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Hurricane Road Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

hurricane road cemetery
Hurricane Road Cemetery

GPS: 42.955479, -72.359671

Hurricane Rd
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 20, 2017
Total records: 811

Hurricane Road Cemetery is owned by the City of Keene.


Hurricane Road Cemetery was originally laid out in 1795, and was refferred to as the Third District Cemetery. It was also more commonly known as The Yard on Westmoreland Road.

The town farm, the former Deacon Kingsbury farm, was located nearby and used as such until 1876. Hurricane Road cemetery would naturally have been used for burial of persons who died at the poor farm and it has been suggested that those native stones without inscriptions for the most part mark burials made between 1830-1876.

It's believed some 100 persons were buried here in all.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 19, 2017...

B, F, Lot: 12
BALCH, Andrew, Lot: 12
BALCH, John, Lot: 12
BALCH, Lucy, Lot: 12
BALCH, Olive, Lot: 12
BALCH, Philinda, Lot: 12
BALCH, Rosalinda, Lot: 12
BLACK, Charles, Lot: 1
BLACK, Emma, Lot: 1
BLACK, Frankie, Lot: 2
BLACK, Horatio, Lot: 2
BLACK, Horatio, Lot: 1
BLACK, Mary, Lot: 1
BLACK, Sarah, Lot: 2
BLACK, Sebrina, Lot: 1
BLACK, Sumner, Lot: 1
CRAIG, Balcarras, Lot: 14
CRAIG, Betsey, Lot: 14
CRAIG, Lewis, Lot: 14
CRAIG, Lizzianna, Lot: 14
DICKINSON, Emery, Lot: 13
DICKINSON, Francis, Lot: 13
DICKINSON, Roxalana, Lot: 13
DICKINSON, Wiliam, Lot: 13
EATON, Sarah, Lot: 14
FIFIELD, Ira, Lot: 9
FOSS, Benjamin, Lot: 9
FOSS, Ira, Lot: 9
FOSS, J, Lot: 9
GURLER, Susannah, Lot: 12
GURLER, Thomas, Lot: 12
HARVEY, Sarah, Lot: 12
MILLER, Nabby, Lot: 6
NORCROSS, Clarissa, Lot: 1
PAGE, Martha, Lot: 10
PAGE, Rufus, Lot: 10
PAGE, Simeon, Lot: 10
PARTRIDGE, George, Lot: 13
PARTRIDGE, Lyda, Lot: 13
SILVESTER, Joseph, Lot: 11
SILVESTER, Mahitable, Lot: 11
SNOW, Dea Daniel, Lot: 10
SNOW, Esther, Lot: 12
UNKNOWN, twin infant daughters, Lot: 2
WILBUR, Eliphalet, Lot: 11
WILSON, James, Lot: 14
WILSON, Rebecca, Lot: 14

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