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Newport Methodist Church Cemetery
Newport, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Contributed by Keith Allen, Sep 10, 2000 [kallen5206@aol.com]

Additional records added by:

Total records = 151.

Newport Methodist Church Cemetery
Next to Newport Methodist Church
340 Methodist Road
Newport, New Jersey 08345-2141
Church Phone # 856-447-4486

Church & Cemetery are located in: Newport, Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey, This listing was compiled on Sep 04, 2000

This is almost a complete listing of all the readable stones. There are a few that were unreadable, and quite a few stones with No information on them at all.

h/o = Husband of
w/o = Wife of
s/o = Son of
d/o = Daughter of

Bateman, George, b.11-22-1821 d.12-25-1878, h/o Rachel Bateman
Bateman, Henry O., b.11-20-1831 d.11-12-1866
Bateman, Luther, b. 12-12-1831 d. 8-11-1895
Bateman, Rachel, d. 9-22-1866, age at death 46yr 2mo 23da, w/o George Bateman
Bateman, Rebecca, b. 6-2-1884 d.2-20-1912
Blizzard, Annie, b.10-19-1860 d. 9-5-1964, d/o Henry & Margarete Blizzard
Blizzard, Henry,b. 12-8-1813 d.12-31-1864, h/o Margarete Blizzard
Blizzard, Margarete, b. 12-25-1825 d. 7-5-1866, w/o Henry Blizzard
Bradford, Henry Jr., d.10-13-1836, age at death 15yr 4 Mo 5da
Bradford, Mary, d.10-2-1835, age at death 10yr 11Mo 12da
Bradford, Richard, d. 10-30-1831, age at death 24yr 4Mo 27da
Burt, Sherman S., b. 1915 d.1957 Newport, NJ Fire Dept. Member
Campbell, Ann Elizabeth, b. 1828 d. 1914, w/o Charles T Campbell
Campbell, Archibald Sr., d. 6-10-1881, age at death 80yr 5mo 25 da, h/o Louvisa (Smith) Campbell
Campbell, Catherine, b. 2-28-1802 d. 6-9-1887, w/o David Campbell
Campbell, Charles D., d. 6-3-1895, age at death 65 yr, h/o Harriet W Campbell
Campbell, Charles T., b. 1829 d. 1912, h/o Ann Elizabeth Campbell
Campbell, Cynthia, b. 4-25-1830 d. 1-6-1913, w/o Isaac Campbell
Campbell, David, b. 10-24-1804 d. 11-17-1861, age at death 57yr & 24 da, h/o Catharine Campbell
Campbell, Deborah C., b. 5-27-1829 d. 3-24-1847
Campbell, Harriet W., b. 3-10-1826 d. 5-23-1863, w/o Charles D Campbell
Campbell, Isaac, b. 3-30-1822 d. 6-20-1913, h/o Cynthia Campbell
Campbell, Louvisa, d. 11-18-1875, age at death 76yr 7mo 20 da, w/o Archibald Campbell Sr.
Campbell, Margaret, b. 10-?-1812 d. 3-27-1865 Is 10th month can't read day
Campbell, Mary, d. 7-4-1880, age at death 79yr 4 Mo 13da
Campbell, Phebe Chard, b. 9-12-1871 d. 1-11-1911, d/o Charles D. & Deborah Campbell
Campbell, Rhonda, d. 12-23-1847, age at death 20yr 3 Mo 13da, d/o David & Catherine Campbell
Cossaboone, Jesse, d. 1-11-1903, age at death 83yr, Co. B 24th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Dickinson, Samuel, d. 6-10-1892, age at death 50yr, Co. 1 12th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Downam, Richard, b. 28 Feb 1761, d. 16 Dec 1830, [CG]
Downam, Sina, b. 1770, d. 9 Apr 1810, [CG]
Gaskill, Abel, b. 11-9-1793 d. 4-3-1864
Gaskill, Abigail, b. 10-29-1810 d. 10-17-1896
Gaskill, Benjamin, d. 4-8-1874, age at death 40yr, Co.D 25th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Gaskill, Benjamin, d. 7-11-1811, age at death 41yr 2mo 13da
Gaskill, Charles, d. 11-13-1876, age at death 86yr, h/o Elizabeth Gaskill
Gaskill, Elizabeth, d. 7-28-1861, age at death 62yr 9mo 1Day, w/o Charles Gaskill
Gaskill, Esther, b. 9-18-1801 d. 7-27-1886
Gaskill, Esther, d. 2-13-1845, age at death 82yr
Gaskill, George W., (info unreadable)
Gaskill, Hester, b. 12-13-1796 d. 5-7-1861
Gaskill, Jacob S., b. 1831 d. 1891, h/o Sarah H Gaskill
Gaskill, John, b. 9-23-1825 d. 9-5-1897, h/o Priscilla Gaskill
Gaskill, Laura F., b. 7-26-1862, d/o John & Priscilla Gaskill
Gaskill, Lovina, b. 11-7-1815 d. 7-11-18??, d/o Benjamin & Hester Gaskill
Gaskill, Priscilla, b. 11-8-1832 d. 8-11-1912, w/o John Gaskill
Gaskill, Sarah H., b. 1832 d. 1924, w/o Jacob S Gaskill
Hand, Hattie, b. 1898 d. 1981
Hand, Lillian S., b. 1866 d. 1940, w/o William F Hand
Hand, William F., b. 1858 d. 1926, h/o Lillian S Hand
Hand, William, b. 1930
Hand, Wilson C. Jr., b. 1927 d. 1933
Hand, Wilson C. Sr., b. 1900 d. 1964
Husted, Lucy C., b. 11-19-1824 d. 6-27-1890
Husted, William M., d. 12-5-1887, age at death 65yr 8 mo 28da
Jerrell, Elizabeth H., d. 1-23-1876, w/o John F Jerrell
Joslin, Anariah H., b. 7-19-1813 d. 1-29-1877
Joslin, Benjamin S., b. 1863 d. 1919
Joslin, Charles F. Jr., d. 10-12-1887, age 49 yr
Joslin, Charles M., d. 2-15-1806, age at death 80yr, h/o Judith Joslin
Joslin, Deborah, d. 8-30-1842, age at death 32yr, 2nd w/o William Joslin
Joslin, Eliza A., d. 3-14-1850, age at death 38yr
Joslin, Eliza, d. 4-17-1863, age at death 23
Joslin, Eva L., b. 1857 d.1943
Joslin, Hannah W., d. 9-20-1883, age at death 71yr, w/o William Joslin
Joslin, Judith, d. 8-12-1872, age at death 42yr, w/o Charles M Joslin
Joslin, Lizzie, d. 7-18-1856, d/o William & Hannah W Joslin
Joslin, Nancy L., b. 1852 d. 1929
Joslin, Quincy L., b. 1848 d.1934
Joslin, William, d. 7-8-1884, age at death 71yr, h/o Hannah W Joslin
Joslin, Zephaniah Jr., b. 11-30-1870 d. 3-12-1937
Joslin, Zephaniah, d. 12-19-1862, age at death 57 yr & 5 Mo
Ladlow, Mary Jane, b. 1828 d. 7-19-1897
Ladlow, Peter A., b. 1830 d. 12-26-1877
Lake, Mary Elizabeth, d. 12-7-1876, age at death (10 or 16 yr) & 17 da, d/o Robert & Susan Lake
Lake, Robert, b. 8-13-1812 d.1-7-1862, h/o Susan Lake
Lake, Robert, d. 5-25-1858, age at death 4 Mo 7 da, s/o Robert & Susan Lake
Lake, Susan, no dates, w/o Robert Lake
Lore, Amanda, b. 7-17-1830 d. 3-14-1908, w/o John Quincy Adams Lore
Lore, Artie, b. 1872 d. 1947
Lore, Charles, d. 6-28-1854, age at death 34 yr, s/o Clement & Mary Lore
Lore, Dallas, d. 9-3-1891, age 60yr, Co. D 25th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Lore, Daniel, d. 6-6-1916, age at death 88yr, h/o Nancy D Lore
Lore, David C., b. 1884 d. 1927
Lore, Eliza, b. 3-28-1826 d. 12-19-1839, d/o Ethan & Rhonda Lore
Lore, Elizabeth, b. 10-16-1802 d.12-15-1881
Lore, Ethan C., b. 12-8-1852 d. 3-10-1894, s/o Henry C & Mary A Lore
Lore, Ethan, b. 2-25-1793 d. 12-28-1887
Lore, Ethan, d. 4-18-1817, age at death 72yr & 2Mo
Lore, Firman, b. 12-29-1860 d.11-4-1926
Lore, Florence, b.1881 d.1953, w/o Harry Lore
Lore, Gilbert C., b. 1-11-1833 d. 6-29-1876, age at death 43yr 5 mo 21da, h/o Sarah Lore
Lore, Gilbert L., b. 1864 d. 1932
Lore, Harriet, b. 1839 d. 1900, w/o William C Lore
Lore, Harry, b. 1877 d. 1957, h/o Florence Lore
Lore, Henry C., d. 5-2-1901, age 74 yr h/o Mary A Lore, Co. K 12 Reg. N.J. Vol.
Lore, John C., b. 1852 d. 1932
Lore, John Quincy Adams, b. 3-25-1825 d. 12-25-1904
Lore, Martha E., d. 8-27-1863 died in the 20th year of her life, d/o Ethan & Elizabeth Lore
Lore, Mary A., b./ 6-27-1830 d. 1-11-1884, w/o Henry C Lore
Lore, Mary, d. 7-9-1872, age at death (22?), w/o William C Lore
Lore, Nancy B., b. 11-1-1805 d. 3-2-1894
Lore, Nancy D., d. 5-12-1898, age at death 65yr, w/o Daniel Lore
Lore, Rhonda, d. 4-22-1831, ageat death 52yr 10Mo 12da
Lore, Richard, d. 6-20-1886, age at death 80yr, h/o Nancy B Lore
Lore, Samuel S., d. 3-16-1880, age at death 22yr 10Mo 21da, s/o Dallas & Heneretti Lore
Lore, Sarah, d. 4-10-1876, age at death 39yr, w/o Gilbert C Lore
Lore, William C., b. 1-10-1832 d. 11-22-1873, s/o Ethan & Elizabeth Lore, Co II & Cav. Reg NJ Vol.
Lore, William C., b. 1826 d. 1898, h/o Harriet Lore
Lore, William C., d. 1-19-1838, age at death 38yr 11Mo 10da, h/o Mary Lore
Mayhew, Edith C., b. 1880 d.1885, d/o Samuel & Kate G Mayhew
Mayhew, George W., b. 1883 d. 1885, s/o Samuel & Kate G Mayhew
Mayhew, Kate G., b. 1861 d. 1901, w/o Samuel Mayhew
Mayhew, Lucy R., d. 8-5-1892, age at death 14yr 3 Mo 1Day, d/o Isaac & Rachel Mayhew
Mayhew, Samuel, b. 1859 d. 1929, h/o Kate G Mayhew
Ogden, Sallie F., b. 1-4-1860 d. 1-3-1888, w/o David S Ogden
Peterson, Mary Ann, b. 6-12-1837 d. 8-2-1864, w/o Aaron V Peterson
Robbins, David, b. 12-4-1828 d. 2-8-1857
Robbins, David, b. 2-1-1857 d. 10-3-1879, age at death 21yr 9 mo 22da
Robbins, David,, age at death 12yr 7 mo 20 da, s/o Sheppard & Hannah Robbins
Robbins, Hannah C., b. 9-18-1826 d. 5-23-1911, w/o Sheppard Robbins
Robbins, Sheppard, b. 1-25-1819 d. 9-10-1894, h/o Hannah Robbins
Sheppard, (unreadable), d. 12-20-1818, age at death 21yr 4 Mo 3da, s/o Isaac & Mary Sheppard
Sheppard, Abner Jr., d. 6-23-1849, age at death 50yr & 11da, h/o Hannah Sheppard
Sheppard, Abner Sr., b. 4-30-1831 d. 9-22-1862, age at death 31yr 5 Mo 22da
Sheppard, Charles T., d. 3-8-1904, age at death 71yr
Sheppard, Hannah, d. 10-11-1885, age at death 87yr, w/o Abner Sheppard Jr
Sheppard, Herbert M., d. 1-28-1892, age at death 27yr 4 Mo 23da, s/o Nathan & Annie Sheppard
Sheppard, Isaac G., d. 9-3-1860, s/o Isaac & Mary S. Sheppard
Sheppard, Isaac, d. 2-21-1858, age at death 57yr & 25 da, h/o Mary S Sheppard
Sheppard, J.D., b. 4-10-1864 d. 6-18-1897
Sheppard, Mary S., d. 3-3-1881, age at death 74 yr, w/o Isaac Sheppard
Sheppard, Nathan, d. 12-12-1875, age at death 38yr, s/o Isaac & Mary S. Sheppard
Shull, Anna E., b. 1844 d. 1921, w/o John L Shull
Shull, Gertrude S., b. 1884 d.1956
Shull, John L., b. 1845 d. 1921, h/o Anna E Shull
Shull, Richard B., d. 1-4-1902, age 68 yr, graveside flag indicates he was in the U S Navy
Smith, George W., d. 12-24-1902, age 78 yr, h/o Lucy Smith
Smith, Howard B., b. 6-17-1865 d. 10-30-1893
Smith, Lucy, b. 4-27-1828 d. 6-27-1883, w/o George W Smith
Smith, Mamie L., d. 7-11-1886, age at death 20yr & 11 da, w/o Henry C Smith, d/o Charles T & Margaret Sheppard
Socwell, Lorana, b. 5 Mar 1776, d. 11 Dec 1814, w/o Jonathan Socwell, Jr., [CG]
Socwell, Mary, b. 24 Sep 1787, d. 27 Dec 1814, w/o Henry S. Socwell, [CG]
Stites, Annie, b. 5-22-1861 d. 4-13-1866, d/o Howard & Emeline Stites
Stites, Eddie B., b. 2-18-1866 d. 8-26-1883, s/o Howard & Emeline Stites
Stites, Emeline, d. 6-29-1881, age at death 23yr, w/o Howard Stites, d/o David & Nancy Lore
Stites, Henry, d. 6-4-1886, age 50 yr, Co K 6th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Stites, James L, d. 3-21-1909, age74 yr, Co. H 24th Reg. N.J. Vol.
Stites, Kate, d. 6-12-1861, age 2 yr, d/o Howard & Emeline Stites
Whitecar, Carl, b. 11-17-1793 d. 9-4-1834
Williams, Elizabeth, d. 1891, Grandmother of Jacob S. & Sarah H. Gaskill


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