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St. Joseph's Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

GPS: 42.915295, -72.271832

Main St & Greenwood Ave
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 20, 2017
Total records: 1,754

Surnames M-Z

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 20, 2017.

Note: This is not a complete listing of burials, there are far more than those listed here. This is however, all the records we were able to obtain from the City of Keene...

MACKENZIE, Eva, death: JUL-28-1986, burial: JUL-30-1986
MACKENZIE, Gerald, death: AUG-09-1967, burial: AUG-11-1967
MACKEY, Alfred, death: MAR-26-1958, burial: MAR-28-1956
MACKEY, Charles, death: APR-03-1976, burial: APR-06-1976
MACKEY, Francis, death: DEC-20-1990, burial: DEC-20-1990
MACKEY, Irene, death: OCT-06-1954
MACKEY, Leo, death: APR-17-1948, burial: DEC-04-1948
MACKEY, Mary, death: DEC-13-1968, burial: DEC-14-1968
MACKEY, Mattie, death: MAR-31-1963, burial: APR-02-1963
MACKEY, Paul, death: MAY-29-1952, burial: MAY-31-1952
MACKEY, Paula, death: AUG-22-1946
MACKEY, Rose, death: MAY-13-1952, burial: MAY-17-1952
MACKEY, William, death: FEB-12-1946, burial: NOV-17-1948
MACKEY, William, death: FEB-12-1945
MACKEY, Yvonne, death: JUL-10-2001, burial: JUL-12-2001
MACKNIGHT, Catherine, death: MAR-04-1988, burial: MAR-14-1988
MACKNIGHT, Mary, death: MAY-29-1944, burial: JUN-01-1944
MADDEN, Elizabeth, death: SEP-01-1960, burial: SEP-03-1960
MADISON, Corp James, death: NOV-01-1944, burial: MAY-04-1949
MADISON, Edward, death: JAN-10-2008, burial: JAN-15-2008
MADISON, Ellsworth, death: DEC-08-1991, burial: DEC-10-1991
MADISON, Helena, death: AUG-27-1948, burial: AUG-30-1948
MADISON, Helena, death: FEB-24-1949, burial: FEB-28-1949
MADISON, Marguerite, death: FEB-07-1999, burial: FEB-10-1999
MADORE, Eva, death: JAN-16-1968, burial: JAN-19-1968
MADORE, Telesphore, death: JAN-13-1985, burial: APR-12-1985
MAGANERN, Charles, death: JUN-24-1970, burial: JUN-27-1970
MAGNANI, Agnes, death: NOV-24-1984, burial: NOV-27-1984
MAGNANI, Agnes, death: NOV-24-1984, burial: NOV-27-1984
MAGNANI, Dino, death: SEP-17-1982, burial: SEP-20-1982
MAGNANI, Marie, death: SEP-27-1993, burial: SEP-29-1993
MAGOVERN, Michael, death: DEC-26-1955, burial: DEC-28-1956
MAHONEY, Nellie, death: JAN-07-1951, burial: JAN-09-1951
MAJEWSKI, Joseph, death: MAY-19-2009, burial: MAY-22-2009
MAJOR, Doris, death: JUN-07-1985, burial: JUN-10-1985
MALE, Priscilla, death: NOV-03-1998, burial: NOV-06-1998
MALICKI, Michael, death: NOV-07-1955, burial: NOV-12-1955
MALLAT, alfred, death: JUN-26-1948, burial: JUN-29-1948
MALLAT, Francis, death: NOV-09-1989, burial: NOV-11-1989
MALLAT, Frederick, death: NOV-04-1958, burial: NOV-07-1958
MALLAT, Gladys, death: MAY-25-1993, burial: MAY-29-1993
MALLAT, Margaret, death: AUG-25-1950, burial: AUG-29-1950
MALLAT, Mary, death: MAR-15-1965, burial: MAR-18-1965
MALLAT, Norma, death: APR-03-2012, burial: APR-13-2012
MALLAT, Robert, death: APR-06-2008, burial: APR-09-2008
MALLAT, Robert, death: SEP-26-1943, burial: SEP-28-1943
MALLET, Mary, death: DEC-27-1975, burial: DEC-30-1975
MALLETT, Edward, death: FEB-23-2007, burial: FEB-28-2007
MALLORY, Margaret, death: OCT-24-1992, burial: OCT-27-1992
MALLORY, Truman, death: JUL-14-1969, burial: JUL-17-1969
MALLOT, Patrick, death: FEB-02-1944, burial: MAY-06-1944
MALLOY, Geneva, death: SEP-18-1965, burial: SEP-21-1965
MALLOY, Mary, death: MAR-04-1986, burial: MAR-07-1986
MALLOY, Richard, death: JAN-23-1975, burial: SEP-25-1975
MALMQUIST, Julia, death: DEC-24-1966, burial: DEC-28-1966
MALMQUIST, Oscar, death: NOV-30-1965, burial: DEC-03-1965
MANCH, cora, death: APR-08-1960, burial: APR-11-1960
MANCHESTER, Keith, death: AUG-12-1991, burial: AUG-15-1991
MANCINI, Ferdinando, death: SEP-09-1955, burial: SEP-11-1955
MANEY, Rev Francis, death: MAY-07-1961, burial: MAY-10-1961
MANGAN, Mary, death: MAY-06-1942, burial: MAY-08-1942
MANN, Patrick, death: JUL-01-1942, burial: JUL-03-1942
MANNING, Priscilla, death: SEP-27-2008
MARCHANT, Mary, death: AUG-08-1996, burial: AUG-01-1996
MARCOTTE, Clara, death: FEB-14-1966, burial: FEB-18-1966
MARCOTTE, Gebrielle, death: MAY-23-1995, burial: MAY-27-1995
MARCOTTE, Joseph, death: DEC-24-1972, burial: DEC-28-1972
MARCOTTE, Maureen, death: APR-13-2000, burial: APR-18-2000
MARCOUX, Adelia, death: FEB-20-1964, burial: FEB-24-1964
MARCOUX, Eugene, death: FEB-24-1963
MARCUA, Laurence, death: OCT-22-1973, burial: OCT-25-1973
MARCY, Joseph, death: SEP-21-1977
MARDEN, Harry, death: NOV-01-1943, burial: NOV-03-1943
MARDEN, Mary, death: FEB-09-1967, burial: FEB-11-1967
MARINELLI, Eleanor, death: DEC-28-1982, burial: DEC-31-1982
MARIO, Alfred, death: SEP-07-1979, burial: SEP-10-1979
MARIO, Mary, death: MAY-09-1995, burial: MAY-12-1995
MARNELL, James, death: JUL-14-1989, burial: JUL-17-1989
MARQUIS, Omer, death: FEB-19-1998, burial: FEB-23-1998
MARRANDETTE, Constance, death: MAR-23-1946, burial: MAR-26-1946
MARROTT, Alfred, death: APR-03-1972, burial: APR-05-1972
MARROTTE, Ernest, death: APR-13-1951, burial: APR-16-1951
MARROTTE, John, death: JUN-15-1972, burial: JUN-21-1972
MARROTTE, Joseph, death: JAN-05-1960, burial: JAN-08-1960
MARSHALL, Gerald, death: JAN-12-1939, burial: JAN-13-1939
MARSHALL, Rena, death: APR-29-1994, burial: MAY-02-1994
MARSHALL, Robert, death: FEB-13-1991, burial: FEB-16-1991
MARTEL, Arthur, death: APR-06-1958, burial: APR-08-1958
MARTELL, Emma, death: JUN-03-1959, burial: JUN-06-1959
MARTELL, Louis, death: OCT-06-1945, burial: OCT-08-1945
MARTIN, Celinda, death: AUG-01-1962, burial: AUG-04-1962
MARTIN, Charles, death: JAN-17-1997
MARTIN, Elizabeth, death: JUL-20-1966, burial: JUL-23-1966
MARTIN, Florence, death: JUL-12-1999, burial: JUL-14-1999
MARTIN, Herbert, death: JAN-08-1984, burial: JAN-11-1984
MARTIN, Myrtie, death: JAN-21-1970, burial: JAN-23-1970
MARTIN, Philip, death: JUN-22-1952, burial: JUN-25-1952
MARTIN, William, death: MAY-20-1969, burial: MAY-23-1969
MARTIN, Zina, death: JUN-14-1983, burial: JUN-16-1983
MARTIN, Zina, death: JUN-14-1983
MARTINEAU, Aldea, death: NOV-26-2006, burial: DEC-01-2006
MARTINEAU, Anna, death: MAY-13-1956, burial: MAY-16-1956
MARTINEAU, Christine, death: DEC-09-1968, burial: DEC-11-1968
MARTINEAU, Delia, death: NOV-21-1984, burial: NOV-23-1984
MARTINEAU, Edward, death: SEP-11-1959
MARTINEAU, Elphage, death: DEC-02-1956, burial: DEC-06-1956
MARTINEAU, Emeline, death: MAY-12-1997, burial: MAY-15-1997
MARTINEAU, John, death: APR-30-1944, burial: MAY-03-1944
MARTINEAU, Joseph, death: APR-05-1996, burial: APR-09-1996
MARTINEZ, Alexander, death: APR-13-2007, burial: APR-18-2007
MARTINEZ, Shirley, death: MAY-30-2002, burial: JUN-03-2002
MARTINO, Ethel, death: JAN-15-1981, burial: JAN-17-1981
MASIELLO, Adeline, death: AUG-27-1994, burial: AUG-30-1994
MASIELLO, Alfred, death: APR-01-1975, burial: APR-03-1975
MASIELLO, Anna, death: MAR-20-1983, burial: MAR-22-1983
MASIELLO, Bertha, death: OCT-03-1986, burial: OCT-03-1986
MASIELLO, Jennie, death: SEP-05-1964, burial: SEP-08-1964
MASIELLO, Joseph, death: DEC-17-1959, burial: DEC-21-1959
MASIELLO, Madeline, death: MAR-26-1996, burial: MAR-30-1996
MASIELLO, Matteo, death: JUL-25-1960, burial: JUL-29-1960
MASIELLO, Paul, death: JAN-15-1982, burial: JAN-18-1982
MASIELLO, Peter, death: OCT-17-2004, burial: OCT-20-2004
MASIELLO, Regina, death: APR-03-1998, burial: APR-07-1998
MASIELLP, Antonia, death: APR-23-1994, burial: APR-27-1944
MASON, Agnes
MASON, Albert, death: MAR-13-1962, burial: MAR-16-1962
MASON, Charles, death: NOV-01-1941, burial: NOV-04-1941
MASON, Clara, death: JAN-25-1975, burial: JAN-28-1975
MASON, Florence, death: AUG-30-1981, burial: SEP-02-1981
MASON, Henry, death: NOV-15-1960, burial: NOV-18-1960
MASON, Irene, death: APR-15-1990, burial: APR-17-1990
MASON, Josephine, death: JAN-15-1970, burial: JAN-19-1970
MASON, Marion, death: AUG-26-1959, burial: AUG-29-1959
MASON, Richard, death: JAN-12-1995, burial: JAN-16-1995
MASSE, Charles, death: MAY-24-1980, burial: MAY-27-1980
MASSE, Fancois, death: OCT-19-1958, burial: OCT-22-1958
MASSE, Irene, death: JAN-08-2005, burial: JAN-12-2005
MASSE, Jennie, death: FEB-11-1972
MASSE, Nelson, death: NOV-20-1974, burial: NOV-23-1974
MASSICOTTE, Mary, death: NOV-15-1978, burial: NOV-18-1978
MASSICOTTE, Paul, death: FEB-24-1945, burial: MAY-22-1948
MASTERSON, Samuel, death: OCT-17-2010, burial: OCT-23-2010
MATSON, Claire, death: FEB-03-1957, burial: APR-25-1957
MATTHEWS, Marie, death: APR-05-1980
MATTHEWS, Rachel, death: FEB-16-2000, burial: FEB-21-2000
MAXFIELD, baby boy, death: NOV-27-1949, burial: NOV-30-1949
MAY, Anthony, death: FEB-21-1969, burial: FEB-24-1969
MAY, Racine, death: APR-06-1980, burial: APR-09-1980
MAYES, Jacqueline, death: SEP-13-1986, burial: SEP-16-1986
MAYES, John, death: SEP-24-2001, burial: OCT-02-2001
MAYLIN, Clayton, death: DEC-29-1980
MAYOU, Cora, death: JAN-18-1990, burial: JAN-22-1990
MAYOU, Joseph, death: MAR-16-1943, burial: MAR-19-1943
MAYOU, Louis, death: APR-01-1956, burial: APR-03-1956
MAYOU, Wilber, death: MAR-04-1950, burial: MAR-06-1950
MCCARTHY, baby boy, death: OCT-18-1964, burial: OCT-21-1964
MCCARTHY, John, death: FEB-27-1976, burial: MAR-01-1976
MCCARTHY, Marie, death: OCT-01-2003, burial: OCT-03-2003
MCCARTHY, Nellie, death: FEB-15-1958
MCCLENNING, Denise, death: JUL-13-1974, burial: JUL-17-1974
MCCUSHING, Alice, death: AUG-27-1979, burial: AUG-30-1979
MCCUSHING, George, death: AUG-24-1971, burial: AUG-27-1971
MCCUSHING, Gertrude, death: MAY-17-1979, burial: MAY-20-1979
MCCUSHING, John, death: MAY-08-1943, burial: MAY-11-1943
MCCUSHING, Mary, death: JUN-21-1961, burial: JUN-24-1961
MCDERMOTT, Alva, death: NOV-20-1990, burial: NOV-24-1990
MCDERMOTT, Charles, death: JUL-13-1953, burial: JUL-15-1953
MCDERMOTT, Edward, death: OCT-29-1976, burial: NOV-01-1976
MCDERMOTT, Harold, death: NOV-12-1990, burial: NOV-15-1990
MCDONALD, Alex, death: JUN-16-1938, burial: JUN-20-1938
MCDONALD, Alfred, death: AUG-07-1948, burial: AUG-10-1948
MCDONALD, Alfred, death: FEB-22-1994, burial: FEB-25-1994
MCDONALD, Delia, death: APR-30-1967, burial: MAY-03-1967
MCDONALD, Florence, death: MAR-14-1990, burial: MAR-21-1990
MCDONALD, Frank, death: APR-11-1947, burial: APR-15-1947
MCDONALD, George, death: FEB-11-1970, burial: FEB-14-1970
MCDONALD, Laura, death: FEB-02-2002, burial: FEB-07-2002
MCDONALD, Mary, death: MAR-15-1983, burial: MAR-18-1943
MCDONALD, Rosa, death: NOV-24-1947, burial: NOV-28-1947
MCDOUGALL, James, death: DEC-18-1982, burial: DEC-21-1982
MCDOUGLE, Harlace, death: OCT-22-1969, burial: OCT-25-1969
MCELROY, Denise, death: APR-12-1984, burial: APR-14-1984
MCELVOGUE, Cornelius, death: JUN-11-1989, burial: JUN-15-1989
MCELVOGUE, Gerald, death: APR-18-1983, burial: APR-23-1983
MCELVOGUE, Mary, death: MAY-24-1970, burial: MAY-28-1970
MCGANN, Elizabeth, death: APR-16-1968, burial: APR-19-1968
MCGANN, James, burial: AUG-05-1988
MCGINNESS JR, James, death: DEC-30-1983, burial: JAN-08-1984
MCGOWAN, Frank, death: JUN-16-1978, burial: JUN-19-1978
MCGOWEN, Virginia, burial: OCT-31-1945
MCGUINNESS, Margaret, death: OCT-17-1960, burial: OCT-19-1960
MCILVAINE, Florence, death: MAY-08-1973, burial: MAY-11-1973
MCISAAC, Alexander, death: AUG-18-1974, burial: AUG-21-1974
MCISAAC, Ruth, death: SEP-16-2000, burial: SEP-19-2000
MCKANE, baby boy, death: FEB-07-1958, burial: FEB-10-1958
MCKEAN, Charles, death: JAN-13-1964, burial: JAN-16-1964
MCKEAN, Helen, death: MAR-02-1974, burial: MAR-05-1974
MCKENNA, Sally, death: JAN-01-2006, burial: JAN-06-2006
MCKENZIE, Kenneth, death: APR-25-1978, burial: APR-27-1978
MCKEON, Alice, death: FEB-23-1994, burial: FEB-25-1994
MCKEON, Joseph, death: OCT-23-2005, burial: OCT-26-2005
MCKERNON, Elizabeth, death: DEC-09-1967, burial: DEC-13-1967
MCKERNON, Joseph, death: DEC-07-1969, burial: DEC-09-1969
MCLAUGHLIN, John, death: DEC-08-1976, burial: DEC-10-1976
MCMANUS, Robert, death: JUL-14-2000, burial: JUL-18-2000
MCNEIL, Margaret, death: SEP-01-1982
MCWHA, Norma, death: MAY-27-1985, burial: MAY-29-1985
MEADE, Josephine, death: APR-01-1973, burial: APR-04-1973
MEDONTI, Archie, death: JUL-10-1942, burial: JUL-13-1943
MELANSON, Philip, death: NOV-17-1945, burial: NOV-21-1945
MELANSON, Roseanna, death: JUL-11-1955, burial: JUL-13-1955
MELOCKE, Mary, death: NOV-09-1958, burial: NOV-10-1958
MELOON, Catherine, death: FEB-21-2000, burial: FEB-24-2000
MENARD, Emily, death: OCT-21-1998, burial: DEC-24-1998
MERCHANT, Donald, death: JUL-18-1963, burial: JUL-22-1963
MERCHANT, James, death: DEC-22-1949, burial: DEC-26-1949
MERCHANT, Louise, death: DEC-13-1970, burial: DEC-16-1970
MERCHANT, Sophie, death: OCT-06-1945, burial: OCT-08-1945
MERCURE, Melissa, death: AUG-30-1997, burial: SEP-02-1997
MERRILL, Beatrice, death: JUN-18-1980, burial: JUN-20-1980
MERRILL, Manuel, death: NOV-28-1960, burial: DEC-02-1960
MERRILL, Mary, death: OCT-23-1976, burial: OCT-26-1976
MERRILL, Walter, death: SEP-05-1988, burial: SEP-10-1988
MERRY, Lydia, death: AUG-13-1948, burial: AUG-16-1948
MESSER, Elizabeth, death: AUG-06-1943, burial: AUG-08-1943
MESSIER, Bruce, death: DEC-20-1980, burial: DEC-24-1980
MESSIER, Clyde, death: NOV-11-1985, burial: NOV-14-1985
MESSIER, Eli, death: FEB-21-1954, burial: FEB-22-1954
MESSIER, Harold, death: JUN-08-1976, burial: JUN-11-1976
MESSIER, Harriet, death: NOV-12-1980, burial: NOV-15-1980
MESSIER, Irene, death: FEB-20-1963, burial: FEB-22-1963
MESSIER, Mary, death: NOV-19-1953, burial: NOV-21-1953
MESSIER, Raymond, death: MAY-02-1954, burial: MAY-05-1954
METEVIER, Theresa, death: APR-16-1977, burial: APR-18-1977
METIVIER, Almanzor, death: AUG-14-1960, burial: AUG-17-1960
METIVIER, Alphonsine, death: JAN-09-1947, burial: JAN-13-1947
METIVIER, Charles, death: JUN-14-1953, burial: JUN-17-1953
METIVIER, Ernest, death: OCT-13-1950, burial: OCT-15-1950
METIVIER, Evelyn, death: JAN-01-2002, burial: JAN-04-2002
METIVIER, Henry, death: APR-01-1943, burial: APR-05-1943
METIVIER, Julie, death: MAY-29-1958, burial: JUN-02-1958
METIVIER, Kathleen, death: AUG-16-1956, burial: AUG-17-1956
METIVIER, Lorenzo, death: FEB-15-1954, burial: FEB-18-1954
METIVIER, Lucien, death: FEB-04-1957, burial: FEB-09-1957
METIVIER, Paul, death: JAN-28-1998, burial: JAN-31-1998
MEYER, Elsie, death: SEP-13-1992, burial: SEP-16-1992
MEYER, Henry, death: DEC-21-1990, burial: DEC-26-1990
MIKELONIS, Helen, death: JUL-04-1990, burial: JUL-09-1990
MILESKI, Alexander, death: DEC-16-1993, burial: DEC-18-1993
MILESKI, Dorothy, death: JAN-03-2005, burial: JAN-06-2005
MILEWSKI, Joseph, death: JUN-18-1969, burial: JUN-21-1969
MILEWSKI (MILESKI), Mary, death: AUG-18-1965, burial: AUG-28-1965
MILLER, Abbie, death: APR-22-1955, burial: APR-25-1955
MILLER, Albert, death: MAR-13-1974, burial: MAR-16-1974
MILLER, Charles, death: NOV-27-1986, burial: NOV-29-1986
MILLER, Christine, death: NOV-09-1990, burial: NOV-13-1990
MILLER, David, death: APR-14-2005, burial: APR-18-2005
MILLER, Helen, death: MAY-17-1990, burial: MAY-21-1990
MILLER, Herbert, death: MAR-27-1959, burial: MAR-30-1959
MILLER, Ida, death: JUN-21-1948, burial: JUN-13-1948
MILLER, Jeanne, death: JUL-22-1957, burial: JUL-29-1957
MILLER, Mary, death: MAR-26-1974, burial: MAR-28-1974
MILLER, Phoebe, death: FEB-13-1968, burial: FEB-17-1968
MINER, Edward, death: JUN-17-1976, burial: JUN-21-1976
MINER, Helen, death: FEB-21-1989, burial: FEB-24-1989
MINER, William, death: SEP-15-1968, burial: MAY-12-1969
MISPEL, Fred, death: MAR-23-1989, burial: MAR-27-1989
MISPEL, Fred, death: MAR-23-1989, burial: MAR-27-1989
MISPEL, Marion, death: FEB-06-1974
MISPEL, Mary, death: JAN-13-1992, burial: JAN-16-1992
MITCHELL, Delia, death: MAY-06-1960, burial: MAY-09-1960
MITCHELL, Michael, death: JUL-08-1950, burial: JUL-11-1950
MOFFITT, Beatrice, death: JAN-08-2003, burial: JAN-11-2003
MOFFITT, Frederick, death: FEB-10-1986, burial: FEB-12-1986
MOFFITT, Raymond, death: MAR-13-1980, burial: MAR-19-1980
MOFFITT, Shirley, death: AUG-28-1945, burial: AUG-30-1945
MOLESKY, John, death: JAN-11-1988, burial: JAN-14-1988
MOLESKY, John, death: JAN-11-1988
MOLESKY, Margery, death: JUN-21-1991, burial: JUN-25-1991
MOLESKY, Michael, death: NOV-18-1946, burial: NOV-21-1946
MOLESKY, Pearl, death: OCT-18-1993, burial: OCT-21-1993
MOLESKY, Petrene, death: MAY-21-1964, burial: MAY-25-1964
MONAHAN, Thomas, death: MAR-31-1949, burial: APR-12-1949
MONBOUQUETTE, Arthur, death: NOV-21-1972, burial: NOV-25-1972
MONBOUQUETTE, Mae, death: NOV-20-1992, burial: NOV-23-1992
MONROE, Robert, death: AUG-31-1961, burial: SEP-02-1961
MONTARONE, Alaide, death: MAR-19-1983, burial: MAR-19-1983
MONTRONE, Lornazo, death: JAN-27-1949, burial: JAN-31-1949
MOONE, Katherine, death: AUG-01-1995, burial: AUG-07-1995
MOONEY, conintha, death: OCT-14-1949, burial: OCT-17-1949
MOONEY, Dorothy, death: JUL-05-1993, burial: JUL-08-1993
MOONEY, Warren, death: OCT-06-1996, burial: OCT-10-1996
MOONEY JR, Warren, death: OCT-27-2008, burial: NOV-01-2008
MOORE, Charles, death: JUL-21-1944, burial: JUL-24-1944
MOORE, Elizabeth, death: DEC-25-1957, burial: DEC-28-1957
MOORE, Ellen, death: JAN-07-1986
MOORE, John, death: JAN-19-1969, burial: JAN-22-1969
MOORE, Joseph, death: DEC-31-1949, burial: JAN-03-1950
MOORE, Lillian, death: JUL-01-1983, burial: JUL-04-1983
MORAN, Rita, death: AUG-23-1988, burial: AUG-25-1988
MOREL, Raymond, death: MAR-03-2003, burial: MAR-07-2003
MOREL, Rose, death: MAY-04-2007, burial: MAY-08-2007
MORELL, Alfred, death: FEB-16-1959, burial: FEB-19-1959
MORELL, Elmer, death: DEC-12-1964, burial: DEC-14-1964
MORELL, Florence, death: FEB-28-1975, burial: MAR-04-1975
MORGAN, Alton, death: SEP-09-1951, burial: SEP-12-1951
MORGAN, Anastasia, death: AUG-27-1968, burial: AUG-29-1968
MORIN, Albert, death: OCT-12-1973, burial: OCT-15-1973
MORIN, Arthur, death: FEB-24-1965, burial: MAR-01-1965
MORIN, Charles, death: JUL-18-1941, burial: JUL-21-1941
MORIN, Charles, death: JUL-18-1941, burial: JUL-21-1941
MORIN, Emma, death: MAR-08-1962, burial: MAR-10-1962
MORIN, Ernest, death: DEC-24-1997, burial: DEC-27-1997
MORIN, Fred, death: FEB-07-1950, burial: FEB-11-1950
MORIN, Mary, death: APR-02-1948, burial: APR-03-1948
MORIN, Omer, death: JUL-23-1939, burial: JUL-25-1939
MORISSETTE, Edward, death: MAR-12-1994, burial: MAR-14-1994
MORISSETTE, Mary, death: DEC-20-1990, burial: DEC-22-1990
MORPHIS, Linda, death: JUN-28-2005, burial: JUL-08-2005
MORRIS, Arthur, death: FEB-14-1950, burial: FEB-16-1950
MORRIS, baby girl, death: MAY-09-1963, burial: MAY-14-1963
MORRIS, baby girl, death: MAY-09-1963, burial: MAY-14-1963
MORRIS, Delia, death: OCT-13-1967, burial: OCT-16-1967
MORRIS, Elizabeth, death: OCT-12-1991, burial: OCT-17-1991
MORRIS, Hugh, death: SEP-16-1975, burial: SEP-19-1975
MORRISON, Lorinda, death: DEC-15-1952, burial: DEC-17-1952
MORRISON, Robert, death: FEB-27-1948, burial: MAR-02-1943
MORRISON, William, death: DEC-08-1955, burial: DEC-12-1955
MORSE, Alice, death: JAN-18-1948, burial: JAN-20-1948
MORSE, baby girl, death: SEP-04-1963
MORSE, Mary, death: AUG-07-2002, burial: AUG-13-2002
MORSE SR, Stuart, death: JAN-11-1999, burial: JAN-15-1999
MORTON, Christine, death: MAR-21-2007, burial: MAR-24-2007
MORTON, Dean, death: JUL-09-2002, burial: JUL-12-2002
MORTON, Eliza, death: JUL-18-1969, burial: NOV-29-1969
MORTON, Joan, death: JUN-30-1990, burial: JUL-05-1990
MORTON, Kenneth, death: JAN-02-1973, burial: JAN-04-1973
MOSHER, Clarence, death: MAR-23-1977
MOTT, Agnes, death: NOV-07-1979
MOTT, G Allen, death: APR-29-1973, burial: MAY-02-1973
MOYNIHAN, Helen, death: FEB-10-1975, burial: FEB-12-1975
MOYNIHAN, Janet, death: NOV-13-1944, burial: NOV-16-1944
MOYNIHAN, Joseph, death: NOV-13-1964, burial: NOV-16-1964
MOYNIHAN, Margaret, death: APR-23-1962, burial: APR-25-1962
MOYNIHAN, Michael, death: AUG-12-1950, burial: AUG-14-1950
MOYNIHAN, Michael, death: MAR-27-1993, burial: MAR-30-1993
MULLETT, M Agnes, death: OCT-13-1971, burial: OCT-16-1971
MUNROE, Alice, death: MAY-11-1963, burial: MAY-14-1963
MURPHY, Annie, death: AUG-20-1949, burial: AUG-23-1949
MURPHY, baby boy, death: AUG-18-1969, burial: AUG-20-1969
MURPHY, Catherine, death: DEC-03-1980, burial: DEC-05-1980
MURPHY, Daniel, death: DEC-25-1955, burial: DEC-28-1955
MURPHY, Daniel, death: JUN-13-1947, burial: JUN-13-1947
MURPHY, Edward, death: SEP-24-1966, burial: SEP-27-1966
MURPHY, Elizabeth, death: APR-19-1951, burial: APR-22-1951
MURPHY, Geraldine, death: DEC-25-1976, burial: OCT-27-1976
MURPHY, Margaret, death: MAY-22-1963, burial: MAY-27-1963
MURPHY, Mary, death: DEC-02-1947, burial: DEC-06-1947
MURPHY, William, death: DEC-27-1941, burial: DEC-30-1941
MURPHY, William, death: JUN-29-1941, burial: JUL-02-1941
MURPHY III, Joseph, death: MAY-15-1969, burial: MAY-17-1969
MURPHY SR, Joseph, death: JUL-21-1977, burial: JUL-22-1977
MURRAY, James, death: SEP-25-1947, burial: OCT-01-1947
MURRAY, Julia, death: FEB-05-1982, burial: FEB-08-1982
MURRAY JR, Frederick, death: DEC-19-1996, burial: DEC-23-1996
MURRAY SR, Frederick, death: JUN-23-1967, burial: JUN-26-1967
NADEAU, Alfred, death: NOV-21-1979, burial: NOV-24-1979
NADEAU, Eugene, death: JAN-01-1980, burial: JAN-04-1980
NADEAU, Henry, death: FEB-15-1966, burial: FEB-17-1966
NADEAU, Henry, death: MAR-01-1981, burial: MAR-04-1981
NADEAU, infant boy, death: MAY-01-1957, burial: MAY-03-1957
NADEAU, Joseph, death: APR-11-1956, burial: APR-14-1956
NADEAU, Joseph, death: APR-20-1952, burial: APR-23-1952
NADEAU, Lena, death: JUN-02-1968, burial: JUN-03-1968
NADEAU, Lillian, death: DEC-22-1972, burial: DEC-26-1972
NADEAU, Mary, death: NOV-08-1969, burial: NOV-11-1969
NADEAU, Miriam, death: FEB-06-1981, burial: FEB-09-1981
NADEAU, Sarah, death: MAR-06-1962, burial: MAR-09-1962
NADOLYNA, Antonia, death: JUN-16-1943, burial: JUN-18-1943
NADON, Eugenie, death: OCT-28-1964, burial: OCT-30-1964
NADON, Joseph, death: NOV-29-1966, burial: DEC-02-1966
NAGINE, Anna, death: JUL-24-1984, burial: AUG-27-1984
NAGINE, Antony, death: MAY-01-1993, burial: MAY-05-1993
NAGINE, Frank, death: MAR-15-1986, burial: MAR-19-1986
NAGINE, Ursula, death: SEP-23-1962, burial: SEP-25-1962
NALLETT, Alphonse, death: MAR-13-1942, burial: MAR-16-1942
NALLETT, Clara, death: JUL-19-2009, burial: JUL-24-2009
NALLETT, Gladys, death: MAY-03-1981, burial: MAY-06-1981
NALLETT, Joseph, death: JUL-03-1953, burial: JUL-06-1953
NANO, Mary, death: JAN-18-1945, burial: JAN-22-1945
NAPSEY, Madeline, death: MAY-14-1977, burial: MAY-17-1977
NAPSEY SR, Arthur, death: NOV-05-1972, burial: NOV-08-1972
NAREAU, Emily, death: APR-14-1969, burial: APR-17-1969
NAREAU, Pauline, death: JUN-16-1996, burial: JUN-18-1996
NAREAU, Robert, death: MAR-19-1944, burial: MAR-22-1944
NASH, Pearl, death: JAN-08-1967, burial: JAN-10-1967
NASH, William, death: MAR-02-1952, burial: MAR-05-1962
OLIVER, Linda, death: DEC-07-1998, burial: DEC-11-1998
OLIVER, Mary, death: SEP-06-2010, burial: SEP-09-2010
OLIVER, Mary, death: SEP-11-1964, burial: SEP-14-1964
OLIVER, Mary A, death: OCT-14-1949, burial: OCT-18-1949
OLIVER, Mitchell, death: OCT-03-1945
OLIVER, William, death: SEP-12-1993, burial: SEP-16-1993
OLIVO, John, death: FEB-07-1969, burial: FEB-11-1969
OLIVO, Regina, death: AUG-26-1987, burial: AUG-29-1987
OLLIS, Luke, death: APR-21-1945, burial: APR-24-1945
OLLIS, Molly, death: SEP-01-1990, burial: SEP-05-1990
OLLIS JR, Luke, death: AUG-01-1981, burial: AUG-05-1981
OLMSTEAD, Elizabeth, death: JUN-16-1966, burial: JUN-18-1966
OLMSTEAD, Maurice, death: OCT-28-1955, burial: OCT-31-1955
OLMSTEAD, Pauline, death: JAN-16-2001, burial: JAN-19-2001
OLMSTEAD JR, Maurice, death: OCT-03-1991, burial: OCT-07-1991
OLSEN, Pauline, death: AUG-25-1995, burial: FEB-28-1995
O'MARA, Dennis, death: FEB-16-1949, burial: FEB-19-1949
O'MARA, Mary, death: AUG-16-1962, burial: AUG-16-1962
O'MARA, MIchael, death: NOV-08-1951, burial: NOV-10-1951
O'MARA, William, death: OCT-27-1946, burial: OCT-30-1946
O'NEIL, Arthur, death: FEB-18-1963, burial: FEB-22-1963
O'NEIL, Arthur, death: OCT-29-1981, burial: OCT-31-1981
O'NEIL, Beatrice, death: FEB-29-1984, burial: MAR-03-1984
O'NEIL, Catherine, death: NOV-29-1950, burial: DEC-02-1950
O'NEIL, Daniel, death: FEB-13-1947, burial: FEB-15-1947
O'NEIL, George, death: JAN-21-1968, burial: JAN-25-1968
O'NEIL, Helen, death: OCT-31-1987
O'NEIL, James, death: DEC-17-1958
O'NEIL, John, death: JUN-10-1942, burial: JUN-12-1942
O'NEIL, John, death: JUN-13-1984, burial: JUN-16-1984
O'NEIL, John, death: NOV-24-1949, burial: NOV-28-1949
O'NEIL, Katherine, death: APR-01-1960, burial: APR-04-1960
O'NEIL, Katherine, death: APR-21-1953, burial: APR-23-1953
O'NEIL, Kathleen, death: MAR-16-1953, burial: MAR-18-1953
O'NEIL, Lorraine, death: MAY-31-1993, burial: JUN-02-1993
O'NEIL, Mary, death: FEB-16-1948, burial: FEB-20-1948
O'NEIL, Mary, death: JUL-01-1977, burial: JUL-05-1977
O'NEIL, Mary, death: JUN-13-1952, burial: JUN-16-1952
O'NEIL, Mary, death: OCT-05-1959
O'NEIL, Michael, death: MAY-30-1943, burial: JUN-02-1943
O'NEIL, MIldred, death: OCT-18-1969, burial: OCT-22-1969
O'NEIL, Muriel, death: DEC-27-1999, burial: DEC-31-1999
O'NEIL, Paul, death: APR-20-1979, burial: APR-24-1979
O'NEIL, Paul, death: AUG-04-1983, burial: AUG-06-1983
O'NEIL, Richard, death: MAR-07-2007, burial: MAR-10-2007
O'NEIL, Rita, death: APR-26-1975
O'NEIL, William, death: OCT-24-1955, burial: OCT-26-1955
O'NEILL, Alida, death: SEP-29-1983, burial: OCT-01-1983
O'NEILL, William, death: AUG-29-1948, burial: SEP-02-1948
O'ROURKE, Catherine, death: JAN-28-1947, burial: MAY-14-1947
O'ROURKE, Whelan, death: MAR-31-1951, burial: MAR-23-1951
OSBORNE, Dorothy, death: MAR-23-1980, burial: MAR-26-1980
OUELLETTE, Alice, death: DEC-17-1988, burial: DEC-21-1988
OUELLETTE, Deanna, death: AUG-19-1943, burial: AUG-22-1943
OUELLETTE, Evelyn, death: OCT-09-1974, burial: OCT-14-1974
OUELLETTE, Renee, death: MAR-23-1965, burial: MAR-26-1965
OUELLETTE, Stanley, death: DEC-23-1971, burial: DEC-27-1971
OUELLETTE, Sylvio, death: AUG-28-1952, burial: AUG-28-1952
OVELLETTE, Roland, death: MAY-13-1985
OVSENIK, Louis, death: JUL-09-1997, burial: JUL-12-1997
OWENS, Nellie, death: APR-03-1968, burial: APR-06-1968
PACKARD, Bessie, death: DEC-12-1982, burial: DEC-15-1982
PACKARD, Grace, death: JAN-05-1977, burial: JAN-07-1977
PAGE, Norma, burial: APR-04-2014
PAIRE, John, death: MAR-23-1996, burial: MAR-27-1996
PAIRE, Julia, death: NOV-18-1996, burial: NOV-22-1996
PALAZONE, Domenico, death: OCT-03-1943, burial: OCT-05-1943
PALAZONE, Reynold, death: NOV-23-1993, burial: NOV-26-1993
PANEK, John, death: AUG-03-2004, burial: AUG-07-2004
PAPAILE, Alessio, death: DEC-04-1947
PAPELA, Antionette, death: JAN-05-1942, burial: JAN-07-1942
PAPILE, Alto, death: MAR-14-1977, burial: MAR-17-1977
PAPILE, Ernestine, death: MAY-06-1996, burial: MAY-10-1996
PAPILE, Louis, death: JAN-09-1948, burial: JAN-12-1948
PAQUETTE, Joseph, death: APR-09-1955, burial: APR-12-1955
PAQUETTE, Lawrence, death: FEB-15-2002, burial: FEB-18-2002
PAQUETTE, Malvina, death: NOV-17-1989, burial: NOV-21-1989
PAQUETTE, Mary, death: MAR-13-1944, burial: MAR-16-1944
PAQUETTE, Neree, death: OCT-13-1993, burial: OCT-15-1993
PAQUETTE, Philip, death: JUL-23-1985, burial: JUL-23-1985
PAQUETTE, William, death: SEP-28-1985, burial: SEP-30-1985
PARADISE, Maurice, death: JUL-12-1957, burial: JUL-15-1957
PARE, Blanche, death: OCT-30-1994, burial: DEC-02-1994
PARE, Ernest, death: DEC-03-1990, burial: DEC-06-1990
PARENT, Telesphore, death: OCT-01-1995
PARENT, Wilfred, death: FEB-19-1981
PARENT, Wilfred, death: FEB-19-1981
PARENTEAU, Alice, death: MAY-28-1984, burial: MAY-31-1984
PARENTEAU, Alphe, death: JUN-07-1947, burial: JUN-10-1947
PARENTEAU, Antionette, death: JAN-21-2005, burial: JAN-26-2005
PARENTEAU, Diane, death: DEC-26-1965, burial: DEC-29-1965
PARENTEAU, Elphege, death: JAN-11-1971, burial: JAN-13-1971
PARENTEAU, Gerald, death: DEC-21-1976, burial: DEC-23-1976
PARENTEAU, Joseph, death: AUG-25-1941, burial: AUG-27-1941
PARENTEAU, Lucien, death: FEB-18-1972, burial: FEB-21-1972
PARIZO, Alexander, death: MAR-17-1960, burial: MAR-19-1960
PARIZO, Alexander, death: MAR-17-1960
PARIZO, Mabel, death: SEP-04-1997, burial: SEP-08-1997
PARKER, Annie, death: APR-01-1969, burial: APR-02-1969
PARKER, Irma, death: SEP-13-1994, burial: SEP-16-1994
PARKER, Maurice, death: JAN-29-1982, burial: FEB-02-1983
PARO, Rosanna, death: AUG-21-1956, burial: AUG-24-1956
PARODY, Evelyn, death: NOV-15-1996, burial: NOV-18-1996
PARODY, Joseph, death: MAR-14-1977
PASQUARELLI, John, death: AUG-23-1970, burial: AUG-26-1970
PASQUARELLI, Margaret, death: JUL-29-1994, burial: AUG-02-1994
PASQUARELLI, Maria, death: FEB-26-1963, burial: MAR-01-1963
PASQUARELLI, Mary, death: JAN-09-1948
PASQUARELLI, Nicholas, death: DEC-07-1971, burial: DEC-09-1971
PASQUERELLI, Albert, death: AUG-20-2008, burial: AUG-25-2008
PASQUERELLI, Josephine, death: DEC-23-2007, burial: DEC-27-2007
PATENAUDE, Alphonse, death: JAN-26-1970, burial: JAN-30-1970
PATENAUDE, Caroline, death: OCT-28-1967, burial: OCT-31-1967
PATENAUDE, Mary, death: OCT-11-1977, burial: OCT-13-1977
PATNAUDE, John, death: MAR-14-1943, burial: MAR-16-1943
PATNAUDE, Louis, death: NOV-14-1995, burial: NOV-17-1995
PATNAUDE, Marie, death: NOV-25-1972
PATNAUDE, Ralph, death: OCT-11-1988, burial: OCT-14-1988
PATNODE, Alfred, death: NOV-22-1970, burial: NOV-24-1970
PATNODE, Alphonse, death: JUL-26-1970
PATNODE, Cora, death: FEB-03-1953, burial: FEB-07-1953
PATNODE, Dorothy, death: MAY-20-2000, burial: MAY-24-2000
PATNODE, Edward, death: AUG-24-1950, burial: AUG-26-1950
PATNODE, Emma, death: NOV-18-1949, burial: NOV-21-1949
PATNODE, Joseph, death: MAR-09-1988, burial: MAR-12-1988
PATNODE, Joseph, death: MAR-25-1938, burial: MAR-28-1938
PATNODE, Lillian, death: OCT-23-1982
PATNODE, Louise, death: AUG-01-1984, burial: AUG-04-1984
PATNODE JR, Alfred (Fred), death: SEP-02-1949, burial: SEP-05-1949
PATNODE JR, Joseph, death: AUG-24-1981, burial: AUG-26-1981
PATNODE JR, Oliver, death: OCT-13-1967, burial: OCT-16-1967
PATTEN, Nanno, death: OCT-08-1962, burial: OCT-11-1962
PATTERSON, Clarence, death: JUL-26-1985, burial: JUL-29-1985
PATTERSON, Harry, death: DEC-23-1949, burial: DEC-26-1949
PATTERSON, Matilda, death: OCT-31-1971, burial: NOV-03-1971
PATTERSON, Rose, death: MAY-16-1942, burial: MAY-18-1942
PELLERIN, Yvette, death: MAR-27-1988, burial: MAR-29-1988
PELLETIER, Eugene, death: AUG-14-1945, burial: AUG-17-1945
PELLETIER, Eugenie, death: JUL-29-1962, burial: JUL-31-1962
PELLETIER, Francis, death: JUL-19-1961, burial: JUL-13-1961
PELLETIER, Hector, death: MAY-16-1996, burial: MAY-20-1996
PELLETIER, Marie, death: OCT-15-1992, burial: OCT-17-1992
PELLEY, Alexander, death: AUG-05-1989, burial: AUG-08-1989
PELLEY, Julia, death: OCT-09-1993
PELOQUIN, Wilfred, death: MAR-03-1975, burial: MAR-06-1975
PENCHIKOSKI SR, Walter, death: FEB-05-1979, burial: FEB-14-1979
PENDER, Alice, death: DEC-12-1976, burial: DEC-14-1978
PENDER, Alice, death: NOV-22-1996, burial: NOV-25-1996
PENDER, Francis, death: MAR-28-1953, burial: MAR-31-1953
PENDER, Henry, death: JUN-04-1956, burial: JUN-11-1956
PREVOST, Germaine, death: MAY-03-2010, burial: MAY-07-2010
QUIMBY, Hoyt, death: NOV-04-1951, burial: NOV-29-1951
QUINTILLIO, Angela, death: APR-30-2010, burial: MAY-11-2010
RACINE, Alfred, death: MAY-01-1976, burial: MAY-04-1976
RACINE, Helen, death: OCT-02-2005, burial: OCT-05-2005
RACINE, Lawrence, death: DEC-22-2006, burial: DEC-29-2008
RADCLIFFE, George, death: SEP-27-1978, burial: SEP-29-1978
RADCLIFFE, Liddie, death: JUL-11-2003
RAMSAY, Jane, death: DEC-26-1984, burial: DEC-27-1984
RAMSEY, James, death: FEB-27-1968
RAYMOND, Helen, death: AUG-23-1977, burial: AUG-25-1977
REARDON, infant, death: MAR-14-1942, burial: MAR-17-1942
REASON, Annie, death: AUG-27-1955, burial: AUG-03-1955
REASON, Christine, death: FEB-24-1988, burial: FEB-27-1988
REASON, Edward, death: DEC-16-1987, burial: DEC-19-1987
REASON, Mary, death: APR-03-1952, burial: APR-07-1952
REASON, Paul, death: SEP-08-1977, burial: SEP-12-1997
REASON, Rosamond, death: APR-11-1994, burial: AUG-15-1994
REASON, Rupert, death: OCT-15-1970, burial: OCT-19-1970
RECHINDA, Catherine, death: FEB-11-1979, burial: FEB-14-1979
ROBARGE, Loretta, death: MAY-24-2000, burial: MAY-27-2000
ROBBINS, Ann, death: AUG-09-1942, burial: AUG-11-1942
ROBBINS, Mary, death: SEP-16-1955, burial: SEP-19-1955
ROBERT, William, death: OCT-18-1945, burial: FEB-02-1949
ROBERTS, Neil, death: JUL-02-1959, burial: JUL-07-1959
ROBERTSON, Robert, death: MAR-09-1945, burial: MAR-21-1945
ROBIDOUX, Gerald, death: JUN-23-1981, burial: JUN-25-1981
ROBIDOUX, Harry, death: JUL-08-1958, burial: JUL-11-1958
ROBIDOUX, Ruth, death: MAR-25-1999, burial: MAR-29-1999
ROBINSON, Dennis, death: FEB-01-1963, burial: FEB-05-1963
ROBINSON, Etheline, death: MAR-11-1984, burial: MAR-13-1984
ROBITAILLE, Omer, death: JUN-02-1963, burial: JUN-04-1963
ROCH, Nora, death: JUN-10-1974, burial: JUN-12-1974
ROCHE, Carl, death: JUL-08-1950, burial: JUL-11-1950
ROCHE, Maybelle, death: JAN-11-1959, burial: JAN-14-1959
ROCHE, Odie, death: SEP-21-1962, burial: SEP-26-1962
ROCHE, Thomas, death: MAR-12-1963, burial: MAR-15-1963
ROCHELEAU, Charles, death: JUL-30-1978
ROCHELEAU, Delia, death: NOV-25-1952, burial: NOV-28-1952
ROCHELEAU, Dennis, death: MAR-04-1995
ROCHELEAU, Denzil, death: JUL-31-1997, burial: AUG-02-1997
ROCHELEAU, Frank, death: JUL-28-1964, burial: JUL-20-1964
ROCHELEAU, Joseph, death: JAN-09-1995, burial: JAN-12-1995
ROENTSCH, Charles, death: FEB-05-1983, burial: FEB-09-1983
ROENTSCH, Elmer, death: APR-05-1992, burial: APR-08-1992
ROENTSCH, Judith, death: JAN-01-1998, burial: JAN-05-1998
ROENTSCH, Mary, death: OCT-02-1993, burial: OCT-05-1993
ROENTSCH, Robert, burial: FEB-28-1966
ROGERS, David, death: JUN-23-1970, burial: JUN-24-1970
ROGERS, David, death: JUN-23-1970
ROGERS, Harry, death: AUG-15-1981, burial: AUG-19-1981
ROLOFF, Margaret, death: JUN-23-1994, burial: JUN-27-1994
ROMANO, Jeniffer, death: AUG-22-1994, burial: AUG-25-1994
ROMER, baby girl, death: JAN-16-1963, burial: JAN-17-1963
RONDEAU, Mary, death: AUG-19-1961, burial: SEP-21-1961
RONDEAU, Robert, death: JUL-31-1957
SADOQUES, Charles, death: JUL-02-1984, burial: JUL-05-1984
SALEY-SULLIVAN, Madeline, death: MAR-13-2010, burial: MAR-20-2010
SAVAGE, Harold, death: JUN-19-1988, burial: JUN-22-1988
SAVAGE, Josephine, death: APR-08-2005, burial: APR-12-2005
SAVOY JR, William, death: OCT-13-1987, burial: OCT-19-1987
SAWTELLE, George, death: JUL-02-2008
SAWYER, Ernest, death: FEB-01-1974, burial: FEB-04-1974
SAYERS, baby girl, death: APR-22-1955, burial: APR-26-1955
SCADOVA, Evelyn, death: AUG-24-1992, burial: AUG-27-1992
SCADOVA, Frances, death: APR-05-1994, burial: APR-08-1994
SCADOVA, John, death: NOV-17-1976, burial: NOV-20-1976
SCADOVA JR, Donald, death: APR-30-1959
SCADOVA SR, Norman, death: OCT-31-2006, burial: SEP-11-2006
SCANNELL, Mary, death: MAR-09-2003, burial: MAR-13-2003
SCANNELL, Timothy, death: MAR-11-1980, burial: MAR-14-1980
SCARBOROUGH, Lucy, death: DEC-20-1963, burial: DEC-22-1963
SCARLETT, Marie, death: MAR-09-1944, burial: MAR-14-1944
SCHAFFNER, Barbara, death: FEB-18-1996, burial: FEB-20-1996
SCHARLES, Ernest, death: FEB-20-1983, burial: FEB-23-1983
SCHIAPPA, Ugo, death: OCT-03-1983, burial: OCT-07-1983
SCHIFF, Ann, death: JAN-28-1998, burial: MAY-01-1998
SCHIFF, George, death: OCT-31-1998, burial: NOV-03-1998
SCHIMKE, infant girl, death: MAY-20-1956, burial: MAY-22-1950
SCHNEIDER, Alice, death: AUG-31-2006, burial: SEP-02-2006
SCHNEIDER, Louis, death: JAN-10-1966, burial: JAN-13-1966
SCHOFIELD, baby, death: APR-19-1960, burial: APR-23-1960
SCHOFIELD, Joan, death: APR-19-1991, burial: APR-22-1991
SCHWEITZER, Dorothy, death: FEB-14-1982, burial: FEB-17-1982
SCOTT, Edward, death: AUG-31-1993, burial: SEP-04-1993
SCROGGINS, Joseph, death: DEC-27-1966, burial: DEC-30-1966
SEAVER, Eugene, death: DEC-01-2010, burial: DEC-06-2010
SEAVER, Eugene, death: JAN-11-1995, burial: JAN-16-1995
SEAVER, Leona, death: APR-07-2004, burial: APR-13-2004
SECORE, Lesdore, death: APR-16-1947
SECORE, Melione, death: JUL-18-1956, burial: JUL-20-1956
SECORE JR, Lesdore, death: APR-15-1997, burial: APR-18-1997
SELECKY, Michel, death: FEB-12-1963, burial: FEB-16-1963
SELKOWE, Gregory, death: NOV-13-1964, burial: NOV-15-1964
SEVIGNEY, Donat, death: NOV-04-1957, burial: NOV-07-1957
SEVIGNEY, Edward, death: AUG-18-1946, burial: AUG-20-1946
SEVIGNEY, Elizabeth, death: FEB-07-1983, burial: FEB-09-1983
SEVIGNY, Aldea, death: MAR-16-1961, burial: MAY-18-1961
SEVIGNY, Dorothy, death: AUG-12-1955, burial: AUG-17-1955
SEYMOUR, Beverly, death: MAR-05-2002, burial: MAR-08-2002
SEYMOUR, Carroll, death: DEC-04-1994, burial: DEC-07-1994
SEYMOUR, Joseph, death: JUL-21-1989, burial: JUL-24-1989
SHAKOUR, Adele, death: SEP-10-1980
SHAKOUR, Gabriel, death: SEP-11-1986, burial: SEP-13-1986
SHAKOUR, J Barbara, death: APR-01-1972, burial: JUN-04-1972
SHARKEY, George, death: SEP-21-1947, burial: SEP-24-1947
SHARKEY, Hortense
SHARKEY, Irving, death: OCT-13-1953, burial: OCT-14-1953
SHARKEY, Lena, death: OCT-11-1949, burial: OCT-14-1949
SHARKEY, Susanna, death: DEC-24-1941, burial: DEC-27-1941
SHARKEY SR, Fred, death: NOV-28-1942, burial: DEC-03-1942
SHARPTON, Carolyn, death: JAN-21-2009, burial: MAY-05-2009
SHAUGHNESSY, Bernard, death: MAR-20-1945, burial: MAR-22-1945
SHEA, Annie, death: DEC-22-1953, burial: DEC-24-1953
SHEA, Edward, death: MAR-21-1961, burial: MAR-27-1961
SHEA, Emma, death: SEP-01-1960, burial: SEP-03-1960
SHEA, Frederick, death: JAN-03-1947, burial: JAN-05-1947
SHEA, Helen, death: APR-04-1985, burial: APR-09-1985
SHEA, James, death: NOV-18-1964, burial: NOV-21-1964
SHEA, Maurice, death: JAN-07-1942, burial: JAN-09-1942
SHEA, Micheal, death: JUN-03-1946, burial: JUN-06-1946
SHEA, MIldred, death: AUG-01-1996, burial: AUG-03-1996
SHEA, Paul, death: APR-13-1971, burial: APR-15-1971
SHEA, Ruth, death: NOV-13-1970, burial: NOV-17-1970
SHEA, Thomas, death: JUL-16-1951, burial: JUL-18-1951
SHEA, William, death: JUN-15-1994, burial: JUN-18-1994
SHEA, William, death: JUN-25-1942, burial: JUN-27-1942
SHEA, William, death: JUN-25-1942, burial: JUN-27-1942
SHEA, William, death: SEP-27-1945, burial: OCT-01-1945
SHEALY, Mary, death: FEB-28-2001, burial: MAR-09-2001
SHEDDEN, John, death: JUL-30-1960
SHEDDEN, Mary Ellen, death: FEB-09-1964, burial: FEB-12-1964
SHEEHAN, Ellen, death: NOV-20-1947, burial: NOV-22-1947
SHEMPA OSA MC, Captain Daniel, death: JAN-19-1945, burial: AUG-11-1948
SHINNERS, George, death: MAY-31-1995, burial: JUN-02-1995
SHINNERS, Shirley, death: NOV-06-1987, burial: NOV-10-1987
SHORBY, Joseph, death: SEP-11-1950, burial: SEP-14-1950
SHOVER, Florence, death: JAN-04-1941, burial: JAN-07-1942
SHOVER, George, death: JUN-17-1967, burial: JUN-20-1967
SHOVER, John, death: MAR-26-1961, burial: MAR-29-1961
SHOVER, John, death: OCT-20-1938, burial: OCT-26-1938
SHOVER, Lydia, death: NOV-25-1987, burial: NOV-28-1987
SICA, Gertrude, death: OCT-25-2002, burial: OCT-31-2002
SILEO, Alice, death: JUL-18-1977, burial: JUL-21-1977
SILLARI, Arthur, death: MAY-31-1970, burial: JUN-03-1970
SIMENEAU, Eleanor, death: MAR-15-1986, burial: MAR-18-1986
SIMENEAU, Jane, death: OCT-06-1947, burial: OCT-07-1947
SIMENEAU, Wilfred, death: JAN-15-1999, burial: JAN-18-1999
SIMMONS, Janet, death: APR-01-1976, burial: APR-03-1976
SIMONDA, Floyd, death: DEC-24-1949, burial: DEC-27-1949
SIMONDS, Diana, death: AUG-11-1988, burial: AUG-13-1988
SIMONDS, Kenneth, death: DEC-25-1957, burial: DEC-27-1957
SIMONDS, Margaret, death: JUN-06-1973, burial: JUN-08-1973
STANTON, Dorothy, death: MAR-21-2010, burial: MAR-24-2010
STRATTON, James, death: JAN-11-1986, burial: JAN-14-1986
SUDER, Marjan, death: MAY-21-1981, burial: MAY-23-1981
SULLIVAN, Pauline, death: FEB-04-2010, burial: FEB-08-2010
SULLIVAN6-8-1956, Oswald, death: JUN-05-1956
TROMBLY, David, death: JUN-13-1957
TUTTLE, Clifford, death: MAR-25-1986, burial: MAR-25-1986
TWITCHELL, baby, death: NOV-27-1952, burial: NOV-29-1952
UNDERWOOD, Helen, death: FEB-06-1967, burial: FEB-08-1967
UNDERWOOD, Helen, death: FEB-06-1967
UPTON, Rose, death: DEC-25-1980, burial: DEC-29-1980
UPTON, Walter, death: JUN-19-1984
VADEBONCOUER, Bella, death: JUL-03-1942, burial: JUL-03-1942
VADEBONCOUER, Calixte, death: JUN-13-1966, burial: JUN-16-1966
VADEBONCOUER, Emilo, death: JUL-06-1940, burial: JUL-08-1970
VADEBONCOUER, Gertrude, burial: JAN-25-1978
VADEBONCOUER, Philomena, death: AUG-04-1952, burial: AUG-06-1952
VADEBONCOUER, Rosina, death: MAY-09-1983, burial: MAY-12-1983
VALLEY, Fred, death: MAR-11-1943, burial: MAR-13-1943
VALLEY, Helen, death: DEC-28-1966, burial: DEC-31-1966
VALLEY, Herbert, death: DEC-30-1949, burial: JAN-02-1950
VALLEY, Joseph, death: APR-07-1954, burial: APR-10-1954
VALLEY, Martin, death: FEB-20-1973, burial: FEB-22-1973
VAN NESS, Charles, death: JUN-10-1948, burial: JUN-12-1948
VAN NESS, Helen, death: NOV-30-1995, burial: DEC-02-1995
VAN NESS, John, death: MAY-19-1981, burial: MAY-22-1981
VAN NESS, Mary, death: AUG-27-1990, burial: AUG-29-1990
VAN NESS, Mary, death: OCT-25-1985, burial: OCT-28-1985
VAN NESS, William, death: SEP-19-1950, burial: SEP-22-1950
VAUDRIEN, Gaylord, death: JAN-13-2004, burial: JAN-16-2004
VENNE, Jeanette, death: FEB-12-1979, burial: FEB-19-1979
VERRY, Edith, death: DEC-20-1981, burial: DEC-24-1981
VERVILLE, George, death: SEP-17-1981, burial: SEP-20-1961
VETALL, Rocco, death: FEB-02-1942
VIENS, Frank, death: FEB-04-1938
VIETTE, Daryl, death: NOV-12-1952, burial: NOV-13-1952
VIGNEAULT, Agnes, death: MAY-19-1943, burial: MAY-22-1943
VIGNEAULT, Antonio, death: MAY-14-1951, burial: MAY-17-1951
VIGNEAULT, Caroline, death: MAR-01-1983, burial: MAR-09-1983
VIGNEAULT, Catherine, death: AUG-21-1972, burial: AUG-24-1972
VIGNEAULT, Clarence, death: SEP-12-2003, burial: SEP-16-2003
VIGNEAULT, Elizabeth, death: JUL-25-1954, burial: JUL-28-1954
VIGNEAULT, Florence, death: OCT-27-1966, burial: OCT-29-1966
VIGNEAULT, Joseph, death: DEC-12-1953, burial: DEC-14-1953
VIGNEAULT, Joseph, death: MAR-25-1955, burial: MAR-28-1955
VIGNEAULT, Marie, death: OCT-11-1941, burial: OCT-13-1941
VINCENT, Anna, death: JUN-13-1984, burial: JUN-15-1984
VINCENT, Dora, death: NOV-07-1969, burial: NOV-10-1969
VINCENT, Eva, death: OCT-22-1980, burial: OCT-25-1980
VINCENT, Homer, death: OCT-25-1957, burial: OCT-28-1957
VINCENT, Louis, death: JAN-22-1957
VITALE, Henry, death: DEC-11-1959
VITALE, Mary, death: AUG-21-2002, burial: AUG-23-2002
VITALE, Michael, death: JUN-06-1954, burial: JUN-09-1964
VOUDREN, Henry, death: NOV-01-1942, burial: NOV-04-1942
VOUDREN, Mary, death: SEP-05-1955, burial: SEP-07-1955
VOUDREN, Peter, death: DEC-20-1945, burial: DEC-26-1945
ZYSK, Martha, death: MAY-28-2010, burial: JUN-07-2010

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