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Monument Cemetery
Beverly, Burlington County, New Jersey

monument cemetery
Monument Cemetery

GPS: 40.056737, -74.919805

812 Bridgeboro Road
Beverly, NJ 08010

Contributed by Mariann Janus [monumentcemetery@comcast.net]
submitted: Mar 6, 2007, updated May 5, 2016
Total records = 8,804

Monument Cemetery is located off of Route 130 and Bridgeboro Road, going East towards the Delaware River on Bridgeboro Road. It is located directly in back of the Beverly National Cemetery.

The owners of the lots are the owners of the cemetery but run by a Board of Trustees which consists of 9 members. The cemetery was established in 1865.

The follow records come from the office manager of the cemetery, who submitted to us a full database output of all information associated with each burial plot. Many of the records included sensitive information about living relatives, which we omitted from this publication. It also included the funeral director assocated with each burial, which we also omitted.

Older burials were originally documented in books. The staff at the cemetery then transcribed them into their computer system, and added a notation at the end of record indicating where in the book they found them.


Dates are listed in mm-dd-yyyy format. Note: Many of the dates from these older burials do not indicate month or day, but only year. The computer system output these dates to us as "00-00-1899" or "05-00-1921", etc. The "00" indicates "unknown".

Cemetery Records


b. = birth
d. = death
bur. = burial
sec. = secton
gr. = grave

Records Index:

Miscellaneous Records

The following records were included with those submitted by Mariann Janus above, but don't have any surnames...

D. B. N., d. 00-00-1921, bur. 00-00-1921, lot Row 17, gr. 2, sec. C, Stone on Grave/Info Original C Book Pg 9
K. M., lot Row 19, gr. 22, sec. C
MK, Marker on Grave, lot Row 19, gr. 22, sec. C
R. C., lot Row 17, gr. 6, sec. C, Tombstone on site with only initials
??, ??, d. 05-00-1907, Adult, bur. 05-14-1907, sec. Buried in Poor Ground/Info Secretary Bk 1907
??, ??, d. 06-00-1930, Adult, Found in Delaware River, bur. 06-10-1930, lot Row 23, gr. 11, sec. C, Buried as Unknown
??, ??, d. 09-00-1910, Adult, bur. 09-00-1910, lot Row 4, gr. 29, sec. C, Buried as Unknown
??, Baby, d. 05-25-1950, age About 9 Wks, bur. 05-27-1950, Buried in back of Shop/No Identity
??, Baby, d. 06-00-1930, Infant, Found in Delaware River, bur. 06-10-1930, lot Row 9, gr. 31, sec. C, Found along with adult
??, Baby, d. 07-30-1951, age 1 Mo., Suffocation, bur. 08-02-1951, lot 704 Plus, gr. 2, sec. Central, Buried in Baby Row
??, Fetus, Fetus, Anoxia/Prematurity, bur. 03-29-1965, Buried in back of Shop/No Identity
??, Male, d. 02-12-1931, age 50, Killed by Railroad Train, bur. 02-13-1931, lot Row 18, gr. 20, sec. C, Possible Identity V. Ware (See Ware)

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