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Saints Phillip and James Cemetery
Phillipsburg, Warren County, New Jersey

Contributed by Bruce Yetter, Apr 07, 2009 [b.yetter@verizon.net].

??, ??, b. 1910, d. 1869, (headstone missing, just a base with years), Sec. c-1-8
??, ??, b. 8 Apr 1918, d. 12 Jan 1918, (base w/o headstone, in front of c-2a-4), Sec. c-2a-4a
??, ??, no dates, (broken stone in shape of cross), Sec. c-1-1
??, ??, no dates, (broken, cross originally?), Sec. c-1-10
??, ??, no dates, (cracked in 1/2 horizontally, name eroded, dates unreadable), Sec. c-1-7
??, ??, no dates, (cross, can't read it), Sec. c-1-2
??, ??, no dates, (eroded, can't read), Sec. C-4-3
??, ??, no dates, cement base no stone, Sec. C-9C-1
??, ??, no dates, cement base with no stone, Sec. C-9A-4
??, ??, no dates, cement base, no stone, Sec. C-8B-5
??, ??, no dates, large concrete cross, Sec. A-1-3
??, ??, no dates, Sec. L-23-B1
??, ??, no dates, Sec. V-40-A----
??, ??, no dates, steel cross-no text, Sec. A-1-5
??, Guiseppe, no dates, (4 lines of writing, can't read it), Sec. c-2a-3
??, Josephine, b. 7/15/1956, d. 10/12/1915, Now And At The Hour of Our Death Amen, Sec. N-26-16A
??, William, b. 1939, d. no date, (with Agnes Chipalouskas and John Vischinsky), Sec. C-8B-2
??___vero, Maria, b. Agosto 1891, d. ????, Sposa A Rosario Stancam Piano (illegible), Sec. B-2-B7
Abel, ??, no dates, Sec. H-22-A12
Attinello,, no dates, back of Attinello O-27-A4, Sec. O-27-B4
Bladies,, no dates, Sec. J-20-1B
Brunner,, no dates, Sec. B-10-A2
Carberry,, no dates, granite footstone only, Sec. T-33-B1
Cascioli,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-12-B9
Cassady,, no dates, Sec. B-12-B2
Coogan,, no dates, footstone facing road, Sec. D-10-A1
Coyle,, no dates, footstone only, Sec. L-23-A5
Crosby,, no dates, footstone, Sec. A-5-B3
Dudish,, no dates, no text, Sec. E-9-B2
Father,, b. 1870, d. 1943, Father, Sec. D-10-B5
Flocard,, no dates, Sec. H-20-A9
Flynn,, no dates, Sec. A-5-A5
G (unreadable), Joseph, no dates, concrete marker, cross at top, Sec. A-1-1
Gavin,, no dates, Sec. B-11-A3
Gipp,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-15-A12
Grant,, no dates, (Fireman's Flag), Sec. H-22-B4
Gulian,, no dates, Sec. B-4-B12
Hackett,, no dates, Head stone only Perpetual Care, Sec. J-18-1A
Hickey,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-12-A15
Kearns Family,, no dates, Sec. L-22-B5
Kearns,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-10-A4
Kelly,, no dates, Sec. H-18-B9
Kenaly,, no dates, Sec. J-18-15B
Kiernan,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-10-B3
Kline,, no dates, back of Ford K-23-A8, Sec. K-23-B8
Lavery,, no dates, Sec. H-19-A4
Lennon,, no dates, footstone only, Sec. D-9-B5
Lennon,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-16-B6
Lilly,, no dates, Sec. N-24-4A
Lowe,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-10-A2
Marnel,, no dates, back of Marnel D-15-A1, Sec. D-15-B1
Marnel,, no dates, Sec. D-15-A4
McCann,, no dates, Back of O-24-A-9mCcANN, Sec. O-24-B9
McDevitt,, no dates, : McDevitt, Sec. A-6-B1
McFadden,, no dates, Sec. H-21-B7
McHugh,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-14-A8
McIntosh,, no dates, Sec. N-26-17B
McLaughlin,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-10-B1
McNicholas,, no dates, Sec. B-4-A2
Merrick,, no dates, footstone, Sec. J-19-15A
Milia,, no dates, back of Milia O-26-A, Sec. O-26-B8
Monahan,, no dates, footstone only, Sec. L-23-B8
Morrow,, no dates, Sits at righr angle to other stones, Sec. J-19-0A&B
Mother,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-11-A7
Newman,, no dates, back of D-16-A1, Sec. D-16-B1
Niederost,, no dates, back of Niederost T-33-A3, Sec. T-33-B3
No Stone,, no dates, Red fireman flag, Sec. Q-32-B5
No Stone,, no dates, Sec. T-29-A1
No text, Carl, b.1932, d. no date, Sec. T-33-A14
No text, John Jr, b.1919, d. no date, Sec. T-33-A14
No Text, John Sr, b. 1888, d. 1979, Exempt Fireman medallion, Sec. T-33-A14
No text, Rose, b. 1892, d. no date, Sec. T-33-A14
No Text,, no dates, Migliore on back T-33-B, Sec. T-33-A9
No Text,, no dates, Plain wood cross, no text, Sec. Q-31-A9
No text,, no dates, Sec. A-15-B2
No text,, no dates, Sec. A-17-B
No Text,, no dates, Sec. A-17-B3
No Text,, no dates, Sec. A-17-B5
No Text,, no dates, Sec. G-5-30
No text,, no dates, Sec. G-5-7
No text,, no dates, Sec. T-32-A17
O'Brien,, no dates, Sec. H-22-B9
O'Connell,, no dates, Sec. H-18-A6
O'Hare,, no dates, footstone Kelly near road, Sec. B-7-B1
Owens,,, d. no date, Footstone, Sec. D-15-A10
Paolini,, no dates, Vet Flag, Sec. J-19-2A
Petchonka,,, d. no date, Father, Sec. S-32-A17
Petchonka,,, d. no date, Mother, Sec. S-32-A17
Pfeiffer,, no dates, footstone, Sec. D-14-B5
Pini,, b.1966, d. 1878, Father, Sec. N-27-9A
Preston,, no dates, 3rd is a foot stone just reads Preston, Sec. N-26-13b3
Reynolds,, no dates, 12 x 12 x 12 mausoleum, Sec. A-23-A1
Roche,, no dates, concrete bench, Sec. L-24-B1
Roche,, no dates, concrete bench, Sec. L-24-B1
Schledler,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. D-12-A2
Sepple,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. B-3-B1
Seyfried,, no dates, Sec. J-19-18A
Smith,, no dates, Coyle family stone, Sec. L-25-A1
Smith,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. A-2-B1
Smith,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. D-14-A2
Smith,, no dates, back of K-22-A9, Sec.
Smith,, no dates, Sec. H-17-A6
St. Germain,, no dates, Footstone obscured by dirt unable to read more, Sec. J-17-8A
Stone,, no dates, US Vet medallion, Sec. Q-32-A13
Storm,, no dates, family stone, Sec. D-13-B9
Tansey,, no dates, footstone only, Sec. L-23-B9
Tarpey,, no dates, Sec. N-26-10B
Thomas,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. D-12-A13
Todaro,, no dates, Footstone, Sec. J-18-14A
Tumulty,, no dates, Sec. B-11-A2
Unnamed,, no dates, Sec. G-3-10
Unnamed,, no dates, Sec. G-3-4
Unreadable, Anna, b. 1905, d. no date, Sec. G-2-8
Unreadable, Catherine, d. 14 Nov 1960, Wife, Sec. L-25-A12
Unreadable, Daniel, b. Nato, d. __ Otto1916, Sec. G-5-31
Unreadable, Joseph, b. 1888, d. 1941, Sec. G-2-8
Unreadable, Thomas, d. 4 Dec 1946, Husband, Sec. L-25-A12
Unreadable,, b. 10 Oct 1946, d. 2 May 1947, Sec. G-1-16
Unreadable,, no dates, base only, Sec. G-3-24
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-14-B1
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-15-B4
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-17-B2
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-17-B4
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-19-A3
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-19-A6
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. A-20-A5
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. D-13-B2
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. D-14-A9
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. G-5-12
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. G-5-26
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. G-5-4
Unreadable,, no dates, Sec. H-18-A7
Verenna,, no dates, (only a surname on stone), Sec. C-7B-5
Wallbillich,, no dates, Footstone: US Vet medallion, Sec. D-16-B7
Walsh,, d. no date, Father, Sec. B-5-A1
Walsh,, d. no date, Mother, Sec. B-5-A1
Wambold,, no dates, Exempt Firemna medallion, Sec. D-14-B2
Ward,, no dates, Head stone only Perpetual Care, Sec. J-18-3A
Ward,, no dates, Sec. H-18-A5
Zwicker,, no dates, Sec. W-3-A13
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