeth Hornbeck, d. 19 Feb 1847, age: 2yr 2mo 26da, dau. Andrew & Mary J. King
King, Margaret Hornbeck, d. 28 Jan 1840, age: 5yr 21da, dau. Andrew & Mary J. King
King, Peter B., d. 23 Feb 1850, age: 65yr, dau James M. & Elizabeth King
King, Sarah Frances, d. 18 Sep 1845, 6mo 15da, dau James M. & Elizabeth King
Knowles, William T., b. 25 Feb 1892, d. 8 Sep 1909, son of George W. & Sarah Ann Knowles
LaRue, Henry D., d. 20 Jan 1913, age: 59yr
LaTaurette, Catharine S. Tremper, b. 25 Mar 1803, d. 12 Jan 1889, wife of Jacob LaTaurette
LaTaurette, Jacob, b. 18 Feb 1802, d. 21 Mar 1879
LaTaurette, Phebe, d. 28 Aug 1877, 11 mos., Daughter of W.H. & Mary LaTaurette
LaTaurette, William Howell, d. 10 May 1878, 2mo 10da, Son of W.H. & Mary LaTaurette
Lawrance, Deborah, d. 10 Aug 1837, age: 65yr, wife of Thomas Lawrance, Esq. Fo Fishkill, Sutchess Col. NY
Lawrance, Deborah, d. 9 Jan 1825, age: 84yr 6mo
Lawrance, George S., d. 8 Mar 1834, 1yr 19da, son of Robert & Jane Ann Lawrance
Lawrance, George Schenck, d. 8 Mar 1834, age: 1yr 5mo 19da, son of Robert & Ann Lawrance
Lawrance, Robert, d. 11 Apr 1857, age: 60yr
Lawson, Bella, b. 22 May 1861 or 81, d. 29 Jul 1889
Lawson, Eleanor K., d. 6 Aug 1880, age: 1yr 10mo 1da, dau of Joseph & Emily Lawson
Lawson, Eve Ann Harris, d. 24 Dec 1871, age: 65yr 7mo 2d, wife of Joseph Lawson
Lawson, Jane Catharine, d. 2 Mar 1859, age: 9yr 2mo 2da, dau of Joseph & Ann Lawson
Little, Catherine, b. 9 Apr 1798, d. 18 Apr 1888, wife of Francis Little
Little, Francis, b. 6 Apr 1794, d. 9 Oct 1869
Lynch, Mary Jane, d. 15 Sep 1867, age: 32yr 7mo 11da, dau of Daniel & Mary Lynch
Margaret Ann, (rest illegible)
Martin, James, d. 11 Nov 1845, 52yr 11da
McCartney, Ann, d. 15 Jan 1859, age: 3mo, dau of George & Hannah M. McCartney
McCartney, David Whigan, b. 1869, d. 1905, son of James & Susan B. McCartney
McCartney, James E., b. 3 Jul 1835, d. 24 Jul 1879
McCartney, James, b. 1830, d. 1905
McCartney, James, d. 3 Feb 1865, age: 79yr
McCartney, Mary Shaw, d. 14 Nov 1878, age: 78yr 3mo 19da, wife of James McCartney
McCartney, Susan B. Howell, b. 1835, d. 1903, wife of James McCartney
McCartney, William Howell, b. 1875, d. 1876
McCollam, Catharine Ann, d. 11 Nov1833, age: 1yr 3mo 15da duaghter of John C. & Mary Jane McCollam
McCollam, Isaac, d. May (illegible)
McCollam, Jeromas Thorne, d. 15 Jun 1856, age: 9yr 3mo 15da son of John C. & Mary Jane McCollam
McCollam, John C., b. 15 Nov 1805, d. 20 Nov 1863
McCollam, Mary Jane Thorne, b. 26 Jan 1809, d. 29 Jan 1881, wife of John C. McCollam
McElroy, Ann, b. 1867, d. 1885, dau of James & Jane P.
McElroy, Emma, b. 1868, d. 1879, dau of James & Jane P.
McElroy, James, b. 1823, d. 1900
McElroy, Jane. P. Arbuckle, b. 1836, d. no date, wife of James McElroy
McElroy, John, d. 17 Feb 1897, age: 79yr 11mo 19da
McElroy, Letitia, d. 2 Mar 1881, 61y
McElroy, Sarah, d. 30 Mar 1863, 60y
McElroy, Thomas, d. 19 Aug 1894, age: 87yr
McFadden, John, d. 3 Jun 1829, age: 51yr 2da
McFadden, Martha Thompson, d. 13 Feb 1851, age: 78yr 10mo 1da, wife of the late John McFadden
McKinney, Arthur, d. 19 Mar 1879, age: 82yr 7mo 24da
McKinney, Christina Brown, d. 20 Jan 1882, age: 73yr 9mo 29da, wife of Milton McKinney
McKinney, James, d. 22 Aug 1849, age: 77yr 7da
McKinney, Milton, d. 19 Mar 1875, age: 71yr 11mo 23da
McKissock, Hannah, d. 30 Apr 1846, age: 57yr 2mo 6da, wife of Hugh McKissock
McKissock, Hugh, b. 22 Aug 1832, d. 27 Feb 1901
McKissock, Mary Ann, d. 24 Jul 1829, age: 11mo 12da, dau of William & Tabatha McKissock
McKissock, Tabatha Brannan, d. 25 Jun 1863, age: 63yr 7mo 13da, wife of William Mc Kissock
McKissock, Thomas, d. 16 Feb 1855, age: 88yr, a native of Scotland who emigrated to this country 1775
McKissock, William, d. 17 Jul 1879, age: 83yr 1mo, soldier of 1812
McLaughlin, Alanson F., d. 30 Jan 1851, age: 8yr 4mo 17da, son of James & Ann E. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Crawford, d. 17 Feb 1842, 2yr 2mo 10da, son of James & Ann E. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, David Dill, d. 2 May 1846, age: 3yr 29d, son of James & Ann E. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Dill, d. 6 Feb 1845, 3yr 9mo 24da, son of James & Ann E. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Phebe M., d. 12 Jan 1876
McLaughlin, Samuel Crawford, d. 4 Apr 1816, age: 45yr
McLaughlin, William, b. 24 Jun 1771, d. 29 Apr 1832
McVey, Annie G., d. Dec 1863, age: 2yr 11mo, dau of Hiram & Elizabeth McVey
McVey, Charity, d. 24 May 1850, age: 64yr 2mo 1da, wife of James McVey
McVey, Charles M., d. 18 Jun 1863, age: 1yr 7mo 8da, son of William Y & Ruth McVey
McVey, Thomas, d. 22 Apr 1850, 41yr 5mo 16da, son of James & Charity McVey
Michell, Walter, d. 10 Oct 1844, age: 8mo 25da, son of Wilber & Rachel Micahell
Milliken, Ann, d. Aug 1840, age: 44yr, wife of Robert Milliken
Milliken, Archibald, d. 24 Mar 1829, age: 60yr
Milliken, Captqain Peter, d. 31 Aug 1851, age: 77yr 8da
Milliken, Catherine, d. 29 Dec 1851, age: 27yr 2mo 19da, Dau of John H. & Sarah Milliken
Milliken, Frank B., b. 27 Sep 1844, d. 14 Nov 1869 Oakland, Cal
Milliken, Hugh, b. 2 Mar 1818, d. 24 Aug 1878
Milliken, Isabella Houston, b. 23 Dec 1809, d. 12 Nov 1886, wife of Hugh Milliken
Milliken, Isabella M. Neal, b. 23 Mar 1814, d. 8 Feb 1902
Milliken, John H., d. 9 Jan 1854, age: 63yr 2mo 24da
Milliken, John Sly, d. 20 Feb 1878, age: 61yr 9mo 27da
Milliken, John, d. 9 Jul 1824, age: 25yr
Milliken, Martha, d. 16 Apr 1861, age: 73yr
Milliken, Mary Blake, d. 2 Apr 1841, age: 66yr, wife of Capt Peter Milliken
Milliken, Mary, d. 2 Feb 1878, age: 23yr 7mo 10da, dau of John S. & Susan Milliken
Milliken, Nancy, d. 9 Jan 1843, age: 7yr 1mo
Milliken, Robert, d. 1 Aug 1831, age: 35yr
Milliken, Sarah Blake, d. 7 Feb 1864, age: 71yr 11mo 18da, wife of John H. Milliken
Milliken, Susan Houston, d. 8 May 1877, age: 59yr 1mo 15da, wife of John Sly Milliken
Millspaugh, Hannah, d. 12 Aug 1849, age: 45y, wife of Virgil millspaugh
Millspaugh, Mary L., d. 3 Mar 1842, age: 3yr 1da, dau of Virgil & Hannah Millspaugh
Morris, Elizabeth Henter, d. 18 Feb 1854, age: 79yr 2mo, wife of Joseph Morria
Newkirk, Alexander, b. 21 Jan 1817, d. 7 Dec 1882
Newkirk, Cornelius, d. 4 Dec 1842, age: 60yr 8mo 11da
Newkirk, John K., d. 26 Nov 1833, age: 9yr 10mo 21da, son of Cornelius & Susan Newkirk
Newkirk, Obadiah, b. 1 Nov 1793, d. 26 Oct 1870
Newkirk, Sarah Dailey, b. 30 Sep 1797, d. 20 may 1880, wife of Obadiah Newkirk
Newkirk, Susan, d. 6 Jul 1853, age: 65yr 6da, wife of Cornelius Newkirk
Parshall, Christina, d. 9 Jul 1851, age: 67yr, wife of David Parshall
Parshall, David, d. 10 May 1832, age: 18yr 1mo 27da
Pepper, E. Mills, b. 1853, d. 1912
Pepper, Elijah, b. 1815, d. 1897
Pepper, Keturah, W., b. 1814, d. 1897, wife of Elijah Pepper
Pepper, Rhoda F., b. 1853, d. 1864
Pepper, Sarah J., no dates
Pierce, Thomas Clineman, d. 7 Apr 1848, age: 6mo 14da, son of William & Leah Pierce
Potts, Sarah Maria Haines, d. 25 Jul 1851, age: 25yr 8mo, wife of James Potts
Purdy, Eley, d. 10 Apr 1823, age: 23yr 10da, wife of James Purdy
Radeker, Agnes Augusta, d. 31 Jul 1846, age: 7yr 2mo 7da, dau.of Henry & Rachel Radeker
Radeker, Andrew Sands, b. 12 May 1843, d. 24 Mar 1913, son of Henry & Rachel Radeker
Radeker, David Henry, d. 20 Jul 1882, age: 46yr, son of Henry & Rachel Radeker
Radeker, George Hunter, b. 20 Jan 1818, d. 5 May 1840, son of Henry & Rachel Radeker
Radiker, Henry, d. 15 Jan 1849, age: 88yr 7da
Radiker, Magdalena, d. 15 Apr 1837, age: 64yr 3mo 25da, wife of Henry Radiker
Redeker, Henry, d. 10 Mar 1892, age: 87yr 10mo 2da
Redeker, Joseph Arnott, d. 30 Jul 1858, age: 23yr 10mo 16da, son of Henry & Racehl Redeker
Redeker, Rachel, d. 29 Dec 1866, age: 59yr 5mo 10da
Redeker. Mary Augusta Brown, d. 2 Mar 1842, age: 3mo 10da, dau. Henry & Rachel Redeker
Robinson, Mary Milliken, d. 2 Mar 1819, age: 34yr, wife of John Robinson
Rusk, Elizabeth, d. 11 Dec 1890, age: 26yr 8da, daughter of John & Jane Rusk
Rusk, Elizabeth, no dates, (stone broken, can't make out) wife of James Rusk
Rusk, James, d. 27 Nov 1882, age: 86yr
Rusk, Jane McElwain, b. 1835, d. 1907, wife of John S. Rusk
Rusk, John S., b. 1827, d. 1907
Rusk, Martha, d. 8 Aug 1872, age: 72yr
Scott Hannh Amelia, d. 18 Sep 1855, age: 5mo 29da, dau Alexander & Marian Scott
Scott Sarah Ann, d. 5 May 1842, age: 15yr 3mo 24da, dau Alexander & Marian Scott
Shellick Holly Leeds, d. 12 Oct 1832, age: 18yr 7mo 6da
Sloat, Susannah Wisel, d. 4 May 1857, 9age: 2yr, wife of William Sloat
Sly, Catharine E., d. 1872, wife of William Sly, also wife of Stephen Preston
Sly, Elizabeth M., d. 7 Aug 1851, age: 49yr 2mo, wife of Robert Sly
Sly, John Sinclair, b. 8 Apr 1792, d. 17 Sep 1829
Sly, Robert, d. 1 Aug 1855, age: 60yr
Sly, Robert, d. 3 May 1870, age: 21yr 8mo, son of Robert & Elizabeth Sly
Sly, William, d. 26 Mar 1855, age: 64yr 3mo 16da
Smith, Augutus, d. 24 Nov 1854, age: 34yr 11mo 22da
Smith, Elisa, d. 6 Apr 1823, age: 21yr 6mo 4da, wife of Augustus Smith
Snider, Henry, d. 8 Aug 1836
Snider, J, M.D., no dates, brown stone
Snider, J., no dates, brown stone
Snyder, John H., d. 11 Sep 1862, age: 27yr 3mo 11da
Snyder, Leah, d. 26 Apr 1868, age: 77yr
Snyder, William T., d. 24 Mar 1890, age: 69 yr, Co.K. 164 Reg N.Y. Vol.
Tanquin, Henry, d. 20 Dec 1899, age: 77yr
Tauquin, Henry, d. 20 Dec 1899, age: 77yr
Taylor, Daniel, d. 11 Set 1828, age: 76yr
Taylor, Elizabeth Mary, d. 6 Jun 1819, age: 76yr, wife of Daniel Taylor
Taylor, Samuel, no date, brown stone
Ten Eyck, Hasbrouck, d. 25 Aug 1877, age: 3wk, s/w Infant
Ten Eyck, infant son, d. 19 Mar 1880, s/w Hasbrouck
Ten Eyck, James E., b. 10 Aug 1835, d. 23 Dec 1861
TenEyck, Maria, d. 13 Mar 1880, age: 80yr, his wife
TenEyck, Rev. James B., b. 4 Mar 1797 Troy, d. 20 Apr 1872, November 1871 celebrated his fiftieth anniversary at Bevea (Berea?), being his first and only charge
TenEyck, Sarah M., d. 17 Mar 1843, age: 18yr, dau Rev. James B. & Maria Ten Eyck
Tenwillager, Margaret Ann Kerr, d. 18 Dec 1841, age: 23yr 4mo 12da, wife of Andrew Tenwillager
Terwilliger, Eliza, d. 27 Apr 1857, age: 50yr 9mo
Tinny, Catharine, d. 27 Apr 1839, age: 60yr 3mo 27da, wife of Amasa Tinny
Tuthill, Elsy Neely, d. 16 May 1833, age: 33yr 16da, wife of Thomas G. Tuthill
Twigg, Hugh, d. 26 Jul 1863,age: 64yr 6mo 26da
Twigg, Hugh, d. 26 Jul 1865, age: 64yr 8mo 26da
Underhill, William, d. 28 Nov 1850, son of Solomon and Catharine Underhill
VanAisdale, Christopher, d. 22 Apr 1833, age: 60yr
VanAisdale, Margaret Campbell, d. 16 Oct 1851, age: 73yr 7mo, wife of Christopher Van Aisdale
VanBieson, (?), d. 10 Aug 1833, age: 26yr
VanBuskiek, Jeremiah, d. 14 Sep 1853, age: 47yr 7mo 28da
VanGieson, Moses, b. 12 Apr 1812 New York City, d. at Montgomery, Orange Co., NY 20 Sep 1839
VanVliet, Adeline, d. 26 Oct 1851, age: 20yr
VanVliet, Ann M., d. 13 Sep 1853, 20yr
VanVliet, Delia, d. 11 Jan 1853, 16yr
VanVliet, Milton, d. 23 Feb 1835, age: 8yr 10da, son of Peter & Phebe VanVliet
VanVliet, Peter, d. 20 Mar 1846, age: 51yr 8mo
VanVliet, Phebe, d. 15 Aug 1844, age: 48yr 7mo 4da, wife of Peter VanVliet
Wallace, Robert, Jr., d. 27 Jul 1825, age: 12yr 20da
Warren, Morris, d. 7 Sep 1853, age: 65yr
Watson, Rachel, d. 21 Jun 1828 Walden, N.Y., age: 39yr 6mo
Waugh, David S., d. 24 Oct 1863, age: 7yr 5mo, son of James & Sarah Waugh
Waugh, James, d. 29 Jul 1856, age: 76yr 2mo 8da
Waugh, Mary Boyd, d. 22 May 1861, age: 76yr 5mo 19da, wife of James Waugh
Whigam, Achsan Crowel, b. 14 May 1837, d. 2 Apr 1905, wife of William I. Whigam
Whigam, Alexander, d. 28 May 1859, age: 57yr 11mo 16da
Whigam, Andrew H., d. 21 Feb 1872, age: 31yr 10mo, son of Alexander & Sarah Whigam
Whigam, Andrew, d. 25 Mar 1840, age: 35yr 2mo 25da
Whigam, Ann, d. 16 Apr 1845, age: 57yr
Whigam, Christina, d. 14 Oct 1838, age: 65yr, wife of Wiliam Whigam
Whigam, Elizabeth K., d. 24 Sep 1839, age: 30yr 2mo 25da, wife of Andrew Whigam
Whigam, George Alexander, d. 4 Oct 1841, age: 3yr 3mo 10da, son Andrew & Elizabeth Whigam
Whigam, George, d. 29 Dec 1857, age: 75y
Whigam, Mary E., b. 12 Aug 1845, d. 20 Mar 1917
Whigam, Sarah McDowell, d. 29 Dec 1888, age: 75yr 4mo 10da, wife of Alexander Whigham
Whigam, William I., b. 22 Nov 1831
Whigam, William, d. 4 Jan 1846, age: 76yr
Whigham, David P., b. 20 Dec 1833, d. 20 Oct 1869
White, Jane Rusk, d. 22 Apr 1891, age: 53yr 2mo 26da, wife of William White
White, William, d. 25 Apr 1892, age: 47yr
Wiley, Betsey, d. 10 Apr 1853, age: 70yr (standing against stone wall)
Wiley, Jane Ann Davis, b. 1 May 1832, d. 28 Jun 1870, wife of Thomas Wiley
Wilken, James Alexander, Esq., b. 11 Feb 1799, d. 30 Apr 1842
Wood, Abraham, b. 19 Dec 1799, d. 26 Dec 1859
Wood, Abraham, d. 26 Aug 1812, age: 82yr 7mo 29da
Wood, Eliza A., b. 8 Jul 1805, d. 6 Dec 1893, wife of Abraham Wood
Wood, Phebe Irwin, d. 31 Jan 1831, 71yr 2mo 29da, wife of Abraham Wood
Woodruff, Clarasa, d. 26 Aug 1865, age: 65yr 4mo 24da
Woodruff, Hannah Halsey, d. 10 Feb 1865, age: 87yr 1mo 27da, wife of Lemuel Woodruff
Woodruff, Lemuel, d. 10 Mar 1858, age: 83yr 10mo 5da
Wright, George, d. 9 Mar 1881, age: 68y 4mo
Wright, Jane, d. 28 Mar 1859, 45yr 7mo 23da, wife of George L. Wright

??, C. B., no date, brown stone
??, C. V. B., d. 1842 (field stone, broken by a stone wall)
??, E. & E.P., no date, brown stone
??, Eliza Ann, no dates, wife (rest illegible)
??, John, no dates, infant son, erected by his Father
??, M. K., no date, brown stone
??, Nelly, d. 30 Jul 1830, age: 6mo

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