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Cortland Rural Cemetery
Cortland, Cortland County, New York

GPS: 42.594170, -76.188409

110 Tompkins St.
Cortland, NY 13045

Published: November 8, 2016
Total records: 17,865

Surnames U

Records published here were acquired from the Cortland Rural Cemetery on November 7, 2016. Dates of death range from 1793 to 2016.

Uch, Charles
, d. 1918-Apr-25, age 1 mth, Section: Potters Fld, Male
Uch, Charles, d. 1946-Jan-23, age 80, Section: 4, Lot: 43, Male
Uch, Charlotte (Stadler), b. 1866-Apr-6, d. 1940-Apr-15, age 74, Section: 4, Lot: 43, Female
Uhl, Arthur Ferdinand, b. 1891-May-16, d. 1978-Sep-9, age 87, bur. 1978-Sep-11, Section: B, Lot: 164 WP, Male, Social Status: M
Uhl, Florence, b. 1892-Dec-15, d. 1991-Feb-25, age 98, bur. 1991-Mar-1, Section: B, Lot: 164 WP, Female, Social Status: W
Ulshoeffer, Adelaid V, b. 1864, d. 1903-Feb-12, age 39, Section: W, Lot: 151, Female
Ulshoeffer, Charles T, b. 1822, d. 1881, age 59, Section: Y, Lot: 22
Ulshoeffer, Charles T, d. 1901-Aug-14, age 58, Section: VAULT, Male
Ulshoeffer, Donald C, b. 1914-Jun-6, d. 1998-Apr-6, age 83, bur. 1998-Apr-9, Section: D2, Lot: 17, Male
Ulshoeffer, John H, b. 1857, d. 1931-Jan-7, age 73, Section: W, Lot: 151, Male
Ulshoeffer, Mable H, b. 1886, d. 1909-Jun-17, age 23, Section: W, Lot: 151, Female
Ulshoeffer, Ruth M, b. 1911-Jan-13, d. 1975-Jul-29, age 64, bur. 1975-Jul-31, Section: D2, Lot: 17 NWP, Female, Social Status: M
Ulshoeffer, Sarah Ann (Snook), b. 1828-Aug-31, d. 1916-Aug-18, age 87, Section: Y, Lot: 22, Female
Underwood, Alice A, b. 1922-Nov-15, d. 1995-May-4, age Section: 6B, Lot: 202 C
Underwood, Anna C, d. 1936-Dec-10, age 64, Section: 4, Lot: 95, Female
Underwood, Arnold Sr J, b. 1928-Feb-23, d. 2011-Oct-16, age 83, bur. 2011-Oct-20, Section: D2, Lot: 75 NWP, Male, Social Status: W
Underwood, Franklin R, b. 1872-May-1, d. 1936-Apr-15, age 63, Section: Potters Fld, Lot: 3, Male
Underwood, Jeremy J, b. 1979-Mar-2, d. 1979-Mar-18, age 16 days old, bur. 1979-Mar-20, Section: D2, Lot: 72, Male
Underwood, Mabel L, d. 1968-Nov-25, age 59, bur. 1968-Nov-26, Section: ADLT, Lot: 145, Female
Underwood, Nancy M (Mattison), b. 1827, d. 1894-Sep-14, age 67, Section: A, Lot: 31, Female
Underwood, Patricia A, b. 1932-Jul-17, d. 1991-Sep-10, age 59, bur. 1991-Aug-13, Section: D2, Lot: 75 NWP, Female, Social Status: M
Underwood, William G, b. 1924-Jul-21, d. 2004-Sep-26, age 80, bur. 2004-Nov-3, Section: 6B, Lot: 202 C, Male, Social Status: Cremated
Unidentified, Male Infant Baby (Richard), d. 1992-Apr-3, age O, bur. 1992-Apr-7, Section: BABY, Lot: 74, Male, Social Status: Cremated
Updyke, James L, d. 1979-Nov-30, age 63, bur. 1979-Dec-3, Section: O, Lot: 76 NE, Male, Social Status: D
Updyke, Juniata (Catherine Kaiser), b. 1894-Dec-2, d. 1964-Sep-24, age 69, bur. 1964-Sep-28, Section: O, Lot: 76 D, Female, Social Status: W
Updyke, Lewis Dobson, b. 1886-Mar-19, d. 1963-Dec-11, age 77, bur. 1963-Dec-14, Section: O, Lot: 76 D, Male, Social Status: M
Upson, Infant, d. 1888-Apr-18, age 3 days, Section: C, Lot: 94
Upton, Infant, d. 1896-Apr-4, age 3 days, Section: VAULT, Male
Urchenko, John, b. 1885-Nov-11, d. 1963-Aug-23, age 77, bur. 1963-Aug-26, Section: F, Lot: 8B, Male, Social Status: M
Urchenko, Sophia (Kirchenko), b. 1891, d. 1981-Aug-22, age 90, bur. 1981-Aug-25, Section: F, Lot: 8B, Female, Social Status: W
Utley, Emma C (Wheeler), b. 1850, d. 1889-Jan-9, age 37, Section: W, Lot: 31, Female

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