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Grove Place Cemetery
Rochester, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.119708, -77.714442

2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Published: November 15, 2016
Total records: 8,123

Surnames P-R

Records published here were acquired from the Grove Place Cemetery Association on November 14, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1820 to 2015.

Paeltz, Edmond T. Mr.
, bur. 1956-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--428-4
Paeltz, Hazel A. Mrs., bur. 1959-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--428-3
Page, Beatrice Ms., bur. 1996, Section-Lot-Grave: B--019-5
Page, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1936-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--264-1
Page, Charles Mr., bur. 1973-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--264-3
Page, Charlotte E., bur. 1940, Section-Lot-Grave: A--264-4
Page, Henry S. Mr., bur. 1973-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--019-6
Page, Louisa Jane Mrs., bur. 1940-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--264-2
Pagliarli, Gloria Ms., bur. 2000-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--063-5A
Pagliarli, Vincent Mr., bur. 1994-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--063-5
Pagnard, Leonard E. Mr., bur. 1984-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--004-3
Palermo, Donna Ms., bur. 1994-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--063-6
Palmer, Belle Becker Ms., bur. 1969-10-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--401-7
Palmer, Charles J. Mr., bur. 1969-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--401-8
Palmer, Doris Kennell, bur. 2007, Section-Lot-Grave: A--012-8
Palmer, Edith DeWitt Ms., bur. 1978-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-7
Palmer, Katlyn Leigh Ms., bur. 2007-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--250-8
Palmer, M. Clark Mr., bur. 1978-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: E--023-8
Palombo, Michael Mr., bur. 1996-03-12, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-6
Palombo, Michelina F. ellini, bur. 2008-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-5
Palumbo, Joseph Mr., bur. 1996-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-8
Palumbo, Mary A. Valente Ms., bur. 1990-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-7
Palumbo, Michael E., bur. 2007-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: N--023-2
Papavram, Eleftherios Mr., bur. 2002-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--279-2
Pappa, Catherine M. Ms., bur. 1989-08-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--123-5
Pappa, Marjorie M. Ms., bur. 1985-11-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--041-3
Pappa, William H. Mr., bur. 1966-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--041-4
Pappert, Anna Fischer Ms., bur. 1992-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--044-7
Pappert, James W. Mr., bur. 1978-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--048-5
Parcells, George Mr., bur. 1999-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-7
Parcells, Phylliss Burgess Mrs., bur. 2011-09-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-8
Parent, Dorothy Manchester Mrs., bur. 2013-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--351-1
Parent, Ernest F Mr., bur. 2002-03-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--351-2
Parker, Helen L. Ullrich Ms., bur. 1975-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--045-7
Parker, Kamaya Epiphany, bur. 2005-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--060-1W
Parker, Millard James Ms., bur. 1969-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--045-8
Parker, Tamaar Crosby, Baby, bur. 2009-04-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--059-1E
Parks, Cora S. Ms., bur. 1947-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--445A-2
Parks, Ira, bur. 1942, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--142-1
Parmele, Samuel Mr., bur. 1929, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-3
Parnell, Alphonse J. Mr., bur. 1988-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--174-8
Parnell, Eugene Mr., bur. 1993-05-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--152-2
Parnell, Lamar Mr., bur. 2012-01-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--034-1
Parnell, Paul Ref., bur. 1993-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--152-1
Parr, Edith Mrs., bur. 2011-05-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--126-7A
Parr, Everett J. Mr., bur. 1901-03-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--126-7
Parrini, Lee Mr., bur. 2011-05-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--003-8
Parrini, Pauline Mrs., bur. 2004-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--003-7
Parrish, Mary Anne Sousa, bur. 2006-06-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--497-41
Parry, Calvin Mr., bur. 1995-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--254-2
Parry, Robert B. Mr., bur. 1992-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--107-2
Parsons, Edward R., bur. 1931, Section-Lot-Grave: A--016-8
Parsons, Nellie, bur. 1978, Section-Lot-Grave: A--016-7
Pasquale, Joseph Mr., bur. 1978-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-4
Pasquale, Mary P. Mrs., bur. 2014-10-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-3A
Pasquale, Millie M. Ms., bur. 1971-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--100-3
Patrick, George Mr., bur. 1966-04-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-81
Patten, Elizabeth Johnson Mrs., bur. 2014-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-7
Patten, Vernon O., bur. 2009-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-8
Patterson, Charlotte, bur. 1915, Section-Lot-Grave: G--071-8
Patterson, Michael, bur. 2005-01-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--251-9
Patterson, Shamar, bur. 2007-04-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--002-2
Patton, John A. Mr. Sr., bur. 2002-08-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--201-8
Paul, Bertha M. Ms., bur. 1954-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--228-6
Paul, Hazel Ms., bur. 1998-03-04, Section-Lot-Grave: M--207-7
Paul, Jay Gould Mr., bur. 1958-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--228-5
Paul, Lemuel, bur. 07/21/1820, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--039-2A
Paul, Louisa Perry, bur. 12/25/1867, Section-Lot-Grave: G--039-1
Paul, Melinda, bur. 04/12/1860, Section-Lot-Grave: G--028-6
Paul, Susan B., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--039-2
Paul, Zebulon, bur. 10/17/1868, Section-Lot-Grave: G--028-5
Paulik, Darian D. Mr., bur. 1994-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--175-1
Pavasars, Marija Ms., bur. 1998-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: M--176-5
Pavasars, Rudolfs Mr., bur. 1996-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: M--176-6
Payne, Arthur J. Mr., bur. 1954-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-5
Payne, Clair B. Ms., bur. 1964-03-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--488-5
Payne, Clara Ms., bur. 1962, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-2
Payne, Fred Lee Mr., bur. 2012-03-09, Section-Lot-Grave: P--050-2
Payne, Frederick C. Mr., bur. 1959-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--488-6
Payne, Gusta L., bur. 1962-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-8
Payne, Harriet E. Ms., bur. 1988-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--027-5
Payne, Mary L. Ms., bur. 1927, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-6
Payne, Mason Michael, bur. 2012-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: N--008-3A
Payne, Ralph C. Mr., bur. 1975-02-11, Section-Lot-Grave: E--027-6
Payne, Robert C. Mr., bur. 1976-07-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--006-8
Payne, Robert L. Mr., bur. 2012-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--014-3
Payne, Ruth Ms., bur. 1994-02-02, Section-Lot-Grave: E--006-7
Payne, Violet Ms., bur. 2001-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--217-2
Payne, Vonice, bur. 2005-03-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--206-3
Payne, Walter W. Mr., bur. 1934-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-1
Payne, Walter Mr., bur. 1947-08-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--171-7
Peachy, Bernice B. Ms., bur. 1984-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--437-6
Peachy, Fred W. Mr., bur. 1957-06-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--437-5
Pearce, Bruce Mr., bur. 2003-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--362-2A
Pearce, Hayward J. Mr., bur. 1972-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--362-2
Pearce, Marilyn E., bur. 2008-06-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--362-1
Pearson, Clarence O. Mr., bur. 1971-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-3
Pearson, Harold L. Mr., bur. 2007-08-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--014-4
Pearson, Helen H. Yendrusiak Ms., bur. 1980-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-4
Pearson, John T. Mr., bur. 1937-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-1
Pearson, June S., bur. 2007-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-41A
Pearson, Raymond J. Mr., bur. 1988-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-41
Peart, Edna Mae Ms., bur. 2003-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: M--277-6
Pease, Edna Beal, bur. 1977, Section-Lot-Grave: G--051-2
Pease, Frank H., bur. 1960, Section-Lot-Grave: G--051-1
Pease, Irving Mr., bur. 1939-06-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--261-41
Pease, Lucy Ms., bur. 1954-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--261-4
Peavy, Floyd Mr., bur. 1998-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: M--231-1
Peer, Anna M. Deisinger Ms., bur. 1990-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--026-5
Peer, Walter J. Mr., bur. 1984-06-02, Section-Lot-Grave: E--026-6
Peirson, Mildred A. Ms., bur. 1989-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--141-5
Pelis, Carrie Ms., bur. 1966-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-5
Pelis, Peter Mr., bur. 1963-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-6
Pemberton, Winifred Ms., bur. 1976-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--203-6
Pentycofe, Carolyn Mrs., bur. 1993-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--128-2
Pentycofe, James Mr. Sr., bur. 2003-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--128-2A
Perdue, Addy Ms., bur. 1999-05-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--061-2
Perdue, Harold K. Mr., bur. 2012-03-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--039-2
Perdue, Martha Ms., bur. 1996-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--131-8
Perdue, Richard Mr., bur. 1995-02-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--130-6
Perkins, Clarence Mr., bur. 1994-03-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--176-1
Perkins, Ruby V. Ms., bur. 1992-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--174-5
Pero, Diane l. Ms., bur. 1992-07-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--212-6
Perrin, Harold O. Mr., bur. 1960-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493A-4
Perrone, Albert J. Mr., bur. 2001-09-22, Section-Lot-Grave: M--259-8
Perrone, Theresa Rotoli Mrs., bur. 2009-10-23, Section-Lot-Grave: M--259-7
Perry, Ann vanRiper, bur. 1943-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: G--040-7
Perry, Eugene Mr. Jr., bur. 2010-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--051-1
Perry, Francis J. Mr., bur. 1980-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--021-4
Perry, John Frances, bur. 2008-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--021-3
Perry, Julia C. Karley, bur. 2008-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--021-3A
Perry, Laura Ms., bur. 1998-10-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--234-3
Perry, Lincoln W., bur. 1934-11-10, Section-Lot-Grave: G--040-8
Perry, Sue Jenette, bur. 2005-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: N--035-1
Person, Delores Ann Ms., bur. 2000-01-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--230-2
Person, La-Shonda M. Ms., bur. 2001-08-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--041-8
Person, Nancy Ms., bur. 1994-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--131-4
Pesch, Edward T. Mr., bur. 1994-10-18, Section-Lot-Grave: M--150-6
Pesch, Marilyn G. Mrs., bur. 2003-06-20, Section-Lot-Grave: M--150-5
Petalas, Athanasios Mr., bur. 2012-12-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--188-3
Petalas, Soultana M., bur. 1994-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--188-1
Peters, Alton D. Mr., bur. 2004-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--099-4
Peters, Caroline, bur. 1905, Section-Lot-Grave: A--001-3
Peters, Earl L. Mr., bur. 1967-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--029-4
Peters, Evelyn M. Ms., bur. 1979-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--044-6
Peters, George, bur. 1929-11-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--001-4
Peters, Hazel J. Ms., bur. 1972-11-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--008-7
Peters, Herbert R. Mr., bur. 1977-03-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--008-8
Peters, John Mark Mr., bur. 2004-09-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-81
Peters, Minnie, bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: A--001-6
Peters, Raymond Mr., bur. 1988-08-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--058-1
Peters, Thomas, Baby, bur. 2002-06-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493A-4A
Peters, Wilbur Mr., bur. 1945-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--272-5
Peterson, Arlene Ms., bur. 1996-10-10, Section-Lot-Grave: M--180-1
Peterson, Charlotte, bur. 2000, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-41A
Peterson, Edward Mr., bur. 1954, Section-Lot-Grave: A--123-8
Peterson, Frederick Mr., bur. 1996-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: M--180-1A
Peterson, George Mr., bur. 1964-01-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-3
Peterson, Jennie Longbine Ms., bur. 1972-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--123-7
Peterson, Maude A. Chedsey Ms., bur. 1974-08-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-2
Peterson, Roy E., bur. 2007, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-41
Petrie, Robert Lee Mr., bur. 1991-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-8
Pettenski, Ronald M. Mr., bur. 1989-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--242-1
Pfeifer, Gladys Ms., bur. 2003-08-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--275-6
Pfenninger, Charles G. Mr., bur. 1981-08-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--071-6
Pfenninger, George, bur. 2005-02-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--061-2
Pfenninger, Gladys Reitz Ms., bur. 1969-09-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--071-5
Pfenninger, Raymond E. Mr., bur. 2013-03-14, Section-Lot-Grave: P--031-7
Pfund, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1961-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--518-2
Pfund, George E. Mr., bur. 1976-08-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--060-2
Pfund, Gertrude M. Jackling Ms., bur. 1971-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--060-1
Pfund, John C. Mr., bur. 1976-10-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--054-8
Pfund, Winnie H. Ms., bur. 1956-02-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--518-1
Phelps, Charles T. Mr., bur. 1962-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492-1
Phelps, Gertrude R. Ms., bur. 1980-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492-2
Phelps, Helen I. Ms., bur. 1984-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--473-5A
Phelps, Lou D. Ms., bur. 1959-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--473-5
Phelps, Marjorie Ms., bur. 2000-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492-3
Phillippsen, Frances Mallory Ms., bur. 1976-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--494-1
Phillippsen, Katherine Freida Ms., bur. 1972-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--266-7
Phillippsen, Pearl F. Ms., bur. 1964-08-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--008-5
Phillippsen, Peter G. Mr., bur. 1980-10-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--008-6
Phillippsen, William Mr., bur. 1948-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--266-8
Phillips, Adelia, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--024-7
Phillips, Amanda, bur. 08/14/1841, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--026-1
Phillips, Anna Ms., bur. 1999-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--072-3
Phillips, Arthur B. Mr., bur. 1901-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--026-3
Phillips, Baby, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--024-6
Phillips, Blanche, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--020-2
Phillips, Carol Ms., bur. 1994-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--503-3
Phillips, Carrie Ms., bur. 1964-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--247-5
Phillips, Cora, bur. 1871, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--026-4
Phillips, Edwin F. Mr., bur. 1938-09-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--276-7
Phillips, Eliza Reed, bur. 10/09/1880, Section-Lot-Grave: G--020-1
Phillips, Eliza, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--026-2
Phillips, Elkanah, bur. 10/06/1866, Section-Lot-Grave: G--014-6
Phillips, George W., bur. 1966-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476-4
Phillips, Grace Ms., bur. 1997-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--485-3
Phillips, Henry L., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--024-8
Phillips, Henry V., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--024-5
Phillips, Horace F. Mr., bur. 1982-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--503-4
Phillips, Irene E., bur. 1978-05-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476-3
Phillips, King Mr. Jr., bur. 1998-09-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--215-4
Phillips, Martha H., bur. 08/01/1858, Section-Lot-Grave: G--022-5
Phillips, Myron A. Mr., bur. 1977-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--072-4
Phillips, Samuel, bur. 08/14/1876, Section-Lot-Grave: G--020-3
Phillips, Stanley A. Mr., bur. 1962-07-30, Section-Lot-Grave: C--503-2
Phillips, Susan, bur. 01/14/1876, Section-Lot-Grave: G--014-7
Phillips, Ullyses, bur. 08/01/1853, Section-Lot-Grave: G--022-4
Piccolo, Anthony Mr., bur. 2013-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: D--209A-0
Piccolo, Rose Mrs., bur. 2013-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: D--209A-0A
Pickering, Joshua John, Baby, bur. 2006-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: N--021-5W
Pierce, Alexis Bernard Mr., bur. 2014-06-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--039-7
Pierre, Emmanuel Mr., bur. 2002-08-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--245-2
Pikuet, Bertha L. Ms., bur. 1936-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--209-6
Pikuet, Ellen W. Ms., bur. 1958-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-2
Pikuet, Florence Nichols Ms., bur. 1954, Section-Lot-Grave: A--038-7
Pikuet, Ivan C. Mr., bur. 1973-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-7
Pikuet, Thomas E. Mr., bur. 1974-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--209-5
Pikuet, William J Mr., bur. 1944-03-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-3
Pikuet, William W. Mr., bur. 1980-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-1
Pilcher, Joan Ellingwood Ms., bur. 1988-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--027-7
Pilcher, Robert E. Mr., bur. 2014-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--027-7A
Pineiro, Anibal Mr., bur. 2004-10-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--070-1
Pink, Lavina Ms., bur. 1945-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--184-7
Pink, Thomas Mr., bur. 1945-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--184-8
Pinkston, Carrie Mae, bur. 2007-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: N--035-6
Pinnock, Arnita Ms., bur. 2000-08-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--242-7
Pitcher, Brian J. Mr., bur. 1986-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--048-5
Pitcher, Robert J. Mr., bur. 2002-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--048-6
Pittard, Ethel Quetschenbach Ms., bur. 1974-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-4
Pittman, Anne Ms., bur. 1996-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--154-7
Pittman, Eugene M. Mr., bur. 1985-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--196-8
Pittman, Glenn W. Mr. Sr., bur. 1983-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--154-8
Pitts, Earl W., bur. 1941-03-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-5
Pitts, Esther Littlefield, bur. 2008-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-1
Pitts, Eunice Mr. Jr., bur. 2010-07-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--110-6
Pitts, Harry S. Mr., bur. 1986-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-2
Pitts, Lotta Miller Ms., bur. 1945-12-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-6
Pitts, Vernice Blake Ms., bur. 2000-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--110-7
Pixley, Allen S. Mr., bur. 1993-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--229-6
Pixley, Clara E., bur. 1936-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: G--067-8
Pixley, E. Munn Mr., bur. 1996-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--005-81
Pixley, Edwin Munn, bur. 1936-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--006-41
Pixley, Elinore U. Ms., bur. 1968-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--005-41
Pixley, Fanny Munn Ms., bur. 1893, Section-Lot-Grave: A--006-2
Pixley, Florence A. Ms., bur. 1958, Section-Lot-Grave: A--120-4
Pixley, Harold W. MR., bur. 2004-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--005-41A
Pixley, John L. Mr., bur. 1893, Section-Lot-Grave: A--006-3
Pixley, John L., bur. 1961-09-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--120-41
Pixley, Mary Cornelia Ms., bur. 1893, Section-Lot-Grave: A--006-1
Pixley, Mary Rowe Ms., bur. 1919, Section-Lot-Grave: A--006-4
Pixley, Pearl E. Ms., bur. 1971-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--229-5
Pixley, Raymond J., bur. 1959, Section-Lot-Grave: G--067-7
Pixley, Susanna, bur. 2004-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--005-81A
Platner, Barbara Ms., bur. 1995-10-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--235-41
Platner, Charles Mr., bur. 2004-09-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--321-7A
Platner, Elmer C. Mr., bur. 1990-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--235-41A
Platner, Eloise Ms., bur. 1953-11-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--235-2
Platner, Eloise Ms., bur. 1991-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--321-7
Platt, Gladys L. Ms., bur. 1991-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--142-1
Platt, Herbert W. Mr., bur. 1991-12-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--142-2
Plummer, Arlene M. Mrs., bur. 2009-04-18, Section-Lot-Grave: N--014-1
Plummer, David Mr., bur. 2013-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--014-1A
Plummer, Willie Mr., bur. 1995-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: M--253-4
Pointer, Worley Mr., bur. 1997-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--239-4
Polizzi, Michael C. Mr., bur. 2011-04-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--178-6
Polosky, Joseph Mr., bur. 1990, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-41
Polosky, Joseph, bur. 2009-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-2
Polosky, Marion L. Mrs., bur. 2005-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-1
Pommering, Helen E. Ms., bur. 1962-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--495-7
Pommering, John W. Mr., bur. 1962-01-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--495-8
Poole, James Mr., bur. 1966-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--035-1
Poole, Mildred Mrs., bur. 2014-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--089-2
Poole, Russell E. Mr., bur. 1993-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--089-3
Pope, Anna Bly Ms., bur. 1929-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-3
Pope, Myron H. Mr., bur. 1912, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-4
Popkiss, George Mr., bur. 2001-07-31, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--089-8
Popovski, Pando, bur. 2007-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--124-4
Porcher, Silas Mr., bur. 2011-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: N--044-8
Poret, Clarence Mr., bur. 2000-06-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--254-6
Porter, Eugene R. Mr., bur. 1957-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492A-4
Potuck, Jean L. Ms., bur. 2000-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355-3
Powell, Annie R Mrs., bur. 2001-03-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--229-3
Powell, Bryant Mr. Jr., bur. 1994-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--175-8
Powell, Cynthia Mrs., bur. 2001-06-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--244-3
Powell, Emma Ms., bur. 1999-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--137-4
Powell, Jane E. Ringwood Ms., bur. 1989-06-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--056-1
Powell, Levie Ms., bur. 2002-06-15, Section-Lot-Grave: L--201-4
Powell, Marion A. Mrs., bur. 2005-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--032-7
Powell, Max Mr., bur. 1961-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--509-6
Powell, Selwyn Mr., bur. 2010-10-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--032-8
Powers, Eunice Ms., bur. 1993-07-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--136-6
Powers, Minnie Ms., bur. 1940-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--018-41
Pradia, Ryan, bur. 2005-04-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--017-6
Pratt, Dijon Mr., bur. 2011-02-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--235-5
Pratt, Loraine, bur. 2007-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--195-6
Pratt, Stanley Mr., bur. 2010-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--195-7
Pratt, Verna E. Ms., bur. 1981-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--114-7
Pratt, William J. Mr., bur. 1981-05-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--114-8
Praylor, Troy Mr. Sr., bur. 1999-11-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--243-6
Preiss, Henry G. Mr., bur. 1975-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--456-3
Preiss, Marjorie C. Ms., bur. 1950-05-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--456-2
Prendergast, Irene Ms., bur. 1990-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-8
Preston, Bessie Ms., bur. 2000-04-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--110-3
Preston, James E. Mr., bur. 2010-07-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--013-3
Preston, Lillian Ms., bur. 1999-12-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--082-7
Preston, Mary Jane, bur. 2006-10-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--082-5
Preston, Stanley Mr., bur. 2000-11-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--082-8
Prevost, Charles L. Mr., bur. 2005-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--010-1
Prevost, Frances M. Mrs., bur. 2014-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--010-1A
Price, Maggie L., bur. 2002-02-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--247-4
Price, Mark L., bur. 2004-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: N--059-4
Price, Talmage Mr., bur. 1940-09-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--136-7
Pridmore, Mary, bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: A--012-7
Prince, Betty Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 2012-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: P--012-8
Prince, James Alfred Mr. Sr., bur. 2011-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: P--013-5
Prince, Joseph Mr., bur. 2012-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: P--038-1
Prince, Willie L. Mr., bur. 2009-04-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--039-6
Printy, Archie F. Mr., bur. 1973-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--102-8
Printy, Beatrice Mr., bur. 1994-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--079-5
Printy, Charles B. Mr., bur. 1970-06-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--079-6
Printy, Laura L. Miller Ms., bur. 1985-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--046-1
Printy, Vernon Mr., bur. 1979-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--046-2
Printy, William C. Mr., bur. 1971-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--102-7
Prior, Jason E. Mr., bur. 1993-07-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--211-3
Pritchard, Charles W. Mr., bur. 1971-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--424-5
Pritchard, Colin Richard Mr., bur. 1974-01-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--076-1
Pritchard, Doris Ms., bur. 1947-01-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--076-2
Pritchard, Edna Ms., bur. 1989-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--094-5
Pritchard, Margaret Ms., bur. 1950-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--424-6
Pritchard, Ralph Edwin, bur. 2008-04-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--320-4
Pritchard, Wallace Mr., bur. 1998-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--094-6
Proia, Emilio Mr., bur. 1991-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-8
Proia, Paul Mr., bur. 2015-10-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--097-61
Proia, Rosaria Mrs., bur. 2010-11-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-7
Pruitt, Robert, bur. 2005-02-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--071-2
Psomiadis, Diamondo Hetelekides Mrs., bur. 2014-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: N--057-5
Puffer, Gordon Mr., bur. 1999-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--519-5
Puffer, Margaret A. Ms., bur. 1956-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--519-1
Puffer, Marguerite Mrs., bur. 2009-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--519-5A
Pugh, Monette E. Mr., bur. 2002-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: M--257-8
Pullman, Ethellee Ferris Ms., bur. 1998-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498A-3
Pupuchevski, Joseph Mr., bur. 2001-10-25, Section-Lot-Grave: M--280-3
Purdy, Ann K., bur. 1895, Section-Lot-Grave: G--013-3
Purdy, Clarence Mr., bur. 1975-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--091-8
Purdy, Elias, bur. 03/18/1870, Section-Lot-Grave: G--054-5
Purdy, Louise, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--054-6
Purdy, Mary, bur. 01/05/1848, Section-Lot-Grave: G--054-7
Purdy, Warren, bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: G--013-2
Purrier, Francoise N. Mr., bur. 2003-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--219-2
Purrier, Herbert J. Mr., bur. 2012-10-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--234-6
Pusey, Bernice Ms., bur. 1999-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-2
Pusey, Winston A. Mr., bur. 2010-11-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-1
Putney, Cecile M. Ms., bur. 1949-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--457-1
Pye, Jeanette M., bur. 2004-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--353-1A
Pyle, Nellie C. Ms., bur. 1974-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--073-2
Pyle, William H. Mr., bur. 1985-03-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--073-2A
Pyritz, Frances Fay, bur. 2008-12-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--057-1
Pyritz, Harold F. Mr., bur. 2001-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--057-2
Quamina, Alfred Mr., bur. 1995-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-2
Quamina, Sean Albert Mr., bur. 2013-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-2A
Quartieri, Jack Mr., bur. 1999-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--165-4
Quartieri, Michelena Ms., bur. 1999-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--165-3
Quatro, Richard P. Mr., bur. 2007-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: N--022-7
Quatro, Suzanne Mrs., bur. 2015-04-07, Section-Lot-Grave: N--022-6
Quetschenbach, Donald E., bur. 2007-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-2
Quetschenbach, Gordon Bruce Mr., bur. 1936-09-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-41
Quetschenbach, Mary Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1996-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-1
Quetschenback, Andrew N. Mr., bur. 1936-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-3
Quick, Robert Mr., bur. 2004-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--016-1
Quirk, Frank H. Mr., bur. 1945-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--259-5
Quirk, Norma H. Ms., bur. 1965-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--259-6
Raab, Gertrude Handy Ms., bur. 1987-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-1
Raab, Karl Mr., bur. 1967-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-2
Rader, Anna Ms., bur. 1930-04-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--124-6
Rader, Ernest Mr., bur. 1936-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--124-7
Rader, Gerry Mr., bur. 1930, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--124-5
Radley, Alice C. Ms., bur. 1972-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--058-7
Ragland, Marietta Ms., bur. 1995-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--127-7
Ragland, Rose Marie Ms., bur. 2000-03-03, Section-Lot-Grave: M--233-8
Rainey, Annie Ms., bur. 2003-10-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--247-3
Ramos, Antonio Mr., bur. 1984-01-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--066-1
Ramos, Isidora, bur. 1977-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--067-7
Randell, Corrine C. Ms., bur. 1965-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--404-7
Randell, Lloyd E. Mr., bur. 1957-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--404-8
Randle, Eva A. Ms., bur. 09/22/1878, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--083-3
Randle, George M. Mr., bur. 1901, Section-Lot-Grave: A--023-7
Randle, Ida M. Ms., bur. 1971-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--023-5
Randle, Joseph Mr., bur. 1904, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--083-4
Randle, Logena Ms., bur. 1909, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--083-4A
Randle, Lotta E. Ms., bur. 1946-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--023-6
Ranieri, Irene E. Mahely Ms., bur. 1988-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: F--147-6
Ranieri, John J. Mr., bur. 2013-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: F--147-6A
Ranieri, John Mr., bur. 1996-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--147-7
Rankin, Clarence Mr., bur. 1963-03-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-5
Ransom, Arleigh H. Mr. Sr., bur. 1982-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--155-1
Ransom, Cecil Moffett Mr., bur. 1975-01-18, Section-Lot-Grave: E--029-4
Ransom, Elsie Moffett Ms., bur. 1967-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--044-1
Ransom, Harry Mr., bur. 1973-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--044-2
Rapp, Christine Ms., bur. 1944-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-6
Rapp, Idabelle Wainwright Ms., bur. 1989-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--105-7
Rapp, John J. Mr., bur. 1947-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-7
Rapp, Leva M. Ms., bur. 1982-06-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--115-5
Rapp, Louis C. Mr. Sr., bur. 1981-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--115-6
Rapp, Louis G. Mr., bur. 1976-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--105-8
Rapp, Violet E. Raddatz Ms., bur. 1992-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--182-8
Rapp, Wendell H Mr., bur. 1962-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--182-81
Rapp, Wendell Mr., bur. 1948-09-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--196-5
Rath, Donald G. Mr., bur. 1960-04-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--449-8
Rath, Marion P. Mrs., bur. 2003-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--449-7
Rath, Mary Louise Mrs., bur. 2007-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--415-3
Ratzel, Mabel Lucas Ms., bur. 1974-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--323-1
Rauch, Aten Mr., bur. 1962-04-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-4A
Rauch, Helen Ms., bur. 1993-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-4
Rauch, William Mr., bur. 1999-12-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-3
Raulerson, Dorothy Mr., bur. 1992-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: E--065-8
Raven, Robert Mr., bur. 2000-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--228-7
Rawlings, Alfred Mr., bur. 1989-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--504-8
Rawlings, Jessie Ms., bur. 2001-04-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--504-7
Rayam, Carrie Ms., bur. 1995-06-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--106-4
Read, Anna Ms., bur. 1948-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-2
Read, Carrie A., bur. 1891, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-1A
Read, Richard Mr., bur. 1949-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--334-1
Reagan, John J. Mr., bur. 2002-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--086-2
Reaves, Ella Ms., bur. 2000-03-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--232-8
Rebert, Jeanette Matzke Ms., bur. 1993-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--472-5
Rebman, Barbara Holmes Mrs., bur. 2010-11-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--205-6
Rebman, Oscar Mr., bur. 1996-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: M--205-7
Reddick, Jean E. Mrs., bur. 2004-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--107-3
Reddick, Norman F. Mr., bur. 1952-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-4
Reddick, Olive Avery Ms., bur. 1980-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-3
Reddick, Robert W. Mr., bur. 2013-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--107-4
Redding, Rudolph Mr., bur. 2007-04-23, Section-Lot-Grave: N--002-3
Redfield, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1943-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--203-8
Redfield, H. Mildred Ms., bur. 1974-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--203-81
Redfield, Nellie S. Ms., bur. 1948-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--203-7
Redmond, Arline G. Ms., bur. 1989-01-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-5
Redmond, Grace Ms., bur. 1993-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--002-7
Redmond, Henry D. Mr., bur. 1968-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--508-6
Redmond, Henry S. Mr., bur. 1968-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--002-8
Reed, Alfonsie Mr. Jr., bur. 2013-06-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--043-8
Reed, Bessie R. Ms., bur. 1973-05-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--419-3
Reed, Billy W. Dr., bur. 2009-06-20, Section-Lot-Grave: CB--024-4
Reed, Christine Ms., bur. 1946-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--419-1
Reed, Frank R., bur. 1937-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: G--039-4
Reed, Frank Mr., bur. 1950-09-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--419-2
Reed, Harriet E., bur. 1942-12-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--163-5
Reed, Myron Woodhams Mr., bur. 1966-10-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--163-6
Reed, Paul L. Mr., bur. 1949-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--419-4
Reed, Sarah J., bur. 1941, Section-Lot-Grave: G--039-3
Reese, Evelyn N. Ms., bur. 2000-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: M--258-3
Reese, Susana Ms., bur. 1995-11-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--148-6
Regelsberger, Ann Mrs., bur. 2013-04-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--141-7
Regelsberger, Joseph F. Mr., bur. 1983-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--141-8
Rehberg, Walter W. Mr., bur. 2000-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--167-3
Reichardt, Paul S. Mr., bur. 1986-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--184-6
Reichold, Patricia D. Mrs., bur. 2002-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--014-1
Reichwald, Antonia C. Ms., bur. 1993-02-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--200-7
Reichwald, Paul O. Mr., bur. 1993-10-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--200-8
Reid, Alonzo Mr., bur. 1998-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--238-8
Reid, Clarence W. Mr., bur. 1940-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--143-1
Reid, Edward J. Mr., bur. 2001-03-17, Section-Lot-Grave: M--253-2
Reid, Ella Button Ms., bur. 1990-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--143-2
Reid, Henry L. Mr. Sr., bur. 2004-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: M--255-4
Reid, Ise Ms., bur. 1997-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: M--204-3
Reid, Margaret Frost Mrs., bur. 2005-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-3
Reid, Ruth H. Mrs., bur. 2006-06-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--253-1
Reid, William Hugh Mr., bur. 1984-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-4
Reifstech, Alfred G. Mr., bur. 1986-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--025-3
Reifsteck, Dora Moughtin Ms., bur. 1986-12-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--025-2
Reimherr, Brenda Bobzien Mrs., bur. 2011-10-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--059-1
Reinhard, Ronald Mr., bur. 1996-12-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--038-6
Reiniger, Eugene G. Mr., bur. 1987-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--060-6
Reiniger, Helene E., bur. 2007-11-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--060-5
Reisas, Karen Mrs., bur. 2004-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--092-3
Reisas, Wilhelm Mr., bur. 2000-07-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--092-4
Reisinger, Richard F. Mr., bur. 2011-10-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--130-1
Releford, Ronald Terry Mr., bur. 2002-05-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--172-6
Renckulbergs, Emma Ms., bur. 1971-05-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--363-6
Renfrew, Edna R. Mrs., bur. 2014-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-1
Renfrew, Robert Mr., bur. 1954-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--457-5
Renfrew, Robert Mr., bur. 1965-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--457-6
Renfrew, Robert, bur. 2008-07-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--143-2
Rengey, Ethel M. Ms., bur. 1980-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--353-5
Renke, Arnold, bur. 2006-07-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--036-4
Renke, Hiedi Ms., bur. 1989-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--036-2
Renke, Louise Ms., bur. 1977-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--033-8
Renner, Irene Haeger Ms., bur. 1982-04-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--145-1
Renner, Robert C. Mr., bur. 1987-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--145-2
Repko, Fred Mr., bur. 1995-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--153-8
Repko, Grace Mrs., bur. 2002-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: M--153-7
Ressegue, Jacob Mr., bur. 12/11/1875, Section-Lot-Grave: G--022-2
Resser, Charles E. Mr., bur. 2012-09-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--305-7
Resser, Charles E. Mr., bur. 1944, Section-Lot-Grave: A--305-81
Resser, Florence M. Ms., bur. 1964-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--305-8
Ressigue, Elizabeth Mrs., bur. 08/23/1865, Section-Lot-Grave: G--022-1
Reynolds, Eileen E. Mrs., bur. 2001-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-8A
Reynolds, Floyd G. Mr., bur. 1951-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--507-2
Reynolds, George H. Mr., bur. 2010-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--028-8
Reynolds, Gladys Ms., bur. 1964-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-5
Reynolds, Gloria Mrs., bur. 2014-08-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--213-7
Reynolds, Howard J. Mr., bur. 1993-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--006-6
Reynolds, Mary A. Ms., bur. 2008-06-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--029-8
Rhoades, Walter J. Mr. Sr., bur. 1995-10-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--062-1
Rhoads, Dianne J., bur. 2006-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--467-41A
Rhoads, Jean Belding Ms., bur. 1994-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--139-1
Rhoads, Richard L. Mr., bur. 2004-05-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--062-1A
Rhoden, Carmen Mr., bur. 2006-05-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--234-1
Rhodes, Orpha P., bur. 2005-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--063-5
Rhodes, Sidney J. Mr., bur. 1969-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--063-6
Rhone, Floris D. Mrs., bur. 2012-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: P--034-3
Ribas, Helen Ms., bur. 1997-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--071-1
Ribas, Vincent R. Mr. Jr., bur. 1993-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: E--071-1A
Ribas, Vincent R. Mr. Sr., bur. 1976-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--071-2
Ribble, Harry B. Mr., bur. 1987-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--030-4
Ribble, Marion L. Phillips Ms., bur. 1975-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--030-3
Ricci, William V., bur. 1993-06-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--097-4
Rice, James L. Mr., bur. 1952-12-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--442A-4
Rice, Margaret E. Ms., bur. 1986-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--442A-3
Rice, Marion Ms., bur. 1961-10-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--504A-1
Richards, Constontine Mr., bur. 2000-10-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--214-7
Richardson, Bruce S. Mr., bur. 1967-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--035-6
Richardson, Catherine M. Ms., bur. 1982-09-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--035-5
Richardson, Diane S. Mrs., bur. 2004-11-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--045-6
Richardson, Hedy Guse Ms., bur. 1980-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--022-81
Richardson, Mary Ms., bur. 1918-02-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-3
Richmond, Norman A. Mr., bur. 1976-04-07, Section-Lot-Grave: E--073-4
Rick, Donald, bur. 2006-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--032-4
Rick, Edith Mrs., bur. 2009-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--032-3
Rickmers, Albert D. Mr. Sr., bur. 2014-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--045-7
Rickmers, Zelda Cutlip Ms., bur. 1980-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--045-6
Rickon, Lois J. Mrs., bur. 2003-01-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--156-6
Ridley, Corliss Yolanda Ms., bur. 2003-10-18, Section-Lot-Grave: L--226-4
Riebenkan, Ida Mr., bur. 1974-12-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--022-3
Riggs, Cliffa, bur. 2007-05-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--131-7A
Riley, Ernest Mr., bur. 2001-08-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--059-4
Ristich, Slavko Mr., bur. 2015-06-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--063-2
Ritchie, Ruth Neubert Mrs., bur. 2008-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--071-1
Ritchie, William A. Mr., bur. 1987-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--071-2
Ritz, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1998-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--022-7
Ritz, William J. Mr., bur. 1978-06-19, Section-Lot-Grave: E--022-8
Ritzenthaler, Emma Fischer Ms., bur. 1980-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--090-3
Ritzenthaler, Herbert J. Mr., bur. 1973-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--090-4
Rivera, Jose Mr. Jr., bur. 1994-03-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--175-4
Rivera, Natacha Rose Ms., bur. 2000-04-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--016-6
Rizzo, Joseph C. Mr., bur. 1993-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--107-3
Rizzo, Minna M. Winter Ms., bur. 1988-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--073-8
Robbins, Baby, bur. 1990-04-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--183-8A
Robbins, Eleanor Ms., bur. 1990-04-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--183-8
Robbins, Francis Ms., bur. 1967-06-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--002-7
Robbins, George C. Mr., bur. 1983-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-2
Robbins, Helen McMaster Mrs., bur. 2010-08-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--120-1
Robbins, Samuel Mr., bur. 1965-02-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--002-8
Robena, Charles E. Mr., bur. 1968-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--004-6
Robena, Edward J. Mr., bur. 1969-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--004-8
Roberson, Frank Mr., bur. 1994-02-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--129-7
Roberts, Edwin D. Mr., bur. 1966-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-5
Roberts, Frank F. Mr., bur. 2007-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: E--007-6
Roberts, Helen Bush Ms., bur. 1989-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--437-3
Roberts, Helen K. Ms., bur. 1986-09-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-8
Roberts, Lillian Vowles Mrs., bur. 2008-03-17, Section-Lot-Grave: E--007-1
Roberts, Lloyd Mr., bur. 1988-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: E--007-2
Roberts, Rose W., bur. 2004-06-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--156-8
Roberts, Shara Mae Ms., bur. 2000-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: M--256-8
Roberts, Willis Mr. Sr., bur. 1994-12-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--162-7
Robinson, Ashlee & Baylee, bur. 2010-05-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--347-3A
Robinson, Cliff Mr., bur. 2003-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: L--227-4
Robinson, Eleanor C., bur. 2009-07-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-1
Robinson, Elousie Ms. , bur. 2013-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: P--016-6
Robinson, Eugene Mr., bur. 2003-07-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-4A
Robinson, Eula B., bur. 2010-01-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--015-2
Robinson, James W. Mr., bur. 2004-12-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--060-1
Robinson, Julie Ms., bur. 1996-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: M--206-1
Robinson, Larry Mr., bur. 1996-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: M--175-2
Robinson, LaVerne McCray Ms., bur. 1997-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--012-5
Robinson, Leona M. Ms., bur. 1985-03-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-7
Robinson, Magdalina Lepper Ms., bur. 1968-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-6
Robinson, Mary Mrs., bur. 2003-07-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-4B
Robinson, Mary Ms., bur. 2002-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--245-7
Robinson, Moses Mr. Sr., bur. 2012-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: P--007-7
Robinson, Richard J. Mr., bur. 1979-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--230-2
Robinson, Robbie Mrs., bur. 2008-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: N--076-6
Robinson, Roy P. Mr., bur. 1976-05-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-8
Robinson, Rupert Mr., bur. 1993-06-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--148-4
Robinson, Steve Mr., bur. 1994-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--214-1E
Robinson, Tyler, bur. 1995-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--208-5E
Robinson, Vallie R. Mr., bur. 1997-06-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--225-8
Robinson, William Mr. Jr., bur. 1998-11-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--241-4
Roche, Michael W. Mr., bur. 2006-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--194-4
Rock, Johathon Sage Mr., bur. 1991-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--162-2
Rocktaschel, Emma B. Ms., bur. 1970-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--066-8
Rodemeyer, Alice Samantha Ms., bur. 2000-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--067-6
Rodemeyer, Harvey Mr., bur. 1997-12-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--067-7
Roder, Augusta, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-3
Roder, Baby, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-4
Roder, Carrie C., bur. 1934-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-1
Roder, Charles, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-1
Roder, Florence A., bur. 10/31/1897, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-3
Roder, Frederick, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-4
Roder, John H., bur. 1941-01-07, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-2
Roder, Louisa, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-2
Roder, Ward B. Mr., bur. 1961-05-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--401-4
Rodgers, Carmella, bur. 2007-06-22, Section-Lot-Grave: N--047-5
Rodgers, Claude H. Mr., bur. 1947-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-6
Rodgers, Homer Mr., bur. 1998-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--040-7
Rodgers, Jay F. Mr., bur. 1943-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-8
Rodgers, Margaret Ms., bur. 1998-06-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-6A
Rodgers, Sophia G. Ms., bur. 1943-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-7
Roe, Helen Mrs., bur. 2010-08-29, Section-Lot-Grave: D--209A-1
Roecker, Carl J. Mr., bur. 1970-10-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--062-8
Roecker, Minnie M. Rice Ms., bur. 1983-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--062-7
Rogers, Connie Jo Mrs., bur. 2001-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: M--278-1
Rogers, Donald C. Mr. Jr., bur. 1959-06-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--532-7
Rogers, Donald C. Mr. Sr., bur. 1971-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--532-81
Rogers, Eleanor N. Ms., bur. 1973-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--532-8
Rogers, Florence W. Ms., bur. 1985-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-5
Rogers, George Mr., bur. 1987-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-6
Rogers, Harry M. Mr., bur. 1953-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-3
Rogers, Hattie Ms., bur. 1953-09-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-6
Rogers, Howard M. Mr., bur. 1969-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-1
Rogers, Irene O'Connor Mrs., bur. 2015-01-05, Section-Lot-Grave: N--068-6A
Rogers, Judson C. Mr., bur. 1985-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--003-6
Rogers, Kenneth G. Mr. Sr., bur. 2006-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: M--278-2
Rogers, Margaret C. Ms., bur. 1942-10-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-4
Rogers, Minnie Ms., bur. 1925-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-2
Rogers, Norma B. Ms., bur. 1984-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-8
Rogers, Percy C. Mr., bur. 1942-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--302-5
Rogers, Warren Mr., bur. 1996-04-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-7
Rogers, William D. Mr., bur. 2011-03-31, Section-Lot-Grave: N--068-6
Rogerson, Donald G. Mr., bur. 2011-04-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--079-3
Rogerson, Shirley A. Sutphen Ms., bur. 1991-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: K--079-2
Rohrer, Bernard L. Mr., bur. 2004-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--111-6
Rohrer, Dorothy Ms., bur. 2000-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: K--111-5
Roidis, Argirios, bur. 2010-03-09, Section-Lot-Grave: N--010-3
Rollins, Beverly B. Ms., bur. 2015-07-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--003-3
Romaniak, Thomas T. Mr., bur. 2002-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--167-8
Romano, Arlene Dumphy Ms., bur. 1985-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--158-7
Romano, Genamarie Ms., bur. 2011-11-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-4A
Romberg, Mary E. Ms., bur. 1993-12-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--081-5
Romberg, Ralph E. Mr., bur. 1992-01-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--081-6
Romero, Miriam Ms., bur. 2003-03-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--089-7
Root, Freeman E., bur. 09/05/1880, Section-Lot-Grave: G--065-4
Root, Harriett N., bur. 09/14/1870, Section-Lot-Grave: G--065-3
Root, Jennie L., bur. 05/27/1864, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--065-4A
Root, Mary P. Ms., bur. 1964-08-31, Section-Lot-Grave: C--475-41
Rosby, Sylvester Mr., bur. 2005-11-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--206-4
Rose, Armida Ms., bur. 1936-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--115-7
Rose, Charles H. Mosher Mr., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--119-4
Rose, David M. Mr., bur. 03/28/1881, Section-Lot-Grave: A--058-1
Rose, Delroy A. Mr., bur. 2012-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: P--018-8
Rose, Edwin G. Mr., bur. 1930, Section-Lot-Grave: A--115-8
Rose, Effie Ms., bur. 2000-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--203-7
Rose, Elizabeth S. Ms., bur. 1944-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--058-3
Rose, Esther A. Ms., bur. 08/10/1894, Section-Lot-Grave: A--058-2
Rose, Frederick Mr., bur. 1949-01-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--142-3
Rose, Henry A. Mr., bur. 1923, Section-Lot-Grave: A--119-3
Rose, Martha Mosher Mrs., bur. 1934-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--119-2
Rose, Mary Ms., bur. 1947-06-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--142-2
Roselius, Ethel H. Ms., bur. 1974-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-1
Roselius, Henry D. Mr., bur. 1975-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-2
Rosenhagen, Edward R. Mr., bur. 1938-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--170-7
Rosenhagen, Harry Raymond Mr., bur. 1966-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-6
Rosenhagen, Laura M. Mr., bur. 1967-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-5
Rosenhagen, Theresia Mrs., bur. 1932-06-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--170-6
Rosin, Arthur H. Mr., bur. 1985-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--032-4
Rosin, Lora A. Ms., bur. 1968-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--032-3
Roskey, Edward Allen Mr., bur. 1986-10-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--046-4
Roskey, Norma Ms., bur. 1995-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: K--024-8
Ross, Clarence L. Mr. II, bur. 2012-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: N--058-2
Ross, Edward H. Mr., bur. 1983-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--155-4
Ross, George Mr., bur. 1962-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--502-4
Ross, Jesse J., bur. 1993-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--126-6
Ross, Kenneth Mr., bur. 1988-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--356-8
Ross, Kenneth Mr., bur. 2015-08-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--126-7
Rossi, Baby, bur. 1993-06-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--044-6W
Rossman, Gary W. Mr., bur. 2012-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--018-1
Rothenburgh, Evelyn Ms., bur. 2004-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--150-7
Rothfus, Edward W. Mr., bur. 1981-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--023-2
Rothfus, Maude L. Ms., bur. 1980-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--023-1
Rouche, Celeste L., bur. 2005-08-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-7
Rowe, Charles A. Mr., bur. 1988-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: F--159-2
Rowe, Curtis W. Mr., bur. 1972-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-5
Rowe, Emily Lyon Ms., bur. 1991-10-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-81
Rowe, Gary Lemar Mr., bur. 2003-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: L--173-7
Rowe, Glendennie, bur. 2006-08-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--159-1
Rowe, Glorious Dean Ms., bur. 2001-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: L--173-3
Rowe, Irene C. Mrs., bur. 2009-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-7
Rowe, John Marshall Mr., bur. 1979-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-81A
Rowe, Marion Ada Ms., bur. 1955-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-2
Rowe, Marion Wiley Ms., bur. 1973, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-6
Rowe, Marjorie M Mrs., bur. 2015-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-8
Rowe, Merritt C. Mr., bur. 1943-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-1
Rowe, Richard W. Mr., bur. 2013-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--211-7A
Rowells, Annie Ms., bur. 2003-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: L--226-3
Rowie, Lucy Ms., bur. 1999-07-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--109-8
Rowley, Agnes, bur. 2000, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-3
Rowley, Alton S., bur. 2009-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-3A
Rowley, James, bur. 2004-04-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-3
Rowling, Florence E. Ms., bur. 1968-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--474-5
Rowling, Glenn Mr., bur. 1966-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-3
Rowling, Herbert G. Mr., bur. 1969-12-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--474-6
Rowling, Herbert Mr., bur. 2006-04-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-2
Rowling, Sherrie Ann Ms., bur. 1969-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499-4
Rozaklis, Nicolaos Mr., bur. 1998-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--086-4
Rozaklis, Panogiota Mrs, bur. 2014-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-6
Rozinski, Robert M., bur. 1977-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--497-5A
Rubenstein, Ernest R. Rev., bur. 1986-02-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--034-4
Rubenstein, Marie M. Sharpe Ms., bur. 1985-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--101-7
Rucker, Barbara Ms., bur. 2000-07-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--152-2
Ruddy, Julia M. Ms., bur. 1980-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--087-7
Ruddy, Michael Mr., bur. 1981-04-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--087-8
Rude, Harold F. Mr., bur. 1989-08-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--020-4
Rudgers, Jane Mrs., bur. 2014-08-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-1
Rudgers, Roy P. Mr., bur. 1988-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--098-2
Ruflin, Bernard L. Mr., bur. 2002-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--107-8
Ruflin, Frances, bur. 2007-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--107-7
Ruflin, Paul B. Mr., bur. 1975-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--107-6
Ruhlman, Chester Mr., bur. 2000-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--108-6
Ruhlman, Shirley Mrs., bur. 2011-07-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--108-5
Ruhrseitz, Ann Anderson Ms., bur. 1977-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--028-2
Ruhrseitz, Johann G. Mr., bur. 1977-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--028-1
Rumsey, Robert A. Mr., bur. 2003-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: K--088-6
Rumsey, Roger A. Mr., bur. 1972-07-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--051-8
Rusaw, Betsy E. Ms., bur. 1988-03-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--321-4
Rusaw, James H. Mr., bur. 1974-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-4
Russell, Audrey L. Mrs., bur. 2012-12-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--073-4A
Russell, Bertha A. Ms., bur. 1951-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--427-2
Russell, Donald Mr., bur. 1996-05-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--530-2
Russell, Edward G. Mr., bur. 1977-01-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--069-8
Russell, Everett B. Mr., bur. 1966-10-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--449-81
Russell, George R. Mr., bur. 1955-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--427-1
Russell, John W. Mr., bur. 2002-01-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--073-4
Russell, Marion Ms., bur. 1993-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--449-81A
Russell, Maude M. Ms., bur. 1961-07-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--495-1
Russell, Minnie T. Ms., bur. 1948-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-3
Russell, Odette, bur. 2004-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--530-1
Russell, Robert B. Mr., bur. 1981-05-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--106-2
Russell, Ruth Fuller Mrs., bur. 2011-06-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--069-7
Russell, Susan Ann Ms., bur. 2008-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: N--030-4
Russell, William A. Mr., bur. 1983-05-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-3A
Russell, William J. Mr., bur. 1950-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-4
Rutherford, Anna L. Ms., bur. 1988-07-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--329A-4
Ruvio, James R., bur. 2007-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: K--021-7
Ryan, Helen C. Ms., bur. 1986-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--027-7
Ryan, James D. Mr., bur. 1991-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: E--043-2
Ryan, Marion Agnes Mrs., bur. 2004-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--043-3
Ryan, William J. Mr., bur. 1998-04-16, Section-Lot-Grave: K--027-8
Ryan, William, bur. 2007-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--076-1
Rychwalski, Anna Green Mrs., bur. 2012-01-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-1

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