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Webster Rural Cemetery
Webster, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.209021, -77.447916

1087 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580

Published: November 11, 2016
Total records: 7,360

Surnames C-E

Records published here were acquired from the Webster Rural Cemetery Association on November 11, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1863 to 2014.

Cain, Karen
, age 7, bur. 08/23/1971, Plot HH R15 G22E
Caister, John, b. 1918, bur. 7/9/2001, Plot FN R19 G11
Caister, Marcelle, b. 1921, bur. 9/25/1999, Plot FN R19 G11A
Calkins, Lynn J, b. 1905, bur. 8/22/1977, Plot FS R27 G15
Calkins, Marie, b. 1901, bur. 5/9/1964, Plot FS R27 G16
Callari, James M, b. 1942, bur. 7/7/2000, Plot JE R07 G20
Callear-Carr, Jake Thomas, b. 2001, bur. 2/24/2001, Plot JE R23 G07
Calligan, James W, Plot GG R11 G11
Calligan, Orace C, bur. 12/9/1952, Plot GG R11 G13
Calnan, Kirsten, Plot HE R04 G01
Calnan, Kristen, b. 1989, age 2, bur. 05/07/1992, Plot HH R04 G01
Camillo, Jack A, b. 1927, bur. 09/22/1997, Plot HE R11 G34
Camp, Cathleen A, b. 1947, bur. 04/23/1999, Plot JE R01 G11
Campbell, Albertina, b. 1876, bur. 1/1/1962, Plot FS R08 G13
Campbell, Anna Down, Plot DD R12 G34
Campbell, Carrie L, Plot DD R12 G35
Campbell, Elizabeth L, Plot DD R12 G32
Campbell, Elizabeth M, b. 1911, bur. 6/3/1992, Plot HW R03 G35
Campbell, Emma, bur. 4/21/1952, Plot GW R13 G33
Campbell, James B, Plot DD R12 G33
Campbell, Jennie L, Plot DD R12 G31
Campbell, John D, b. 1872, bur. 4/21/1953, Plot FS R08 G12
Campbell, John Sr D, bur. 01/25/1911, Plot BB R12 G09
Campbell, Karl S, b. 1898, bur. 4/9/1975, Plot FS R08 G14
Campbell, Lucy Stadt, b. 1894, bur. 01/01/1934, Plot FS R18 G39
Campbell, Mary, bur. 01/01/1934, Plot FS R18 G39A
Campbell, Robert OH, b. 1906, bur. 08/17/1969, Plot HW R03 G34
Campbell, Rose, bur. 5/30/1953, Plot GW R03 G28A
Campbell, Ruby P, b. 1892, bur. 4/22/1989, Plot FS R18 G40
Campbell, Walter Sr Lewis, b. 1898, bur. 4/16/1981, Plot FS R18 G41
Canales, Nicolasa, bur. 07/01/1991, Plot HE R11 G10
Cannarazzo, Joseph Sr F, b. 1927, bur. 6/2/1993, Plot JE R29 G02
Cannarozzo, Joseph F, b. 1954, age 58, bur. 01/18/2012, Plot JE R29 G04
Capell, Clara, bur. 9/8/1959, Plot HW R13 G10
Capo, Joanne, bur. 08/18/2009, Plot JW R07 G01
Capo, Robert Sr C, Plot JW R07 G02
Cappon, Betty J, b. 1933, bur. 10/24/1991, Plot HH R12 G25
Carbello, Robert J, bur. 10/30/2009, Plot HE R08 G30
Carll, Charlotte M, bur. 2/7/1967, Plot GG R03 G17
Carll, Clifford E, b. 1905, bur. 4/14/1981, Plot GG R03 G18
Carll, Earl S, bur. 1/1/1939, Plot GG R03 G16
Carll, Stella K, b. 1915, age 87, bur. 4/24/2003, Plot GG R03 G19
Carlson, Herbert Knut, b. 1889, bur. 8/30/1978, Plot FS R05 G43
Carlson, Hilda Linnea, b. 1892, bur. 4/27/1978, Plot FS R05 G42
Carpenter, Blanche M, bur. 5/10/1972, Plot HW R04 G45
Carpenter, Eunice E, b. 1919, bur. 05/01/1981, Plot HE R28 G20
Carpenter, Lamont, bur. 4/20/1970, Plot HW R04 G44
Carpenter, Robert Ira, bur. 1/1/2001, Plot JE R11 G33
Carpenter, Sheila A, b. 1936, bur. 5/21/1979, Plot HE R30 G26
Carr, Charles, bur. 10/02/1972, Plot HH R09 G30
Carr, Eva B, b. 1906, bur. 9/13/1986, Plot HH R08 G32
Carr, June M, b. 1931, bur. 10/14/1993, Plot HH R08 G34
Carr, Kristen Justine, b. 1970, age 19, bur. 5/10/1989, Plot FN R03 G30
Carr, Mary, bur. 9/18/1972, Plot HH R08 G39
Carr, Olivia, Plot AA R16 G31
Carr, Rex, bur. 12/9/1978, Plot HH R08 G31
Carr, William W, b. 1929, bur. 4/24/1997, Plot HH R08 G33
Cartwright, Milton J, Plot AA R10 G48A
Cartwright, William E, Plot AA R10 G48
Carty, Sue, bur. 5/8/1969, Plot HW R07 G03
Caryl, Pearl, b. 1921, bur. 6/2/1995, Plot HH R07 G40
Caryl, Watson, b. 1906, bur. 05/08/1974, Plot HH R07 G39
Case, Kenneth Harvey, b. 1930, bur. 09/29/1977, Plot HH R03 G04
Case, Lillian, bur. 10/11/1962, Plot HW R13 G29
Casey, Ethel W, bur. 08/15/1995, Plot HH R01 G37
Casey, Henry H, bur. 6/9/1983, Plot HH R01 G36
Casselberry, Ruth, b. 1902, bur. 10/8/1969, Plot HW R07 G45
Cassell, David, bur. 09/05/2009, Plot HE R8 G11A
Catalano, Daniel, b. 1920, bur. 07/06/2000, Plot HE R17 G31
Catalano, Millie, b. 1919, bur. 1/1/1994, Plot HE R17 G30
Caton, Christopher Terry, b. 1970, age 3, bur. 07/21/1973, Plot HH R15 G21
Caton, Emma, bur. 8/5/1975, Plot GW R13 G18
Caton, Frank, bur. 9/17/1947, Plot GW R13 G17
Caton, Margaret Jean, b. 1922, bur. 08/03/1998, Plot FN R18 G10
Caulkins, Lee Jack, b. 1901, bur. 10/9/1974, Plot HW R09 G13
Caulkins, Mabel M, b. 1900, bur. 4/23/1971, Plot HW R09 G14
Cavoti, James, bur. 6/17/2000, Plot JE R01 G03
Cellura, Paul J, bur. 05/13/2008, Plot JW R01 G17
Chaffee, Edna M, b. 1893, bur. 5/20/1992, Plot HE R12 G03
Chamberlain, Ann Eliza, Plot AA R07 G28
Chamberlain, Benjamin, Plot AA R07 G25
Chamberlain, Calvin, Plot AA R09 G21
Chamberlain, Carlyle M, b. 1919, bur. 07/15/1970, Plot FS R07 G31
Chamberlain, Newton, Plot AA R07 G27
Chamberlain, Ruth T, b. 1919, bur. 4/20/1992, Plot FS R07 G32
Chamberlain, Sally, Plot AA R07 G26
Chamberlain, Sally, Plot AA R09 G22
Champman, Ellen Hughs, Plot AA R05 G28
Chandler, Elmer E, b. 1913, bur. 04/13/1978, Plot HE R33 G39
Chandler, Frieda Rachel, b. 1920, bur. 07/17/2004, Plot FN R02 G44A
Chandler, Madilyn Turner, b. 1919, bur. 7/29/1960, Plot FN R02 G43
Chandler, Myrtle F, bur. 4/13/1978, Plot HE R33 G40
Chapman, Abbie A, bur. 1/3/1925, Plot AA R14 G52
Chapman, Kenneth R, b. 1910, bur. 1/1/1971, Plot FS R18 G04
Chapman, Lodisa, bur. 03/03/1925, Plot AA R14 G53
Chapman, Marjorie W, b. 1910, bur. 1/1/1946, Plot FS R18 G03
Chapman, Martha, Plot AA R05 G26
Chapman, Mary, Plot AA R05 G29
Chapman, Noah Emery, Plot AA R05 G27
Chapman, Peter, Plot AA R05 G25
Chapman, Virginia, bur. 11/22/1994, Plot HE R26 G10A
Charlick, Donald W, b. 1909, bur. 03/16/1964, Plot FN R26 G04
Charlick, Thomas W, bur. 9/8/1954, Plot FN R26 G03
Chase, Harry E, bur. 1/27/1961, Plot HW R15 G20
Chase, Henry W, b. 1885, bur. 01/01/1946, Plot FS R25 G49
Chase, Mabel P, b. 1889, bur. 11/22/1979, Plot FS R25 G52
Chase, Milton A, b. 1892, bur. 9/25/1948, Plot FS R25 G51
Chatham, Mildred Stewart, bur. 12/12/1959, Plot GW R16 G24
Chatham, Mildred, b. 1903, bur. 12/12/1959, Plot HW R10 G08
Cheeseman, Belle S, Plot AA R06 G38
Cheeseman, E G, Plot AA R06 G37
Chesebro, Emery, Plot AA R06 G39
Chesterton, Frederick F, b. 1920, bur. 10/29/1986, Plot HE R14 G03
Chesterton, Mary E, b. 1922, bur. 7/5/1989, Plot HE R14 G04
Chivasciak, Betty J, b. 1928, bur. 01/22/2013, Plot HE R28 G39
Chivasciak, Dorthy, b. 1926, bur. 06/29/1971, Plot HE R28 G37
Chivasciak, Paul E, b. 1926, bur. 10/11/1993, Plot HE R28 G38
Christ, Walter H, bur. 12/19/1946, Plot GW R09 G13
Christian, Alice J, age 91, bur. 10/3/2006, Plot GW R14 G37
Christian, George W, b. 1910, bur. 11/10/1955, Plot GW R14 G38
Ciaglia, Christine G, b. 1929, bur. 5/18/1996, Plot JE R18 G02
Ciaglia, Richard F, b. 1928, bur. 4/22/1991, Plot JE R18 G01
Cimino, Salvatore, age 76, bur. 04/04/2008, Plot FS R04 G58
Cimott, Theresa, bur. 8/3/1988, Plot HE R11 G38
Cipolla, Jane M, age 90, Plot FN R06 G17
Cipolla, Joseph, b. 1910, bur. 09/10/2002, Plot FN R06 G16
Ciulla, Joseph R, b. 1988, bur. 05/30/1988, Plot HE R03 G02
Clancy, James II F, b. 1918, age 87, bur. 8/12/2005, Plot HE R19 G08
Clancy, Regina M, b. 1929, bur. 10/24/1983, Plot HE R19 G09
Clapaftis, Joseph P, bur. 01/01/2002, Plot JE R14 G33
Clar, Simon, bur. 4/1/1944, Plot FN R26 G43
Clar, Sophia M, bur. 7/17/1951, Plot FN R26 G42
Clark, Alice M, b. 1897, bur. 10/1/1968, Plot FS R22 G46
Clark, Arthur L, b. 1882, bur. 5/16/1993, Plot FS R22 G45
Clark, Betty, b. 1911, bur. 5/14/1991, Plot HE R11 G20
Clark, Kenneth, b. 1913, bur. 1/1/1998, Plot FN R14 G08A
Clark, Lois M, b. 1917, bur. 12/30/1988, Plot CC R15 G14
Clark, Marion, b. 1920, bur. 08/22/1985, Plot FN R14 G08
Clark, Ora, bur. 10/8/1952, Plot GW R11 G10
Clark, Russell, b. 1948, bur. 6/23/1992, Plot HE R11 G19
Clark, Viola, bur. 12/1/1968, Plot AA R01 G71
Clark, William T, bur. 6/11/1960, Plot HW R15 G10
Clarke, Charles E, bur. 02/01/1927, Plot FN R30 G34
Clarke, Louise Larrabee, b. 1886, bur. 6/11/1959, Plot FS R32 G25
Clarke, Mabel Parker, b. 1883, bur. 01/01/1936, Plot FS R32 G24
Clarke, Wallace S, bur. 5/26/1960, Plot FS R32 G23
Cleary, John E, b. 1915, bur. 04/16/1981, Plot HH R10 G04
Cleary, Mildred E, age 89, bur. 7/26/2007, Plot HH R10 G05
Cleary, Thomas J, b. 1942, bur. 8/12/1981, Plot HE R25 G29
Clemens, Evelyn, bur. 5/19/1986, Plot GW R11 G19
Clemens, Walter, bur. 7/30/1974, Plot GW R11 G18
Clement, William, bur. 4/25/1985, Plot FN R04 G14
Clementi, Ella, bur. 4/3/1997, Plot JE R04 G01
Clerentin, Macel, age 96, bur. 5/29/2007, Plot HE R06 G38
Cleveland, Nora, bur. 11/17/1959, Plot HW R15 G02
Cleveland, William Henry, bur. 1/8/1959, Plot HW R13 G02
Clifford, Eleanor S, age 76, bur. 01/13/2011, Plot GG R09 G31
Clifford, Evelyn, bur. 7/13/1990, Plot GG R09 G29
Clifford, Fred, bur. 3/1/1968, Plot AA R03 G46
Clifford, John W, b. 1920, bur. 05/05/1975, Plot HH R08 G06
Clifford, Marion Baker, b. 1918, bur. 9/7/1991, Plot HH R08 G07
Clifford, Nellie, bur. 8/8/1967, Plot HW R03 G07
Clifford, Ralph Earnest, bur. 7/20/1957, Plot GG R09 G30
Clifford, Raymond D, b. 1915, bur. 7/17/1971, Plot HW R03 G08
Clifford, Walter, b. 1924, age 79, bur. 05/25/2004, Plot HW R03 G07A
Clocksin, Edward, b. 1962, bur. 01/04/1964, Plot HW R06 G12
Close, Charles, bur. 1/1/1930, Plot AA R03 G45
Close, Hannah, bur. 01/01/1906, Plot AA R03 G44
Clow, Ernest C, bur. 1/8/1952, Plot FN R06 G50
Clow, Ethel D, b. 1916, bur. 8/31/1998, Plot FN R06 G53
Clow, Katherine, bur. 2/7/1957, Plot FN R06 G51
Clow, Richard H, b. 1954, bur. 05/09/1954, Plot FN R06 G52
Cobb, Calvin R, Plot AA R10 G62
Cobb, Charles A, Plot FN R25 G28
Cobb, Charles Chauncy, bur. 4/29/1950, Plot FN R25 G31
Cobb, Elizabeth, Plot AA R10 G63
Cobb, Lucy A, Plot AA R10 G60
Cobb, Martha, Plot AA R10 G59
Cobb, Mary E, bur. 2/1/1952, Plot FN R25 G29
Cobb, Reuben, Plot AA R10 G58
Cobb, Sarah Richardson, Plot AA R10 G61
Cobb, Velma C, b. 1908, bur. 11/12/1996, Plot FN R25 G32
Cody, Elizabeth Jean, bur. 08/02/2010, Plot JE R09 G07
Coe, Kenneth Jack, b. 1929, bur. 11/27/1993, Plot HE R04 G19
Cogswell, Betsey, Plot DD R08 G10
Cohen, Hymen, bur. 05/03/2010, Plot HE R26 G29
Cohen, Marie N, b. 1925, bur. 6/30/1980, Plot HE R26 G30
Coiser, Richard J, b. 1930, bur. 09/25/2003, Plot FN R07 G11
Colbert, Jessica C, bur. 6/19/1992, Plot FN R16 G45A
Cole, Eve Anne, Plot AA R10 G15
Cole, Hannah, Plot AA R10 G10
Cole, John, Plot AA R09 G09
Cole, Laura Samantha, Plot AA R10 G14
Cole, Martha Elizabeth, Plot AA R09 G12
Cole, Melangthon S, Plot AA R10 G13
Cole, William, bur. 1/1/1906, Plot AA R10 G11
Colegrove, Irene, age 86, bur. 10/20/2003, Plot HH R07 G16
Coleman, Steven W, b. 1955, bur. 8/19/1988, Plot HE R11 G31
Coleman, Susan A., bur. 07/05/2011, Plot HE R11 G32
Coleman, William, bur. 9/23/1969, Plot HW R07 G43
Coles, Arthur E, b. 1916, bur. 1/1/1980, Plot HW R09 G40
Coles, Barbara June, b. 1925, age 79, bur. 10/15/2005, Plot HW R09 G40A
Coles, Doris E, b. 1916, bur. 9/3/1968, Plot HW R09 G41
Coles, Leonard Ashworth, b. 1945, bur. 05/29/1969, Plot HW R08 G40
Collier, Sarah Jean, bur. 07/25/2009, Plot JW R08 G03
Collins, Albert, bur. 8/25/1976, Plot HH R03 G27
Collins, Anna B, bur. 7/13/1981, Plot FN R33 G09
Collins, Cameron Theodore, b. 1906, bur. 05/07/1973, Plot HH R13 G10
Collins, Edward B, Plot AA R05 G41
Collins, George E, bur. 2/7/1964, Plot GG R10 G20
Collins, George W, bur. 9/17/1947, Plot GW R13 G13
Collins, Jack, bur. 1/1/1944, Plot FN R33 G10
Collins, Kathleen P, bur. 1/1/1918, Plot FN R33 G07
Collins, Orin E, Plot AA R11 G25
Collins, Sophonia, Plot AA R05 G42
Collins, Warren H, age 78, bur. 11/04/2003, Plot HE R11 G12
Collins, Warren J, bur. 10/23/1956, Plot GG R10 G19
Collison, James E, bur. 4/5/1927, Plot GW R06 G01
Collison, Mildred S, b. 1898, age 80, bur. 10/25/1978, Plot GG R08 G30
Colman, William, bur. 12/1/1961, Plot HW R16 G17
Comella, Josephine V, b. 1929, bur. 05/14/2005, Plot HE R03 G46
Comey, Harry S, bur. 12/19/1956, Plot AA R15 G70
Compson, Bertha M, b. 1912, bur. 9/22/1977, Plot HW R08 G06
Compson, Thomas Hugh, b. 1908, bur. 7/17/1962, Plot HW R08 G05
Comstock, Alfred, bur. 6/29/1976, Plot HH R04 G28
Cone, Walter VI L, b. 1951, age 32, bur. 8/24/1983, Plot HE R19 G15
Conklin, Robert Francis, b. 1927, bur. 05/25/1976, Plot HH R14 G04
Connell, Robert Paul, b. 1921, bur. 11/13/1971, Plot HH R13 G25
Conrow, Dorothy Ellen, b. 1915, bur. 4/23/2003, Plot FN R08 G16
Conrow, Frances, b. 1914, bur. 1/1/1941, Plot GW R07 G11
Conrow, Harriet E, b. 1874, age 89, bur. 04/17/1963, Plot GG R16 G26
Conrow, Howard Leslie, b. 1901, bur. 12/21/1984, Plot FN R08 G17
Conrow, Irwin Frank, b. 1911, bur. 4/9/1981, Plot FN R03 G10
Conrow, Mary, b. 1906, bur. 8/20/1973, Plot FN R03 G11
Conrow, Nathan E, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot GG R16 G25
Consort, Margaret E G, Plot AA R03 G69A
Contant, Harold J, b. 1908, bur. 1/19/1965, Plot HW R04 G25
Contant, Margaret I, b. 1911, bur. 06/10/1998, Plot HW R04 G26
Contant, Maynard L, b. 1921, bur. 09/20/1991, Plot HE R04 G14
Conway, Reginald, bur. 02/01/2010, Plot JJ R11 G04
Cook, Asa B, Plot AA R05 G18
Cook, Avery D, bur. 8/27/1977, Plot HW R14 G11
Cook, Bez, bur. 8/22/1925, Plot AA R14 G23
Cook, Caroline Johnson, bur. 10/21/1994, Plot FN R06 G44
Cook, Carrie E, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot GW R10 G23
Cook, Dolores E, b. 1917, bur. 9/26/1959, Plot HW R14 G10
Cook, Ellen A, Plot DD R15 G01
Cook, Esther M, Plot DD R01 G05
Cook, Henry C, Plot DD R15 G02
Cook, Jesse N, Plot DD R01 G04
Cook, John C, Plot DD R15 G03
Cook, Louis E, Plot GW R10 G24
Cook, Mercy, Plot AA R05 G19
Cook, Norman C, bur. 08/13/1917, Plot AA R09 G05
Cook, Wilber J, bur. 2/4/1920, Plot DD R01 G06
Cook, Zebina M, Plot AA R14 G24
Cooke, Herbert S, b. 1915, bur. 5/10/1985, Plot FN R08 G05
Cookingham, Bruce C, b. 1914, bur. 4/30/1970, Plot HW R01 G45
Cookingham, Janet Martha, b. 1921, bur. 06/27/2003, Plot JW R01 G01
Cookingham, Martha J, Plot JW R01 G02
Cooman, Carl Jr C, b. 1924, bur. 12/8/1975, Plot FN R01 G45
Cooman, Carl Sr C, b. 1891, bur. 10/10/1953, Plot FS R28 G15
Cooman, George, b. 1865, bur. 1/6/1954, Plot FS R28 G12
Cooman, Mary, bur. 1/1/1927, Plot FS R28 G13
Cooman, Mildred A, b. 1929, bur. 12/22/1999, Plot FN R01 G46
Cooman, Robert M, b. 1927, bur. 5/19/1998, Plot FN R02 G45
Cooman, Wanda M, b. 1895, bur. 7/25/1989, Plot FS R28 G16
Coon, John, bur. 4/3/1952, Plot GW R07 G32
Cooper, Lillian M, age 74, bur. 12/24/1962, Plot FS R26 G46
Cooper, Mary J J, b. 1916, age 68, bur. 4/25/1984, Plot FS R01 G43
Copsey, Estella L, bur. 4/1/1966, Plot HW R02 G18
Corbett, Christopher M, b. 1953, bur. 05/20/1988, Plot HW R11 G12A
Corbett, Gerald M, bur. 04/16/2011, Plot JE R7 G27
Cordes, Daniel A, b. 1959, bur. 6/30/1980, Plot HE R26 G08
Corfield, Baby, bur. 09/09/1971, Plot HH R15 G22W
Cornell, James P, b. 1879, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot FS R25 G45
Cornice, Angelia A, bur. 11/20/1951, Plot FN R07 G41
Corp, Edith C, bur. 11/8/1926, Plot BB R25 G01
Corp, Henry A, bur. 1/1/1932, Plot BB R25 G02
Corretore, Daniel Joseph, Plot FN R01 G36
Corretore, Robert Michael, b. 1983, bur. 10/31/1983, Plot FN R01 G36A
Corrigan, Leo G, b. 1910, bur. 1/21/1959, Plot FS R27 G21
Corrigan, Mattye A, b. 1883, bur. 1/1/1943, Plot FS R16 G37
Corts, Marion P, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot GW R10 G30
Corwin, Bessie C, bur. 1/1/1969, Plot GW R09 G25
Corwin, Charles, bur. 9/17/1968, Plot HW R01 G33
Corwin, John Niles, bur. 5/30/1976, Plot GW R09 G25A
Corwin, Richard N, b. 1920, bur. 07/08/1944, Plot GW R09 G26
Corwin, Thelma I, b. 1928, age 76, bur. 8/29/2005, Plot GW R09 G24
Cory, Emily Worthing, age 68, bur. 11/7/1908, Plot DD R06 G40
Cory, Francis D, Plot DD R06 G39
Cory, Laura Nell, age 61, bur. 01/09/1932, Plot DD R06 G37
Cory, Mollie B, Plot DD R06 G41
Cory, Robert A, bur. 01/14/1907, Plot DD R06 G38
Cosimo, Mary L, b. 1885, bur. 8/18/1984, Plot HE R18 G39
Costich, Ida E, b. 1879, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot FS R10 G08
Costich, Richard F, b. 1874, bur. 5/28/1958, Plot FS R10 G07
Cotter, Kay Marie, b. 1943, bur. 7/14/1997, Plot JJ R07 G02
Coultis, William, Plot AA R11 G09
Courter, Elisha, Plot AA R01 G39
Courter, James H, bur. 6/9/1915, Plot AA R01 G38
Covert, Bertha H, bur. 11/21/1966, Plot HW R03 G32
Cowley, Catherine R, bur. 7/31/1982, Plot HE R22 G22
Cowley, Walter H, bur. 4/13/1971, Plot HH R15 G32
Coyle, Edwin, bur. 2/2/1960, Plot HW R15 G05
Craft, Baby, Plot DD R09 G48
Craft, Catherine I, b. 1891, age 69, bur. 7/15/1960, Plot DD R07 G08
Craft, William Frank, b. 1880, age 85, bur. 6/15/1965, Plot DD R07 G07
Cragle, Franklin H, b. 1934, bur. 08/19/1995, Plot HE R01 G29
Craig, Alice Welch, bur. 06/17/1950, Plot GW R10 G13
Craig, David, bur. 9/28/1967, Plot HW R12 G41
Crandall, Albert, b. 1869, bur. 1/1/1938, Plot FS R22 G09
Crandall, Betsy S, bur. 01/01/1936, Plot FS R21 G03
Crandall, Ella M, bur. 1/1/1942, Plot FS R21 G02
Crandall, Henry W, bur. 1/1/1947, Plot FS R22 G01
Crandall, Laura Louise, b. 1878, age 91, bur. 6/3/1970, Plot FS R22 G10
Crandall, Lena, bur. 1/1/1924, Plot FS R22 G02
Crandall, Merwin T, b. 1893, bur. 11/18/1945, Plot FS R21 G10
Crandall, Milton C, b. 1901, bur. 3/30/1982, Plot FS R22 G05
Crandall, William J, bur. 12/7/1950, Plot FS R21 G01
Crandell, Kathryn A, b. 1913, bur. 6/4/1999, Plot FS R21 G09
Crane, James W, b. 1918, bur. 7/17/1997, Plot HW R05 G21
Crane, Kenneth W, b. 1918, bur. 4/5/1988, Plot HE R10 G37
Crane, Marion E, b. 1925, bur. 4/5/1988, Plot HE R10 G38
Crane, Marjorie S, b. 1918, bur. 06/06/2011, Plot HW R05 G22
Crans, William, age 69, bur. 6/5/1968, Plot HW R02 G36
Creamer, Deborah M, age 54, bur. 9/13/2003, Plot HE R13 G27
Cresent, Erma A, b. 1908, bur. 5/1/1987, Plot FS R05 G29
Cresent, Robert A, b. 1903, bur. 4/26/1980, Plot FS R05 G28
Cresent-Carroll, Alice Cresent, b. 1934, age 76, bur. 10/20/2010, Plot HE R04 G22
Cresson, Alice Morey, b. 1885, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot FS R14 G20
Cresson, John M, b. 1885, age 69, bur. 5/25/1955, Plot FS R14 G21
Criel, Charles L, b. 1905, bur. 4/26/1985, Plot HE R16 G11
Criel, Edna C, b. 1910, bur. 10/3/1988, Plot HE R16 G11A
Crippen, Alice Hotchkiss, Plot DD R10 G37
Crippen, Clara Crossman, Plot DD R10 G39A
Crippen, Crosman Hotchkiss, Plot DD R11 G42
Crippen, J. Hicks, Plot DD R10 G38
Crippen, Jay, bur. 4/24/1916, Plot DD R07 G59
Crippen, Lewis, Plot DD R11 G37
Crippen, Lucille, Plot DD R10 G41
Crippen, Lucina Hicks, Plot DD R11 G38
Crippen, Marian M, Plot DD R11 G39
Crippen, Marian, Plot DD R10 G42
Crippen, Marvin D, Plot DD R10 G39
Crippen, Myrtle Woods, b. 1863, age 94, bur. 6/17/1957, Plot DD R07 G60
Crippen, Ruth D, Plot DD R10 G40
Crippen, Todd Marvin, Plot DD R11 G41
Crist, Elmer, bur. 1/1/1970, Plot HH R16 G30
Crist, Elmer, age 76, bur. 11/12/1970, Plot HW R16 G30A
Crittenden, Harriett C, bur. 10/28/1927, Plot AA R08 G23
Crittenden, Marvin R, bur. 12/1/1921, Plot AA R08 G22
Crittenden, Susan E, Plot AA R08 G24
Crocker, A, Plot AA R07 G57
Crocker, Alpheus, Plot AA R16 G20
Crocker, Baby, Plot AA R15 G17
Crocker, Baby, Plot AA R16 G19
Crocker, Eliza, Plot AA R16 G21
Crocker, Lyman, Plot AA R15 G18
Crocker, Phebe, Plot AA R16 G22
Crombach, Hubert H, b. 1898, age 70, bur. 7/25/1968, Plot HW R11 G41
Crombach, Lauretta, b. 1910, bur. 5/20/1995, Plot HW R11 G42
Crop, Edith, bur. 11/08/1926, Plot AA R01 G01
Crop, Henry, bur. 01/01/1932, Plot AA R01 G02
Cross, Ethel, bur. 4/4/1980, Plot HE R28 G18
Croudace, Dorethy A L, b. 1910, bur. 8/2/1997, Plot HE R02 G26
Crouse, Thomas II E, age 19, bur. 5/19/2002, Plot JE R17 G32
Croutsch, Henry, age 77, bur. 2/27/1963, Plot HW R13 G31
Cuddeback, Agnes L, b. 1914, age 88, bur. 5/21/2003, Plot BB R15 G03
Cuddeback, Floyd, b. 1902, bur. 04/04/1903, Plot CC R17 G03
Cuddeback, Helen, age 89, bur. 8/18/1984, Plot HH R15 G14
Cuddeback, Irving B., bur. 4/3/1962, Plot BB R15 G02
Cuddeback, Irving P, bur. 1/1/1937, Plot CC R17 G04
Cuddeback, Matilda S, bur. 1/1/1936, Plot CC R17 G01
Cuddeback, Silas S, age 77, bur. 5/7/1975, Plot HH R15 G13
Cuddeback, William J, b. 1905, age 3, bur. 06/13/1908, Plot CC R17 G02
Cudlock, Edith, age 59, bur. 10/7/1968, Plot FS R21 G50
Cudlock, Thomas J, bur. 1/1/1942, Plot FS R21 G49
Cullers, Ida B, b. 1874, age 78, bur. 3/14/1952, Plot FN R06 G48
Cullers, Sammuel H, b. 1875, age 75, bur. 6/20/1950, Plot FN R06 G49
Culligan, Wilbert, b. 1912, bur. 10/28/1959, Plot HW R11 G01
Culver, Betty, age 68, bur. 2/20/1961, Plot HW R15 G23
Culver, Byron, age 72, bur. 10/2/1972, Plot HW R15 G22
Culver, Florence A, age 72, bur. 3/10/1953, Plot FN R17 G46
Culver, Gladys Piper-Steele, b. 1908, bur. 10/22/1990, Plot GW R01 G32
Culver, J Farley, bur. 7/19/1962, Plot FN R17 G45
Curry, Donald, bur. 1/1/2001, Plot HW R05 G17A
Curry, Eva M, age 69, bur. 4/15/1965, Plot HW R05 G17
Curtice, Eliza, Plot DD R14 G55
Curtiss, Harmon J, Plot DD R15 G29
Curtiss, Mary Hanna, Plot DD R15 G30
Curtiss, May Phillips, Plot DD R15 G26
Curtiss, Newton H, Plot DD R15 G25
Curtiss, Sarah G, Plot DD R15 G27
Curtiss, Susan Hanna, Plot DD R15 G28
Curynski, Mary J, b. 1916, Plot HE R20 G10
Curynski, Theodore S, b. 1913, bur. 6/16/1993, Plot HE R20 G11
Custer, Vernon E, b. 1919, age 83, bur. 10/13/2003, Plot HH R05 G14
Custer, Virginia E, b. 1924, bur. 8/25/1975, Plot HH R05 G15
Cuthefer, Caroline, age 79, bur. 5/23/1964, Plot HW R11 G35
Cutler, Walter, age 54, bur. 4/25/1962, Plot HW R16 G25
Cuvelier, Gertrude, bur. 6/21/1989, Plot HW R07 G31
Cuvelier, William, age 70, bur. 1/1/1968, Plot HW R07 G30
Cuyler, Mary G, b. 1926, bur. 4/15/1970, Plot FN R04 G27
Cymbol, Walter W, b. 1945, bur. 4/1/2002, Plot JE R25 G08
D'Amico, Ansell, b. 1913, bur. 5/25/1996, Plot JE R21 G02
D'Amico, Carmella, b. 1920, age 85, bur. 9/6/2005, Plot JE R21 G01
Dalcin, Florence W, b. 1904, bur. 1/2/1957, Plot AA R14 G66
Dalcin, Lawrence, age 78, bur. 5/8/1975, Plot AA R14 G65
Damers, Henry W, b. 1913, bur. 12/27/1984, Plot GG R16 G27
Damuth, Ethel Amo, b. 1913, bur. 7/29/1995, Plot HE R29 G11
Danby, Everett F, b. 1898, bur. 11/1/1957, Plot FS R13 G49
Danby, Marion B, b. 1904, bur. 9/1/1968, Plot FS R13 G50
Danby, Ruth, b. 1945, bur. 6/28/2008, Plot JE R02 G40
Danby, William E, b. 1926, age 79, bur. 7/21/2006, Plot JE R02 G40A
Danfair, Helen Gaston, b. 1892, bur. 1/1/1931, Plot FS R32 G36
Danko, Michael, bur. 7/10/1986, Plot FN R21 G11
Daratt, Lois, b. 1863, bur. 1/22/1926, Plot FN R31 G06
Darling, Adeline A, Plot DD R11 G56
Darling, Andrew J, Plot DD R11 G55
Darling, Charles H, b. 1876, age 85, bur. 3/3/1961, Plot GW R06 G07
Darling, Gilbert, Plot DD R11 G59
Darling, Helen H, Plot DD R11 G60
Darling, Helena, Plot DD R10 G57
Darling, Rachael, Plot DD R10 G56
Darling, Rose, bur. 1/1/1937, Plot GW R06 G08
Darling, Sybil, Plot DD R11 G58
Darling, William C, Plot DD R10 G55
Darrow, James W, bur. 1/1/1933, Plot GG R11 G16
Darrow, Lillian L, b. 1887, age 70, bur. 9/1/1957, Plot GG R11 G17
Dash, Beatrice May, b. 1900, age 74, bur. 7/31/1974, Plot HW R01 G05
Dash, Edward James, age 77, bur. 11/12/1975, Plot HW R01 G04
Dasno, Charles H, age 90, bur. 4/13/1971, Plot HH R16 G33
Dauhaw, Carlos, Plot AA R02 G28
Dauhaw, Hannah, Plot AA R02 G27
Davenport, Lillian, bur. 6/5/1945, Plot GW R03 G21
Davis, Billy Joe, b. 1929, bur. 3/, / 2000, Plot FS R01 G26
Davis, Daniel W, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot FN R27 G15
Davis, Edith G, bur. 1/1/1927, Plot GW R02 G06
Davis, Genevive Marie, age 71, bur. 12/22/1962, Plot HW R08 G21
Davis, Glenn, Plot GW R02 G03
Davis, Grant, bur. 1890, Plot BB R03 G15
Davis, Grant II, bur. 1/1/1912, Plot BB R03 G14
Davis, James M, b. 1909, bur. 12/22/1962, Plot HW R12 G32
Davis, Mamie O, b. 1901, bur. 6/8/1984, Plot FS R01 G25
Davis, Margaret K, b. 1934, bur. 3/5/2000, Plot FS R01 G27
Davis, Nettie M, age 86, bur. 11/30/1971, Plot HH R10 G36
Davis, Sallie E, Plot GW R08 GB
Davis, Sarah Buck, bur. 1/1/1943, Plot FN R27 G16
Davis, William H, bur. 2/12/1968, Plot HW R08 G20
Dawley, Elmer L, b. 1902, bur. 02/23/1957, Plot AA R13 G65
Dayton, Beatrice K, b. 1894, bur. 12/13/1978, Plot FS R30 G19
Dayton, Ida S, b. 1863, bur. 1/1/1911, Plot FS R30 G17
Dayton, Ruth, bur. 01/01/1883, Plot FN R28 G36
Dean, David, Plot AA R14 G27
Dean, Emmet, bur. 1/1/1930, Plot AA R14 G26
Dean, Etta Mae, Plot DD R10 G08
Dean, Horace E, age 83, bur. 7/1/1969, Plot GW R08 G38
Dean, Isabelle G, age 71, bur. 2/11/1956, Plot GW R08 G37
Dean, John Oliver, Plot DD R10 G07
Dean, John, bur. 7/17/1944, Plot GW R10 G19
Dean, Phoebe, Plot AA R14 G25
Dean, Ralph, age 73, bur. 6/17/1963, Plot HW R08 G25
Dean, W Clyde, Plot DD R10 G09
DeBose, Matthew, age 46, bur. 9/8/1965, Plot HW R05 G25
DeBrine, Donald R, b. 1924, bur. 5/12/1993, Plot JE R20 G02
DeBrine, Edward R, b. 1920, age 62, bur. 04/15/1983, Plot HE R20 G34
DeBrine, James J, b. 1890, age 90, bur. 6/7/1980, Plot FS R31 G45
DeBrine, Josephine, bur. 10/11/2011, Plot JE R20 G01
DeBrine, Pearl Y, b. 1896, age 63, bur. 09/05/1959, Plot FS R31 G46
DeBrine, Shirley Ann, b. 1936, age 37, bur. 7/20/1973, Plot HH R10 G15
Debus, Helen, b. 1909, bur. 5/5/1995, Plot HE R20 G02
Debus, William, b. 1902, bur. 5/4/1993, Plot HE R20 G01
DeCary, Kathleen A, b. 1910, bur. 7/1/1968, Plot HW R05 G39
DeCary, Lionel J, b. 1916, bur. 6/10/1998, Plot HW R05 G38
Decker, Dale, bur. 6/3/1993, Plot HW R03 G28
Decker, Phyllis J, age 38, bur. 6/29/1966, Plot HW R03 G29
DeClerck, Elizabeth, b. 1904, bur. 07/24/1993, Plot HW R01 G06
DeClerck, Theophiel, b. 1903, bur. 3/1/1950, Plot GG R07 G28
DeField, George M, Plot BB R15 G07
DeField, May A, Plot BB R15 G05
DeField, Orena M, Plot BB R15 G06
DeFisher, Jacob, b. 1906, bur. 1/1/1944, Plot GG R11 G20
DeForrest, Dustin Richard, bur. 07/03/1991, Plot HE R25 G03A
DeForte, James, bur. 11/7/1987, Plot HH R04 G08
Dehollander, Adrian, b. 1908, bur. 06/19/1948, Plot GW R14 G18
Dehollander, William, bur. 5/16/1944, Plot GW R15 G12
Deichert, Lillian F, b. 1912, age 97, bur. 04/16/2010, Plot JE R14 G11
Deichert, William, bur. 03/25/2014, Plot JE R14 G12
Deiner, Charles Frederick, b. 1911, age 91, bur. 12/8/2002, Plot HE R33 G14
Deininger, Robert E, b. 1936, bur. 7/13/1998, Plot HE R30 G38
Deitz, June, age 74, bur. 3/14/1963, Plot HW R13 G33
DeJohn, Anna, age 73, bur. 9/29/1961, Plot HW R10 G21
DeJohn, James, age 84, bur. 9/4/1974, Plot HW R10 G20
DeJong, Beatrice E, b. 1925, age 86, bur. 05/02/2011, Plot JE R16 G14
DeJong, Ida, bur. 5/29/1969, Plot HW R06 G44
DeJong, Jacob N, b. 1919, bur. 1/1/1996, Plot JE R16 G15
DeJong, William, age 81, bur. 5/11/1973, Plot HW R06 G43
Delallo, Daniel Jr, b. 1948, age 54, bur. 5/27/2002, Plot JE R16 G16
DeLaney, Amanda, Plot GG R05 G02
DeLaney, Charles B, b. 1875, age 78, bur. 12/11/1927, Plot GG R05 G01
DeLaney, Mary A, b. 1875, age 78, bur. 9/3/1954, Plot FS R31 G14
DeLaney, William, b. 1872, age 97, bur. 9/9/1969, Plot FS R31 G15
Delcour, Hazel, b. 1901, bur. 08/18/1973, Plot GW R12 G31
Delles, Earl P, b. 1900, age 68, bur. 6/26/1969, Plot HW R01 G39
Delles, Harvey H, b. 1920, bur. 07/16/1993, Plot HE R13 G16
Delles, Rose F, b. 1921, age 83, bur. 8/8/2005, Plot HE R13 G16A
DeLorme, Adelaide R, b. 1912, bur. 09/19/1985, Plot FS R01 G07
DeLorme, James G, b. 1909, age 75, bur. 5/19/1985, Plot FS R01 G08
DeLorme, Robert A, b. 1937, bur. 04/10/1990, Plot HE R09 G30
DeLue, Anna, bur. 4/1/1968, Plot AA R04 G46
Delue, Frank, b. 1918, bur. 01/10/1998, Plot AA R04 G47
DeLue, Inez, b. 1912, age 42, bur. 5/10/1955, Plot GW R16 G26
DeLue, Isaac, b. 1889, age 84, bur. 5/14/1973, Plot AA R04 G45
DeLue, Jacob, b. 1895, age 81, bur. 4/21/1976, Plot GW R16 G25
DeMallie, Abram, age 71, bur. 7/13/1971, Plot HH R16 G35
DeMallie, Earl C, b. 1913, age 91, bur. 08/26/2004, Plot FS R03 G23
DeMallie, Mary Ellen, Plot FS R03 G24
DeMar, Cheryle Ann, b. 1949, bur. 6/17/1986, Plot HE R15 G03
Demar, Juanita Beatrice, b. 1924, age 73, bur. 10/01/2005, Plot HE R10 G28A
DeMar, Thomas Andrew, b. 1963, bur. 6/13/1990, Plot HE R10 G03
Demar, Thomas William, b. 1925, age 80, bur. 10/1/2005, Plot HE R10 G28
DeMarco, Henry C, b. 1911, bur. 08/28/1991, Plot HE R11 G27
DeMarco, James P, age 41, bur. 10/16/2004, Plot JE R27 G17
DeMarco, Marie L, b. 1931, bur. 1/1/2002, Plot HE R11 G28
DeMay, Martha, b. 1858, bur. 1/1/1927, Plot FS R19 G18
DeMay, Maude, bur. 10/12/1965, Plot FS R19 G19
DeMay, Peter, b. 1871, bur. 9/27/1952, Plot FS R19 G17
DeMonde, Karen, bur. 06/10/2014, Plot FS R03 G11
DeNeef, Edna, b. 1906, bur. 5/15/2000, Plot HE R21 G02
DeNeef, John H, b. 1917, bur. 12/01/1982, Plot HE R21 G01
DeNeve, Susan Lorene, bur. 6/18/1954, Plot FN R22 G19
DeNeve, Warren Sr H, bur. 7/7/1983, Plot FN R22 G20
Deni, James, bur. 07/07/2014, Plot JJ R09 G17
Denman, David J, bur. 6/3/1999, Plot JE R18 G18
Dennis, Kenneth, b. 1905, bur. 4/24/1974, Plot HH R08 G08
Dennis, Nellie G, b. 1910, bur. 10/21/1985, Plot HH R08 G09
Dennison, Anne, b. 1924, bur. 10/27/2008, Plot HE R01 G46
Dennison, James H, b. 1927, bur. 06/06/1991, Plot HE R01 G47
Dennler, John, b. 1861, bur. 1/1/1949, Plot BB R01 G04
Dennler, Margaret, b. 1906, age 3, bur. 01/01/1909, Plot BB R01 G02
Dennler, Rosa, b. 1872, bur. 1/1/1934, Plot BB R01 G03
DeNood, Anna J, bur. 1/21/1953, Plot GW R08 G16
DeNood, Jacob, bur. 1/1/1943, Plot GW R08 G15
Dent, Christine, bur. 9/9/1998, Plot JE R03 G06
Depape, Martina, bur. 12/09/2009, Plot JE R10 G10
DePoint, Elizabeth, bur. 7/9/1983, Plot GG R04 G23
DePoint, Peter, bur. 7/20/1963, Plot GG R04 G24
DePoint, Ramona L, b. 1916, bur. 5/11/1983, Plot FN R13 G46
DePoint, Theodore Clifford, b. 1911, bur. 07/18/1980, Plot FN R13 G45
Derby, Beryl M, b. 1901, bur. 11/6/1985, Plot HE R26 G26
Dermitt, Sharon L, b. 1944, bur. 10/9/1961, Plot HW R14 G26
Derrenbacher, Alice C, b. 1893, bur. 05/05/1973, Plot FS R27 G13
Derrenbacker, Clinton, b. 1889, bur. 1/1/1924, Plot FS R27 G12
Derrenbacker, Donald M, Plot GW R16 GA
Derrenbacker, Mary Hays, Plot GW R16 GB
DeRusha, Estella M, bur. 3/31/1966, Plot GW R05 G02
DeRusha, William H, bur. 1/1/1926, Plot GW R05 G01
DeRushia, William J, bur. 11/19/2010, Plot JE R33 G12
DeSmith, Edward C, bur. 4/23/1976, Plot GG R10 G24
DeSmith, Ernest A, b. 1915, age 19, bur. 01/01/1934, Plot GG R10 G22
DeSmith, Louise, bur. 10/12/1993, Plot GG R10 G23
Detlor, Floyd D, b. 1917, bur. 9/11/1955, Plot GW R09 G37
Detlor, Rose Ann, b. 1917, bur. 5/6/1988, Plot GW R09 G36
Deurbaum, Gertrude E, Plot DD R15 G44
Deutsch, Robert J, b. 1923, bur. 10/02/2002, Plot GG R04 G29
Deverian, Azadouhi, bur. 03/31/2014, Plot JW R04 G01
Deverian, Robert J, b. 1924, bur. 12/12/1997, Plot HW R04 G19A
Deverian, Vartan Aram, Plot JW R04 G02
DeVogelaere, Prudy, b. 1916, bur. 04/06/1984, Plot HE R17 G16
DeVolder, Anna Caroline, b. 1921, bur. 4/16/2003, Plot FS R16 G20
DeVolder, Charles Jr, b. 1921, age 81, bur. 8/4/1979, Plot FS R16 G21
DeWald, Harry E, b. 1904, bur. 6/5/1987, Plot FS R11 G45
DeWald, Mable M, b. 1887, bur. 1/1/1964, Plot FS R11 G46
Dewitt, Clarence, b. 1906, bur. 7/9/1952, Plot GW R16 G13
DeWitt, Gladys J, b. 1910, bur. 12/29/1997, Plot JE R12 G02
DeWitt, Russell H, b. 1906, bur. 6/18/1990, Plot JE R12 G01
Dewitte, Ella L, b. 1882, bur. 04/20/1957, Plot FS R24 G46
Dewitte, Franklin, b. 1873, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot FS R24 G45
Dewitte, John Ardin, b. 1893, bur. 5/2/1979, Plot FS R17 G48
Dewitte, Joye Elaine, b. 1933, bur. 11/29/2005, Plot JE R28 G15
Dewitte, Martha Lois, b. 1917, bur. 7/4/2001, Plot FS R24 G48
Dewitte, Mary Mayola, b. 1893, bur. 06/16/1956, Plot FS R17 G47
Dewitte, Melvin S, b. 1919, bur. 12/14/2009, Plot FS R24 G47
DeWolfe, Helen, bur. 11/16/1995, Plot HE R28 G08
DeWolfe, William L, b. 1911, bur. 08/07/1978, Plot HE R28 G07
DeYoung, Elizabeth, b. 1915, bur. 5/20/1996, Plot HE R27 G05
DeYoung, Helen M, b. 1909, age 95, bur. 5/28/2005, Plot HW R08 G28
DeYoung, John, bur. 11/20/1959, Plot DD R06 G04
DeYoung, Peter, b. 1913, bur. 9/10/1985, Plot HE R27 G06
DeYoung, Sarah M, bur. 2/1/1949, Plot DD R06 G05
DeYoung, William J, b. 1906, bur. 6/11/1993, Plot HW R08 G27
Dickinson, Byron S, bur. 11/9/1950, Plot GG R10 G18
Dickinson, Charles Edward, bur. 11/9/1957, Plot GG R07 G01
Dickinson, Clara E, bur. 6/22/1950, Plot GG R10 G17
Dickinson, Clarence H, bur. 10/17/1969, Plot GG R08 G01
Dickinson, Edna M, b. 1901, bur. 4/4/1983, Plot FS R20 G20
Dickinson, Edward, bur. 7/13/1942, Plot GG R14 G21
Dickinson, Elizabeeth, Plot AA R10 G18
Dickinson, Ella, bur. 1/1/1921, Plot GG R07 G02
Dickinson, Ethel M, bur. 1/1/1967, Plot HW R01 G19
Dickinson, Florence Lorrane, Plot HE R18 G28
Dickinson, Frances M, b. 1903, bur. 3/3/1969, Plot GG R08 G02
Dickinson, James, bur. 6/16/1984, Plot HE R18 G27
Dickinson, Jay, Plot GG R08 G03
Dickinson, Joseph O, b. 1869, bur. 3/22/1951, Plot FS R20 G17
Dickinson, Judith Ann, b. 1944, bur. 4/29/1995, Plot HE R07 G11
Dickinson, June E, b. 1925, bur. 11/25/1995, Plot GW R06 G16
Dickinson, Lloyd E, b. 1920, bur. 08/10/1983, Plot GW R06 G15
Dickinson, Lovina, bur. 01/01/1928, Plot GG R10 G16
Dickinson, Marion E, bur. 6/5/1973, Plot GG R14 G22
Dickinson, Ora L, bur. 1/1/1967, Plot HW R01 G18
Dickinson, Raymond J, b. 1895, bur. 5/6/1974, Plot FS R20 G19
Dickinson, Robert, Plot AA R10 G17
Dickinson, Rose M, b. 1869, bur. 3/5/1955, Plot FS R20 G18
Dickinson-Lavine, Gordon S, b. 1907, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot FS R30 G28
Dickman, Susan, bur. 7/10/1957, Plot AA R12 G71
Didio, Betty June, age 76, bur. 6/12/2004, Plot HH R13 G13
Diebolt, John Albert, b. 1924, age 82, bur. 4/24/2006, Plot JE R04 G18A
Diebolt, Virginia T, b. 1926, bur. 7/29/1993, Plot JE R04 G18
Diener, Alfred F, b. 1907, bur. 12/15/1907, Plot CC R16 G01
Diener, Child, bur. 1/1/1916, Plot CC R16 G01A
Diener, Frederick J, bur. 9/30/1960, Plot CC R16 G03
Diener, Mina W, bur. 4/6/1972, Plot CC R16 G02
Diener, Phillip J, b. 1912, bur. 5/18/1983, Plot HE R33 G13
Diffenbeck, Arlene, bur. 10/20/1993, Plot HE R07 G24
Diffenbeck, Gorton, bur. 10/20/1993, Plot HE R07 G24A
DiFresco, Lucia, bur. 04/26/1974, Plot HH R09 G09
DiFresco, Nicolo, bur. 1/18/1987, Plot HH R09 G08
Dildine, Harry C, b. 1872, bur. 4/3/1956, Plot FS R06 G12
Dildine, Mary A, b. 1874, bur. 5/8/1973, Plot FS R06 G13
Dillenbeck, Clara A, bur. 6/1/1978, Plot HW R04 G13
Dillenbeck, Milton A, bur. 2/5/1965, Plot HW R04 G12
Dillman, George, bur. 4/13/1960, Plot HW R14 G16
Dillman, Margaret, bur. 10/9/1961, Plot HW R14 G17
Dinicola, ??, Plot AA R14 G72
DiNicola, Jacquelin, b. 1946, bur. 01/01/1946, Plot HE R04 G12A
DiNicola, Lillian E, b. 1921, bur. 5/10/1995, Plot HE R04 G13
DiNicola, Thomas J, b. 1917, bur. 04/09/1988, Plot HE R04 G12
DiNieri, Robert, bur. 03/27/2014, Plot HE R04 G24
Dinse, Helen Allen, b. 1916, bur. 01/01/2002, Plot GG R06 G18
Dinse, Ralph, b. 1912, age 95, bur. 7/6/2007, Plot GG R06 G19
Dirks, Elsie, bur. 5/8/1986, Plot HE R15 G27
Dirks, Jesse, bur. 4/21/1990, Plot HE R15 G26
Dittberner, Carl A, b. 1899, bur. 4/14/1983, Plot HE R20 G32
Dittberner, Nettie M, b. 1900, bur. 4/26/1989, Plot HE R20 G33
Dittberner, Robert Carl, age 73, bur. 4/24/2001, Plot JE R20 G03
Dittman, Charles J, b. 1907, bur. 9/2/1978, Plot FS R01 G20
Dittman, Jennie M, bur. 11/18/1971, Plot FS R01 G21
Diver, Arthur J, bur. 6/10/1929, Plot FN R26 G47
Diver, Jennie, Plot FN R26 G46
Diver, John W, bur. 8/13/1919, Plot FN R26 G45
Diver, Lucy A, age 87, bur. 6/16/1964, Plot FN R12 G26
Diver, Rose L, age 92, bur. 5/16/1973, Plot FN R26 G48
Diver, Walter R, age 82, bur. 8/16/1955, Plot FN R12 G27
Dixon, Jennie Best, b. 1922, bur. 12/16/1984, Plot HE R16 G08
Dixon, Terry E, b. 1948, bur. 4/7/1986, Plot HE R16 G07
Dodd, Mary, bur. 4/25/1968, Plot AA R15 G49
Dodek, Joseph, bur. 11/19/1984, Plot HH R07 G25
Dodge, Robert Jr, bur. 06/05/1996, Plot CC R14 G16
Doerfner, Frederika, Plot GW R02 G05
Doerfner, Joseph, Plot GW R02 G04
Dolaway, Cortland D, b. 1917, bur. 04/14/1981, Plot HH R02 G03A
Dolaway, Eva M, b. 1922, bur. 01/08/2011, Plot HH R02 G04
Doleway, William P, b. 1946, bur. 05/12/2000, Plot HH R02 G03
Domb, Dolores J, b. 1933, bur. 4/17/1978, Plot HE R33 G38
Dominik, Stanislaus, b. 1916, bur. 11/26/1986, Plot HE R15 G07
Dominik, Virginia, b. 1921, bur. 03/21/1987, Plot HE R15 G08
Domm, Richard A, age 60, bur. 4/11/2007, Plot JE R25 G12
Donaghue, Clair, Plot GW R08 G10
Donaghue, Grace E, bur. 5/5/1952, Plot GW R08 G11
Donaldson, James, b. 1906, bur. 04/23/1975, Plot FS R16 G36
Donavan, Elanor, Plot AA R16 G69
Donnelly, Charles Sr F, b. 1912, bur. 6/11/1971, Plot HH R12 G39
Donovan, Alice, bur. 11/14/1956, Plot AA R16 G68
Dorfner, George Frank, b. 1909, bur. 03/24/1986, Plot HH R13 G37
Dorfner, Louise F, b. 1898, bur. 8/8/1974, Plot FS R24 G50
Dorfner, Mabel I, age 85, bur. 6/17/2004, Plot HH R13 G38
Dorfner, Michael F, b. 1896, bur. 1/1/1968, Plot FS R24 G49
Dorfner, Robert, bur. 07/11/2011, Plot JE R16 G33
Dorfner -Tarnowski, Betty Jane, bur. 06/17/1983, Plot FS R24 G51
Dorwald, Frederick Raymond, b. 1923, age 79, bur. 10/17/2002, Plot HH R06 G31
Dorwald, Shirley Mae, b. 1923, Plot HH R06 G30
Dow, Edgar Leonard, b. 1908, bur. 3/9/1958, Plot GG R12 G27
Dow, Ellen Goldie, bur. 1/31/1960, Plot GG R12 G26
Dow, Leonard F, bur. 7/8/1959, Plot GG R12 G25
Dowd, Phillip, bur. 7/1/1976, Plot HH R01 G40
Dowell, Vincent M, b. 1931, bur. 06/22/1974, Plot HH R06 G32
Down, Cornelia, bur. 1/1/1924, Plot GW R03 G02
Down, George A, bur. 1/1/1925, Plot GW R03 G01
Down, George M, bur. 09/29/1952, Plot GW R04 G01
Down, Marlettia, bur. 9/29/1952, Plot GW R04 G02
Downey, Edward, bur. 4/10/1965, Plot HW R05 G18
Doyle, Arlene, bur. 05/01/1991, Plot FS R20 G51
Doyle, John, bur. 05/01/1991, Plot FS R20 G51A
Drabinski, Daniel, bur. 07/02/2010, Plot HE R05 G06
Draca, Dmitar, bur. 4/17/1978, Plot HH R12 G01
Draeger, Gertrude, bur. 4/13/1971, Plot HH R16 G34
Dragt, Sander K, bur. 3/7/1956, Plot GW R13 G27
Dragt, Susan, bur. 2/5/1957, Plot GW R13 G28
Drake, Ada B, Plot GW R11 GB
Drake, Wilford, b. 1915, bur. 08/01/1992, Plot FN R07 G26
Drake, William, bur. 1/1/1936, Plot GW R11 GA
Draper, Clyde W, b. 1910, bur. 6/26/1992, Plot HE R10 G12
Draudt, Keith Raymond, b. 1925, bur. 10/30/2002, Plot FN R15 G02
Draudt, Lorraine M, b. 1924, bur. 7/23/2004, Plot FN R15 G03
Drew, Robert, bur. 7/2/1962, Plot HW R16 G28
Dries, Sadie, bur. 2/9/1951, Plot BB R13 G02
Drum, Samuel E, b. 1931, bur. 11/06/1980, Plot HE R26 G20
Dryer, Cyrus, Plot AA R16 G49
Dryer, Delos Bradley, Plot AA R16 G55
Dryer, Ellen Amantha, Plot AA R16 G56
Dryer, Mary E, Plot AA R16 G50
Dublin, Robert, age 83, bur. 7/19/2003, Plot FN R27 G19
DuBois, Abram J, bur. 8/2/1957, Plot GG R10 G25
DuBois, Anna M, bur. 11/2/1960, Plot GG R10 G26
DuBois, Gail Joan, b. 1942, bur. 01/08/1953, Plot GW R15 G22
DuBois, Isaac J, b. 1912, bur. 12/7/1982, Plot GW R16 G21
DuBois, Mary S, b. 1913, bur. 4/30/1986, Plot GW R16 G22
Duerbaum, Anna, Plot DD R15 G45
Duerbaum, Frederick, Plot DD R15 G46
Duerbaum, George J, Plot DD R15 G43
Duerbaum, Gertrude W L, bur. 10/2/1975, Plot GG R07 G19
Duerbaum, Louise, bur. 1/1/1937, Plot GG R07 G20
Duerbaum, Moritz, Plot DD R15 G47
Duerbaum, Wilhemina, Plot DD R15 G48
Duffy, Agnes Marie, bur. 10/14/1982, Plot HW R06 G41
Duffy, Anthony, bur. 4/12/1963, Plot HW R09 G28
Duffy, Charles E, b. 1901, bur. 04/14/1971, Plot HH R14 G33
Duffy, Charles T, b. 1921, bur. 05/07/1991, Plot HE R01 G12
Duffy, Dennis J, bur. 5/17/1976, Plot HW R06 G40
Duffy, Elva Jane, b. 1921, bur. 11/17/1993, Plot HE R01 G13
Duffy, Francis, b. 1910, bur. 10/25/1983, Plot HE R20 G08
Duffy, Isabel, b. 1908, bur. 04/14/1982, Plot HH R14 G34
Dugan, Anthony Joseph, b. 1905, bur. 10/4/1977, Plot HH R03 G10
Dulles, Ann Marie, bur. 5/3/1969, Plot HW R06 G42
Dumm, David Matthew, b. 1967, bur. 12/14/1967, Plot HW R09 G37
Duncan, Barbara Charyl, b. 1951, age 4, bur. 07/15/1955, Plot GG R12 G23
Duncan, Beulah O, b. 1906, bur. 5/5/1990, Plot HE R09 G13A
Duncan, Charles H, b. 1912, bur. 08/29/1975, Plot GG R12 G24
Duncan, Jennie, bur. 7/12/1982, Plot HE R22 G23
Duncan, John M, b. 1902, bur. 5/24/1989, Plot HE R09 G13
Duncan, Ruth L, b. 1909, bur. 05/07/1975, Plot GG R12 G22
Dunham, Joseph, b. 1918, bur. 5/1/1992, Plot HE R03 G45
Dunham, Silas, Plot AA R10 G51
Dunkentill, Patrica Alita, bur. 03/17/1965, Plot AA R16 G73
Dunkle, Charlotte E, b. 1894, bur. 6/13/1973, Plot FS R13 G52
Dunkle, Leroy M, b. 1895, bur. 1/13/1958, Plot FS R13 G51
Dunlap, Charles W, bur. 12/6/1975, Plot HH R05 G04
Dunn, Beatrice, b. 1901, bur. 9/1/1967, Plot HW R15 G30
Dunn, Beverly J, b. 1932, bur. 05/01/1993, Plot HE R19 G36
Dunn, Edward E, b. 1930, bur. 06/25/1976, Plot HH R03 G13
Dunn, Elmer, b. 1902, bur. 10/21/1986, Plot FN R01 G41
Dunn, Guss G, b. 1907, bur. 3/21/1983, Plot HE R20 G36
Dunn, Harold Jr A, b. 1927, bur. 06/25/1976, Plot HH R04 G14
Dunn, Harold Sr A, b. 1900, bur. 6/7/1962, Plot HW R15 G29
Dunn, Leonard, bur. 08/21/2008, Plot JW R11 G05
Dunn, Marie A, b. 1914, age 89, bur. 7/25/2003, Plot FN R01 G42
Dunn, Richard A, b. 1933, bur. 6/4/1996, Plot HW R15 G31
Dunn, Theresa Louella, b. 1910, bur. 6/16/1995, Plot HE R20 G37
Dunning, Alanson, Plot AA R02 G35
Dunning, Arvilla, Plot AA R02 G36
Dunning, C, Plot AA R02 G33
Dunning, Flora E, Plot AA R11 G39A
Dunning, Frank D, Plot AA R11 G39
Dunning, Gerard, Plot AA R11 G34
Dunning, Harriett C, Plot CC R09 G11
Dunning, J Jr Donald, Plot CC R09 G08
Dunning, J Sr Donald, bur. 1/1/1923, Plot CC R09 G12
Dunning, John D, Plot AA R02 G29
Dunning, John Donald, Plot AA R02 G25
Dunning, Lawton, Plot AA R11 G36
Dunning, Livia L, Plot AA R11 G40
Dunning, Luna E, Plot AA R02 G30
Dunning, Martha, Plot AA R02 G37
Dunning, Martha, Plot AA R09 G17
Dunning, Mary Ann, Plot AA R09 G13
Dunning, Michael, age 53, Plot AA R09 G16
Dunning, Polly, Plot AA R11 G35
Dunning, Warren, Plot AA R09 G18
Durand, Alma Ann, b. 1928, bur. 12/5/2001, Plot FN R06 G12
Durand, Arthur J, b. 1921, bur. 09/25/1989, Plot FN R06 G13
Durand, Gabriel, b. 1914, bur. 09/19/1987, Plot HE R18 G10
Durand, Julia, b. 1924, bur. 6/2/1990, Plot HE R18 G11
Duryea, Evelyn Mae, bur. 1/1/1965, Plot GW R16 G08
Duthoy, June, b. 1925, bur. 8/13/2002, Plot HE R25 G13
Duthoy, Raymond E, b. 1929, bur. 04/15/1981, Plot HE R25 G12
Dwinelle, Ida L, bur. 4/2/1919, Plot AA R03 G13
Dwinelle, Isaac S, bur. 02/17/1919, Plot AA R03 G11
Dwinelle, Lillie B, age 79, bur. 2/1/1952, Plot AA R03 G10
Dwinelle, Mary J, Plot AA R03 G12
Dye, Alma Miller, bur. 4/22/1974, Plot FN R17 G42
Dye, Lucy O, b. 1909, bur. 10/24/1953, Plot GW R10 G36
Dye, Norman F, Plot FN R17 G43
Dyminski, Henry, bur. 09/04/1991, Plot JE R16 G01
Dyminski, Irene L, b. 1920, bur. 7/5/1976, Plot HH R02 G30
Earle, Emmanuell Lewis, b. 1925, bur. 7/25/1947, Plot GW R11 G15
Easterly, Vernon B, bur. 4/22/1971, Plot HH R14 G30
Easton, Joan E, b. 1935, bur. 8/7/1996, Plot JE R07 G09
Easton, Raymond C, b. 1933, bur. 4/20/1991, Plot JE R07 G08
Eaton, Evelyn Scribner, b. 1911, bur. 1/6/1987, Plot FS R33 G06
Eaton, James R, b. 1905, age 73, bur. 11/21/1978, Plot FS R33 G05
Eaton, Mary J, Plot DD R13 G30
Eaton, Milton A, bur. 9/11/1993, Plot FN R10 G12
Eaton, Patricia Lee, b. 1946, bur. 11/24/1995, Plot FN R09 G15
Eaton, Patricia, Plot FN R10 G13
Eaton, Wilber R, bur. 8/25/1924, Plot DD R05 G55
Eaves, Herbert, bur. 10/21/1963, Plot FN R13 G13
Ebner, Earl John, Plot FN R32 G30
Ebner, Elizabeth D, b. 1911, age 73, bur. 7/12/1984, Plot HE R16 G20
Ebner, Fred M, bur. 2/3/1922, Plot DD R04 G27
Ebner, Gerald F, b. 1906, age 53, bur. 1/18/1960, Plot HW R11 G07
Ebner, Margaret, bur. 1/1/1920, Plot DD R04 G26
Ebner, Ronald Sr Clair, b. 1907, age 94, bur. 5/24/2002, Plot HE R16 G19
Ebner, Rosena, b. 1874, age 87, bur. 1/16/1961, Plot FN R32 G31
Ebner, Stella M, b. 1874, age 84, bur. 5/25/1958, Plot DD R04 G28
Ebner, William, b. 1828, age 77, bur. 7/4/1905, Plot DD R04 G25
Echart, Isabell M, b. 1891, age 92, bur. 5/7/1983, Plot HH R04 G17
Eckam, John David, b. 1965, bur. 07/14/1965, Plot HW R04 G18
Eckert, ??, Plot DD R07 G62
Eckert, Libbie, bur. 2/25/1944, Plot DD R07 G61
Eckler, Albert B, b. 1893, age 77, bur. 4/25/1970, Plot DD R02 G13
Eckler, Oneita H, b. 1891, age 73, bur. 12/31/1964, Plot DD R02 G14
Eddy, William A, Plot GW R15 G01
Edmark, Carole Mae, Plot HE R16 G25
Edmonds, Erma Mae, age 88, bur. 8/8/1977, Plot HW R12 G08
Edmonds, Evelyn, bur. 12/22/1941, Plot GW R02 G15
Edmonds, Maurice D, age 87, bur. 5/8/1974, Plot HW R12 G07
Edwards, Elizabeth J, age 84, bur. 10/4/2007, Plot JE R06 G26
Edwards, Elsie H, b. 1901, bur. 12/9/1961, Plot FS R20 G41
Edwards, Emma, age 97, bur. 12/3/1952, Plot GW R11 G34
Edwards, Helen Henopp, b. 1932, bur. 1/1/1993, Plot FS R20 G43
Edwards, Herbert, b. 1904, bur. 6/11/1974, Plot FS R20 G42
Eggleston, Harry, b. 1917, age 49, bur. 1/7/1967, Plot HW R15 G38
Eggleton, Geraldine, age 87, bur. 1/4/2008, Plot HE R07 G18
Eggleton, Robert Donald, b. 1914, bur. 7/11/1995, Plot HE R07 G17
Eitel, John, age 57, bur. 12/21/1960, Plot HW R15 G15
Elam, Arthur W, bur. 4/1/1968, Plot HW R12 G44
Elam, Cora, age 83, bur. 5/13/1972, Plot HW R12 G45
Elder, Margaret, bur. 5/21/1957, Plot AA R13 G69
Elderd, Arthur L, bur. 1/1/1949, Plot DD R04 G09
Eldred, Caroline N, bur. 1/1/1947, Plot DD R04 G07
Eldred, Carrie M, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot DD R04 G10
Eldred, Franklin N, bur. 1/1/1948, Plot DD R04 G08
Eldridge, E, Plot AA R11 G41
Elensky, Grace, b. 1914, bur. 5/1/1989, Plot HH R04 G15
Elise, Charlotte, age 57, bur. 2/28/1966, Plot HW R02 G10
Elk, Edwin Eugene, b. 1907, bur. 6/30/1973, Plot GW R14 G27
Elk, Eugene Edwin, b. 1930, age 19, bur. 8/18/1949, Plot GW R14 G30
Elk, Glenn, bur. 03/02/2009, Plot JJ R01 G07
Elk-Harris, Edna Mae, b. 1904, bur. 2/27/1993, Plot GW R14 G28
Elliott, Arthur, age 44, bur. 9/29/1958, Plot GG R13 G29A
Elliott, Geraldine, b. 1921, bur. 06/08/2012, Plot FN R12 G18
Elliott, Mary G, b. 1885, age 70, bur. 12/31/1955, Plot FN R13 G29
Elliott, Thomas J, b. 1886, age 69, bur. 3/26/1955, Plot FN R13 G31
Elliott, William Jr Jack, b. 1918, bur. 11/09/2000, Plot FN R12 G17
Elliott, William Sr Jack, Plot FN R13 G28
Elmer, Eva B, age 78, bur. 3/23/1966, Plot FS R01 G42
Embrey, Charles, bur. 6/1/1985, Plot FN R01 G31
Embrey, Johanna, bur. 11/7/2000, Plot FN R01 G30
Emcoy ?, Mary Ann, Plot AA R07 G21
Emery, Alma, Plot AA R16 G59
Emery, Chauncey W, Plot AA R16 G62
Emery, Genevive, bur. 10/23/1965, Plot HW R02 G05
Emery, Hazel Middleton, Plot GW R03 G13
Emery, Hiram, Plot AA R04 G09
Emery, J W, Plot AA R04 G11
Emery, Loretta, Plot AA R16 G64
Emery, Mary, Plot AA R16 G63
Emery, Norman C, bur. 6/20/1921, Plot AA R16 G57
Emery, Phoebe R, Plot AA R16 G61
Emery, Ruth Hicks, b. 1906, bur. 1/1/1939, Plot GW R03 G14
Emery, Thomas, bur. 1/1/1937, Plot GW R03 G12
Emery, Weltha, Plot AA R16 G58
Emler, Margaret, bur. 5/7/1973, Plot HH R13 G09
Enderlin, Albert L, b. 1884, age 77, bur. 11/4/1961, Plot BB R14 G11
Enderlin, Albert, b. 1890, age 81, bur. 4/15/1971, Plot HH R16 G31
Enderlin, Bruce A, b. 1918, bur. 11/03/1922, Plot BB R14 G08
Enderlin, Erma L, b. 1927, bur. 11/22/1947, Plot BB R14 G09
Enderlin, Leora, b. 1894, age 78, bur. 9/13/1972, Plot HH R16 G32
Enderlin, Mae, b. 1899, age 61, bur. 11/22/1960, Plot BB R14 G10
Enders, Ferdinand H, b. 1903, age 78, bur. 12/09/1981, Plot HE R23 G09
Enders, Olga G, b. 1914, bur. 04/08/1988, Plot HE R23 G10
Engar, Mary Ellen, b. 1944, age 31, bur. 08/23/1976, Plot HH R11 G24
Engert, Albert B, b. 1877, age 84, bur. 4/21/1961, Plot GG R02 G16
Engert, Elma Rose, bur. 10/09/1961, Plot GG R15 G12
Engert, Etta Fox, bur. 4/3/1984, Plot FS R16 G46
Engert, Henry G, bur. 1/1/1929, Plot GG R01 G01
Engert, Lena M, bur. 1/1/1920, Plot GG R01 G02
Engert, Louise J, b. 1885, age 89, bur. 8/23/1974, Plot GG R02 G17
Engert, Mark Earl, b. 1917, bur. 01/01/1930, Plot GG R02 G20
Englert, Arthur M, b. 1892, age 61, bur. 7/24/1953, Plot FN R23 G04
Englert, Harold, age 57, bur. 8/1/1968, Plot HW R12 G11
Englert, Laura E, b. 1898, age 80, bur. 5/26/1978, Plot FN R23 G05
Englert, Pearl Haley, b. 1916, age 43, bur. 5/15/1959, Plot HW R12 G12
Ennis, Harry, age 71, bur. 4/8/1959, Plot HW R14 G01
Enter, Carl J, b. 1896, age 59, bur. 6/1/1955, Plot FN R21 G02
Enter, Cora M, b. 1900, bur. 01/02/1985, Plot AA R08 G37
Epolito, Joseph F, b. 1899, bur. 7/8/1987, Plot HE R15 G38
Epolito, Josephine Palermo, b. 1909, bur. 11/27/1989, Plot HE R15 G37
Erckman, Richard, b. 1942, age 52, bur. 5/22/1991, Plot JE R01 G21
Erklenz, Alice Reid, b. 1872, bur. 1/1/1939, Plot FS R19 G07
Erklenz, Henry N, b. 1868, bur. 1/1/1926, Plot FS R19 G06
Ernisse, Ema, age 89, bur. 4/22/1976, Plot FN R18 G42
Ernisse, Jay H, b. 1886, age 73, bur. 11/7/1959, Plot FN R18 G43
Ernst, Clair L, b. 1913, age 93, bur. 03/22/2007, Plot HE R24 G12
Ernst, Lawrence G, b. 1911, age 69, bur. 10/09/1981, Plot HE R24 G11
Ertle, Edward T, b. 1935, age 65, bur. 9/8/2000, Plot HE R26 G27
Ertle, Mary V, b. 1902, age 77, bur. 8/23/1980, Plot HE R26 G28
Esley, Edward C, b. 1871, bur. 6/12/1959, Plot FS R29 G49
Esley, Eva M, b. 1877, bur. 1/1/1949, Plot FS R29 G50
Esley, Hayes R, b. 1878, age 74, bur. 1/22/1952, Plot GW R08 G32
Esley, Hilda Mae, b. 1909, age 71, bur. 8/7/1980, Plot HW R02 G29
Esley, Willard F, b. 1909, age 71, bur. 4/6/1981, Plot HW R02 G28
Esmerian, Ebrouhi, b. 1906, age 81, bur. 6/1/1988, Plot HE R06 G37
Esseltune, Sally, Plot AA R10 G41
Esseltune, William, bur. 01/01/1918, Plot AA R10 G42
Ester, Edward W, b. 1936, bur. 01/22/2013, Plot FS R29 G42
Ester, Marion A, b. 1917, bur. 1/5/2000, Plot FS R29 G41
Ester, Milton E, b. 1911, bur. 5/1/1987, Plot FS R29 G40
Ester, William F, b. 1903, bur. 5/31/1985, Plot FS R29 G39
Everett, Kenneth D, bur. 11/27/1999, Plot JE R03 G24
Ewing, Ellsworth E, b. 1907, bur. 2/15/2001, Plot FS R09 G43
Ewing, Irene C, b. 1908, age 80, bur. 06/09/1988, Plot GW R01 G31A
Ewing, Minnie J, b. 1906, bur. 12/8/1983, Plot FS R09 G42
Ewing, Richard W, b. 1944, bur. 6/3/1967, Plot FS R09 G39
Ewing, Rose Doville, b. 1875, age 75, bur. 4/15/1950, Plot GW R04 G23
Ewing, Stephen C, bur. 1/1/1945, Plot GW R04 G22
Ewing, Vincent H, b. 1904, age 84, bur. 06/09/1988, Plot GW R01 G31
Exavier, Mathias, bur. 9/17/1992, Plot FN R07 G22

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