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West Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

west cemetery
West Cemetery

GPS: 42.937606, -72.316621

Bradford Rd & Sawyer Rd
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 19, 2017
Total records: 811

West Cemetery is owned by the City of Keene.


West Cemetery dates back to the 1700s, when it used to be known as, "Old Graveyard at Ash Swamp", and often associated with, "The Josiah Sawyer Place". Originally, the cemetery had been owned by the owners of the Josiah Sawyer property. It's been said that it was deeded to the City of Keene by Abraham Wheeler.

Neighbors and friends had built a stone wall that once encompassed the cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 19, 2017...

Note: There appears to be many inaccurate dates due to typographical errors on behalf of the City. We've made no corrections...

ABBOTT, Andrea, burial: MAR-24-1983, Lot: 216 AND 223
ABBOTT, Baby Girl, Lot: 12
ADAMS, Dorothy, Section: 26
ADAMS, Elva, Section: 26
ADAMS, Mary, Section: 13
ADAMS, Minnie, Lot: 31
ALDRICH, Abbie, Section: 11, Lot: 1
ALDRICH, Edwin, Lot: 31 A
ALDRICH, Henry, Lot: 31 A
ALDRICH, Nellie, Lot: 31 A
ALDRICH, Nettie, burial: DEC-23-1964, Lot: 31 A
ALDRICH, Sarah, Section: 33
ALDRICH, Valmore, Lot: 31 A
ALLEN, Calvin, Section: 5
ALLEN, Leon, Section: 5
ALLEN, Polly, Section: 5
AMIDON, Amasa, burial: JAN-03-2026, Lot: 39
AMIDON, Sarah, burial: JUL-20-2020, Lot: 39
ASHCROFT, Frank, Section: 32
AUSTIN, Fay, burial: APR-13-1984, Lot: 126 and 119
AUSTIN, Jackson, Lot: 126 and 119
AYERS, Ada, Lot: 17
AYERS, Harriet, Lot: 17
AYERS, Wallace, Lot: 17
BABCOCK, Harriette, death: MAR-28-2013, burial: APR-01-2013, Lot: 224
BABCOCK, Robert, burial: MAR-26-1986, Lot: 224
BABCOCK, Winifred, burial: NOV-10-1993, Lot: 224
BAIRD, Doris, burial: JUL-29-1992, Lot: 109
BAKER, Amanda, Section: 13
BAKER, Betsey, Section: 13
BAKER, Charles, Section: 13
BAKER, David, Section: 13
BAKER, Emely, Section: 13
BAKER, Emily, Section: 13
BAKER, John, Section: 13
BAKER, Sanford, Section: 13
BAKER, Thomas, Section: 13
BALCH, Clayton, burial: DEC-15-1980, Lot: 148
BALCH, Elsie, burial: JUL-16-1945, Lot: 148
BALCH, Julia, burial: MAR-20-1969, Lot: 148
BAMFORTH, Irving, Lot: 68
BAMFORTH, Irving, burial: AUG-08-1985, Lot: 68 1/2
BAMFORTH, Reita, burial: OCT-17-1983, Lot: 68 1/2
BANKS, Sarah, Section: 32
BARCOME, Morris, burial: JUN-24-1968, Lot: 123 West
BARKER, Cassie, Lot: 104 AND 111
BARKER, Daniel, Lot: 104 AND 111
BARKER, Sarah, Lot: 104 AND 111
BARLOW, Arthur, burial: APR-23-1954, Section: 42
BARLOW, Winne, burial: JUN-26-1951, Section: 42
BARNARD, Alfred, Lot: 58
BARNARD, Alice, Lot: 58
BARNARD, Hadley, burial: APR-30-1996, Lot: 58
BARNARD, Robert, Lot: 58
BARNES, Amelia, Lot: 26
BARNES, Theron, Lot: 26
BARRETT, Lester, Lot: N AND O
BARRETT, Lillian, Lot: N AND O
BARRETT, Morgan, Lot: N AND O
BARRETT, Paul, burial: DEC-28-1978, Lot: N AND O
BARRON, Margaret, Lot: 6
BARRON, Peter, Lot: 6
BARTLETT, George, Section: 150, Lot: 146
BARTLETT, George, Lot: 146
BARTLETT, Marion, Section: 150, Lot: 146
BARTLETT, Marion, Lot: 146
BATES, Elwin, Lot: 3
BATES, Erma, Lot: 3
BATES, Forest, Lot: 3
BEAL, Eunice, Lot: H 76
BEAL, Janet, Lot: H 76
BEAL, Leon, Lot: H 76
BEDAW, Frances, Lot: 47
BEEBE, Charles, Section: 14
BEEBE, Edmund, Section: 14
BEEBE, Elthea, Section: 14
BEEBE, Jane, Section: 14
BEEBE, Lucinda, Section: 14
BENT, Bessie, burial: JUN-05-1987, Lot: 47
BENT, Emmons, burial: MAY-31-1952, Lot: 47
BESSELL, Helen, burial: NOV-27-1991, Lot: 216
BESSELL, Margaret and Helen, burial: NOV-27-1991, Lot: 216 AND 223
BIGELOW, Augusta, Lot: 14
BIGELOW, Gertrude, Lot: 15
BIGELOW, Lowell, Lot: 15
BIGELOW, William, Lot: 14
BILLINGS, Chauncey, Section: 19
BILLINGS, Esther, Section: 19
BILLINGS, Hannah, Section: 19
BILLINGS, Keziah, Section: 19
BIRD, Mary, burial: NOV-10-1983, Lot: 220 W 1/2
BIRD, Robert, burial: NOV-12-1974, Lot: 220 W 1/2
BIRT, John, burial: MAY-16-1953, Section: 33
BISHOP, Henry, Lot: 126 and 119
BISSELL, Abbie, Lot: 30
BISSELL, Emma, burial: MAY-13-1947, Lot: 30
BISSELL, Lucius, Lot: 30
BISSELL, Verna, burial: FEB-23-1976, Lot: 52
BIXBY, Henry, Lot: 144
BIXBY, Mary, Lot: 144
BIXBY, Walter, Lot: 144
BLAKE, Dr Obadiah, Section: 23, Lot: 23
BLAKE, Lydia, Section: 23, Lot: 23
BLAKE, Phillis, Section: 23, Lot: 23
BLAKE, Royal, Section: 23, Lot: 23
BLAKE, Solomon, Section: 23, Lot: 23
BLANCHARD, Amos, Lot: 42
BLANCHARD, Doris (Dorothy), burial: APR-07-1995, Lot: 28
BLANCHARD, Emma, burial: OCT-21-1975, Lot: 39
BLANCHARD, Franklin, burial: SEP-18-1992, Lot: 28
BLANCHARD, Henri, Lot: 39
BLANCHARD, Ressie, burial: AUG-05-1996, Lot: 39
BLANCHARD, Roy, burial: MAY-19-2000, Lot: 28
BLODGETT, Andrew, Section: 20
BLODGETT, Mary, Section: 20
BLOMBACH, Anna, burial: MAY-21-1974, Lot: M
BLOMBACH, Daniel, Lot: M
BLOMBACH, Godfrey, burial: FEB-02-1959, Lot: M
BLOMBACH, Helma, burial: MAY-11-1965, Lot: M
BOLIO, Rose, Section: 30
BORSH, Sarah, Section: 36
BOWE, Frederick, Lot: 141
BOWE, Sarah, Lot: 141
BOWEN, Theodore, burial: AUG-19-1958, Section: 30
BOWEN, Vera, burial: DEC-02-1968, Section: 30
BOYLE, Ida, burial: JUN-02-1994, Lot: 214 E 1/2
BOYLE, Lawrence, burial: AUG-28-1998, Lot: 214 E 1/2
BRADFORD, Daniel, Section: 11
BRADFORD, Emily, Section: 11
BRADFORD, Sarah, Section: 11
BRAGG, Calvin, Section: 31 north
BRAGG, Eliza, Section: 31 north
BRAGG, Hulda, Section: 31 north
BRAGG, Mary, Section: 31 north
BREED, Bertha, burial: APR-25-1996, Lot: I
BREED, Winfred, burial: MAY-16-1978, Lot: I
BRIGGS, Lucy, burial: SEP-15-1945, Lot: 10
BRITTON, Bertha, burial: FEB-12-1973, Lot: 107
BRITTON, Cora, Lot: 107
BRITTON, Grace, Lot: 107
BRITTON, William, burial: JUN-01-1943, Lot: 107
BROWN, Allen, Section: 35
BROWN, Ammi, Section: 35
BROWN, Ann, Section: 35
BROWN, Calvin, Section: 35
BROWN, Daniel, Section: 35
BROWN, Hepsey, Section: 35
BROWN, Hepsey, Section: 35
BROWN, Jean, Lot: 9
BROWN, John, Section: 35
BROWN, Joseph, Section: 35
BROWN, Joseph, Section: 35
BROWN, Kezia, Section: 35
BROWN, Mary, Section: 35
BROWN, Squire, Section: 35
BROWN, Sylvia, Section: 35
BROWN, Wealthy, Section: 35
BRUNDAGE, Charlotte, burial: JUL-17-1998, Lot: 11
BURKE, Charles, burial: MAY-22-1973, Lot: 206 W 1/2
BURKE, Hope, burial: NOV-20-1992, Lot: 206 W 1/2
BURNS, Edwin, Lot: 24
BURNS, Robert, Lot: 24
BURT, Allen, Section: 5
BURT, Charles, death: OCT-12-2001, Concord, burial: OCT-19-2001, Section: 5
BURT, G, Lot: E
BURT, Lucy, burial: DEC-24-1974, Lot: 56
BURT, Mary, burial: JUN-09-1976, Lot: 56
BURT, Phyllis, death: MAR-27-2007, Peterborough, burial: APR-12-2007, Section: 5
BURT, Sadie, burial: MAY-15-1973, Section: 5
BURT JR, Guy, Lot: 56
BURT SR, Guy, burial: DEC-01-1970, Lot: 56
BUSHEY, Carol, Lot: 93
BUSHEY, Roy, death: JUL-15-2012, burial: JUL-19-2012, Lot: 93
BUSS, Fernando, Section: 4
BUSS, Hannah, Section: 4
BUSS, Harriet, Section: 4
BUSS, Mary, Section: 4
BUSS, Stillman, Section: 4
CADY, James, Lot: 34
CALDWELL, Clarence, burial: JUL-15-1969, Lot: 57
CALDWELL, Helena, death: MAY-15-2003, Keene, burial: MAY-20-2003, Lot: 57
CAMERON, David, death: APR-26-2009, Scottsdale AZ, burial: JUL-06-2009, Lot: 51
CAMERON, Donald, burial: MAY-04-1957, Lot: 51
CAMERON, Eliza, burial: MAR-03-1997, Lot: 32
CAMERON, Jessica, burial: JUN-14-1997, Lot: 51
CAMERON, Kate, burial: FEB-04-1974, Lot: 51
CAMERON, Richard, burial: JUN-12-1991, Lot: 51
CAMERON, Simon, burial: SEP-18-2002, Lot: 32
CAPELLE, Richard, death: OCT-06-2016, Lebanon, NH, burial: OCT-17-2016, Section: BRADFORD EXT, Lot: 9 (4 ON MAP)
CARSWELL, Janet, Lot: 136
CASS, George, Lot: 95 and 100
CASS, Nell, Lot: 95 and 100
CHAMBERLAIN, Abelaide, Section: 23, Lot: 23
CHAMBERLAIN, Elisha, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Ellen, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Emma, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, John, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, John, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Lizzie, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Nancy, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Olive, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Sylvia, Section: 28
CHAMBERLAIN, Wm, Section: 28
CHAMPAGNE, Amy, burial: SEP-19-1964, Lot: 123 West
CHAMPAGNE, Solomon, Lot: 123 West
CHASE, Carl, Lot: 59
CHASE, Jennie, Lot: 59
CHASE, Mary, burial: JAN-06-1969, Lot: 59
CHASE, Norman, Lot: 59
CHASE, JR, Norman, death: JAN-13-2004, burial: APR-26-2004, Lot: 59
CLARK, Betsey, Section: 26
CLARK, Delana, Section: 25 center
CLARK, Fanny, Section: 18
CLARK, Franklin, Section: 25 center
CLARK, Gideon, Section: 25 center
CLARK, Lovey, Section: 18
CLARK, Mary, Section: 25 center
CLARKE, Gertrude, burial: FEB-15-1984, Lot: 212
CLARKE, Richard, burial: SEP-28-1972, Lot: 212
CLOUTIER, Clementine, death: MAR-09-2002, Kingston NY, burial: MAR-18-2002, Lot: 128
CLOUTIER, Robert, burial: JUN-22-1983, Lot: 128
COCHRAN, Austin, Section: 22
COCHRAN, Cornelia, Section: 22
COCHRAN, William, Section: 22
COLBURN, George, burial: JAN-11-1966, Lot: 55
COLBURN, Leone, burial: SEP-14-1982, Lot: 55
COLBURN, Mardin, Lot: 55
COLBURN, Virginia, Lot: 55
COLONY, Almira, Section: 24
COLONY, George, Section: 24
COLONY, John, Section: 24
COLONY, John, Section: 24
COLONY, Lockhart, Section: 24
COLONY, Mary, Section: 24
COLONY, Milly, Section: 24
COLONY, Sarah, Section: 24
COLONY, Timothy, Section: 24
COLONY, Timothy, Section: 24
CONANT, Clare, death: JAN-02-1984, burial: JAN-13-1984, Lot: 131
CONANT, Florence, Lot: 131
CONANT, Frank, Lot: 131
CONANT, Mabel, Lot: 131
CONANT, Minnie, burial: AUG-22-1997, Lot: 131
CONANT, Roma, Lot: 131
CONANT, Ruth, burial: NOV-27-1990, Lot: 141
CONANT, Walter, burial: OCT-11-1967, Lot: 141
CONANT SR, Ralph, burial: JUN-25-1976, Lot: 131
CONRAD, Guy, Lot: 41
COOK, Charles, Lot: 20
COOK, Harriet, Lot: 20
COOK, Mary, Lot: 20
CRAM, Charles
CRAM, Charlotte
CROSSMAN, Frank, burial: MAY-16-1938, Lot: 43
CROTTO, W, burial: NOV-26-1990, Section: 30
CUMMINGS, George, burial: FEB-23-2001, Lot: 200
CUMMINGS, George, burial: SEP-30-2009, Lot: 200
CURTIS, Alice, Section: 10
CURTIS, Beltran, Section: 10
CURTIS, Calvin, Section: 10
CURTIS, Celia, Section: 10
CURTIS, Claude, Section: 10
CURTIS, Irvin, Section: 10
CURTIS, Lucy, Section: 10
CURTIS, Mary, Section: 10
CURTIS, Milan, Section: 10
CUSHING, Adelaide, burial: AUG-09-1977, Lot: 217 E 1/2
CUSHING, Audrey, death: MAR-25-2003, Keene, burial: JUL-12-2005, Lot: 217 E 1/2
CUSHING, Roland, burial: OCT-30-1972, Lot: 217 E 1/2
CUTLER, Alice, Section: 15
CUTLER, Charles, Section: 15
CUTLER, Clare, Lot: Private
CUTLER, Elise, Lot: Private
CUTLER, Elizabeth, Section: 15
CUTLER, Frank, Section: 15
DANIELS, Charles, Lot: 16
DANIELS, Ezra, Lot: 16
DANIELS, George, Section: 12
DANIELS, Hannah, Section: 12
DANIELS, James, Lot: 16
DANIELS, John, Lot: 16
DANIELS, Mima, Lot: 16
DANIELS, Sabrina, Section: 12
DAVIS, Addie, burial: FEB-05-1946, Lot: 18
DAVIS, Althea, Lot: 120
DAVIS, Alvin, Lot: 18
DAVIS, Bertha, burial: MAR-03-1995, Lot: 18
DAVIS, Edward, burial: JUL-18-2000, Lot: 18
DAVIS, Fred, Lot: 120
DAVIS, Henry, Lot: 18
DAVIS, Ida, Lot: 3
DECHARLES, Nellie, burial: OCT-09-1993, Lot: 24
DEFORREST, Wayland, Lot: H 76
DELINO, Rose, Section: 30
DERBY, Thomas, burial: JUN-04-1991, Lot: 211 W 1/2
DICKINSON, Amily, Section: 8
DICKINSON, Elmer, Section: 8
DICKINSON, Eloie, Section: 8
DICKINSON, Mary, Section: 8
DOMPIER, Anna, Section: 16
DOMPIER, Mabel, burial: SEP-24-1974, Lot: 3
DONOVAN, John, burial: DEC-10-1982, Lot: 211 W 1/2
DORT, Arvilla, Section: 6
DORT, Bithiah, Section: 17
DORT, Lewis, Section: 6
DURANT, Hannah, Section: 26
DWINELL, Charles, Section: 40
DWINELL, Isabella, Section: 40
DWINELL, Mary, Section: 40
DWINELL, Sarah, Section: 40
DWINELL, Thomas, Section: 40
DWINELL, Thomas, Section: 40
EDSON, Mary, Lot: 60
EK, Selma, burial: JUL-28-1948, Lot: 113
ELLIS, Archelaus, Section: 29
ELLIS, Bessie, burial: MAR-14-1973, Lot: 108
ELLIS, Betsey, Section: 2
ELLIS, Beulah, Section: 2
ELLIS, Charlotte, Section: 29
ELLIS, Elmina, Section: 29
ELLIS, Eugene, Section: 29
ELLIS, Fanny, Section: 29
ELLIS, Franklin, Section: 29
ELLIS, George, Section: 29
ELLIS, Mary, Section: 29
ELLIS, Myron, Section: 15
ELLIS, Nathaniel, Section: 2
ELLIS, Polly, Section: 29
ELLIS, Rosa, Section: 2
ELLIS, Stanley, Section: 13
ELLIS, Thomas, Section: 2
ELLIS, Walter, Lot: 108
EMERY, Cynthia, Section: 9
ERSKINE, Annette, burial: MAY-11-1982, Lot: 225 W 1/2
ERSKINE, Benjamin, death: JUL-09-2009, Clearwater FL, burial: AUG-18-2009, Lot: 225 W 1/2
ESPENHAIN, Sarah, Section: 29
ESTEY, Florence, Section: 8
ESTEY, Henry, Lot: 13
ESTEY, Irving, Lot: 13
ESTEY, Mabel, burial: SEP-25-1970, Lot: 13
ESTEY, Sarah, Lot: 13
ESTEY, Walter, Section: 8
EVELETH, Charles, Lot: 96
EVELETH, Mary, burial: OCT-15-1941, Lot: 96
FAULKNER, Kate, Section: 98
FAULKNER, Robert, burial: APR-18-1943, Section: 98
FELCH, Cheever, Section: 6
FELCH, Mrs Cheever, Section: 6
FELCH, Olive, Section: 6
FELT, Elijah, Section: 21
FELT, Ruth, Section: 21
FERNALD, Laura, Lot: 114
FERNALD, Wilmot, Lot: 114
FIELD, Edmund, Section: 12
FIELD, Susan, Section: 12
FINDON, Alice, Lot: 117
FINDON, George, Lot: 117
FISHER, Daniel, Section: 6
FISHER, Daniel, Section: 6
FISHER, Loring, Section: 6
FISHER, Susan, Section: 6
FISHER, Thomas, Section: 6
FLAVIN, Gary, death: APR-12-1990, burial: MAY-09-1990, Lot: 4 AND 5
FLAVIN, Lilly, Lot: 4 AND 5
FOLLANSBEE, Jennie, burial: MAY-11-1956, Lot: 128
FOLLANSBEE, Marcel, death: JUL-11-2002, Lebanon, NH, burial: JUL-19-2002, Lot: 128
FOLLANSBEE, Phyllis, burial: DEC-06-1996, Lot: 128
FOLLANSBEE, Ralph, burial: APR-17-1989, Lot: 128
FOLLANSBEE, Seth, Lot: 128
FORD, Lillian, Lot: 48
FORD, Sewell, Lot: 48
FORNEY, Sarah, burial: MAR-18-1983, Lot: 104 AND 111
FOSTER, Abijah, Section: 9
FOSTER, Artemisia, Section: 9
FOSTER, Betsey, Section: 32
FOSTER, David, Section: 32
FOSTER, George, Section: 9
FOSTER, Mary, Section: 32
FOSTER, Nancy, Section: 32
FOSTER, Polly, Section: 32
FOSTER, Sally, Section: 32
FOSTER, Samuel, Section: 32
FULLER, George, burial: SEP-29-1959, Lot: 139
FULLER, Mary, burial: MAY-25-1951, Lot: 139
GAGE, Inez, burial: MAR-30-1940, Lot: 23
GARY, Aaron, Section: 31 north
GATES, Bert, Lot: 104 AND 111
GATES, Frederick, Lot: 104 AND 111
GATES, Roscoe, Lot: 101
GATES, Sara, Lot: 101
GILLIS, Katheryn, burial: AUG-11-1980, Lot: 225 E 1/2
GOODRICH, Marion, burial: SEP-17-1970, Lot: K 69
GRAVES, Adeline, burial: DEC-16-2018, Lot: 130
GRAVES, Albert, burial: MAR-12-2013, Lot: 130
GRAVES, Fred, burial: FEB-02-1966, Lot: 130
GRAVES, Harry, burial: FEB-02-1966, Lot: 130
GRAVES, Margaret, burial: MAR-08-1972, Lot: 130
GRISWOLD, Baby, burial: FEB-10-1941, Lot: 103
GRISWOLD, Beatrice, burial: OCT-05-1987, Lot: 103
GRISWOLD, Katherine, Lot: 31
GRISWOLD, Sylvia, burial: JUL-01-1973, Lot: 103
GRISWOLD, Weston, burial: JUN-08-1963, Lot: 103
HADLEY, C L, Section: 32
HALE, Anne, death: FEB-05-2013, burial: FEB-11-2013, Lot: 225 W 1/2
HALL, Adin, burial: JAN-30-1942, Lot: 156
HALL, Geraldine, death: JAN-19-2002, Keene, burial: APR-26-2002, Lot: 156
HALL, Hannah, Section: 25 SOUTH
HALL, Maria, burial: OCT-25-1968, Lot: 156
HALL, Walter, burial: JUN-01-1992, Lot: 156
HAMEL, Pearl, death: MAR-01-2008, Westmoreland, burial: MAR-06-2008, Lot: 145
HAMEL, Thomas, burial: APR-13-1977, Lot: 145
HAMILTON, Alice, burial: MAR-21-1983, Lot: 52
HARGREAVES, Phyllis, death: NOV-24-2002, Concord MA, burial: MAY-30-2003, Section: 25 SOUTH
HARGREAVES, Reginald, death: MAY-30-2002, Concord MA, burial: SEP-30-2002, Section: 25 SOUTH
HARRINGTON, Annah, Lot: 31
HARRIS, Audrey, death: JUL-25-2002, Keene, burial: AUG-01-2002, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Deanna, burial: APR-21-1985, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Donna, death: MAY-17-2004, Ormond Beach FL, burial: JUN-04-2004, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Fred, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Helen, Lot: 116
HARRIS, Ida, burial: APR-22-1981, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Leon, Lot: 116
HARRIS, Robert, Lot: 109
HARRIS, Tara, burial: MAY-27-1983, Lot: 109
HARRIS JR., Robert, death: North Carolina, burial: JUN-28-2008, Lot: 109
HARRIS SR, Marshall, death: DEC-19-2006, Lebanon, burial: JAN-13-2007, Lot: 109
HASTINGS, Blanche, Lot: 149
HASTINGS, Harry, burial: MAY-13-1964, Lot: 149
HATHORN, Daniel, Lot: 29 South end
HATHORN, Gertrude, burial: OCT-11-1966, Lot: 29 South end
HATHORN, Helen, death: SEP-13-2001, Keene, burial: SEP-17-2001, Lot: 29 South end
HAWKINS, Dorothy, burial: APR-03-1996, Section: 150, Lot: 150
HAWKINS, James, burial: MAY-20-1996, Section: 150, Lot: 150
HAYWOOD, Charles, Lot: 12
HAYWOOD, Jamie, burial: JUL-26-1982, Lot: 12
HAYWOOD, Julia, Lot: 12
HAYWOOD, Mary, Lot: 12
HAYWOOD JR, Eldridge, burial: APR-07-1966, Lot: 12
HEATH, Glia, burial: DEC-16-1968, Lot: 11
HEWITT, Lloyd, burial: MAR-09-1989, Lot: 204
HEWITT, Sigrid, burial: AUG-14-1996, Lot: 204
HILL, Barbara, burial: JUL-18-1990, Section: 11, Lot: 1
HILL, Clare, burial: FEB-10-1971, Section: 11, Lot: 1
HILL, Earl, Section: 9
HILL, Gale, burial: APR-03-1984, Section: 9
HILL, Gertrude, Section: 9
HILL, Gertrude, Section: 9
HILL, Paul, Section: 9
HODGES, George, burial: MAR-01-1968, Lot: 120
HODGES, Marion, death: SEP-01-2008, Keene, burial: SEP-08-2008, Lot: 120
HOLBROOK, John, burial: MAY-28-1982, Lot: 214 W 1/2
HOLBROOK, Norma, burial: AUG-14-1995, Lot: 214 W 1/2
HOUGHTON, Anna, Section: 3 south outside
HOUGHTON, Harry, Section: 3 south outside
HOWE, Edward, burial: JAN-11-1965, Lot: 32
HOWE, John, burial: MAR-13-1968, Lot: 145
HOWE, Minnie, burial: MAR-01-1965, Lot: 145
HOWE, Nellie, burial: NOV-01-1966, Lot: 39
HUNT, Marie Emily, death: AUG-12-2011, Graham WA, burial: SEP-30-2011, Lot: 211 W 1/2
INGALLS, Anna, Lot: 28
INGALLS, Franklin, burial: APR-17-1970, Lot: 28
JACKSON, Andrew, Lot: 52
JACKSON, Jay, Lot: 52
JACKSON, Mabel, Lot: 52
JACKSON, Marietta, Lot: 52
JEANNOTTE, Alice, burial: DEC-14-1991, Lot: 118
JEANNOTTE, Leslie, burial: MAY-05-1989, Lot: 118
JOHNSON, Axel, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Bertha, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Carl, Lot: 4 AND 5
JOHNSON, Emil, burial: SEP-27-1965, Lot: 4 AND 5
JOHNSON, Jennie, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Julia, burial: NOV-14-1978, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Nina, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Oscar, burial: NOV-17-1978, Lot: 45 and 46
JOHNSON, Rose, Lot: 45 and 46
JOY, Abbie, Lot: L
JOY, Anna, burial: MAY-27-1983, Lot: L
JOY, Frank, Lot: L
JOY, Paul, Lot: L
JUDD, Jessie, burial: NOV-10-1983, Lot: 122
KENDALL, Alfred, Lot: 151
KENDALL, F Lucile, Lot: F
KENDALL, Harold, burial: SEP-16-1977, Lot: 151
KENDALL, Louisa, Lot: 151
KENDALL, Nancy, burial: AUG-06-1976, Lot: 151
KEYES, George, Lot: N AND O
KEZER, Charles, Lot: 60
KEZER, Margaret, Lot: 60
KILYANCZIK, Leon, burial: NOV-10-2008, Lot: 154 N 1/2
KINSON, Etta, Lot: 97
KINSON, William, Lot: 97
LEWIS, Chester, burial: JAN-07-1936, Lot: 132
LEWIS, Esther, burial: FEB-14-2000, Lot: 132
LEWIS, Grace, burial: APR-10-1953, Lot: 132
LEWIS, Leon, burial: MAY-01-1965, Lot: 132
LOCKE, F, Lot: 49
LOCKE, Fred, Lot: 49
LOCKE, Mezota, Lot: 49
LORANGER, Barbara, burial: FEB-09-1990, Lot: J
LORANGER, Clifford, burial: MAY-30-1989, Lot: J
LYNN, Miriam, burial: MAY-07-1986, Lot: 225 W 1/2
MACLEAN, Donald, burial: OCT-30-1935, Lot: 139
MACPHERSON, Christina, burial: NOV-09-1993, Lot: 201 W 1/2
MACPHERSON, William, burial: DEC-03-1985, Lot: 201 W 1/2
MADDEN, Evelyn, death: JUN-04-2012, burial: JUN-08-2012, Section: 3 (PART OF)
MANNING, Flora, Lot: 122
MANNING, Walter, Lot: 122
MASON, Eugene, Lot: K 69
MASON, Fred, Lot: K 69
MASON, Mary, Lot: K 69
MCKINNON, Flora, Lot: 49
MCLEAN, Florence, burial: JUN-19-1995, Lot: 32
MCLEAN, George, burial: MAY-25-1979, Lot: 32
MEACHAM, Jennie, burial: FEB-27-1942, Lot: F
MEACHAM, Maurice, burial: FEB-08-1937, Lot: F
MEACHAM, Maurice, burial: JUL-10-1933, Lot: F
MEYERS, Kenneth, burial: MAY-01-1991, Lot: 210
MILLER COCHRAN, Nancy, Section: 22
MILLS, Cassie, burial: SEP-11-1991, Lot: 124
MILLS, Harold, burial: MAY-03-1989, Lot: 124
MONSON, Charles, Lot: 59
MOORE, Bernice, Lot: 40
MOORE, Charles, Lot: 114
MOORE, Clarence, Lot: 121
MOORE, Evaton, Lot: 40
MOORE, Everett, burial: AUG-10-1988, Lot: 121
MOORE, Gladys, burial: JAN-15-1975, Lot: 121
MOORE, H, burial: JUN-03-1998, Lot: 40
MOORE, Jesse, Lot: 40
MOORE, Mary, Lot: 40
MOORE, Susie, burial: NOV-30-1971, Lot: 121
MOORS, James, Section: 15
MOORS, Nellie, Section: 15
MORAN, Grace, burial: FEB-02-1976, Section: 25 SOUTH
MORAN, Walter, Section: 25 SOUTH
MORGAN, Rogean, burial: MAY-23-1952, Lot: 123 EAST
MYERS, Dorothy, burial: SEP-10-1987, Lot: G
MYERS, George, Lot: G
NEILSON, Christian, burial: JUL-19-1950, Lot: G
NEILSON, Elvira, burial: OCT-03-1967, Lot: G
NEWCOMBE, Eleanor, death: JUN-14-2000, Keene, burial: JUN-17-2000, Lot: 213
NEWCOMBE, Jean, death: AUG-12-2016, Winchester, burial: AUG-20-2016, Lot: 213
NEWCOMBE SR, Ernest, death: MAY-29-1995, Keene, burial: JUN-03-1995, Lot: 213
NICHOLS, Ashley, Lot: 69 N 1/2
NIMS, Catherine, burial: DEC-07-1999, Lot: 210
NIMS, Ellen, death: JAN-24-2017, Keene, burial: APR-22-2017, Lot: 210
NIMS, Ethel, burial: AUG-18-1981, Lot: 142
NIMS, Helen, Lot: 143
NIMS, Karl, Lot: 143
NIMS, Ralph, burial: NOV-30-1989, Lot: 210
NIMS, Robert, Lot: 143
NIMS, Wilson, Lot: 143
NORCROSS, Eva, Lot: 99
NORCROSS, Ora, Lot: 99
NORSTRAM, Margaret, Lot: 50
NOTT, Melvin, burial: JUN-02-1940, Lot: I
NYE, Anna, death: NOV-10-2007, Keene, burial: NOV-19-2007, Lot: 47
NYE, Marie, death: DEC-24-2004, Keene, burial: MAY-12-2005, Lot: 47
NYE SR, Raymond, burial: APR-29-1993, Lot: 47
ORGAZ, Gonzalo, burial: OCT-27-1973, Lot: 220 E 1/2
ORGAZ, Helen, death: APR-20-2009, burial: MAY-01-2009, Lot: 220 E 1/2
PALMER, Elda, death: FEB-04-2001, Keene, burial: JUN-02-2001, Lot: 202
PALMER SR, George, death: FEB-11-2011, Greensboro NC, burial: APR-01-2011, Lot: 202
PARKER, Alice, burial: MAY-21-2002, Section: 3 (PART OF)
PARKER, Cecil, burial: JUN-25-1993, Section: 3 (PART OF)
PARKER, Clarence, burial: DEC-16-1978, Section: 3 south inside
PARKER, Edward, Lot: 21
PARKER, Henry, Lot: 21
PARKER, Mary, death: NOV-25-1959, burial: NOV-27-1959, Lot: 58
PARKER, Rena, burial: FEB-01-1967, Section: 3 south inside
PATENODE, Linwood, Lot: 56
PATENODE, Mary, Lot: 56
PATENODE, Richard, Lot: 56
PATENODE, Tuffield, Lot: 56
PEART, Franklin, death: SEP-11-2002, Keene, burial: SEP-14-2002, Lot: 203
PEART, Virginia, death: MAR-31-2011, burial: MAY-18-2011, Lot: 203
PELL, Susan, burial: JAN-12-1966, Lot: Private
PERHAM, Alton, burial: OCT-11-1974, Lot: 205 E 1/2
PERHAM, Dorothy, burial: NOV-02-1974, Lot: 205 E 1/2
PHILLIPS, Allen, burial: DEC-20-1949, Lot: 125
PICKETT, Martha, burial: APR-18-1945, Lot: 24
PITCHFORD, Thomas, Lot: R
PITCHFORD, Verne, Lot: R
PITCHFORD, Viada, Lot: R
PLUMLEY, John, Section: 25 north
POLLARD, Helen, Section: 23, Lot: 23
PRATT, Carrie, burial: NOV-30-1933, Lot: J
PRATT, George, burial: JAN-29-1940, Lot: J
RAYMOND, Peter, Lot: 68
RAYMOND, Sarah, Lot: 68
REA, Paul, burial: MAY-06-1940, Lot: 122
REMILLARD, Robert, burial: OCT-22-1943, Lot: 53
RICHARDSON, Grace, death: APR-14-2003, Keene, burial: APR-19-2003, Section: 3 (PART OF)
RICHARDSON, Halton, Section: 3 (PART OF)
RICHARDSON III, Halton, death: FEB-06-2013, burial: AUG-31-2013, Section: 3 (PART OF)
ROBB, Abraham, burial: MAY-16-1953, Lot: 33
ROBB, Elizabeth, burial: DEC-01-2022, Lot: 33
ROBB, Evelyn, burial: AUG-15-1989, Lot: 226
ROBB, Irene, Lot: 35
ROBB, Jacob, burial: DEC-07-1974, Lot: 35
ROBB, Mabel, Lot: 35
ROBB, Margaret, burial: JUL-14-1973, Lot: 35
ROBB, Robert, burial: JAN-10-2013, Lot: 33
ROBB, Samuel, burial: JUN-27-1966, Lot: 33
ROBB, William, burial: MAY-27-1981, Lot: 226
ROBBINS, Emily, Lot: 31
ROBBINS, Isaiah, Section: 25 SOUTH
ROBBINS, John, Section: 25 SOUTH
ROBBINS, Sarah, Section: 25 SOUTH
ROBERTSON, Dorothy, burial: FEB-03-1994, Lot: 207 AND 208
ROBERTSON, Ellis, burial: JUN-14-1972, Lot: 207 AND 208
ROBERTSON, John, burial: MAY-08-1988, Lot: 207 AND 208
ROPER, Cora, Lot: 49
ROPER, Jennie, Lot: 49
ROUNDY, Jennie, burial: DEC-24-1946, Lot: 11
ROUSSEAU, V Joyce, death: APR-01-1999, Florida, burial: JUL-12-2005, Lot: 217 E 1/2
RUSSELL, Burton, Lot: Private
RUSSELL, Dorothy, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Elise, Lot: Private
RUSSELL, Ella, Lot: 9
RUSSELL, Elmer, Lot: 19
RUSSELL, Frank, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Hazel, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Helen, Lot: 9
RUSSELL, Irene, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Jessie, Lot: 19
RUSSELL, Laurence, burial: SEP-29-1981, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Lily, death: FEB-05-2001, Peterborough, burial: OCT-09-2001, Lot: Private
RUSSELL, Merrill, Lot: 9
RUSSELL, Minnie, Lot: 19
RUSSELL, Minnie, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Renouvf, burial: AUG-21-1995, Lot: Private
RUSSELL, Renouvf, Lot: Private
RUSSELL, Roy, Lot: 53 and 54
RUSSELL, Sarah, Lot: 19
RYAN, Charles, burial: AUG-15-2014, Lot: 11
SANBORN, Carl, Lot: 102
SANBORN, Clara, Lot: 102
SANBORN, Fred, Lot: 102
SANBORN, Loreine, Lot: 102
SARGENT, Ella, Lot: A
SARGENT, George, Lot: A
SARGENT, Lester, Lot: A
SAWTELLE, Baby, Lot: 93
SAWTELLE, Baby, Lot: 93
SAWTELLE, Ethel, burial: MAR-07-1973, Lot: 93
SAWTELLE, George, burial: APR-26-1993, Lot: 93
SAYERS, Alan, burial: JUN-06-1945, Lot: 63
SAYERS, David, burial: APR-19-1940, Lot: 63
SAYERS, Elizabeth, burial: JUN-11-1987, Lot: 63
SAYERS, Robert, burial: DEC-23-1982, Lot: 63
SCHOFIELD, Eleanor, burial: OCT-19-1951, Lot: 116
SCHOFIELD, Norman, burial: APR-02-2002, Lot: 116
SCHOFIELD, Wayne, burial: SEP-15-1945, Lot: 116
SCRANTON, Abigail and Jennifer, burial: AUG-20-1986, Lot: 216 AND 223
SCRANTON, Andrea, burial: NOV-27-1991, Lot: 216 AND 223
SCRANTON, William, death: OCT-04-2011, burial: OCT-15-2011, Lot: 216 AND 223
SCRIPTURE, Jessie, Section: 15
SEAVER, Mary, death: JAN-21-2006, Keene, burial: JAN-27-2006, Lot: 29 South end
SHEDD, Hattie, Lot: 126 and 119
SHELDON, Jane, Lot: 142
SHELDON, Sarah, Lot: 104 AND 111
SHEPARD, W. Irene, burial: JUN-29-1972, Lot: 139
SIART, Hugo, burial: OCT-19-1951, Lot: 91
SIMPSON, Anna, burial: JAN-13-1968, Lot: D
SIMPSON, Henry, Lot: D
SKERRY, Edna, burial: APR-14-1998, Lot: 122
SKERRY, Henry, burial: FEB-10-1984, Lot: 122
SMITH, Howard, burial: JUL-19-1994, Section: 25 SOUTH
SMITH, Mamie, burial: MAY-31-1983, Section: 25 SOUTH
SMITH, Margaret, burial: JUN-03-1972, Section: 23, Lot: 23
SMITH, William, Section: 25 SOUTH
SOUTHWELL, Joseph, Lot: D
SOUTHWELL (JR.), Henry, death: JAN-17-2015, Genesis, burial: JAN-23-2015, Lot: D
SPAULDING, Dr Osgood, Lot: 136
SPAULDING, Edward, Lot: 135
SPAULDING, Ellis, burial: APR-01-1998, Lot: 140
SPAULDING, Emily, Lot: 135
SPAULDING, Ethel, burial: AUG-10-1977, Lot: 136
SPAULDING, Florence, Lot: 135
SPAULDING, Gertrude, Lot: 140
SPAULDING, Isabella, burial: DEC-08-1984, Lot: 136
SPAULDING, M Roxana, Lot: 135
SPAULDING, Margaret, Lot: 140
SPAULDING, Marquis, Lot: 140
STARKEY, Milan, Lot: P
STEARN, David, Section: 23, Lot: 23
STEARNS, Arba, Lot: 31
STEARNS, Harry, Lot: 31
STEARNS, Orrin, burial: JUL-16-1953, Lot: 31
STEARNS, Thayer, Lot: 31
STEELE, Alfred, burial: JUN-25-1968, Lot: 50
STEELE, Bertha, burial: OCT-08-1969, Lot: 50
STEELE, Eva, burial: APR-21-1945, Lot: 50
STEELE, Frank, burial: MAR-02-1959, Lot: 50
STEELE, MIldred, burial: OCT-09-1985, Lot: 50
STEWART, Agnes, Lot: 136
STEWART, I HIlda, Lot: 136
STEWART, Isabella, Lot: 136
STEWART, James, Lot: 136
STEWART, Janet, burial: MAR-02-1976, Lot: 136
STOCKWELL JR, Ralph, death: DEC-05-2007, Keene, burial: MAY-03-2008, Section: 30
STONE, William, burial: AUG-19-1972, Lot: 118
STOWELL, Naomi, burial: JUN-14-1988, Lot: 69 N 1/2
STRATTON, Herbert, Lot: 124
STRATTON, Nellie, Lot: 124
STREETER, Ella, burial: MAY-15-1969, Lot: 105
STREETER, Julius, Lot: 105
STRICKLAND, Jeduthan, Section: 25 north
STROMGREN, Carl, Lot: 4 AND 5
STROMGREN, Elsie, Lot: 4 AND 5
STROMGREN, Nancy, Lot: 4 AND 5
STROMGREN, Sabina, Lot: 4 AND 5
STROMWELL, Gertrude, burial: JAN-31-1941, Lot: 112
STSRKEY, Flore, Lot: P
TARBOX, Claire, Lot: 95 and 100
TARBOX, Florence, burial: SEP-02-1971, Lot: 95 and 100
TARBOX, Harold, burial: AUG-25-1984, Lot: 95 and 100
TAYLOR, Mary, burial: MAR-01-2019, Lot: 33
TAYLOR, Robert, burial: AUG-09-2018, Lot: 33
THAYER, Grace, Lot: 211 E 1/2
THAYER, Roger, death: OCT-25-2001, Keene, burial: NOV-01-2001, Lot: 211 E 1/2
THOMAS, Sarah, burial: DEC-05-2015, Lot: 104 AND 111
THOMAS, Wesley, death: OCT-24-2013, Knoxville TN, burial: NOV-09-2013, Lot: 104 AND 111
TOBIAS, Chester, burial: NOV-06-1995, Lot: 217 W 1/2
TOBIAS, Marion, burial: MAY-29-1973, Lot: 217 W 1/2
TOWNE, Lucille, death: DEC-27-2012, burial: MAY-24-2013, Lot: N AND O
TOWNE, Maurice, burial: APR-26-2016, Lot: N AND O
TUCKER, Johana, Section: 31 south end
TUCKER, Susan, burial: JUN-28-1971, Section: 31 south end
TUCKER, William, Section: 31 south end
TULLY, Agnes, Lot: 31
TURNER, Alice, Section: 15
TUTTLE, June Frances, death: JUN-21-2007, Frazier Park, CA, burial: OCT-03-2008, Lot: 11
TWITCHELL, Damon, Lot: 126 and 119
UNKNOWN, Baby Barbara, Lot: 102
UNKNOWN, child, Lot: 34
UNKNOWN, Frank, Section: 11, Lot: 1
UNKNOWN, George, Lot: S
UNKNOWN, Haven, Lot: S
UNKNOWN, Rose, Lot: S
UNKNOWN, Sally, Section: 31 north
VASSAR, Herbert, Lot: 60
VASSAR, Lena, burial: NOV-06-1969, Lot: 60
WALKER, Cora, Lot: 137
WALKER, Homer, Lot: 137
WALKER, Ivan, burial: JUL-23-1971, Lot: 137
WALKER, James, Lot: 137
WALKER, Mary, burial: MAY-16-1978, Lot: 137
WALKER SR, George, burial: JUN-10-1991, Lot: 137
WARREN, Katharyn, burial: MAY-04-1990, Lot: 215 E 1/2
WARREN, Ross, burial: JAN-29-1992, Lot: 215 E 1/2
WATKINS, Gerald, death: MAY-24-2002, Sacramento CA, burial: JUL-03-2002, Lot: 213
WATTON, Althea, Lot: 40
WEBSTER, Lewis, death: MAR-09-1956, burial: MAR-13-1956, Lot: 9
WELLMAN, John, death: AUG-27-1951, burial: AUG-30-1951, Lot: 129
WELTCH, Eva, Lot: 9
WELTCH, Oliver, Lot: 9
WHEELER, Sara, Lot: 103
WHITCOMB, Lillian, burial: DEC-01-1972, Lot: 218
WHITE, Annie, burial: JUN-28-1978, Lot: Q
WHITE, Bessie, Lot: 90
WHITE, Edward, death: JUL-23-1968, Lot: 90
WHITE, Eva, Lot: 90
WHITE, Grace, death: FEB-21-2007, Weston MA, burial: AUG-18-2007, Lot: 90
WHITE, Martha, Lot: Q
WHITE, Robert, burial: MAY-27-1955, Lot: 90
WHITE, Robert, Lot: 90
WHITE, Viola, Lot: Q
WHITE, William, burial: APR-19-1983, Lot: Q
WHITEHOUSE, Alice, death: OCT-25-2001, Westmoreland, burial: OCT-30-2001, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Bion, Lot: 27
WHITEHOUSE, Charles, burial: APR-09-1962, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Florence, Lot: 27
WHITEHOUSE, Fred, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Frederick, burial: NOV-04-1982, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, George, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Mary, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Sophronia, Section: 5
WHITEHOUSE, Vera, Section: 5
WHITNEY, Elizabeth, burial: JUL-27-1987, Lot: 102
WIGGINGTON, Lucy, Section: 23, Lot: 23
WILDER, Vernie, death: JUL-16-1952, burial: JUL-19-1952, Lot: R
WILLARD, Alice, Section: 25 SOUTH
WILLARD, Amy, Section: 25 SOUTH
WILLARD, Elmer, Section: 25 SOUTH
WILLIAMS, Elliott, Section: 25 SOUTH
WILSON, Bertram, Lot: 68
WILSON, Christie, Lot: 68
WILSON, Raymond, burial: APR-12-1965, Lot: 86 A
WOOD, Carrie, Lot: 38
WOOD, Doris, Lot: 37
WOOD, Eleanor, burial: DEC-30-1972, Lot: 205 W 1/2
WOOD, Irene, burial: MAY-27-1985, Lot: 37
WOOD, James, Lot: 38
WOOD, Jeanette, Lot: 37
WOOD, Lawrence, burial: AUG-04-1994, Lot: 205 W 1/2
WOOD, Leon, burial: NOV-28-1958, Lot: 37
WOOD, Pearl, Lot: 38
WRIGHT, Anna, burial: MAY-01-1968, Lot: 21
WRIGHT, Charles, Lot: 134
WRIGHT, Helen, death: APR-23-2001, Keene, burial: JUN-24-2001, Lot: 134
WRIGHT, John, burial: JUL-01-1995, Lot: 134
WYMAN, James, burial: JUL-27-1999, Lot: 206 E 1/2
WYMAN, Stella, burial: AUG-21-1984, Lot: 206 E 1/2
YARDLEY, Amy, burial: APR-21-1988, Lot: 104 AND 111

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