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Schoolhouse Road Cemetery
Jacobstown, Burlington County, New Jersey

Submitted by Eileen [Burlnton@aol.com].  Total records = 37.

Buckalew, Mildred, b.1889, d.1964, mate: Robert
Buckalew, Robert, b.1895, d.1981, mate: Mildred, PVT Army WWI
Errickson, Fuller b. b.1842, d.1920, mate: Susan, Co D 9 Regmt NJ Vol
Errickson, Susan, d.Dec 9 1877, mate: Fuller b.
Horner, Josephine, b.1856, d.1923, wife of John H. Shinn
Ridgway, Edna, b.1904, d.1980
Ridgway, Elton, b.1897, d.1968
Ridgway, Frank, b.1862, d.1936
Ridgway, Laura, b.1870, d.1918
Shinn, Charles L., mate, Thomas J.
Shinn, George L., William & Mina
Shinn, J. Miller, b.1828, d.1888, Mary & James & Susan
Shinn, James, b.1782, d.1851, with:J.Miller & Mary & Susan
Shinn, Mary M., b.1794, d.186-, with:J. Miller & James & Mary
Shinn, Mina H., mate: George & William
Shinn, Susan L., b.1838, d.1911, with J. Miller & Mary & James
Shinn, Thomas J., mate: Charles L,.
Shinn, William L., Mina & George
Southard, Blanche, b.1904, d., mate: Walter
Southard, Carrie, b.1886, d.1926, mate: Harvey Southard
Southard, Douglas G., b.Nov 24 1948, d.Jan 5 1997, Vietnam SGT US Army
Southard, E. Ellsworth, b.Apr 29 1864, d.Aug 2- 1947, mate: Mary E. Southard
Southard, Ella H., b.1876, d.1962, mate: Levi & Fred, Mother
Southard, Emeline, b.July 26 1832, d.Mar 21 1914, Roxanna B & Samuel
Southard, Fred, b.1902, d.1962, Ella H. & Levi, Son
Southard, George C., b.1925, d.1988, mate: Julia
Southard, Harold, b.1906, d.1907, mate: Lewis Southard
Southard, Harvey, b.1905, d.1905, mate: Harold Southard
Southard, Julia, b.1927, d.1959, mate: George C.
Southard, Levi, b.1876, d.1964, Ella H. & Fred, Father
Southard, Lewis, b.1867, d.1920, mate: Carrie Southard
Southard, Mary E., b.1868, d.1952, mate: E. Ellsworth
Southard, Riley, b.1877, d.1950
Southard, Roxanna b. b.Mar 17 1856, d.May 7 1914, Samuel & Emeline
Southard, Samuel L., b.Nov 8 1834, d.Jan 26 1913, Emeline & Roxanna B.
Southard, Walter, b.1901, d.1962, mate: Blanche

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