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Southwest Cherry Creek Cemetery - Burial Records
Cherry Creek, White Pine County, Nevada

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GPS: 39.897594, -114.889815

White Pine County Rd 23
Cherry Creek, NV 89301

Date published: August 9, 2002
Total records: 29

Ownership is unknown.


This cemetery is located southwest of downtown Cherry Creek.

This cemetery is in two sections with a large empty area between, perhaps for parking. No one knows. There has been a long and varied history of this area. miners, sheepmen, ranchers, businessmen, etc.

The cemeteries at Cherry Creek are typical mining camp cemeteries. Nice headstones on some, many wooden markers that cannot be read, surrounded by sage brush and dirt.

Cemetery Records

Contributed by Donna Frederick, Aug 09, 2002 [wpnative@yahoo.com].

Records below were transcribed by Donna Frederick from all existing markers in the summer of 1999.

Abbott, Irvin Carl, b. 25 Jun 1944, d. 17 Oct 1966, 'Our Beloved Son, Father, Papa-Papa and Friend', Lower Sect.
Baker, Mabel, no dates, Upper Sect.
Bambrick, Josephine H, b. 1878 Nevada, d. 1906, Lower Sect.
Bambrick, T.W, b. 1852 Vermont, d. 1907, Lower Sect.
Crawford, Adella B, b. 1921, d. 1974, Lower Sect.
Currie, Mary J, b. 1840, d. 1905, Wife of J.H. Currie, 'At Rest', Lower Sect.
Davis, Nevada, b. 26 Nov 1906, d. 28 Feb 1907, Daughter of Thomas C. and Diana A. Davis, Lower Sect.
Dolan, John, b. Nevada, d. 24 Nov 1895, age: 55 Years, Upper Sect.
Harrison, Sam'l Harrison, no dates, Sergt. Co. B, 17 vet Res. Corps, Lower Sect.
Harrison, George W, b. 1875 Nevada, d. 1905, Lower Sect.
Henry, Barbara, b. 26 Jun 1881, d. , age: 34 Years, Lower Sect.
Houlett, M. Avondale, d. 8 Oct 1896, age: 11 Yrs, Lower Sect.
Keogh, Margaret Honeyman , b. Williamsburg, New York, d. 16 Nov 1880, age: 24 Yrs, 2 mos, 10 days, Wife of P. Keogh Also her infant baby, Lower Sect.
Maxwell, Baby Maxie, d. 29 Apr 1877, age: 2 Yrs, 2 mos, Son of J.D. and E.M. Maxwell - 'Little Graves - The Footprints of Angels', Lower Sect.
Maxwell, Ella M, b. Utah, d. 31 Aug 1879, 'Sleep Dear Mother and Take Thy Rest' (remainder of sentiment is covered with debris.), Lower Sect.
McAuley, Jennie Maria, b. 1842 Wisconsin, d. 1920, Lower Sect.
Phalan, Hazel May, b. 27 Sep 1900, d. 13 Aug 1903, 'Sweetly Sleeping', Upper Sect.
Pierc, Bryan Harold, b. 11 Oct 1897 Nevada, d. 16 Apr 1956, Note: This stone is in Pierce plot, Cpl. Trp M 8 Cavalry, World War I, Upper Sect.
Pierce, David B, b. 6 Jul 1834 Springfield, Otesgo County, New York, d. 11 Sept 1888 Cherry Creek, White Pine Co, Nevada, age: 'In Loving Remembrance'at top of stone, 'Peace will be thy sleep' at bottom, Upper Sect.
Pierce, Franklin, b. 1870, d. 1941, Upper Sect.
Pierce, Gettie Wichtma, b. 22 Nov 1843 Brockport NY, d. 24 Mar 1898, Wife of Lorenzo Pierce, Upper Sect.
Pierce, Margaret, b. 1873, d. 1947, Upper Sect.
Pierce, Wren, no dates, Upper Sect.
Ruggles, Arthur Lee, b. 3 Feb 1907, d. 26 May 1973, Over Many Mountains He Trod, Lower Sect.
Taylor, Geo. H, b. 29 Nov 1897 Nevada, d. no date, age: 65 Years, Upper Sect.
Tippett, John, b. 15 July 1848, d. 28 Jun 1906, Upper Sect.
Vanderlip, Geo, b. 17 Jun 1877, d. 15 Aug 1877, Son of A.M. & Alice Vanderlip, 'Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me', Lower Sect.
Wearne, Johanna, b. 1833, d, Name on stone with John - states 'His Wife', Upper Sect.
Wearne, John, b. 1839, d. 1910, Upper Sect.

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