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Hart Island Cemetery
Hart Island, Bronx County, New York

GPS: 40.853583, -73.770600

Hart Island
The Bronx, NY 10464

Published: September 8, 2019
Total records: 71,746

Hart Island Cemetery is owned and operated by New York City Department of Corrections.

Hart Island Cemetery is where New York City inters unclaimed bodies, unidentified persons, and other unidentified human remains.

Surnames I

Records published here were acquired from New York City Department of Corrections. These records include only dates of death after May 23, 1971.

IAASSONIYES, CONSALTIN, 49 yrs, d. 11/15/2006, Kings County Hospital Center
IABAL, ??, d. 10/16/1990, Maimonides Medical Center
IACANETTI, FRANK, 55 yrs, d. 7/23/1986, 86-18 Jamaica Ave.
IAM, VAN SHUI, 33 yrs, d. 6/9/1984, North Central Bronx Hospital
IANNARILLI, ANTHONY, 48 yrs, d. 4/18/2015, Calvary Hospital
IANUZZI, ??, d. 11/9/1985, Staten Island University Hospital
IASKOU, ??, d. 11/19/1980, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IBAFIOON, PAT, d. 3/29/1992, Kings County Hospital Center
IBANA, ??, d. 7/1/1986, Elmhurst Hospital Center
IBANEZ, MARIA, d. 8/17/2005, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IBARA, LISBETH, d. 5/30/2004, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
IBARRA, CARLOS RAMIREZ, d. 2/8/2012, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
IBARRA, DULCE, d. 7/12/2001, Elmhurst Hospital Center
IBARRA, JORGE, 32 yrs, d. 1/24/1987, North Central Bronx Hospital
IBARRA, SOFIA, d. 1/3/1998, Elmhurst Hospital Center
IBE, CHIBUIKE, d. 6/21/1988, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IBEKWEH, LOUIS, 66 yrs, d. 2/23/2002, Mount Sinai Hospital
IBENQUE, LEANDRE, 42 yrs, d. 5/5/2006, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
IBICKLEMAN, JAMES, 81 yrs, d. 3/28/1983, Brooklyn Hospital Center
IBIYEMI, GBOLAHAN, d. 11/21/2013, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IBORRA, GRACILA, d. 11/14/1986, Queens Hospital Center
IBRAHAM, HANS ESSA, d. 8/23/1991, New York Methodist Hospital
IBRAHIM, ??, d. 12/4/2005, Lutheran Medical Center
IBRAHIM, AITEDEL, d. 8/10/1983, Brooklyn Hospital Center
IBRAHIM, IMANI, 30 yrs, d. 2/15/2004, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
IBRAHIM, SAHD, d. 3/31/2015, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IBRANHIM, SUSAN, d. 10/20/1989, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
IBRAYIMOVA, ??, d. 6/28/1997, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
IBUKUN, ??, d. 7/3/1985, Kings County Hospital Center
ICARI, MARTHA, d. 4/5/1993, Kings County Hospital Center
ICART, ??, d. 3/31/1993, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
ICART, MARIE, 62 yrs, d. 3/7/2014, Kings County Hospital Center
ICESON, ERNEST, 55 yrs, d. 1/12/1997, Elmhurst Hospital Center
ICHIHARA, SAWAKO, 79 yrs, d. 3/15/2013, Jewish Home Lifecare
ICHIKAWA, KAORI, d. 3/17/2009, Lenox Hill Hospital
IDAIHO, AIMIE, d. 2/2/1995, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center
IDANZA, FANNY, 80 yrs, d. 7/19/1983, 428 E 14th St
IDDICHARDY, SUSANNA, d. 2/8/1990, Long Island College Hospital
IDEL, DAVID, d. 2/9/2003, Seacrest Nursing Home
IDLEFONSO, MOLMA, 67 yrs, d. 2/4/2008, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
IDOWUOMEDJA, AFUGATU, d. 10/18/1995, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
IDRIS, ??, d. 12/4/1997, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IDUPKAYE, ISOKEN, d. 4/15/2004, Kings County Hospital Center
IELBRANT, VICTOR, 68 yrs, d. 8/21/1997, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IFILL, CYRIL, 76 yrs, d. 11/11/2018, Concord Nursing Home
IFIU, ??, d. 12/9/2014, Kings County Hospital Center
IFOFORE, MARINE, d. 8/17/1986, North Central Bronx Hospital
IFUERO, VWAGBOE, d. 2/17/2002, Mount Sinai Hospital
IGARTUA, MARGARA, 80 yrs, d. 10/10/2004, Terence Cardinal Cooke
IGASIAS, PASH, 62 yrs, d. 8/9/1988, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
IGER, HINA-SUK, d. 9/17/1981, Lenox Hill Hospital
IGIOMAIGIRI, CHERIAN, 44 yrs, d. 10/21/1997, 28 St and Park Ave
IGLESIA, MILDRED, 60 yrs, d. 2/14/1984, Brooklyn Hospital Center
IGLESIAS, ALBERTO, 76 yrs, d. 11/20/2014, 1365 5th Ave 8E
IGLESIAS, ALEJANDRO, 61 yrs, d. 3/2/1996, 137 Rivington St
IGLESIAS, ANDRES, 88 yrs, d. 10/29/2015, Cobble Hill Health Center
IGLESIAS, CHRYLANNE, 60 yrs, d. 4/28/2012, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
IGLESIAS, FRANK, 68 yrs, d. 3/7/2019, New York Prebyterian Hospital
IGLESIAS, RAFAEL, 54 yrs, d. 1/3/1985, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IGLESIAS, RAFAEL, 68 yrs, d. 2/8/2009, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IGLESIAS, SARAH, 80 yrs, d. 2/1/2011, New York Presbyterian Hospital
IGLESIAS MARTINEZ, JACOB, d. 1/29/2013, Metropolitian Hospital Center
IGNATIU, SZABO, 75 yrs, d. 11/1/2005, Elmhurst Hospital Center
IGOR, GEORGE, 40 yrs, d. 10/7/1989, Maimonides Medical Center
IHAUIS, ??, d. 12/23/1981, New York Downtown Hospital
IHEME, NHECHI, d. 9/7/1988, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
IIEH, PETER, 36 yrs, d. 12/9/1997, 147-02 123 Ave
IJAZ, MUZHAT, d. 9/7/1988, Maimonides Medical Center
IJEDA, WILLIAM, 50 yrs, d. 2/28/1985, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
IJLY, NORMA, d. 11/13/1995, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
IKANA OTU, ELIZIBETH, 20 yrs, d. 9/18/1981, 150 E. 50th St
IKENO, ??, d. 11/3/1982, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IKHIGBONOAREM, CORA, d. 11/23/1990, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IKOITA, FRANNIE, 77 yrs, d. 11/12/1982, 12-14 Heyson Rd
IKONOMIDAS, HELEN, d. 2/23/1983, Lutheran Medical Center
ILANO MATERON, FENZILETH, d. 8/9/1982, City Hospital
ILARI, AIDA, 100 yrs, d. 1/7/2008, Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home
ILAYA, ??, d. 4/28/2014, Jack D. Weiler Hospital
ILDAFONSO, CARMELO, 59 yrs, d. 10/17/1998, Calvary Hospital
ILDING, DARLEEN, d. 4/8/1981, Coney Island Hospital
ILLAR, JOHN, 75 yrs, d. 12/23/1976, New York Downtown Hospital
ILLAS, HELEN, 91 yrs, d. 11/23/1999, Bellevue Hospital Center
ILLIDGE, ??, d. 8/21/1986, Staten Island University Hospital
ILNICKIJ, ADAM, 51 yrs, d. 9/28/2002, New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
ILYAICU, ??, d. 2/27/2015, Cohen Childrens Medical Center
IMAMMOU, SIHAM, d. 3/5/2005, Mount Sinai Hospital
IMARANT, WILLIAMS, 90 yrs, d. 7/12/1982, 351 W 44th St
IMARHIAGBE, ORODOSA, d. 5/28/1998, Lenox Hill Hospital
IMBA, MARY, d. 5/24/1987, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IMBASCIAN, BRENDA, d. 7/5/1988, Staten Island University Hospital
IMBOF, ANGELO, 85 yrs, d. 4/18/1990, Mount Sinai Hospital
IMPALEZINO, TERESA, d. 5/18/1989, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IMPARIALE, MICHELINA, d. 5/24/1982, Albert Einstein-Weiler Hospital
IMPELLIZZERI, IRENE, 87 yrs, d. 11/3/2009, Coney Island Hospital
IMPERAUS, MARY, 64 yrs, d. 4/9/2004, 385 Crescent St
IMPERIALE, MARY, 71 yrs, d. 10/14/2001, River Manor Nursing Home
IMPERIZELLI, DEBRA, d. 11/14/1989, St. Mary's Hospital For Children
IMPERMETIO, BETTY, 95 yrs, d. 11/13/2009, Riverdale Nursing Home
INABINET, ROSE, d. 5/13/1983, Cumberland Hospital
INAYET, BEBE, d. 5/1/2010, New York Presbyterian Hospital
INCE, JOHN, 70 yrs, d. 9/10/1983, 125 Bowery
INCHARLES, ROSELINIA (B), d. 3/16/2010, Kings County Hospital Center
INCKARA, ??, d. 3/12/1986, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
INDA, ??, d. 12/18/1987, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
INDAR, ??, d. 12/12/1989, Elmhurst Hospital Center
INDIONAS, RUTH, 53 yrs, d. 6/7/1985, 37-09 Crescent Str.
INDRIKSON, HEINRICHS, 92 yrs, d. 3/22/1994, New York Methodist Hospital
INDRIZZO, VICTOR, 50 yrs, d. 12/9/1996, 143 Bowery St
INERAM, CHARLES, 57 yrs, d. 6/2/2006, 145 E 23 St
INEZ, LORETTA, d. 1/18/1983, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center
INFAMITIS, STAUROULA, d. 9/21/1990, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
INFANTE, ??, d. 3/30/2010, New York Presbyterian Hospital
INFANTE, GENERA, d. 8/27/1985, Kings County Hospital Center
INFANTE, MONICA, d. 11/8/1993, St. Mary's Hospital For Children
INFANTEMOLINA, ??, d. 3/3/2015, Cohen Childrens Medical Center
INFATE, ??, d. 1/25/1996, Jacobi Medical Center
INGELEVICINS, SYLVIUS, 61 yrs, d. 11/25/1992, 143 Bowery
INGENITO, FRED, 35 yrs, d. 12/24/1995, 45 St and 1st Ave
INGIANNI, ANTHONY, 58 yrs, d. 3/28/1993, St. Clare's Hospital and Health Center
INGLETT, DONALD, 49 yrs, d. 10/27/1985, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
INGOGLIA, ??, d. 11/30/2003, Staten Island University Hospital
INGRAM, ??, d. 10/28/1995, Kings County Hospital Center
INGRAM, ??, d. 8/17/1998, Kings County Hospital Center
INGRAM, ??, d. 9/21/2002, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
INGRAM, CASANDRA, d. 8/27/1995, New York Downtown Hospital
INGRAM, DERRICK, 34 yrs, d. 4/23/2008, Brooklyn Hospital Center
INGRAM, DOROTHY, 73 yrs, d. 9/20/2007, Bainbridge Nursing Home
INGRAM, ETHELREEN, 63 yrs, d. 6/11/2004, 103 E 126 St
INGRAM, OSCAR, 53 yrs, d. 12/21/1987, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
INGRAM, PHYLLIS E., 68 yrs, d. 8/16/2011, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
INGRAM, SHIRLEY, d. 8/31/1986, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
INGRAM, WILLIAM, 30 yrs, d. 1/23/1979, Jacobi Medical Center
INGRAM, WILLIAM, 71 yrs, d. 2/28/2000, 1259 Loring Ave
INGRASSA, MARY, d. 12/3/1985, Staten Island University Hospital
INGRIM, ??, d. 4/9/1992, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
INGRIM, CLYDE, 78 yrs, d. 7/6/1999, 304 Bed Ave
INGS, GEORGE, 53 yrs, d. 4/11/1989, Harlem Hospital Center
INHOFF, ROBERT, 59 yrs, d. 1/14/1985, 611 E. 104th Str.
INKELAS, LIZABETH, d. 12/2/1981, Mary Immaculate Hospital
INKELES, MATTHEW, 75 yrs, d. 3/18/1993, Calvary Hospital
INKLES, DAVID, 77 yrs, d. 9/5/2012, Horizon Care Center
INMAN, MARK, 51 yrs, d. 12/12/2001, Terrence Cardinal Cook
INMAN, MILDRED, 80 yrs, d. 6/14/2009, St. John's Episcopal Hospital
INNACE, ARTHUR, 83 yrs, d. 2/19/2006, Shore View Nursing Home
INNES, ??, d. 11/30/1981, Kings County Hospital Center
INNIS, ??, d. 4/10/1985, Misericordia Hospital Medical Center
INNIS, ALFRED, 53 yrs, d. 4/28/1978, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
INNIS, CARL, 40 yrs, d. 11/14/1999, New York Methodist Hospital
INNIS, REGINALD, 29 yrs, d. 2/3/1987, Bellevue Hospital Center
INNIS, ROXANNE, d. 10/7/1996, Kings County Hospital Center
INNIS, SADYE, 64 yrs, d. 12/5/2000, Jacobi Medical Center
INNIS, TREVOR, 62 yrs, d. 8/28/2000, Marcus Garvey Nursing Home
INNISS, ??, d. 11/26/1982, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
INNOCENT, ??, d. 8/18/1985, Interfaith Medical Center
INNOCENT, ??, d. 1/12/1986, Queens Hospital Center
INNOCENT, ??, d. 2/18/1988, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
INNOCENT, GARY, d. 6/9/1989, Brooklyn Hospital Center
INNOCENT, MANE, d. 1/10/2003, New York Methodist Hospital
INOA, RAFAEL, d. 3/29/1993, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
INOD, SYLVIA, 59 yrs, d. 10/11/1981, Caledonian Hospital
INOE, ELSA S., d. 8/3/1981, Kings County Hospital Center
INTERRANTE, MURIEL, 66 yrs, d. 6/13/1979, Willoughby Nursing Home
INUME, ETHEL, d. 12/22/1984, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
INVERNO, MILDRED, 50 yrs, d. 1/15/1988, Queens Hospital Center
INZEL, SIDNEY, 79 yrs, d. 1/20/1985, 67 Manhattan Ave.
IOMONE, NICHOLAS, 55 yrs, d. 6/24/2008, Elmhurst Hospital Center
ION, ANA, d. 2/1/1989, St. John's Queens Hospital
IORIO, TULLIO A., 71 yrs, d. 4/28/1991, 808 Adel Ave
IPGAS, BYRON, 84 yrs, d. 9/24/2002, Mjg Nursing Home
IPPOLITO, CHARLES, 30 yrs, d. 8/25/1993, 184 11th Ave
IPPOLITO, DONNA, d. 8/9/1983, Staten Island University Hospital
IPPOLITO RIVERA, EDWARDO, d. 9/12/1984, New York Downtown Hospital
IPUCHE, HECTOR, 76 yrs, d. 11/7/1999, Bellevue Hospital Center
IPURY, YAE-JUNG, 67 yrs, d. 6/10/1990, Interfaith Medical Center
IQBAL, NAZIA, d. 4/16/2011, Maimonides Medical Center
IRA, JAMES, 68 yrs, d. 9/19/1971, 64-11 Beach Drive
IRADO, BETTY, d. 3/3/1984, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRATO, YOLANDA, d. 6/4/1998, Beth Israel Medical Center
IRAZZAY, MICHAEL, 59 yrs, d. 1/8/1991, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
IRBAY, LEE, 54 yrs, d. 1/23/1991, New York Downtown Hospital
IRBY, JAMES, 39 yrs, d. 8/24/1999, Harlem Hospital Center
IRBY, OLUWAFEMI, d. 8/17/2010, North Central Bronx Hospital
IRBY, YVETTE, d. Bronx Municipal Hospital Center
IRELAND, JESSIE, 85 yrs, d. 2/14/1994, St. Clare's Hospital and Health Center
IREMADZE, ??, d. 4/18/2005, New York Methodist Hospital
IREMADZE, MARIA, d. 6/25/2005, New York Methodist Hospital
IRISH, FRED, 62 yrs, d. 6/24/1980, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IRIS-ROLCEA, DELIA, d. 1/5/2002, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
IRIZARRY, ??, d. 4/22/1989, Beth Israel Medical Center
IRIZARRY, ??, d. 10/3/1989, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, ??, d. 10/7/1989, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
IRIZARRY, ??, d. 6/9/1993, New York Presbyterian Hospital
IRIZARRY, ARMINDA, 86 yrs, d. 1/9/2011, New York Westchester Square Medical Center
IRIZARRY, AUGUSTAN, 48 yrs, d. 10/13/2005, Beth Israel Medical Center
IRIZARRY, BRENDA, d. 4/19/1993, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center
IRIZARRY, EFRAIN, 53 yrs, d. 3/29/2014, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRIZARRY, ERIC, 36 yrs, d. 1/11/2009, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, HECTOR, d. 11/11/2017, Mount Sinai St Lukes
IRIZARRY, JULIO, 40 yrs, d. 9/28/1987, Harlem Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, MAXIMINO, 35 yrs, d. 7/4/1981, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, NELSON, 48 yrs, d. 5/18/2007, Kings County Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, ORLANDO, 35 yrs, d. 6/12/1987, Metropolitan Ave.
IRIZARRY, PRICILLA, d. 1/11/1994, North Central Bronx Hospital
IRIZARRY, ROSALINDA, d. 12/30/2003, Beth Israel Medical Center
IRIZARRY, RUTH, d. 5/29/1993, Brooklyn Hospital Center
IRIZARRY, WALTER, 56 yrs, d. 8/22/2011, Bellevue Hospital Center
IRIZZARRY, EDWARDO, 37 yrs, d. 12/23/1995, 3318 3rd Ave
IRIZZARY, ??, d. 10/10/1988, Bellevue Hospital Center
IRIZZARY, ORLANDO, 30 yrs, d. 11/6/1992, Bellevue Hospital Center
IRIZZARY, PRISCILLA, d. 6/27/1995, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center
IRLAND, RAUL, 60 yrs, d. 12/25/1996, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
IRLANDA, JOSE, 70 yrs, d. 11/12/1998, 658 Dawson St
IROKO, DIANE, 56 yrs, d. 9/23/2012, Albert Einstein-Weiler Hospital
IRONLUNG, EMERSON, 40 yrs, d. 1/5/2015, 4515 12th Ave Brooklyn NY
IRRARRY, ABRAHAM, 30 yrs, d. 4/9/1978, 36th St. Ino Subway Station
IRRIZACRY, REBERTO, 41 yrs, d. 11/21/1977, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRRIZARRY, ??, d. 4/10/2000, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRRIZARRY, ISRAEL, 43 yrs, d. 11/24/2005, 175 Knickerbocker Ave
IRRIZARY, FELIPE, 84 yrs, d. 8/29/2010, St. John's Episcopal Hospital
IRRIZARY, YAZMIN, d. 4/3/1990, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRVIN, JOHNNIE LEE, 63 yrs, d. 1/27/2010, 1496 Bedford Ave 3E
IRVIN, NICOLE BRIANNA, d. 2/13/2014, Brookdale Universaty Hospital
IRVINE, JOHN, 73 yrs, d. 12/8/2001, 48-30 40 St
IRVING, ??, d. 5/4/1992, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
IRVING, ANTHONY, d. 10/14/1991, North Central Bronx Hospital
IRVING, DENISE, d. 10/4/1990, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRVING, GEORGE, 70 yrs, d. 12/26/2007, Kings County Hospital Center
IRVING, GEORGE S, 76 yrs, d. 3/8/2003, Calvary Hospital
IRVING, JAMES, 58 yrs, d. 7/20/1981, Bellevue Hospital Center
IRVING, KEITH, 46 yrs, d. 5/15/2007, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
IRVING, LORNA, d. 4/20/1995, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
IRVING, MONET, d. 8/4/2009, Mount Sinai Hospital
IRVING, RUTH, d. 11/10/1997, Forest Hills Hospital
IRVING, THOMAS L, 70 yrs, d. 8/28/2015, St Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center
IRWIN, ??, d. 4/9/1984, Kings County Hospital Center
IRWIN, ??, d. 5/15/1985, Coney Island Hospital
IRWIN, ALBERT, 63 yrs, d. 6/27/1977, 230 E 4th St
IRWIN, LINVAL, 81 yrs, d. 8/13/2017, Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
IRWIN, WALLER, 57 yrs, d. 11/16/1982, 319 W 94th St
IRWIN JR, THOMAS JOHN, 67 yrs, d. 12/14/1999, V.A. Hospital
ISA, ABDUL, 61 yrs, d. 4/20/2011, Mount Sinai Hospital Queens
ISAAC, ??, d. 1/27/2008, Queens Hospital Center
ISAAC, ALBERT, d. 8/3/1991, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center
ISAAC, ALDA, 52 yrs, d. 11/2/1995, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
ISAAC, DORIS, 62 yrs, d. 11/3/1995, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
ISAAC, EDDIE, 48 yrs, d. 5/11/1994, 1st Ave 124th St
ISAAC, EDWARD, 58 yrs, d. 9/13/2009, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
ISAAC, EMMANUEL, d. 7/12/2018, Montefiore Medical Center Wakefield Hospital
ISAAC, JOHN, 79 yrs, d. 5/6/2000, Peninsula Hospital Center
ISAAC, RICHARD, 59 yrs, d. 6/23/1989, Metropolitan Hospital Center
ISAAC, ROBERT, 60 yrs, d. 11/30/2010, 30-30 85th Street
ISAAC, SHAKIMA, d. 7/18/1997, St. John's Queens Hospital
ISAAC DOUGLAS, DESIREE, d. 10/27/1996, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
ISAACS, ??, d. 10/25/1995, New York Methodist Hospital
ISAACS BENNET, TESSA, d. 1/13/2002, New York Methodist Hospital
ISAACS BENNET, TESSA, d. 1/15/2002, New York Methodist Hospital
ISAACSON, ANTHONY, 31 yrs, d. 12/6/1982, Cabrini Medical Center
ISABEL, NINA, d. 6/30/1994, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center
ISABELLE, KAREN, d. 10/1/1990, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
ISAC, ??, d. 9/19/1989, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
ISACS, JOHN, 76 yrs, d. 12/2/1999, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
ISADORE, FELIX, 44 yrs, d. 12/25/1997, North Central Bronx Hospital
ISALES, CHARLES, 73 yrs, d. 11/13/2005, Maimonides Medical Center
ISALES, NELSON, 51 yrs, d. 7/26/1997, Coney Island Hospital
ISASI, BERNARDINO, 73 yrs, d. 1/14/1993, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
ISCHARD, ??, 39 yrs, d. 7/13/1995, 101 W 145 St
ISHMAEL, OCTAVIA, d. 5/24/2007, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
ISIADORA, MORA, d. 7/1/1991, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
ISIDORE, ??, d. 4/27/1982, Kings County Hospital Center
ISLAM, MAJANA, d. 10/14/2009, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
ISLAM, MOHAMMED, 48 yrs, d. 12/27/2017, Bellevue Hospital Center
ISLAM, MONIRA, d. 3/2/2003, Maimonides Medical Center
ISLAM, NAZMI, 76 yrs, d. 5/9/1996, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
ISLAM, SUNZIDA, d. 6/13/2003, Elmhurst Hospital Center
ISLAM (A), ZARNA, d. 9/24/2007, Mount Sinai Hospital
ISLAM (B), ZARNA, d. 9/24/2007, Mount Sinai Hospital
ISLAM, ZARNA, d. 9/24/2007, Mount Sinai Hospital
ISLAS, JOSE, 52 yrs, d. 11/11/2011, New York Presbyterian Hospital/The Allen Hospital
ISLASSMAN, HARRY, 55 yrs, d. 1/12/1978, North Central Bronx Hospital
ISLER, CHRISTINE, d. 1/6/1993, Brooklyn Hospital Center
ISLES, ??, d. 1/3/1984, Kings County Hospital Center
ISLES, ??, d. 8/1/1984, Kings County Hospital Center
ISLES, ??, d. 8/17/1993, Kings County Hospital Center
ISLES, CLARA, 76 yrs, d. 11/3/1989, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
ISLEY, LESTER, 46 yrs, d. 4/19/1998, 499 Ocean Ave
ISLEY, SWANEY, 66 yrs, d. 1/7/1979, Meadow Park Nursing Home
ISLEY, WALTER, 39 yrs, d. 6/25/1995, Beth Israel Medical Center
ISLRY, THOMAS, 52 yrs, d. 1/3/2009, Harlem Hospital Center
ISMAIL, FRANCES, d. 3/14/1993, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
ISMAIL, ROZINA, d. 8/6/2002, Kings County Hospital Center
ISMAILOFF, HUSEYIN, 35 yrs, d. 11/25/1981, 5th Ave, East 26th St
ISMAN, JEROME, 47 yrs, d. 9/14/1992, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
ISME, ??, d. 6/10/1989, Kings County Hospital Center
ISMUES, IMMACULA, d. 6/7/1989, Kings County Hospital Center
ISOBE, AL, 67 yrs, d. 3/30/1993, Bellevue Hospital Center
ISOM, MICHELE, d. 2/6/1991, Kings County Hospital Center
ISRAEL, BUCARAM, d. 4/19/2001, Elmhurst Hospital Center
ISRAEL, JERRY, 58 yrs, d. 11/28/2005, Rivington House
ISRAEL, JOHNNY, 20 yrs, d. 3/7/1978, 37-51 93rd St.
ISSA, ??, d. 7/11/1986, Bellevue Hospital Center
ISSAC, ABRAHAM, d. 12/16/1986, Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center
ISSAC, CHARLES, 65 yrs, d. 2/11/1985, Harlem Hospital Center
ISSAC, DORERVE, 28 yrs, d. 9/1/1995, Harlem Hospital Center
ISSAC, LEROY, 60 yrs, d. 6/13/1997, St. Mary's Hospital
ISSAC, LINDA, d. 2/10/1985, St. Mary's Hospital For Children
ISSAC, LISA MARIE, d. 6/21/1992, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
ISSACE, ELSE, 99 yrs, d. 1/15/1982, 105 E. Neilson St
ISSACSON, FLORENCE, 72 yrs, d. 6/16/1984, Elmhurst Hospital Center
ISSAEV, MARGARET, 66 yrs, d. 12/25/2015, Crown Heights Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation
ISSLER, TILLIE, 89 yrs, d. 4/17/1978, Laguardia Hospital
ISUIA, ??, d. 3/24/1983, Beth Israel Medical Center
ISULQUE, ARMANDO, 42 yrs, d. 10/18/1996, Bellevue Hospital Center
ITABOR, ILUBE, d. 8/10/2006, New York Methodist Hospital
ITHIER, CARLOS, 46 yrs, d. 4/12/1984, Metropolitan Hospital Center
ITHIER, MARCIAL, 50 yrs, d. 1/4/1988, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
ITSKOVICH, CHALYAUSKI, d. 12/20/1982, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
ITWARE, ??, d. 4/7/1987, New York Downtown Hospital
IVALLI, JOHN, 91 yrs, d. 12/17/1990, Union Hospital
IVANAYEVA, VALENTINA, 48 yrs, d. 4/7/2010, Coney Island Hospital
IVANCHUKOV, MANDJE, 60 yrs, d. 5/30/2012, 792 Madison St. 2nd Floor
IVANKOV, NIKOLAY, 63 yrs, d. 9/27/2013, Bellevue Hospital Center
IVANOV, ANDREI, 61 yrs, d. 10/13/2012, Coney Island Hospital
IVANOV, BORIS, 47 yrs, d. 3/18/1999, Goshen NY
IVANOVICS, JOHN, 74 yrs, d. 7/3/1996, North Central Bronx Hospital
IVERSON, ??, d. 9/5/1986, Interfaith Medical Center
IVES, ??, d. 10/17/1999, Albert Einstein-Weiler Hospital
IVES, MATTHEW, 59 yrs, d. 8/16/1993, Bellevue Hospital Center
IVEY, ??, d. 5/6/1981, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IVEY, OSCAR, 37 yrs, d. 11/20/1985, Harlem Hospital Center
IVEY, VIRGINIA, 60 yrs, d. 8/8/1995, 1372 Washington Ave
IVORY, ??, d. 8/7/1996, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IVORY, MARKETA, d. 10/1/1990, Kings County Hospital Center
IVORY, WILLIAM, 52 yrs, d. 9/28/1980, Harlem Hospital Center
IVRABEAN, RUSLANE, 38 yrs, d. 12/14/2004, New York Downtown Hospital
IVY, DELARRY, 49 yrs, d. 4/5/2015, Interfaith Medical Center
IVY, LIN, d. 8/19/2004, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IWARI, HAMWATTU, d. 11/23/1997, Brooklyn Hospital Center
IWASZYN, MAKSYM, 77 yrs, d. 10/11/1986, Kings County Hospital Center
IWFTT, HENRY, 78 yrs, d. 1/6/1986, Van Etten Hospital
IWNAICKI, ??, d. 6/16/1989, Kings County Hospital Center
IXCOY, ??, d. 5/1/2016, Bellevue Hospital Center
IYAHER, ANDREW, 56 yrs, d. 1/7/2013, St. John's Episcopal Hospital
IYATTEN, EVELYN, d. 12/25/1993, Kings County Hospital Center
IZEGBU, ??, d. 1/12/2008, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
IZOLD, ROMAN, 33 yrs, d. 5/24/1996, Nassau Ave and Manhattan Ave
IZONEROO, ANGEL, 45 yrs, d. 12/31/1987, Jacobi Medical Center
IZQUIERDO, ADOLFO, 54 yrs, d. 3/28/1997, Bellevue Hospital Center
IZQUIERDO, EDMUNDO, 87 yrs, d. 11/17/2016, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IZQUIERDO, ISRAEL, 62 yrs, d. 10/30/2008, 5141 Broadway
IZQUIERDO, JORGE, 57 yrs, d. 6/13/2015, 315 E 102nd St 416
IZQUIERDO, ROSA, d. 10/5/2010, Flushing Hospital Medical Center
IZQUIERDO, SANTIAGO, 68 yrs, d. 11/28/2006, 310 E 35 St
IZURIETA, LISSETTE, d. 9/9/2009, Metropolitan Hospital Center
IZZARD, DAVID, 51 yrs, d. 4/5/1984, Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital

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