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Greenlawn Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

GPS: 42.940199, -72.274914

Greenlawn St & Page St
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 20, 2017
Total records: 2,754

Surnames K-Z

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 19, 2017...

Note: There appears to be many inaccurate dates due to typographical errors on behalf of the City. We've made no corrections...

KEEP, Elizabeth, Lot: 126
KEITH, Charles, Lot: 10
KEITH, Edwin, Lot: 10
KEITH, Jennie, Lot: 10
KEITH, Olive, Lot: 10
KELLEY, Linniel, burial: FEB-18-1953, Lot: 545
KELLOGG, Chester, Lot: 113
KELLOGG, Phebe, Lot: 113
KENDALL, Adna, burial: SEP-18-2025, Lot: 283 and 284
KENDALL, Ephraim, burial: DEC-23-1993, Lot: 283 and 284
KENDALL, Malvina, burial: MAR-04-2004, Lot: 283 and 284
KENDALL, Mary, burial: JAN-05-1994, Lot: 283 and 284
KENDALL, Sarah, burial: AUG-06-2003, Lot: 283 and 284
KENNEY, Henry, burial: NOV-11-1936, Lot: 545
KERBAUGH, Helen, burial: SEP-17-1971, Lot: 317
KEW, Arthur, burial: OCT-02-2018, Lot: 334
KEW, Maude, burial: NOV-10-1942, Lot: 334
KIMBALL, Eugene, burial: SEP-18-1952, Lot: 532
KIMBALL, Lillian, burial: APR-07-1951, Lot: 532
KIMBALL, Mary, burial: MAY-27-2013, Lot: 75
KIMBALL, Samuel, Lot: 75
KING, Arthur, Lot: 389
KING, David, burial: APR-04-2025, Lot: 327
KING, Dorothy, burial: MAY-04-1945, Lot: A-2
KING, Edward, Lot: 389
KING, Edward, Lot: 389
KING, Eunice, burial: MAY-09-1972, Lot: 389
KING, Gertrude, Lot: 389
KING, Janice, burial: JAN-13-1950, Lot: 389
KING, Lucinda, Lot: 327
KING, Susan, Lot: 327
KINGSBURY JR, Chester, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Albert, burial: JUN-11-1985, Lot: 344
KINGSBURY, Ann, burial: MAR-13-2008, Lot: 344
KINGSBURY, Arthur, burial: NOV-10-1964, Lot: 237
KINGSBURY, Bessie, Lot: 463
KINGSBURY, Candace, Lot: 461
KINGSBURY, Charles, burial: MAR-03-1947, Lot: 238
KINGSBURY, Chester, burial: JUL-05-1974, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Chester, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Elizabeth, burial: APR-11-2006, Lot: 45
KINGSBURY, Ellen, death: NOV-28-2011, burial: SEP-14-2012, Lot: 237
KINGSBURY, Frank, Lot: 285
KINGSBURY, Fred, burial: JUL-11-1969, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Frederick, burial: APR-23-2015, Lot: 45
KINGSBURY, Frederick, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, George, burial: DEC-15-1933, Lot: 312
KINGSBURY, George, Lot: 461
KINGSBURY, Gordon, Lot: 461
KINGSBURY, Ida, burial: MAY-24-1963, Lot: 238
KINGSBURY, Isabella, Lot: 461
KINGSBURY, Josephine, burial: JUL-01-1957, Lot: 15
KINGSBURY, Lottie, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Lucia, burial: JUN-14-1991, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Lucy, Lot: 285
KINGSBURY, Mabel, Lot: 461
KINGSBURY, Mary, Lot: 312
KINGSBURY, Sarah, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Thayer, burial: FEB-13-1967, Lot: 252
KINGSBURY, Vera, burial: MAR-16-1995, Lot: 237
KINGSBURY, Vivian, Lot: 312
KINGSBURY, Winnifred, burial: JUL-14-1981, Lot: 252
KINGSLEY, Mildred, burial: MAR-01-1994, Lot: 473
KINSGBURY, Harry, burial: SEP-08-1961, Lot: 252
KIRK, baby IC, Lot: 93
KIRK, Baby, Lot: 93
KIRK, FE, Lot: 93
KIRK, Mary, Lot: 93
KIRK, Reuben, Lot: 93
KIRK, WL, Lot: 93
KNAPP, Edward, burial: APR-19-1969, Lot: 545
KNAPP, Franklin, burial: JAN-25-2019, Lot: 79
KNAPP, Helen, burial: FEB-16-2009, Lot: 79
KNIGEO, Alberta, Lot: 338
KNIGHT, Abbie, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, baby girl, Lot: 327
KNIGHT, Charles, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Charlotte, burial: OCT-23-2021, Lot: 52
KNIGHT, Dorothy, Lot: 579
KNIGHT, Dudley, Lot: 327
KNIGHT, Eva, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Florence, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Florence, death: JAN-08-1983, burial: JAN-07-1983, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Frank, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Frank, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Harry, burial: FEB-12-1966, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Henry, death: NOV-19-1962, West Bridgewater MA, Lot: 579
KNIGHT, Ida, burial: JAN-05-2012, Lot: 52
KNIGHT, James, Lot: 52
KNIGHT, Jessie, death: DEC-28-1946, burial: JAN-01-1947, Lot: 281
KNIGHT, Katherine, death: OCT-23-1997, Keene, NH, burial: SEP-22-2016, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Marcus, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Markus, burial: FEB-01-1930, Lot: 266
KNIGHT, Nancy, Lot: 327
KNIGHT, Nellie, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Ralph, death: JAN-15-1986, Keene, NH, burial: SEP-22-2016, Lot: 336
KNIGHT, Sumner, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Susan, burial: OCT-09-2018, Lot: 266
KNIGHT, Susan, Lot: 21
KNIGHT, Susie, Lot: 267
KNIGHT, Wilber, burial: MAR-27-1954, Lot: 327
KNIGHT, William, burial: NOV-10-1944, Lot: 52
KROUSE, Charles, death: MAY-12-2013, MA, burial: MAY-17-2013, Lot: 94
LAGERBERG (BABY), Anna, burial: JAN-07-2004, Lot: 473
LAGERBERG JR, Carl, burial: FEB-18-1984, Lot: 473
LAGERBERG SR, Carl, burial: JAN-22-1958, Lot: 473
LAGERBERG, Anne, Lot: 473
LAGERBERG, Emanuel, Lot: 299
LAGERBERG, Herman, burial: MAY-25-1983, Lot: 473
LAGERBERG, Josephine, Lot: 299
LAGERBERG, Josephine, Lot: 299
LAGERBERG, stillborn baby, burial: SEP-01-2009, Lot: 473
LANE, Karen, death: AUG-11-2003, Peterborough, burial: AUG-29-2003, Lot: 420
LAPHAM, Mary, Lot: 365
LAPHAM, Peter, burial: JUL-15-2008, Lot: 365
LAROCK, Antoine, burial: JUL-06-2015, Lot: 429
LAROCK, Ida, burial: NOV-15-2006, Lot: 429
LAROCK, Leon, burial: NOV-15-1949, Lot: 429
LARSON, Alexander, Lot: 404
LARSON, Axel, burial: MAR-19-1977, Lot: 404
LARSON, Carl, death: JAN-10-2005, Ocala FL, burial: JUL-11-2009, Lot: 404
LARSON, Geraldine, death: MAR-03-2015, New Salem, MA, burial: MAR-07-2015, Lot: 404
LARSON, Harry, burial: MAY-06-1999, Lot: 404
LARSON, Infant Selma, burial: SEP-24-1934, Lot: 404
LARSON, John, Lot: 404
LARSON, John, Lot: 404
LARSON, Mabel, death: JAN-05-2009, Loveland, CO, burial: JUL-11-2009, Lot: 404
LARSON, Mae, burial: AUG-03-1988, Lot: 404
LASKEY, Carrie, burial: MAY-07-1936, Lot: 312
LAUNDRY, Bertha, burial: APR-18-2005, Lot: 466
LAWRENCE, Carl, burial: MAR-22-2002, Lot: 124
LAWRENCE, Ella, burial: AUG-08-2018, Lot: 84
LAWRENCE, Ethel, burial: JUL-08-1994, Lot: 84
LAWRENCE, Marion, burial: OCT-23-1953, Lot: 124
LAWRENCE, Marjorie, burial: JAN-06-2008, Lot: 123
LAWRENCE, Nora, burial: APR-22-2006, Lot: 124
LAWRENCE, Paul, burial: MAY-14-1974, Lot: 84
LAWRENCE, Phylis, burial: SEP-22-2029, Lot: 84
LAWRENCE, Wallace, burial: JUL-12-1950, Lot: 124
LAWRENCE, Wyman, burial: MAY-16-2028, Lot: 84
LEACH, Avis, burial: APR-11-2013, Lot: 509
LEACH, Sarah, Lot: 412
LEADLEY, Harold, Lot: 480
LELAND, Annie, burial: APR-10-1933, Lot: 449
LELAND, Asa, burial: OCT-02-2006, Lot: 449
LELAND, William, burial: JUL-20-1935, Lot: 449
LEONARD, Lora, Lot: 397
LEONARD, Lucy, Lot: 479
LEONARD, Robert, burial: MAY-19-2005, Lot: 479
LESURE, George, Lot: 202
LESURE, George, Lot: 202
LESURE, John, Lot: 202
LESURE, Lula, Lot: 202
LESURE, Minnie, Lot: 202
LESURE, Myrtle, burial: DEC-28-1998, Lot: 202
LESURE, Paul, burial: OCT-15-1952, Lot: 202
LEWIS, Beatrice, Lot: 459
LEWIS, Chrissie, Lot: 89
LEWIS, Harry, Lot: 89
LEWIS, Ira, burial: FEB-23-2004, Lot: 219
LEWIS, Marion, burial: JUL-17-1996, Lot: 89
LEWIS, Richard, Lot: 459
LIGHTFOOT, Frederick, Lot: P
LITCHFIELD, Ellen, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, Eva, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, Florence, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, George, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, Louis, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, Nellie, Lot: 145
LITCHFIELD, Walter, Lot: 145
LITTLE, G Fred, burial: NOV-25-1940, Lot: 281
LITTLE, George, Lot: 281
LITTLE, Grace, Lot: 281
LITTLE, Hazel, burial: JUL-18-1993, Lot: 281
LITTLE, Pamela, burial: OCT-24-2001, Lot: 281
LITTLE, Virginia, burial: APR-12-2020, Lot: 281
LOCKE, T Jewett, Lot: 51
LOMBARD, Clinton, burial: SEP-30-1971, Lot: 440 1/2
LOMBARD, Louis, Lot: 440 1/2
LOMBARD, Marion, Lot: 440 1/2
LOMBARD, Mother, Lot: 440 1/2
LORD, Alice, burial: JAN-21-1986, Lot: 339
LORD, Edward, Lot: 339
LORD, Mary, burial: MAR-31-1955, Lot: 339
LOVEJOY, Alice, burial: SEP-04-1940, Lot: 435
LOVEJOY, Charles, Lot: 435
LOVEJOY, Mabel, Lot: 435
LOVEJOY, Margaret, burial: JAN-17-1984, Lot: 435
LOVEJOY, Sara, burial: MAY-08-2003, Lot: 435
LOVEJOY, Warren, Lot: 435
LOW, Emma, burial: NOV-01-2025, Lot: 524
LOW, John, burial: JUN-24-2019, Lot: 524
LUCE JR, Stephen, death: JUL-04-2008, Keene, burial: JUL-10-2008, Lot: 430 1/2
LUCE, Thelma, death: FEB-24-2010, burial: MAY-22-2010, Lot: 430 1/2
LYNCH, Edith, burial: JUN-26-1979, Lot: 94
LYNCH, John, Lot: 94
MACKEY, James, burial: DEC-23-1942, Lot: 483
MACVICAR, John, Lot: 69
MACWHA, Bruce, burial: MAY-17-2002, Lot: 428
MAHAN, David, burial: MAY-04-2013, Lot: 464
MAHAN, Elmina, burial: JUN-22-1965, Lot: 464
MAHAN, Harley, burial: FEB-04-2026, Lot: 464
MAHAN, Isabella, burial: MAY-31-1960, Lot: 464
MALLOY, Alice, Lot: 427
MALLOY, M E, Lot: 427
MALLOY, Robert, Lot: 427
MALLOY, William, Lot: 427
MANN, George, burial: NOV-29-2010, Lot: 275
MANN, Sarah, Lot: 275
MANNING, Christime, burial: JAN-26-2007, Lot: 495 W 1/2
MANNING, Elsie, burial: MAY-22-1976, Lot: 516
MANNING, John, burial: NOV-16-1957, Lot: 516
MANNING, Laura, burial: JUN-01-1963, Lot: 516
MANSFIELD, George, Lot: 303
MANSFIELD, Mary, Lot: 303
MANSFIELD, Susanna, Lot: 303
MARCOSSON, Ellen, burial: FEB-20-1986, Lot: 177
MARCOTTE, Helen, death: SEP-26-2006, Lot: 456
MARSH, A, Lot: 136
MARSH, Cora, burial: FEB-08-2017, Lot: 386
MARSH, E, Lot: 136
MARSH, Ella, burial: SEP-13-1942, Lot: 462
MARSH, Grace, burial: JUL-18-2016, Lot: 386
MARSH, John, burial: JUL-15-2011, Lot: 386
MARSH, Lettie, burial: MAR-11-2026, Lot: 136
MARSH, Mabel, burial: NOV-21-2015, Lot: 386
MARSH, Robert, burial: APR-10-1990, Lot: 386
MARSHALL, David, Lot: 66
MARSHALL, Elizabeth, burial: JUL-28-1996, Lot: 505
MARSHALL, Ellen, burial: MAY-03-2006, Lot: 66
MARSHALL, Robert, burial: SEP-15-1996, Lot: 505
MARTIN, Ada, burial: SEP-13-1965, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Annie, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Don, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Frances, burial: OCT-22-1932, Lot: 518
MARTIN, Glenn, burial: MAR-21-2005, Lot: 140
MARTIN, Guy, burial: JUL-21-1943, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Henry, burial: JAN-29-2023, Lot: 518
MARTIN, Laton, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Lizzie, Lot: 335
MARTIN, Orlyn, burial: SEP-20-1935, Lot: 545
MARTIN, Thomas, burial: APR-26-2010, Lot: 140
MARTIN, William, Lot: 335
MARTIN, William, Lot: 335
MARVELL, Ida, burial: APR-15-1947, Lot: 314
MARVELL, Walter, burial: MAY-16-2027, Lot: 314
MARVIN, Edwin, Lot: 262
MARVIN, Hannah, burial: MAY-13-2006, Lot: 262
MARVIN, Levi, Lot: 262
MARVIN, Oscar, burial: SEP-29-2011, Lot: 262
MASON, Crosby, burial: JUN-30-2011, Lot: 431
MASON, Edith, Lot: 143
MASON, Ella, Lot: 143
MASON, Emma, burial: MAR-11-2023, Lot: 431
MASON, Ernest, Lot: 143
MASON, Florence, Lot: 143
MASON, Frank, burial: JUN-21-2003, Lot: 431
MASON, Hartley, burial: MAY-13-2003, Lot: 209
MASON, Helen, Lot: 287 and 289
MASON, Ina, Lot: 143
MASON, infant Charles, burial: NOV-27-1996, Lot: 434
MASON, Jessie, Lot: 287 and 289
MASON, Latitia, burial: NOV-24-1958, Lot: 143
MASON, Laura, Lot: 287 and 289
MASON, Leonard, burial: AUG-26-2013, Lot: 434
MASON, Leston, burial: AUG-17-2000, Lot: 434
MASON, Susan, Lot: 143
MASON, Walter, burial: JUN-11-2019, Lot: 287 and 289
MASON, Warren, Lot: 143
MASON, William, burial: MAY-07-2003, Lot: 209
MASON, William, Lot: 100
MASON, William, Lot: 143
MATTHEWS, Bertha, Lot: 26
MAYETTE, Eli, Lot: 171
MAYETTE, Elmira, Lot: 171
MAYNARD, George, Lot: 105 and 106
MAYNARD, Lillie, burial: OCT-23-2005, Lot: 105 and 106
MAYNARD, Martha, burial: FEB-20-2018, Lot: 219
MAYNARD, Mary, Lot: 105 and 106
MAYNARD, Seth, Lot: 105 and 106
MAYNARD, Thomas, Lot: 105 and 106
MAYNARD, Webster, burial: JUL-14-2003, Lot: 105 and 106
MCCORMICK, Grace, burial: MAY-17-1976, Lot: 10
MCDUFFIE, Charles, burial: JUL-12-2013, Lot: 481
MCDUFFIE, Sarah, Lot: 481
MCKINNON, Helen, death: APR-02-2001, Keene, burial: JUL-06-2001, Lot: A-2
MCMAHON, Catherine, death: JAN-21-2004, Falls Church VA, burial: JAN-30-2004, Lot: 271
MCQUILLAN, Elizabeth, Lot: 19
MCQUILLAN, Joseph, Lot: 19
MCQUILLAN, Lilla, Lot: 19
MCQUILLAN, Lizzy, Lot: 19
MEAD, Charles, burial: JUL-24-1940, Lot: 503
MEAD, Isabelle, burial: OCT-19-2018, Lot: 503
MEAD, Ruth, burial: SEP-24-2005, Lot: 503
MEADE, Douglas, burial: MAR-30-1943, Lot: 503
MEIENBORN, Ewald, burial: SEP-17-1968, Lot: 82 W 1/2
MEIENBORN, Hedwig, burial: OCT-29-1981, Lot: 82 W 1/2
MELANSON, Mary, burial: OCT-31-1956, Lot: 428
MERRILL, Ella, Lot: 315
MERRILL, Isabelle, burial: JAN-14-2018, Lot: 315
MERRILL, Mary, Lot: 121
MERRILL, Solomon, Lot: 315
MERTON, Amy, burial: SEP-09-2003, Lot: 102
MESSER, Fred, burial: APR-18-1949, Lot: 297
MILLER, Edith, Lot: 299
MILTON, Ann, Lot: 407
MILTON, John, Lot: 407
MITCHELL, Dorothy, burial: MAY-11-2015, Lot: 409 W
MITCHELL, Evelyn, burial: JUL-24-2004, Lot: 441
MITCHELL, George, burial: MAY-24-1965, Lot: 441
MITCHELL, Ida, burial: JAN-31-1972, Lot: 441
MORAN, Martha, death: OCT-25-2003, Keene, burial: NOV-08-2003, Lot: 226
MORANG, Grace, Lot: 46
MORANG, Kenneth, burial: MAY-15-1985, Lot: 46
MORANG, Mary, burial: JUN-22-1989, Lot: 46
MOREY, Arthur, burial: MAR-23-1940, Lot: 564
MOREY, Mary, burial: AUG-29-1985, Lot: 564
MOREY, Matilda, burial: MAR-23-1946, Lot: 564
MORGAN, Benet, burial: JAN-18-1949, Lot: 558
MORGAN, Thena, burial: OCT-06-1935, Lot: 558
MORSE, Angie, Lot: 4
MORSE, Charles, Lot: 4
MORSE, Della, burial: DEC-04-1978, Lot: 117
MORSE, Dr George, burial: OCT-26-2017, Lot: 181
MORSE, Ella, burial: MAR-20-2022, Lot: B
MORSE, Ellen, burial: APR-10-1934, Lot: 181
MORSE, Emma, Lot: 69
MORSE, Faith, Lot: 342
MORSE, Florence, burial: OCT-13-1968, Lot: 4
MORSE, Fred, Lot: 181
MORSE, James, Lot: 342
MORSE, James, Lot: 342
MORSE, James, Lot: 69
MORSE, Levi, burial: MAY-05-1930, Lot: B
MORSE, Margaret, burial: OCT-10-2018, Lot: 427
MORSE, Martha, burial: JUL-04-1998, Lot: 181
MORSE, Rachel, death: SEP-11-2004, Lebanon, burial: SEP-16-2004, Lot: A-3
MORSE, Ramona, Lot: 69
MORSE, Rhoda, Lot: 342
MORSE, Sylvanus, Lot: 342
MORSE, Wesley, Lot: 69
MORTON, Julius, Lot: 167
MOSHER, Alexander, burial: DEC-09-1934, Lot: 558
MOSHER, Della, Lot: 439
MOSHER, Martha, burial: JUL-01-1957, Lot: 228 and 232
MOSHER, Uriah, Lot: 439
MOULTON, Dorothy, burial: OCT-20-2004, Lot: 296
MOULTON, Herbert C, Lot: 296
MOULTON, Mary A, burial: MAR-07-2006, Lot: 296
MULLAN, Florence, burial: NOV-20-1937, Lot: 518
MULLEN, Dennis, Lot: 513
MULLEN, John, burial: SEP-21-1967, Lot: 518
MULLEN, Mary, Lot: 513
MUNROE, Adeline, Lot: 32
MUNSELL, Abbie, Lot: 476
MUNSELL, Thomas, Lot: 476
MURDICK, Guy, burial: NOV-26-2001, Lot: 339
MURDICK, Mamie, Lot: 339
MURDICK, Oliver, Lot: 339
MURRAY, William, Lot: 451
NARRAMORE, Clarence, burial: NOV-30-2006, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Ellen, burial: APR-28-1939, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Frank, burial: SEP-14-1941, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Fred, burial: APR-29-1931, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Helen A, burial: OCT-02-2006, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Irene, burial: MAY-03-1946, Lot: 452
NARRAMORE, Truffle, burial: AUG-20-2017, Lot: 452
NASH, Andrew, burial: FEB-03-2013, Lot: 416
NASH, Blanche, burial: OCT-26-2021, Lot: 416
NASH, Charles, burial: MAR-31-2019, Lot: 416
NASH, Chester, Lot: 416
NASH, E Adelia, Lot: 416
NASH, Eddie, Lot: 416
NASH, Esther, Lot: 535
NASH, Martha, burial: DEC-04-2001, Lot: 416
NASH, Susan, burial: APR-24-2017, Lot: 416
NASH, William, burial: DEC-17-2027, Lot: 535
NASON, Annie, Lot: 269
NASON, Frank, Lot: 269
NASON, James, Lot: 269
NASON, Mary, Lot: 269
NEWELL, Charles, Lot: 316
NEWMAN, Daniel, burial: NOV-25-2021, Lot: 272
NEWMAN, George, burial: JAN-18-2016, Lot: 272
NEWMAN, Henry, burial: MAY-10-1994, Lot: 254
NEWMAN, Lucinda, burial: OCT-24-2026, Lot: 254
NEWMAN, Mott, Lot: 272
NEWTON, Sylvia, burial: NOV-06-1945, Lot: 181
NICHOLS, Allen, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, Bessie, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, Carl, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, Charles, burial: NOV-15-2006, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, David, Lot: 162
NICHOLS, Ernest, Lot: 299
NICHOLS, Frances, Lot: 162
NICHOLS, Fred, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, H, Lot: 2
NICHOLS, Mabel, Lot: 2
NIMS, Arthur, burial: MAY-16-1967, Lot: 226
NIMS, Augusta, Lot: 84
NIMS, Carrie, Lot: 101
NIMS, Charlotte, Lot: 48
NIMS, Dauphin, Lot: 84
NIMS, Edith, burial: AUG-17-1948, Lot: 498
NIMS, Ellen, Lot: 225
NIMS, Elmer, burial: MAR-07-2020, Lot: 225
NIMS, Fanny, burial: DEC-26-2018, Lot: 225
NIMS, Francis, burial: APR-23-2006, Lot: 44
NIMS, Frank, burial: FEB-14-2009, Lot: 101
NIMS, George, burial: DEC-08-2009, Lot: 36
NIMS, Gilman, Lot: 48
NIMS, Gladys, burial: SEP-16-1964, Lot: 101
NIMS, Jane, burial: MAY-16-1940, Lot: 101
NIMS, Justus, Lot: 84
NIMS, Kathleen, burial: JUL-26-1971, Lot: 457
NIMS, Lois, Lot: 84
NIMS, Louis, Lot: 220
NIMS, Louise, burial: MAY-13-1968, Lot: 41
NIMS, Marion, burial: JAN-06-1933, Lot: 226
NIMS, Marjorie, death: DEC-10-2014, burial: DEC-15-2014, Lot: 220
NIMS, Martha, Lot: 220
NIMS, Mary, burial: APR-16-2016, Lot: 36
NIMS, Merton, Lot: 44
NIMS, Oscar, Lot: 220
NIMS, Rebecca, burial: JUN-09-2006, Lot: 225
NIMS, Robert, Lot: 220
NIMS, Ruthie, Lot: 36
NIMS, Stuart, burial: AUG-26-1985, Lot: 220
NIMS, Stuart, burial: OCT-25-1991, Lot: 220
NIMS, Stuart, Lot: 220
NIMS, Wilder, Lot: 101
NORCROSS, Josephine, burial: FEB-10-2005, Lot: 231
NORWOOD, Caroline, Lot: 271
NORWOOD, Charles, burial: OCT-25-1985, Lot: 271
NORWOOD, Charles, Lot: 271
NORWOOD, Evelyn, burial: MAY-27-1975, Lot: 271
NORWOOD, Leon, Lot: 271
NORWOOD, Louise, Lot: 271
NYE, Gerald, death: JUL-13-2006, Keene, burial: JUL-28-2006, Lot: 196 (western 3 graves)
NYE, reserve for Michael and Jill, Lot: 196 (western 3 graves)
NYE, stillborn infant, burial: DEC-18-1986, Lot: 196 (western 3 graves)
O'BRIANT, Ruth, death: JAN-28-2011, burial: FEB-05-2011, Lot: 300
O'DONNELL, George, burial: SEP-14-1956, Lot: 545
OLINSKY, John, burial: JAN-28-1940, Lot: V W
OLIVER, Anthony, burial: MAY-03-2024, Lot: G
OLIVER, Ellen, burial: SEP-09-2023, Lot: G
OLMSTEAD SR, Cleo, burial: DEC-15-1976, Lot: 537
OLMSTEAD, Edith, burial: JUN-10-1993, Lot: 537
OLMSTEAD, Edward, Lot: 537
OLMSTEAD, Isabel, burial: OCT-05-1991, Lot: 537
OLSON, Ruth, burial: JUN-20-1986, Lot: 20
OSTROM, Freda, burial: SEP-29-2005, Lot: 507
O'TOOLE, Carol, burial: MAR-13-1999, Lot: A-2
PAGE, Amos, Lot: 4
PAGE, Angie, Lot: 341
PAGE, Charles, burial: MAY-14-2008, Lot: 4
PAGE, Charles, Lot: 341
PAGE, Lucien, Lot: 3
PAGE, MaryAnn, Lot: 4
PAGE, Olive, Lot: 3
PAIGE, Eliza, Lot: 28
PAIGE, George, Lot: 28
PAIR, Joseph, burial: DEC-01-1939, Lot: 545
PARKER, Griffin, Lot: 397
PARKHURST, Helen, burial: APR-21-1999, Lot: 176
PARKHURST, Henry, burial: APR-25-2029, Lot: 176
PARKMAN, Burtis, Lot: 306
PARKMAN, Ethel, Lot: 306
PARKMAN, Ida, burial: FEB-04-1948, Lot: 306
PARKMAN, Susie, burial: SEP-28-2011, Lot: 306
PARTENHEIMER, Julia, death: SEP-22-2009, Orange MA, burial: DEC-19-2009, Lot: 94
PEABODY, Ethel, Lot: 447
PEABODY, Everett, Lot: 447
PEARSON, Alixa, burial: SEP-15-2018, Lot: 432
PEARSON, Clifford, burial: APR-29-2009, Lot: 432
PEARSON, Frank, burial: FEB-14-2028, Lot: 432
PECK, Bertha, burial: MAR-31-2015, Lot: 472
PECK, Candace, burial: JUN-05-2007, Lot: 472
PELKEY, Anthony, Lot: 299
PELKEY, Mabel, Lot: 309
PELLERIN, David, burial: JAN-12-2017, Lot: 405 S 1/2
PELLERIN, David, death: JAN-06-2017, Keene, burial: JAN-12-2017, Lot: 405 N 1/2
PERHAM, Chester, burial: NOV-11-2015, Lot: 63
PERHAM, Julius, burial: NOV-13-1933, Lot: 63
PERHAM, Lawrence, burial: OCT-08-1969, Lot: 63
PERHAM, Nina, burial: JUL-22-1953, Lot: 63
PERKINS, Alice, burial: APR-24-1994, Lot: 256
PERKINS, Susan, death: JUN-04-1956, burial: JUN-06-1957, Lot: 360 1/2
PERREAULT, Blanche, death: OCT-31-1941, burial: NOV-03-1941, Lot: 568
PERRY SR, Alfred, burial: APR-05-1960, Lot: 545
PERRY, Ada, Lot: 261
PERRY, Benjamin, Lot: 135
PERRY, Carroll, burial: NOV-22-1969, Lot: 375
PERRY, Frederick, Lot: 103
PERRY, James, Lot: 261
PERRY, John, burial: MAY-27-1998, Lot: 261
PERRY, John, Lot: 261
PERRY, Judith, Lot: 135
PERRY, Laura, burial: MAY-04-1996, Lot: 375
PERRY, Lulu, Lot: 103
PERRY, Luna, Lot: 261
PERRY, Mabel, burial: MAR-31-1973, Lot: 261
PERRY, Martha, Lot: 261
PETERSON, Bertha, death: OCT-29-1962, burial: NOV-01-1962, Lot: 81
PETERSON, Frederick, Lot: 402
PETERSON, Harry, Lot: 81
PETTS, Don, burial: AUG-22-1943, Lot: 177
PETTS, Ellen, burial: SEP-30-2017, Lot: 177
PETTS, Ferdinand, burial: APR-22-1933, Lot: 177
PETTS, Josephine, burial: JUN-06-1989, Lot: 177
PETTS, Margaret, burial: NOV-29-1935, Lot: 177
PETTS, Robert, burial: MAY-16-2018, Lot: 177
PETTS, Robert, Lot: 170
PHELPS, Harriet, Lot: 337
PHELPS, Martha, Lot: 267
PHILLIPS, Harriet, burial: DEC-21-2005, Lot: 425
PIERCE, Charles, Lot: 336
PIERCE, Chastina, Lot: 97
PIERCE, Edith, Lot: 488
PIERCE, John, Lot: 488
PIERCE, Liggie, Lot: 336
PIERCE, W Dana, Lot: 97
PIERCE, Walter, burial: SEP-11-2016, Lot: 488
PIKE, Amos, burial: JUN-09-1990, Lot: 524
PIKE, Emma, burial: SEP-20-1974, Lot: 524
PIKE, Joanna, burial: DEC-23-1997, Lot: 524
PIKE, Rhoda, burial: OCT-25-1974, Lot: 524
PIPER, Ada, burial: DEC-27-1937, Lot: 434
PIPER, Bay boy, burial: NOV-21-2007, Lot: 343
PIPER, George, burial: AUG-16-1972, Lot: 373
PIPER, Maude, Lot: 373
PITCHER, Arthur, Lot: 338
PITCHER, Charles, burial: JAN-21-2011, Lot: 338
PITCHER, Edmund, Lot: 338
PITCHER, Fannie, burial: SEP-09-2010, Lot: 87
PITCHER, Flora, burial: NOV-12-2018, Lot: 87
PITCHER, Frederic, Lot: 87
PITCHER, Harris, Lot: 338
PITCHER, M Alcesta, Lot: 87
PITCHER, Nettie, burial: MAY-07-1966, Lot: 338
PITCHER, Sara, burial: APR-08-2022, Lot: 338
PITCHER, Walter, burial: AUG-15-1936, Lot: 87
PLASTRIDGE, Amasa, burial: FEB-11-2010, Lot: 41
PLASTRIDGE, Charles, Lot: 41
PLASTRIDGE, Mary, burial: MAY-22-2022, Lot: 41
POISSON, baby Charles, death: JAN-03-1950, Lot: 574
POISSON, Marion, burial: FEB-05-1983, Lot: 574
POISSON, Oscar, Lot: 574
POND, Charles, burial: NOV-01-2001, Lot: 370 S 1/2
POND, Rose, Lot: 366
POOLE REED, Alice, burial: OCT-04-1947, Lot: 198
POOLE WRIGHT, Emma, burial: JUL-05-1945, Lot: 509
POOLE, Avis, Lot: 509
POOLE, Elmer, burial: APR-06-2016, Lot: 509
POOLE, Frank, Lot: 509
POTTER, Carrie, burial: MAR-25-2022, Lot: J
POTTER, Frank, burial: FEB-14-1944, Lot: J
POWELL, Leah, burial: MAY-20-1981, Lot: V E
PRATT, Beatrice, Lot: 420
PRATT, Charles, burial: DEC-30-2026, Lot: 420
PRATT, Charles, burial: SEP-22-1992, Lot: 397
PRATT, Clara, burial: OCT-30-2019, Lot: 420
PRATT, Edith, burial: FEB-17-1937, Lot: 420
PRATT, Eleanor, Lot: 420
PRATT, Ethel, Lot: 420
PRATT, Frank, burial: MAY-29-2006, Lot: 420
PRATT, Frank, Lot: 420
PRATT, Hattie, burial: JUN-10-2008, Lot: 420
PRATT, Lillian, death: JAN-13-1959, burial: JAN-16-1959, Lot: 420
PRATT, Madeline, burial: FEB-27-1998, Lot: 397
PRATT, Nellie, Lot: 540
PRATT, Nellie, death: MAR-26-1949, burial: MAR-29-1949, Lot: 540
PRATT, Vernon, death: FEB-12-1959, burial: FEB-14-1959, Lot: 540
PRATT, Willis, burial: MAY-29-2006, Lot: 420
PRATT-LANE, Ethel, death: DEC-03-1982, Rhode Island, burial: AUG-29-2003, Lot: 420
PRESSLER, Adolf, burial: JUL-24-1936, Lot: 333
PRESSLER, Christian, burial: SEP-11-2005, Lot: 333
PRESSLET, Elizabeth, burial: SEP-22-1949, Lot: 333
PRICE, Ellsworth, burial: NOV-18-2013, Lot: 503
PROCTOR, Mildred, burial: DEC-27-1983, Lot: 191
PROCTOR, Percy, burial: AUG-27-1980, Lot: 191
PROULX, Florence, burial: FEB-22-1969, Lot: 49 W
PROULX, Merritt, Lot: 49 W
PROUTY, Bertha, burial: SEP-30-2018, Lot: 66
PRRESSLER, Annie, burial: JAN-27-2006, Lot: 333
PUTNAM, Elmeda, burial: JUL-20-2011, Lot: 18
PUTNAM, James, Lot: 18
QUINLAN, Nellie, burial: MAR-22-1957, Lot: 462
QUINN, Frances, burial: FEB-24-2018, Lot: 465
QUINN, Fred, burial: OCT-01-2006, Lot: 465
QUINTIN, Doris, burial: MAY-02-1996, Lot: 421
QUINTIN, Lionel, burial: MAY-21-1994, Lot: 421
RADCLIFF, Russell, burial: SEP-10-1966, Lot: 397
RAND, Joseph, burial: MAY-04-2020, Lot: 57
RAND, Susan, Lot: 57
RANDALL, Addie, burial: FEB-19-2004, Lot: 329
RANDALL, Levi, burial: JAN-18-2013, Lot: 329
RANDALL, Marietta, burial: NOV-21-1990, Lot: 329
RAYMOND, Alice, death: MAY-04-1949, Worcester MA, Lot: 407
RAYMOND, Arthur, death: SEP-11-1954, Billerica MA, Lot: 407
RAYMOND, Hazel, burial: JUL-11-1977, Lot: 203
RAYMOND, Oliver, burial: OCT-26-1956, Lot: N
REASON, Christine, burial: FEB-17-1988, Lot: 581
REASON, James, burial: NOV-04-1986, Lot: 581
REED, Ada, Lot: 198
REED, Arthur, burial: OCT-08-1971, Lot: 516
REED, Bernice, Lot: 496
REED, Bertha, Lot: 496
REED, Clarence, Lot: 496
REED, Edith, Lot: 496
REED, Edward, Lot: 198
REED, Etta, Lot: 17
REED, Frances (Francis?), Lot: 107
REED, Frank, Lot: 107
REED, George, Lot: 198
REED, Hary, Lot: 496
REED, Hattie Harriette?, burial: FEB-11-1939, Lot: 70 and 72
REED, Henry, burial: MAY-01-2018, Lot: 496
REED, J Carlton, Lot: 198
REED, J Mason, Lot: 198
REED, Jane, burial: JAN-26-2007, Lot: 17
REED, Jennie, burial: MAR-12-2006, Lot: 204
REED, John, burial: DEC-23-2014, Lot: 17
REED, John, Lot: 17
REED, Lucinda, Lot: 516
REED, Marietta, Lot: 107
REED, Mary, burial: OCT-10-1935, Lot: 17
REED, Mary, Lot: 496
REED, Sherman, burial: NOV-27-1974, Lot: 194 S 1/2
REED, Vera, burial: DEC-14-1984, Lot: 194 S 1/2
REED, William, burial: MAY-17-2022, Lot: 70 and 72
REED, William, burial: SEP-22-1945, Lot: 17
REID, Charles, burial: NOV-01-2018, Lot: 468
REID, Ina, burial: DEC-14-2007, Lot: 468
REYNOLDS, Emily, burial: FEB-09-2017, Lot: 15
REYNOLDS, Zoe, burial: JUL-01-2006, Lot: 15
RHOADES, Sandra, death: JAN-27-2016, burial: MAY-25-2017, Lot: 11
RICE, Eliza, Lot: 152
RICHARDS, Florence, Lot: 157
RICHARDS, Louis (Lewis?), burial: APR-05-1945, Lot: 154
RICHARDS, Mary, burial: JUL-12-2009, Lot: 154
RICHARDSON, Anna, burial: JUL-06-2005, Lot: 521
RICHARDSON, Arthur, burial: NOV-01-2018, Lot: 429 1/2
RICHARDSON, Arthur, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Carrie, burial: JUN-04-2018, Lot: 382
RICHARDSON, Carrie, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Delia, burial: JUL-01-1947, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Edward, burial: APR-08-2010, Lot: 521
RICHARDSON, Herbert, burial: OCT-27-1949, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Justice, burial: OCT-06-2011, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Justice, Lot: 494
RICHARDSON, Raymond, burial: JUN-23-1958, Lot: 494
RIDDELL, Jessie, burial: AUG-30-1938, Lot: 558
RILEY, Gladys, burial: SEP-16-1977, Lot: 541
RINGLAND, Annie, burial: OCT-29-1957, Lot: 428
RINGLAND, Bertha, burial: SEP-29-2018, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Elizabeth, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Florence, burial: JUL-01-1989, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Frances, death: DEC-01-2003, Keene, burial: OCT-22-2004, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Hans, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Kenneth, burial: APR-16-1991, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, Robert, Lot: 428
RINGLAND, Robert, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, William, burial: DEC-10-1970, Lot: 477
RINGLAND, William, burial: MAR-21-2025, Lot: 428
RIPLEY, Barrett, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, Harriett, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, John, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, L A, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, Mary, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, Mary, Lot: 274
RIPLEY, S V, Lot: 274
RIVERS, May, Lot: 180
ROALF, David, burial: SEP-11-1978, Lot: 103 1/2
ROALF, John, Lot: 103 1/2
ROALF, Myra, burial: JUN-04-1940, Lot: 103 1/2
ROBBINS, Joseph, burial: FEB-25-2004, Lot: 6
ROBBINS, Mary, Lot: 146
ROBBINS, Sumner, Lot: 146
ROBBINS, Wentworth, Lot: 146
ROBERTSON, Byron, Lot: 380
ROBERTSON, Kate, Lot: 380
ROBINSON, Guy, burial: OCT-23-1963, Lot: 366
ROBINSON, Helen, Lot: 488
ROBINSON, Raymond, burial: MAY-28-1969, Lot: 488
ROBINSON, Susan, Lot: 157
ROBY, Ruth, burial: OCT-15-2018, Lot: 116
ROMANS, Carl, burial: JAN-16-1953, Lot: 493
ROMANS, George, Lot: 493
ROMANS, John, burial: JUL-22-1939, Lot: 493
ROMANS, Willie, Lot: 493
ROSE, William, Lot: 570 and 571
ROSS, Harriett, burial: JUN-03-2012, Lot: 292
ROY, Clara, burial: JAN-27-1978, Lot: 136
ROY, Clarence, burial: NOV-29-1978, Lot: 136
ROY, Jennie, Lot: 136
ROY, Josie, Lot: 136
ROYLEIGH, George, Lot: 352
ROYLEIGH, Hannah, Lot: 352
ROYLEIGH, Hattie, Lot: 352
ROYLEIGH, Peter, Lot: 352
RUGG, Elias, Lot: 112
RUGG, Ella, burial: MAR-15-1952, Lot: 122
RUGG, Ellery, burial: APR-01-2014, Lot: 122
RUGG, Sabrina, Lot: 122
RUGG, Sarah, burial: AUG-24-2002, Lot: 112
RUSSELL, Baby, burial: FEB-03-2020, Lot: 294
RUSSELL, Charles, Lot: 265
RUSSELL, Charles, Lot: 341
RUSSELL, Clarence, Lot: 341
RUSSELL, Emma, burial: DEC-01-2005, Lot: 305
RUSSELL, Emma, Lot: 384
RUSSELL, Frank, Lot: 384
RUSSELL, George, Lot: 265
RUSSELL, Harry, Lot: 265
RUSSELL, Hattie, Lot: 384
RUSSELL, John, burial: AUG-01-2009, Lot: 341
RUSSELL, John, burial: NOV-10-2009, Lot: 294
RUSSELL, Mary, Lot: 265
RUSSELL, Nellie, burial: MAR-09-1992, Lot: 294
RUSSELL, Rene, burial: JUN-26-2009, Lot: 294
RUSSELL, Susan, burial: OCT-16-1979, Lot: 265
RUSSELL, Sylvia, burial: OCT-29-1947, Lot: 294
RUSSELL, Winfred, Lot: 384
SAARI, Arni, burial: APR-30-1940, Lot: S E
SADOQUES JR, Israel, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Agnes, burial: SEP-11-1979, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Anna, burial: JAN-18-1966, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Edward, burial: JUL-29-1966, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Ida, burial: JUL-24-1981, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Israel, burial: DEC-01-2017, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Louise, burial: OCT-22-2018, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Margaret, burial: JUL-17-1993, Lot: 519
SADOQUES, Mary, Lot: 519
SAFFORD, Frank, Lot: 445
SAFFORD, Myrta, Lot: 445
SANDERSON, Charles, Lot: 140
SANDERSON, Kate, burial: DEC-19-2013, Lot: 140
SARGENT, Alfred, burial: AUG-27-1952, Lot: 108
SARGENT, C C, Lot: 108
SARGENT, Flossie, Lot: 108
SARGENT, Hannah, Lot: 108
SAUNDERS, Charles, burial: JAN-27-1995, Lot: 540
SAUNDERS, Marion, burial: OCT-18-1994, Lot: 540
SAWYER, Benjamin, burial: JUL-02-2023, Lot: 330
SAWYER, Cynthia, burial: AUG-07-2001, Lot: 330
SAWYER, Cyrus, burial: MAR-13-1995, Lot: 311
SAWYER, Florence, burial: MAY-27-1947, Lot: 13
SAWYER, Frank, Lot: 330
SAWYER, Lee, burial: DEC-22-1971, Lot: 13
SAWYER, Mary, burial: JUN-09-2014, Lot: 311
SAWYER, Ona, burial: NOV-16-1963, Lot: 330
SAWYER, William, burial: OCT-15-2000, Lot: 524
SCHALTENBRAND, Alfred, Lot: 62
SCHALTENBRAND, Bertha, burial: AUG-25-1967, Lot: 62
SCOTT, Evart, burial: JAN-16-1968, Lot: 21
SCOTT, Ruth, burial: JUN-18-1971, Lot: 21
SEAVEY, Burton, Lot: 26
SEAVEY, Clifford, burial: MAY-15-1997, Lot: 293
SEAVEY, Dean, burial: MAY-30-1995, Lot: 26
SEAVEY, Gladys, burial: SEP-25-1989, Lot: 293
SEAVEY, Joan, death: MAY-21-2007, Keene, burial: MAY-24-2007, Lot: 26
SEAVEY, May, burial: DEC-19-1972, Lot: 26
SELECKY, Charles, Lot: 580
SELECKY, John, burial: SEP-28-1979, Lot: 580
SELECKY, Mary, Lot: 580
SELECKY, Roger, burial: AUG-21-1987, Lot: 580
SELISKEY, Helen, death: SEP-05-2013, burial: SEP-09-2013, Lot: 585
SELISKEY, Mike, burial: JUN-25-1954, Lot: 585
SELISKEY, Sadie, burial: MAR-02-1974, Lot: 585
SELISKY, John, burial: SEP-22-1999, Lot: 585
SEWARD, Clayton, burial: JAN-06-2006, Lot: 201
SEWARD, Eliza, burial: DEC-24-2009, Lot: 201
SHACKFORD, Charles, Lot: 22
SHACKLEY, A Matilda, burial: JUL-06-2019, Lot: 520
SHACKLEY, Aaron, burial: JUN-06-2011, Lot: 520
SHATTUCK, Julia, burial: MAR-08-2020, Lot: 462
SHAW, Francis, burial: AUG-07-1984, Lot: 582
SHAW, Harry, burial: FEB-25-1952, Lot: 582
SHAW, Julia, burial: FEB-18-1953, Lot: 582
SHELDON TOWNE, Clara, Lot: 359
SHELDON, Mary, Lot: 339
SHEMAN, Ada, burial: APR-07-2026, Lot: 283 and 284
SHERMAN, Emma, Lot: 294
SHERMAN, Ethel, burial: FEB-14-1944, Lot: 283 and 284
SHERMAN, John, burial: NOV-24-2004, Lot: 217
SHERMAN, John, burial: SEP-23-2016, Lot: 283 and 284
SHERMAN, Signe, Lot: 217
SHERWIN, Annie, Lot: 144
SHERWIN, Lucretia, burial: MAR-01-2009, Lot: 173
SHICK, Armanella, burial: JUN-27-1994, Lot: 533
SHICK, Roger, burial: JUL-12-1995, Lot: 533
SHURTLEFF, Howard, burial: DEC-20-1975, Lot: 366
SHURTLEFF, Marguerite, burial: SEP-20-1971, Lot: 366
SHUTZMAN, Nathan, burial: FEB-06-1948, Lot: 545
SILLARS, Lila, Lot: 409 W
SILLARS, Walter, Lot: 409 W
SIMPSON, Henry, death: FEB-02-1953, burial: APR-24-1953, Lot: 5
SIMPSON, John, burial: DEC-20-1968, Lot: A-4
SIMPSON, May, burial: DEC-04-1965, Lot: A-4
SIMPSON, Rose, Lot: 547
SINCLAIRE, Francis, burial: APR-22-1965, Lot: 425
SINCLAIRE, Phyllis, burial: MAY-06-1977, Lot: 425
SIROIS, Mary, burial: MAR-16-1948, Lot: 562
SMITH JR, Truman, Lot: 362
SMITH, Adeline, Lot: 417
SMITH, Asa, Lot: 367
SMITH, D W, Lot: 497
SMITH, Dana, Lot: 417
SMITH, Edwin, Lot: 97
SMITH, Elizabeth, burial: JAN-11-2014, Lot: 497
SMITH, Florence, burial: JUL-10-2003, Lot: 411
SMITH, Frank, Lot: 137
SMITH, Frederick, burial: OCT-02-1940, Lot: 102 1/2
SMITH, Georgia, burial: AUG-22-2004, Lot: 411
SMITH, Helen, burial: APR-13-2018, Lot: 411
SMITH, Henrietta, Lot: 497
SMITH, Josephine, death: NOV-30-2008, burial: APR-10-2009, Lot: 94
SMITH, Kate, burial: MAR-06-2014, Lot: 367
SMITH, Margaret, Lot: 362
SMITH, Mary, burial: AUG-09-1963, Lot: 362
SMITH, Mary, burial: MAR-07-1980, Lot: 102 1/2
SMITH, Nellie, burial: JAN-05-2021, Lot: 411
SMITH, Sewall, Lot: 362
SMITH, Thomas, burial: JAN-23-2014, Lot: 497
SMITH, Truman, Lot: 362
SMYTHE, Elizabeth, burial: MAR-21-1942, Lot: 191
SMYTHE, MInnie, Lot: 191
SMYTHE, William, burial: MAR-27-1950, Lot: 191
SNOW, Ella, Lot: 19
SNOW, Henry, Lot: 119
SNOW, Henry, Lot: 19
SNOW, Mable, Lot: 236
SNOW, Rosella, Lot: 19
SOUTHWELL, Charles, Lot: 491
SOUTHWELL, Frank, Lot: 491
SOUTHWICK, Harold, burial: APR-15-2004, Lot: 197
SOUTHWICK, Margaret, Lot: 197
SOWLES, Darwin, Lot: 417
SPALTER, Charles, burial: NOV-10-2001, Lot: 39
SPALTER, Charles, Lot: 37
SPALTER, Clara, Lot: 37
SPALTER, Emma, burial: DEC-02-2022, Lot: 39
SPALTER, Florence, burial: AUG-10-2010, Lot: 39
SPALTER, Grace, burial: AUG-24-1967, Lot: 39
SPALTER, John, burial: APR-18-2004, Lot: 37
SPALTER, Martha, burial: APR-02-2004, Lot: 37
SPAULDING, Amos, Lot: 99
SPAULDING, Dolly, Lot: 99
SPAULDING, Harry, burial: OCT-29-2005, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Harry, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Helen, burial: JUL-11-1974, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Herbert, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Jennie, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Oscar, Lot: 6
SPAULDING, Otis, burial: MAR-25-1939, Lot: 99
SPAULDING, Russell, Lot: 77
SPAULDING, Sarah, Lot: 6
SPENCER, Henry, burial: MAY-13-1967, Lot: 460
SPENCER, Jennie, burial: MAY-21-2005, Lot: 460
SPENCER, Mabel, burial: DEC-14-2029, Lot: 460
SPOFFORD, Henry, burial: FEB-14-2017, Lot: 354
SPOFFORD, Martha, burial: SEP-13-1995, Lot: 354
SPOFFORD, Ora, Lot: 354
SPRAGUE, Bernice, Lot: 276 and 277
SPRAGUE, Florence, Lot: 276 and 277
SPRAGUE, Martha, burial: MAY-31-2008, Lot: 276 and 277
SPRAGUE, Mary, burial: DEC-20-1967, Lot: 276 and 277
SPRAGUE, Obadiah, burial: NOV-06-2012, Lot: 276 and 277
SPRINGER, Amy, Lot: 236
SPRINGER, Clarence, burial: NOV-21-1946, Lot: 236
SPRINGER, Edna, burial: MAY-16-1939, Lot: 236
SPRINGER, Ella, Lot: 236
SPRINGER, Ferdinand, Lot: 236
STANWOOD, Adelaide, Lot: 142
STAPLES, Arthur, Lot: 385
STAPLES, Charles, burial: MAY-17-1960, Lot: 174
STAPLES, Harriet, burial: APR-02-2029, Lot: 149
STAPLES, Hazel, burial: JUN-22-1990, Lot: 385
STAPLES, Minnie, Lot: 231
STARKEY, Amanda, burial: JUN-18-2017, Lot: 64
STARKEY, Diancy, burial: DEC-05-2014, Lot: 253
STARKEY, Eliza, burial: JUL-01-2009, Lot: 522
STARKEY, Florence, burial: DEC-10-1980, Lot: 384
STARKEY, Lewis, burial: MAY-22-1983, Lot: 522
STARKEY, Olam, burial: DEC-21-1983, Lot: 384
STARTZEL, Henry, burial: NOV-26-1993, Lot: 299
STEARNS, Frank, burial: DEC-26-1941, Lot: 253
STEARNS, Mary, burial: OCT-04-1950, Lot: 253
STEVENS JR, Harold, burial: JUN-16-1965, Lot: 545
STEVENS, Baby, Lot: 35
STEVENS, Henry, burial: JAN-20-2019, Lot: 35
STEVENS, James, Lot: 417
STEVENS, Walter, burial: AUG-09-1968, Lot: 35
STEVENSON, Lydia, Lot: 104
STEVENSON, Sumner, Lot: 104
STILES, Ambrose, burial: JAN-27-2015, Lot: 482
STILES, Sarah, burial: JUN-29-2012, Lot: 482
STONE, baby Lewis, Lot: 437
STONE, Carolyn, burial: APR-28-1978, Lot: 437
STONE, Eliza, burial: JUN-24-2012, Lot: 128
STONE, George, Lot: 128
STONE, Lewis, Lot: 437
STONE, Maria, Lot: 7
STONE, Mary A, Lot: 437
STONE, Melvina, burial: MAY-25-1981, Lot: 544
STONE, Morrison, Lot: 437
STONE, Solon, burial: MAY-25-2015, Lot: 7
STONE, Warren, burial: FEB-02-2005, Lot: 128
STONE, Will, Lot: 7
STOWELL, Hattie, Lot: 286
STOWELL, John, burial: FEB-27-2004, Lot: 286
STOWELL, Martin, burial: MAR-01-1998, Lot: 257
STOWELL, Orpha, burial: FEB-04-1996, Lot: 257
STOWELL, S Helen, burial: JUN-17-2017, Lot: 257
STRONG, Richard, Lot: 22
STURTEVANT, Edith, burial: MAY-14-1965, Lot: 313
STURTEVANT, Hattie, Lot: 313
SULHAM, Dorothy, burial: SEP-18-1951, Lot: 231
SULHAM, Warren, burial: JUN-18-1974, Lot: 231
SULLIVAN, Hazel, Lot: 487
SUMMER, Lottie, burial: FEB-04-2027, Lot: 487
SUMNER, Charles, Lot: 316
SUMNER, Julia, Lot: 316
SWAN, Ruth, burial: NOV-17-1987, Lot: 338
SWANSON, Carl, burial: NOV-01-1951, Lot: 432
SWANSON, Ida, Lot: 432
SWANSON, Malcolm, burial: DEC-20-1942, Lot: 432
SWANSON, Oscar, burial: NOV-01-1951, Lot: 432
SWANSON, Wilhemina, Lot: 432
SWANSTROM, Isaac, Lot: 501
SWANSTROM, Sophia, Lot: 501
SWEENEY, Robert, burial: MAR-26-1942, Lot: 514
SWENSON SHERMAN, Clara, Lot: 217
SWENSON, Elsie, burial: JUN-22-1959, Lot: 432
SYMONDS, Bertram, Lot: 536
SYMONDS, Bessie, burial: FEB-23-1980, Lot: 6
SYMONDS, Bessie, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Carl, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Carl, death: DEC-01-2003, Westmoreland, burial: DEC-05-2003, Lot: 6
SYMONDS, Cleon, burial: AUG-13-1964, Lot: 6
SYMONDS, Earl, Lot: 536
SYMONDS, Effie, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Emma, burial: SEP-18-2016, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Eugene, burial: JUL-03-2008, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Gardner, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Mabel, Lot: 536
SYMONDS, Mary, burial: DEC-04-1973, Lot: 6
SYMONDS, Olla, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Roy, burial: MAY-16-1970, Lot: 114
SYMONDS, Saraphine, burial: JAN-17-1966, Lot: 114
TAFT, Amanda, burial: AUG-31-2015, Lot: 131
TAFT, Annie, burial: JUL-15-1958, Lot: 422
TAFT, baby Harold, Lot: 422
TAFT, Cynthia, Lot: 131
TAFT, Elbridge, Lot: 422
TAFT, Elmer, burial: OCT-11-2021, Lot: 422
TAFT, Elmer, Lot: 422
TAFT, Ephraim, burial: DEC-30-2011, Lot: 334
TAFT, Grace, Lot: 422
TAFT, Juda, burial: SEP-10-1987, Lot: 334
TAFT, Loren, burial: DEC-16-2014, Lot: 334
TAFT, Lucius, Lot: 131
TAFT, Mary, Lot: 422
TAFT, MIlton, burial: DEC-31-1949, Lot: 422
TAFT, Warren, burial: JUN-08-2017, Lot: 334
TANNER, Herbert, burial: JUN-26-1939, Lot: 544 1/2
TAYLOR STAPLES, Alice, burial: APR-25-1944, Lot: 174
TAYLOR, Ann, burial: MAY-12-2003, Lot: 174
TAYLOR, Frank, Lot: 174
TEBO, Frances, burial: DEC-11-1987, Lot: 541
TELLER, Georgia, burial: APR-16-2002, Lot: 299
TEMPLE, Adelia, burial: DEC-11-2000, Lot: 281
TEMPLE, Ellen, Lot: 85
TEMPLE, Flora, Lot: 85
TEMPLE, George, burial: JAN-01-2007, Lot: 85
TEMPLEMAN, Ebnathan, burial: NOV-25-2021, Lot: 85
TEMPLEMAN, Emma, burial: JUN-07-2019, Lot: 85
TENNEY, Henry, Lot: 332
TENNEY, Mary, burial: FEB-25-1939, Lot: 332
THANKFUL, Howard, burial: JAN-05-2006, Lot: 84
THATCHER, Lucius, burial: APR-22-2021, Lot: 148
THATCHER, Mabel, death: OCT-03-1954, burial: OCT-05-1954, Lot: 148
THAYER, Jennie, burial: DEC-20-1949, Lot: 156
THAYER, John, burial: NOV-01-1981, Lot: 141
THOMAS, Addie, burial: DEC-05-1934, Lot: 27
THOMAS, Frinda, burial: MAY-10-2010, Lot: 286
THOMAS, Lucretia, Lot: 29
THOMAS, Nathan, Lot: 29
THOMAS, Walter, burial: APR-21-1940, Lot: V E
THOMAS, William, burial: OCT-08-2021, Lot: 286
THOMPSON, Charly, Lot: 98
THOMPSON, Ella, burial: MAR-07-2016, Lot: 98
THOMPSON, Henry, burial: MAR-03-2004, Lot: 98
THOMPSON, Henry, Lot: 98
THOMPSON, Sarah, Lot: 98
THOMPSON, Theresa, burial: AUG-03-1955, Lot: 578
THORNING JR, William, burial: APR-12-1991, Lot: 319
THORNING, Arthur, burial: NOV-25-2018, Lot: 319
THORNING, Elizabeth, burial: JUN-13-2026, Lot: 319
THORNING, Franklin, Lot: 319
THORNING, Gertrude, Lot: 372
THORNING, Jennie, burial: MAR-20-1946, Lot: 319
THORNING, Louise, death: South Carolina, burial: OCT-07-2007, Lot: 319
THORNING, William, Lot: 319
THORNING, William, Lot: 372
THORNTON, George, Lot: 573
THORNTON, Robert, burial: JAN-06-1966, Lot: 574
THURSTON MD, Arthur, burial: SEP-15-1994, Lot: 257
THURSTON, Aulendo, burial: APR-21-1997, Lot: 257
THURSTON, M Jennie, burial: JUN-29-1992, Lot: 257
TILDEN, Cynthia, Lot: 155
TILDEN, George, burial: JUN-21-2017, Lot: 45
TILDEN, George, Lot: 155
TILDEN, George, Lot: 45
TILDEN, Harriet, Lot: 45
TILDEN, Harriet, Lot: 45
TILDEN, Kate, Lot: 155
TILDEN, Laura, Lot: 155
TINKER, Delphine, burial: NOV-11-1941, Lot: 272
TINKER, Emily, burial: AUG-05-1994, Lot: 272
TINKER, Nellie, Lot: 337
TINKER, Oscar, Lot: 337
TINKER, Oscar, Lot: 337
TINKER, Willard, burial: NOV-19-2004, Lot: 272
TITUS, Henri, Lot: 79
TOBIAS, Calvin, burial: APR-07-2008, Lot: 474
TOBIAS, Charles, burial: OCT-18-2027, Lot: 474
TOBIAS, George, burial: MAY-05-2001, Lot: 474
TOBIAS, Joseph, burial: JAN-30-2014, Lot: 474
TOBIAS, Sarah, burial: JUN-08-2014, Lot: 474
TORRY, Elvina, burial: NOV-02-1974, Lot: 427
TOTTINGHAM, Baby Charles, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Charles, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Charles, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Malcolm, burial: APR-25-1973, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Marion, burial: FEB-12-1980, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Marjorie, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Mary, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, May, burial: JAN-26-1952, Lot: 42
TOTTINGHAM, Phobe, Lot: 42
TOWNE, Andrew, Lot: 359
TOWNE, Annie, burial: APR-13-2015, Lot: 268
TOWNE, Charles, burial: MAY-03-2028, Lot: 268
TOWNE, Elizabeth, Lot: 480
TOWNE, Katherine, Lot: 359
TOWNE, Ruth, Lot: 359
TOWNE, Samuel, burial: OCT-01-1986, Lot: 359
TOWNE, Verna, burial: SEP-13-1999, Lot: 359
TRASK, Donald, burial: AUG-24-1959, Lot: 545
TUFTS, George, burial: FEB-23-2004, Lot: 210
TUFTS, Sophia, burial: APR-27-2016, Lot: 210
TUTTLE, Roxana, burial: OCT-04-1955, Lot: 355
TYLER, BF, Lot: 93
TYLER, Charles, Lot: A-3
TYLER, Christie, burial: JAN-10-1984, Lot: A-3
TYLER, Fanny, burial: MAR-08-1951, Lot: 93
TYLER, Grace, burial: OCT-28-1970, Lot: A-3
TYLER, Jonathan, burial: JAN-05-1999, Lot: 334
UNDERWOOD, Eva, burial: FEB-10-2014, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, Frank, burial: NOV-22-1952, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, George, burial: OCT-13-2021, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, Grace, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, James, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, Martha, Lot: 186
UNDERWOOD, Paul, burial: OCT-12-2018, Lot: 187
UNDERWOOD, Paul, Lot: 186
UNKNOWN, Baby Alan, Lot: 476
UNKNOWN, Baby girl Morian, burial: AUG-18-2020, Lot: 414
UNKNOWN, Baby Robbins, burial: OCT-11-2008, Lot: 182
UNKNOWN, Baby Warner, burial: AUG-01-2003, Lot: 176
UNKNOWN, Baby Wyman, burial: APR-04-2018, Lot: 223
UNKNOWN, Baby, burial: FEB-18-2008, Lot: 182
UNKNOWN, baby, burial: JUN-26-1970, Lot: 314
UNKNOWN, baby, Lot: 305
UNKNOWN, Baby, Lot: 428
UNKNOWN, baby, Lot: 513
UNKNOWN, baby, Lot: 6
UNKNOWN, Barbara, Lot: 183
UNKNOWN, cremains only allowed, Lot: 439
UNKNOWN, Elliott, Lot: 280
UNKNOWN, Ema, Lot: 253
UNKNOWN, Father, Lot: 428
UNKNOWN, Gracie, Lot: 280
UNKNOWN, infant, Lot: 551
UNKNOWN, infant, Lot: 78
UNKNOWN, Jessie, Lot: 183
UNKNOWN, John W, Lot: 253
UNKNOWN, Marie, Lot: 165
UNKNOWN, Mary, Lot: 165
UNKNOWN, Mattie, Lot: 280
UNKNOWN, Maurice (baby), Lot: 338
UNKNOWN, Oscar, Lot: 253
UNKNOWN, Our Baby, Lot: 295
UNKNOWN, Sarah, burial: JUL-12-1950, Lot: 273
UNKNOWN, Unknown, Lot: 188
UNKNOWN, Unknown, Lot: 401
UNKNOWN, Unknown, Lot: 424
UNKNOWN, Unknown, Lot: 428
UNKNOWN, Unknown, Lot: 439 1/2
UPHAM, Edward, Lot: 206
UPHAM, Edwin, burial: NOV-13-1967, Lot: 206
UPHAM, Lena, Lot: 206
UPTON, Edward, burial: MAR-29-2005, Lot: 266
UPTON, Edward, Lot: 267
UPTON, Serena, burial: JAN-10-2028, Lot: 266
VAUGHN, Doris, burial: AUG-21-2001, Lot: 375
VAUGHN, Florence, Lot: 375
VAUGHN, George, Lot: 375
VAUGHN, Thomas, Lot: 375
VAUGHN, William, Lot: 375
VERE, Martin, burial: MAR-29-1955, Lot: 545
VERPLANCK, Rosamond, Lot: 142
VIALL, Emma, burial: DEC-02-1945, Lot: 263
VIALL, Herbert, burial: FEB-19-2004, Lot: 263
VIALL, Herbert, burial: SEP-23-2015, Lot: 263
VIALL, Julie, burial: JUL-06-2001, Lot: 263
W, Marietta, burial: JUL-20-1931, Lot: 185
WAINWRIGHT, Fred, Lot: 545
WALES, Everett, burial: MAY-26-2004, Lot: 311
WALES, Mabel, burial: AUG-03-2013, Lot: 311
WALLACE, Annie, Lot: 46
WALTON, Alfred, burial: NOV-21-1990, Lot: A-1
WALTON, Alice, burial: DEC-27-1996, Lot: A-1
WARD, Albert, burial: MAR-15-2020, Lot: 299
WARD, Almon, burial: JUN-26-2007, Lot: 73
WARD, Dorothy, death: JUL-13-1987, burial: JUL-17-1987, Lot: 530
WARD, Electra, burial: FEB-28-2006, Lot: 73
WARD, Harrison, Lot: 73
WARD, Harry, burial: MAR-26-1942, Lot: 530
WARD, Maud, burial: SEP-18-1972, Lot: 73
WARD, Russell, burial: APR-08-2019, Lot: 73
WARD, William, Lot: 73
WARDEN, Alexander, burial: MAY-29-2000, Lot: 508
WARDEN, Charles, burial: APR-20-1956, Lot: 508
WARDEN, Henry, burial: APR-18-1933, Lot: 508
WARDEN, Mary, burial: JAN-30-2016, Lot: 508
WARDWELL, George, Lot: 31
WARDWELL, Sarah, Lot: 31
WARREN, Arlene, burial: APR-17-1976, Lot: 57
WARREN, Caroline, burial: JAN-28-2010, Lot: 57
WARREN, Charles, burial: JUL-01-1931, Lot: 57
WARREN, Harriet, death: MAR-23-2004, Fremont NH, burial: MAY-01-2004, Lot: 57
WARREN, Howard, burial: JUN-19-1960, Lot: 57
WARREN, Margaret, Lot: 57
WATERMAN, Anna, burial: JUL-08-2019, Lot: 14
WEBSTER, May, Lot: 548
WEEKS, Bert, burial: JAN-16-1948, Lot: 193
WEEKS, Cynthia, Lot: 20
WEEKS, Frank, Lot: 20
WEEKS, Frank, Lot: 308
WEEKS, Helen, Lot: 20
WEEKS, Herbert, burial: MAR-15-2008, Lot: 20
WEEKS, Julia, Lot: 308
WEEKS, Luman, Lot: 20
WEEKS, May, burial: NOV-04-1974, Lot: 193
WEEKS, Rhoda, Lot: 308
WELLINGTON, Catherine, burial: FEB-27-2015, Lot: 323
WELLINGTON, Harriet, Lot: 323
WELLINGTON, Leonard, burial: OCT-19-2021, Lot: 323
WELLMAN, Charles, Lot: 51
WELLS, Florence, burial: DEC-19-2003, Lot: 506
WELLS, Francis, burial: SEP-07-2004, Lot: 506
WELLS, Miranda, burial: AUG-01-2011, Lot: 506
WENTWORTH, Francis, burial: AUG-07-2012, Lot: 133
WENTWORTH, Martha, burial: OCT-03-1942, Lot: 133
WESSNER, Hilda, death: MAY-25-2004, Keene, burial: JUN-02-2004, Lot: 103 1/2
WETHERBEE, Charles, Lot: 102
WETHERBEE, Ellen, Lot: 102
WETHERBEE, George, Lot: 102
WETHERBEE, James, Lot: 102
WETHERBEE, Luther, Lot: 102
WETHERBEE, Lydia, Lot: 102
WHEELER JR, Edward, burial: APR-22-1938, Lot: 566
WHEELER SR, Edward, burial: DEC-28-1977, Lot: 566
WHEELER, Eugene, burial: FEB-15-1942, Lot: 228 and 232
WHEELER, Frances, Lot: 380
WHEELER, Fred, Lot: 26
WHEELER, J, Lot: 28
WHEELER, James, Lot: 26
WHEELER, Katherine, Lot: 26
WHEELER, Leona, burial: SEP-25-1944, Lot: 228 and 232
WHEELER, Lucy, Lot: 26
WHEELER, Lucy, Lot: 28
WHEELER, Maurice, Lot: 236
WHEELER, Sarah, Lot: 26
WHEELER, Victoria, Lot: 566
WHIPPLE, Theresa, burial: MAY-20-1931, Lot: 474
WHIPPLE, William, burial: NOV-09-2017, Lot: 474
WHITCOMB, Ann, Lot: 206
WHITCOMB, Emma, Lot: 421
WHITCOMB, Everett, Lot: 206
WHITCOMB, Forest, Lot: 421
WHITCOMB, Samantha, burial: MAR-05-2010, Lot: 433
WHITE, Adrienne, burial: JUL-19-1958, Lot: 130
WHITE, Annie, Lot: 130
WHITE, Baby, Lot: 130
WHITE, Cedric, burial: AUG-02-1984, Lot: 130
WHITE, Damon, Lot: 436
WHITE, Dorothy, burial: SEP-24-1994, Lot: 130
WHITE, Eliza, Lot: 144
WHITE, Elizabeth, burial: JUN-16-1948, Lot: 130
WHITE, H A (Hulda), Lot: 436
WHITE, Harriet, burial: APR-02-2001, Lot: 314
WHITE, Hattie, Lot: 436
WHITE, Henry, burial: MAR-20-2002, Lot: 314
WHITE, Irving, burial: SEP-22-2013, Lot: 314
WHITE, Mary, burial: DEC-08-2022, Lot: 314
WHITE, Ober, burial: JAN-10-1941, Lot: 130
WHITE, Rachael, burial: JUN-19-1996, Lot: 314
WHITE, Ralph, burial: MAY-06-1998, Lot: 314
WHITLEY, Michele, burial: NOV-10-2015, Lot: 11
WHITMAN, Arthur, death: JUN-04-1950, burial: JUN-05-1950, Lot: 545
WHITNEY, Allivia, Lot: 385
WHITNEY, Anna, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Charles, burial: FEB-16-2011, Lot: 121
WHITNEY, Ellen, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Fannie, Lot: 267
WHITNEY, George, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Ida, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, J Bertha, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Laura, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Lois, death: DEC-22-2008, Keene, burial: DEC-27-2008, Lot: 385
WHITNEY, Lucy, Lot: 121
WHITNEY, Marion, burial: MAY-12-1997, Lot: 366
WHITNEY, Martha, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Mary, burial: MAY-31-1996, Lot: 266
WHITNEY, Mary, Lot: 267
WHITNEY, Ralph, burial: NOV-30-1966, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Robert, death: FEB-28-2014, burial: MAR-08-2014, Lot: 385
WHITNEY, Sarah, Lot: 50
WHITNEY, Serena, Lot: 267
WHITTEMORE, Alfred, burial: OCT-27-1973, Lot: 110
WHITTEMORE, Alonzo, Lot: 47
WHITTEMORE, Julia, burial: MAY-07-1976, Lot: 110
WHITTEMORE, Nancy, Lot: 47
WIGHT, John, Lot: 173
WIGHT, Mary, burial: NOV-26-1940, Lot: 539
WILBER, MInnie, burial: APR-19-2007, Lot: 229
WILBER, Wesley, burial: JAN-03-2016, Lot: 229
WILDER, Charles, Lot: 138
WILDER, Ethel, Lot: 138
WILDER, Ida, death: JAN-21-1944, burial: JAN-23-1944, Lot: 138
WILDER, Lansing, Lot: 138
WILDER, Mary, Lot: 138
WILDER, Ruth, Lot: 138
WILK, Jean, death: APR-06-2011, burial: APR-13-2011, Lot: 477
WILKINS, Alice, burial: APR-11-2005, Lot: 390
WILKINS, Anne, burial: JAN-14-2028, Lot: 390
WILKINS, Eunice, burial: MAR-18-1965, Lot: 397
WILKINS, Fred, Lot: 203
WILKINS, Grace, Lot: 203
WILKINS, Herbert, burial: MAR-23-2027, Lot: 390
WILKINS, Lillian, burial: SEP-12-2005, Lot: 390
WILKINS, Rev Wesley, burial: NOV-10-2023, Lot: 390
WILLIAMS, Frances, burial: DEC-17-1977, Lot: 469 E 1/2
WILLIAMS, MIller, burial: FEB-20-1945, Lot: 545
WILSON, Bernard, burial: MAR-17-1983, Lot: 545
WILSON, Catherine, burial: MAR-21-1966, Lot: 545
WILSON, Ella, Lot: 223
WILSON, Fred, burial: DEC-18-2009, Lot: 223
WILSON, Hannah, Lot: 85
WILSON, Harold, Lot: 325
WILSON, Harry, burial: DEC-03-1969, Lot: 551
WILSON, John, Lot: 85
WILSON, Leonard, burial: NOV-18-1970, Lot: 545
WILSON, Leslie, Lot: 325
WILSON, Lucy, Lot: 262
WILSON, Obid, burial: DEC-01-1972, Lot: 551
WILSON, Ruth, burial: JAN-06-1981, Lot: 551
WILSON, William, Lot: 325
WINDSOR, Unknown, Lot: 319
WINTER, Joahua, burial: APR-20-1984, Lot: 288
WINTER, Madrienne, burial: JUN-24-1970, Lot: 288
WINTER, Reuben, Lot: 288
WINTER, William, death: JUN-11-1990, Goffstown NH, burial: JUN-14-1990, Lot: 288
WINTERS, Catherine, burial: MAR-19-1997, Lot: 271
WINTERS, Kurt, burial: OCT-01-1988, Lot: 271
WISON, Bernard, burial: MAR-17-1983, Lot: 545
WOODBURY, Angela, Lot: 254
WOODBURY, Edward, burial: JAN-24-1965, Lot: 254
WOODBURY, Nathan, Lot: 254
WOODS, Bertha, burial: APR-28-1989, Lot: 557
WOODS, Caroline, burial: MAR-24-2008, Lot: 467
WOODS, Gertrude, burial: OCT-18-1949, Lot: 124
WOODS, Joseph, burial: APR-13-1982, Lot: 557
WOODS, Lucinda, Lot: 152
WOODS, William, Lot: 467
WOODWARD, Alice, Lot: 448
WOODWARD, Orville, Lot: 448
WOODWARD, Orville, Lot: 463
WOOLARD, Isabel, burial: APR-03-2019, Lot: 204
WRIGHT DOLE, Mildred, Lot: 251
WRIGHT II, Charles, burial: DEC-29-2006, Lot: 55
WRIGHT, Arthur, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Bertha, burial: JUL-02-1980, Lot: 251
WRIGHT, Calvin, burial: FEB-19-2007, Lot: 377
WRIGHT, Diantha, burial: APR-03-2007, Lot: 377
WRIGHT, Dr Willard, Lot: 251
WRIGHT, Edward, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Ellen, Lot: 476
WRIGHT, Frank, Lot: 251
WRIGHT, Frank, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Harriet, death: AUG-28-2014, Dover NH, burial: SEP-03-2014, Lot: 528
WRIGHT, Helen, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Hubert, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Jerome, burial: APR-14-1940, Lot: 377
WRIGHT, John, burial: JUL-15-1972, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, John, burial: MAY-10-1956, Lot: 528
WRIGHT, John, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Joseph, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Karl, burial: APR-12-1974, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Katherine, Lot: 55
WRIGHT, Leonard, Lot: 251
WRIGHT, Mary Belle, burial: OCT-29-1959, Lot: 528
WRIGHT, Mary, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Mary, Lot: 81
WRIGHT, Maud, burial: JUN-01-1954, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, N F, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Ralph, death: JAN-10-2001, Dover, NH, burial: JAN-13-2001, Lot: 528
WRIGHT, Ruth, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, S E, Lot: 282
WRIGHT, Sarah, burial: OCT-25-2001, Lot: 55
WRIGHT, Susan, burial: JUN-18-2023, Lot: 377
WRIGHT, Virgil, burial: NOV-16-2011, Lot: 90
WYMAN, Ann, death: OCT-18-1997, Wolfeboro NH, burial: NOV-26-1997, Lot: 203
WYMAN, Baby daughter of H.A & C.H., Lot: 203
WYMAN, Clarence, burial: DEC-28-1966, Lot: A-1
WYMAN, Delia, burial: JAN-09-1942, Lot: 561
WYMAN, Earle, burial: NOV-23-1949, Lot: 575 N 1/2
WYMAN, Flora, burial: NOV-20-1979, Lot: 575 N 1/2
WYMAN, Fred, burial: AUG-02-1938, Lot: 561
WYMAN, Fred, burial: DEC-01-1949, Lot: 575 N 1/2
WYMAN, Frederick, burial: JUL-11-1977, Lot: 203
WYMAN, Henry, Lot: 203
WYMAN, Lena, burial: DEC-19-1946, Lot: A-1
WYMAN-MACK, Sarah, death: FEB-24-2009, Covington LA, burial: JUL-18-2009, Lot: 203
YOERGER, Hazel, burial: NOV-21-1979, Lot: 573
YOUNG, Anna, Lot: 109
YOUNG, Lizzie, burial: MAY-29-2007, Lot: 235
YOUNG, William, Lot: 235

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