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Rhodes Family Cemetery
Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York

East St. & Stone Road, Bridgewater NY

Lat: 42° 55' 25"N, Lon: 75° 11' 27"W

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Aug 04, 2004 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 10.

This smal cemetery is located off East Street near the intersection of Stone Road, in a small clump of trees in the middle of a farmerís field.

This is a small family cemetery that is completely overgrown with weeds and trees and is in horrible condition. Several stones from an older DAR listing were not found. These stones are indicated with an * and the information was taken from the DAR listing.

Virginia Ackerman and I transcribed this from all existing and legible tombstones and the above source on Jul 23, 2004.

- Kathleen L. Last

Randall, Amy, d. 11 Dec 1810, age: 3 mos, dau of Nicholas & Content Randall *
Randall, Content, d. 24 Feb 1815, age: 58 yrs, wife of Nicholas Randall *
Randall, Francis M., d. 03 Oct 1851, age: 1 yr 10 mos, son of J. B. & Emily Randall
Randall, Nicholas, d. 20 Nov 1814, age: 61 yrs *
Rhodes, Anthony, d. 25 May 1845, age: 86 yrs, Rev. War Veteran *
Tripp, Anson, d. 06 Apr 1837, age: 15 yrs 10 mos 15 dys, son of Weeden & Hannah Tripp
Tripp, Beatta, d. 14 Dec 1852, age: 34 yrs, wife of Ira Tripp
Tripp, Hannah, d. 09 Mar 1843, age: 53 yrs, wife of Weeden Tripp
Tripp, Mary Ann, d. 06 Dec 1831, age: 21 yrs 8 mos ? dys, wife of Lewis Tripp
Tripp, Weeden, d. 21 Mar 1816, age: 59 yrs *


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