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Los Alamos Cemetery
Alamosa, Sierra County, New Mexico

Lat: 3318'16"N, Lon: 10711'53"W

Contributed by Marilyn Poitras, Jan 26, 2002 [lavelle@zianet.com]. Total records = 21.

San Ygnacio de la Alamosa, also known as Alamosa and Canada Alamosa was established in 1859.

The 1860 Census suggests that Alamosa was founded as a colony of farmers and their families. Alamosa was abandoned in 1866/1867.

This is an abandoned cemetery in a typical western setting. All known graves were recorded on Nov 21, 1994 by the Sierra Co. Genealogical Society and this information was used with their permission.

- Marilyn Poitras

A. V., d. Jun 12, 1923
Bernal, E. R. A., d. Jun 3, 1928
C. B. L., d. Nov 4, 1939
Dev?, J. R., d. Mar 19, 1932
Dolori, Tas S., d. 1930
E. A., d. 191?
E. L. V., d. Jun 3, 1928
E. U. M., d. ??30
F.L., no dates
J. B. L., no dates, small grave
J. B. S., d. May,1918
J. C., no dates, not duplicate
J. C., no dates
J. R. C., no dates
J. V. L. U. N., d. Sep, 1932
J. Y. L., d. 1916
JS. MA. L, no dates
M. P., no dates
M. V., d. Oct, 1934
OTOL, , no dates
Parlo, ??, no dates


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