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Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery
Westernville, Oneida County, New York

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb.2000 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 2,358.

Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery
Stokes-Westernville Road
Westernville, New York

Wacker, Marvyn F., b.1902, d.1987, son of Rev. George & Viola G. Wacker
Wacker, Rev. George C., b.1875, d.1941
Wacker, Viola C., b.1878, d.1955, wife (of Rev. George C. Wacker)
Waddill, Leona Plopper, b.1911, d.1988, wife (of Randolph Clinton Plopper), married May 7, 1962
Waddill, Randolph Clinton, b.1920, d.(no date)
Wafful, Charles O., b.1863, d.1933
Wafful, Irvin, b.1869, d.1922
Wafful, Jennie Jones, b.1863, d.1914, wife (of Irvin Wafful)
Wafful, Susan Keech, b.1863, d.1952
Wager, Barnabus I., d.Mar. 26, 1832, age 1 yr 1 mo 28 dys
Wager, Charlotte S., b.1837, d.1913
Wager, Claude L., b.1890, d.1958
Wager, Cynthia C., b.1900, d.1970
Wager, Harriet S., b.1841, d.1915
Wager, Harriette S., d.Mar. 5, 1858, age 51 yrs, wife of Henry Wager
Wager, Hattie, d.Aug. 21, 1853 age 1 yr 3 mo 7 dys
Wager, Henry, d.Aug. 9, 1840, age 76 yrs 6 mos 10 dys
Wager, Henry, d.Nov. 25, 1861, age 55 yrs
Wager, Letetia, d.Mar. 29, 1839, age 74 yrs, wife of Henry Wager
Waldo, Burt I., b.1847, d.1907
Waldo, Calista D., b.1837, d.1908
Waldo, Cynthia, b.1841, d.1918
Waldo, Emogene C., b.1851, d.1935
Waldo, Frank C., b.1857, d.1929
Waldo, Henry, b.1822, d.1903
Waldo, Isaiah A., b.Jan. 1, 1810, d.Sep. 14, 1887
Waldo, James O., b.1846, d.1910
Waldo, Jannett, b.1859, d.1931
Waldo, Julia M, b.1825, d.1924, wife (of Henry b.Waldo)
Waldo, Lavanca, d.Sep. 18, 1839 age 3 mos 10 dys, dau of Isaiah A. & Lucy b.Waldo
Waldo, Lucy B., b.Jul. 15, 1817, d.Sep. 7, 1883, wife (of Isaiah A. Waldo)
Waldo, Lucy J., d.May 4, 1864 age 11 yrs 1 mo, dau of Isaiah A. & Lucy b.Waldo
Waldo, Susan S., d.Mar. 27, 1836, age 27 yrs 13 dys, wife of David J. Waldo
Waldo, Wilard D., b.1839, d.1912
Wales, Eugene E., b.Sep. 19, 1887, d.May 17, 1949
Wall, Robert W., b.1914, d.(Dec. 23), 1984
Wallaber, Bessie H. Claffy, b.1895, d.1967, wife (of Earl C. Wallaber)
Wallaber, Coralie Farr, b.1904, d.(no date)
Wallaber, Curtis, b.1919, d.1953
Wallaber, Earl C., b.1892, d.1927
Wallaber, Floyd C., b.1925, d.1942
Wallaber, Floyd R., b.1907, d.1953
Wallaber, Forest, b.1907, d.1991
Wallaber, Frank J., b.1885, d.1937
Wallaber, Gertrude, b.1885, d.1964
Wallaber, John W., b.1856, d.1936
Wallaber, Lottie Clark, b.1859, d.1933, wife (of John W. Wallaber)
Wallaber, Mollie, b.1909, d.1916
Wallace, Ann, b.1830, d.1912
Wallace, C. E., (no dates), Co. F 24th NY Cal.
Wallace, Eliza, d.Sep. 18, 1854, age 37 yrs 11 dy, wife of George Wallace
Walsworth, Cyrus M., b.Sep. 28, 1845, d.Jul. 20, 1889
Walsworth, Elisha A., b.July 12, 1819, d.Feb.11, 1889
Walsworth, Elisha, d.Jul. 23, 1828 age 63 yrs
Walsworth, Elisha, d.Nov. 13, 1877 age 82 yrs 11 mos 8 dys
Walsworth, James, d.1795, 1st. Lieut., 1734
Walsworth, Lovina, b.1851, d.1915, wife (of Cyrus M. Walsworth)
Walsworth, Rebecca, b.Sep. 7, 1814, d.Feb.3, 1909, wife of Alonzo Walsworth
Walsworth, S. Elvira, b.July 18, 1825, d.Apr. 18, 1905
Walsworth, Sarah A., b.Feb.23, 1821, d.Aug. 8, 1903
Walsworth, Sarah Halbert, b.May 30, 1794, d.Feb.22, 1875, born in Rome, NY, wife (of Elisha Walsworth)
Walsworth, Sarah M. Brown, b.Aug. 10, 1821, d.Mar. 12, 1849, wife (of Elisha A. Walsworth)
Walsworth, Warren, d.May 25, 1876 age 74 yrs 1 mo 19 dys
Warcup, Alton, b.1913, d.1924
Warcup, Anna Simpson, d.Aug. 1, 1880 age 70 yrs, wife of Robert Warcup
Warcup, Clayton, b.1896, d.1898
Warcup, Clifford F., b.May 4, 1919, d.Jan 17, 1984, Cpl US Army WW II
Warcup, Cynthia Harrington, b.1839, d.1915, wife (of John Warcup)
Warcup, Dorothy, b.1912, d.1999
Warcup, Dorothy M., b.1916, d.1983
Warcup, Edith Holland, b.1876, d.1954, wife (of Stanley Warcup)
Warcup, Edwin S., b.1866, d.1955
Warcup, Eleanor Corr, b.1917, d.(Mar. 25), 1986
Warcup, Ethel Sarah, b.1909, d.1983
Warcup, Everett O., b.1901, d.1983
Warcup, Flora E., b.1889, d.1946
Warcup, Frank, b.1872, d.1949
Warcup, Gertie LaClar, b.1873, d.1941
Warcup, Glenn H., b.1916, d.1993
Warcup, Harold Olin, b.1909, d.(Jan. 1), 1983
Warcup, John, b.1833, d.1912
Warcup, John F., b.1907, d.(Dec. 24), 1975
Warcup, John O., b.1924, d.(no date)
Warcup, John Olin, b.1868, d.1941
Warcup, Laura J. Wiggens, b.Oct. 10, 1864, d.Mar. 26, 1896, wife of Stanley Warcup
Warcup, Lee, b.1922, d.1922
Warcup, Lena Freeman, b.1887, d.(Jun. 7), 1971
Warcup, Linda Ann, b.1935
Warcup, Lloyd T., b.1908, d.1994
Warcup, Louis W., b.Feb.17, 1906, d.June 10, 1970, Pvt. NY Med.Dept. WW II
Warcup, Marjorie Brownell, b.1919, d.(no date), wife (of Clifford F. Warcup), married June 12, 1946
Warcup, Mary H. White, b.1917, d.1998
Warcup, Mary J., b.1832, d.1905, wife (of Matthew Warcup)
Warcup, Matthew, b.1830, d.1906
Warcup, Natalie, b.1926, d.(Feb.3), 1989, wife (of John O. Warcup)
Warcup, Nellie Olin, b.1879, d.1937, wife (of Edwin S. Warcup)
Warcup, Ora, b.1874, d.1959
Warcup, Preston L., d.Aug. 23, 1878, age 7 yrs 6 mos 2 dys, son of M. & M. J. Warcup
Warcup, Rella O. Denecia, b.1909, d.1963
Warcup, Robert, b.1869, d.1961
Warcup, Robert, b.Aug. 22, 1803, d.Nov. 30, 1882 age 80 yrs, born Yorkshire England
Warcup, Ruth N., b.1895, d.1954
Warcup, Sandra, b.1949
Warcup, Stanley, b.1866, d.1960
Warcup, Thomas, b.1879, d.1933
Warcup, William H., b.1877, d.1958
Warcup, William J., b.1914, d.(Jul. 13), 1984
Warcup, Zlona E., b.1889, d.1946
Ward, Alla Plato, b.1853, d.1929
Ward, Anna G. Cable, b.1895, d.1960, wife of Fred E. Ward
Ward, Fred E., b.1892, d.1962
Wardell, David W., b.Mar. 6, 1915, d.Dec. 23, 1996
Wardell, Dorothy Caswell, b.Jan. 9, 1915, d.(no date)
Wardell, Margaret Jenkins, b.July 13, 1915, d.Aug. 1, 1976
Wardwell, David Jenkins, b.Aug. 28, 1940, d.Jul. 25, 1958
Waterbury, Helen O., b.1902, d.(Feb.19), 1982
Waterman, Calema, b.1917, d.(no date)
Waterman, David W., b.Nov. 7, 1959, d.Apr. 5, 1996, HT2, US Navy
Waterman, Marilyn Coleman, b.1936, d.(no date
Waterman, Sherwood L., b.1935, d.(no date)
Waterman, Walter E., b.1913, d.(May 16), 1982
Weaver, Allan J., b.1925, d.1998
Weaver, Josephine, b.1902, d.1996
Weaver, LeLand A., b.1904, d.1980
Webster, Andrew, b.1851, d.1926
Webster, James W., b.1874, d.1937
Webster, Rena M., b.1882, d.1903
Webster, Susan, b.1853, d.1938, wife (of Andrew Webster)
Weismiller, Adaline Spori, b.1855, d.1925, wife (of Charles Weismiller)
Weismiller, Charles, b.1844, d.1894
Welfel, Esther Loucks, b.1903, d.(Aug. 25), 1974
Welfel, Julia, b.1944, d.1993, dau (of Esther Loucks Welfel)
Wells, Merritt T., b.1909, d.1969
Wells, Nathan D., b.1907, d.1955
Wells, Wreatha D., b.1915, d.(no date)
Welsh, Dr. Alan, b.Jan. 20, 1947, d.June 8, 1993 (SECT. 4)
Wenner, Philip, b.1879, d.1965
Werner, Martin, b.May 2, 1877, d.June 26, 1976
West, Ezrah W., d.Feb.12, 1857 age 23 yrs 7 mos 23 dys
Wheeler, George H., b.1929, d.1993
Wheeler, John H., b.1858, d.1891
Wheeler, P. Joan Annis, b.1933, d.(no date), wife (of George H. Wheeler), married Jan. 22, 1954
White, Alice Adelle, b.1889, d.1921
White, Belinda M., b.Apr. 13, 1832, d.Feb.7, 1890
White, Bethilda Hayden, b.Dec. 3, 1815, d.Jan. 22, 1901, wife of Otis White
White, Caroline, b.Nov. 30, 1835, d.Feb.4, 1909
White, Edna May, b.1909, d.1953
White, Ellen L., b.Feb.11, 1835, d.Jan. 4, 1892, wife of Israel White
White, Emma Hill, b.1858, d.1941, wife of Rev. Orson L. White
White, Ernest Ray, b.1870, d.1931
White, Francis L., b.1917, d.1948
White, Franklin, b.1846, d.1907
White, George W., b.1875, d.1941
White, Grace L., b.1869, d.1927
White, Harriet Olney, b.1850, d.1917
White, Harry Franklin, b.1874, d.1957
White, Hattie, b.1853, d.1924
White, infant son, d.1882
White, infant son, d.June 1834
White, Israel, b.May 9, 1830, d.Nov. 18, 1893
White, Julina, d.Jun 25, 1879 age 53 yrs 4 mos 27 dys
White, Lena C., b.1887, d.1957
White, Lois Williams, b.1881, d.1960, wife (of Harry F. White)
White, Mary E. Hayden, b.May 4, 1827, d.Sep. 1, 1902, wife of Otis P. White
White, Mary Fraser, b.1846, d.1914
White, Mary Maude, b.1877, d.1941
White, Mercy, d.Sep. 27, 1831, age 56 yrs 3 mos, wife of Otis White
White, Moses T., b.1840, d.1908
White, Moses T., d.Jul. 22, 1876 age 80 yrs 10 dys
White, Nillie F., b.1866, d.1909
White, Orson, d.Oct. 28, 1853, age 29 yrs 1 mo 12 dys, died in California
White, Otis P., d.Mar. 30, 1885 age 63 yrs 11 dys
White, Otis, Capt., d.Mar. 29, 1813 age 39 yrs 5 mos
White, Otis, d.Mar. 29, 1813, age 39 yrs 7 mos
White, Otis, d.Oct. 7, 1875, age 66 yrs 10 mos 15 dys
White, Phebe Phillips, d.Feb.8, 1856, age 53 yrs 2 mos 27 dys, wife of Mose T. White
White, Phebe R., d.Mar. 23, 1889 age 61 yrs 26 dys
White, Rev. O. L., b.Dec. 23, 1858, d.Aug. 24, 1904
White, William J., b.1912, d.1983
Whitmeyer, Carrie A. Perkins, b.1900, d.1991
Whitmeyer, William P., b.1892, d.1966
Wick, Dorothy E., b.1905, d.1996
Wick, Lloyd E., b.1903, d.1976
Wiggens, Freelove, d.Jun. 8, 1827 age 57 yrs, wife of Jacob Wiggens
Wiggens, George N., d.Apr. 6, 1888 age 74 yrs 8 mos
Wiggens, Hannah M., d.Feb.13, 1885 age 73 yrs 7 mos 8 dys
Wiggens, Jacob, d.Sep. 30, 1839 age 79 yrs
Wiggens, Mary, d.May 26, 1868 age 72 yrs, dau of Jacob & Freelove Wiggens
Wiggens, Nancy, d.Nov. 19, 1887 age 88 yrs
Wilcox, Albert, d.Jul. 12, 1906 age 71 yrs, Co. D 8th NY Calv.
Wilcox, Frank, b.1880, d.1969
Wilcox, Melissa, b.1842, d.1910
Wilcox, Nellie M. Smoke, b.1879, d.1952, wife of Frank Wilcox
Wilcus, Almira Clark, b.1834, d.1890
Williams, Catherine Roberts, b.1859, d.1944
Williams, Clarence H., b.1889, d.1965
Williams, Della J. Jones, b.1892, d.1947, wife of Clarence Williams
Williams, Griffith, d.Aug. 25, 1840 age 20 mos 14 dys, son of Hugh F. & Mary Williams
Williams, Hyzer, d.May 18, 1889 age 74 yrs 11 mos 23 dys
Williams, John, d.Oct. 26, 1865, age 63 yrs
Williams, Lillian M., d.Aug. 21, 1857 age 2 yrs 1 mo 2 dys, dau of Hyzer & Sarah Williams
Williams, Lydia Swan, d.Feb.9, 1875, age 32 yrs
Williams, Margaret, d.Jul. 27, 1866, age 67 yrs, wife of John Williams
Williams, Marietta, b.1872, d.1888
Williams, Nellie Countryman, b.1908, d.1981
Williams, Sarah Crego, d.Sep. 22, 1890 age 73 yrs 1 mo 3 dys, wife of Hyzer Williams
Williamson, Barbara A., 1970
Williamson, Elizabeth Gillett, b.1903, d.(no date)
Williamson, James A., b.1950, d.1967
Williamson, Leo F., b.1902, d.1975
Williamson, Nadine T., b.1926, d.1991
Williamson, Steve A., b.1949, d.1949
Williamson, Timothy Jacob, d.Dec. 3, 1981, son of Jerry & Karla Williamson
Wilson, Edna Tripp, b.1885, d.1964
Wilson, Ellen M., b.1857, d.1878
Wilson, Ezra D., b.1885, d.1966
Wilson, Henrietta, d.Sep. 4, 1885 age 90 yrs 1 mo 20 dys
Winchell, Ada Kelly, b.1882, d.1951, wife of Dewitt Winchell
Winchell, Dewitt H., b.1874, d.1952
Winchell, J. Henry, b.1862, d.1934
Winchell, L. Lois, b.1867, d.1943, wife (of J. Henry Winchell)
Winchell, Marion F., b.1902, d.1921
Winchell, Mary, d.Jul. 20, 1871 age 69 yrs
Witek, Jacqueline, b.1929, d.(no date)
Witek, Walter F., b.1926, d.(no date)
Wolcott, Frank, d.Mar. 18, 1854 age 2 yrs 26 dys, son of Sam'l & Harriet Wolcott
Wolf, Agatha, d.Nov. 24, 1893 age 76 yrs, wife of Jacob Wolf
Wolf, Jacob, d.Aug. 8, 1895 age 80 yrs
Wolff, Amelia, b.Feb.18, 1859, d.Feb.21, 1860, dau of Jacob & Agatha Wolff
Wolff, Elizabeth, d.Sep. 12, 1871 age 24 yrs 11 mos 22 dys, dau of Jacob & Agatha Wolff
Wolf, Jacob, d.Aug. 8, 1895 age 80 yrs
Wolff, John, d.Nov. 30, 1858, age 14 ys 10 mos, son of Jacob & Agatha Wolff
Wolfe, Eliza O., d.May 18, 1891 age 46 yrs 6 mos, wife of Jacob Wolfe
Wolfe, infant, d.Feb.18, 1869 age 14 dys, son of Jacob & Eliza Wolfe
Wolfe, Jacob, b.1840, d.1924
Wolfe, Katherine Andregg, b.1883, d.1963
Wolfe, Sanford T., b.1883, d.1963
Wollaber, Alta James, b.1918, d.1989
Wollaber, Betty A. Furney, b.1934, d.(no date), wife (of Robert E. Wollaber), married Apr. 21, 1951) (SECT. 4)
Wollaber, Carl H., b.1917, d.1997
Wollaber, Robert E., b.1932, d.(no date) (SECT. 4)
Wood, Fred, b.1872, d.1949
Wood, George V., b.1912, d.1966
Wood, Hattie Norton, b.1876, d.1948
Wood, John, b.1846, d.1927
Wood, Lucina Wafful, b.1850, d.1935
Wood, Marie H., b.1908, d.1989
Wood, Walter, b.1878, d.1949
Worlock, Harold Robert, b.June 4, 1954, d.June 6, 1996
Worlock, Helen M., b.1901, d.1982
Worlock, Irene Pillmore, b.Nov. 20, 1913, d.Nov. 17, 1972
Worlock, Robert N., b.Oct. 23, 1913, d.Feb.26, 1952
Yager, Irene C., b.1937, d.1998, wife (of Robert A. Yager), married June 25, 1955
Yager, Robert A., b.1927, d.(no date)
York, Ann, d.Apr. 25, 1856, wife of A. L. York
York, Ervine Creighton, infant son of A. L. & Ann York
Yutzler, John C., b.1881, d.1966
Yutzler, Mabel S., b.1884, d.1969
Yutzler, Paul Samson, b.1918, d.1921
Zinke, Frederick, d.Feb.9, 1860 age 22 yrs 1 mo 9 dys
Zinke, Frederick, d.Oct. 7, 1863, age 17 yrs
Zinke, J. Andrew, d.Jul. 20, 1871, age 76 yrs 9 mos 11 dys
Zwissler, Cora Stannard, b.1868, d.1944, wife of Frank Zwissler
Zwissler, Frank, b.1863, d.1926
Zwissler, Martin J., b.1890, d.1961


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