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Sunnyside Cemetery
Sugar Hill, Grafton County, New Hampshire

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 25.

Contributor's Index:

??, Hannah, d. 26 Aug 1856, Wife Of Samuel Thayer, Age 55y [Son of Perley & Hannah Liscomb], [DT]
??, Joanna, d. 08 Mar 1847, Wife Of Zara Thayer, Age 31y [Son of Levi & Lydia Havens], [DT]
Aldrich, Cannie L., b. 07 Dec 1864, d. 15 Nov 1865, dau of Henry Earle Aldrich, Sr and Marcelia Ione Howland, [DA]
Aldrich, Dinah, b. 28 Apr 1717 Mendon, Mass., d. aft Mar 1755 & bef 1762, w/o William Aldrich, d/o Edward and Dinah Aldrich, [DA]
Aldrich,Jethro, b. 3 Jun 1773 Douglas, MA, d. 14 Oct 1856 Lisbon NH, h/o Elsie Appleby(bee) & Hannah Mann, s/o William and Dinah Aldrich, [DA]
Aldrich, Marcelia Ione,
b. 4 Apr 1842, d. 12 Dec 1871, d/o Hosea Howland and Phebe Hildreth, 1st w/o Henry Earle Aldrich Sr, [DA]
Aldrich, Martha E., b. 13 Sep 1869, d. 5 Oct 1870, dau of Henry Earle Aldrich,Sr and Marcelia Ione Howland, [DA]
Aldrich, Mary, d. 26 Dec 1851, Wife Of Mephibosheth Thayer, Age 45y 8m [Son Of Levi Thayer & Lydia Havens], [DT]
Aldrich, Peter, b. 26 Dec 1767 Douglas, Mass., d. 10 Jan 1781 Sugar Hill, Lisbon NH., s/o William and Dinah Aldrich, [DA]
Aldrich, William,
b. 13 Jan 1731 Douglas, Mass., d. 9 Sep 1803 Lisbon, NH., son of Jacob and Joanna Aldrich, [DA]
Applebee(by), Elsie, d. 22 Aug 1814 Franconia NH, w/o Jethro Aldrich, [DA]
Mann, Hannah, b. 1776/77 Bath NH, d. 27 Jul 1862 Franconia NH, 2nd w/o Jethro Aldrich, [DA]
Smith, Catherine, d. 12 Feb 1843, Wife Of Samuel Thayer, Age 53y [Son Of Perley & Hannah Liscomb], [DT]
Thayer, Catherine S., b. 1824, d. 1903, Wife Of Ward B. Noyes, [DT]
Thayer, Eber, d. 12 Jul 1879, Age 82y, [DT]
Thayer, Ella J., b. 1867, d. 1889, Wife Of Van Taylor, [DT]
Thayer, Elsie (Elcy), d. 25 Jun 1898, Dau. Of Eber & Mercy (Aldrich) Thayer, Age 72y 9m, [DT]
Thayer, Emeline, d. 20 Sep 1861, Dau. Of Eber & Mercy (Aldrich) Thayer, Age 32y 10m, [DT]
Thayer, Harvlin, d. 08 Sep 1856, Son Of Eber & Mercy, Age 12y 6m, [DT]
Thayer, Joanna, d. 02 Mar 1852, Dau. Of Zara & Mary (Parker) Thayer, Age 2y 10m, [DT]
Thayer, Mercy, d. 11 Mar 1851, Wife Of Eber, Age 47y, [DT]
Thayer, Nancy Jane, d. 06 Jun 1859, Age 14y 10m, Dau. Of Zara & Joanna (Aldrich) Thayer, [DT]
Thayer, Norman, d. 02 Jan 1831, Son Of Eber & Mercy, [DT]
Thayer, Permelia H., d. 19 Jul 1849, Dau. Of Eber & Mercy, Age 17y, [DT]
Weare, Lucy, d. 05 Feb 1876, Wife Of Willis Thayer, Age 41y [Son Of Ephraim & Eliza Quimby], [DT]


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