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Grove Place Cemetery
Rochester, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.119708, -77.714442

2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Published: November 15, 2016
Total records: 8,123

Surnames T-V

Records published here were acquired from the Grove Place Cemetery Association on November 14, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1820 to 2015.

Taberski, Beverly K. Mrs.
, bur. 2015-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: N--068-1
Tackett, Victor H. Mr., bur. 1975-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--004-8
Talbot, Earl D. Mr., bur. 1985-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-2
Talbot, Harriet Mrs., bur. 2003-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-2A
Talbot, Mabel R. Ms., bur. 1966-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-1
Tanger, Gertrude Gillespie Mrs., bur. 2010-11-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--229-4A
Tanger, Kenneth L. Mr., bur. 2004-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--229-4
Tarbox, Clara Ms., bur. 1947-11-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--177-7
Tarbox, Ford B. Mr., bur. 1980-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--048-4
Tarbox, Sarah, bur. 1932-06-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--177-5
Tarbox, William Alonzo Mr., bur. 1952-03-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--177-6
Tattrie, Keith Mr., bur. 1966-11-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--176-41
Taylor, Barbara J. Ms., bur. 1988-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-2
Taylor, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1994-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--048-3
Taylor, Eloise, bur. 2007-05-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--220-6
Taylor, Floyd E. Mr., bur. 1999-05-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--082-3
Taylor, Hannah Bentley, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--028-8
Taylor, Jeremiah, bur. 1888, Section-Lot-Grave: G--028-8A
Taylor, Jerry G. Mr., bur. 2000-07-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--242-5
Taylor, Judson Robert Mr., bur. 1969-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-7
Taylor, Lambert Mr. Jr., bur. 2000-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--244-7
Taylor, Roberta A. Ms., bur. 1985-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-6
Tazell, Clarence T. Mr., bur. 2001-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: M--256-6
Teall, Albert W. Mr., bur. 1979-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-8
Teall, Avery B. Mr., bur. 1957-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-4
Teall, Estelle Ms., bur. 1957-11-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-3
Teall, Francis Clare Mr., bur. 2005-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-4A
Teall, Virginia R. Ms., bur. 1945-10-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--402-2
Teeter, Wendy Couch Ms., bur. 1999-01-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-82
Telesca, Anthony Mr., bur. 1988-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--076-4
Telesca, Nora Ms., bur. 1994-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--076-3
Temple, Arthur W. Mr., bur. 1941-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--144-5
Temple, Minerva H. Ms., bur. 1941-08-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--144-1
Tenney, Agnes Coates Ms., bur. 1932-09-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--274-2
Tenney, Lanson Darwin Mr., bur. 1931-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--274-1
Tennity, Esther J. Diehl Ms., bur. 1989-09-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--049-3
Tennity, Thomas Mr., bur. 1970-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--049-4
Terberg, Henrietta G. Ms., bur. 1991-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-8
Terberg, Henry J. Mr., bur. 1969-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-6
Terberg, Herman A. Mr., bur. 1960-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--477-5
Terberg, Virginia Ms., bur. 1996-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--009-5
Terborg, Hendrika W. Ms., bur. 1946-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--415-2
Terborg, John H. Mr., bur. 1960-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--415-1
Teresi, Anthony Mr., bur. 1995-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--256-8
Teresi, Germaine Ms., bur. 1999-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--256-7
Terheyden, Barbara Kastner Ms., bur. 1992-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--186-3
Terheyden, Cornelius P. Mr., bur. 1980-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--113-4
Terheyden, Maria Mrs., bur. 2002-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--113-3
Terrana, Barbara Lee Mrs., bur. 2005-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: N--019-3
Terranova, Cheryl West Mrs., bur. 2015-07-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--068-2
Terry, Alma Ms., bur. 2013-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--234-5
Terry, Dorothy M. Ms., bur. 2002-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--219-1
Terry, Eugene Mr., bur. 1942-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--090-3
Terry, Ina E. Ms., bur. 1955-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--090-3A
Terry, Matilda Ms., bur. 1924, Section-Lot-Grave: C--090-2
Terry, Patricia A. Ms., bur. 2006-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: N--060-4
Terry, William L. Mr., bur. 2007-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: N--075-5
Tesch, A. Daniel Mr., bur. 1915-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-1
Tesch, Albert C. Mr., bur. 1958-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-5
Tesch, Betty Gruendike Mrs., bur. 2015-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-5
Tesch, Donald W. Mr., bur. 2011-07-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--088-8
Tesch, Dora Beaman Ms., bur. 1960-11-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-3
Tesch, Edward H., bur. 1965-12-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-2
Tesch, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1928-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-6
Tesch, Elwyn L. Mr., bur. 2001-06-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-6
Tesch, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1953-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-5
Tesch, Greta Ms., bur. 1945-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-6
Tesch, John F. Mr., bur. 1966-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-5
Tesch, John Mr., bur. 1934-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-3
Tesch, Lillian M. Ms., bur. 1967-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-7
Tesch, Martha J. Ms., bur. 1957-04-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-7
Tesch, Olive W. Ms., bur. 1988-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--324-6
Tesch, Sophia Ms., bur. 11/01/1895, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-2
Tesch, Sophie Ms., bur. 1925-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-4
Tesch, Stephanie Lynn Ms., bur. 1985-02-16, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-1
Tesch, Theresa R. Ms., bur. 1964-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-1
Tesch, William Mr., bur. 1923-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--028-8
Tesll, David, bur. 1953-04-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--406-1
Testa, Eleanor A. Ms., bur. 1971-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-3
Testa, June A. Lytle Ms., bur. 1982-03-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--048-4
Testa, Ralph Mr., bur. 1990-01-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--061-1
Testa, Stanley A. Mr. Sr., bur. 1977-09-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-6
Testa, Thomas Mr., bur. 1994-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-4
Thacker, Harriet B. Mr., bur. 1955-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-2
Thacker, William O. Mr., bur. 1941-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-1
Thomas, Deborah Pitt Mrs., bur. 2012-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: P--036-3
Thomas, Dorian, bur. 2005-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: N--017-7
Thomas, Edith E. Mrs., bur. 2013-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--129A-1
Thomas, Edward F. Mr., bur. 1989-04-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-8A
Thomas, Ellen E. Phillippsen Ms., bur. 1982-09-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--080-3
Thomas, Evelyn C Ms., bur. 1983-10-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-8
Thomas, George Allan Mr., bur. 2002-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: L--200-4
Thomas, George, bur. 2009-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--015-2
Thomas, Gertrude S. Ms., bur. 1982-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--142-7
Thomas, Gladys Ms., bur. 2000-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: M--253-6
Thomas, James Mr., bur. 2010-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: N--074-3
Thomas, Jennie Pearson Ms., bur. 1973-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-2
Thomas, John Charles, bur. 2007-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: N--022-2
Thomas, Julia Mae Mrs., bur. 2001-03-31, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--147-8
Thomas, June M., bur. 2008-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-5
Thomas, Leola Ms., bur. 1994-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--129-5
Thomas, Leroy Mr., bur. 2001-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: L--172-4
Thomas, Louise DeMeco Ms., bur. 1989-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--097-7
Thomas, Lyle J. Mr., bur. 1983-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-6
Thomas, Marjorie Meyers Ms., bur. 1990-09-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--015-1
Thomas, Martha Ms., bur. 1997-01-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--154-6
Thomas, Noah Mr., bur. 2000-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--139-1
Thomas, Robert M., Baby, bur. 2002-07-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--209-1E
Thomas, Roman H. Mr., bur. 1989-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--142-8
Thomas, Roy Mr., bur. 1964-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--008-2
Thomas, Sanford Ernest Mr., bur. 1988-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--080-4
Thomas, Shannon Ms., bur. 2002-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: M--275-3
Thomas, Willie J. Mr., bur. 2004-03-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--225-2
Thompson, Annie Mrs., bur. 2003-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: L--252-3
Thompson, Bernice A. Mrs., bur. 2007-03-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--021-7
Thompson, Clyde V. Mr., bur. 1979-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--055-6
Thompson, Cora Belle Ms., bur. 1952-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480B-2
Thompson, Edward T., bur. 1944-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-1
Thompson, Edward, bur. 1998-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--021-6
Thompson, Evelyn R. Osborn Ms., bur. 1985-07-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--055-5
Thompson, Evelyn Ms., bur. 2003-03-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--252-2
Thompson, Floyd R. Mr., bur. 1983-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--506-7
Thompson, George H. Mr., bur. 2002-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: L--200-6
Thompson, Georgia, bur. 2006-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: N--010-6
Thompson, Henry D. Mr., bur. 1950-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480B-1
Thompson, Hyacinth Enid Adele, bur. 2010-05-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--031-1
Thompson, Inez O. Ms., bur. 1987-03-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--506-6
Thompson, Julius, bur. 2007-06-04, Section-Lot-Grave: N--047-4
Thompson, Lowell N. Mr., bur. 2013-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--032-5
Thompson, Mary A. Ms., bur. 1947-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-2
Thompson, Natoya Denise Ms., bur. 2014-08-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--052-4
Thompson, Norma Plummer Ms., bur. 1993-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-7
Thompson, Rossie Mae, bur. 2007-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: N--047-3
Thompson, Tajma Mr., bur. 1998-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--084-6
Thompson, Warren Mr., bur. 2005-01-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--003-5
Thompson, William S. Mr., bur. 1944-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-3
Thoresen, Florence I. Miss, bur. 2011-07-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--425-5
Thoreson, Agnes Lydia Mrs., bur. 2003-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--425-7
Thoreson, Arne L. Mr., bur. 1970-01-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--425-8
Thorne, Clara Charles Ms., bur. 1958-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--531-1
Thorne, William H. Mr., bur. 1958-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--531-2
Thornton, Leslie Ms., bur. 1999-09-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--243-1
Thornton, Ralph Edward Mr., bur. 2004-06-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--159-8
Thorp, Edna Ms., bur. 1974-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--098-7
Thorp, Robert Mr., bur. 1977-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--098-8
Thorton, Larkin Mr., bur. 1996-10-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--058-8
Thrasher, Lance Neil, Baby, bur. 2006-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: N--007-6A
Thrasher, Sandra Jean, bur. 2006-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: N--007-6
Thrift, Ernest N. V. Mr., bur. 1941-05-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--163-2
Thrift, Martha J. Ms., bur. 1952-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--163-1
Throumoulos, Lee Louis, bur. 1975-12-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-81
Throumoulous, Louis P. Mr., bur. 1987-12-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--072-8
Thuilliez, Anna Ms., bur. 1996-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--016-7
Thuilliez, Raymond Mr., bur. 1995-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--016-8
Thurley, Clarence C. Mr., bur. 1983-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--090-6
Thurley, Thomas James Mr., bur. 1973-12-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--055-8
Thurley, Todd J. Mr., bur. 1984-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--108-6
Thurston, Francis Mr., bur. 1994-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--077-2
Tibbs, Felicia Ann, bur. 2004-10-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--233-5
Tierson, Jacob Mr., bur. 1933-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--128-4
Tierson, Jeannette Ms., bur. 1947, Section-Lot-Grave: A--128-3
Tifft, Anna Ms., bur. 1963-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-7
Tifft, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1966-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-6
Tifft, Clarence E. Mr., bur. 1931-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-3
Tifft, Emely, bur. 1887, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-8A
Tifft, Emily Mrs., bur. 1931-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-2
Tifft, George H. Mr., bur. 1897, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-8
Tifft, Kenneth Mr., bur. 2000-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-81
Tifft, Rissa Ms., bur. 1944-11-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-4
Tifft, S. M., bur. 1898, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-1
Tifft, William Mr., bur. 1966-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--051-41
Tillack, Clara Ms., bur. 2000-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-1
Tillack, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1975-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-2
Tillinghast, Thelma L. Davis Ms., bur. 1972-02-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-2
Timmons, Edna M. Mrs., bur. 2004-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--038-6
Tisdale, Dwayne Mr., bur. 2015-05-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--008-2
Tisdale, George Mr., bur. 2001-03-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--257-7
Titus, Bertha Ms., bur. 1936-05-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--199-4
Titus, Lowell S. Mr., bur. 1980-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--270-7
Titus, Veron Mr., bur. 1995-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: M--202-4
Tobias, Guy Edward Mr., bur. 1969-05-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-2
Tobias, Rhea Ms., bur. 2000-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-1
Tofield, Frederick Mr., bur. 1935-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--269-2
Tofield, Rose Ms., bur. 1909, Section-Lot-Grave: A--269-4
Tolbert, Constance Ms., bur. 1997-09-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--239-6
Tomaski, Myrtle Ms., bur. 1999-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: M--177-7
Tombs, Kenneth Robert Mr., bur. 2015-10-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--105-1
Tompkins, Bertha M. Ms., bur. 1974-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-3
Tompkins, Beth R. Ms., bur. 1932, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-2
Tompkins, Kenneth R. Mr., bur. 1989-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-3A
Tompkins, Margaret Ms., bur. 2000-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-81
Tompkins, Phillip E. Mr., bur. 1991-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-8
Tompkins, William H. Mr., bur. 1946-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--244-1
Topham, Charles Mr., bur. 1999-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--353-4
Topham, Dorothy M. Ms., bur. 1977-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--353-3
Torquato, Sam Mr., bur. 1977-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--326-6
Torquato, Vera M. Klevon Ms., bur. 1985-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--326-5
Touhey, George Mr., bur. 2005-09-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--349-3
Toung, Bessie V. Ms., bur. 1983-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--047-2
Toung, Clarence C., bur. 1985, Section-Lot-Grave: A--047-3
Toung, Frank W. Mr., bur. 1945-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-2
Toung, Mary A. Ms., bur. 1949-05-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-1
Towe, Edward J. Mr., bur. 1984-10-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--050-1E
Townsend, Anna M. Ms., bur. 1956-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-7
Townsend, George L., bur. 1939-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-8
Treece, Gladys Mae Ms., bur. 1999-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-4
Treese, Herbert W. Mr., bur. 1966-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--026-4
Treese, Pheobe Ross Ms., bur. 1972-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--026-3
Trigg, Adelaide Ms., bur. 1994-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-3
Trigg, Arthur Mr., bur. 1960-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-4
Trimble, Betty Mrs., bur. 2009-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--008-1A
Trimble, James Pasquale Mr., bur. 2002-08-30, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--008-1
Tripp, Hulda Ms., bur. 2000-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--103-2
Tripp, Norman Mr., bur. 1995-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--103-2A
Trombley, Barbara Ms., bur. 1946-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--234-5
Trombley, Carl Franklin Ms., bur. 1984-06-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--183-4
Trombley, Frank Mr., bur. 1931, Section-Lot-Grave: A--234-6
Trombley, Fred P. Mr., bur. 1965-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--234-7
Trombley, Margaret Ms., bur. 1998-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--183-3
Trott, Barbara A. Mrs., bur. 2014-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--003-6
Trott, Helen Ms., bur. 1997-01-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--074-1
Trott, Joseph Mr., bur. 1970-06-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--074-2
Trott, Philip Mr., bur. 1964-02-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-6
Trott, Walter H. Mr., bur. 2015-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--003-5
Troutman, Inez Ms., bur. 1999-04-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-8
Tsianiclides, Nicolaos Rev., bur. 2012-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: N--053-3
Tubbs, Irene B. Ms., bur. 1973-07-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--089-7
Tucker, Crowley Mr., bur. 1996-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--149-3
Tucker, Hester Ms., bur. 1997-12-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--038-8
Tucker, Ira Jessie Mr., bur. 1991-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--148-8
Tucker, Sudie Pearl, bur. 2007-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--193-1
Tullock, Alice Ms., bur. 1994-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--011-5
Tullock, Andrew Mr., bur. 1963-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--011-6
Tunison, Mary E., bur. 08/22/1863, Section-Lot-Grave: G--097-3
Tunnison, Harriette Brown, bur. 1939-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: G--025-2
Tunnison, Ryner, bur. 1936-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: G--025-3
Tuohey, John C. Mr., bur. 1973-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--420-8
Tuohey, Lillian Blum Ms., bur. 1982-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--420-8A
Turner, Anna E. Ms., bur. 1930-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-2
Turner, Beryl Reynolds Ms., bur. 1989-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-1
Turner, Carroll N. Mr., bur. 1958-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--521-4
Turner, Dorothy F. Ms., bur. 1967-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--015-5
Turner, George C. Mr., bur. 1958-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-3
Turner, Gwendolyn B. Mrs., bur. 2004-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: K--077-7
Turner, Harold E. Mr., bur. 2001-11-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--077-8
Turner, Joseph Mr., bur. 2007-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--048-4
Turner, Lawrence E. Mr., bur. 1950-09-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-5
Turner, Lola Downs Ms., bur. 1940-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--298-4
Turner, Maude C., bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: G--071-7
Turner, Norma Ms., bur. 1992-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-3
Turner, Robert Mr., bur. 2010-07-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--050-8
Turner, Rose Wetzel Ms., bur. 1980-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--521-3
Turner, Rufus, bur. 2006-09-22, Section-Lot-Grave: N--049-2
Turner, Silas S. Mr., bur. 2002-04-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--172-8
Turner, Thomas Mr., bur. 2006-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-3B
Turner, Wesley E. Mr., bur. 1983-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--015-6
Turner, William Rev., bur. 1999-10-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--041-4
Turney, Genevieve Ms., bur. 1997-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--040-5
Turney, Irene M. Ms., bur. 1987-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-5
Turney, William A. Mr., bur. 1985-12-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-6
Turpin, Alva Ms., bur. 1992-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--433-1B
Turpin, Richard R. Mr., bur. 1960-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--433-1
Turpin, Sharon Lee Ms., bur. 1966-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--433-1A
Turrell, Georgina Ms., bur. 1950-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446A-1
Turrell, Homer H. Mr., bur. 1945-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446A-2
Tuttle, Calista A. Mrs., bur. 1900, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-4
Tuttle, Ella B. Ms., bur. 1872, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-7
Tuttle, Eugene Mr., bur. 1952-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-6
Tuttle, Florence A. Ms., bur. 1952-12-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-6
Tuttle, Marie, bur. 1872, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-8
Tuttle, Matie, bur. 1874, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-8A
Tuttle, Minnetta Louisa Ms., bur. 1934-06-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-5
Tuttle, Morris Ms., bur. 1884, Section-Lot-Grave: A--056-81
Tuttle, Salina E. Ms., bur. 1900, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-2
Tuttle, Velasco A., bur. 1924-11-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-3
Tuttle, Veloris, bur. 1950, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--079-8
Tuzzeo, Michael, bur. 2004-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--180-7A
Tweady, Cora L. Ms., bur. 1929, Section-Lot-Grave: A--241-2
Tweady, Frank J. Mr., bur. 1954-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--241-3
Tweady, Roy F. Mr., bur. 1960-01-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--241-41
Tychan, Mary P., bur. 2005-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-4
Tychan, Walter Mr., bur. 1979-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-41
Tyler, Albert J. Mr. Sr., bur. 1942-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--145-5
Tyler, Burton Mr., bur. 1941-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--098-1
Tyler, Elizabeth Decker Ms., bur. 1966-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--098-2
Tyler, Hannah Ms., bur. 1940-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--010-5
Tyler, Ida Ms., bur. 1954-01-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--145-6
Tyler, John Mr., bur. 1915, Section-Lot-Grave: A--010-6
Tyson, Donald L. Mr., bur. 1981-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--116-6
Tyson, Willie Mae Ms., bur. 2007-03-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--001-4
Tytler, Anna L. Mrs., bur. 1966-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--428-7
Tytler, John Louis Mr., bur. 1957-01-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--428-8
Tytler, John Mr., bur. 2000-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--465-3
Tytler, Mary Marcella Ms., bur. 1999-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--465-2
Uderitz, Patricia Ms., bur. 1999-06-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--002-8
Ugino, David F. Mr., bur. 2014-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--042-8
Uhl, David W. Mr., bur. 1986-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--030-8
Uhl, John E. Mr., bur. 1986-04-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--336-1
Ulrich, Anna J. Ms., bur. 1959-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-1
Ulrich, Celia Ms., bur. 1966-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-1
Ulrich, Charles E. Mr., bur. 1935-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-2
Ulrich, Charles J. Mr., bur. 1940-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-2
Ulrich, Charles Mr., bur. 1957-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-4
Ulrich, Dorothy S., bur. 2007-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-8
Ulrich, Elizabeth Case Ms., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-3
Ulrich, Emma L. Ms., bur. 1973-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-6
Ulrich, Herbert Mr., bur. 1971-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-3A
Ulrich, John Mr., bur. 07/25/1892, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-1
Ulrich, John Mr. Jr., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-4
Ulrich, Joseph Mr., bur. 1920-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-7
Ulrich, Louise Ms., bur. 1992-05-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--197-3
Ulrich, Margaret Ms., bur. 03/10/1894, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-2
Ulrich, Marie Clara Ms., bur. 1949-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-3
Ulrich, Mary Ms., bur. 1934-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-8
Ulrich, Peter Mr., bur. 1929-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-6
Ulrich, Richard C. Mr., bur. 1987-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--001-6
Ulrich, Robert H. Mr., bur. 1965-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--118-5
Ulrich, Rose, bur. 1897, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-3A
Ulrich, Virginia Helen Ms., bur. 1992-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--001-6A
Ulrich, William Mr., bur. 1944-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--045-5
Ulterino, Ann R., bur. 2008-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-1
Ulterino, Joseph John Mr., bur. 2012-06-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-1A
Ulterino, Joseph Mr., bur. 1994-06-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--025-7
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--025-8
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--042-5
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--053-1
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--053-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--053-5
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--053-6
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--053-7
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--061-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--061-3
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--061-7
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--062-5
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-1
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-6
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-8
Unknown, Burial, bur. 1876, Section-Lot-Grave: A--069-3
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--175-8
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--271-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-3
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--300-4
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--301-4
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--074-1
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--074-2
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--100-5
Unknown, Burial, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--100-6
Upham, Sarah Dix, bur. 1947, Section-Lot-Grave: G--003-7
Upperman, Ruth Ms., bur. 1987-03-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--024-5
Uschold, Michael D. Mr., bur. 1985-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: E--079-3
Utter, Blain Burton Mr., bur. 1991-09-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--324-1A
Utter, Gary Robert Mr., bur. 2004-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: N--004-6
Utter, George Mr., bur. 1986-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-4
Utter, Geraline L., bur. 2006-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--324-1B
Utter, Ione Ms., bur. 1999-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-3
Utter, Keith Brian Mr., bur. 1974-01-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--324-1
Uzialko, Mary Ms., bur. 1988-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-4
Uzialko, Stanley Mr., bur. 2011-02-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-4A
Valder, Clinton E. Mr., bur. 1984-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--122-4
Valentine, Edna, bur. 2004-09-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-81
Valentine, Georgiana Ms., bur. 1976-09-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-7A
Valentine, James B. Mr., bur. 1959-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-8
Valentine, Julia L. Ms., bur. 1963-12-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-7
Vamvakitis, Vasiliki Mrs., bur. 2011-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: P--032-1
Van Auker, Lottie Ms., bur. 1967-09-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--039-3
Van Cott, Frederick W. Mr., bur. 1983-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--020-4
Van Damme, Craig E. Mr., bur. 1980-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-5
Van Damme, Helene Joy Mrs., bur. 2004-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-6
Van Damme, Henri G. Mr., bur. 1991-11-18, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-7
Van DeMar, Edward Mr., bur. 1942-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--344-5
Van DeMar, Nellie Ms., bur. 1953-07-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--344-6
Van Duzer, Curtis B. Mr., bur. 1990-03-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--459-7
Van Duzer, Curtis R. Mr., bur. 1948-09-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--459-5
Van Duzer, Josie L. Ms., bur. 1950-12-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--459-6
Van Duzer, Marion M. Mrs., bur. 2003-10-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--459-8
Van Geyten, Janet Mr., bur. 1997-08-16, Section-Lot-Grave: E--052-3
Van Geyten, Richard Mr., bur. 2003-10-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--052-4
Van Grol, Doris Ms., bur. 1997-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--040-3
Van Kleeck, Linda M. Ms., bur. 1980-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--104-3
Van Orden, Henry Earl Mr., bur. 1960-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-7
Van Orden, John H. Mr., bur. 1944-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-5
Van Orden, Mabel E. Ms., bur. 1972-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-6
Van Orden, Mabel Ms., bur. 1990-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-8
Van Orsdale, Claire Mr., bur. 2010-05-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--154-2
Van Pelt, Jeannette Ms., bur. 1962-05-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--277-2
Van Pelt, John W. Mr., bur. 1970-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--277-1
Van Pelt, John W. Mr. Jr., bur. 1951-06-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--277-3
Van Valin, Evelyn J., bur. 2007-08-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--249-7
Van Valin, Philip, bur. 2007-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--249-8
Van Vliet, Robert Mr., bur. 1991-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--079-8
Vanderburgh, Daisy Ms., bur. 1995-02-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-2
Vanderburgh, Elmer J. Mr., bur. 1990-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-3
Vanderburgh, Wanda M Ms., bur. 1982-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-2A
VanGilder, Matthew, bur. 05/20/1824, Section-Lot-Grave: G--017-8
VanNess, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1998-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--227-2
vanRiper, Grace, bur. 1875, Section-Lot-Grave: G--046-6
vanRiper, John W., bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: G--045-8
vanRiper, Mary E., bur. 1911, Section-Lot-Grave: G--045-7
vanRiper, Mary E., bur. 1872, Section-Lot-Grave: G--046-5
VanScooter, Herbett Mrs., bur. 2012-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--065-5A
VanScooter, Margaret E. Mrs., bur. 2012-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--065-5
Varnado, Leona Mrs., bur. 2015-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: P--050-1
Vasavong, Taeng One, bur. 1996-12-07, Section-Lot-Grave: M--180-4
Vasilevski, Boris, bur. 2008-09-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--165-6
Vasilevski, Mary Ms., bur. 1999-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--165-5
Vasiliou, Christos Mr., bur. 2011-08-11, Section-Lot-Grave: N--058-8
Vath, Bonnie L., bur. 2006-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--020-4
Vembre, Baltrus Mr., bur. 2001-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--103-2
Vembre, Elise S. Ms., bur. 1980-01-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--103-1
Versace, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1996-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--177-1
Versace, Nathan Mr., bur. 2002-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--177-2
Vershay, Ethel I. Ms., bur. 1986-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--051-1
Vershay, William J. Mr., bur. 1993-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: K--051-2
Verspilla, Jane Kousemont Mrs., bur. 1935, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-2
Verspilla, John Mr., bur. 06/19/1895, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-1
Verspilla, Maggie, bur. 12/19/1895, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-3
Verspilla, Peter Scott, bur. 1904-12-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--043-6
Very, Helen Catlin, bur. 2008-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--505-2A
Vetere, Josephine Chipro, bur. 2008-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: N--024-3
Vialls, Leslie J., bur. 1981, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-81
Villegas, Leizel, bur. 1983-01-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-5W
Villegas, Sherwin, bur. 1981-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--105-6E
Villnow, Hazel M., bur. 2005-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--418-1A
Villnow, Milton A. Mr., bur. 1970-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--418-1
Vincent, Everald Mr., bur. 2004-02-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--251-4
Vineall, Edwin G. Mr., bur. 1990-03-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--136-3
Vineall, John B. Mr., bur. 1977-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--136-4
Vineall, Rebecca Ms., bur. 1997-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--136-2
Vining, William A. Mr., bur. 1978-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--345-2
Viola, James E. Jr., bur. 1984-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--155-7
Viola, James E. Mr. Sr., bur. 1997, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--155-8
Visconte, Annabelle, Baby, bur. 1999-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--209-2W
Vlatkovic, Aleksandar Mr., bur. 2005-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: N--059-6
Voegtle, Carl Mr., bur. 1973-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--054-4
Voegtle, Helen, bur. 2009-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--054-3
Voelke, Dianne Leavy Mrs., bur. 2015-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--053-3A
Voelker, Harvey, bur. 2007-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--036-4
Voetgle, Bruce, bur. 2009-10-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--054-3A
Vogel, Alvin Francis Mr., bur. 2002-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-6
Vogel, Dean Mr., bur. 1992-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--010-8
Vogel, Joan Mrs., bur. 2004-12-31, Section-Lot-Grave: E--011-5
Vogel, Lisa Marie, bur. 2004-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-6A
Vogel, Michael A. Mr., bur. 2006-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: N--009-5
Vogel, Shirley Mrs., bur. 2009-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-5
Voke, Charles G. Mr., bur. 1938-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-1
Voke, Clara M. Ms., bur. 1992-08-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--089-4
Voke, Cora Stowe Ms., bur. 1961-03-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--089-2
Voke, Edward, bur. 04/01/1874, Section-Lot-Grave: G--062-2
Voke, Elizabeth J. Ms., bur. 1949-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-2
Voke, Elton E. Mr., bur. 1981-06-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--066-2
Voke, Eva Ms., bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-4
Voke, Evelyn W. Mayer Ms., bur. 1980-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--066-1
Voke, Harold C. Mr., bur. 1988-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-7
Voke, Helen Ms., bur. 1967-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-8
Voke, Iva Rachel Mr., bur. 1904, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-5
Voke, Lucille Carpenter Ms., bur. 1940-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-6
Voke, Mary, bur. 10/26/1874, Section-Lot-Grave: G--062-1
Voke, Ora Bell Ms., bur. 1894, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-3
Voke, Rachel, bur. 1918-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: G--062-5
Voke, William J. Mr., bur. 1941-01-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--089-3
Voke, William, bur. 04/19/1896, Section-Lot-Grave: G--062-6
Volkmuth, Richard F. Mr., bur. 2009-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--190-8
Volonino, Anthony James Mr., bur. 2009-01-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--021-8
Volpe, Grace Mrs., bur. 2002-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--066-5
Volpe, Sandra Ms., bur. 1982-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--128-8
Von Wormer, Janeen, bur. 1967-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--033-4W
Vowles, Frederick S. Mr., bur. 1985-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: E--005-3
Vowles, Marion H. Schott Ms., bur. 1982-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--005-2
Vysenberg, Ida M., bur. 1931-01-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--132-5
Vysenberg, William Mr., bur. 1947-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--132-6

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