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White Oak Ridge Cemetery
Short Hills, Essex County, New Jersey

white oak ridge cemetery, short hills, nj
White Oak Ridge Cemetery, Short Hills, NJ

GPS: 40.74614, -74.33389

360 White Oak Ridge Rd
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Published: April 16, 2023
Total records: 24

This was originally known as the Parsil Family Cemetery. It was on land owned by Thomas Parsil. Thomas was the first burial in the cemetery, having died in 1778. His brother Nicholas is also buried here, having died in 1780. The last known burial was that of Mrs. Samuel B. Parsil in 1933.

The cemetery restored in 1957 by a joint effort between the Short Hills Chapter of the DAR and the Millburn Shade Tree Commission.

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Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed by David Podmajersky from "The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey", Vol. II, No. 3, January, 1929, p. 106-7. This document contained the following statement...

Copied June 3, 1922, by Chester N. Jones and Russell B. Rankin

The persons mentioned in the following records are grouped into families so far as the information on the stones themselves will permit, and arranged alphabetically according to heads of families when practicable. The asterisk (*) indicates that no stone was found for the individual so designated, his name and relationship appearing on the stone of a member of his family."

Baldwin, Lewis*, w. Sally D.*; dg. Maria Parsil, d. Apr 21, 1833, aged 3.5.20
Cowperthwaite, John*, w. Lois, d. Jun 25, 1822, aged 74.11.18
Denman, Aaron*, w. Caroline*; s. William Parsil, d. Apr 22, 1841, aged 1.5.16
Denman, Smith, d. Mar 15, 1847, aged 66.7.0; w. Esther, d. Mar 5, 1867, aged 87.1.0
Edwards, Abraham, b. Jul 18, 1821, at New York, d. May 5, 1853, at South Cove, Long Island
Edwards, Oliver, d. Jan 14, 1836, aged 45.11.6; w. Charlotte, d. Jul 9, 1836, aged 44.0.12
Edwards, William*, w. Caroline Parsil*; dg. Charlotte, d. Mar 18, 1836, aged 4.2.0
Ferris, J. W.*, w. Sarah E.*; s. J. Everett, d. Jul 14, 1846, aged 1.1.17
Parcel, Capt. Thomas, d. Jul 4, 1778, aged 34 years. (Revolutionary War.)
Parcell, Nicholass, d. Jun 18, 1780, in 33rd year; w. Esther, d. Jul 16, 1816, in 68th year. (He was killed at the Battle of Springfield.)
Parsel, Thomas*, w. Lois*; dg. Lucy, d. Feb 6, 1777, aged 2.10.15; dg. Elizabeth, d. Dec 19, 1776, aged 0.10.13
Parsil, Edwin R., d. Octy 26, 1862, aged 41.4.0
Parsil, Elsie, 1889 - 1890
Parsil, Morton R., 1884 - 1904
Parsil, Samuel B., 1841 - 1910
Parsil, Thomas B., d. Mar 7, 1827, aged 30.1.0
Parsil, Thomas, d. Jan 18, 1836, aged 65.8.13; w. Phebe, d. Dec 14, 1859, aged 87.10.11
Parsil, William H., 1819 - 1877; w. Joan S. Burnet, 1818 - 1886
Parsil, William, d. Sep 24, 1850, aged 49.5.0; w. Hetty Reeve, b. Apr 26, 1801, d. Jun 8, 1871
Reynolds, William C.*, w. Abby Denman, b. Jun 11, 1806, d. May 31, 1887
Sprigg, William H., b. Nov 4, 1842, d. Dec 17, 1882; w. Sophia B. Parsil, b. Apr 5, 1844, d. Nov 21, 1898; s. Henry S., b. Mar 2, 1875, d. Mar 3, 1882; s. Willie, d. Sep 4, 1870, aged 0.9.0
Timpson, Cornelius B.*, w. Susan M.*; dg. Caroline Vail, d. Jun 4, 1834, aged 1.7.5; s. William Lewis, d. Sep 4, 1937, aged 1.2.19
Ward, Joseph C.*, w. Polly S., d. Feb 19, 1831, aged 29.2.0

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