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Grove Place Cemetery
Rochester, Monroe County, New York

GPS: 43.119708, -77.714442

2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Published: November 15, 2016
Total records: 8,123

Surnames A-B

Records published here were acquired from the Grove Place Cemetery Association on November 14, 2016. Dates of burial range from 1820 to 2015.

Abawi, Zuhair S. Mr.
, bur. 2013-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--083-7
Abell, Ann Guse Mrs., bur. 2010-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--084-2
Abell, David Scott, bur. 1970-12-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--084-1
Abendroth, Helen Ms., bur. 1987-12-07, Section-Lot-Grave: E--027-3
Abendroth, Herman Mr., bur. 1975-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: E--027-4
Ackley, Daniel E. Mr., bur. 1886, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-1
Ackley, Daniel Ellis Mr., bur. 1956-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-6
Ackley, Edna M. Ms., bur. 1964-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-41
Ackley, Ella, bur. 1921-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-4
Ackley, George Mr., bur. 1895, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-3
Ackley, Mabel Ms., bur. 1965-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-5
Ackley, Susan E. Ms., bur. 1920, Section-Lot-Grave: A--033-2
Ackroyd, James Mr., bur. 1999-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--039-5
Adamek, Carl R. Mr., bur. 1991-09-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--212-6
Adamek, Gertrude Zirngibl Ms., bur. 1990-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--212-5
Adams, Anthony Devon, bur. 2007-02-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--013-7
Adams, Aubree Paris, bur. 2012-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: N--015-8
Adams, Christy Ms., bur. 1991-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--056-3
Adams, Clara Ms., bur. 1998-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--213-4
Adams, Diana Russell Mrs., bur. 2013-03-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--117-7B
Adams, Donna A. Ms., bur. 2015-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-4A
Adams, Herbert Mr., bur. 1952-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--200-1
Adams, Isiah Mr. Jr., bur. 2001-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--060-6
Adams, John E., bur. 2007-09-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--016-8
Adams, Justice Ms., bur. 1998-02-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--016-6A
Adams, Laura A., bur. 2011-06-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--061-7
Adams, Mabel M. Ms., bur. 1959-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--200-2
Adams, Michael Allen, bur. 2006-11-17, Section-Lot-Grave: N--016-5
Adams, Richard A. Mr., bur. 2013-03-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--117-7A
Addison, Sheila T. Ms., bur. 2003-01-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--200-7
Ade, George Mr., bur. 1975-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--024-3
Ade, Kathleen Gwen Ms., bur. 1975-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: E--024-2
Ade, Kathleen T. Ms., bur. 1989-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--024-4
Ades, Ernest H. Mr., bur. 1950-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--431-1
Ades, Minnie Ms., bur. 1964-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--431-2
Adolph, Child, bur. 1942-03-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--142-7
Affleck, Anna Belle Ms., bur. 1975-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--208-41
Agee, Christine Mrs., bur. 2005-11-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--035-2
Ahern, Robert Mr., bur. 2005-03-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--483-41
Ainsworth, Mabel Ms., bur. 1983-03-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--485-3A
Aitken, Lucille T. Mrs., bur. 2002-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361-7
Aitken, Richard Mr., bur. 1991-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361-8
Ajello, Ruth Ms., bur. 1999-03-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--246-1
Alber, Fred Mr., bur. 1968-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--523-8
Alber, Grace Ms., bur. 1968-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--523-7
Albert, Charles F. Mr. Jr., bur. 1992-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--090-6
Albert, Isiah Mr., bur. 2002-12-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--275-8
Albert, Mary Jane Mrs., bur. 2015-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-3
Albert, Nonnus Mr., bur. 2012-01-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: D--210A-1
Albert, Valerie D., bur. 2007-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: N--014-5
Albrecht, Harry Mr., bur. 1984-04-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--156-7
Aleese, Charles J. Mr., bur. 1982-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--130-6
Aleese, Lucia Aleesi Ms., bur. 1988-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--131-5
Alexander, Derensis, bur. 1974-11-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--323-8
Alexander, Mary Jane Mrs., bur. 2012-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: N--073-5
Alfieri, James Mr., bur. 2004-02-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--225-4
Alger, Lewis P. Mr., bur. 1963-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--009-4
Allan, Flora Ms., bur. 1968-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--040-1
Allan, George Mr., bur. 1971-09-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--040-2
Allen, Bessie E. Ms., bur. 1966-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--429-3
Allen, Daisy Mae Ms., bur. 1953-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--173-7
Allen, Dorothy L. Ms., bur. 2014-04-04, Section-Lot-Grave: P--035-8
Allen, Edith L. Ms., bur. 1900, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--081-2
Allen, Ella J. Ms., bur. 1919, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--081-3
Allen, Ernest, bur. 2003-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: K--033-7A
Allen, Floyd G. Mr., bur. 1951-05-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--429-4
Allen, Harry C. Mr., bur. 1944-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--342-5
Allen, Hattie Mrs., bur. 2014-10-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--258-5
Allen, Henry E. Mr., bur. 1920, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--081-4
Allen, Jeremy, bur. 2007-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--029-3
Allen, Lucy D. Ms., bur. 1966-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--201-2
Allen, Margaret Ms., bur. 08/24/1889, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--060-8
Allen, Marjorie Mrs., bur. 2009-07-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--033-7
Allen, Matilda Ms., bur. 03/27/1879, Section-Lot-Grave: A--060-6
Allen, Robert Cornell Mr., bur. 1943-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--201-1
Allen, Russell F Mr., bur. 2013-10-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--113-4
Allen, Ruth A. Mrs., bur. 2014-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--113-4A
Allen, Tabitha, bur. 2007-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: N--077-6
Allen, William E. Mr., bur. 1963-01-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--173-6
Allen, William Mr., bur. 08/07/1879, Section-Lot-Grave: A--060-6A
Allen, William Mr. Jr., bur. 1995-07-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--183-6
Alligood, Jeanette Ms., bur. 1999-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--064-2
Allison, Joshua, bur. 01/13/1853, Section-Lot-Grave: G--002-3
Allison, Margaret, bur. 1905-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: G--055-8
Allwood, Mildred Ms., bur. 2000-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-5
Allwood, Raymond L. Mr., bur. 1971-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--099-6
Allyn, Hazel Ms., bur. 1979-02-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--438-1
Allyn, John W. Mr., bur. 1972-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--438-4
Allyn, Ralph E. Mr., bur. 1992, Section-Lot-Grave: C--438-3
Allyn, William H. Mr., bur. 1952-07-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--438-2
Althen, Alice M. Mr., bur. 1991-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-1
Althen, August A. Mr., bur. 1944-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--215-2
Althen, John Ralph Mr., bur. 1945-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-3
Althen, Ralph A. Mr., bur. 1983-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--216-2
Althen, Sara L. Ms., bur. 1965-09-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--215-1
Altman, Shirley Steele Ms., bur. 1979-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--065-1A
Alvarez, Barbara E., bur. 2004-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--111-2
Alves, Joseph M. Mr., bur. 2009-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: N--003-1
Alves, Joseph Philip Mr., bur. 2006-06-29, Section-Lot-Grave: N--018-4
Ambeau, Florence L. Ms., bur. 1982-11-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-7
Ambeau, Richard E. Mr., bur. 1972-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-8
Ambrose, Edna M. Mrs., bur. 1972-08-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--045-5
Ambrose, William LaVerne Mr., bur. 1973-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--045-6
Ambrosio, Jose Mr., bur. 1977-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--047-4
Amesbury, John E. Mr., bur. 1967-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-4
Amesbury, Marie Elmer Ms., bur. 1990-05-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-3
Amick, Mildred Ms., bur. 1993-05-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361A-4B
Amick, Thomas Mr., bur. 1978-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361A-4
Amies, Mabel Grape Ms., bur. 1983-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: E--047-3
Amish, John Mr., bur. 1946-07-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--090-81
Amish, Mary Ms., bur. 1951-09-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--090-8
Ammon, Guy W. Mr., bur. 1989-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--054-5
Ampeliotou, Chrisanthi, bur. 1988-12-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--055-3
Anable, Arthur K Mr., bur. 2015-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: K--141-6
Anable, Marilyn E. Mrs., bur. 2004-04-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--114-5
Anderson, Clifford Mr., bur. 2015-09-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--008-6
Anderson, David Mr., bur. 1960-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480-6
Anderson, Florine C. Ms., bur. 1974-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480-5
Anderson, John Mr., bur. 1999-05-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-5
Anderson, Judith T. Mrs., bur. 2011-08-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-5A
Anderson, Karen Ms., bur. 1997-05-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--059-7
Anderson, Lorisha Elsie, bur. 2009-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--074-4
Anderson, Lula Ms., bur. 2003-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--037-4
Anderson, Ruth Almeda Mrs., bur. 2007-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-8A
Anderson, Thelma Ms., bur. 1937-07-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--138-41
Anderson, William Mr., bur. 2007-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-8
Anderson, Yvonne Connor Mrs., bur. 2013-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: N--028-8
Anderson-Allen, Benjamin, bur. 2008-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: N--077-3E
Andreano, Jessie Gray, bur. 1991-06-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--101-8
Andrews, Annie M., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--044-5
Andrews, Arlington L. Mr., bur. 1983-02-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334A-6
Andrews, Charles D., bur. 1872, Section-Lot-Grave: G--044-7
Andrews, Clarance Mr., bur. 1997-06-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--083-4
Andrews, Dorothy Marion Mrs., bur. 2006-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: N--020-3
Andrews, Grace M. Ms., bur. 1982-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334A-5
Andrews, Harvey W., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-2
Andrews, James B. Mr., bur. 2010-04-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--020-4
Andrews, John N., bur. 1904, Section-Lot-Grave: G--044-6
Andrews, Margaret McVean, bur. 1896, Section-Lot-Grave: G--064-1
Andrews, Mark L., bur. 2005-01-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--112-4
Andrews, Mary E., bur. 02/01/1886, Section-Lot-Grave: G--063-4
Andrews, Minnie Ms., bur. 1998-04-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--061-1
Andrews, Pamela Michelle, bur. 2004-06-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--043-7
Andrews, Sarah M., bur. 06/16/1865, Section-Lot-Grave: G--063-3
Andrus, George Mr., bur. 1947-05-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--445A-4
Andrus, John W. Mr., bur. 1945-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--248-5
Andrus, Maude Ms., bur. 1966-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--248-6
Anger, Dolores Ms., bur. 1938-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--018-6
Annett, Catherine MacGregor Mrs., bur. 1978-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--173-81
Annett, Kelso, bur. 1988, Section-Lot-Grave: A--173-81A
Annis, Eleanor Benning, bur. 2006-09-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-5
Annis, James H. Mr., bur. 2011-07-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-6
Anthony, Carl Mr., bur. 1998-08-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--240-8
Archdeacon, Vera Ms., bur. 1981-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--083-1
Archdeacon, William E. Mr., bur. 1970-09-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--083-2
Archer, Ann, bur. 03/29/1888, Section-Lot-Grave: G--035-4
Archer, Clarence Mr., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: A--038-2
Archer, Edward Mr. Jr., bur. 1943-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-1
Archer, Ethel C. Ms., bur. 1979-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-6
Archer, Evelyn Harder Ms., bur. 1983-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--093-4
Archer, Fanny, bur. 02/19/1869, Section-Lot-Grave: G--035-1
Archer, Harold Mr., bur. 1996-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-4
Archer, Harriett A. Ms., bur. 1975-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-3
Archer, Helen Ms., bur. 1998-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-41
Archer, Louise Alice Ms., bur. 1955-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-2
Archer, Margaret K. Ms., bur. 1919, Section-Lot-Grave: A--038-41
Archer, Margaret Ms., bur. 1891, Section-Lot-Grave: A--038-3
Archer, Mary, bur. 02/19/1866, Section-Lot-Grave: G--035-2
Archer, Nettie E., bur. 1929-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: G--036-8
Archer, Olive Ms., bur. 1986-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-81
Archer, Richard R., bur. 1928-10-10, Section-Lot-Grave: G--036-7
Archer, Roy Crawford Mr., bur. 1950-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--093-41
Archer, Samuel, bur. 1912, Section-Lot-Grave: A--038-4
Archer, William Mr., bur. 1956-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--019-5
Archer, William, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--035-3
Archibold, Leah Mrs., bur. 2002-09-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--200-5
Argentiere, Albert Mr., bur. 1983-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--169-2
Argentiere, Josephine A. Mrs., bur. 2002-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--169-1
Arline, Curtis Mr. Jr., bur. 1996-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-8
Arline, Sarah, bur. 2009-07-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--202-4
Arline-Higgs, Constnace L. Mrs., bur. 2010-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--195-2
Armbruster, Donald C. Mr., bur. 1988-01-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--344-5
Armbruster, Helen D. Mrs., bur. 2005-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--349-8
Armour, Charles D. Mr., bur. 1964-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: B--009-2
Armour, Lucy Abendroth Ms., bur. 1981-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--009-1
Arnold, Carl Mr., bur. 1995-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--473-81A
Arnold, Edward Mr., bur. 1960-12-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--499A-41
Arnold, Florence Ms., bur. 1999-10-30, Section-Lot-Grave: C--473-81
Arnold, Rennie Vella Graham Mr., bur. 1923-08-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--107-1
Arnold, Richard William Mr., bur. 2001-09-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--089-6
Ashford, Edward Mr., bur. 2013-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: P--034-5
Ashford, Mauen Mr., bur. 2011-03-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--010-7
Ashford, Ruby Thelma Mrs., bur. 2002-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: L--200-1
Ashley, Macie Lee Ms., bur. 1994-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-6
Ashton, Beulah J. Ms., bur. 1994-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--105-3
Ashton, Joseph Mr., bur. 1982-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--105-4
Askey, Arthur David Mr., bur. 1940-09-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--018-81
Askin, Frank T., bur. 1912, Section-Lot-Grave: G--029-5
Askin, Hannah, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--037-2
Askin, Jerimiah, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--037-1
Asklof, Donna L., bur. 2006-11-18, Section-Lot-Grave: N--024-1
Astles, Carl H. Mr., bur. 1951-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--518-4
Astles, Helen M. Ms., bur. 1941-07-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--310-4
Astles, Ora E. Ms., bur. 1952-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--518-3
Ater, Carlton R., bur. 2006-09-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-8A
Ater, George Mr., bur. 1984-02-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-8
Atterbury, Susannah Ms., bur. 1937, Section-Lot-Grave: A--339-6
Atterbury, Thomas W. Mr., bur. 1939, Section-Lot-Grave: A--339-5
Auberger, William Mr., bur. 1999-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--093-4
Austin, Carl E. Mr., bur. 2000-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--066-3
Austin, Helen Mary Ms., bur. 1970-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--066-7
Austin, Helen R. Ms., bur. 1966-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-8
Austin, Ruth A. Mrs., bur. 1980, Section-Lot-Grave: E--006-3A
Austin, William H. Mr., bur. 1980, Section-Lot-Grave: E--006-3
Auten, Harold E. Mr., bur. 1977-06-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--098-2
Auten, Veronica A. Ms., bur. 1984-08-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--098-1
Avery, Albert E. Mr., bur. 1901, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-1
Avery, Ann Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1926, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-6
Avery, Arthur L. Mr., bur. 1971-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-2
Avery, Carl Carter Mr., bur. 1966-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--496-2
Avery, Charlotte Mrs., bur. 2015-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-5A
Avery, Clara Mrs., bur. 2015-05-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--076-2
Avery, Daisy M. Ms., bur. 1946-03-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-8
Avery, Edwin B. Mr., bur. 1901, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-5
Avery, Edwin Mr., bur. 2015-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-5
Avery, Emily Ms., bur. 1922, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-4
Avery, Frederick M. Mr., bur. 1960-08-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--104-7
Avery, Grace Ms., bur. 1990-11-11, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-1
Avery, Harriet L. Ms., bur. 1918, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-7
Avery, Leila b. Ms., bur. 1960-11-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--496-1
Avery, Margaret A. Ms., bur. 1976-12-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--101-1
Avery, Mary Louise Ms., bur. 1930, Section-Lot-Grave: A--013-2
Avery, Mildred Metcalf, bur. 1987-11-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--306-5A
Avery, Mina Ms., bur. 1967-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--210-6
Avery, Ralph S. Mr., bur. 1970-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-2
Avery, Robert Brander Mr., bur. 1973-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--357-2
Ayer, Ivan R. Mr., bur. 2008-03-31, Section-Lot-Grave: N--038-1W
Baader, Florence S. Ms., bur. 1992-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--106-7
Babahikian, Harry, bur. 1930-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--130-4
Babers, Tishie Mae, bur. 2006-11-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--048-5
Bach, Edward Mr., bur. 1969-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--002-4
Bach, Eleanor Ms., bur. 1968-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--002-3
Bachman, Leanora G. Ms., bur. 1992-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--467-5
Bachman, William C Mr., bur. 1973-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--467-6
Bachmann, Carl K., bur. 2008-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--354-8
Bachmann, Jacqueline Hammar Ms., bur. 1993-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: B--354-7
Backe, Theadore C. Mr., bur. 2004-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: L--250-7
Backus, Susan E. Ms., bur. 1969-01-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-8
Bacon, Kathleen Ms., bur. 1999-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-5
Bader, Joseph D. Mr., bur. 1976-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--240-41
Bahr, Arthur W. Mr., bur. 1970-07-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--074-4
Bahr, Gertrude J. Ms., bur. 1981-02-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--074-3
Baier, Adalbert Mr., bur. 1997-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--108-2
Baier, Florence B. Ms., bur. 1982-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--108-1
Bailey, Arthur T. Mr., bur. 1968-04-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-6
Bailey, George Mr., bur. 1997-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: F--117-4
Bailey, Herbert E. Mr., bur. 1926, Section-Lot-Grave: A--030-7
Bailey, Joshua, bur. 03/24/1853, Section-Lot-Grave: G--009-2
Bailey, Josie Ms., bur. 1998-02-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--084-5
Bailey, Lydia A., bur. 08/28/1850, Section-Lot-Grave: G--009-3
Bailey, Mary Henrietta, bur. 10/10/1864, Section-Lot-Grave: G--009-1
Bailey, Nellie M. Collier Ms., bur. 1927-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--030-6
Bailey, Ruby E. Ms., bur. 1960-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--490-5
Bailey, Shirley A. Mrs., bur. 2004-11-18, Section-Lot-Grave: F--117-3
Baines, Edward, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--055-5
Baird, Andrew J. MR., bur. 2002-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-1
Baird, Andrew Mr., bur. 1959-08-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-2
Baird, Frank Mr., bur. 1995-08-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-2A
Baird, Jeffrey A. Mr., bur. 2013-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: F--223-7
Baird, Thomas Mr., bur. 1934-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--133-4
Baird, Walter S., bur. 2006-08-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--223-6
Baird, Walter Mr., bur. 1995-08-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-1A
Baker, Clinton C. Mr., bur. 1977-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-2
Baker, Emmett H. Mr., bur. 1950-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-8
Baker, Frederick T. Mr., bur. 1985-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: G--052-7
Baker, Grace Lyon Ms., bur. 1999-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: G--052-8
Baker, Helen A. Ms., bur. 1946-02-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--423-6
Baker, Jane C. Ms., bur. 1988-05-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--026-8
Baker, Leartus P. Mr., bur. 1967-06-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--423-5
Baker, Lillian M. Ms., bur. 1950-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-6
Baker, Loretta M. Ms., bur. 1968-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-7
Baker, Ora M., bur. 2005-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-1
Baker, Richard H. Mr., bur. 1944-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--308-5
Baker, Richard Mr., bur. 1965-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-3
Baker, Ruth M. Ms., bur. 1995-02-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--510-7
Bakolas, Ioannis Mr., bur. 2010-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--045-6
Baldon, James Mr., bur. 1999-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--084-4
Baldwin, Donnie Mr., bur. 2005-05-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--033-6
Baldwin, Rosalyn Mrs., bur. 2010-04-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--050-6
Ball, Nina M. Mrs., bur. 2013-05-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--149-7
Ball, Norman Mr., bur. 1994-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: M--149-8
Ballard, Eva M. Mrs., bur. 2005-07-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-1
Ballard, Russell J. Mr., bur. 1982-08-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-2
Balliet, Gustav A. Mr., bur. 1987-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--495-4
Balliet, Philomona Schmidt Ms., bur. 1985-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--495-3
Balmer, Gladys Vance Ms., bur. 1966-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--439-1
Balmer, Henry Sgt., bur. 1949-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--439-4
Balmer, John Mr., bur. 1990-07-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--439-3
Balzer, Evelyn Ms., bur. 1990-11-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--125-1
Bamburoski, Carleen Thompson Mrs., bur. 2015-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--041-2
Bamburoski, James Mr., bur. 1998-05-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--041-3
Bamford, Elizabeth Smith Ms., bur. 1968-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--166-8
Bamford, Thomas R., bur. 1942-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--166-7
Bamford, William S. Mr., bur. 1971-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--166-81
Banks, Claretha Ms., bur. 2011-03-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--010-5
Barber, Hattie Ms., bur. 1953, Section-Lot-Grave: A--144-3
Barber, Hubert H. Mr., bur. 1946-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-5
Barber, Mildred K. Ms., bur. 2001-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--417-6
Barber, Walter J. Mr., bur. 1941-04-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--144-2
Barclay, Harley Mr., bur. 1995-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--056-7
Barclay III, H. James Mr., bur. 1972-10-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--056-5
Bardo, Gertrude Schwartz Ms., bur. 1943-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-6
Bardo, Nicholas Mr., bur. 1917, Section-Lot-Grave: A--063-7
Barfield, Nellie Mrs., bur. 2004-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: L--225-1
Barg, Elsie E. Ms., bur. 1980-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: F--098-5
Barg, Norma J. Ms.., bur. 2014-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--098-6
Bark, Blanch M Mrs., bur. 2002-01-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-8
Bark III, John H. Mr., bur. 1969-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-81
Barker, George Mr., bur. 1974-05-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-3A
Barner, Elwood Mr., bur. 1961-07-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--410-2
Barner, Lottie Ms., bur. 1958-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-2
Barner, Robert, bur. 2009-12-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--037-2
Barnes, Clara Ms., bur. 1947-02-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-2
Barnes, Johnny Melvin Mr., bur. 2002-09-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--245-3
Barnes, Lillian O. Mrs., bur. 2002-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: M--257-6
Barnes, Maynard Mr., bur. 2011-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: P--009-7
Barnes, William H. Mr., bur. 1944-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--407-1
Barrell, Charles P. Mr., bur. 1965-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-1
Barrell, Margaret W. Ms., bur. 1949-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-2
Barringer, Dale E., bur. 1939-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--198-5
Barringer, Essy Ms., bur. 1997-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--198-7
Barringer, Harry M. Mr., bur. 1938-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--232-2
Barringer, William M. Mr., bur. 1968-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--198-6
Barron, Edwin W. Mr., bur. 1984-02-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-8
Barron, Valeria Hasenauer Mrs., bur. 2013-08-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--091-7
Barry, Thomas K. Mr., bur. 2012-03-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--168-7
Bartels, Helen Ms., bur. 1993-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--472-3
Bartels, Louis O. Mr., bur. 1957-09-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--472-4
Barth, Mary MacFadden Ms., bur. 1974-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-1
Bartholomew, Robert I., bur. 2009-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: N--006-5
Bartlett, John R. Mr., bur. 1978-11-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--352-2
Barton, Beatrice Ms., bur. 1997-11-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--206-8
Barton-Meeks, Aunyx Najee, bur. 2013-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: P--036-8
Bassett, Elda E. Ms., bur. 1984-11-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--523-1
Bassett, Walter H. Mr., bur. 1961-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-4
Bate, Marjorie Holzhauer, bur. 2008-12-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--129-81
Bates, Alfred L. Mr., bur. 1984-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-4
Bates, Baby, bur. 1964-06-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-2A
Bates, Mildred Mrs., bur. 1997-12-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-3A
Bates, Milford Ralph Mr., bur. 1936-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-3
Batiste, Mose, bur. 2007-02-24, Section-Lot-Grave: N--023-5
Battelle, Helen Wells Ms., bur. 1976-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--323-6
Battelle, Josephine Ms., bur. 1950-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--331-5
Battelle, Lewis D. Mr., bur. 1965-10-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--331-6
Bauman, Helen F., bur. 2007-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--197-1
Baxter, Cynthia Ms., bur. 2009-05-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--015-3
Baxter, Lula D., bur. 2004-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--112-1
Baxter, Petrina E. Ms., bur. 2015-04-04, Section-Lot-Grave: N--044-3
Baxter, Rebecca Ms., bur. 2000-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--110-4
Beach, Anna E. Ms., bur. 1981-08-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--132-3
Beach, Chester C. Mr., bur. 1968-11-30, Section-Lot-Grave: A--132-4
Beach, Shirley M. Ms., bur. 1995-11-03, Section-Lot-Grave: M--204-1
Beach, Wesley Mr., bur. 1996-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: M--204-2
Beadle, Eliza, bur. 03/14/1891, Section-Lot-Grave: G--071-6
Beadle, William E., bur. 10/11/1885, Section-Lot-Grave: G--071-5
Beagle, Dorothy Verdella Mrs., bur. 2012-07-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--533-3
Beagle, Robert E. Mr. Jr., bur. 1962-05-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--533-1
Beagle , Robert E. Mr. Sr., bur. 1990-03-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--533-2
Beagley, George L. Mr., bur. 2008-11-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--052-3
Beagley, Gertrude R. Mrs., bur. 2001-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: K--052-2
Beal, Byron DeWitt Clinton, bur. 1936-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: G--051-7
Beal, Jennie D., bur. 1917, Section-Lot-Grave: G--051-8
Beal, Ralph D. Mr., bur. 1942-02-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--125-41
Beaman, Andrew Mr., bur. 1910, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--096-2
Beaman, Anna Roe Ms., bur. 1920, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--096-3
Beaman, Arthur W. Mr., bur. 1968-01-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--122-2
Beaman, Baby, bur. 1946, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-6
Beaman, Edith (Fell) Ms., bur. 1976-02-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-5
Beaman, Edwin R. Mr., bur. 1967-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-6
Beaman, Elizabeth K. Ms., bur. 1943-10-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-2
Beaman, Frank C. Mr., bur. 1942-05-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--096-4
Beaman, Genevive A. Ms., bur. 1973-05-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--122-3
Beaman, Ida M. Ms., bur. 1916, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--096-41
Beaman, Katherine R. Ms., bur. 1942-05-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--122-4
Beaman, Lippert Mr., bur. 1912, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-5
Beaman, Marvin V. Mr., bur. 1976-05-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-4
Beaman, Pearl Ms., bur. 1910, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-3
Beaman, Robert A., bur. 1925-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--122-1
Beaman, Roy E. Mr., bur. 1959-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--409-8
Beaman, Willis H. Mr., bur. 1946-12-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--095-1
Beaney, Dewey A. Mr., bur. 1926-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-8
Beaney, Elizabeth, bur. 1995-07-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--199-81
Beaney, Marion Fry Mr., bur. 1973-09-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-7
Beaney, Ralph J. Mr., bur. 1993-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-6
Beard, Joseph Julien Mr., bur. 2009-10-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--255-1
Beardslee, Ralph Mr., bur. 1995-04-26, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--166-2
Beasley, Martha Belle Mrs., bur. 1957-10-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-7
Beasley, Thomas Mr., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-8
Beason, Glenda R. Ms., bur. 2012-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: N--042-3
Beason, Rebon Mr., bur. 1998-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--107-4
Beason-Roland, Sandra Mrs., bur. 2010-01-09, Section-Lot-Grave: N--011-2
Beatson, George Mr., bur. 1964-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-8
Beatson, Jane Ms., bur. 1960-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--470-7
Beatty, John E. Mr., bur. 2005-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--142-5
Beaty, James E. Mr. Sr., bur. 1997-04-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-6
Beaty, Louise E. Ms., bur. 1987-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--160-1
Beck, Addam Mr., bur. 2003-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--141-1
Becker, C. Austin Mr., bur. 1966-01-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--276-1
Becker, Charles F. Mr., bur. 1936-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--276-3
Becker, Eliza Marcille Ms., bur. 1936-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--276-2
Becker, Ella G. Ms., bur. 1957-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--441-7
Becker, Fred H. Mr., bur. 1969-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--441-8
Beckerich, Paul F., bur. 1985, Section-Lot-Grave: C--426-5
Beckman, Florence E. Ms., bur. 1982-09-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--132-5
Beckman, William, bur. 2009-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--132-6
Beckwith, Henry Samuel Mr., bur. 1987-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-6
Beckwith, Lucille G. Ms., bur. 1940-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-5
Beckwith, Marian B. Ms., bur. 1990-11-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-5A
Bedard, Joseph T. Mr., bur. 1988-01-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--073-6
Bedard, Marion Ms., bur. 1996-02-17, Section-Lot-Grave: K--073-5
Bedeaux, Willard J. Mr., bur. 1965-11-30, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-6
Beebe, Edwin D. Mr., bur. 1977-11-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--278-5
Beebe, Harry Clifford Mr., bur. 1955-03-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--463-5
Beebe, Helen M. Ms., bur. 1951-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--278-6
Beebe, Lena M. Cook Ms., bur. 1927-06-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--204-7
Beebe, Mary D. Ms., bur. 1944-07-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--278-7
Beebe, Melvin C. Mr., bur. 1939-07-29, Section-Lot-Grave: A--278-8
Beggs, Bertha Ms., bur. 1970-04-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-7B
Beggs, Eleanor Bonny Ms., bur. 1970-04-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-7
Beggs, George Mr., bur. 1970-04-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--231-7A
Behrndt, Carol Piazza Mrs., bur. 2015-11-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--014-1
Beikirch, Bernadetta Ms., bur. 1995-01-21, Section-Lot-Grave: M--148-7
Beikirch, Nelson Mr., bur. 1994-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: M--148-8
Beisheim, Dorothy Stenzel Ms., bur. 1985-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--406-1A
Beisheim, Helen Koenig, bur. 2007-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--076-2A
Beisheim, Henry W. Mr. Sr., bur. 1965-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--406-5
Beiter, Lawrence Mr., bur. 1997-03-06, Section-Lot-Grave: B--340-1
Beiter, Sherry Ms., bur. 2010-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--340-1B
Beldue, Abraham Ms., bur. 1931, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-7
Beldue, Celia K. Ms., bur. 1922, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-6
Beldue, Clarence J. Mr., bur. 1933-04-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--106-8
Beldue, George M. Mr., bur. 1978-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--052-2
Beldue, Violet M. Ms., bur. 1972-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--052-1
Belknap, Chris, bur. 1982-02-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--129-8E
Belknap, Elmer A. Rev., bur. 1975-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--531-7
Belknap, Gladys Ms., bur. 1996-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: C--531-6
Belknap, Harold Mr., bur. 1999-03-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--050-2
Belknap, Irma G. Ms., bur. 1991-10-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--050-1
Belknap, Wayne Mr., bur. 2013-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--050-1A
Bell, Alexander Mr., bur. 1996-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--199-8
Bell, Alfred Mr., bur. 1996-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--227-5
Bell, Heber Mr., bur. 1986-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-41
Bell, Jessie, bur. 1953-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--105-4
Bell, Julia May Ms., bur. 1966-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--214-4
Bell, Lois Ms., bur. 1976-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--065-81
Bell, Ora L., bur. 1999-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--216-4
Bellinger, Minnie L. Ms., bur. 1955-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492A-2
Bellows, Evelyn E. Ms., bur. 1958-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-2
Bellows, Margaret Ms., bur. 1932-11-03, Section-Lot-Grave: A--274-3
Bellows, William T. Mr., bur. 1940-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-1
Bellows, William W. Mr., bur. 1942-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--274-4
Belnap, A. Ross Mr., bur. 1979-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--489-4
Belnap, Rose L. Ms., bur. 1986-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--489-3
Beman, Earl Roy Mr., bur. 1968-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-2
Beman, Mary Ellen Ms., bur. 1988-06-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-1
Beman, Maude E. Ms., bur. 1976-10-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-1
Beman, Roy Mr., bur. 1985-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--031-2
Bender, Gladys Ms., bur. 1976-07-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--041-81
Benedict, Carol, bur. 2009-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: B--053-1
Benedict, Douglas Mr., bur. 1999-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--107-8
Benedict, Dsllas C. Mr., bur. 2015-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--053-2
Benedict, Genevive M. Ms., bur. 1991-12-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--080-7
Benedict, Glen H. Mr., bur. 1981-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--463-2
Benedict, Henry W. Mr., bur. 1971-01-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--080-8
Benedict, Lois Atwood Mrs., bur. 2011-07-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--107-7
Benedict, Mina Kern Ms., bur. 1976-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--463-1
Benjamin, Kenneth F. Mr., bur. 1974-08-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-6
Benjamin, Leona Ms., bur. 1997-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-5
Benjamin, Milton H. Mr., bur. 1968-03-27, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--489-8
Benner, Angela May. Ms., bur. 1978-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--505A-1
Bennet, Cassuis L. Mr., bur. 1960-04-30, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493A-3
Bennett, Barbara Cragg Mrs., bur. 2015-07-13, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--047-8A
Bennett, Brielle, bur. 2015-06-05, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: CC--001-1
Bennett, George MR., bur. 2001-01-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--255-5
Bennett, Keith A Mr. Sr., bur. 2014-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: P--038-8
Bennett, Michelle M. Ms., bur. 2002-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: L--201-5
Benson, Joseph Mr., bur. 2013-02-09, Section-Lot-Grave: CB--025-3A
Berg, Ida Marie Ms., bur. 1982-11-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--505-7
Berggren, Barbara Ms., bur. 1992-02-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--162-6
Bergt, Edith Ms., bur. 1974-09-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--456-4
Bernadini, George Mr., bur. 1998-01-20, Section-Lot-Grave: K--083-7
Bernadini, Joanne Hunsinger Mrs., bur. 2008-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--083-6
Berner, Niels Brostrup Mr., bur. 1966-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--027-6
Berner, Ruby Ewing Ms., bur. 1995-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--027-5
Berns, Joan Mayne Ms., bur. 1972-07-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--057-5
Berns, Richard J. Mr., bur. 2010-08-14, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--057-6
Berrios, Aida Luz Mrs., bur. 2001-04-18, Section-Lot-Grave: L--172-3
Berrios, Jose Juan Mr., bur. 2013-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: L--172-3A
Berry, Carl Mr., bur. 1999-05-04, Section-Lot-Grave: F--229-4
Berry, Eliza J., bur. 2008-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--229-3
Bertsch, Albert H. Mr., bur. 1942-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--197-81
Bertsch, Bertha B. Ms., bur. 1942-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--197-8
Beshgetour, Anna Price Nelles Mrs., bur. 1940-10-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--168-6
Beshgetour, Helen J. Ms., bur. 1972-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--168-7
Beshgetour, S. Horace Rev., bur. 1941-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--168-5
Beswick, Ethel Cracknell Scott Ms., bur. 1971-08-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--195-3
Bethany, James Mr., bur. 1999-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: M--232-3
Betlem, Dorothea, bur. 2004-11-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-6A
Betteridge, Edith R., bur. 1894, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-4
Betteridge, Fred Mr., bur. 1951, Section-Lot-Grave: A--329-1
Betteridge, Irving S. Mr., bur. 1987-11-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--329-3
Betteridge, James W. Mr., bur. 1926, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-3
Betteridge, Katherine Sherman Ms., bur. 1958-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--329-2
Betteridge, Minnie A. Ms., bur. 1928, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-2
Betteridge, Roy J. Mr., bur. 1926, Section-Lot-Grave: A--055-81
Bettis, Doris M. Ms., bur. 1991-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--069-6
Betts, George J. Mr., bur. 1918-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: A--119-6
Betts, Sarah Ms., bur. 1941-05-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--119-7
Beutner, Mark Alan Mr., bur. 2004-02-27, Section-Lot-Grave: M--280-6
Bevan, Asdale S. Mr., bur. 1985-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361A-2
Bevan, Helen J. Ms., bur. 1986-12-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361A-1
Bevans, Daniel Mr., bur. 1991-08-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--104-8
Bevin, Anna M. Ms., bur. 1963-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--425-6
Bevona, Cecily Mrs., bur. 2010-03-31, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--027-1A
Bevona, Joseph J. Mr., bur. 2001-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--027-1
Beyer, Christian, bur. 1938-02-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--137-81
Beyer, Lynn E. Mr., bur. 1945-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--342-1
Beyer, Mabel G. Ms., bur. 1966-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--342-2
Beyer, May Ms., bur. 1944-11-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--137-8
Bick, Barbara H. Ms., bur. 1960-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--424-7
Bick, George H. Mr., bur. 1960-06-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--424-8
Biddle, Agnas Bessie Ms., bur. 1965-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-6
Biddle, Alexander J. Mr., bur. 1962-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-7
Biddle, Helen Ms., bur. 1976-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--522-5
Biddle, Marjorie Mr., bur. 1996-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: K--057-7
Biddle, William A. Mr., bur. 1989-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: K--057-7A
Bieber, Harold J. Mr., bur. 1974-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--092-8
Bieber, Magdalena M. Ms., bur. 1999-05-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--092-8A
Bietsch, David Jessie Mr., bur. 1976-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--031-8W
Bigelow, Halley, bur. 1994-01-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--127-8
Billings, David C. Mr., bur. 2008-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: F--194-5
Billings, Eva Thacker Ms., bur. 1987-12-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-2A
Billings, Wilfred B., bur. 1990-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: E--043-1
Binnert, Edith M., bur. 2008-04-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--033-8
Binnert, Mary Rose Ms., bur. 1985-12-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--026-3
Binnert, Richard J. Mr., bur. 1991-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--026-4
Binns, Ivy May Mrs., bur. 2012-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: N--069-5
Birch, Andrew Mr., bur. 1960-05-04, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-5
Birch, Anna Ms., bur. 1962-04-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--337-8
Birch, Arthur C. Mr., bur. 1942-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--337-7
Birch, Johanna C. Ms., bur. 1979-03-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--293-6
Bird, Daisy E. Ms., bur. 1980-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--468-3
Bird, Joseph Mr., bur. 1957-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--468-4
Bird, Robert Mr., bur. 2005-03-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--483-81
Bishara, Alfred H. Mr., bur. 1976-06-26, Section-Lot-Grave: E--021-6
Bishara, Bessie Ms., bur. 1980-12-08, Section-Lot-Grave: E--021-5
Bishop, Alice, bur. 2004-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-4B
Bishop, Bertha M. Ms., bur. 1960-10-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476A-2
Bishop, Connie L. Ms., bur. 1967-05-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-5
Bishop, David E Mr., bur. 2013-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: B--013-5A
Bishop, Eva Main Ms., bur. 1977-04-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478-6
Bishop, Fay E. Ms., bur. 1951-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476A-1
Bishop, George L. Mr., bur. 1980-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--295-41A
Bishop, George W. Mr., bur. 1964-09-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478-7
Bishop, Harry C. Mr., bur. 1998-12-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--476A-3
Bishop, Norma Lilly Mrs., bur. 2010-08-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--405-3
Bishop, Patricia Williams Ms., bur. 1970-04-15, Section-Lot-Grave: B--024-5
Bishop, Wilbur Main Mr., bur. 1979-11-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478-8
Bitsas, Anastasios, bur. 1992-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--187-6
Bitsas, Paraskeve, bur. 2000-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--187-5
Bittlingmaier, Herman Mr., bur. 1978-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--337A-4
Bittlingmaier, Martha Ms., bur. 1982-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: B--337A-3
Bittlingmaier, Verna, bur. 2006-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: K--019-7
Bittlingmaier, Walter H. Dr., bur. 2014-06-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--019-8
Bittner, Charles F. Mr., bur. 1989-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361-6
Bittner, Ruth M. Mrs., bur. 2003-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--361-5
Bizub, Joseph A. Mr., bur. 1983-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--102-2
Bizub, Mabel L. Ms., bur. 1984-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--102-3
Black, Elsie Ms., bur. 2011-04-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--035-3
Black, Lillian Finnity Mrs., bur. 2014-08-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--325-5
Black, Ruby Jeanette, bur. 2010-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: N--013-1
Blacken, Nettie A. Ms., bur. 1964-04-27, Section-Lot-Grave: B--010-7
Blacken, William H. Mr., bur. 1965-03-17, Section-Lot-Grave: B--010-8
Blacken, William H. Mr. Jr., bur. 1949-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--441A-3
Blackshear, Willie Mr., bur. 1993-04-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--124-8
Blackwell, Donald G. Mr., bur. 2001, Section-Lot-Grave: A--232-6A
Blackwell, Edith M. Ms., bur. 1972-11-16, Section-Lot-Grave: A--232-6
Blackwell, Leonard G. Mr., bur. 1965-06-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--232-5
Blackwood, Charles Leonard Mr., bur. 2001-03-08, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: L--147-5
Blair, Lonnie Ms., bur. 1995-10-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--162-8
Blake, Gladstone Mr., bur. 2007-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--073-4
Blake, Nellie Mae Mrs. , bur. 2012-05-18, Section-Lot-Grave: N--073-3
Blanchard, Caroline, bur. 10/28/1881, Section-Lot-Grave: G--097-2
Blanchard, John, bur. 10/01/1889, Section-Lot-Grave: G--097-1
Blanchette, JoAnne Lingl Mrs., bur. 2013-10-12, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--119-1
Blankenship, Bess Mrs., bur. 2015-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: P--037-4
Blas, Guillermo Mr., bur. 2000-06-30, Section-Lot-Grave: M--254-8
Blim, Charles C., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-6
Blim, Emma, bur. 01/08/1864, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-5
Blim, Jacob, bur. 1915-09-08, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-7
Blim, Mina, bur. 1914-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: G--091-8
Blim, Rosina Ms., bur. 04/24/1888, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--077-2
Blim, Valentine Mr., bur. 1888, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--077-1
Blodgett, Althea, bur. 1994-09-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-5A
Blodgett, Carol Comman Mrs., bur. 2015-06-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--172-7
Blodgett, John T., bur. 1939-01-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--138-81
Blodgett, John Mr., bur. 1993-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--138-81A
Blodgett, Lucy Ms., bur. 1960-04-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--141-5
Blodgett, Willis G. Mr., bur. 1993-02-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--172-8
Bloom, Arnold J. Mr., bur. 1984-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--073-8A
Bloom, Florence L. Ms., bur. 1977-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--073-8
Blowers, Lewis Mr., bur. 1989-12-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--103-8
Blue, Lonnie Mr., bur. 1995-03-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--175-2
Bly, Daniel H. Mr., bur. 1897, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-2
Bly, George E. Mr., bur. 1943-05-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-5
Bly, Grace Beaman Ms., bur. 1967-11-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: G--096-5
Bly, Irene Castle Mrs., bur. 2009-03-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--123-6A
Bly, John A. Mr., bur. 1902, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-1
Bly, Nellie E. Ms., bur. 1968-03-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--021-6
Bly, William Mr., bur. 1994-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--123-6
Boatman, Bruce E. Mr., bur. 1981-08-21, Section-Lot-Grave: C--498-5
Boatman, Marion Ms., bur. 1993-05-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-81
Boatwright, Rosella Ms., bur. 1999-03-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--138-7
Boeff, Elizabeth J. Mrs., bur. 2000-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--085-4
Boeff, Frederick W. Mr., bur. 2014-08-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--085-4A
Boehm, Genevive Robinson Ms., bur. 1970-12-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--103-1
Boettinger, Anna Ms., bur. 1988-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--038-3
Boettinger, Erwin Mr., bur. 1968-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--038-4
Boggains, James Thomas Mr., bur. 2003-06-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--232-5
Bogojoski, Zore Mr., bur. 2013-04-24, Section-Lot-Grave: N--065-2
Bohannon, Daniel E. Mr., bur. 1966-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: B--032-8
Bohannon, Evelyn I. Ms., bur. 1986-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--032-7
Bohlig, Gustave A. Mr., bur. 1966-07-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-4
Bohlig, Nettie Ms., bur. 1976-11-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--034-3
Boldt, Barry Mr., bur. 1993-08-23, Section-Lot-Grave: A--180-8
Boldt, Oscar E. Mr., bur. 2014-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--180-81
Boles, Leroy Mr., bur. 1996-10-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--177-7
Bollar, Charles N. Mr., bur. 1998-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: M--208-6
Bollar, Charlie N., bur. 2008-03-01, Section-Lot-Grave: N--036-7
Bollar, Rosa Lee, bur. 2007-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: M--208-5
Bollin, Catherine Ms., bur. 1995-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--138-1
Bollin, Howard Mr., bur. 2002-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--138-2
Bolling, Marcus Mr., bur. 2000-11-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--244-1
Bolowski, Minnie Ms., bur. 1962-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--523-2
Bond, Margaret K., bur. 2007-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: F--167-1
Bond, Wilson Mr., bur. 1998-02-11, Section-Lot-Grave: F--167-2
Bonehill, Gertrude F. Ms., bur. 1984-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-5
Bonehill, Mildred L. Ms., bur. 1989-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--511-7
Bonehill, Richard Mr., bur. 1984-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--006-6
Bonehill, Robert O. Mr., bur. 2002-01-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--511-8
Bonin, Alice Hain Ms., bur. 1981-09-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--093-5
Bonin, John L, bur. 1980-09-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--093-6
Bonnett, Andrew C. Mr. Jr., bur. 1957-09-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--260-8
Bonnett, Andrew C. Mr. Sr., bur. 1945-11-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-1
Bonnett, Barbara, bur. 1922, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-3
Bonnett, Dorothea Ms., bur. 1941, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-2
Bonnett, Dorothea, bur. 1941-12-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-2A
Bonnett, Frederick G. Mr., bur. 1941-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--087-7
Bonnett, Lena W. Ms., bur. 1957-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--260-7
Booher, Robert E. Mr., bur. 2000-10-10, Section-Lot-Grave: E--012-8
Boose, Ossie Lee Mr., bur. 1998-12-10, Section-Lot-Grave: F--229-1
Booth, Louise S. Ms., bur. 1991-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--197-6
Booth, Philip Mr., bur. 1997-03-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--197-7
Borchert, Marion Jakeman Ms., bur. 1993-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--109-2
Borlen, Arthur A. Mr., bur. 1971-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--022-4
Borlen, David C. Mr., bur. 1983-10-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--144-4
Borlen, Edna C. Ms., bur. 1975-05-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--358-4
Borlen, George Mr., bur. 1960-05-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-7
Borlen, Margaret Fletcher Ms., bur. 1983-07-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--144-3
Borlen, Mary J. Ms., bur. 1943-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--164-1
Borlen, Mildred Z. Ms., bur. 1980-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--105-1
Born, Helen Ms., bur. 1994-02-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--200-1
Bornholdt, Fannie E. Ms., bur. 1993-10-26, Section-Lot-Grave: F--187-7
Boss, Mary Francis Ms., bur. 1987-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: B--364-4
Bost, Calvin Mr. II, bur. 2001-09-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--218-5
Bostic, Joseph Mr., bur. 1997-11-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--240-2
Bouey, Adrian Mr., bur. 1997-07-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--224-8
Boughton, Anna L. Ms., bur. 1987-02-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--333-5
Boughton, Walter D. Mr., bur. 1974-06-29, Section-Lot-Grave: B--333-6
Bouie, Liddie Mae Ms., bur. 1998-03-07, Section-Lot-Grave: F--197-4
Bouie, Roosevelt Mr. Sr., bur. 2014-02-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--125-81
Boulter, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1996-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-2
Boulter, Frederick L. Mr., bur. 1956-11-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--280-1
Bourget, Arthur D. Mr., bur. 1998-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: E--032-1
Bovee, Everett Mr., bur. 1970-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--079-2
Bowen, Donna Ms., bur. 2003-08-28, Section-Lot-Grave: F--219-6
Bowen, George G. Mr., bur. 1986-01-18, Section-Lot-Grave: E--002-2
Bowen, Lotte, bur. 2004-10-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--220-2
Bowker, Camilla A. Ms., bur. 1912-11-17, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-4
Bowker, Clarence J. Mr., bur. 1925, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-2
Bowker, Cora L Ms., bur. 1915, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-6
Bowker, Edith M. Ms., bur. 1957-02-18, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-1
Bowker, Francis A., bur. 1918-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-8
Bowker, Francis J. Mr., bur. 1933, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-5
Bowker, Ina May Ms., bur. 1916, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-3
Bowker, Julia Ms., bur. 05/26/1891, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-1
Bowker, Julian E. Ms., bur. 1925-03-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-7
Bowker, Kate M., bur. 09/01/1887, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-2A
Bowker, S. G., bur. 1887, Section-Lot-Grave: A--052-2
Bowles, Ivy N. Ms., bur. 1961-07-17, Section-Lot-Grave: C--421-8
Bowles, Vyvian M. Ms., bur. 1961-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--486-1
Bowles, William J. Mr., bur. 1952-01-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--421-81
Bowman, Jeanette M. Mrs. , bur. 2012-06-08, Section-Lot-Grave: K--106-8
Boyce, Audie E. Ms., bur. 1975-05-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-3
Boyce, Philip J. Mr., bur. 1956-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--471-4
Bozinovski, Anna Nicolich Mrs., bur. 2014-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: P--037-2
Bradden, Clyde A. Mr., bur. 1946, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-6
Bradden, Helen Bliss Ms., bur. 1982-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--452-7
Bradia, David Mr. Sr., bur. 1994-04-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--210-8
Bradia, Mable S. Mrs. , bur. 2014-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--210-8A
Bradley, Calvin Mr., bur. 1974-04-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--483-2
Bradley, David Mr., bur. 1978-12-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--346-3
Bradley, Ida B. Ms., bur. 1961-04-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--483-1
Bradley, John A. Mr., bur. 1961-03-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--510-1
Bradley, Lillian Ms., bur. 1960-08-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--510-2
Bradshaw, Agnes Ms., bur. 1934-01-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--172-5
Bradshaw, Albert Mr., bur. 1983-08-15, Section-Lot-Grave: E--032-8
Bradshaw, John Mr., bur. 1928, Section-Lot-Grave: A--172-6
Bradshaw, Leroy Mr. Jr., bur. 1998-12-31, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--200-6
Bradshaw-Busak, Shirley, bur. 2009-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--032-7
Brady, Dennis Mr., bur. 1991-05-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--162-1
Brady, Verda Mae Ms., bur. 2000-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: M--253-8
Bragg, George M. Mr., bur. 1987-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: K--019-2
Braker, John E. Mr., bur. 1949-03-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--142-41
Brandenburg, Elwood Wynne Mr., bur. 1986-10-23, Section-Lot-Grave: F--122-5
Brandenburg, Wynne B., bur. 2008-02-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--108-8
Brantley, Jerry Mr., bur. 1999-06-16, Section-Lot-Grave: F--150-8
Brauch, Magdalina Ms., bur. 1979-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-7
Brauch, Theophil, bur. 1987-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: B--007-8
Braun, Christopher J., bur. 1981-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--129-8W
Bray, Irene E. Ms., bur. 1982-03-20, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478A-1
Bray, Myron O. Mr., bur. 1954-03-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--478A-2
Brayer, Catherine R. Mrs., bur. 2002-11-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--042-3
Brayer, Dorothea, bur. 2007-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: K--129-1
Brayer, Florence M. Mr., bur. 1976-01-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-3
Brayer, Laverne, bur. 1996-02-19, Section-Lot-Grave: E--042-4
Brayer, Raymond H. Mr., bur. 1978-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: E--049-4
Brayer, Raymond H. Mr. Jr., bur. 1993-06-15, Section-Lot-Grave: K--129-2
Breeden, Dorothy Cady Ms., bur. 1969-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--063-1
Breeding, Edward D. Mr., bur. 2013-05-31, Section-Lot-Grave: M--276-4
Breedlove, Moses Mr., bur. 1995-12-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--108-1
Breedlove, S. T. Rev., bur. 1998-08-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--227-4
Brennan, Beatrice J. Ms., bur. 1973-08-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--055-3
Brennan, Charles J. Mr., bur. 1975-07-10, Section-Lot-Grave: C--430-2
Brennan, Orissa Ms., bur. 1972-02-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--333-5
Brennan, Pearl K. Ms., bur. 1955-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--430-1
Bresler, Betty J. Mrs., bur. 1905-09-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-5
Bresler, Marie Francose, bur. 2007-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: E--079-1
Bressler, Frank Mr., bur. 1966-05-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-7
Bressler, Paul Mr., bur. 1982-10-16, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--030-8
Breternitz, John E. Mr., bur. 1984-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-2
Breternitz, Madeline E., bur. 2002-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--262-1
Brethen, Lucy E. Ms., bur. 1959-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-2
Brethen, Mariam C. Ms., bur. 1989-02-10, Section-Lot-Grave: B--344-3
Brethen, Robert F. Mr., bur. 1941-05-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--165-1
Brethen, Robert V. Mr., bur. 1978-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--344-4
Brewer, Jean, bur. 2008-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--484-4
Briars, Hilda Nichols Ms., bur. 1981-01-02, Section-Lot-Grave: F--118-3
Briars, James Mr., bur. 1998-02-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--118-4
Briars, John Mr., bur. 1962-10-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-4
Briars, Myrtle Ms., bur. 1979-06-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--493-3
Bridenbaugh, Joseph Ross Mr., bur. 2011-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: F--191-4
Bridenbaugh, Philip H. Mr., bur. 2007-09-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--193-4
Bridge, Lawrence H. Mr., bur. 2011-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--050-5
Bridgeman, Geraldine Ford Ms., bur. 1943-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--406-6
Bridgeman, Howard R. Mr., bur. 2005-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--175-4
Bridgeman, Mildred M. Mrs., bur. 2008-03-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--175-3
Brierley, Anna M. Ms., bur. 1973-08-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-3
Brierley, Roy L. Mr., bur. 1960-11-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--491-4
Briggs, Calvin Mr., bur. 1998-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: M--150-2
Briggs, Eileen Finn Mrs., bur. 2010-09-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--047-5
Briggs, Floyd E. Mr., bur. 1976-02-13, Section-Lot-Grave: E--047-6
Briggs, Gladys, bur. 1978, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-7
Briggs, Hattie H. Ms., bur. 1942-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--027-8
Briggs, Jessica E. Ms. , bur. 2012-12-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-81
Briggs, Patricia A. Ms., bur. 1983-09-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--145-7
Briggs, Ronald J. Mr., bur. 2012-12-15, Section-Lot-Grave: N--040-6
Briggs, Wesley E. Mr., bur. 1989-10-13, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-8
Briggs, William S. Mr., bur. 1965-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--027-7
Brims, Donald Mr., bur. 08/20/1881, Section-Lot-Grave: A--072-3
Bringis, John Mr., bur. 1968-06-09, Section-Lot-Grave: B--038-1
Brinkerhoff, J. Harold Mr., bur. 1970-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--487-2
Brinkerhoff, Laura M. Ms., bur. 1980-07-29, Section-Lot-Grave: C--487-1
Brinson, Loretta Ms., bur. 2003-09-09, Section-Lot-Grave: K--137-8A
Bristol, Arlene Rowley Mrs. , bur. 2013-11-02, Section-Lot-Grave: B--338-2
Britt, Florence Lee Ms., bur. 2003-06-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--280-4
Brittain, Taylor Fowler, bur. 1945-10-19, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--146-1
Britton, Kavon Ms., bur. 2011-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: N--026-3A
Britton, Olive, bur. 2006-12-30, Section-Lot-Grave: N--026-3
Brodie, Harold J. Mr., bur. 2013-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: E--068-6
Brodie, June Bellinger Ms., bur. 1982-08-30, Section-Lot-Grave: E--068-7
Brodie, Stephen A Mr., bur. 1979-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: E--068-8
Bromell, Stephanie, bur. 2011-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: N--028-3
Bromley, Nancy R. Ms., bur. 2001-06-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--073-1
Bromley, William Leary Mr., bur. 2015-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--073-2
Brone, Clifford Mr., bur. 1998-12-28, Section-Lot-Grave: M--232-6
Brone, Lucille, bur. 2008-09-17, Section-Lot-Grave: M--232-5
Brongo, Alice, bur. 2009-06-11, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--012-1A
Brongo, Charles Robert Mr., bur. 2002-06-07, Section-Lot-Grave: BC--012-1
Bronson, Harold S. Mr., bur. 1978-08-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446-1A
Bronson, Mayrette M. Ms., bur. 1987-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--446-1
Brooken, Clyde Mr., bur. 1994-02-01, Section-Lot-Grave: K--130-4
Brooken, David A. Mr., bur. 2004-03-26, Section-Lot-Grave: K--141-4
Brooken, Mary Ms., bur. 1998-11-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--137-3
Brooken, Milton Mr., bur. 1995-09-07, Section-Lot-Grave: K--130-2
Brookins, Arthur J. Mr., bur. 1939-05-08, Section-Lot-Grave: A--167-5
Brookins, Charles W. Mr., bur. 1976-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-4
Brookins, Frances A. Ms., bur. 1972-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--167-6
Brookins, Norma T. Ms., bur. 1975-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: C--408-3
Brooks, Arthur L. Mr., bur. 1966-11-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--245-8
Brooks, Dorothy E. Ms., bur. 1969-11-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--245-7
Brooks, Ernestine Ms., bur. 1998-11-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--208-7
Brooks, Hazel Peterham Ms., bur. 1982-03-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--179-4
Brooks, Ida L. Ms., bur. 1937-03-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--179-2
Brooks, James H. Mr., bur. 1961-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--179-3
Brooks, James W. Mr., bur. 1942-03-21, Section-Lot-Grave: A--179-1
Brooks, Verol Delevante Mr., bur. 2003-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: F--232-4
Brooks, William Anthony Mr. III, bur. 2002-03-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--234-5
Broome, Mary, bur. 2006-11-18, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--049-6
Broome, Reather Me., bur. 2010-12-23, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--051-6
Broome, Sampson B. Mr. Sr., bur. 2009-04-17, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: N--049-7
Brooms, Brandy Ms., bur. 1996-12-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--108-2
Brower, Linda, bur. 2005-11-30, Section-Lot-Grave: K--035-1A
Brower, Marion P., bur. 2005-11-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--135-3A
Brown, Annett Latrail Ms., bur. 2001-02-10, Section-Lot-Grave: L--146-7
Brown, Anson, bur. 06/17/1879, Section-Lot-Grave: G--031-5
Brown, Barbara Ms., bur. 1966-02-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--481-8
Brown, Beaman J., bur. 1903, Section-Lot-Grave: G--026-2
Brown, Ben, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--026-3
Brown, Betsy E., bur. 1826, Section-Lot-Grave: G--031-7
Brown, Betsy E., bur. 1908, Section-Lot-Grave: G--094-2
Brown, Betty Jane Mrs., bur. 2009-10-05, Section-Lot-Grave: E--068-2
Brown, Caledonia Mrs., bur. 2009-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: N--011-1
Brown, Carl Mr., bur. 1954-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--436-6
Brown, Charles L. Mr., bur. 1973-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: C--502-6
Brown, Cloe, bur. 02/27/1816, Section-Lot-Grave: G--016-8
Brown, D., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--031-6
Brown, Derwin C. Mr., bur. 2011-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: P--033-4
Brown, Donald Leroy Mr., bur. 2001-05-29, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--041-6
Brown, Dorothy Ms., bur. 1990, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-4A
Brown, Earl O. Mr., bur. 1944-09-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-4
Brown, Elizabeth A. Ms., bur. 1973-02-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--018-5
Brown, Elizabeth M. Ms., bur. 2001-10-02, Section-Lot-Grave: E--063-8
Brown, Elizabeth Ms., bur. 1897, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-1
Brown, Elizabeth, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--072-8
Brown, Ella E. Ms., bur. 1987-06-22, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-3
Brown, Ellen Ms., bur. 1926, Section-Lot-Grave: A--205-3
Brown, Elvira A. Ms., bur. 1981-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: B--332-3
Brown, Francis Mr., bur. 1965-10-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--411-1
Brown, Frederick G. Mr., bur. 02/29/1889, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-3
Brown, Frederick, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--072-5
Brown, Gary W. Mr., bur. 1992-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: E--010-6
Brown, Gaylord Mr., bur. 1968-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-4
Brown, George, bur. 02/26/1862, Section-Lot-Grave: G--094-4
Brown, Gertrude D. Ms., bur. 1946-11-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--323-2
Brown, Gladstone C. Mr., bur. 1993-11-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--176-3
Brown, Gregory A. Mr., bur. 1998-04-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--226-8
Brown, Harold R. Mr., bur. 1973-10-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--332-4
Brown, Harriett, bur. 09/09/1842, Section-Lot-Grave: G--015-7
Brown, Helen M. Ms., bur. 10/27/1856, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-2
Brown, Helen, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--072-7
Brown, Hiram S., bur. 02/02/1882, Section-Lot-Grave: G--036-2
Brown, Ismael H. Mr., bur. 2009-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--028-4
Brown, Issac, bur. 12/28/1863, Section-Lot-Grave: G--094-1
Brown, J. Elwin, bur. 1905, Section-Lot-Grave: G--031-8
Brown, James Mr., bur. 1915-07-09, Section-Lot-Grave: A--172-1
Brown, Jason Lamont Mr., bur. 2004-01-06, Section-Lot-Grave: L--250-2
Brown, John Claude Mr., bur. 2005-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: N--006-7
Brown, John Mr., bur. 1945-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--205-4
Brown, Joseph, bur. 1914, Section-Lot-Grave: G--097-7
Brown, Lamar B., bur. 2007-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: N--013-6
Brown, Lenford A. Mr., bur. 2011-10-31, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--176-3A
Brown, Lenora, bur. 1965-05-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-3
Brown, Lottie Mae, bur. 2011-01-22, Section-Lot-Grave: N--042-5
Brown, Lowell E. Mr., bur. 1911, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-5
Brown, Lowell, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-7
Brown, Lydia A., bur. 1900-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: G--013-6
Brown, Marie E. Ms., bur. 1964-06-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--009-3
Brown, Martha S., bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--025-6
Brown, Mary A., bur. 1920-05-09, Section-Lot-Grave: G--087-8
Brown, Mary Ann Ms., bur. 01/25/1896, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-4
Brown, Mary Ann, bur. 1900-01-25, Section-Lot-Grave: G--072-6
Brown, Mary L. Ms., bur. 1947-07-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--411-2
Brown, Mary W., bur. 1920-09-01, Section-Lot-Grave: G--097-8
Brown, Mary Walker Ms., bur. 1922, Section-Lot-Grave: A--059-6
Brown, Merna, bur. 2007-08-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--248-5
Brown, Messelena M. Ms., bur. 1977-09-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--436-5
Brown, Molly, bur. 05/26/1835, Section-Lot-Grave: G--016-6
Brown, Myrtle Mae Garvey Mrs., bur. 2013-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: P--038-3
Brown, Nathan D. Mr., bur. 1961-08-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--462-4
Brown, Nellie, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--026-3
Brown, Nelson, bur. 1896, Section-Lot-Grave: G--025-5
Brown, Ora Ms., bur. 1998-02-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--060-4
Brown, Oscar C. Mr., bur. 1970-02-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--043-4
Brown, Owen Francis Mr., bur. 1999-04-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--481A-2
Brown, Patricia, bur. 2006-08-24, Section-Lot-Grave: C--447A-4A
Brown, Paul W. Mr., bur. 2013-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: K--085-5A
Brown, Pearlie Mae Ms., bur. 1998-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: F--240-5
Brown, Pethrona, bur. 2007-04-05, Section-Lot-Grave: F--236-4
Brown, Robert Lee Mr., bur. 1999-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--447A-4
Brown, Roberta, bur. 2004-05-03, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--189-4
Brown, Rosie Lee Ms., bur. 2000-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: M--235-5
Brown, Sarah J. Ms., bur. 1982-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--502-5
Brown, Susan Stottle, bur. 07/02/1815, Section-Lot-Grave: G--094-3
Brown, Sylvester H., bur. 1945-03-25, Section-Lot-Grave: A--323-1
Brown, Talcott M., bur. 02/04/1884, Section-Lot-Grave: G--013-7
Brown, Truman, bur. 09/26/1859, Section-Lot-Grave: G--015-6
Brown, Virginia Ms., bur. 1961-09-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--481-7
Brown, Vivian Cora Mrs., bur. 2006-07-01, Section-Lot-Grave: N--006-6
Brown, Willard S. Mr., bur. 1992-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: E--068-1
Brown, Winoma, bur. 2007-05-30, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--009-4
Brown, Yvonne GAyle Ms., bur. 2015-01-31, Section-Lot-Grave: P--054-8
Brownell, Edward S. Mr., bur. 1967-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-8
Brownell, Frank T. Mr., bur. 1962-05-03, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-6
Brownell, Harold C. Mr., bur. 1982-05-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--465-6
Brownell, Helen G. Ms., bur. 1988-01-22, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-5
Brownell, Laura L. Ms., bur. 1971-02-26, Section-Lot-Grave: C--465-7
Brownell, Lois B. Ms., bur. 1983-02-23, Section-Lot-Grave: C--465-5
Brownell, Ruth Schoonmaker Mrs., bur. 1982-05-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--464-7
Browning, Florence B. Mrs., bur. 2001-09-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--325-2
Browning, Robert Charles Mr., bur. 1943-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--325-1
Bruce, Audrey Rorex Mrs., bur. 2002-01-03, Section-Lot-Grave: K--111-1
Bruce, Barbara Jane Mrs., bur. 2004-12-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--112-3
Bruce, Deno Mr., bur. 2014-10-09, Section-Lot-Grave: F--248-3
Bruce, Evelyn, bur. 2006-04-12, Section-Lot-Grave: F--234-3
Bruce, Varon Mr., bur. 2004-12-03, Section-Lot-Grave: F--233-7
Bruce, Zealus D. Mr. Sr., bur. 2008-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--235-2
Bruce, Zealus Ms., bur. 1992-08-17, Section-Lot-Grave: F--146-8
Brugger, Margaret Passamonte Mrs., bur. 2015-04-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: E--015-7
Brugger, Richard M. Mr. Sr., bur. 2009-03-14, Section-Lot-Grave: E--015-8
Brule, Adele Zahn Ms., bur. 1969-10-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--069-7
Bruman, Beverly Lane Mrs., bur. 2015-06-27, Section-Lot-Grave: A--330-6A
Bruman, Donald F. Mr., bur. 2000-07-15, Section-Lot-Grave: A--330-6
Brundige, Marne, bur. 1997-04-04, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--205-8
Bruni, Cheryl Ms., bur. 2000-05-19, Section-Lot-Grave: K--041-7
Brusie, Blanche, bur. 1955, Section-Lot-Grave: G--029-6
Brusie, Sanford, bur. 1941-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: G--029-7
Bryant, Calvin Mr., bur. 1998-08-15, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--040-8
Bryant, Clara Couch Ms., bur. 1997-12-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--058-41
Bryant, Gail Ms., bur. 2015-02-21, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: Q--007-6
Bryant, Marie L. Ms., bur. 1976-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: A--044-41A
Bryant, Robert E. Mr., bur. 2004-01-19, Section-Lot-Grave: A--044-41B
Bryant-Stringer, Lovey Ms., bur. 2003-08-09, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--246-6
Bubel, Latrell B. Mr., bur. 1976-07-06, Section-Lot-Grave: E--002-7
Bubel, Roy P. Mr., bur. 1974-11-23, Section-Lot-Grave: E--002-8
Buchan, Jane G. Ms., bur. 1989-09-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--106-1
Buchan, William Mr., bur. 1999-03-11, Section-Lot-Grave: K--106-2
Buchanan, Alton L. Mr., bur. 2012-02-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: P--037-3
Buchiere, Philip J. Mr. Sr., bur. 2002-10-14, Section-Lot-Grave: K--064-6
Buchieri, Rosina M Mrs., bur. 2013-11-04, Section-Lot-Grave: K--064-5
Buckert, Carol K., bur. 2008-09-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: B--332-1A
Buckle, Ernest Mr., bur. 2007-12-05, Section-Lot-Grave: N--063-8
Buckle, Ruth Mrs., bur. 2009-05-22, Section-Lot-Grave: N--063-7
Buckley, Anna R., bur. 1876, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-2
Buckley, Bertha Kelly Ms., bur. 1961-06-01, Section-Lot-Grave: A--338-2
Buckley, Clarence, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-8
Buckley, Eliza J., bur. 06/22/1898, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-5
Buckley, Erastus, bur. 1866, Section-Lot-Grave: G--069-8
Buckley, Frank M. Mr., bur. 1936-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: A--339-1
Buckley, George Hayes Mr., bur. 1936-02-28, Section-Lot-Grave: A--338-1
Buckley, George W., bur. 1865, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-3
Buckley, Homer, bur. 1900, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-7
Buckley, Jeanette, bur. 1917, Section-Lot-Grave: G--069-7
Buckley, Joel L., bur. 1917, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-6
Buckley, John H., bur. 1904-05-16, Section-Lot-Grave: G--070-1
Buckley, Mary A. Ms., bur. 1959-04-07, Section-Lot-Grave: A--339-2
Bucknell, Rose Covert, bur. 1950-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: A--173-8A
Buechl, George A. Mr., bur. 1965-07-08, Section-Lot-Grave: B--024-2
Buechl, George H. Mr., bur. 1988-04-06, Section-Lot-Grave: F--090-3
Buechl, Helen J. Ms., bur. 1982-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--024-1
Buechl, Marie Hazel Mrs., bur. 2001-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: F--090-2
Buffum, Arthur C. Mr. Jr., bur. 1986-01-18, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-2
Buffum, Susan K. Ms., bur. 1963-08-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--004-1
Bullard, Barbara Ringler Mrs., bur. 2010-03-20, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--131-1
Bullard, Walter L. Mr. Sr., bur. 1993-12-23, Section-Lot-Grave: K--131-2
Bullock, Allen Mr., bur. 2003-06-24, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-8
Bullock, John W. Mr., bur. 1973-11-26, Section-Lot-Grave: B--015-8
Bullock, Muriel M., bur. 1995, Section-Lot-Grave: B--015-7
Bullock, Scott A., bur. 1976-12-16, Section-Lot-Grave: C--001-1A
Bullock, Shirlee J. Mrs., bur. 2009-03-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--334-7
Burak, Grace M. Youst Ms., bur. 1989-08-03, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-7
Burak, John Mr., bur. 1975-02-04, Section-Lot-Grave: E--025-8
Burch, Jon A. Mr., bur. 2005-09-27, Section-Lot-Grave: N--034-2
Burch, Lewis Joe Mr., bur. 2001-01-12, Section-Lot-Grave: K--111-8
Burchill, John Mr., bur. 1925, Section-Lot-Grave: C--113-4
Burchill, Ruth Britchel Ms., bur. 1942-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--113-6
Burchill, Thomas Elmer Mr., bur. 1973-04-02, Section-Lot-Grave: C--113-7
Burdick, Alice R. Ms., bur. 1938-02-08, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-4
Burdick, Charles D. Mr., bur. 1927-11-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-8
Burdick, Florence Ms., bur. 1994-04-01, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-3
Burdick, Grace L. Ms., bur. 1929, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-2
Burdick, Herbert P. Mr., bur. 1953-10-12, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-1
Burdick, Isabel Ms., bur. 1923, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--121-7
Burger, Frederick R. Mr., bur. 2015-09-18, Section-Lot-Grave: K--102-3
Burgert, Harold E. Mr., bur. 1985-01-29, Section-Lot-Grave: F--134-2
Burgess, Alosco M. Mr., bur. 1968-02-05, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-4
Burgess, Eleanor Harger Mrs., bur. 2010-09-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-1
Burgess, Essie Mae Mrs., bur. 2013-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: M--177-8A
Burgess, Izell Mr., bur. 1995-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: M--177-8
Burgess, M. Louise Ms., bur. 1990-03-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-3
Burgess, Norman A. Mr., bur. 2010-09-25, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--003-2
Burkhard, Daren Michael Mr., bur. 1990-07-18, Section-Lot-Grave: E--078-8
Burkhart, Ida Ms., bur. 1971-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: A--312-7
Burnam, Mary Ann Ms., bur. 1997-01-10, Section-Lot-Grave: K--059-5
Burnett, Elsie Ms., bur. 1997-07-28, Section-Lot-Grave: C--453-81
Burnett, Robert Mr., bur. 2005-08-27, Section-Lot-Grave: C--453-81A
Burnett, Teresa A. Ms., bur. 2014-04-28, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--096-5
Burnice, Jerry Mr., bur. 1998-02-24, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: M--229-7
Burns, Charles Mr., bur. 1941-07-26, Section-Lot-Grave: A--140-8
Burns, Edward T. Mr., bur. 1979-12-24, Section-Lot-Grave: E--002-6
Burns, Joseph Mr., bur. 1985-07-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--003-3B
Burns, Katherine, bur. 1984-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: E--072-1
Burns, Louis A. Mr., bur. 1957-12-22, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480-2
Burns, Margerie F. Ms., bur. 1964-12-18, Section-Lot-Grave: C--480-1
Burns, Marie M. Ms., bur. 1974-12-09, Section-Lot-Grave: E--002-5
Burns, Norma M. Mrs., bur. 2001-10-15, Section-Lot-Grave: E--057-7
Burns, Ruth Ms., bur. 1985-07-01, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: K--003-3A
Burns, Thomas E. Mr., bur. 1984-10-03, Section-Lot-Grave: E--072-2
Burroughs, LeRoy Mr., bur. 1995-10-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--201-7
Burroughs, Prince Ms., bur. 2011-12-10, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: C--431-3
Burrows, Kathryn M. Ms., bur. 1979-04-19, Section-Lot-Grave: C--453-41
Burrows, Ruth, bur. 2009-02-21, Section-Lot-Grave: N--012-4
Burson, Edward H., bur. 1940-07-11, Section-Lot-Grave: A--327-41
Burson, Kezia Tilley Ms., bur. 1938-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: A--327-4
Burtner, Morjorie Jean Mrs., bur. 2004-08-27, Section-Lot-Grave: K--065-3
Burton, Emillie Taylor Ms., bur. 1935-07-24, Section-Lot-Grave: A--132-2
Buschner, Paul Carl, bur. 2007-12-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355A-2
Buschner, Winifred L., bur. 2008-06-05, Section-Lot-Grave: B--355A-2A
Bush, Betty M. Ms., bur. 1931, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-1
Bush, C. Allen Mr., bur. 1956-10-22, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-4
Bush, Charles Allen Mr., bur. 1950-02-07, Section-Lot-Grave: C--437-4
Bush, Dorothy M. Ms., bur. 1936-05-20, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-2
Bush, J. Helen Ms., bur. 1954-03-31, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-3
Buss, Eleanor S. Ms., bur. 1970-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-3
Buss, Irene Hilton Ms., bur. 1993-06-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--106-3
Buss, Jessie C. Mr., bur. 1986-02-14, Section-Lot-Grave: B--070-4
Bussey, Demetrius Cortez Mr., bur. 2002-09-21, Section-Lot-Grave: F--231-7
Butler, Charity L Mrs., bur. 2014-05-12, Section-Lot-Grave: P--052-2
Butler, Charles Mr., bur. 1946-07-06, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-5
Butler, Daisy Mother Ms., bur. 2000-06-21, Section-Lot-Grave: M--235-6
Butler, Elbert Mr., bur. 2000-07-19, Section-Lot-Grave: M--231-5
Butler, Esther Mrs., bur. 1942-11-02, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: A--242-6
Butler, Harry N. Mr., bur. 1964-05-25, Section-Lot-Grave: B--009-6
Butler, Helen C., bur. 1990, Section-Lot-Grave: G--030-1
Butler, Ivery Mr. , bur. 2011-06-30, Section-Lot-Grave: P--012-5
Butler, James Mr., bur. 1997-12-13, Section-Lot-Grave: F--153-4
Butler, John B. Mr., bur. 1978-12-14, Section-Lot-Grave: G--030-2
Butler, Luther Mr. Jr., bur. 1995-07-13, Section-Lot-Grave: M--177-1
Butler, Michael Mr., bur. 1998-01-27, Section-Lot-Grave: M--180-3
Butler, Muriel Sheldon Ms., bur. 1998-08-12, Section-Lot-Grave: B--009-5
Butler, Robert L. Mr., bur. 2014-08-02, Section-Lot-Grave: P--054-1
Butterfield, Charles H. Mr., bur. 1956-08-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--492A-3
Butterfield, Jean L. Ms., bur. 1984-09-06, Section-Lot-Grave: C--505-5
Butterfield, Richard J. Mr. Sr., bur. 1984-07-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--505-6
Butts, Thelma P. Ms., bur. 1983-07-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--024-7
Butts, Walter G. Mr., bur. 1984-08-27, Section-Lot-Grave: E--024-8
Byers, Frances F. Ms., bur. 1984-11-25, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-5
Byers, Robert Mr., bur. 1966-06-14, Section-Lot-Grave: C--434-6
Byrd, Robbie Lee Mr., bur. 1995-01-07, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--165-1
Byrne, Edna Ms., bur. 1966-12-31, Section-Lot-Grave: B--025-4
Byrne, Kenneth M. Mr., bur. 2011-10-11, No Headstone, Section-Lot-Grave: F--205-4
Byrne, Rose M. Ms., bur. 2000-09-25, Section-Lot-Grave: F--205-3

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