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Spring Valley Cemetery (Behnke Farm Cemetery) (Sluck Up Cemetery)
Bergen County, New Jersey

Spring Valley Road & Viola Way
Paramus, NJ

Lat: 40° 55' 54N, Lon: 74° 03' 13W

Contributed by Richard Hrazanek, Mar 20, 2003 [rhrazanek@yahoo.com]. Total records = 66.

The cemetery is located east of Spring Valley Road and west of Behnke Brook. There is a Bergen County Historical Marker Sign on Spring Valley Road for the cemetery, but the cemetery can not be seen. Access is gained on Viola Road, through a path between 146 and 148.

This early cemetery contains sandstone and marble markers, many of which are illegible or broken due to time, pollution and vandalism. There are numerous holes do to ground hogs, further aiding in the destruction of the cemetery

The cemetery is owned by the Borough of Paramus. The address for the borough is Jockish Square, Paramus, NJ 07652 - (201) 265-2100.

This cemetery contains the names of some of the earliest families in this area of Bergen County, like Banta, Bogert, Demarest and Van Saun. The cemetery also contains the graves of two Revolutionary War soldiers and one Civil War soldier. The cemetery is on the land of the former farm of Gilliam J. Zabriskie, then later the Behnke family.

An asterisk * appears for the names I found on an old survey done by George Budke in 1916, where I did not find any evidence of the stones when I walked the cemetery in March, 2003.

- Richard Hrazanek

??, B. P., d. 1780
Ackerman, Margaret, b. 10 Feb 1764, d. 6 Sep 1805, birth year may be 1767*
Banta, Abram C., b. 6 Nov 1852, d. 16 Nov 1886
Banta, Agness (Van Saun), d. 21 Dec 1862, age: 78y 4m 15d, w/o Cornelius H. Banta*
Banta, Benjamin Duryea, d. 3 Oct 1856, age: 5y 8m 19d, s/o Henry & Anna Maria Banta
Banta, Catharine (Terhune), b. 6 Aug 1823, d. 27 Jun 1890, w/o Cornelius H. Banta
Banta, Charles Augustus, d. 7 Oct 1861, age: 3m 20d, s/o Henry & Anna Maria Banta
Banta, Cornelius H., b. 13 Mar 1819, d. 18 Nov 1904
Banta, Cornelius H., d. 17 Aug 1854, age: 84y 5m 9d*
Banta, Elizabeth (Lake), d. 4 Sep 1817, age: 67y 8m 18d, w/o Henry Banta
Banta, Garret Hopper, d. 14 Feb 1850, age: 7m, s/o Henry & Anna Maria Banta*
Banta, Henry C., d. 13 Sep 1821, age: 22y 8m*
Banta, Henry H., d. 29 Feb 1864, age: 69y 10m 16d
Banta, Henry, b. 15 Sep 1796, d. 31 May 1798, age: 1y 8m 15d*
Banta, Henry, d. 12 Aug 1817, age: 66y 1m 18d, h/o Elizabeth Lake, Veteran of the Revolutionary War
Banta, Jane, d. 12 Jun 1875, age: 97y 2m 16d, w/o John H. Banta
Banta, John H., d. 29 Jun 1855, age: 83y 6m 7d
Banta, Lavina (Zabriskie), d. 16 Jan 1862, age: 70y 4m 12d, w/o Henry H. Banta*
Banta, Lavinah Sobriskie, d. 7 Feb 1850, age: 3y 11m 10d, d/o Henry & Anna Maria Banta*
Banta, Lidia (Van Saun), d. 22 Feb 1804, age: 32y 5m, w/o Cornelius Banta*
Banta, Sarah, d. 8 Aug 1845, age: 2y 6m 24d, d/o Cornelius H. & Catharine Banta*
Bartholf, Maria, d. 18 Feb 1870, age: 70y 5m 9d*
Begart, Rebecca, d. 12 Dec 1807, age: 1y 11m 6d, d/o Samuel & Ettie Begart
Bertholff, John, d. 8 Apr 1852, age: 86y 9m 15d*
Bogert, Albert I., d. 22 Sep 1861, age: 84y 10m 3d*
Bogert, Jacob A., d. 10 Dec 1866, age: 76y 8m 19d*
Bogert, Jane (Kipp), d. 3 Jun 1853, age: 74y 3m 7d, w/o Albert I. Bogert*
Bogert, John A., b. 26 Mar 1748, d. 25 Oct 1823, age: 74y 6m 30d*
Bogert, Rachel (Van Saun), b. 15 Feb 1798, d. 1 Sep 1846, age: 48y 6m 16d, w/o Jacob A. Bogert*
Bogert, Samuel A., d. 24 Jul 1867, age: 61y 8m 23d
Bogert, Samuel I., b. 31 Mar 1778, d. 13 Apr 1830
Brouwer, Yacob, d. 26 Aug 1784, age: 58y, Veteran of the Revolutionary War*
Cundlah, C. A., b. 14 Apr 1828, d. Jan ?, age: ??
Debaun, Effie (Demarest), d. 13 Dec 1862, age: 75y 8m 7d, w/o Peter C. Debaun, formerly wife of Samuel I. Bogert*
Demarest, Aaron, d. 14 Mar 1838, age: 57y 6m 18d*
Demarest, Christina (Bogert), d. 5 Dec 1868, age: 82y 5m 12d, w/o Aaron Demarest
Demarest, Cornelius A., d. 27 May 1883, age: 66y 8m 5d, Civil War Veteran
Demarest, Eliza (Banta), d. 6 Jan 1883, age: 65y 8m, w/o Cornelius A. Demarest
Demarest, Elizabeth, b. 16 Jul 1792, d. 23 Mar 1869 *
Demarest, Nicholas, b. 3 May 1759, d. 6 Feb 1811, age: 51y 9m 3d
Kipp, Albert, d. 28 Jan 1852, age: 66y 7m 18d*
Kipp, Araminta, d. 30 Dec 1853, age: 15y 4m 25d*
Kipp, James Bogert, d. 25 Sep 1848, age: 21y 10m 1d*
Kipp, John, d. 28 Feb 1862, age: 50y 19d
Kipp, Rachel, d. 21 Jul 1854, age: 63y 10m 23d, w/o Albert Kipp*
Kipp, William B., d. 21 Apr 1856, age: 65y 4m 11d
Van Arsdale, James, d. 21 Apr 1855, age: 51y 5m 5d, Deacon*
Van Saun, David, d. 8 Mar 1825, age: 56y 5m 3d*
Van Saun, Isaac L., b. 1 Nov 1778, d. 24 Apr 1850, age: 71y 1m 23d
Van Saun, Isaac, b. 17 Mar 1749, d. 9 May 1832, age: 83y 1m 22d
Van Saun, Jane (Ackerman), b. 4 Apr 1754, d. 6 Oct 1822, age: 68y 6m 2d, w/o Isaac Van Saun
Van Saun, Jane (Demarest), d. 9 May 1870, age: 57y 5m 9d, w/o Lucas I. Van Saun*
Van Saun, John C., d. 1 Mar 1849, age: 74y 7m 4d*
Van Saun, Kastyne, b. 1 Jul 178?, d. 5 Feb 1791*
Van Saun, Leah (Brower), d. 5 Jun 1859, age: 93y, w/o David Van Saun*
Van Saun, Lucas I., d. 31 Oct 1848, age: 34y 4m 15d
Van Saun, Margaret, d. 5 Sep 1832, age: 23y 11m 15d, w/o Albert Z. Van Saun*
Van Saun, Maria, b. 13 Jul 1829, d. 6 Apr 1836, d/o Albert & Margaret Van Saun*
Van Saun, Rachel, b. 5 Dec 1821, d. 28 Jun 1839, age: 17y 6m 23d
Van Saun, Sarah (Huyler), d. 20 Feb 1854, age: 76y 10m 17d, w/o John C. Van Saun*
Van Voorhis, Jane, d. 19 Aug 1805, age: 1y 8m 2d, d/o Hendrick & Wantea Van Voorhis*
Voorhis, Albert I., d. 20 Nov 1879, age: 73y 10m 20d
Voorhis, John L., b. 26 Apr 1791, d. 22 Feb 1849, age: 57y 9m 26d
Voorhis, Lucas J., d. 4 May 1855, age: 30y 8m 25d
Westervelt, Jane (Ackerman), b. 29 Jul 1769, d. 2 Jul 1851, age: 81y 11m 3d, w/o Henry Westervelt
Wortendyke, Cornelius, d. 12 Feb 1843, age: 3y 10m 12d, s/o Cornelius & Lydia Wortendyke*

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