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Greenlawn Cemetery - Burial Records
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

GPS: 42.940199, -72.274914

Greenlawn St & Page St
Keene, NH 03431

Date published: November 20, 2017
Total records: 2,754

Surnames A-J

Records published here were acquired from the City of Keene on November 19, 2017...

Note: There appears to be many inaccurate dates due to typographical errors on behalf of the City. We've made no corrections...

ABBOTT, Alice, Lot: 541
ABBOTT, Charles, Lot: 161
ABBOTT, Charlotte (Lottie), burial: APR-01-1976, Lot: 23
ABBOTT, Clara, Lot: 161
ABBOTT, Florence, death: OCT-02-1966, Lot: 258
ABBOTT, Joseph, Lot: 258
ABBOTT, Leon, Lot: 258
ABBOTT, Lydia, Lot: 258
ABBOTT, Martha, burial: JUL-08-2014, Lot: 195
ABBOTT, Relief, burial: JAN-06-2005, Lot: 195
ABBOTT, W P, Lot: 23
ABBOTT, Warren, burial: MAR-24-2013, Lot: 195
ADAMS, Addie, Lot: 39
ADAMS, Catherine, burial: APR-13-2004, Lot: 36
ADAMS, Levi, Lot: 92
ADAMS, M, Lot: 92
ALBEE, Lucy, Lot: 383
ALBEE, Percy, burial: OCT-22-2001, Lot: 383
ALBEE, Percy, Lot: 383
ALBEE, Silas, burial: AUG-20-2012, Lot: 383
ALBEE, Susan, Lot: 1
ALDRICH REED, Calista, Lot: 198
ALDRICH, Alan, Lot: 457
ALDRICH, Alice, burial: OCT-26-2016, Lot: 224
ALDRICH, Andrew, Lot: 25
ALDRICH, Baby, burial: AUG-29-2016, Lot: 14
ALDRICH, Ben, Lot: 457
ALDRICH, Carroll, Lot: 25
ALDRICH, Darwin, Lot: 14
ALDRICH, Dwayne (Duane), Lot: 23
ALDRICH, Edward, Lot: 34
ALDRICH, Edwiin, burial: MAR-06-1937, Lot: 224
ALDRICH, Eleanor, Lot: 23
ALDRICH, Esther, burial: JAN-30-1970, Lot: 224
ALDRICH, Georgianna, burial: NOV-27-2008, Lot: 14
ALDRICH, Gertrude, burial: APR-09-1981, Lot: 14
ALDRICH, Hannah, burial: MAY-01-2009, Lot: 34
ALDRICH, Harrie, Lot: 457
ALDRICH, Harry, Lot: 184
ALDRICH, Helena, Lot: 25
ALDRICH, Herbert, Lot: 23
ALDRICH, John, burial: MAY-23-2012, Lot: 23
ALDRICH, Louise, burial: FEB-28-1975, Lot: 224
ALDRICH, Mabel, Lot: 184
ALDRICH, Marjorie, burial: JUN-15-1996, Lot: 23
ALDRICH, Mina, Lot: 23
ALDRICH, Nellie, Lot: 457
ALDRICH, Nina, Lot: 457
ALDRICH, Ralph, burial: SEP-23-1967, Lot: 224
ALDRICH, Sarah, Lot: 25
ALDRICH, Susan, Lot: 457
ALEXANDER, Frank, Lot: D and E
ALLEN, Banjamin, burial: MAR-17-2018, Lot: 238
ALLEN, Delia, Lot: 11
ALLEN, Elwyn, Lot: 63
ALLEN, Esther, burial: JUN-23-1997, Lot: 411
ALLEN, Frank, Lot: 238
ALLEN, Gabriel, burial: JAN-13-1968, Lot: 411
ALLEN, Joshua, burial: JAN-07-2009, Lot: 15
ALLEN, Levi, burial: FEB-10-2007, Lot: 63
ALLEN, Lucius, burial: FEB-21-2023, Lot: 11
ALLEN, Lydia, burial: JAN-08-2006, Lot: 15
ALLEN, Minnie, Lot: 11
ALLEN, Nellie, burial: MAR-14-2015, Lot: 238
ALLEN, Sarah, Lot: 63
ALSTROM, Agnes, burial: APR-25-1944, Lot: 396
ALSTROM, Emma, Lot: 396
AMADON, Flora, Lot: 570 and 571
AMADON, Frank, Lot: 526
AMADON, Fred, Lot: 570 and 571
AMADON, Gloria, burial: NOV-15-1996, Lot: 570 and 571
AMADON, Howard, Lot: 526
AMADON, Kenneth, burial: JUN-02-1988, Lot: 570 and 571
AMADON, Mabel, Lot: 526
AMADON, Sarah, Lot: 526
AMER, Sylvia, burial: SEP-09-1939, Lot: Q W 1/2
AMES, Clara, burial: MAY-17-1999, Lot: 439
AMES, Kenneth, burial: OCT-16-1969, Lot: 439
ANDERSON, Ethel, Lot: 46
ANDERSON, Salma, Lot: 404
ANDREW, Marion, burial: MAY-05-1983, Lot: 469 E 1/2
ANDREW, Rev Benjamin, burial: NOV-27-1974, Lot: 469 E 1/2
ANDREWS, Arlene, Lot: 443
ANDREWS, Beatrice, death: MAR-04-2004, Methuen MA, burial: MAR-09-2004, Lot: 443
ANDREWS, Walter, Lot: 443
ANDROLANJOS, Benjamin, burial: MAY-10-1933, Lot: 545
APPLIN, Abbie, burial: DEC-04-1934, Lot: 110
APPLIN, Esther, burial: DEC-06-1981, Lot: 110
APPLIN, Henrietta, Lot: 110
APPLIN, Oscar, Lot: 110
APPLIN, Paul, burial: DEC-06-1981, Lot: 110
ARMSTRONG, Thomas, burial: NOV-03-2016, Lot: 12
ASHCROFT, Charles, Lot: 485
ASTROM, Alton, burial: SEP-11-2027, Lot: 396
ATWOOD, Elma, Lot: 351
ATWOOD, Emmons, Lot: 351
ATWOOD, Isabelle, Lot: 351
ATWOOD, Parmelia, Lot: 351
ATWOOD, William, Lot: 351
AUSTIN, MIldred, burial: JAN-17-1967, Lot: 312
AUSTIN, Ruth, death: NOV-22-1946, burial: NOV-26-1946, Lot: 527
AVERY, Blanche, Lot: 124
AVERY, James, Lot: 124
AVERY, Martha, burial: MAR-25-2009, Lot: 124
BABBITT, Charles, burial: JAN-24-2009, Lot: 378
BABBITT, Hattie, burial: APR-22-2005, Lot: 378
BABBITT, John, burial: OCT-23-2006, Lot: 378
BACH, Priscilla, burial: MAY-12-1987, Lot: 163
BACH, Ronald, burial: JUN-14-1974, Lot: 163
BAGLEY, Clara (Clare?), Lot: 368
BAGLEY, Edwin, burial: FEB-01-2022, Lot: 368
BAGLEY, Ethel, Lot: 368
BAKER, Alice, Lot: 152
BAKER, Alice, Lot: 430
BAKER, Angenette, Lot: 1
BAKER, Artemas, Lot: 152
BAKER, Charles, Lot: 152
BAKER, David, Lot: 137
BAKER, Edgar, Lot: 430
BAKER, Edward, Lot: 430
BAKER, Eugene, Lot: 137
BAKER, Frank, Lot: 152
BAKER, Fred, Lot: 332
BAKER, Geo., Lot: 137
BAKER, Gladys, Lot: 430
BAKER, Gordon, burial: SEP-08-1984, Lot: 430 1/2
BAKER, Hazel, death: FEB-10-2014, burial: MAY-24-2014, Lot: 430 1/2
BAKER, Marguerite, Lot: 430
BAKER, Nellie, Lot: 137
BAKER, Nellie, Lot: 430
BAKER, Pauline, Lot: 137
BAKER, Phyllis, Lot: 430 1/2
BAKER, Phyllis, Lot: 430
BAKER, Ronald, burial: MAY-12-2007, Lot: 430 1/2
BAKER, Sarah, Lot: 332
BALDWIN, Alpha, Lot: 31
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, Lot: 31
BALLOU, Hermon, burial: APR-01-1985, Lot: 15
BALLOU, Zoe, burial: SEP-15-1999, Lot: 15
BANKS, Elmer, burial: JUL-24-1952, Lot: 458
BANKS, Lottie, burial: JUL-07-1932, Lot: 458
BARDEN, Bruce, burial: JUL-23-1939, Lot: T
BARDEN, Creighton, burial: MAY-18-1940, Lot: T
BARDEN, Wilheimina, burial: JUL-12-1993, Lot: T
BARDEN, William, burial: JUL-12-1993, Lot: T
BARDWELL, Nettie, burial: MAY-07-1941, Lot: 193
BARDWELL, reserve for Susie and Gary, Lot: 196 (western 3 graves)
BARKER, Bertha, burial: AUG-05-1991, Lot: 317
BARKER, Elizabeth, Lot: 317
BARKER, Frank, Lot: 317
BARKER, Susan, Lot: 262
BARLOW, Elizabeth, burial: MAY-05-1941, Lot: 286
BARLOW, Lizzie, Lot: 286
BARLOW, Mary, burial: MAY-31-2021, Lot: 216
BARLOW, Nathaniel, burial: MAR-13-2004, Lot: 205
BARLOW, Nathaniel, Lot: 216
BARLOW, Ralph, burial: FEB-05-2013, Lot: 442
BARLOW, Thomas, Lot: 286
BARNARD, Marion, burial: MAY-26-1955, Lot: 200
BARNARD, Robert, burial: AUG-01-1957, Lot: 200
BARNARD, Walter, burial: SEP-21-1979, Lot: 200
BARNES, Sylvia, Lot: 280
BARRETT, Bertha, Lot: 295
BARRETT, Carl, burial: OCT-19-2006, Lot: 295
BARRETT, Clifford, burial: SEP-15-2013, Lot: 295
BARRETT, Frank, burial: MAR-29-1955, Lot: 123
BARRETT, Frank, Lot: 443
BARRETT, Georgianna, Lot: O
BARRETT, Henry, burial: OCT-22-1944, Lot: 295
BARRETT, Mary, Lot: 443
BARRETT, Mildred (baby), Lot: 443
BARRETT, Sarah, burial: APR-21-2017, Lot: 295
BARRETT, Thomas, burial: MAR-30-2006, Lot: 295
BARRON, Charles, burial: OCT-10-2005, Lot: 392
BARRON, Sarah, Lot: 392
BARTAS, George, burial: NOV-27-1976, Lot: 572
BARTAS, Pelahia, Lot: 572
BARTASHEVICH, Adeline, burial: JAN-04-1975, Lot: 583 AND 584
BARTASHEVICH, Alex, burial: OCT-29-1983, Lot: 583 AND 584
BARTASHEVICH, John, burial: MAY-12-1952, Lot: 583 AND 584
BARTASHEVICH, Kirill, burial: DEC-31-1982, Lot: 583 AND 584
BARTHOLOMEW, Fanny, burial: SEP-04-2016, Lot: 141
BARTLETT, Ellsworth, Lot: 180
BARTLETT, Flora, burial: JUN-10-1968, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Floyd and Gladys, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Fred, Lot: 134
BARTLETT, Gladyn, burial: AUG-03-2005, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Harvey, Lot: 180
BARTLETT, Hazel, burial: JAN-26-2015, Lot: 134
BARTLETT, James, burial: JUL-24-2014, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Mary, burial: MAR-21-1994, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Mary, burial: NOV-11-2013, Lot: 134
BARTLETT, Mrs, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Ruth, burial: DEC-22-2004, Lot: 140
BARTLETT, Theodore, burial: NOV-22-1939, Lot: 140
BARTON, Cora, burial: DEC-17-1960, Lot: 68
BARTON, Theodore, burial: OCT-08-1951, Lot: 68
BASSETT, Louesa, Lot: 278
BASSETT, William, Lot: 278
BASSETT, William, Lot: 278
BATES, Herbert, burial: OCT-08-1940, Lot: K
BAYLISS, Edward, Lot: 172
BAYLISS, Juliette, Lot: 172
BEAL, Clifford, Lot: 53
BEAL, Ellie, Lot: 53
BEAL, Percy, burial: NOV-03-1953, Lot: 53
BEAUREGARD, John, burial: OCT-01-1939, Lot: 492
BEAUREGARD, Joseph, burial: JUL-22-1986, Lot: 492
BEAUREGARD, Nina, death: JAN-06-2003, burial: APR-14-2003, Lot: 458
BEAUREGARD, Silas, burial: OCT-02-1940, Lot: S
BEAUREGARD, William, burial: SEP-11-1941, Lot: 567
BECKETT, Mary, burial: AUG-02-2021, Lot: 492
BECKWITH, Eliza, burial: AUG-30-2013, Lot: 388
BECKWITH, Ella, burial: AUG-22-2007, Lot: 388
BECKWITH, Harry, burial: OCT-07-1946, Lot: 388
BECKWITH, Henry, burial: MAR-24-2010, Lot: 388
BEEDLE, Bernard, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Bessie, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Charles, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Charlotte, burial: MAY-01-2000, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Emma, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Karl, burial: JUL-06-1989, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Karl, burial: JUN-19-1973, Lot: 361
BEEDLE, Winfield, Lot: 361
BELDEN, James Michael, death: JUN-20-2014, burial: JUL-30-2014, Lot: 11
BELIVEAU, Augusta, Lot: 161
BELIVEAU, Estella, burial: SEP-26-2018, Lot: 78
BEMIS WRIGHT, Mary, Lot: 251
BENNETT, John, Lot: 160
BENNETT, Martha, burial: NOV-03-2019, Lot: 160
BENT, Howard, burial: JUL-14-2015, Lot: 499
BENT, Ida, Lot: 499
BENT, James, burial: FEB-20-1941, Lot: 499
BENT, Susie, burial: OCT-15-2028, Lot: 499
BETEAU, Lewis, burial: JAN-18-1961, Lot: 545
BETTS, Louis, burial: MAY-28-1935, Lot: 558
BEVERSTOCK, Blanche, Lot: 380
BEVERSTOCK, Carl, burial: OCT-29-2018, Lot: 380
BEVERSTOCK, Geraldine, death: AUG-22-2009, burial: SEP-11-2009, Lot: 380
BEVERSTOCK, Robert, burial: JUN-09-1992, Lot: 380
BILL, David, Lot: 21
BILL, Emma, Lot: 21
BILL, Fred, Lot: 21
BILL, Lucretia, Lot: 21
BILL, Mildred, Lot: 21
BILL, Samuel, Lot: 21
BILL, Susan, Lot: 21
BININGER, Elizabeth, burial: APR-25-2003, Lot: 474
BLACK, Amorette, burial: MAR-24-2021, Lot: 118
BLACK, Jeddie, Lot: 118
BLACK, Orin, burial: OCT-16-2022, Lot: 118
BLACK, Winfield, Lot: 118
BLAISDELL, Abigail, Lot: 516
BLAKE, Abbie, burial: APR-15-1932, Lot: 212
BLAKE, Agusta, Lot: 5
BLAKE, Henry, burial: MAY-24-2006, Lot: 5
BLAKE, Hiram, burial: FEB-12-2017, Lot: 5
BLAKE, John, Lot: 212
BLAKE, John, Lot: 8
BLAKE, Lovina, Lot: 8
BLAKE, Mary, burial: AUG-05-2002, Lot: 5
BLAKE, Milton, Lot: 5
BLAKELY, Eliza, Lot: 477
BLANCHARD, Edward, burial: DEC-09-1958, Lot: 545
BLANCHARD, John, burial: JAN-10-2022, Lot: 123
BLISS, Mary, Lot: 373
BOCEMEDES, Emma, burial: APR-18-2004, Lot: 264
BOCEMEDES, Robert, Lot: 264
BODWELL, Chester, burial: APR-06-1953, Lot: A-4
BODWELL, Hazel, burial: DEC-21-1979, Lot: A-4
BOLSTER, Almon, burial: FEB-08-2003, Lot: 166
BOLSTER, Caroline, burial: APR-09-2027, Lot: 166
BOLSTER, Ella, burial: DEC-20-2012, Lot: 358
BOLSTER, James, Lot: 100
BOLSTER, John, burial: APR-29-2010, Lot: 358
BOLSTER, Joseph, burial: DEC-26-1932, Lot: 358
BOLSTER, Joseph, burial: MAR-14-1934, Lot: 358
BOLSTER, Leon, burial: NOV-25-1936, Lot: 358
BOLSTER, Lillian, burial: AUG-31-1949, Lot: 166
BOLSTER, Mabel, burial: OCT-19-1945, Lot: 166
BOLSTER, Pheobe, burial: SEP-05-2018, Lot: 100
BOLSTER, Walter, burial: MAR-28-2001, Lot: 358
BOND, Anna, burial: AUG-27-1999, Lot: 199
BOND, Caroline, Lot: 199
BOND, Grace, Lot: 199
BOND, Horace, Lot: 94
BOND, Mary, Lot: 94
BOND, Mortimer, burial: OCT-02-1993, Lot: 199
BOND, Mortimer, Lot: 199
BONNER, Marion, burial: DEC-18-1989, Lot: 566
BOWKER, Ada, Lot: 533
BOWKER, Robert, burial: JUN-24-1964, Lot: 533
BOWLES, Marcus, Lot: 491
BOWLES, Mary, Lot: 491
BOWMAN, Frank, burial: MAY-23-2006, Lot: 518
BOWMAN, Julia, burial: JUL-05-1953, Lot: 518
BOWMAN, Louise, burial: DEC-13-1940, Lot: 518
BOWMAN, Robert, burial: SEP-22-2015, Lot: 518
BOYCE, Ella, Lot: 40
BOYCE, James, Lot: 40
BOYCE, Leonard, Lot: 40
BOYCE, Nancy, Lot: 40
BOYD, Hattie, burial: JAN-28-1943, Lot: 47
BRADFORD, Benjamin, burial: JAN-24-2017, Lot: 270
BRADFORD, Elliot, burial: AUG-21-1990, Lot: 270
BRADFORD, Geraldine, burial: APR-09-2026, Lot: 270
BRADFORD, Lavina, burial: FEB-18-2003, Lot: 270
BRADLEY, Charlotte, burial: JAN-19-1966, Lot: 50
BRADLEY, Frank, Lot: 50
BRADY, Frances, Lot: 402
BRADY, Walter, Lot: 402
BRAGG, Hariett, burial: APR-06-2015, Lot: 33
BRAGG, Orison, burial: OCT-02-2014, Lot: 33
BREED, Edna, burial: AUG-05-1949, Lot: 490
BREEN, Elizabeth, Lot: 70 and 72
BRIDGMAN JR, George, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Alice, burial: SEP-07-2018, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Carile, burial: MAR-20-1932, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Charles, burial: MAR-12-1991, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Charles, burial: MAY-16-1935, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Charles, burial: OCT-08-2029, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, George, burial: JUL-10-2025, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Gertrude, burial: JUL-28-1944, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, John, burial: AUG-29-2002, Lot: 273
BRIDGMAN, Sarah, burial: OCT-10-1999, Lot: 273
BRITTON, Anna, burial: SEP-08-1969, Lot: 364
BRITTON, Arnold, Lot: 407
BRITTON, Benjamin, Lot: 364
BRITTON, Dale, burial: FEB-18-1949, Lot: 531
BRITTON, Elizabeth, Lot: 497
BRITTON, Emily, Lot: 364
BRITTON, Norma, Lot: 531
BRITTON, Sabrina, burial: DEC-19-1994, Lot: 531
BRITTON, Sally, burial: MAY-21-2010, Lot: 11
BRITTON, Wallace, burial: MAY-29-1979, Lot: 531
BROGEN, Katherine, burial: OCT-23-1939, Lot: 550
BROOKS, Arthur, burial: AUG-27-1934, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Baby Girl, burial: AUG-29-1947, Lot: 406
BROOKS, Clarence, burial: FEB-01-2018, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Clarence, burial: OCT-31-1936, Lot: 406
BROOKS, Edith, burial: AUG-31-2013, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Henry, burial: FEB-15-2027, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Laura, burial: NOV-01-2026, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Martha, burial: MAR-17-2011, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Mrs Clarence, Lot: 406
BROOKS, Nettie, burial: DEC-03-1946, Lot: 413
BROOKS, Richard, burial: DEC-22-1995, Lot: 406
BROOKS, Sarah, burial: APR-07-2012, Lot: 413
BROOKS, William, Lot: 413
BROULETTE, Ellen, burial: JAN-27-1959, Lot: 516
BROWN, Annie, burial: JUN-25-2020, Lot: 502
BROWN, Arthur, Lot: 227
BROWN, Florence, burial: JAN-19-1976, Lot: 227
BROWN, Francis, Lot: 227
BROWN, Frank, Lot: 227
BROWN, Fred, Lot: 511
BROWN, Herbert, Lot: 549
BROWN, James, burial: DEC-18-1999, Lot: 502
BROWN, Marion, burial: FEB-05-2011, Lot: 371
BRYANT, Calvin, burial: JUL-07-2014, Lot: 340
BRYANT, Grace, burial: MAR-22-1965, Lot: 340
BRYANT, Jennie, burial: JUL-12-1931, Lot: 340
BRYANT, Laura, Lot: 340
BRYANT, Royal, burial: MAY-27-2005, Lot: 340
BUCKMINSTER, Addie, Lot: 288
BUCKMINSTER, Anna, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, David, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Elizabeth, Lot: 288
BUCKMINSTER, Ella, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Gladys, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Harry, Lot: 288
BUCKMINSTER, Joseph, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Maria, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Mary, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Nora, burial: OCT-01-1970, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, Waldo, Lot: 255
BUCKMINSTER, William, burial: AUG-18-2013, Lot: 288
BUCKMINSTER, William, Lot: 288
BUFFUM, Addie, Lot: 379
BUFFUM, Caleb, Lot: 151
BUFFUM, Carrie, burial: FEB-29-2004, Lot: 139
BUFFUM, Carrie, burial: JUN-16-1933, Lot: 139
BUFFUM, David, burial: AUG-23-1995, Lot: 139
BUFFUM, Earl, death: MAR-06-2004, Unity NH, burial: MAR-11-2004, Lot: 495 E 1/2
BUFFUM, Eldridge, Lot: 418
BUFFUM, Ellen, Lot: 151
BUFFUM, Fred, Lot: 151
BUFFUM, George, Lot: 418
BUFFUM, Grace, Lot: 379
BUFFUM, Sarsh, Lot: 151
BUFFUM, Solon, Lot: 379
BUFFUM, Susan, Lot: 151
BUFFUM, Walter, Lot: 379
BUGBEE, Charles, Lot: 302
BUGBEE, Frank, Lot: 302
BULLARD, Cora, Lot: 425
BULLARD, Edwin, Lot: 425
BULLARD, Ellen, Lot: 425
BULLARD, Walter, Lot: 425
BULLEY, Henry, Lot: 541
BUNDY, Anna, burial: JAN-27-1988, Lot: 308
BUNDY, Robert, Lot: 308
BURDETTE, Alice, burial: JUN-02-1997, Lot: 343
BURDETTE, Elizabeth, Lot: 68
BURDETTE, Ellen, Lot: 68
BURDETTE, George, Lot: 68
BURDETTE, Gilbert, Lot: 68
BURDETTE, Henry, Lot: 68
BURDETTE, William, burial: APR-30-2008, Lot: 343
BURGUM, Christine, Lot: 107
BURGUM, Cora, Lot: 107
BURGUM, Emma, Lot: 107
BURGUM, John, Lot: 107
BURKE, Jennie, burial: APR-25-1936, Lot: 356
BURKE, John, burial: AUG-24-1939, Lot: 356
BURKE, Nellie, Lot: 356
BURNHAM, Frank, burial: MAY-05-2015, Lot: 161
BURNHAM, Jennie, Lot: 161
BURNHAM, Nellie, Lot: 161
BURNHAM, Susan, burial: APR-02-2018, Lot: 161
BURPEE, Daniel, burial: JAN-12-2020, Lot: 376
BURPEE, Maria, burial: APR-07-2007, Lot: 433
BURPEE, Mrs. Daniel, Lot: 376
BURPEE, Nellie, burial: JUN-27-1951, Lot: 376
BURPEE, Ursula, burial: MAR-13-2003, Lot: 376
BURR, Agnes, burial: DEC-21-2012, Lot: 80
BURR, Eben, burial: OCT-30-2009, Lot: 80
BURR, Edith, Lot: 80
BURR, Farley, Lot: 80
BURR, Frank, burial: NOV-01-2025, Lot: 80
BURR, Hannah, burial: FEB-06-2007, Lot: 80
BURR, Lillian, burial: OCT-14-1937, Lot: 80
BURR, Olive, Lot: 80
BUSCH, Hazel, burial: APR-07-1975, Lot: 342
BUSCH, Richard, burial: JAN-06-1984, Lot: 342
BUTLER, Charles, burial: JUN-21-2009, Lot: 353
BUTLER, Harry, burial: OCT-07-2019, Lot: 353
BUTLER, Louis, burial: AUG-13-1942, Lot: 353
BUTLER, Maria, burial: OCT-30-2001, Lot: 353
BUTLER, Ray, burial: DEC-29-1934, Lot: 353
BUTTERFIELD, Frank, Lot: 127
BUTTERFIELD, Harriet, Lot: 127
BUTTERFIELD, Harry, Lot: 127
CALDWELL, Georgina, Lot: 557
CALDWELL, Harriett, burial: MAR-14-1936, Lot: A
CALDWELL, Harry, burial: JUL-02-2004, Lot: 438
CALDWELL, Joseph, burial: NOV-07-2020, Lot: A
CALDWELL, William, burial: JUL-26-1939, Lot: 557
CALEF, Benjamin, burial: NOV-12-2010, Lot: 262
CALEF, Helen, burial: APR-01-2012, Lot: 262
CAMERON, Alexander, burial: JAN-22-2022, Lot: 472
CAMERON, Charlotte, burial: OCT-20-1944, Lot: 472
CAMERON, James, burial: JAN-15-1941, Lot: 472
CAMERON, Maria, burial: SEP-29-2004, Lot: 472
CAMPBELL, Clara, burial: SEP-08-1941, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, Dr G, burial: OCT-03-1985, Lot: 221
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, Flora, burial: SEP-08-1941, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, Fred, burial: MAY-08-1972, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, George, burial: JUN-19-1965, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, Katherine, burial: NOV-04-1989, Lot: 221
CAMPBELL, Lewis, Lot: 544
CAMPBELL, Mary, burial: FEB-21-1967, Lot: 544
CANTWELL, Mabra, burial: JUL-03-1944, Lot: 35
CARLETON, Lizzie, burial: AUG-29-1936, Lot: 48
CARLETON, Lucy, Lot: 48
CARLETON, William, burial: JUN-15-2019, Lot: 48
CARLTON, Clara, Lot: 48
CARPENTER SR, Edward, burial: NOV-20-1968, Lot: 393
CARPENTER, Albert, burial: JAN-09-2006, Lot: 393
CARPENTER, Edith, burial: JUL-07-1967, Lot: 393
CARPENTER, Everett, burial: AUG-06-2009, Lot: 393
CARPENTER, Mable, Lot: 117
CARROLL, Alice, death: FEB-10-1953, burial: FEB-13-1953, Lot: 455
CARROLL, Alma, burial: MAR-29-1973, Lot: 421
CARROLL, Arthur, burial: DEC-12-1968, Lot: 455
CARROLL, Edward, burial: JUL-27-1956, Lot: 421
CARTER, Arthur, burial: NOV-25-1998, Lot: 536
CARTER, Ethel, Lot: 373
CARTER, Lillian, burial: FEB-03-1968, Lot: 536
CARVER, Emma, burial: APR-14-2016, Lot: 164
CASE SR, Donald, Lot: 38
CASE, Florence, burial: MAY-24-1972, Lot: 38
CASE, Jeanne, Lot: 40
CASEY, Johanna, burial: JUN-08-1982, Lot: 439
CASEY, Joseph, burial: APR-21-1980, Lot: 439
CASS, Emery, Lot: 69
CASS, Emily, Lot: 69
CASS, Ola, Lot: 69
CAVALLIERE, baby Denise, burial: MAY-24-1964, Lot: 530
CHADWICK, Sarah and Gilbert, Lot: 317
CHAMBERLAIN, Clara, burial: JUL-27-1973, Lot: 310
CHAMBERLAIN, Ellen, burial: MAR-03-1935, Lot: 149
CHAMBERLAIN, George, burial: DEC-26-2008, Lot: 310
CHAMBERLAIN, Harriett, Lot: 149
CHAMBERLAIN, Sophronia, burial: DEC-25-1994, Lot: 310
CHAMBERLAIN, William, burial: JUN-09-2015, Lot: 149
CHANDLER, Alexander, Lot: 70 and 72
CHANDLER, Blanche, Lot: 318
CHANDLER, Clark, Lot: 147
CHANDLER, Emilia, burial: SEP-28-2021, Lot: 147
CHANDLER, Francis, Lot: 70 and 72
CHANDLER, James, Lot: 318
CHANDLER, James, Lot: 318
CHANDLER, Lydia, Lot: 70 and 72
CHANDLER, Maria, Lot: 70 and 72
CHANDLER, Matilda, Lot: 318
CHANDLER, William, Lot: 318
CHAPIN, Helen, burial: NOV-16-2023, Lot: 12
CHAPIN, Lucia, burial: MAY-05-1960, Lot: 12
CHAPIN, Warren, Lot: 12
CHAPMAN, Ella, burial: OCT-30-1939, Lot: 66
CHASE, Almira, Lot: 62
CHASE, Alonzo, Lot: 1
CHASE, Baby, Lot: 62
CHASE, Fred, Lot: 62
CHASE, Frederic, burial: AUG-22-2019, Lot: 235
CHASE, George, Lot: 1
CHASE, Katherine, Lot: 1
CHEEVER, William, burial: AUG-30-2003, Lot: 215
CLARK, Adeline, Lot: 32
CLARK, Annie, Lot: 555
CLARK, baby boy, burial: JUL-10-1941, Lot: 555
CLARK, Beth, Lot: 555
CLARK, Carrie, burial: MAY-23-1956, Lot: 2
CLARK, Charles, Lot: 32
CLARK, Edwin, Lot: 33
CLARK, Fanny, burial: DEC-16-2010, Lot: 33
CLARK, Harold, burial: OCT-14-1949, Lot: 2
CLARK, Milton, Lot: 32
CLARK, Pearl, burial: JUN-13-1974, Lot: 555
CLARK, Walter, burial: NOV-10-2020, Lot: 32
CLARK, William, Lot: 555
CLARKE, Adeline, Lot: 142
CLARKE, Elbridge, Lot: 142
CLISSOLD, E. Victoria, burial: MAY-15-1946, Lot: 87
CLISSOLD, Walter, burial: SEP-03-1947, Lot: 87
CLYDE, Alice, burial: DEC-02-1936, Lot: 343
COBURN, Charles, burial: JAN-05-1956, Lot: 573
COBURN, Lena, Lot: 573
CODY JR, Michael, death: OCT-19-2003, Keene, burial: OCT-24-2003, Lot: 575 S 1/2
COGGINS, Carrier, burial: OCT-02-2005, Lot: 370 S 1/2
COGGINS, Ruth A and Paul, burial: AUG-29-1989, Lot: 370 N 1/2
COGGINS, William, Lot: 370 S 1/2
COLEMAN, Edward, Lot: 275
COLEMAN, Joseph, burial: JUL-13-2020, Lot: 306
COLEMAN, Martha, burial: MAR-04-2013, Lot: 306
COLEMAN, Sadie, Lot: 275
COLEMAN, William, burial: MAY-15-1940, Lot: 29
COLONY, Edward, Lot: 58
CONBOY, Dr. Gordon, burial: JUL-16-1979, Lot: 1 1/2
CONBOY, Eleanor, burial: MAY-09-1996, Lot: 1 1/2
CONBOY, Ellen, burial: AUG-17-1934, Lot: 1 1/2
CONE, Annie, burial: FEB-27-1950, Lot: 279
CONE, Harriett, burial: MAR-01-2022, Lot: 279
CONE, James, burial: DEC-30-2018, Lot: 279
CONE, James, burial: JAN-22-2021, Lot: 279
CONE, William, burial: MAR-31-2015, Lot: 279
COOK, Amy, Lot: 529
COOK, Elliot, burial: SEP-20-2026, Lot: 532
COOK, John, Lot: 529
COOK, Lula, burial: SEP-29-1968, Lot: 532
COOK, Mary, burial: DEC-05-1933, Lot: 532
COOPER, Darwin, burial: JUL-28-1943, Lot: 419
COOPER, Harvey, Lot: 64
COOPER, Henrietta, burial: MAR-23-1945, Lot: 419
CORT, Cora, burial: AUG-13-1949, Lot: 283 and 284
COTA, Gertie, burial: FEB-23-1992, Lot: 414
COTA, Joseph, burial: DEC-24-1980, Lot: 414
COTA, Joseph, burial: MAR-19-1946, Lot: 414
COTA, Lena, burial: MAR-09-1992, Lot: 414
COTA, Leon, burial: FEB-24-1992, Lot: 414
COTA, Lulu, burial: FEB-26-1992, Lot: 414
COTA, Mary, burial: SEP-26-1947, Lot: 414
COTE, Harry, burial: MAR-21-1952, Lot: 545
COTTON, Dorothy, burial: JUN-09-1989, Lot: 200
COTTON, Ruth, Lot: 159
COY, Agnes, Lot: 208
COY, John, Lot: 208
COY, Lois, burial: MAR-10-2007, Lot: 208
COY, Thomas, Lot: 208
COY, Vernie, Lot: 208
COY, William, Lot: 208
CRAIG, Ella, burial: FEB-19-1944, Lot: 358
CRAM, Eliza, Lot: 408
CRANDALL, Edwarda, burial: NOV-21-1975, Lot: 153
CRANDALL, Francis, Lot: 153
CRANDALL, Isabella, Lot: 153
CRANDALL, Mary, Lot: 153
CRAWFORD, Ruby, burial: JUN-07-1939, Lot: R E
CRESSY, John, Lot: 316
CRONK, Lena, burial: MAY-22-1979, Lot: 504
CROSBY, Elmer, burial: NOV-21-1953, Lot: 545
CROSIER, Julia, Lot: 399
CROSIER, Nelson, burial: JUN-04-2013, Lot: 399
CROSS, Effie, Lot: 152
CROSS, Frances, Lot: 426
CROSS, Gertrude, Lot: 426
CROSS, Jennie, burial: OCT-01-2001, Lot: 426
CROSS, Joseph, Lot: 16
CROSS, Phebe, Lot: 16
CROUSE, Charlie, burial: JAN-30-1952, Lot: 545
CUMMINGS JR, Fred, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Anna, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Baby Girl, burial: MAY-04-2003, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Charles, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Charles, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Clarice, burial: AUG-31-1946, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Donald, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Eliza, burial: AUG-09-2016, Lot: 465
CUMMINGS, Fred, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Hattie, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Joseph, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Leon, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Lillian, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Lorins, Lot: 280
CUMMINGS, Orion, Lot: 144
CUMMINGS, Richard, burial: DEC-03-1980, Lot: 144
CURRIER, Alice, burial: FEB-13-1953, Lot: 455
CURRIER, Charles, Lot: 485
CURRIER, Edgar, Lot: 485
CURRIER, Eli, Lot: 455
CURRIER, Emily, Lot: 485
CURRIER, Frances, Lot: 485
CURRIER, M, Lot: 455
CURRIER, Wm. Edgar, Lot: 486
CURTIS, Alma, burial: NOV-24-1997, Lot: 363
CURTIS, Annett, burial: JAN-21-1953, Lot: 363
CURTIS, David, Lot: 363
CURTIS, George, burial: DEC-29-1982, Lot: 363
CURTIS, Grace, Lot: 363
CURTIS, Lester, burial: APR-12-2002, Lot: 363
CUTHBERT, George, Lot: 408
CUTHBERT, Harriett, Lot: 408
CUTHBERT, Robert, Lot: 408
CUTHBERT, Robert, Lot: 408
CUTHBERT, Zella, Lot: 408
CUTTING, Abbie, burial: SEP-28-2022, Lot: 27
CUTTING, Cora, Lot: 27
CUTTING, Frank, Lot: 27
CUTTING, Mary, burial: MAR-17-1939, Lot: 27
DAILEY, William, burial: NOV-22-1972, Lot: 11
DARLING, Arthur, Lot: 126
DARLING, Grace, burial: MAR-24-1942, Lot: 412
DARLING, Grace, Lot: 126
DARLING, LaF., Lot: 126
DARLING, Mary, Lot: 126
DAVIS, Alice, Lot: 374
DAVIS, Donald, Lot: 425
DAVIS, Ella, burial: NOV-05-1953, Lot: 374
DAVIS, Enuty, Lot: 69
DAVIS, Helen, burial: SEP-04-2018, Lot: 425
DAVIS, Joseph, burial: APR-19-1954, Lot: 328
DAVIS, Joseph, burial: APR-27-1949, Lot: 328
DAVIS, Leona, burial: SEP-06-1956, Lot: 328
DAVIS, Lucius, Lot: 389
DAVIS, Mary, burial: MAY-12-1942, Lot: 328
DAVIS, Nancy, burial: SEP-04-2006, Lot: 374
DAVIS, Rosella, Lot: 389
DAVIS, William, burial: NOV-27-2001, Lot: 374
DAWSON, Jane, Lot: 76
DEETH, Ellery, Lot: 546
D'EGIDIO, William, death: JUN-21-2008, Natick, MA, burial: JUN-30-2008, Lot: 300
DEMERRY, Mabel, burial: DEC-04-2009, Lot: 192
DEMERRY, Urberto, burial: FEB-27-2020, Lot: 192
DENISON, Amos, Lot: 24
DENNISON, Amos, Lot: 293
DENNISON, Ethel, Lot: 293
DENNISON, John, Lot: 293
DENNISON, Mary, Lot: 293
DENSMORE, Catharine, burial: AUG-12-2029, Lot: 215
DEVAUL, George, Lot: 444
DEVAUL, Luzetta, burial: OCT-13-1965, Lot: 444
DEVAUL, Semantha, Lot: 444
DICKSON, Mabel, burial: AUG-19-1946, Lot: 543
DINSMOOR, Clarissa, Lot: 90
DINSMOOR, Col Silas, Lot: 90
DINSMOOR, Frank, burial: MAR-09-1956, Lot: 381
DINSMOOR, Georgiana, burial: JUL-29-2017, Lot: 381
DINSMOOR, Murray, Lot: 381
DINSMOOR, Nellie, burial: DEC-21-1963, Lot: 381
DINSMOOR, Silas, burial: MAY-16-2019, Lot: 381
DINSMORE, Hannah, burial: OCT-27-2005, Lot: 29
DINSMORE, Leonard, Lot: 29
DION, Birdie, Lot: 205
DION, Charles, Lot: 205
DIXON, Leonard, burial: JUL-26-1991, Lot: 103 1/2
DIXON, Phyllis, burial: JUN-12-1992, Lot: 103 1/2
DODGE, Abbie, burial: JUN-22-1939, Lot: 475
DODGE, Dexter, Lot: 529
DODGE, Elmer, Lot: 475
DODGE, Frederick, Lot: 119
DODGE, Helen, burial: MAR-09-1966, Lot: 529
DODGE, M J Polley, Lot: 529
DODGE, Merrill, Lot: 368
DODGE, Willie, Lot: 529
DOLE, C. Elbert, Lot: 251
DOLE, Sarah, Lot: 4
DOMINA, Eli, Lot: 441
DOMINA, Elmira, burial: FEB-27-2019, Lot: 441
DOMINA, Lena, burial: JAN-20-2007, Lot: 441
DOMINA, Leonard, Lot: 441
DOMINA, Madeline, burial: JUN-22-2010, Lot: 441
DONALDSON, Julius, burial: JUL-05-1968, Lot: 545
DOODY, James, burial: JUL-08-1975, Lot: 545
DORT WRIGHT, Mary, Lot: 251
DORT, Barbara, Lot: 54
DORT, Bertha, Lot: 54
DORT, Caroline, Lot: 51
DORT, Eli, Lot: 51
DORT, Eliza, Lot: 51
DORT, Ella, Lot: 54
DORT, Elvira, Lot: 54
DORT, Eva, Lot: 51
DORT, Henry, burial: NOV-02-2027, Lot: 283 and 284
DORT, Sabrina, Lot: 54
DORT, William, Lot: 54
DORT, William, Lot: 54
DOUNOVANT, John, burial: OCT-22-1948, Lot: 545
DOW, Agnes, Lot: 442
DOW, Emma, burial: JAN-01-2025, Lot: 442
DOW, Eva, burial: JUL-18-1943, Lot: 442
DOW, George, burial: SEP-07-2004, Lot: 442
DUMOND, Joseph, Lot: 547
DUMOND, Norma, Lot: 547
DUMOND, Octavia, Lot: 547
DUNLAP, Edythe, burial: JUN-21-1969, Lot: A-2
DUNLAP, John, burial: JUN-08-1949, Lot: A-2
DURAND, Edward, Lot: D and E
DURAND, John, Lot: D and E
DURAND, Moses, burial: JUN-27-1944, Lot: D and E
DURANT, Joseph, Lot: 205
DURANT, Mary, Lot: 205
DURANT, Velna, Lot: 430
DURFEE, Arthur, burial: OCT-25-1952, Lot: 192
DURFEE, Lena, burial: NOV-25-1939, Lot: 192
DYER, Julia, burial: DEC-29-2014, Lot: 185
EARLE, Byron, Lot: 445
EARLE, R, Lot: 445
EASTMAN, Margaret, burial: FEB-20-1940, Lot: 534
EASTMAN, Robert, burial: SEP-10-1954, Lot: 534
EATON, Hugh, Lot: 446
EATON, Ida, Lot: 446
EATON, Leon, Lot: 445
EATON, Lloyd, Lot: 446
EGGLESTON, Elizabeth, Lot: 409 W
EGGLESTON, Ruby, burial: JUN-11-1975, Lot: 409 W
EKLUND (BABY), Robert, Lot: 207
EKLUND, Albertina, Lot: 207
EKLUND, Anna, burial: APR-08-2012, Lot: 214
EKLUND, Carl, burial: APR-08-2012, Lot: 214
EKLUND, Frans, Lot: 207
EKLUND, Karl, Lot: 207
EKLUND, Oskar, Lot: 207
ELLERY, Dorothy, Lot: 184
ELLERY, Lawrence, Lot: 184
ELLIS, Atwell, Lot: 95
ELLIS, Bessie, death: JAN-24-2003, Lynn Haven FL, burial: JUL-07-2003, Lot: 505
ELLIS, Blanch, burial: JAN-14-2011, Lot: 452
ELLIS, Burton, death: OCT-05-2003, Panama City FL, burial: SEP-08-2005, Lot: 505
ELLIS, Charles, burial: FEB-05-1980, Lot: 347
ELLIS, Charlotte, Lot: 159
ELLIS, Frances, burial: SEP-25-1965, Lot: 576
ELLIS, Gertrude, Lot: 159
ELLIS, Henry, Lot: 397
ELLIS, Ira, Lot: 280
ELLIS, Louise, Lot: 397
ELLIS, Marcus, burial: JUN-16-2008, Lot: 159
ELLIS, Maria, burial: NOV-20-1994, Lot: 347
ELLIS, Marjie, Lot: 159
ELLIS, Marjorie, burial: OCT-06-2007, Lot: 452
ELLIS, Mary, burial: AUG-24-2004, Lot: 209
ELLIS, Mary, burial: NOV-11-1939, Lot: 505
ELLIS, Mary, burial: OCT-01-2019, Lot: 347
ELLIS, Nancy, Lot: 95
ELLIS, Rossie, burial: JAN-27-1941, Lot: 280
ELLIS, Russell, burial: AUG-13-1949, Lot: 576
ELLIS, Theodore, burial: MAY-18-1953, Lot: 159
ELLIS, Waldo, burial: JUL-20-1976, Lot: 505
ELLISON, Ella, Lot: 505
ELLISON, Frank, Lot: 505
ELLISON, May, Lot: 505
EMERSON, Annie, burial: JUN-18-1942, Lot: 520
EMERSON, Clarence, Lot: 476
EMERSON, Ellen, burial: MAR-19-1944, Lot: 476
EMERSON, George, burial: JAN-27-1948, Lot: 520
EMERSON, Gertrude, Lot: 476
EMERSON, Infant, Lot: 383
EMERSON, Irene, Lot: 383
EMERSON, Margaret, Lot: 476
EMERSON, Van, Lot: 476
EMPEY, Alethea, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Barbara, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Cameron, burial: AUG-01-2029, Lot: 257
EMPEY, Charles, Lot: 182
EMPEY, E Maude, burial: JUN-30-1938, Lot: 257
EMPEY, Ernest, burial: APR-23-1975, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Jacob, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Jane, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Julia, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Malcolm, Lot: 182
EMPEY, Myles, Lot: 182
ERWIN, Beatrice, burial: MAR-19-1969, Lot: 184
ERWIN, George, burial: MAY-29-1942, Lot: 184
ESTABROOK, Luana, Lot: 459
ESTABROON, Jedediah, Lot: 459
ESTEN, Rhoda, Lot: 89
ESTEN, Smith, Lot: 89
ESTEY, Earl, burial: SEP-22-1971, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTEY, Fred, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTEY, Gladys, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTEY, Ida, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTEY, Kenneth, burial: JUL-15-1968, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTEY, Lillian, burial: JUL-23-1965, Lot: 552 and 553
ESTY, Ai, Lot: 175
ESTY, Ellen, Lot: 175
ESTY, Elwin, Lot: 175
ESTY, Marcella, Lot: 175
ETHIER, Charles, burial: NOV-23-2018, Lot: 180
EUBER, Mary, burial: OCT-24-2003, Lot: 489
EUBER, Mattie, burial: OCT-21-2004, Lot: 489
EVANS, Grace, burial: JUN-13-1958, Lot: 337
EVARDON, John, Lot: 373
EVARDON, Mary, burial: SEP-29-2021, Lot: 373
EVERLETH, Nellie, Lot: 446
EYERS, Chloe, Lot: 158
EYERS, John, burial: NOV-09-2019, Lot: 158
FAIRBROTHER, Caroline, Lot: 313
FAIRBROTHER, Luther, Lot: 313
FAIRMAN, Mary, Lot: 505
FARNUM, Arthur, Lot: 373
FARNUM, Baby boy, Lot: 373
FARNUM, Carl, Lot: 373
FARNUM, Ellen, Lot: 339
FARNUM, Gertrude, Lot: 373
FARR JR, Fred, Lot: 447
FARR, Florence, burial: APR-11-1973, Lot: 307
FARR, Fred, Lot: 447
FARR, Margaret, burial: AUG-26-2018, Lot: 307
FARR, Mary, Lot: 447
FARR, Norman, burial: FEB-08-1967, Lot: 307
FARR, Sadie, Lot: 447
FARRAR, Delbert, Lot: 261
FASSETT, Bessie, Lot: 96
FAULKNER, Barry, burial: OCT-29-1966, Lot: 260
FAULKNER, Blanche, Lot: 178
FAULKNER, Cassie, burial: FEB-16-2004, Lot: 178
FAULKNER, Francis, Lot: 260
FAULKNER, James, Lot: 178
FAULKNER, Katherine, Lot: 260
FAULKNER, Martha, Lot: 260
FAY, Betsy, Lot: 67
FAY, Elsie, burial: JUN-25-2021, Lot: 156
FAY, Eunice, burial: AUG-11-1964, Lot: 156
FAY, Franklin, burial: OCT-21-2016, Lot: 156
FAY, Jennie, Lot: 156
FAY, Lieut J Byron, Lot: 67
FEATHER, Emily, burial: JAN-16-1984, Lot: 549
FEATHER, Percy, burial: JUN-11-1968, Lot: 549
FEENEY, Mildred, burial: AUG-30-1940, Lot: 422
FERGUSON, John, burial: AUG-27-1952, Lot: 545
FIELD GREEN, Ella, Lot: 190
FIELD, Kate, burial: SEP-07-2011, Lot: 22
FISH, Albert, burial: APR-03-2018, Lot: 345
FISH, Elizabeth, burial: FEB-25-1964, Lot: 194 N 1/2
FISH, Frank, burial: MAR-03-1948, Lot: 194 N 1/2
FISH, Ida, burial: DEC-21-1952, Lot: 345
FISH, Laura, burial: FEB-19-2017, Lot: 471
FISH, Mabel, burial: DEC-13-2005, Lot: 305
FISH, Mary, burial: MAR-06-1995, Lot: 345
FISH, Thomas, burial: NOV-30-2021, Lot: 471
FISH, William, burial: DEC-21-2017, Lot: 305
FISHER, Alma, burial: FEB-21-2019, Lot: 65
FISHER, Betsy, Lot: 67
FISHER, Charles, Lot: 132
FISHER, Charles, Lot: 132
FISHER, Dorothy, burial: OCT-12-2014, Lot: 192
FISHER, Elvira, burial: FEB-15-2017, Lot: 58
FISHER, Emily, burial: JUL-20-1934, Lot: 387
FISHER, Emma, Lot: 132
FISHER, Geneava, burial: DEC-10-1950, Lot: 235
FISHER, George, Lot: 67
FISHER, Gladys, Lot: 67
FISHER, infant, burial: APR-15-2020, Lot: 387
FISHER, James, Lot: 132
FISHER, James, Lot: 58
FISHER, John, Lot: 132
FISHER, Lucretia, burial: MAR-06-2018, Lot: 132
FISHER, Mary, Lot: 67
FISHER, Pembroke, Lot: 67
FISHER, Ruth, burial: AUG-12-1977, Lot: 67
FISHER, Sumner, Lot: 65
FISKE, Abner, burial: JUN-28-1996, Lot: 296
FISKE, Mary, burial: FEB-04-1995, Lot: 296
FITCH, Ernest, burial: MAR-19-2020, Lot: 326
FITCH, Helen, burial: AUG-23-1947, Lot: 326
FITCH, Warren, burial: MAR-17-2008, Lot: 326
FITZGERALD, Mary, burial: JUN-26-1993, Lot: 153
FLAGG SR, Richard, burial: JUL-27-1992, Lot: 125
FLAGG, Ethel, Lot: 504
FLAGG, Eve, burial: JUN-08-1966, Lot: 125
FLAGG, Fred, Lot: 504
FLAGG, Harrison, burial: NOV-05-1964, Lot: 125
FLAGG, Hattie, Lot: 504
FLAGG, Hazel, death: SEP-14-2004, Woodsville NH, burial: SEP-23-2004, Lot: 125
FLAGG, M Eugene, burial: DEC-10-1983, Lot: 125
FLAGG, Mertie, Lot: 125
FLAGG, Waldon, Lot: 504
FLETCHER, Alice, Lot: 259
FLETCHER, Arad, Lot: 259
FLETCHER, Charles, burial: MAY-05-2023, Lot: 253
FLETCHER, Edith, Lot: 259
FLETCHER, Edward, Lot: 259
FLETCHER, Frank, Lot: 259
FLETCHER, Hiram, burial: MAR-19-2011, Lot: 193
FLETCHER, Martha, Lot: 259
FORTIN, Florence, burial: MAY-13-1965, Lot: 32
FORTIN, Lorenzo, burial: MAR-03-1966, Lot: 32
FOSKETT, Eliza, burial: SEP-21-2028, Lot: 283 and 284
FOSKETT, Liberty, burial: APR-14-2023, Lot: 283 and 284
FOSS, Agnes, Lot: 222
FOSS, Alfred, burial: JUN-10-1967, Lot: 222
FOSS, Madeline, Lot: 222
FOSTER, Bertha, burial: MAY-29-2026, Lot: 276 and 277
FOSTER, Blanche, burial: JUL-31-1951, Lot: 276 and 277
FOSTER, Francis, burial: JUL-23-1977, Lot: 379
FOSTER, Francis, burial: OCT-27-2003, Lot: 379
FOSTER, Harold, burial: MAY-20-1947, Lot: 276 and 277
FOSTER, Leonore, burial: MAY-28-1945, Lot: 542
FOSTER, Paul, burial: MAY-14-2029, Lot: 276 and 277
FOSTER, Susan, burial: APR-23-1990, Lot: 379
FOWLER, Fannie, burial: DEC-26-1953, Lot: F
FOWLER, Manson, burial: MAR-25-1950, Lot: F
FRANKLIN, Howard, burial: JUL-23-2008, Lot: 382
FRANKLIN, Marshall, burial: JUN-06-2018, Lot: 382
FRANKLIN, Paul, burial: APR-29-2002, Lot: 382
FRED, Carl, burial: AUG-22-2015, Lot: 512
FRED, Christina, burial: MAR-24-2023, Lot: 512
FRENCH, Clara, Lot: 157
FREW, Agnes, burial: NOV-07-2005, Lot: 183
FREW, Agnes, burial: SEP-25-1945, Lot: 183
FREW, Alexander, Lot: 183
FULLER, Alice, burial: OCT-16-1964, Lot: 391
FULLER, Andrew, burial: APR-16-1947, Lot: 324
FULLER, Bert, Lot: 391
FULLER, Besty, burial: DEC-04-1934, Lot: 322
FULLER, Betsy, burial: JAN-22-2024, Lot: 324
FULLER, Fanny, Lot: 320
FULLER, Fred, burial: OCT-24-2005, Lot: 322
FULLER, Geo, burial: DEC-18-2026, Lot: 320
FULLER, Hepsibah, Lot: 322
FULLER, Isaac, Lot: 322
FULLER, Julia, burial: MAY-19-2026, Lot: 324
FULLER, Martha, Lot: 322
FULLER, Waldo, Lot: 320
FULLER, Winifred, burial: OCT-01-1953, Lot: 324
FULLER, Zana, burial: SEP-14-2004, Lot: 391
FUNKE, Josephine, death: JUN-09-2007, Westmoreland, burial: JUN-15-2007, Lot: 409 W
FUNKE, Robert, death: APR-21-2002, Keene, burial: APR-25-2002, Lot: 409 W
GALE, Elvira, burial: NOV-08-2005, Lot: 355
GALE, Frederick, burial: JAN-12-2007, Lot: 355
GALE, Mina, burial: SEP-30-1999, Lot: 355
GARDNER, Abbie, Lot: 111
GARDNER, Aritas (Aretus?), burial: SEP-06-2011, Lot: 111
GARDNER, Marietta, burial: JAN-02-2019, Lot: 111
GARDNER, Pamelia, burial: OCT-22-2001, Lot: 281
GARFIELD, Sarah, burial: AUG-17-2015, Lot: 296
GARFIELD, William, burial: DEC-18-1993, Lot: 296
GATES, Alice, Lot: 138
GATES, Annie, Lot: 78
GATES, Arthur, Lot: 480
GATES, Bertha, burial: JUN-04-1969, Lot: 480
GATES, Britton, Lot: 480
GATES, Charles, death: JUL-06-1951, burial: JUL-09-1951, Lot: C
GATES, Clara, Lot: 85
GATES, Elizabeth, Lot: 480
GATES, Elizabeth, Lot: 78
GATES, Gordon, burial: JUL-14-1987, Lot: 138
GATES, Helen, Lot: 138
GATES, Horace, burial: SEP-22-2003, Lot: 78
GATES, John, Lot: 78
GATES, Leroy, Lot: 78
GATES, Maynard, Lot: 78
GATES, Rev. E L, Lot: 138
GATES, William, Lot: 480
GAY, John, Lot: 325
GAY, Lois, Lot: 325
GEHRKEN, Irene, burial: JUN-18-1981, Lot: 419
GEMMELL, James, burial: NOV-28-2003, Lot: 495 W 1/2
GEMMELL, Mary, burial: APR-30-2010, Lot: 495 W 1/2
GIFFIN, Ella, burial: JUN-15-1964, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, George, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, Harriet, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, Henry, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, Isabel, burial: OCT-30-1979, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, John, burial: SEP-10-1979, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, Marion, Lot: 59
GIFFIN, Paul, burial: AUG-07-1969, Lot: 59
GILLIS, Archie, Lot: 285
GILLIS, Bessie, burial: JUN-14-1966, Lot: 285
GILLIS, Christine, burial: DEC-27-1994, Lot: 115
GILLIS, Frances, Lot: 115
GILLIS, Frank, Lot: 285
GILLIS, George, Lot: 115
GILLIS, Harriet, Lot: 115
GILLIS, Lyman, Lot: 115
GIRARD, Helen, burial: JUL-15-1958, Lot: 79
GIRARD, William, Lot: 79
GLAZIER, Dorothy, burial: MAR-12-1991, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Frank, burial: OCT-14-1981, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Frank, burial: OCT-23-1993, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Gurdie, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Hattie, Lot: 107
GLAZIER, Mary, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Walter, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, Walter, Lot: 309
GLAZIER, William, Lot: 107
GLEASON, Aaron, burial: MAR-07-2004, Lot: 185
GLEASON, Maude, Lot: 185
GLUCK JR, F C, Lot: 142
GLUCK, Lucy, Lot: 142
GODDARD, aAcheal, Lot: 49 W
GODDARD, George, Lot: 49 W
GOLAND, Leonard and Maxine, Lot: 179
GONYOU, Camille, burial: MAY-13-2014, Lot: 61
GONYOU, Ella, burial: MAR-26-2013, Lot: 61
GOODE, Frank, burial: OCT-20-1945, Lot: 471
GOODE, Hattie, burial: MAY-11-1965, Lot: 471
GOODHUE, Emma, Lot: 348
GOODHUE, James, Lot: 348
GOODHUE, Wadleigh, Lot: 337
GOODNOW, Anna, Lot: 163
GOODNOW, Daniel, burial: AUG-25-2010, Lot: 372
GOODNOW, Mary, Lot: 372
GOODNOW, Winsdor, Lot: 163
GOODRICH, Annie, burial: DEC-18-1978, Lot: 407
GOODRICH, James, burial: AUG-23-1971, Lot: 407
GORDON, Dorothy, burial: FEB-18-1986, Lot: 538
GORDON, Franklin, burial: JUN-22-1966, Lot: 538
GORDON, George, burial: SEP-06-2011, Lot: 290
GORDON, Infant Daughter of F I Gordon, burial: JUN-06-2029, Lot: 538
GORDON, Lawrence, Lot: 457
GORDON, Sarah, burial: JAN-29-2019, Lot: 290
GORGES, baby Shirley, Lot: 427
GOVE, Earl, burial: SEP-10-2021, Lot: 450
GOVE, Sadie, burial: JUN-16-1951, Lot: 450
GRAF, Erna, burial: DEC-21-1976, Lot: 82 W 1/2
GRAF, Karl, Lot: 82 W 1/2
GRANT, Clara, burial: NOV-25-1986, Lot: 35
GRAVES, Ann, burial: SEP-28-2006, Lot: 233
GRAVES, Catherine, burial: AUG-13-2011, Lot: 45
GRAVES, Rufus, burial: APR-18-2012, Lot: 233
GRAY, George, Lot: 188
GRAY, Guy, burial: OCT-05-1967, Lot: 188
GRAY, Kathryn, burial: FEB-19-1975, Lot: 189
GRAY, Kenneth, Lot: 188
GRAY, Mary, Lot: 188
GRAY, MIldred, Lot: 188
GRAY, Stanley, burial: JUN-15-1989, Lot: 189
GREEN, Adella, burial: JUN-22-2007, Lot: 133
GREEN, Albert, burial: JAN-12-2018, Lot: 190
GREEN, Alonzo, burial: APR-23-2004, Lot: 190
GREEN, Frank, burial: SEP-27-2004, Lot: 190
GREEN, Frank, Lot: 190
GREEN, John, burial: SEP-10-2021, Lot: 133
GREEN, Rhode, burial: MAR-01-2006, Lot: 190
GREENE, Charles, burial: SEP-15-1994, Lot: 144
GREENE, Elizabeth, burial: SEP-19-1998, Lot: 144
GREENWOOD, Edwin, Lot: 86
GREENWOOD, Esther, Lot: 86
GREENWOOD, Frank, burial: MAY-10-2009, Lot: 86
GREENWOOD, Grace, burial: NOV-03-2023, Lot: 86
GREENWOOD, James, Lot: 6
GREENWOOD, Mabel, Lot: 86
GREENWOOD, Mary, Lot: 6
GRIFFIN, Lulie, burial: AUG-23-2014, Lot: 74
GRIFFITH, Fred, Lot: 117
GRIFFITH, Irving, Lot: 117
GRIGGS, W M, Lot: 176
GRIMES, Augustus, burial: FEB-11-2017, Lot: 234
GRIMES, Louise, burial: NOV-11-2010, Lot: 234
GRIMES, Sarah, Lot: 317
GRIMES, Will, burial: MAR-28-2009, Lot: 234
GRISWOLD, Florence, burial: JUN-17-2013, Lot: 398
GRISWOLD, twins, burial: JUL-21-2015, Lot: 398
GROFF, Guy, burial: SEP-28-1985, Lot: 339
GUILBEAULT, Gideon, burial: JAN-08-1950, Lot: 578
GUILD, Bruce, Lot: 317
GUILD, Hope, Lot: 317
GUILD, Louis, burial: DEC-22-1964, Lot: 317
GUILD, Nancy, burial: JUN-11-1983, Lot: 317
GUILD, Warren, Lot: 144
HADLEY, Grace, burial: DEC-15-1953, Lot: 523
HADLEY, Raymond, burial: JUN-06-1960, Lot: 545
HADLEY, Thomas, burial: MAY-09-1931, Lot: 253
HAINES, Harlan, Lot: 409 W
HAINES, Helen, Lot: 409 W
HALE, Emelia, burial: JUL-17-2020, Lot: 165
HALE, Emma, Lot: 165
HALE, Samuel, Lot: 165
HALE, William, Lot: 165
HALL, Carl, burial: APR-23-2021, Lot: 517
HALL, Cora, burial: JUN-19-2013, Lot: 517
HALL, James, burial: MAY-25-2009, Lot: 517
HALL, Lena, burial: FEB-18-2006, Lot: 517
HALL, Leonora, Lot: 359
HALL, Wallace, burial: JUL-09-2025, Lot: 517
HAMBLETT, Albert, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Ellen, burial: SEP-06-1969, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Fred, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Fred, death: OCT-25-2000, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, George, Lot: 28
HAMBLETT, George, Lot: 28
HAMBLETT, George, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Herbert, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Horace, Lot: 28
HAMBLETT, Horace, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Mary, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Nancy, Lot: 28
HAMBLETT, Nancy, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Philip, death: APR-21-2013, burial: NOV-23-2013, Lot: 30
HAMBLETT, Sarah, Lot: 28
HAMBLETT, Sophie, death: JUL-05-1988, Lot: 30
HAMLIN, Charles, Lot: 200
HAMLIN, Vinnie, Lot: 200
HANDERSON, George, burial: SEP-05-1945, Lot: 484
HANLEY, Edward, burial: DEC-04-1948, Lot: 545
HANNA, Charles, burial: MAR-04-1976, Lot: 265
HANNA, Edward, Lot: 265
HANNA, Grace, Lot: 265
HARDIGAN, Edward, burial: AUG-19-1968, Lot: 545
HARKINS, Frank, Lot: 417
HARKINS, Gertrude, Lot: 417
HARKNESS, Albert, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Edith, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Ernest, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Gertrude, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Mabel, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Mary, Lot: 74
HARKNESS, Paul, burial: MAY-18-2008, Lot: 74
HARLOW, Edward, burial: FEB-15-2018, Lot: 440
HARLOW, Florence, burial: DEC-02-1969, Lot: 335
HARLOW, George, Lot: 335
HARLOW, Susie, burial: DEC-27-1952, Lot: 440
HARPER, Anne, burial: AUG-13-1956, Lot: 184 1/2
HARPER, Elizabeth, Lot: 184 1/2
HARPER, Hazel, burial: NOV-05-2018, Lot: 184 1/2
HARPER, Lewis, Lot: 184 1/2
HARPER, Rose, Lot: 184 1/2
HARRINGTON, Addie, burial: JUL-28-2008, Lot: 99
HARRINGTON, Frank, Lot: 356
HARRINGTON, Harriet, burial: JUL-18-1997, Lot: 77
HARRINGTON, Margaret, burial: MAR-17-1964, Lot: 356
HARRINGTON, Shelby, burial: JUL-27-1981, Lot: 77
HARRINGTON, Unknown, Lot: 99
HARRINGTON, Unknown, Lot: 99
HARRIS, Eunice, Lot: 43
HARRIS, Gordis, Lot: 43
HARRIS, Henry, Lot: W
HARRISON, Bessie, burial: MAR-02-1985, Lot: 464
HARRISON, Bruce, death: APR-23-2010, Hartford CT, burial: APR-30-2010, Lot: 464
HARRISON, William, burial: MAY-10-1954, Lot: 464
HART, Alice, Lot: 292
HART, Ruth, Lot: 292
HART, Spencer, burial: AUG-22-2014, Lot: 292
HARTWELL, Gale, Lot: 21
HARTWELL, May, Lot: 21
HARVEY WRIGHT, Agnes, Lot: 251
HARVEY, George, Lot: 196 (eastern 2 graves)
HARVEY, Maria, Lot: 196 (eastern 2 graves)
HASKELL, Charles, Lot: 49 E
HASTINGS, Alice, Lot: 9
HASTINGS, Calvin, Lot: 9
HASTINGS, Eliza, burial: FEB-02-2008, Lot: 9
HASTINGS, Frank, Lot: 9
HASTINGS, Laura, burial: MAR-04-1944, Lot: 9
HASTINGS, Lee, burial: MAY-07-2012, Lot: 9
HEALD, Ann, burial: JUL-21-2020, Lot: 76
HEALD, Baby, Lot: 76
HEALD, John, burial: JAN-02-2005, Lot: 76
HEALEY, Daniel, Lot: 164
HEALEY, Ernest, Lot: 164
HEATH, Janice, burial: DEC-17-1992, Lot: 385
HENDERSON, Edith, burial: DEC-31-1953, Lot: 453
HENDRICKSON, Hilma, burial: APR-12-2005, Lot: 299
HENSHAW, Albert, burial: FEB-15-2002, Lot: 181
HENSHAW, Mary, burial: MAY-04-2024, Lot: 181
HERRICK, Josephine, burial: JUN-26-1934, Lot: 307
HEWETT, Walter, burial: APR-16-2004, Lot: 186
HILDRETH, Elvira, Lot: 448
HILDRETH, Emogene, Lot: 448
HILL, Anna, burial: DEC-02-1950, Lot: 76
HILL, Baby, burial: JUN-25-2010, Lot: 345
HILL, Catharine, Lot: 486
HILL, Clinton, burial: SEP-09-1964, Lot: 76
HILL, Joseph, Lot: 79
HILL, Lewis, Lot: 73
HILL, Lydia, Lot: 73
HILL, Mary, Lot: 79
HILL, Sarah, Lot: 79
HILL, Sarah, Lot: 79
HILL, Una, Lot: 513
HIRSCH, Ariadna, Lot: 129
HIRSCH, Earl, burial: DEC-14-2015, Lot: 129
HIRSCH, George, Lot: 129
HODGKINS, Bert, burial: MAR-02-1940, Lot: 321
HODGKINS, Child, Lot: 321
HODGKINS, Millie, burial: NOV-05-1948, Lot: 321
HODGKINS, Minnie, burial: NOV-05-1948, Lot: 321
HODGKINS, Richard, burial: FEB-09-1968, Lot: 321
HOFFMAN, Richard, burial: AUG-03-1950, Lot: 545
HOLBROOK, Baby Christopher, burial: JUN-26-1977, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, Baby Girl, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, Caroline, Lot: 158
HOLBROOK, Charles, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, Daniel, Lot: 158
HOLBROOK, Edward, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, Eliza, burial: MAR-20-2003, Lot: 56
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth, burial: MAY-11-1995, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, Elizah (Elijah?), Lot: 56
HOLBROOK, Ellen, Lot: 158
HOLBROOK, Ellis, burial: JUL-14-2010, Lot: 56
HOLBROOK, Francis, Lot: 158
HOLBROOK, George, burial: JUL-01-1993, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, George, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, George, Lot: 157
HOLBROOK, John, Lot: 158
HOLBROOK, Mary, burial: AUG-06-2013, Lot: 56
HOLBROOK, Mildred, burial: OCT-15-1965, Lot: 530
HOLBROOK, Samuel, Lot: 56
HOLBROOK, Walter, Lot: 157
HOLDEN, Capt Ethan, Lot: 150
HOLDEN, Sarah, Lot: 150
HOLMAN, Belle, Lot: 371
HOLMAN, Clarence, Lot: 371
HOLMAN, Mary, burial: MAR-13-2015, Lot: 22
HOLMAN, Richard, burial: JUN-01-2018, Lot: 22
HOLT, Marjorie, burial: OCT-03-1996, Lot: 540
HOLTON, Minnie, burial: FEB-12-1948, Lot: 339
HOPKINS, Cecil, burial: APR-15-2002, Lot: 489
HOPKINS, Hazel, burial: DEC-07-2008, Lot: 489
HOPKINS, Ralph, burial: AUG-04-2003, Lot: 489
HOPKINS, Stella, burial: AUG-25-2010, Lot: 489
HOUGHTON, Abbie, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Ann, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Ellen, burial: SEP-17-2012, Lot: 48
HOUGHTON, Erasmus, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Hiram, burial: JAN-17-2022, Lot: 48
HOUGHTON, Hollis, burial: MAR-29-1931, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Homer, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Horace, burial: FEB-10-2017, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Marcha, burial: OCT-14-2022, Lot: 13
HOUGHTON, Susan, burial: JUL-29-1943, Lot: 48
HOWARD, Abbie, burial: AUG-17-2016, Lot: 369
HOWARD, Abner, burial: SEP-29-1969, Lot: 153
HOWARD, Abner, Lot: 153
HOWARD, Ambrose, Lot: 369
HOWARD, Frank, Lot: 469 E 1/2
HOWARD, Franklin, Lot: 369
HOWARD, Ida, Lot: 369
HOWARD, Infant of Abner Howard, Lot: 153
HOWARD, Mary, burial: SEP-16-2015, Lot: 253
HOWARD, Maude, burial: MAY-26-1973, Lot: 469 E 1/2
HOWE, Claude, Lot: 151
HOWE, Eugene, Lot: 151
HOWE, Fred, Lot: 151
HOWE, Helen, burial: JUN-29-1977, Lot: 151
HOWE, Reginald, burial: DEC-07-1981, Lot: 151
HOWE, Susie, Lot: 151
HOYT, Jeanette, Lot: 368
HOYT, Nellie, Lot: 368
HUBBARD, Abbie, Lot: 31
HUBBARD, Dennis, burial: MAY-21-1998, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Dr Henry, Lot: 412
HUBBARD, Grace, burial: MAY-26-1987, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Hellen, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Henry, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Hezrow, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, J, Lot: 31
HUBBARD, John, death: JAN-02-2003, Clearwater FL, burial: AUG-11-2003, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Lew, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Mary, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Mary, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Ruth, burial: MAR-19-1981, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, Walter, Lot: 46
HUBBARD, William, Lot: 46
HUDSON, Bertha, burial: MAR-24-1973, Lot: 11
HUDSON, Burpee, burial: SEP-17-1964, Lot: 11
HUDSON, Lottie, burial: JUL-30-1990, Lot: 450
HUNT, Ferdinand, burial: JAN-15-2010, Lot: 148
HUNT, L, Lot: 148
HUNT, Leon, Lot: 148
HUNTER, Edward, burial: MAY-17-1955, Lot: 178
HUNTRESS, Berdia, burial: DEC-21-2022, Lot: 149
HUNTRESS, Frank C, burial: MAY-09-1968, Lot: 149
HUNTRESS, Frank, burial: FEB-08-1930, Lot: 149
HUNTRESS, Ruth, burial: MAY-25-1967, Lot: 149
HURD, Annie, burial: JUN-18-1953, Lot: 221
HURD, Ellen, burial: JUL-18-2011, Lot: 331
HURD, Harry, Lot: 221
HURD, Julia, burial: DEC-20-1972, Lot: 221
HURD, William, burial: JUN-08-2019, Lot: 331
HUTCHINS, Mary, burial: DEC-30-2007, Lot: 278
HUTCHINS, William, Lot: 278
HUTCHINSON, Edward, Lot: 427
HUTCHINSON, Joseph, Lot: 427
HYLAND, Anna, Lot: 213
HYLAND, Jesse, burial: JUL-13-2012, Lot: 213
IRISH, Arthur, Lot: 51
IRISH, Horace, Lot: 51
ISHAM, Albert, burial: AUG-01-2008, Lot: 281
ISHAM, Alfred, burial: FEB-09-1939, Lot: 357
ISHAM, Gardner, burial: JAN-13-2013, Lot: 357
ISHAM, Grace, burial: AUG-06-2028, Lot: 281
ISHAM, Jane, burial: OCT-18-1995, Lot: 357
ISHAM, Jessie, burial: MAR-24-2009, Lot: 281
ISHAM, Lillian, burial: MAR-26-1949, Lot: 357
JACKSON, Warren, Lot: 222
JAMES, Annie, death: APR-13-1950, burial: APR-17-1950, Lot: 168
JAMES, Bessie, burial: JUL-28-1952, Lot: 168
JAMES, George, death: JUN-21-1954, burial: JUN-23-1954, Lot: 168
JAMES, Henry, Lot: 168
JANDRO, Ellen, burial: OCT-01-1940, Lot: 560
JARVIS, John, burial: NOV-06-1954, Lot: 527
JEFTS, Mamie, Lot: 97
JEFTS, Mary, Lot: 97
JENNISON, Carrie, burial: OCT-04-2015, Lot: 387
JENNISON, Earl, burial: APR-03-2003, Lot: 387
JENNISON, Elmore, burial: JAN-27-2016, Lot: 387
JENNISON, Lorne, burial: AUG-27-1968, Lot: 387
JENNISON, Warren, burial: APR-20-1956, Lot: 387
JEWETT, Addie, Lot: 546
JEWETT, Cassie, Lot: 75
JEWETT, Everett, Lot: 546
JEWETT, Fred, Lot: 75
JEWETT, Mabel, Lot: 75
JEWETT, Mamie, Lot: 75
JEWETT, Rhoda, Lot: 75
JOHNSON, Abel, burial: JUL-14-2000, Lot: 256
JOHNSON, Ada, burial: OCT-01-2002, Lot: 454
JOHNSON, Adaline, burial: AUG-20-2007, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, Amelia, burial: APR-02-2002, Lot: 454
JOHNSON, Arthur, Lot: 565
JOHNSON, Bertha, burial: NOV-16-1964, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Edward, burial: FEB-02-2018, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, Ella, Lot: 316
JOHNSON, Ellen, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, Elwin, Lot: 316
JOHNSON, Emma, burial: SEP-10-2010, Lot: 256
JOHNSON, Fred, Lot: 368
JOHNSON, Freda, Lot: 218
JOHNSON, Henry, burial: MAY-21-2011, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, Henry, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Herman, burial: NOV-02-1965, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Hulda, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, James, burial: JUN-25-1937, Lot: 545
JOHNSON, Jay, burial: JUN-06-2016, Lot: 454
JOHNSON, Jennie, burial: DEC-23-1936, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, John, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Josephine, burial: DEC-04-1938, Lot: 565
JOHNSON, Judith, death: NOV-08-1949, burial: NOV-08-1949, Lot: 454
JOHNSON, Mary, Lot: 541
JOHNSON, Milan, burial: MAY-06-1948, Lot: 71
JOHNSON, Mildred, Lot: 316
JOHNSON, MIlton, Lot: 316
JOHNSON, Norman, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Paul, Lot: 298
JOHNSON, Peter, burial: APR-10-1947, Lot: 565
JOHNSON, Peter, burial: JAN-03-2012, Lot: 470
JOHNSON, Selma, burial: FEB-18-1952, Lot: 454
JOHNSON, Swen, Lot: 218
JOHNSON, Warren, Lot: 541
JOHNSON, William, burial: SEP-22-1934, Lot: 454
JONES, Amelia, Lot: 91
JONES, Christine, burial: OCT-07-1991, Lot: 32
JONES, Cynthia, burial: SEP-11-2002, Lot: 91
JONES, George, Lot: 83
JONES, Harriet, Lot: 91
JONES, Jonathan, Lot: 91
JONES, Reserved for, Lot: 83
JONES, Thomas, burial: JUN-29-1984, Lot: 32
JORDAN, Jennifer, burial: JAN-06-1976, Lot: 463
JORDAN, Leroy, burial: FEB-13-1979, Lot: 463
JORDAN, Mary, burial: MAR-11-1985, Lot: 463
JORDAN, Norman, burial: MAY-16-1975, Lot: 463
JORDAN, Philip, Lot: 463
JORDAN, Sylvia, Lot: 463
JOSLIN, Charles, Lot: 153
JOSLIN, Edward, Lot: 153
JOSLIN, Harold, burial: JUL-27-1993, Lot: 349 and 350
JOSLIN, J, burial: OCT-10-2028, Lot: 349 and 350
JOSLIN, Jane, Lot: 349 and 350
JOSLIN, Julia, Lot: 153
JOSLIN, Richard, burial: JUL-23-2021, Lot: 349 and 350
JOSLIN, Sarah, Lot: 153
JUCKETT, Anna, burial: JAN-10-1944, Lot: 470
JUDD, Frank, burial: JUN-01-1939, Lot: Q W

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